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Mark Rich, MCNP
Mark Rich, MCNP
Dave Wyrick sent us this photo and writes:
Kentucky Native Mark Rich retires from Mammoth Cave National Park
MAMMOTH CAVE, Ky., March 9, 2018 – Mark Rich retires after 35 years with the National Park Service and Mammoth Cave National Park

Mark has had a “rich” career with the National Park Service while keeping his home base right here at Mammoth Cave National Park.

Mark grew up near Mammoth Cave in Edmonson County. After attending Western Kentucky University, he began his career at Mammoth Cave National Park in the early 1980’s. After becoming a permanent employee, he has served in multiple roles throughout his career. He originally was hired as a Cave Guide and interpreted the history while guiding thousands of park visitors through the longest cave in the world. He later moved into fee collection and became the campground ranger. In the late 1990’s, Mark was promoted into the Park Safety Officer position, a role he has kept for 20 years. For the past ten years, Mark also served as the park’s Concessions Management Specialist, with oversight over the lodging, food and beverage, retail, and bus transportation services provided by the park concessioner. Finally, Mark served as the Environmental Manager for the park. He oversaw all environmental programs, including a large park recycling program.

Throughout his career, Mark has contributed to the National Park Service in many ways. He has assisted national parks across the country with concessions training, safety reviews, environmental audits, and emergency response teams. Mark is considered a technical expert and a recognized leader for his knowledge and experience in these areas. Recently, Mark was assigned to assist with emergency response for over three weeks to national parks in the Caribbean that were impacted by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Closer to home, Mark has served as park liaison to the Edmonson County Chamber of Commerce. Mark has been active with the Chamber for 20 years, attending board meetings and even a stint as Chair.

Throughout his career, Mark has distinguished himself as a valued National Park Service employee. As we celebrate this new chapter in his life, his dedication, knowledge, kindness, quick wit and sense of humor will be missed by the people of the National Park Service, especially here at Mammoth Cave National Park.

Glasgow/Barren County, why not send us your photo (along with a caption) so that we can share it with our community? Don't worry about its size - we'll edit as necessary. Thanks (we're running low on photos).

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