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Manhattan, Kansas with Sumer
April 25, 2013
Ky. Agriculture Commissioner James Comer
April 24, 2013
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April 23, 2013
Glasgow Complete Streets
April 22, 2013
Dogwood in downtown Haywood
Dogwood in downtown Haywood
Matt Mutter sent us this photo and writes:
Dogwood blooming in downtown Haywood.

Matt Mutter

How Many Results Do You Want To See?   

From Rowletts, Kentucky
Picture Featured:    July 01, 2005 From Rowletts, Kentucky
Tony sent us this photo and writes:
I just wanted to share this story with all our horse lovers. I was at Rowletts, Kentucky, this past weekend watching the horse events and I must say it was a lot of fun. They had several events for all ages. The picture I have attached is Ruben Yoder warming up one of the horses. Ruben won first place in pole riding. Ruben's dream is to ride in many events and show horses. Good luck, Ruben.

The NPS National Honor Guard Team
Picture Featured:    July 02, 2005 The NPS National Honor Guard Team
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
Ranger David Alexander, an Edmonson County native, is a member of the National Park Service National Honor Guard Team, a precision drill team capable of rendering formal honors long-established in military, fire, and police organizations. The Honor Guard is made up of ten law enforcement rangers from different NPS areas across the country.

"We're proud to have David on the team, representing Mammoth Cave," said Superintendent Bruce Powell. "The Honor Guard was established out of reverence for park rangers who have died in the line of duty. The Guard provides ceremonial flag services for funerals, dedications and memorials." To date, Alexander has performed his duties at a memorial ceremony at the Interior Building in Washington D.C., the dedication of the Natchez Trace Parkway, and in National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial Week.

Don Usher, the superintendent of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia, selects, trains and supervises the Honor Guard. "Membership in the Honor Guard entails a commitment to excellence involving practice, drill, readiness to travel on short notice, personal grooming and maintenance of physical fitness," said Usher. "In addition to learning and becoming proficient in the various drills and maneuvers required, Guard members must be able to stand at attention for long time periods in high heat, control wind-blown flags, endure all types of adverse weather conditions, and maintain composure under extremely emotional and stressful conditions."

Picture Featured:    July 03, 2005 Snickers...
"wbusing" sent us this photo and writes:
This is my daughter, Kadi's kitten named Snickers. She loves to explore. We got her at BRAWA around Christmas. She is doing great!

Beautiful Rainbow
Picture Featured:    July 04, 2005 Beautiful Rainbow
Bryce and Toni Austin sent us this photo in late April and write:
Here's a picture that I took from my back deck. We didn't get as much rain south of town but we got the hail and this beautiful rainbow.

PFC Hammer
Picture Featured:    July 05, 2005 PFC Hammer
Cameron Roos sent us this photo and writes:
This is my good friend, Specialist Hammer, who is currently serving in Iraq. He sent me this picture and this passage that he wrote. I thought I would share it with everyone...

I was that which others did not want to be. I went where others feared to go and did what others failed to do. I asked nothing from those that gave nothing, and reluctantly accepted the thought of loneliness. Should I fail, I have seen the face of terror. Felt the sting of cold fear, and enjoyed the sweet taste of love, I cried, prayed, and hoped. But most of all, I have lived times others would say were best forgotten. At least some days, I will always be able to say I was and will always be proud of what I was.      PFC HAMMER

Cameron Roos

The Green River is LOW
Picture Featured:    July 06, 2005 The Green River is LOW
Vickie Carson of Mammoth Cave sent us this photo from the Green River Ferry and writes:
The gage at the Green River Ferry read .76 this morning (June 30). If the river level continues to fall, ferry operations may need to be discontinued until the area receives additional rainfall. Congressman Ron Lewis is helping Mammoth Cave National Park obtain funding to extend the ramps, and to redesign parking and walkways on the south side of the river.

Vickie Carson
Public Information Officer

Mammoth Cave National Park's Website

Corey Buford and Michael Shannon
Picture Featured:    July 07, 2005 Corey Buford and Michael Shannon
Kisa Buford sent us this photo and writes:
Dear Bill,
This is a photo of Corey Buford and Michael Shannon. They were invited to play in the King Kamehameha Pigskin Classic on the island of Oahu June 7-14th. They played on the Kentucky team coached by Georgetown College Head Coach Bill Cronin. There were 16 teams there, representing 20 states. Kentucky won the championship by defeating Texas in the championship game. They went undeafed the entire tournament!!!

Corey and Michael represented our state and town with a lot of diginity and class. Both of these young men started every game on defense and special teams. We are very proud of them both! We would also like to thank the companies and individuals who helped to sponsor their trips! What an awsome experience for them both! You can see more photos and get more information on this event by logging onto

Thank you,
Kisa Buford

WKU Baseball Camp
Picture Featured:    July 08, 2005 WKU Baseball Camp
Todd Billingsley sent us this photo and writes:
Hi, Bill,
Here is a photo of a group of kids from Glasgow/Barren County that attended WKU Baseball Camp wiith Coach Murrie and staff on June 20-23. 1st row: Foster Vann, Barrett Billingsley, Jon Thomas Green, Cole Payne, Trace Bishop, Britton Crabtree, Garet Payne, James Kingery, Bryce Logsdon and Patton Vann
2nd row: Trevor Bartley, Trey Alexander, Parker Cash, Cole Scott, Hunter Bowles, Jay Todd Richey, Josh Owen, Luke Deckard, Thomas Kingery and Ben Leftwich


Fun in Florida
Picture Featured:    July 09, 2005 Fun in Florida
Dave and Tracy Sullivan sent us these and write:
Hi Bill,
My family and I visited Disneyworld. Here are some pictures of Colin and Erin!

Dave and Tracy Sullivan

History on the Glasgow Square
Picture Featured:    July 10, 2005 History on the Glasgow Square
Wendell Kennison sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill,
This old building goes back to the early 1800's. It was also the First National Bank and was ALMOST robbed by the James boys and the Youngers. There's not enough space here to go into details, but it would be interesting to research. It has housed Lou Ellis' Photography for many years.


Member/Guest Tournament
Picture Featured:    July 11, 2005 Member/Guest Tournament
Jane Baker sent us this photo and writes:
Here are the winners in the Glasgow Golf and Country Club Member-Guest Tounament, May 14, 2005. D. Jones, Jan Hume, guest, Bobby Warren, guest, Anna Williams, guest, Loretta Stone, Anita Wimpee.

Thanks for running this. The girls will be pleased.

Jane Baker

A big, mean snake?
Picture Featured:    July 12, 2005 A big, mean snake?
Wendell Kennison sent us these and writes:
Hi, Bill,
No, this is not a big, mean snake. It's only the larvae of a Spicebush Swallowtail butterfly. Those "eyes" are really on the larvae's tail and serves as protection from predators such as hungry birds...


Temple Hill's 50-Year Reunion
Picture Featured:    July 13, 2005 Temple Hill
Georgia Beth Albany sent us this photo and writes:
This is the 1955 graduating class of Temple Hill High School. Their 50-year reunion was celebrated July 2, 2005.

Arriving in Nashville...
Picture Featured:    July 14, 2005 Arriving in Nashville...
Debra Hughes sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a picture of Major Jeff Hughes with his 3 kiddos: Tyler - 12, Andrew - 7 and Emma - 2 on June 12. They are at the airport in Nashville. Jeff is just returning home for his 2-week leave before returning to Kuwait at the end of June to finish his tour of duty. The kids have been so excited to see and spend time with him! We can't wait to have him home for good!

Debra Hughes

Don's Deer...
Picture Featured:    July 15, 2005 Don
Don Houchen sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, I got this picture from my brother-in-law, Ricky Colter, who lives in Cincinnati. He lives just a little north of Cincinnati in Kenwood. He is one mile from the Kenwood Mall. I really would not have expected to see this there. Enjoy!

Bill and Terri...
Picture Featured:    July 16, 2005 Bill and Terri...
Debbie Morris sent us this photo and writes:
Thought I'd share this photo of Bill and Terri Murrey of Pedigo-Lessenberry Insurance Company. They were demonstrating their "Patriotic Spirit" at work Friday (July 1, 2005). They looked so good, I couldn't resist sending it!


A silver lining...
Picture Featured:    July 17, 2005 A silver lining...
Faye Bailey sent us this photo and writes:
I took this picture yesterday evening (June 22) around 6:30pm. It looks like some clouds do have a silver lining.When I saw it, I had to dash back in and grab my camera, as the natural beauty found in the clouds lasts such a short time.

Faye Bailey
Doggy Days & Cat Nap Acres

Five Generations of the Vance Family
Picture Featured:    July 18, 2005 Five Generations of the Vance Family
Debbie Coulter sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of five generations of the Vance family. From left to right, starting in the back: great-grandfather Robert Vance, mother Katie Coulter, nanna Debbie Coulter. In the front is great-great-grandmother Neval Mayes Vance holding Brooklyn Kaleigh Green.

Cooling down!
Picture Featured:    July 19, 2005 Cooling down!
Faye Bailey sent us this photo June 26 and writes:
With the extreme heat and no rain, my horses enjoyed getting cooled down with the water hose. Here, "Stroker" enjoys a big gulp of the cool stuff.

Faye Bailey

Apple Blossoms from Canterbury, England
Picture Featured:    July 20, 2005 Apple Blossoms from Canterbury, England
George Newport of Canterbury, England, sent us this photo back in mid-May (we're just now getting to it) and writes:
Hello. George Newport from Canterbury, England... Long time since I was in contact. Thought you would like to see the apple blossoms in the orchard around here. Took these photos yesterday (May 15, 2005).

George Newport

Visiting Thomas
Picture Featured:    July 21, 2005 Visiting Thomas
Shawn and Debbie Perkins sent us this photo and write:
Thomas the Tank Engine came to Kentucky! Our family went to the Kentucky Railway Museam in New Haven this weekend to see the cheeky little engine, ride on the coach and have fun doing the many activities that they had set up. Here are some pictures from our day. We had a great time!

Wonderful Compliments from Yezi
Picture Featured:    July 22, 2005 Wonderful Compliments from Yezi
Yezi sent us this photo and writes:
Dear Anderson,
My name is Yezi. I am a Chinese. Several months ago, I went to Glasgow and stayed there for 10 weeks' training by one of our best customer. That is a very wonderful time for me.

The blue sky, clean water, green grass, fresh air... impressed me so much. Also, the amazing caves! Well, the most impressing thing to me is the warm-hearted and simplehearted Kentucky people there. In the first several weeks there, once I drove the car alone on the highway and got lost in the late evening. A very kind man helped me and led me to the correct way. I don't know his name, but I remember his kind eyes forever.

.......There are so many good memories there. Also I learnt a lot from my US customer, efficient and creative.

I returned to China in the end of May. Recently, I often think of Glasgow. I miss it so much. I tried to get some more information of Glasgow from It is a good window of Glasgow.

Attached is a picture of mine taken in Glasgow in April. You need not publish it to the Website. I am writing this email to you just to express my impression of Glasgow. I love Glasgow.

Kenmold Co., LTD.
14#302, Lin'an Renjia, Lin'an
Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China 311300

The Red Cross Rockhounds
Picture Featured:    July 23, 2005 The Red Cross Rockhounds
Tommy Caudel sent us this photo and writes:
The Red Cross Rockhounds won the Barren County Girls Pitching Machine tournament at Temple Hill July 5. The Rockhounds finished the season with a record of 17 wins and 3 losses. Front row: Alicia Dempsey, Carlie McMillan, Leah Caudel, Lindsey McFarland and Brianna Likens. Second row: Amber Jewell, Taylor Swafford, Mariah Furlong, Sarah Gibson, Haley Perkins, Cassady Walker and Kelsi Adwell. Third row: Ricky Gibson, Tommy Caudel, Lee McFarland and Charlie McMillian. Also on the team, but not pictured, is Summer Groce.

