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This picture was featured June 26, 2009 ...
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At the Ballgame!
June 25, 2009
Mushrooms from Mammoth Cave
June 24, 2009
Local Kids
June 23, 2009
Hummer/Mrs. Harvey
June 22, 2009
Recent Storm Damage!
Recent Storm Damage!
(upper left) Alice Thrasher sent us this photo and writes:
Storm damage.
(upper right) Tim and Brenda sent us this photo and write:
Here are a few shots from some of the damage at the Glasgow CC golf course.
(lower left) Jena Pace sent us this photo and writes:
Strom damage yesterday afternoon. Thnakful no one was hurt. But Chad Livingston's blazaer didn't make it thur. We had many trees down on jackson hwy. One landed on our front proch.
(lower right) Michelle Estes sent us this photo and writes:
I obtained the following pics on Hwy 68/80 today while trying to get home before the storm hit. Sadly, I missed home by 2 minutes and had to wait out the storm at a safe location until it was safe to drive again. These were taken just before you get to the A.L. Shirley Road and on down to where the Windy Hill Store was. I hope you can use them.

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Could This Be Parson Brown?
Picture Featured:    January 03, 2001 Could This Be Parson Brown?
Judy Bulle sent us this photo. She says:
I was a little bored on New Year's Day and wanted to get out of the house, so I decided to build a snowman and wanted to share it with you. Thought you might like to show it on the Website. Pretty neat, huh! Hope you have a wonderful New Year's! (Notice the Tweety theme? - The WebMeister)

Snow-covered Country Lane
Picture Featured:    January 05, 2001 Snow-covered Country Lane
Wendell Kennison sent us this photo. He says:
Hi, Bill,
The recent snows are still hanging on in the area. With temperatures rising in the next day or so, the snow should be gone by the weekend. (Did you happen to see Wendell in Edmonton's Barn Lot Theatre production of "It's a Wonderful Life"? He and the entire cast put on a very professional show! - The WebMeister)

Serene Sunrise
Picture Featured:    January 08, 2001 Serene Sunrise
Wendell Kennison sent us this photo. He says:
Hello again, Bill,
I have had loads of email about the snow scene on your Website (see it here). It was taken with a little disposable Fuji camera (here's another from the same roll of film).

Glasgow And Barren Co.
Picture Featured:    January 09, 2001 Glasgow And Barren Co.
David Downing, Video Technician for the Electric Plant Board, took this and says:
I figured that a good picture of the Glasgow-Barren County game may be of use to you. (Glasgow won this exciting game on Friday night by a very slim margin, but they'll play again on February 2nd).

Dar Tea
Picture Featured:    January 11, 2001 Dar Tea
Dorothy Wade sent us this picture and writes:
This is a DAR Tea at the home of Mr. & Mrs. B.G. Waldrop at 107 Victorian Way on Dec. 16. On the left is Miss Kay Harbison, Regent of the Edmund Rogers Chapter. Seated is Mrs. Lawrence Long, Ky. State Regent of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Visit the DAR Website here.

No Vacancy
Picture Featured:    January 17, 2001 No Vacancy
Mike Padgett got us this picture. He says:
Joseph (Kris Simpson) holds Baby Jesus (Will Quenzer) in the Christmas play at Glasgow Bible Church (take a look at their Website here - The WebMeister).

Under Construction
Picture Featured:    January 18, 2001 Under Construction
Paul Johnson sent us this picture. He says:
The new county administration building on the square is beginning to take shape. This pic was taken Wednesday, January 17.

The Community Hospital At Night
Picture Featured:    January 19, 2001 The Community Hospital At Night
Joe Taylor sent us this picture. He says:
Hi, Bill:
T.J. Samson Hospital's new wing is sure impressive at night! (Take a look at their Website here)

Snow Scene
Picture Featured:    January 22, 2001 Snow Scene
Wendell Kennison sent us this picture. He says:
Hi, Bill:
Here's a beautiful picture that Len South of Center took on his farm just after the snowfall. Black and white pictures are still my favorite for certain subjects.

A Snowdog (and Friend)
Picture Featured:    January 26, 2001 A Snowdog (and Friend)
Kellie Long sent us this picture. She writes:
I saw your recent "snow scene" picture when I was checking my school email account via the education link for Barren County Schools. I couldn't help but think I had a pretty cute snow "kid." My 3 year old son, Tanner, had been out on the porch after the last snow. He couldn't get a snowman going, so he decided to turn our collie, Bullwinkle, into the next best thing by covering him with SNOW! The result... a snowdog... and a great picture!