Tommy Caudel

Picture Featured:    July 24, 2005 Squatters...
Faye Bailey sent us this photo and writes:
I had bought a beautiful purple geranium this year in a hanging pot. I've hardly been able to water it because a bird built its nest in the plant. The little birds came out today, so now I can't let the dogs out until they are gone!


Fly Fishing in Wyoming
Picture Featured:    July 25, 2005 Fly Fishing in Wyoming
Billy Ray sent us this photo and writes:
A short time ago two intrepid fly fishermen from Glasgow traveled to the small community of Pinedale, Wyoming, to fish the Green River and other small streams high up in the Teton National Forest. One of them was me and the other was Dr. William Travis. Our guide noted that the trout trembled in fear when they heard of our approach.

Billy Ray

Still gardening at 89
Picture Featured:    July 26, 2005 Still gardening at 89
Glenda Boston sent us this photo and writes:
Payne Boston, age 89, still enjoys gardening as can be seen by his outstanding tomato plants in his raised bed garden. Payne and his wife, Nell, live on Bristletown Road.

Only 14 years to go...
Picture Featured:    July 27, 2005 Only 14 years to go...
Nicole Spradlin sent us this photo and writes:
Hey, Bill,
Here is Mattie Mansfield, Landen Houchens and Bailey Estes at the Barren County Fair Tuesday night! They had so much fun! Drivers in training, only 14 more years to go!!

Bravo Battery 1/623
Picture Featured:    July 28, 2005 Bravo Battery 1/623
Eugene Maxwell sent us this photo and writes:
This picture was published in The Army Times magazine. It depicts a soldier from the Bravo Battery 1/623 from Campbellsville and Monticello. The soldier is scanning a main supply route for insurgents during a patrol.

Eugene Maxwell

Harley Boy
Picture Featured:    July 29, 2005 Harley Boy
Benjamin & Dawn Neet sent us this photo entitled "Harley Boy"and write:
Hi, Bill. This is our 18-month-old son, Tyler. This was too cute of a picture not to share. This was taken on a trip to visit his cousin in Nashville. He thought he was so big riding this motorcycle (Guess we know what Santa will be bringing this year!). Thank you for letting us share this.

Benjamin & Dawn Neet

Some GHS Prom attendees
Picture Featured:    July 30, 2005 Some GHS Prom attendees
Carolyn Hutchison sent us this photo recently and writes:
These photos were taken at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Thistlethwaite, who were gracious enough to open their home for a prom dinner for some Glasgow High prom attendees.


Meeting Donny Osmond...
Picture Featured:    July 31, 2005 Meeting Donny Osmond...
Laura Headrick sent us this photo and writes:
Dear WebMeister,
Here is a picture of Donny Osmond and me in Louisville on July 13, 2005. He was in Louisville doing a promotion at a radio station for his new single and album. After this concert, he flew to Nashville and did another show that night. His single is #18 on the jazz charts and adult contemporary stations all over the country are playing it, too. His voice is still wonderful and he does not seem to age at all.

Laura Headrick

The Red Cross Reds
Picture Featured:    August 01, 2005 The Red Cross Reds
Cindy Hagan sent us this photo and writes:
This is our team, the Red Cross Reds. We placed 2nd in the county coach pitch tournament and finished our season with a record of 20-6. We are so proud of this team.

Cindy Hagan

Great Strides Walk for Cystic Fibrosis Oct. 22
Picture Featured:    August 02, 2005 Great Strides Walk for Cystic Fibrosis Oct. 22
Amy Dickson sent us this photo and writes:
The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation was the recipient of a $1,000 Bonus Grant. This grant money will go for research for children and adults who are affected by Cystic Fibrosis. The fourth Annual Great Strides Walk for Cystic Fibrosis will take place Saturday, Oct. 22, at Barren County High School. Festivities will include a walk, a live auction and a chili supper. Shown is Sonya Hogue, Wal-Mart Community Involvement Coordinator, donating the check to Amy Dickson, CF parent.

His first roller coaster!
Picture Featured:    August 03, 2005 His first roller coaster!
John and Melanie Austin sent us this photo and write:
Our family took a vacation to Gatlinburg last week. While there, our son, Dillon, age 5, got to experience his first ever "big person" roller coaster. It was a blast, and I think you can tell by the picture that he loved it!

John and Melanie Austin

Hiseville's New Principal, John Stith
Picture Featured:    August 04, 2005 Hiseville
Shelia Hunt sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a photo of our new principal, John Stith, participating in one of Hiseville Elementary's Professional Development days. Hiseville Elementary's "Back to School Bash" is Monday, August 8 from 5:00-7:00pm. Everyone is welcome to attend and enjoy the bash and meet our new principal.
Hiseville Elementary School's Website

The 4th MEB AT Battalion, US Marine Corps
Picture Featured:    August 05, 2005 The 4th MEB AT Battalion, US Marine Corps
Tommy & Kathy Shirley sent us this photo and write:
Hello! This is a picture of our nephew, 1st Lt. Charlie McDonald, who is serving with the 4th MEB AT Bn, US Marine Corps, somewhere in Iraq. Charlie is the third from the right in the back row. He is also the grandson of Eddie and Esther McDonald of Glasgow.

Tommy & Kathy Shirley

A rather warm ride...
Picture Featured:    August 06, 2005 A rather warm ride...
Kristi Walker sent us this photo and writes:
These are our sons, Jobe and Gabriel Walker, after a stroller ride through downtown Glasgow recently. They were so tired from the trip and looked so cute, we had to share the picture.

Timbo and Kristi Walker

A Fine Kettle of Fish
Picture Featured:    August 07, 2005 A Fine Kettle of Fish
Mrs. Harlow sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a picture of my husband, Mike Harlow, and a friend from Mt. Washington, Danny Brown. These are just a few of the hybrids caught at Barren River Lake during our annual camping trip. We had a GREAT fish fry! YUM YUM.....

Now THAT'S a sandstorm...
Picture Featured:    August 08, 2005 Now THAT
Tim Highbaugh sent us these photos from Iraq and writes:
Enclosed are photos of a recent sandstorm here in Iraq. Three photos were taken on 14 July during the sandstorm and three photos were taken from the same spot on 15 July. These are a few obstacles other than the obvious that are dealt with on a daily basis. Hope you enjoy.

A special message also for Heather, Kate, and Andy -- I love you and miss you very much. Thanks.

Tim Highbaugh
Operations Officer
Victory Base/ Baghdad, Iraq

Note: To help understand this composite photo, the left part of the photo was taken the day AFTER the sandstorm, the right part DURING the storm. I simply sized them the same and overlaid them, so that you can see the difference the sandstorm made. Wow! -- The WebMeister

She just kept trying 'til she got it...
Picture Featured:    August 09, 2005 She just kept trying
Debbie Thompson sent us this July 13 and writes:
My family and I were fishing in Hart County on the weekend of the 4th of July. Shortly after we arrived at the pay lake, a storm started to form in the distance. I love taking pictures, and I wasn't catching any fish, so I decided to try to "catch" something else - a picture of lightning. It took about 25 or 30 snaps with my digital camera before I caught this beautiful picture. Enjoy!

Debbie Thompson

Welcoming Highland Elem. to the neighborhood!
Picture Featured:    August 10, 2005 Welcoming Highland Elem. to the neighborhood!
Judy Evans sent us this photo in an email entitled "Welcoming Highland Elementary to Our Neighborhood" and writes:
On August 2, Highland Ridge Assisted Living held a "Welcome to Our Neighborhood" brunch for staff and board members of Highland Elementary School. We had a tremendous turnout of about 50 people. We are very excited about having the school next door and wish them a wonderful opening to their beautiful building as well as a first year. They also enjoyed touring our new addition and visiting with many of our residents.

Judy Evans

Note: The Highland Elementary Opening Celebration is tomorrow (Aug. 11), from 7:00-9:00pm. Click on "Community" in the menu at your left for all the details.

Look at all those trees!
Picture Featured:    August 11, 2005 Look at all those trees!
Jim Forrest sent us this cool photo and writes:
Sending a new view of Glasgow proper from the air.

Jim Forrest

A Visit from the Motor Moose!
Picture Featured:    August 12, 2005 A Visit from the Motor Moose!
The WebMeister got these photos and writes:
The "Motor Moose" stopped by the EPB on Thursday. This truck/trailer combo, sponsored by the Outdoor Channel®, travels all over the country. On the weekends, their crews visit various events all over the US. Through the week, they use their travel time on the way to those events to stop by and visit local cable TV affiliates that carry their programming.

The Outdoor Channel® is for anyone interested in outdoor pursuits, such as shooting, hunting, fishing and all types of water sports. The Outdoor Channel® is on channel 110 of the EPB's digital cable TV.

The Outdoor Channel®

Fun on the Beach
Picture Featured:    August 13, 2005 Fun on the Beach
Julie Greer and Pam Wingfield sent us this photo and write:
Just a nice summer vacation in St. Augustine, Florida. It's JP Miller, Gunnar Greer and Lauren Miller.

See the frog?
Picture Featured:    August 14, 2005 See the frog?
Wendell Kennison sent us this photo and writes:
Hello again, Bill,
Can you spot the tree frog? I found him trying to look like tree bark. I have one that frequents our deck and serenades us in the evening....


Baby Shark at Myrtle Beach
Picture Featured:    August 15, 2005 Baby Shark at Myrtle Beach
Jena Pace sent us this photo and writes:
Hi. My daughter, Melissa White, holds a baby shark a friend caught off the pier while we were on vaction in Myrtle Beach. There were several sharks caught that evening.

Jena Pace

High Shoals Falls in North Carolina
Picture Featured:    August 16, 2005 High Shoals Falls in North Carolina
Jeff Wagner sent us this photo and writes:
Greetings, Bill,
It's been awhile since I have spoken with you. I hope all is well. I know a few of the Glasgow folks have enjoyed some of my waterfalls around the Kentucky area. So I thought I would send one from North Carolina, where I now reside.

This is High Shoals Falls in South Mountain State Park of North Carolina. It has a total height of about 75 feet which includes about 20 feet that disappears behind the rock on the right. The hike was about 1.5 miles, mostly uphill, but well worth the trip. This is one of about 120 waterfalls in North Carolina. Most of the are in the Blue Ridge Mountains. For those who are fans of waterfalls, the Smoky Mountains around Gatlinburg, has quite a few. I know this is a common vacation area for many in Glasgow.

I would like to thank everyone who has visited my Website and has given their kind words. I have added a few more North Carolina water falls for those who are interested.

Take care,
Jeff Wagner -

First day of Kindergarten at Highland Elementary
Picture Featured:    August 17, 2005 First day of Kindergarten at Highland Elementary
Tiffany Hartman sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a picture of our daughter, Madison, on her first day of kindergarten at Highland Elementary! Everyone was so excited to be in a new school & we're looking forward to a great year!

The Hartman Family

Kindergarten wears you OUT!
Picture Featured:    August 18, 2005 Kindergarten wears you OUT!
Melissa Foster, Kindergarten teacher, sent us this photo and writes:
This is from the first day of school at Highland Elementary. This is Jerico Howard. Jerico must have been worn out from his first day of Kindergarten - at parent pickup, he fell asleep on the sidewalk! He didn't just have his eyes closed, he was asleep! :-)

Melissa Foster

This morning, after seeing her photo online, Melissa added (via email):
Thanks for putting my picture on the Website! All the teachers made me go in and get my camera while they watched my kids so we could get his picture!

How's this for back-up?
Picture Featured:    August 19, 2005 How
Linda Cook sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a picture of my daughter, Miranda Cook, and her Blue Ridge Parkway Law Enforcement Supervisors, Bruce Bytnar and Bobby Miller, with one of the official Bedford County Deputies, Shaquille O'Neal. Bedford County is one of the back-up agencies for Blue Ridge Parkway Law Enforcement and Blue Ridge officers are also back-up for them. Shaq's law enforcement background and his position as spokesperson against misuse of the Internet, specifically child porn, was reported on Good Morning America today. Miranda said when they stopped by to visit with Shaq that the Bedford Co. Sheriff introduced them by saying, "These (National Park Service Officers) are some of the hardest working law enforcement men and women you will meet. They are out there protecting the National Parks, often by themselves, and encountering all kinds of crime."

Thanks for letting a proud Mama share news of her daughter's career.
Linda Cook

A Hard Worker
Picture Featured:    August 20, 2005 A Hard Worker
Phyllis Ferguson sent us this photo and writes:
Garrett Garven, age 2, is taking the job of washing the car very seriously. Even though most of the suds and water ended up on him, he still did a great job. Thanks for sharing this photo. His entire family will enjoy it.

Remind you of Anne Geddes?
Picture Featured:    August 21, 2005 Remind you of Anne Geddes?
Crystal Houchin sent us this photo July 28 and writes:
We took this picture at a family dinner last weekend. I thought it was too cute and just had to share it with all of you. In the last two years, there has been a baby boom in our family. It's contagious, you know...HAHA. There are a lot of children under 12 in our immediate family, but only 8 of them are under the age of 2. Six of the them are pictured: 10-month-old Abbigayle Smith, 8-month-old twins, Alec & Isaac Reneau, 7-month-old Micah Bettersworth, 12-week-old Olivia Reneau and 6-week-old Denver Houchin. Oh yeah - we have another baby that will be here in December!

Crystal Houchin

A Helping Hand (in a glove)
Picture Featured:    August 22, 2005 A Helping Hand (in a glove)
Laurie Berry of the Glasgow Water Company sent us this photo July 18 and writes:
Robert Hickey, an employee of Baswood, LLC, a company that has been in Glasgow for the past year doing wastewater research and development work at our Wastewater Treatment Plant, found this little fellow trapped in our basement. The little guy was so tired that he allowed Robert to pick him up and, after a short petting session, flew from Robert's hand to the outside of the building. Just goes to show you, everything in nature needs a helping hand once in a while.

Laurie Berry, Glasgow Water Company

The Glasgow Water Company

"Dappled Light"
Picture Featured:    August 23, 2005 "Dappled Light"
Wendell Kennison sent us this magnificent photo he entitled "Dappled Light" and writes:
Hi, Bill,
I shot this picture late one afternoon as the sun was filtering through the trees. Sure is peaceful looking. It reminds me of a painting by the old masters.


A big day - meeting Sara Evans
Picture Featured:    August 24, 2005 A big day - meeting Sara Evans
Whitney Corbitt sent us this photo and writes:
On Thursday, August 11th, I had the opportunity of a lifetime to meet my all-time favorite singer, Sara Evans. Like every year, we attended the Sikeston Bootheel Rodeo in Missouri, but this year was different. I got the chance to go backstage with Sara Evans. She's not only an amazing singer, but person. Everyone be sure to buy her new CD coming out October 4th. You won't be disappointed!

Whitney Corbitt

That's a "sharp" looking bike...
Picture Featured:    August 25, 2005 That
Paulette Wasylycia sent us this photo and writes:
Dear WebMeister:
Attached are some pictures I made at Park City on August 11th when my husband and I went to see the Orange County Chopper which had been specially made for Case Cutlery. Having watched the OCC build these choppers on TV, it was nice to finally be able to see one up close. This is my husband, Tony, on the Case Chopper. If you look closely at the picture of the bike, you can see that the supports for the mirrors actually look like Case knives. On the front fender is a picture of Case family patriarch, Job Case.

Paulette Wasylycia

A free ride from Stat Care
Picture Featured:    August 26, 2005 A free ride from Stat Care
Roy Howard sent us this photo and writes:
Recently, Stat Care hosted a three-day continuing education training session at the Barren County High School auditorium for local doctors, nurses, EMT's and paramedics. As always, Stat Care gave several free rides around Glasgow to the public. My son, Dylan Howard, and I were lucky enough to be invited on one of the trips. Dylan is pictured here with our pilot, Harold Grider. Although most of the Stat Care crew members are from the Louisville area, Grider is a native Barren Countian. He's a graduate of Barren County High and resides in Hiseville. In addition to working for Stat Care, he also flies other rotor and fixed-wing aircraft in the Army Reserves.

Thanks for posting,
Roy Howard

SOKY Tennis Association
Picture Featured:    August 27, 2005 SOKY Tennis Association
Terry Bunnell sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a photo of Trina Rickard and myself as winners of the Southern Ky. (SOKY) Tennis Association Super Circuit NTRP Combined Mixed Doubles 6.0 tournament recently held in Bowling Green, Ky. We aren't professionals; however, we sure do enjoy the game. Glasgow/Barren County has some great tennis players and we wanted to share this with them. Also, check out these sites for some tennis information and fun ( and

Terry Bunnell

Project School Days
Picture Featured:    August 28, 2005 Project School Days
Linda Flickinger sent us this photo and writes:
The following members of the Glasgow-Barren County Board of Realtors recently picked up school supplies to be distributed to area schools: Front row - Jim Boyter & Terry Hatchett. Back row - Ed Baker, Beth Sheesley, Kora England, Conne' Baker, Karen Fox, JoAnn Lynn & Linda Morris.

Thru "Project School Days," the Board of Realtors distributes school supplies to all the schools in the Glasgow and Barren County School systems. The money to purchase these school supplies is raised from the proceeds of the annual Home and Garden Show and the events surrounding the show.

The following supplies have been provided over the years: 19,498 boxes of 24-ct. crayons, 16,306 bottles of glue, 3,320 glue sticks, 629,260 pencils, 23,171 spiral notebooks (that's 1,621,970 sheets of paper), 40,500 sheets of manuscript paper, 9,634 packages of construction paper, 8,662 pairs of scissors, 11,000 rulers, 26,310 pencil cap erasers, 1,360 3-ring binders, 22,804 folders, 1,820 ink pens. Over $54,000 in scholarships and school supplies!

For more information on how you can donate school supplies or help with this ongoing project, contact Linda Flickinger at the Board of Realtors at 651-7322.

Linda Flickinger
Executive Officer
Glasgow-Barren County Board of Realtors

Sliding into home!
Picture Featured:    August 29, 2005 Sliding into home!
Terrell Alexander sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, attached is a photo I took last weekend at Boling Park in Edmonton of Britton Crabtree sliding into home. Britton is a member of a Glasgow Little League Baseball 10-years-old team that was playing in a 9 and 10-years-old tournament in Edmonton over the weekend. In this particular game, they were playing against a Monroe Co. 10-years-old team.

They’ve played in several other tournaments around the state also this summer.

Terrell Alexander

Waiting patiently...
Picture Featured:    August 30, 2005 Waiting patiently...
G. Chapman sent us these and writes:
These are my two grandchildren, Sheldon Compton, 3, and Briana Compton, 4, waiting for their uncle, Jamie Compton, to replace the water in their splashing pool. They were helping celebrate their great-grandfather, Elbert Fields', 80th birthday. On the right, obviously, the refilling was quite a success.

4-year-old Ashley
Picture Featured:    August 31, 2005 4-year-old Ashley
Jonathan Dubree sent us this photo in late July and writes:
Last week my four-year-old cousin, Ashley, and I went for a walk on my grandfather's farm. Along the way, I snapped a few pics of the flowers blooming and some old farm equipment as well as a couple of pics of my wonderful cousin.

Here she is posing by the tractor which, when I was her age, I used to ride on as my grandfather farmed. Now retired, falling apart and sitting in a field, it looked like it needed a familiar face and welcomed the new face.

Visiting Budapest, Hungary...
Picture Featured:    September 01, 2005 Visiting Budapest, Hungary...
Allison Clark sent us this photo and writes:
This summer I spent 6 weeks in Europe studying abroad with students and faculty from the Political Science Department at WKU and Owensboro Community College. We spent most of our time in Owensboro's Sister City of Olomouc, Czech Republic, but were also able to travel to Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, France, Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Here Katie Frein and I are at the Citadel in Budapest, Hungary. It was an amazing view of an absolutely beautiful city, so I thought I would share it with Glasgow!

Allison Clark

The McKinleys' Travels
Picture Featured:    September 02, 2005 The McKinleys
Doris and Bob McKinley sent us this and write:
Lapland Rosebay (Rhododendron) blooms on the tundra in Nunavut, Canada. It seldom exceeds 4-6 inches in height and is one of the barrenland beauties that bloom close to the ground above the Arctic Circle. We saw and photographed a variety of wildflowers the first week of the arctic summer at Bathurst Inlet Lodge during the last week of June. We experienced 24 hours of sunlight in a village of 31 Inuit (Eskimos). It was a unique travel experience.

Doris and Bob McKinley

Spruced up for a wedding...
Picture Featured:    September 03, 2005 Spruced up for a wedding...
Andy Beard sent us this photo July 18 and writes:
Robin, the baby of our family, was married this weekend in Columbus, Ohio to Brian Creek from Cleveland. Grampy Ken and Granny Jane Beard were all smiles as their last child was married. Attached is a picture of my twins, Jack and Reagan, who had the honor of ring bearer and flower girl. Thanks to all the Glasgow folks who made the long trip for Robin's ceremony.

Andy Beard

Buzzing hummers!
Picture Featured:    September 04, 2005 Buzzing hummers!
Senad Trcic sent us this photo and writes:
I've recently put up a hummingbird feeder, and I just happened to have my camera out and I snapped a picture of this hummingbird. I've tried many times to take a picture of a hummingbird, but they are so fast, and always fly away. Hummingbirds can flap their wings from 50-80 times a second, depending on the kind of hummingbird it is!

Riding for the Trojans
Picture Featured:    September 05, 2005 Riding for the Trojans
Myrita Phillips sent us this photo and writes:
Dear WebMeister:
This is a picture of the group that went on the "Ride for the Trojans" August 6th. I thought the scenery in this picture was great! The BCHS Band Boosters did this as a fundraiser. The group had a great time and the band made some money, too. Remember to support the BCHS Band!

Myrita Phillips

View of the harbor
Picture Featured:    September 06, 2005 View of the harbor
Melanie Smith sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill. On a trip to Massachusetts in August, Chris (Klaes) and I spent a day on the cape. Here are two of the pictures that I took in a town on the tip of the cape. These remind me of a postcard. Just wanted to share so all could enjoy!

Melanie Smith

Visiting Beaver Trail
Picture Featured:    September 07, 2005 Visiting Beaver Trail
Jesse & Bernice Brown sent us this photo and writes:
Katy, Jake, and Nick Overstreet, of Lexington, enjoy the playground at Beaver Trail while spending the week with grandparents, Jesse and Bernice Brown.

Honey, I Shrunk the...
Picture Featured:    September 08, 2005 Honey, I Shrunk the...
James Clouse sent us this photo and writes:
I discovered a large swarm of ants running up and down on a blade of grass yesterday afternoon. Closer inspection of the blade showed a brown "rust" present. The brown color was due to a large group of aphids attached to the grass. It appeared that the ants were harvesting the aphids' "honeydew" - a sugary, yellowish liquid.


See the dam?
Picture Featured:    September 09, 2005 See the dam?
Jim Forrest sent us this photo and writes:
Sending a pic of the Barren River Lake area with the dam in the background. Hope everyone enjoys the birdseye view.