It's A Freeze-out!
Picture Featured:    January 29, 2001 It
David Wells sent us this picture. He says:
Boy Scout Troop 605 went on a "Freeze Out" January 5 (2001). It was 18º

Currier And Ives?
Picture Featured:    January 31, 2001 Currier And Ives?
Sherrie Burgess sent us this picture. She writes:
I just wanted to share this picture taken by my brother-in-law from his home. This is his view of our place... doesn't it look just like a postcard? (We live in Indian Hills in the Austin area.)

Snow Scene
Picture Featured:    February 05, 2001 Snow Scene
Wendell Kennison sent us this picture. He writes:
Hello again, Bill,
I have had loads of email about the snow scene on your Website. It was taken with a little disposable Fuji camera. I am sending two more from the same roll of film.
(here's the earlier picture that Wendell's referring to - the "snow scene")

The Garden
Picture Featured:    February 07, 2001 The Garden
Mike Padgett sent us this picture. He writes:
The Glasgow Bible Church Youth Ministry and the E:6 Ministry Team at the Garden. The E:6 Team is in charge of the Youth Minsitry for the next few weeks leading up to a series of revival meetings at the church.
Visit the church's Website here:

The Smokies
Picture Featured:    February 08, 2001 The Smokies
Judy Bulle sent us this picture. She writes:
Hi, Bill:
My husband and I were at the Smokey Mountains over the past weekend and I took several photos with our new digital camera. This photo was talken at Cobly Knob and I think it's a pretty neat photo. Just wanted to share it with you. Thanks.

Steeling On The Square
Picture Featured:    February 13, 2001 Steeling On The Square
The pace of the work on the new county administration building is picking up. While the main picture shows one of the workmen on the steel structure of the building, the inset shows where he really is.

Valentine's Tea Party
Picture Featured:    February 15, 2001 Valentine
Kim and Don Norton sent us this picture. They wrote:
The attached picture was taken at a tea party on Valentine's Day. There were quite a number of glamorous little girls!

Gary's Mules
Picture Featured:    February 17, 2001 Gary
Wendell Kennison sent us this picture. He writes:
Hi, Bill:
These beautiful mules belong to Gary Shive of Summer Shade. I snapped this picture as he was working them out to get them into shape for the numerous mule pulling contests that Gary enters them in.

Visit Wendell's Webpage at

The Work Continues
Picture Featured:    February 20, 2001 The Work Continues
The WebMeister got this picture earlier today (Tuesday). Compare this to the picture from just a few days ago. This is some of the continuing work on the new county administrative building. The arm is pumping concrete to the upper floors.

Ice, Ice, Baby
Picture Featured:    February 22, 2001 Ice, Ice, Baby
Area residents awoke this morning with about a quarter-inch of ice on windshields, trees, power lines and almost anything else outdoors. Most of the state north of here had a winter weather advisory for yesterday evening, primarily because of expected ice formation. Who knows? It may be 70

Picture Featured:    February 25, 2001 Crocuses
Joe Taylor sent us this photo. He writes:
Hi, Bill:
Spring isn't that far away! I found these crocus here in Glasgow and they are beautiful.

4-h Reality Store At Ghs
Picture Featured:    February 27, 2001 4-h Reality Store At Ghs
Above is the scene today (Tuesday) at the GHS gym for their annual "4-H Reality Store." Almost 300 students from Glasgow Middle School and Glasgow High will begin to get some idea of living in the real world. The students start with a job and a checking account. Then they start paying bills, getting a place to live, paying utilities and insurance and all the things that go along with daily life. Folks from different area agencies and businesses are set up at various tables that the kids come and visit. This program has run for several years at both Glasgow and Barren County schools.

Washington Visit
Picture Featured:    March 01, 2001 Washington Visit
Beau Bruton sent us this picture. He writes:
Recently 13 delegates from the Ky. Jaycees, including Beau Bruton, Chapter President of the Glasgow-Barren County Jaycees, attended the Leadership Academy and Ten Outstanding Young Americans (TOYA) Awards in Washington, DC. While in Washington, Mr. Bruton also competed in the TOYA Write-Up Competition, placing in the top 10. Heather French Henry of Kentucky received a TOYA award for her help in addressing the problems of homeless veterans.