Jim Forrest

A few feet below sea level
Picture Featured:    September 10, 2005 A few feet below sea level
Freida Webb sent us this photo and writes:
Emily Webb is working in Reno, Nevada. She visited Badwater Basin. It was 116 degrees that day. As you can see, she is several feet below sea level.

Freida Webb

Krissie and Heather
Picture Featured:    September 11, 2005 Krissie and Heather
Tommy Fields sent us this photo and writes:
This photograph of Krissie Fields & Heather Rene Henry was taken on Saturday, 8/6/05, at Fancy Farm Picnic. The Henry's have added a new member to their family. The puppy was very awake but their children were sleeping at the time the picture was taken. There were some very interesting sights observed that day. The food was really good and made the trip worthwhile.

A happy reunion
Picture Featured:    September 12, 2005 A happy reunion
Kim Proffitt sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of my daughter, Avery, taken with a couple of her friends. The girls were all in the same orphanage in China. Our famlies traveled together in January to get the girls. We plan on getting together monthly so the girls don't forget each other.

Kim Proffitt

(pictured left to right) Sophie Sharp, Avery & Chloe Northrup

The Stick Horse Race - Etoile Fair
Picture Featured:    September 13, 2005 The Stick Horse Race - Etoile Fair
Adam Stovall sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a picture of Kateland Mae Adams riding her stick horse, Daisy Mae, at the Etoile Fair August 27, 2005. She's the daughter of Terry and Erica Adams.

Rolling Thunder at the Watermelon Festival
Picture Featured:    September 14, 2005 Rolling Thunder at the Watermelon Festival
Tim Berryman sent us this photo and writes:
On September 3, 2005, Rolling Thunder, Inc., Chapter 2 out of Glasgow was invited to participate in the Watermelon Festival Parade in Tompkinsville, which was dedicated to the Guard's 623rd FA. One of our members, Phillip Geralds, Kentucky Army National Guard's State Command General, was the Grand Marshal of the annual parade. I wanted to share a photo which was taken of some of the members who attended.

Let's keep all the soldiers and their families in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks.

Tim Berryman, President
Rolling Thunder, Inc.
Kentucky Chapter 2

Eric Mudd & pals in Vegas
Picture Featured:    September 15, 2005 Eric Mudd & pals in Vegas
Eric Mudd sent us this photo and writes:
Hey, Bill just wanted to let you know of my visit to the United Way center in Bowling Green yesterday (Sept. 7th). I went to the center to drop supplies off and to sign up to volunteer. In talking to the people there yesterday, the biggest help we can offer right now is bringing items to the shelter for people to sort out. I am trying to help at the shelter as much as possible and if anyone has items to be taken to Bowling Green, I would be more than willing to help. I've added my email address below along with the address for the warehouse. Thanks to everyone that's working to help however they can. Oh, the pic is of my cousin, her boyfriend, two of my friends, and myself (Gray AE 99) - just wanted to add a face to the email.

Eric Mudd -

United Way of Bowling Green
2361 Louisville Road
Brannen's Whse. #3, Intersection of Old Louisville Rd. and Louisville Rd.

Poplarville, Mississippi
Picture Featured:    September 16, 2005 Poplarville, Mississippi
Tommy Fields sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, this photograph was taken September 8 in Poplarville, Mississippi. The ice, along with bottled water and food, was distributed to rural areas that had suffered damage because of hurricane Katrina. The trip was arranged by Jake Dickinson and the truck was supplied by Darrell Wheeler of Venture Contracting of Glasgow. Jake, Sam Day Dickinson, Paul White and I left Glasgow on Tuesday, Sept. 6, and returned on Friday, Sept. 9.

Like Father, Like Son
Picture Featured:    September 17, 2005 Like Father, Like Son
Greg Bailey, in an email entitled "Like Father, Like Son," writes:
Here's Shaq Bailey admiring his newly painted pocket bike before he takes a Sunday afternoon ride alongside his dad. Shaq recently had his bike painted identical to his dad's.

A View from Hawaii
Picture Featured:    September 18, 2005 A View from Hawaii
Emilee Mosier sent us this photo and writes:
My sister, Whitney, just returned from Hawaii on 8/6/05. Here is just one of the many amazing pictures she took.


The 2005 Red Cross Mets
Picture Featured:    September 19, 2005 The 2005 Red Cross Mets
Beth Cunningham sent us this photo and writes:
Pictured are the 2005 Red Cross Mets. They received 3rd place in the Barren County pitching machine tournament this summer. These boys worked so hard all summer to earn this. We were so proud of them.

Photo by Beth Cunningham

Buried in paperwork...
Picture Featured:    September 20, 2005 Buried in paperwork...
Miranda Hurt sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of my 11-month-old daughter, Bailey Elizabeth. Her grandmother is a sixth-grade teacher and she was helping her with paperwork! Thanks.

Miranda Hurt

AQHA State Fair Horse Show
Picture Featured:    September 21, 2005 AQHA State Fair Horse Show
Leigh Anne Gassaway sent us this photo and writes:
On August 12, 2005, Ben Gassaway and Garret Payne (both from Glasgow) competed in the AQHA State Fair Horse Show. They participated in the youth team penning class and placed 2nd. We were very proud of them! The young lady in the picture is Taylor Turner from Indiana.

Grandparents Day at Highland Elem.
Picture Featured:    September 22, 2005 Grandparents Day at Highland Elem.
Leonetta Cook sent us this photo and writes:
Garrett's Lil' Bitty Farm, represented by Caitlyn Cook and Dolly, the mini Donkey, had a great time at Highland's Grandparents Day extravaganza.
Cathy Doty writes in to say:
Bill, that's my grandmother on the Glasgow site beside the mule (above). Her name is Pearl Greer and she is 97!

A Happy Homecoming
Picture Featured:    September 23, 2005 A Happy Homecoming
Jill sent us this photo and writes:
I wanted to share this picture with everyone. My husband, Sammy "Joe" Spann had just returned from a 3 1/2-month deployment overseas while serving in the US Navy. He was welcomed home by his son, Samuel Trent, who was only a week old. I am happy to report that everyone is settling well and I am glad to have both my guys under one roof!

The Extreme Cheerleaders
Picture Featured:    September 24, 2005 The Extreme Cheerleaders
Sheila Milam sent us this photo and writes:
The Extreme Cheerleaders, coached by Jamie Bewley, took 1st place at the Kentucky State Fair on Sunday. Pictured (left to right) are Lauren Milam, Peyton Linder and Taylor Hodges. We are very proud of our girls!

Sheila Milam

Birthday Celebration
Picture Featured:    September 25, 2005 Birthday Celebration
Emily Rogers sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of three beautiful princesses, Savannah Grace Kingery, Elizabeth Ann Rogers and Guinn Rogers celebrating Savannah Grace's and Elizabeth Ann's birthday. Savannah is holding a fox pen that her grandma Rogers got her on a recent trip to Africa. When asked what she wanted to get Grandma Rogers for her birthday, Savannah said she would get her Africa!

Happy birthday, girls!

A Celebration of "Liberty"
Picture Featured:    September 26, 2005 A Celebration of "Liberty"
Jennifer Haynes sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a picture of some of the Fourth grade students of Highland Elementary School at the outstanding performance of "Liberty." My daughter, Rachel, was honored to be a part of this wonderful experience. If anyone didn't get to attend, you really missed a great day of remembrance and a day of honor to those who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom.


The world-renowned Tannahill Weavers
Picture Featured:    September 27, 2005 The world-renowned Tannahill Weavers
Don't miss Glasgow, Scotland's premier Celtic band Thursday, Sept. 29, 7:00pm at the Plaza Theatre! Call 651-3141 or 651-3161 for ticket information. All proceeds benefit the Glasgow Highland Games.

The acoustical richness of Bluegrass and the exciting driving rhythm of Celtic music make this a concert not to be missed! Fiddles, flutes, mandolins, guitars, pipes, percussion and more will bring the Plaza Theatre alive with the mystical power of Celtic music. Tickets available at 651-3141, 651-3161 or at the door.

They have that unique combination of traditional melodies, driving rhythmic accompaniment, and rich vocals that make their performances unforgettable. As the Winnipeg Free Press noted,

"The Tannahill Weavers - properly harnessed - could probably power an entire city for a year on the strength of last night's concert alone. The music may be old time Celtic, but the drive and enthusiasm are akin to straight ahead rock and roll."
The Tannahill Weavers' Website

Ruby and Christeen
Picture Featured:    September 28, 2005 Ruby and Christeen
Holly Travis sent us this photo and writes:
Dear WebMeister,
The passing of Ruby Perkins Scott of Horse Cave earlier this month has prompted me to share with you one of my favorite photos. It is a copy of an original from the estate of Dr. Christeen Perkins Snavely. Christeen, a very dear friend, died November 16, 1996, at the age of 78.

On the back of the photo, it reads: "Ruby Perkins, age 7 years? Christeen Perkins, age 22 months? singing 'When the Savior Found Me' ? 1920."

It would be a sign for things to come for Christeen, who later would become a member of the Glasgow Musicale Club, serving two terms as President. She was also a board member and past president of the Ky. Federation of Music Clubs and was responsible for the state federation to support the Stephen Foster Music Camp at Eastern Kentucky University.

I can only believe that these two sisters are making wonderful music again, which brings a joyous smile to my face.

Thanks for allowing me to share.

Holly Travis

Rhonda Pedigo, Volunteer of the Year
Picture Featured:    September 29, 2005 Rhonda Pedigo, Volunteer of the Year
Tina Combs sent us this photo and writes:
Dear Bill,
Rhonda Pedigo, CMC Board Member, received the Volunteer of the Year Award September 22nd, at Community Medical Care's 3rd annual Appreciation Day.

The smartest card in your wallet
Picture Featured:    September 30, 2005 The smartest card in your wallet
Martha Thomas sent us this photo and writes:
Mr. Anderson,
Here is Mayor Pickett receiving a library card from the Mary Wood Weldon Library. It's the Smartest Card in your wallet.
The Mary Wood Weldon Library Website

New Bike Trail!
Picture Featured:    October 01, 2005 New Bike Trail!
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
New Bike & Hike Trail Opens at Mammoth Cave
NPCI board members Clyde Anders and Ozzie Adwell, and NPCI president Woody Gardner look on as Mammoth Cave National Park Acting Superintendent Bruce Powell reads a letter of commendation from NPS Director Fran Mainella. NPCI donated $608,000 for the construction of the Mammoth Cave Railroad Bike & Hike Trail. About 120 people attended the opening ceremonies of the first half of the Mammoth Cave Railroad Bike & Hike trail on Saturday, September 24, 2005.

Acting Superintendent Bruce Powell acknowledged volunteers and workers who cleared the path and then constructed the trail. Powell also presented Woody Gardner, President of National Park Concessions, Inc., and board members Ozzie Adwell and Clyde Anderson, with a letter from NPS Director Fran Mainella. National Park Concessions, Inc. donated $608,000 toward construction of the trail.

Park City Mayor David Lyons spoke to the crowd about Park City's adjacent bike trail that will one day connect to the park trail, and the historical connection between Bell's Tavern and the Mammoth Cave Railroad. Local historian Normal Warnell revealed some of his research into the Mammoth Cave Railroad -- that it was always on time, it was often more reliable than traveling by road, and pranksters were known to soap the rails -- which will be portrayed in wayside exhibits along the trail.

3rd Annual Health & Safety Fair
Picture Featured:    October 02, 2005 3rd Annual Health & Safety Fair
Peggy Allen sent us this photo and writes:
Buckle Bear, along with Vince & Larry (the Crash Test Dummies) were among those participating in the recent 3rd Annual Health & Safety Fair, held at Glasgow's WKU Campus. These 3 characters are an active part of the Ky. Transportation Cabinet's Drive Smart Program. Their message is simple: Always Buckle Up! Using seat belts can make a lifesaving difference. This group works in partnership with local coalitions (including Barren County Safe Communities-Champions and Safe Kids Barren County) in the efforts to promote highway safety.