Cave City Hamfest
Picture Featured:    March 04, 2001 Cave City Hamfest
Joe Taylor sent us this picture. He writes:
Hi, Bill:
Each year the Mammoth Cave Amateur Radio Club hosts the Cave City Hamfest at the Cave City Convention Center. This gathering of ham radio operators from several states is now the largest in Kentucky. This March 3 get-together jam packed the building with swapping, story-telling and a rollicking good time.

Last Hurrah?
Picture Featured:    March 07, 2001 Last Hurrah?
Follis Crow sent us this picture. He writes:
Glasgow vs. Russellville Tuesday night at the 4th region tournament at Diddle Arena (WKU) was the "Last Hoorah" for these 4 senior cheerleaders from Glasgow. L to R: Ginger Eubank, Haley Crow, Emily Napier and Jodi Salyer.

Fire In Cave City
Picture Featured:    March 11, 2001 Fire In Cave City
Joe Taylor sent us this picture. He writes:
Hi, Bill:
Early Saturday afternoon in Cave City brought smoke, and some concern, as a controlled burn of a lot behind Comfort Inn was completed. Dry grass and brush made quite a wall of flames.

Brawa Contest
Picture Featured:    March 14, 2001 Brawa Contest
Casey Brown sent us this picture. She writes:
Recently, Happy Valley Elementary held a coloring/essay contest to promote awareness for spaying/neutering your pets. These are the contest winners: Eric Jessie, Alex Smith, Cody Richardson, Maitlin Nuckols, Thomas Grubbs, Branson Redford, Cheyanne Wilcoxson, Sarah Wilson, Ashten Emberton, McKenzie Nuckols, Traz Smith, Christian WIlliams, Cristita Tibbits, Hannah Demunbrun, Chelsea Matos, Haleigh Edwards, Emily Hogan, Brittany Bowles, Cole Amos and Asa Darnell. This contest is part of an ongoing service project with HVE and BRAWA. Please view the winning entries through the HVE Website at or BRAWA's Webite at and at K-Mart.

Fire Dept. Visit
Picture Featured:    March 16, 2001 Fire Dept. Visit
Donna Ray sent us several pictures (which we combined above). She writes:
These pictures were made March 8, when the Glasgow Fire Department participated in an activity for the Hispanic citizens of this community at the Barren Co. Middle School 21st century learning center ("The Clubhouse"). Safety information was provided in Spanish. It was a learning experience for all of us!
Take a look at the Website for the Glasgow Fire Dept. here!

A Goldfinch
Picture Featured:    March 19, 2001 A Goldfinch
Wendell Kennison sent us this picture. He comments:
Hi, Bill:
Spring can't be far off now. The Goldfinches are getting their beautiful Summer plumage already.

Sheila And Bunches
Picture Featured:    March 22, 2001 Sheila And Bunches
Joe Taylor sent us this picture. He comments:
Hi, Bill:
I think this is what we all enjoy seeing. Animal Control Officer Sheila Hale enjoying her job as she checks out a new puppy ("Bunches") at the BRAWA animal shelter. Bunches awaits a new home. Call the shelter at 651-PAWS.
(Check out the Barren River Animal Welfare Association Website here)

March Against Drugs
Picture Featured:    March 24, 2001 March Against Drugs
"Glasgow/Barren County Community March Against Drugs - 2001"
A bunch of area kids and their parents from both Glasgow and Barren County schools met Saturday morning and walked from South Green Elementary and Red Cross Elementary, ending up at the National Guard Armory. This was a kickoff to the annual Home and Garden Show. The photos above give you some idea of how many people showed up.

East Fork Creek
Picture Featured:    March 27, 2001 East Fork Creek
Mitchell Burris sent us this photo. He says:
This is a picture of East Fork Creek in Metcalfe County, shadows on the water.

Liberty Street
Picture Featured:    March 29, 2001 Liberty Street
Rhonda Trautman sent us this photo. She writes (enthusiastically!):
Hey, WebMeister! The Renaissance/Main Street Glasgow program would like to thank all the people who have written letters to support the Liberty Street School project. As you can see from the photo, it's a beautiful setting and worthy of saving!