Peggy Allen

2006 Barren Co. Jr. Miss
Picture Featured:    October 03, 2005 2006 Barren Co. Jr. Miss
Barbara Pendleton sent us this photo and writes:
Pictured are the 2006 Barren County Jr. Miss participants taking a break during rehearsals. The program will be Oct. 16, 6:00pm at the Barren County High School auditorium. Left to right:

1st row - Katie Gray, Ashley Moore, Jody McCoy, Jessica Courtney, Lauren Kenny
2nd row - Emily London, Courtney Kinslow, Tessa Norris, Della VanSant, Julie Wilson, Sara Peters
3rd row - Erica Moore, Lauren Robarts, Felicity Hatchett, Ashley Hayes (Jenn Faulkner, not pictured)

T-Ball Pals
Picture Featured:    October 04, 2005 T-Ball Pals
Tim Strode sent us this photo and writes:
This is a photo of Noah Strode, 5, and Trent Gamel, 4, after a T-ball game. This summer they played on the Bears at the YMCA, and they both had a great time during the season.

Tim & Bridget Strode

The O'Charlie
Picture Featured:    October 05, 2005 The O
Jeanne Scalise sent us this photo and writes:
Charlie Honeycutt was the original owner of the pontoon in the photo. Bruce and Glenda Mutter recently purchased it and renamed it O'Charlie. While riding with Captain Bruce and 1st mate Glenda, many fond memories of the good times I experienced while cruising with Charlie and Dianne were vividly in my heart.

Care Packages for the 623rd
Picture Featured:    October 06, 2005 Care Packages for the 623rd
Amy Dickson sent us this photo and writes:
Care Packages to the 623rd
After months of gathering items for the 623rd stationed in Iraq, care packages were assembled and mailed out on Monday, October 3, 2005. Individuals, churches, businesses, clubs and organizations donated items to be sent to the troops. Members of the Chamber Board of Directors and the Ambassadors' Club stuffed 180 boxes. Each soldier of the 623rd Field Artillery will receive a box containing non-perishable food, personal items, a T-shirt and a magazine.
Task Force Bluegrass ("Morgan's Men") - the 1st BN 623rd FA (MLRS)

Readying the Big Top
Picture Featured:    October 07, 2005 Readying the Big Top
Betty Jackson sent us this photo and writes:
My son and I watched the circus set up this morning (Wednesday) at the Speedway. One picture is Drake Jackson, 5-years-old, in front of the elephant truck and the others are pictures of an elephant working to put up the Big Top.

Betty Jackson

Happy 50th!
Picture Featured:    October 08, 2005 Happy 50th!
Karen Nunn sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a picture of Lewis Bauer at his surprise 50th birthday party. We put the fire department on alert when we lit the candles, but all went well. Lewis was a good sport and let us enjoy many laughs at his expense.

Have a great day,

Larry King... LIVE
Picture Featured:    October 09, 2005 Larry King... LIVE
Eva Pogue sent us this photo and writes:
"Larry King... LIVE"
My granddaughter, Amber Young, was babysitting for Jill Leftwich' daugher, Katie, while she attended a conference at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville. The girls were out sightseeing in the hotel and just happened to run into Larry King and his wife just outside the radio station. She was promoting her appearance at the Grand Ole Opry. The girls were delighted to have their picture taken with Larry King. It's something they will never forget.

Eva Pogue

2005 Etoile Fair
Picture Featured:    October 10, 2005 2005 Etoile Fair
Cathy Starr sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a photo taken at the Etoile Fair during the stick horse race. There were about 80 children that attended the event this year that is held every year in August. The photo is of William Garrison, (right) son of Steve and Tina Garrison, and Blake Starr with his horse, Ginger, (left) son of Bryan and Cathy Starr. After the race, all the children line up and receive a horse trophy for entering the event.

Cathy Starr

Park City Lions Club's Annual Ham Dinner
Picture Featured:    October 11, 2005 Park City Lions Club
Tony Gibson sent us these photos and writes:
The Park City Lions Club held their yearly ham dinner at Mammoth Cave picnic area Monday, 9/12/05. Here are just a few pictures of that night. Everyone seemed to have a really nice time.

Mt. Fuji's Summit
Picture Featured:    October 12, 2005 Mt. Fuji
Mike Allen sent us this photo and writes:
I'm a native of Glasgow. Just recently, I toured Japan as a Head Carpenter for Sesame Street Live. I was fortunate enough to stay a few extra days and climb Mt. Fuji. This is the highest point in Japan. Climbers begin their ascent at 10:00pm and make it to the summit by sunrise. This is the temple climbers will find as well as a spectacular view at the top. I'm currently touring with the Broadway Musical CATS.

Skylar at the Fair
Picture Featured:    October 13, 2005 Skylar at the Fair
Stacey Owen sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of Skylar Michelle Owen taken at the Barren County Fair Baby Show. Skylar is the 17-month-old daughter of Tommy and Stacey Owen. I have your Website saved as my home page so I can look at these pictures every day. I enjoy them so much.

Stacey Owen

Ready for the game!
Picture Featured:    October 14, 2005 Ready for the game!
Dee Stahl sent us this photo and writes:
Here are my two lovely little girls getting ready for a football game. They are BCLL cheerleaders.

Future Harley Man
Picture Featured:    October 15, 2005 Future Harley Man
Terry and Alicia Hume sent us this photo and write:
Check out my little nephew, Mason Turner, son of Kevin & April Turner, on his dad’s Harley. As you can see, he loves to ride and can’t wait 'til he gets his own bike or until his legs gets long enough to reach the ground and ride his dad’s. Although here, he just wants to get the picture over with so dad can ride him around the yard. Pretty cute little guy so I thought I would share him with everyone.

Terry & Alicia Hume

The Osmond's
Picture Featured:    October 16, 2005 The Osmond
Laura Headrick sent us these and writes:
Dear WebMeister,
The first photo is of Merrill Osmond and me at his fan club get-together in Branson. He just bought the Lodge of the Ozarks and we were all invited to celebrate with him. The second photo is of Marie Osmond, George Osmond (their father) and Merrill answering questions from the fans. We were not expecting Marie or their father to be there, so that was a special surprise. We also got to attend two of Merrill's concerts.

Laura Headrick

JamFest in Louisville
Picture Featured:    October 17, 2005 JamFest in Louisville
Chad Murphy sent us this photo and writes:
The Senior Extreme All Stars competed at JamFest in Louisville, Kentucky, on Sept. 25 and received third runner-up.

"With several of the girls sick that morning, we managed to perform with a flawless routine. We had some touches on tumbling and a few bobbles that cost us the first place trophy. But with a first year squad, it's amazing at the talent and unity that the girls have when performing together. We know what we need to get to the top and we're headed that way!" Chad Murphy said.

Front row: Allie Mae Farrell, Taylor Burke, Stephanie Roberts, Rachel Calvert, Paige Caffee, Alx Glass. Second row: Head Coach Chad Murphy, Tesia Bailey, Maria Estes, Kenzie Briggs, Rayli Howard, Brittani Stone, Brandi Glass, Barbra Vandeveer, Elizabeth Parsons, Chelsea Mouser, and Assistant Coach/Choreographer Sarah Murphy. Not shown are Kristen Gunn, Cheyenne Groce, McKenzie Nuckols, Shelby Banks and Assistant Coach Jamie Mutter.

Kolton and the General Lee
Picture Featured:    October 18, 2005 Kolton and the General Lee
Lori Sloan sent us this photo and writes:
Kolton went to Gatlinburg over the weekend and was very excited to have his picture made with the General Lee. Guess you couldn't tell by the HUGE grin on his face.... Thanks, Lori Sloan

Customer Service Rep Week
Picture Featured:    October 19, 2005 Customer Service Rep Week
Monica Eldridge sent us this photo and writes:
In honor of "Customer Service Representative" week, we at R&S pharma had many activities going on this week. One of which, as the picture shows, was "farmer or hillbilly" day! A great time was had by all!

Monica Eldridge
R&S Sales

U of L Internship
Picture Featured:    October 20, 2005 U of L Internship
Nicole Elliott sent us this photo and writes:
My name is Nicole Elliott. Over the summer, I did an internship in neuroscience at the University of Louisville. This was so interesting and fun. I'm a senior this year at Lindsey Wilson College with a major in Psychology. I plan to attend graduate school next fall with a concentration in Experimental Psychology. This is a picture of all the undergraduate students that were picked to be in the internship.

New Friends in St. Thomas
Picture Featured:    October 21, 2005 New Friends in St. Thomas
Pat Harlow sent us this photo and writes:
Stan and I just returned from a visit to the US Virgin Islands, where we visited our son, Evan, who is employed by the National Park Service there. We had a wonderful time and made some new friends in St. Thomas, two of whom are pictured with us in the accompanying photo.

Visiting the Arch
Picture Featured:    October 22, 2005 Visiting the Arch
Dawn Landrum sent us this photo and writes:
Saturday, Oct. 8, Glasgow native Daphne Pace married Matt Solberg in St. Louis. Several family members and friends went to St. Louis to watch this joyous occasion. While we were there, my sister, Tiffany, and I went to the Arch.

Efficient mower... Too efficient?
Picture Featured:    October 23, 2005 Efficient mower... Too efficient?
Belinda Harlow sent us this photo and writes:
This is so funny I just had to share it. This is a picture of my husband, Mike Harlow, with his new toy he got a few weeks ago. He has improved so much from the first week he had it. He has found that not only does it mow down grass and weeds, it also takes out flowers and shrubs. Anyone want to hire him? Just kiding about the hiring. His friends at Donnelley's will really get a kick out of this.

Thank you,
Bunny Harlow <><

2005 Jr. Miss Program
Picture Featured:    October 24, 2005 2005 Jr. Miss Program
Barbara Pendleton sent us this photo from this year's Jr. Miss Program and writes:
Second runner-up Lauren Robarts, winner Lauren Kenney and Ashley Moore, first runner-up, pose for photos following the Barren County Junior Miss Scholarship Program Oct. 16 at the Barren County High School auditorium. Lauren will represent Barren County at the Kentucky Junior Miss Scholarship Program in Lexington January 13 & 14, 2006.

A Stunning Harvest Moon
Picture Featured:    October 25, 2005 A Stunning Harvest Moon
Connie Lyon sent us this photo she entitled "Harvest Moon" and writes:
This is a photo that was taken along the banks of the Tennessee River on Monday, Oct. 17th in Decatur, Alabama, where my son and daughter-in-law reside. I thought it was beautiful and wanted to share it.

Connie Lyon

Computers for Park City Elementary!
Picture Featured:    October 26, 2005 Computers for Park City Elementary!
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
Mammoth Cave National Park Donates Computers to Park City School
On October 14, 2005, Sarah Hiser, school technology coordinator at Park City Elementary, traveled up the hill into the park to pick up some surplus government property from Mammoth Cave – five laptops and 13 computers. The Website,, is maintained by the General Services Administration, the property authority of the federal government. Schools, like Park City, register their needs on the site, then federal agencies, like Mammoth Cave, offer to donate excess computer equipment that the school needs. If the school accepts the offer, the transfer of property is handled online with very little bureaucratic paperwork. Park City received five Pentium III laptops and 11 Pentium III CPUs/two Pentium II CPUs, each with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
"We are honored and very excited to receive these computers," said Hiser. "We have been in need of extra computers for quite some time, but could not find the funding. We plan to use some of the computers to establish a mini-computer lab in our school. The other computers will be distributed among the classrooms so that they can be available for students to use for classroom assignments."
Federal agencies can transfer excess computer equipment to schools and educational non-profit organizations by the authority of Executive Order 12999, Educational Technology: Ensuring Opportunity for All Children in the Next Century. Anyone interested should register on the site.