Fowl Pals
Picture Featured:    April 02, 2001 Fowl Pals
Wendell Kennison sent us these. He writes:
Hello, Bill,
Here are just two of my many neighbors who stop by for a snack from time to time. A male and female redbellied woodpecker really enjoy the black oil sunflower seeds. The male has more red on his head than the female.

Getting Ready For Business After Hours
Picture Featured:    April 05, 2001 Getting Ready For Business After Hours
This was taken in the City Council Chambers Thursday afternoon as various city agencies prepare for Thursday afternoon's "Business After Hours." It starts at 5:00pm and is hosted by city government. At the reception, citizens will be able to visit booths where different departments of the city will exhibit their work. The Mayor and Council will be there to greet you and to answer any questions you may have. This will be a great opportunity to see the progress of the city's new mural on the council chamber's walls. Join them for refreshments and fellowship and celebrate "Our Cities - Our Future."

Progress On The Square
Picture Featured:    April 09, 2001 Progress On The Square
David Bastien sent us this picture of the progress on the new county administration building, going up on the north side of the public square. Compare this to the picture from February 20 of this year.

Preschool Fingerprinting
Picture Featured:    April 11, 2001 Preschool Fingerprinting
Charles Benham sent us these pictures and writes:
The Glasgow Police Department offers fingerprinting for young children in our area. That's Courtney Benham in the picture with Officer Rodney Sponhouse.
(Visit the Glasgow Police Dept. Website here)

Mouse Nest
Picture Featured:    April 13, 2001 Mouse Nest
Don Houchen sent us this and writes:
Hey Bill, the kids were doing some spring cleaning in the barn and look what they found. If you have time, I need help finding the girls after they found this nest of mice.

p.s. I can ship this nest anywhere you like (well, right after my sister-in-law gets them).


Sloans Crossing Pond
Picture Featured:    April 16, 2001 Sloans Crossing Pond
This was taken at Sloans Crossing Pond in Mammoth Cave National Park. The sign reads:
Trail around Sloans Crossing Pond
Thousands of motorists pass this pond every day on their way to and from Mammoth Cave, never suspecting what they're missing. You're one of the lucky ones who stopped to catch the show! Take a few minutes to walk the short trail around Sloans Crossing Pond and learn a bit about its surprisingly rich and diverse living communities.

The pond was created through the combined efforts of people and beavers. First, a spring-fed stream was dammed to form a small farm pond here in the 1930's. Not long after the establishment of Mammoth Cave National Park, beavers were reintroduced into the region after a lengthy absence due to over-trapping in the 1800's, and these industrious creatures enlarged the pond to its present size.

Take a look at the Official Website of Mammoth Cave National Park...

The Birds Are Back
Picture Featured:    April 22, 2001 The Birds Are Back
Wendell Kennison sent us these and writes:
Hi, Bill,
The martins are back and looking for a home. The starlings are also looking for a home in the martins' box.

Learning About Recycling
Picture Featured:    April 23, 2001 Learning About Recycling
Alvie Morgan sent us these and writes:
Attached are two pictures of Jeanne Scalise, Chairperson of the City's Solid Waste Committee, talking to students at the City of Glasgow's Recycling Warehouse at the Landfill. Two classes from South Green Elementary School were given a tour of the Landfill, Recycling Center & Compost Facility on Friday, April 20th (Earth Day). Councilwoman Scalise talked to the students about the benefits and the importance of recycling.

Dogwoods Are Blooming
Picture Featured:    April 26, 2001 Dogwoods Are Blooming
Alan Shirley sent us this and writes:
Spring is here - finally! The Dogwoods are in bloom on Douglas Avenue. Here is Helena Grace Shirley at her Uncle Don & Aunt Lesa Houchin's home Sunday evening. She's the daughter of Alan & Kathy Shirley.

Mother Bluebird
Picture Featured:    April 29, 2001 Mother Bluebird
Wendell Kennison sent us this and writes:
Hi, Bill:
Looks like I'm hung up on birds this Spring but they are so beautiful now. Here's a mother Bluebird checking out the yard before flying off to find some insects.
Check out Wendell's Homepage here...

Kha Champions!
Picture Featured:    May 01, 2001 Kha Champions!
Bernard Francis sent us this photo. The kids above are the team and the cheerleaders that participated in the 7th Annual Ky. Housing Authority Basketball Tournament, held in Bowling Green recently. They won first place in their division (12 & under). There were over 20 teams competing from as far away as Cynthiana, Bowling Green, Lexington, Louisville and Danville. Mr. Francis is the team's coach and Sheri Lee and the Glasgow Housing Authority sponsored the team.