"Bon Jour" from Rick & Lisa
Picture Featured:    October 27, 2005 "Bon Jour" from Rick & Lisa
Rick Russell sent us this photo and writes:
Hello Bill,
Here's a pic of Lisa and me during an "Evening In Paris". We're vacationing here this week and then on to London next week. There is so much to see and we are enjoying ourselves - yet the best site will probably be the "Welcome to Glasgow" sign we will see in a couple of weeks.


P.S. - "Hi, Mom (and Eddie & Carla, and the Bowman clan too)."

From the Pumpkin Patch...
Picture Featured:    October 28, 2005 From the Pumpkin Patch...
From the pumpkin patch...
(LEFT) Patrick Katchak sent us this photo and writes:
I hope all is well with you. I enjoy looking at your site everyday. During a recent visit to Wisconsin to see his grandparents, we got a neat picture of our son. As you see, George the 4th enjoyed his perch on top of this pumpkin wagon. It was across the street from a dairy where they make butter and cheese. Happy Halloween to all in Glasgow!

Patrick and Angela Katchak

(CENTER) Pam Garmon sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a picture of Tye Garmon at Jackson's Orchard in Bowling Green. He loves riding the wagon to the pumpkin patch and picking out his own pumpkin! Happy Halloween!

Thank you,
Pam Garmon

(RIGHT) Petie McLean sent us this photo and writes:
My grandchild (6 weeks) welcomes the fall season by sleeping in the pumpkins. Must be having pleasant dreams.

Petie McLean

Having a Halloween blast!
Picture Featured:    October 29, 2005 Having a Halloween blast!
Kay Pott sent us these photos and writes:
(LEFT) Guests are anxiously awaiting the costume judging contest during Boo Boo’s™ Halloween Weekend at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resort. Jellystone Park has 4 weekends this year of Halloween-related activities.
(RIGHT) Costume contest at Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Camp-Resort October 22, 2005

Aubree and Engine 7
Picture Featured:    October 30, 2005 Aubree and Engine 7
Peggy Allen sent us this photo and writes:
Parents Brad and Kim Allen are proud of their daughter, Aubree, as she sits smiling in front of Glasgow Fire Department’s Engine 7 (her grandfather, Jimmy, & I are proud, also!). With the fire season kicked off, may all the children of this community only have positive experiences with our city and county fire vehicles. Too often, the tragedy of residential fires will bring about no reason for the kids to smile.

Hats off to all local firefighters! They remain steadfast in their mission to help keep this community safe. Their dedication is greatly appreciated.

May all city and county fire departments experience a very slow fire season…

Peggy Allen

Waiting for Halloween...
Picture Featured:    October 31, 2005 Waiting for Halloween...
Anthony Kenney sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill,
I walked outside yesterday and found Dracula, Frankenstein, and our dog, Brownie, sitting on the porch, waiting for Halloween!

Anthony Kenney

Some spooks waiting for tonight!
Picture Featured:    November 01, 2005 Some spooks waiting for tonight!
Jeff Combs sent us this photo entitled "Some spooks waiting for tonight" and writes:
Here's some shots of my yard this year, it's all ready for the little BOO-ys and GHOULS! Have a happy and safe HOWL-oween.

Client Appreciation Day
Picture Featured:    November 02, 2005 Client Appreciation Day
Lori Crane sent us this photo and writes:
Friday, October 28th was Client Appreciation Day at the BB&T By-Pass Branch. As you can tell, we all had a blast. We thought you might enjoy this picture for the Glasgow Website. From left to right: Ellan Anderson (pheasant hunter), Gaye Walker (Gypsy), Peggie McCoy (Pocahontas), Lori Crane (Granny); Candy Wethington (hippie) and Lindsay Jones (cowgirl). Seated is Marilyn Shaw (pumpkin).

Bringing Back Good Memories!
Picture Featured:    November 03, 2005 Bringing Back Good Memories!
Mike Landrum sent us this photo and writes:
I took this photo of the Plaza Theatre the night of the Patty Loveless concert. It looks great lit up at night. Brings back a lot of memories from years ago when I would go there on Saturday nights to see movies. I'm sure a lot of people around this area have equally fond memories of going there and looking up at the stars on the ceiling and the amazing atmosphere inside while watching the movies.

Thanks, Mike Landrum

Note: The Plaza's licensing restrictions prohibit them from openly advertising their movies, but you can find out what's on by calling their movie hotline at 361-2101 or check out their Website!
The Magnificent Plaza Theatre

The Pink Ladies
Picture Featured:    November 04, 2005 The Pink Ladies
Miranda Barrow sent us this photo entitled "Pink Ladies" (sorry, Coy) and writes:
On Halloween, Glasgow Insurance turned into the Pink Ladies of Rydell High! Pictured are Diane Phelps as Rizzo, Coy Meadows as Coach Calhoun, Erica Carver as Sandy, Sandy Ladd as Marty, Janet Reed as Frenchie and Miranda Barrow as Jan. Hope everyone in Glasgow had a great Halloween!

Halloween Fun...
Picture Featured:    November 05, 2005 Halloween Fun...
(LEFT) - Sheila Bunch sent us this photo and writes:
This is our dog, Casey. Since my children our now grown, I have been dressing her up on Halloween. She is a real sport when it comes to letting us do this. Thanks for letting me share this.
(CENTER) - Sherry Arritt sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill,
Brent and I have a new friend home on leave spending Halloween with us and thought we'd introduce him to the neighborhood. "Major Spook" is a command pilot with the 79th Tactical Fighter Squadron from RAF, Upper Heyford, England. Enjoy the photo.
(RIGHT) - Melanie Fowler sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of our 2-year-old daughter, Eaden Fowler, which was taken during her recent visit to Jackson's Orchard in Bowling Green. Her grandparents, Vernon and Marie Crawhorn, suggested that Eaden was so cute in this picture that it definitely needed to be on your Website.

The Scottie Band
Picture Featured:    November 06, 2005 The Scottie Band
Cindi Mills sent us this photo and writes:
Glasgow Scottie Band goes to State Finals
On Saturday, October 22, the Scottie Band competed in the State Semi-Finals at Logan County High School. They set out with one goal in mind - "Make it to State Finals" and that's exactly what they did! Through the strong leadership of the seniors and a lot of dedication by the entire band, their hard work paid off! They earned a distinguished rating and placed 2nd in the Class AA division which advanced them to State Finals being held later that evening at WKU's LT Smith Stadium. For the first time in 10 years, the Scottie Band went to State Finals where they placed Third in their division bringing the crowd to their feet with a standing ovation! Congratulations, Scottie Band, your "Pride" shines through!

Empty Nest Syndrome
Picture Featured:    November 07, 2005 Empty Nest Syndrome
Judy Evans sent us this photo and writes:
A mother Robin chose her home right beside the front door at Highland Ridge Assisted Living. They heard human voices even before they were hatched while the residents sat on the front porch so they were very human friendly as you can see as I shot this picture. They left a few days ago and we are now suffering from "empty nest syndrome."

Judy Evans

The Blue Ridge Parkway
Picture Featured:    November 08, 2005 The Blue Ridge Parkway
Connie Colter sent us this photo and writes:
Attached photo was taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. At an elevation of about 5000 feet, there was ice on some of the higher trees while the grass was bright green and the trees beside the road were rusty colored - a striking contrast.

Connie Colter

Powersports Show
Picture Featured:    November 09, 2005 Powersports Show
Jonathan Dubree sent us this photo and writes:
Advance Auto Parts held their 1st Annual Powersports Show this Tuesday (Oct. 18, 2005). I, as well as being an employee of Advance Auto Parts, snapped many pictures. Many cars were out there, upwards of 40+. We all enjoyed the show a lot and look forward to doing it again next year! Thanks, guys!

- Jonathan D

Dakota Walden
Picture Featured:    November 10, 2005 Dakota Walden
Tammie Neal sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a picture of Dakota Walden. He is a 6th grader at Red Cross Elementary. Dakota does lots of service work for his Beta Club at R.C. One project he has been working on this year was to collect and donate stuffed animals for Kosair Children's Hospital and Ronald McDonald House in Louisville. His club will visit both places during Christmas this year and the stuffed animals will be donated for Christmas gifts.

If you would like to donate items for Christmas, contact Dakota at

Red Cross Elementary School

The Korean War Veterans' Memorial
Picture Featured:    November 11, 2005 The Korean War Veterans
Stacey Owen sent us this photo and writes:
Hi, Bill. During a recent trip to Washington, DC, I was able to take this photo of the Korean War Memorial. The statues in the foreground are life-size and their facial expressions are unbelievable. The etchings in the wall are from actual photos of soldiers who served in the war. It is an amazing memorial.

Stacey Owen

The Korean War Veterans' Memorial

Storm Damage in Munfordville
Picture Featured:    November 12, 2005 Storm Damage in Munfordville
Patrick Katchak sent us this photo and writes:
I was in Bowling Green conducting business today and stopped by the Salvation Army trailer in Munfordville to donate some of my company's beverages (Red Bull) to the relief workers. I took a picture of a convenience store that was located close to the courthouse in the downtown area. As you can see, the tornado devastated this store. The buildings in the proximity of this business were also damaged badly.

Patrick Katchak

Local Attractions...
Picture Featured:    November 13, 2005 Local Attractions...
(LEFT) Mike Overfelt sent us this photo and writes:
My wife Mary at Dinosaur World over the weekend (mid-September - The WebMeister).

Mike Overfelt

(RIGHT) John Lewis sent us this photo Oct. 6 and writes:

This is Trenton Shipp enjoying his first circus at Glasgow.


The BCHS Trojan Band!
Picture Featured:    November 14, 2005 The BCHS Trojan Band!
Myrita Phillips sent us this photo and writes:
On Saturday, Oct. 29, the Barren County Marching Trojans concluded their successful 2005 season by competing in the Kentucky Pageantry Arts Association Marching Band Championship in Louisville. Last year, the BCHS band was able to advance to finals and finished in 10th place overall. This year, the Marching Trojans improved upon last year's performance by finishing 4th place overall and 1st place in class AA in the preliminary competition. The BCHS band advanced to the finals event which featured the top 12 bands. The Trojan Marching Band finished 2nd place overall in the finals competition, capturing the high visual performance award and was crowned "Reserve Grand Champion." Both the percussion and color guard received the 2nd highest score for the day and Barren defeated several KMEA State Finalist Bands. Dr. Kip Crowder thanks the band students and staff for all of their hard work throughout this season. The directors also thank all of the parents, faculty and administrators who supported the students of the BCHS band.

Pokeberries and a Blue Sky
Picture Featured:    November 15, 2005 Pokeberries and a Blue Sky
Wendell Kennison sent us this photo and writes:
Hello Bill,
As you can see from these Pokeberries, fall is well on its way. When I was a youngster, we used the Pokeberry juice and a turkey feather as pen and ink....


A Trio of Blackhawks
Picture Featured:    November 16, 2005 A Trio of Blackhawks
Steve Wood sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a pic of the Blackhawk helicopter flyby over the courthouse Veterans' Day. It was a beautiful day and looked like a good turnout.


Becky and Her Dad
Picture Featured:    November 17, 2005 Becky and Her Dad
Teresa Kindred sent us this photo and writes:
This is a photo of Becky Kingery and her father, Ed Smith, taken at the Veteran's Day Ceremony at Glasgow High School. Mr. Smith served in the Air Force during WWII. He received an Honorable discharge and is a disabled vet. I thought it was a great snapshot (and great ceremony!) and wanted to share it with you.