Miniature Donkey
Picture Featured:    May 03, 2001 Miniature Donkey
Leonetta Cook sent us this photo. She writes:
Hey Bill,
This picture was taken at Wayne and LaVerta Garrett's minature donkey farm. Her name is Dolly. She makes a great pet and she works as well

Kolton's Hat
Picture Featured:    May 07, 2001 Kolton
Donita Runyon sent us this photo. She writes:
Dear Bill:
This picture was taken just a few days before Bernards on the Glasgow square closed. Kolton Blake Jessie was trying on hats. He liked this one. Kolton is the son of Lori & Steven Sloan, and Jamie Jessie. He is the grandson of Ernest & Donita Runyon, Gene & Joyce Jessie and Berky & Eileen Sloan.

David's 50th
Picture Featured:    May 08, 2001 David
Rick Russell was "gracious" enough to send us this photo. That's David Hammer in the picture, "celebrating" his 50th birthday (notice the "50" on his cap?). We're smart enough not to ask if you notice anything else. Happy Birthday, David!

Bpw Club Officers
Picture Featured:    May 09, 2001 Bpw Club Officers
Jennie Wilson sent us this photo. She writes:
Glasgow BPW installed new officers for 2001-2002 on Thursday night, May 3. New officers for the year will be Janis Turner, Treasurer

New Wku!
Picture Featured:    May 11, 2001 New Wku!
Paul Johnson sent us this photo. He writes:
The new Barren County Administrative Center on the square isn't the only large construction project presently going on in town. This pic is how the South Region Postsecondary Education Center (future home of WKU-Glasgow & Kentucky Technical Institute) currently looks.

Luke And Ellie
Picture Featured:    May 14, 2001 Luke And Ellie
Tim & Angie Schueler sent us this photo. They write:
Luke seems to be giving his new friend, Ellie Grace, some advice on life in Glasgow and what fun it is to be a kid. Luke is the 1-year-old son of Wayne and Beth Vandyke and Eleanor Grace is the 1-month-old daughter of Tim and Angie Schueler.

Local Flora
Picture Featured:    May 16, 2001 Local Flora
Joe Taylor sent us these photos. He writes:
Hi, Bill:
(left) I can't help myself. I still think these little guys are pretty! I wonder how many people know that they were named by early French trappers who thought the leaves looked like "dent de lion" (tooth of the lion). The name stuck and now "dent-de-lion" is "dandelion."

(right) Spring is here and with it comes beautiful Spring flowers. Among my favorites in the Glasgow Area are Grecian Windflowers (anemones). I have only the blue but they are wonderful blowing in the wind.

Yard Sale For Local Emergency Housing
Picture Featured:    May 19, 2001 Yard Sale For Local Emergency Housing
This was the scene Saturday morning at the "Family Life Center" at the Columbia Ave. Church of Christ. Many, many items were donated for a yard sale. Money raised will go toward the construction of the TEA House (Temporary Emergency Assistance and Housing). The TEA House will provide, free of charge, housing for 2-10 days, guidance to find employment and permanent housing and direction to community agencies to obtain further assistance and education. This is a non-profit, community effort. The shelter will be an addition to the E. Cherry St. Community Care Center, an outreach program of the Columbia Ave. Church of Christ. Questions? Call the church office at 651-8501.

Fire At Sulphur Well
Picture Featured:    May 21, 2001 Fire At Sulphur Well
Joe Taylor sent us this photo. He writes:
Hi, Bill:
I shot the photo at Beula Villa, Sulphur Well, Kentucky. Only one building burned due to quick action by the North Metcalfe Fire Department, along with assistance from several other fire departments.

Cumberland Falls
Picture Featured:    May 23, 2001 Cumberland Falls
David sent us this photo. He writes:
Hi, Bill,
This pic is sent to enlighten our views. Hope everyone enjoys it.

Check out the WebMeister's photo of Cumberland Falls from June of last year here...

Peekin' Out
Picture Featured:    May 25, 2001 Peekin
Jason sent us this photo. He writes:
This was a hard picture to get because birds are smart when it comes to humans, but I like getting pictures of nature and new life.