Teresa Kindred

Deployment in Germany
Picture Featured:    November 18, 2005 Deployment in Germany
Stephanie Rigsby sent us this photo and writes:
Hi! Just wanted to send a picture of me and my Air Force friends spending time in Germany on our current deployment. We’ve been deployed here since June and we are expecting to go home (Travis Air Force Base, California) in late December or early January. We are all respiratory therapists, and we’ve seen a lot of our wounded soldiers come through these hospital doors. Please keep them in your prayers… they're doing a hard job most of us couldn’t imagine doing.

SrA Stephanie Rigsby

From the top of Pine Mountain
Picture Featured:    November 19, 2005 From the top of Pine Mountain
Tommy Fields sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, the attached photographs were taken by me on Saturday morning, 10-29-05, around 7:30am. I was visiting with my mother in Letcher County and we traveled across "Little Shepherd Trail" and ended up at "Kingdom Come State Park" in Harlan County. As you can tell, it was very foggy in the valley, but beautiful looking down from the top of Pine Mountain. Thanks.

Big Blue Madness at Rupp
Picture Featured:    November 20, 2005 Big Blue Madness at Rupp
Hilarie Rigdon sent us this photo and writes:
Last night (Oct. 14, 2005), a few of my friends and I went to the Big Blue Madness in Rupp Arena. The show was amazing and we were apart of a world record breaking crowd! However, afterwards was even better! We stuck around and met one of UK's basketball players, standing tall at 7'3", Shagari Alleyne. The best part was when we were leaving, a man came up to us asking for directions out of Rupp. We pointed him toward the exit and asked if he knew Alleyne, who was coincidently walking behind us. He replied, "Yes! He's my son!"

From left to right, Brady Kingrey, me, Shagari, Drew Bewley (now a UK varsity cheerleader), T.J. Thomas, and Jordan Parsley.

- Hilarie

Pruitt's Knob near Cave City
Picture Featured:    November 21, 2005 Pruitt
Jim Forrest sent us this photo and writes:
Sending an aerial view of Pruitt's Knob....... about the right time for the color change of the leaves.

Jim Forrest

Playing in the Leaves
Picture Featured:    November 22, 2005 Playing in the Leaves
(LEFT) Miranda Hurt sent us this photo and writes:
I recently spent the day with my kids at the Beaver Trail Park and we could not resist playing in the leaves!
Glasgow Recreation Dept.Beaver Trail Complex

(RIGHT) The Busings sent us this photo and write:

Fall has fell - This is Kadi Busing. She is also the girl in the Sharp Bedding commercial...

2005 Fall Sinkhole Cleanup
Picture Featured:    November 23, 2005 2005 Fall Sinkhole Cleanup
Missy Shields sent us these photos and writes:
On Saturday, November 12, volunteers from Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, New Jersey, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee met in Horse Cave for the annual fall sinkhole cleanup, hosted by the American Cave Conservation Association. This year's workers included 27 volunteers, 4 ACCA workers, and 4 workers from the City of Horse Cave.

Volunteers cleaned a roadside dump in Horse Cave. It was a very productive day; the two dumpsters provided by Hart County Solid Waste were filled within four hours. Some of the large items removed included three coaches, a stove, a washer, and a dryer (the picture on the left shows the washer being pushed up the hill). Additionally, around three dozen tires were removed from the area. A special thanks to Sydney Bunnell for donating his time and a backhoe for the cleanup.

Missy Shields

The American Cave Conservation Association

Enjoying the water...
Picture Featured:    November 24, 2005 Enjoying the water...
(LEFT) Stacy Bowles sent us this photo:
Hi this is my 6-month-old daughter, Lillie. She's watching Niagara Falls from our room in Ontario, Canada. I grew up in Hiseville, but now live in New Jersey and I often check out the photos on the Glasgow Website. Lillie, her dad, her grandparents and myself visited Mormon historical sites in upstate New York so we had to stop by Canada to see the beautiful falls. Thanks,

Sayra Bowles Crandall

(CENTER) Valerie Passmore sent us this photo in late July and writes:
Trenton Passmore adapted rather well among the locals in Daytona Beach, Florida. We recently traveled to the beach and spent 7 beautiful days. Trenton blended right in on his skim board and body board. It was wonderful weather and we had a joyous time, but all in all, there's no place like home.

(RIGHT) Meghan Hutcherson sent us this photo and writes:
This is Ethan Hutcherson, soaking up some rays at the pool.

First Thanksgiving at Highland
Picture Featured:    November 25, 2005 First Thanksgiving at Highland
Melissa Foster sent us this photo and writes:
The past two weeks Kindergarteners at Highland Elementary have been studying about Pilgrims and Native Americans. Today, they got a chance to dress in one of the costumes. The Native Americans and the Pilgrims came together for the "First Thanksgiving at Highland." This was an excellent way for students to learn hands-on (this is my class). Thanks!
The new Highland Elementary School

A couple of little cowgirls...
Picture Featured:    November 26, 2005 A couple of little cowgirls...
(LEFT) Betsy & Jeff Harned sent us this photo and writes:
We took our little cowgirl, Wells, to the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville on Saturday.... We came home with some matching duds - a pink cowgirl hat and boots....

Betsy and Jeff Harned

(RIGHT) Arthur & Beverly Hatfield sent us this photo and writes:
Hi, Bill,
This is our granddaughter, Shady Lynn Wood. Her pappy, Arthur Hatfield, was getting ready to play music at South Green Elementary for Pioneer Day on Monday, Nov. 21. He was having a time trying to get his hat away from Miss Shady. Her parents are Tony & Tabitha Wood. Thanks.

Beverly (Granny) Hatfield

South Green Elementary School

The Senior Extreme All Stars
Picture Featured:    November 27, 2005 The Senior Extreme All Stars
Chad Murphy sent us this photo and writes:
The Senior Extreme All Stars traveled to the HaloJam JamFest held in Evansville, Indiana on October 29 and received first place in the Senior Prep level five division. First Row: Stephanie Roberts, Paige Caffee, Cheyenne Groce, Rachel Calvert, Maria Estes, Kenzie Briggs, Rayli Howard, Allie Mae Farrell & Alx Glass. Second Row: Chelsea Mouser, Tesia Bailey, Taylor Burke, Kristen Gunn, Elizabeth Parsons, Barbara Vandeveer, McKenzie Nuckols, Shelby Banks, Brittani Stone, Brandi Glass, Assistant Coach Sarah Murphy and Head Coach Chad Murphy.

The Senior Extreme All Stars plan on attending the World Cheerleading Association (WCA) for their nationals at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in late December.

Chad Murphy

Troop 327 visits Sloan's Pond
Picture Featured:    November 28, 2005 Troop 327 visits Sloan
Melanie Watson sent us this photo of Troop 327 and writes:
Shannon Trimboli, Girl Scout Alumnus and Mammoth Cave National Park volunteer, led Junior Troop 327 on a Fall Hike around Sloan's pond. The troop learned to identify over ten trees and plants (especially poison ivy!) and learned Native American uses for several of those trees and plants. They also learned about the uniquesness of Sloan's Pond as an above ground pond in the karst topography of Mammoth Cave National Park.

Pictured at one of Sloan's Pond lookout areas (L to R) are: Shannon Trimboli, Elley Allison, Stewart Dickinson, Emma Dickinson, Chelsea Mullins, Allison Shields, Victoria Watson and Jordan Bell.

London, England
Picture Featured:    November 29, 2005 London, England
Stacy Bowles sent us this photo and writes:
This photo was taken on our recent trip to London. It's a gorgeous shot of Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. The sun was just setting and it couldn't have been more beautiful.

Stacy and Betsy Bowles

Vacation at Oak Island
Picture Featured:    November 30, 2005 Vacation at Oak Island
Peggy sent us these photos and writes:
Wanted to share some pictures of our family vacation at Oak Island this year. On the right is my daughter-in-law, Crystal, & grandson, Evan. Evan had a blast covering Crystal with sand. Finally had lots of birds around to feed on our last day there.

Disc Golf at American Legion Park
Picture Featured:    December 01, 2005 Disc Golf at American Legion Park
Jonathan Dubree sent us this photo and writes:
Many times, after class at WKU, me and my friends head out to American Legion Park here in Glasgow to relieve some stress by playing a round or two of disc golf. To all those who do not know what disc golf is, it's essentially the same as regular golf (tees, holes, pars, birdies, drivers, putters) except with Frisbees. Pictured here is Brock Edwards, TC Huddelson and Schuyler Reed. Brock has played many tournaments around the Kentucky-Tennessee area and has done an amazing job. To view the rest of this series visit, my personal Photo-Blog.
The Glasgow Recreation Dept. Website

Members of the Glasgow-Barren Co. Retired Teachers Organization
Picture Featured:    December 02, 2005 Members of the Glasgow-Barren Co. Retired Teachers Organization
Ronnie Zimmerman sent us this photo and writes:
On Monday, Nov. 28, Nancy Cormwell (right), along with her granddaughter, and Brenda Johnson, two retired Barren County teachers, were joyfully volunteering for the Salvation Army fundraising at K-Mart through the Glasgow-Barren County Retired Teachers Organization. This is just one of the many activities for which local retired teachers volunteer.

Ronnie Zimmerman

A Day at the Races
Picture Featured:    December 03, 2005 A Day at the Races
(LEFT) Tammie Neal sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of Eddie and Tammie Neal from Glasgow. They traveled to Chicago Speedway to use a gift certificate that Eddie received from the Richard Petty Driving Experience. They really enjoyed the trip and the ride was a chance of a lifetime.

(RIGHT) Doug & Bonnie Kerney sent us this photo and writes:
Kayla Kerney (14 years old) got a wish granted through "Make a Wish." Her wish was fullfilled Oct. 13, 2005, when she got to meet Dale Jr., #8, at Lowes Motor Speedway in Concord, NC. She was so excited.

Celebrating Thanksgiving...
Picture Featured:    December 04, 2005 Celebrating Thanksgiving...
Amy Dickson sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill,
I wanted to send this picture of my son, Spencer Dickson (left) and his cousin, Nicholas Lowe. Both are enrolled at the Glasgow Baptist Nursery School. This picture was taken at their Thanksgiving program; all the children had the choice of being a pilgrim or a native American. They entertained parents and grandparents with their songs and afterward everyone enjoyed a meal provided by the staff.

Amy Dickson

Chicago at Night
Picture Featured:    December 05, 2005 Chicago at Night
Shane Buie sent us this photo and writes:
While in Chicago on buisness this week (Aug. 23), I had a small amount of time to go downtown on Monday night. While there, I took this photo, thought you might want to share it on the Glasgow Website.

Shane Buie

(We get a LOT of pictures and can't use them all. Even when we can, it might be a while... -- The WebMeister)

Thanksgiving in Iraq
Picture Featured:    December 06, 2005 Thanksgiving in Iraq
Sue Haynes sent us this photo from Joe Myers in Iraq and writes:
Thought you might want to see Thanksgiving in Iraq. Joe Meyers, my son-in-law, is the one on the right. Hopefully, they will be home very soon. Keep them in your prayers.


Bunko Queen
Picture Featured:    December 07, 2005 Bunko Queen
Dee Stahl and Annie Minor sent us this photo and writes:
This is Ms. Jennifer Gearlds, soon to be Mrs. Matt Wilkinson. She got the Bunko Crown at our last Bunko game of the year. We usually use a clothespin but we can't find one, so we ended up using a toy tiara, courtesy of Ella "Bobella" Meyers.

A pretty intense game...
Picture Featured:    December 08, 2005 A pretty intense game...
Wendell Kennison sent us this photo and writes:
Edgar Smith and Radford Martin enjoy a game of checkers at the Metcalfe Health Care Center. The games can go on for hours and become pretty intense. When not playing checkers, the Rook cards come out.

Visiting Mt. Soledad near San Diego
Picture Featured:    December 09, 2005 Visiting Mt. Soledad near San Diego
Nathan Johnson sent us this photo and writes:
Last week my wife and I went to San Diego to visit family. We went to Mt. Soledad, which is a war memorial park at the peak of this 1,000 ft. mountain. This picture is the 45-ft. cross at the center of the park. I thought it would be a good picture to share with everyone. On the left is a pic of me, my wife, and her mother on top of Mt. Soledad. Thanks!
Website of the Mt. Soledad Memorial

Picture Featured:    December 10, 2005 Cuties...
(LEFT) Pam sent us this photo and writes:
This is my 11-week-old grandson, Max Trowbridge. His mom and dad went to town while Nana Pam kept him and they brought him back his own sunglasses. Doesn't he remind you of Elvis? Hahaha. I'd love to know what he's thinking, but then again, maybe it's best I don't... LOL!

(RIGHT) Monica Eldridge sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of me and my dog, Suzi. I adopted her in October from the Barren River Animal Welfare Association. I encourage anyone looking for a pet this Christmas to consider our local animal shelter. There are many homeless pets needing a loving "forever" home. Anyone that would like to help but cannot adopt may make a tax-deductible donation or donate items such as treats, toys, litter, blankets or rugs for them to use as bedding. Anyone wishing to donate items and cannot get out can contact me by email and I will be glad to pick these items up and deliver them for you to the shelter. Thanks again and Happy Holidays from our home to yours.

On exercises with the Marines
Picture Featured:    December 11, 2005 On exercises with the Marines
Mike Spears sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a picture I figured I'd go ahead and send over. This is me after coming out of the field for a 4-day training exercise with the Marines I'm stationed with. I'm a corpsman (field medic) with the Marines, soon to be stationed in Japan with 3rd Marine.

Aster & the Bumblebee
Picture Featured:    December 12, 2005 Aster & the Bumblebee
Judi Atkins sent us this photo and writes:
Aster & the Bumblebee - My husband and I saw this beautiful sight, and wanted to share it.

Judi Atkins
Cave City

4th platoon from A-623rd
Picture Featured:    December 13, 2005 4th platoon from A-623rd
Alex Sewell sent us this photo and writes:
I can speak for everyone when I say we are happy to be coming home! This is a picture of 4th platoon from A-623rd. We look forward to seeing everyone again.

Alex Sewell

Peace Hill
Picture Featured:    December 14, 2005 Peace Hill
Pat Harlow sent us this photo and writes:
Bill - This picture was taken of our son, Evan Harlow, on Peace Hill, a landmark located in the Virgin Islands National Park where he works. In the 1950s, the Wadsworths donated a seven-acre tract of land to the VI National Park including the area known as Peace Hill, where the remains of an old windmill still stand. The semi-restored ruin now provides a dramatic backdrop to the unique tranquility of the hilltop.

Hiseville Elementary Fundraiser
Picture Featured:    December 15, 2005 Hiseville Elementary Fundraiser
Sheila Hunt sent us this photo and writes:
Carter Harper and Ellis Carnahan are shown here presenting $500 to Hiseville Elementary School. Money was raised in a golf tournament with proceeds going for "Christmas For Kids." The tournament was very successful, thanks to several area Masonic lodges and individual masons, area businesses and individual players that participated in the tournmanent. A special thanks goes to Diamond Caverns Golf Course for their generosity in helping with this event. Because of the overwhelming success of the project they are planning an annual event.

Shown above is Carter Harper, along with Ellis Carnahan, presenting Sheila Hunt, Director of the Hiseville Family Resource Center, with the proceeds.

Hiseville Elementary School's Website

BCMS Bank opens!
Picture Featured:    December 16, 2005 BCMS Bank opens!
Jamie Biven sent us this photo and writes:
The Barren County Middle School Bank held its ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday, Dec. 15th. We appreciate the help and cooperation of South Central Bank and its staff for their guidance and leadership. Members of the bank's staff and the Chamber of Commerce, as well as Mayor Pickett, Magistrate Krissy Fields, Superintendent Dr. Jerry Ralston and Assistant Superintendent Bill Walter were all present for the ceremony. Eighth grade students were interviewed by South Central Bank to run the daily operations of the BCMS bank. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Jamie Biven
8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Barren County Middle School

Barren County Middle School

Waiting for Santa AND...
Picture Featured:    December 17, 2005 Waiting for Santa AND...
Annie Minor sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of my niece and nephew, Hannah and Jayden, in their camouflage pajamas. They are trying to be like their daddy, Sgt. Will Sewell with the 623rd National Guard Unit. He will be returning home very soon and I know they are very proud of him and so is the rest our family. Merry Christmas!

Annie Minor

623d Morgan's Men - Alpha BTRY, 1st BN 623rd FA

Another Wild Party
Picture Featured:    December 18, 2005 Another Wild Party
Jimmy Lowe sent us this photo and writes:
Greetings, Bill,
Paige Buie celebrated her birthday recently with a little help from Grace Lowe and Jameson Buie. A good time was had by all.

Jimmy Lowe

Princess Eric of WKU
Picture Featured:    December 19, 2005 Princess Eric of WKU
Ricky Mudd sent us this photo and writes:
Hey, Bill,
My oldest son, Eric, is graduating from Western Kentucky University this weekend with a degree in Business. We hate to show how he gets with all of his excitement, but this was the only picture we got the whole night where his eyes weren't crossed... After he finally got down from jumping on the couch, he just wouldn't stop drinking those darn Capri-Suns. The crown on his head was from my youngest daughter's 5th birthday (Wed.), which he insisted on wearing and yelling "I feel just like a little girl again!" Hope we get this mess cleaned up... :)

Thanks again,
Ricky Mudd

Average Business Day?
Picture Featured:    December 20, 2005 Average Business Day?
Jim Forrest sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, Sending this candid shot I took of JB Foster at his business place....... TCBF Pawn & Bargains. I titled this "JB's Average Business Day."

Jim Forrest

Christmas Photos from the Glasgow Square
Picture Featured:    December 21, 2005 Christmas Photos from the Glasgow Square
Jonathan Dubree sent us these photos and writes:
Hello Glasgow'ians! Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is enjoying the new lights on the square this winter! The city has done a wonderful job decorating our square and I am very proud of Glasgow's class approach towards doing so! Here are a couple of photos...

(TOP) Here is a photo of the square standing on East Main. I tried a new effect with the camera and, although it didn't come out as I had hoped, it still shows the beautiful lights!
(BOTTOM) Here is a photo of one of the many Santa's displayed in the windows of offices on the square. I highly recommend walking around the square at night to view all of the wonderful displays. A lot of time go into these and they turned out beautiful!

For all the photos from the square that night, please visit my photo blog at! Merry Christmas, everyone!

Fun on the Ky. Railway Museum's Train!
Picture Featured:    December 22, 2005 Fun on the Ky. Railway Museum
The ol' WebMeister himself took these photos...
These were taken last Friday, Dec. 16, 2005 at New Haven, Ky., just on the other side of Hodgenville. The Ky. Railway Museum is much more than a museum. There is also a train that makes a 22-mile trip (they carry about 40,000 passengers a year!). There are several themes they follow, including the train being robbed by crooks on horseback, a murder mystery, a haunted train around Halloween and a day out with Thomas. All these things are accomplished with only four paid employees - the rest are volunteers who help out because of their love of people - and trains!

In the photos above is Senior Conductor and Chairnan of the Board, Frank Bryan. A super nice fellow, he came around, punched our tickets and even read our copy of "The Polar Express" to us during the trip (this was just before our visit from Santa)! On the left in the photo are Kelly and Sam, the children of Bill and Rita Anderson. On the right are Amanda and Eric, the children of Shawn and Debbie Perkins (Debbie is Bill's sister). Check out the museum below. "All Aboard!"

By the way, just so he doesn't feel left out, that's Monkey in the lower right. He's Sam's best pal.

The Kentucky Railway Museum - New Haven, Ky.

The BCHS Choir at the Cultural Center
Picture Featured:    December 23, 2005 The BCHS Choir at the Cultural Center
Gayle Berry, Director of the South Central Ky. Cultural Center, sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, I thought you might use one of these pictures for the Website. This shows the Barren County High School Chorus performing at the South Central Kentucky Cultural Center for the Glasgow Barren County Retired Teacher's Christmas party. Santa Claus in the foreground seems to be enjoying it, too. He's the Santa that used to be in the window at Bernard's Department Store.

Gayle Berry, Director

South Central Ky. Cultural Center

Celebrating Christmas Together...
Picture Featured:    December 24, 2005 Celebrating Christmas Together...
Becky Davis sent us this photo and writes:
All the gals at Towne & Country Drugs went to O'Charley's this week to celebrate Christmas. We had a great meal and lots of fun playing "dirty Santa." We wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

From left to right: Christy Bartley, Tara Morgan, Becky Davis, Lateshia Brunson, Jenny Ross, Jennifer Miller, Anna Blair, Debbie Dean, Melinda Payne and Donna Propes.

Picture Featured:    December 25, 2005 Blitzen?
Marty Wooten sent us this photo and writes:
This woman is a Native of Lappland, just north of the Artic Circle in Finland. This was "Be Nice to a Reindeer Week" and I wanted to do my part. HaHa. I think this was Blitzen.

Thanks for the Care Packages!
Picture Featured:    December 26, 2005 Thanks for the Care Packages!
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
Last week, Captain Jon Messenger stopped by the Mammoth Cave administrative offices to thank park staff for "care packages" sent to him while he was stationed in Iraq. Pictured are Mary Conner, park administrative officer, Captain Messenger, and Peggy Poynter, administrative clerk. Conner and Poynter organized the effort to send boxes full of food and personal items to relatives of park staff in the armed forces. Messenger is the son of Ted and Cheryl Messenger of Cave City; both work at Mammoth Cave. Captain Messenger said the boxes were very much appreciated, but what he liked best were the handwritten notes that Conner always enclosed.

Vickie Carson
Public Information Officer
Mammoth Cave National Park

Picture Featured:    December 27, 2005 A UFO!
William Whittom sent us this photo entitled "UFO pic" and writes:
While on vacation over Thanksgiving in Oklahoma, I saw this UFO, so I stopped and got this pic. It was on old Route 66 in Stroud, Oklahoma.

William Whittom

Christmas Kids
Picture Featured:    December 28, 2005 Christmas Kids
(LEFT) Jeff & Nancy Moore sent us this photo and write:
Several people have asked me to submit this photo that I took, which we used on our Christmas cards this year. The card read, "In the eyes of children, we find the joy of Christmas. In their hearts, we find its meaning." Merry Christmas!

Jeff, Nancy and Brady Moore

(RIGHT) Kaci Smith sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of best buddies Kinley Smith (13 months) and Dylan Harrison (15 months). They were posing for their Christmas card picture, which was very hard to get.

Kaci Smith

Welcome Home, 623rd!
Picture Featured:    December 29, 2005 Welcome Home, 623rd!
Annie Minor sent us this photo and writes:
This is a photo from the 623rd Homecoming on Christmas Eve. My niece, Hannah, was crying pure tears of joy to have her daddy, SGT William Sewell, home for good and in time for Christmas. Welcome Home to all members of the 623rd. We're proud of you!

Annie Minor

Happy to be finished!
Picture Featured:    December 30, 2005 Happy to be finished!
Brian Driver sent us this photo and writes:
Hey, my wife, Misty, just graduated from nursing school on December 17th, 2005. I just wanted to show how happy she was to finally be finished.

Brian Driver

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