Glasgow Community Band Performance
Picture Featured:    May 29, 2001 Glasgow Community Band Performance
Joe A. Taylor sent us this photo. He writes:
Hi, Bill:
A concert on the Square Monday, May 21, brought a crowd to hear a fine presentation by the Glasgow Community Band/Orchestra. Music from the gazebo, reminiscent of Glasgow of a century ago.

Glasgow Highland Games 5k Run
Picture Featured:    May 31, 2001 Glasgow Highland Games 5k Run
Joe A. Taylor sent us this photo. He writes:
May 26, 8:45am at Barren River State Park
Glasgow Highland Games 5 kilometer runners are seen at the halfway point in the footrace. Cool, clear weather made for a fast pace.
See the Glasgow Highland Games Website for more information!

Prehistoric Indian Rock Shelter
Picture Featured:    June 01, 2001 Prehistoric Indian Rock Shelter
Dorothy Wade sent us this photo. She writes:
Work is progressing on the Prehistoric Indian Rock Shelter, part of the "Prehistoric and Early Settlement Exhibit" at the South Central Ky. Cultural Center (Museum of the Barrens). Mark Johnson is shown applying the primer for final painting. The museum is located at 200 W. Water St.

Scottish Guard At The Games
Picture Featured:    June 03, 2001 Scottish Guard At The Games
Joe A. Taylor sent us this photo. He writes:
Hi, Bill:
Each year as I attend the Glasgow Highland Games, I learn something new about Scottish discipline. This year I learned that: (1) Scots post a guard at the restrooms, and (2) If you get caught breaking line, you'll be asked to leave. By then it doesn't matter.

Prickly Pear Cactus
Picture Featured:    June 06, 2001 Prickly Pear Cactus
Joe A. Taylor sent us this photo. He writes:
Hi, Bill:
Kentucky's only native cacti is the Prickly Pear Cactus. It blooms in late May and the fruit/seed pods can be used to make jelly. Doesn't this one look happy?

Lost River Cave
Picture Featured:    June 14, 2001 Lost River Cave
Kelly Ash sent us these photos and writes:
Subject: Lost River Cave

These were taken when the river was up at the Lost River Cave.

Cooling At The Pool
Picture Featured:    June 15, 2001 Cooling At The Pool
Joe A. Taylor sent us this and writes:
Hi, Bill:
With your permission, I'd like to challenge others to photograph how they "stay cool" in this Kentucky summer heat. One method loved by Glaswegians is the City Pool.

Picture Featured:    June 17, 2001 Chillin
Debora Reece sent us this and writes:
This is afternoon time in my house. Spartacus and CaTea, my Boston Terriers, snooze through the 90 plus degree days in the comfort of air conditioning.

p.s. Per Joe Taylor's challenge. :)

Note: Click here if you don't understand the "Joe Taylor's challenge" part... - The WebMeister

County Administration Building
Picture Featured:    June 19, 2001 County Administration Building
Joe A. Taylor sent us this and writes:
Hi, Bill,
As of Thursday, June 14, the new Barren County Administrative Building was progressing well. Workers can be seen in windows braving the heat.

Picture Featured:    June 21, 2001 Woodpecker
Wendell Kennison sent us this and writes:
Hi, Bill,
Looks like I'm hung up on birds this Spring but they are so beautiful now. This is a downy woodpecker, a regular visitor to my deck.
Click here for Wendell's homepage...

Wendell's Photos
Picture Featured:    June 22, 2001 Wendell
Wendell Kennison sent us these and writes:
Hi, Bill,
(on the left) This Regal Fritillary is enjoying the sweet rewards of a butterfly weed. There seems to be an abundance of butterflies this year.

(middle & right) This is Gus. He comes to the feeder everyday at noon. He and the Jaybirds really raise a noise fighting over the sunflower seeds. It's not often one sees a raccoon in the middle of the day. Remember, if you encounter one and he seems friendly or sick, stay away from it. Raccoons can carry rabies.

Click here for Wendell's homepage...

Amateur Radio Club
Picture Featured:    June 25, 2001 Amateur Radio Club
Joe A. Taylor sent us this montage and writes:
Hi, Bill:
June 23-24 was a national annual Communications Disaster Drill called Amateur Radio Field Day. Stations were set up as if in disaster conditions and contacts made. These would be requests for assistance in a real emergency. Hams are shown making contacts from American Legion Park (here in Glasgow) to all over this continent.
More info? Mammoth Cave Amateur Radio Club, PO Box 1062, Glasgow, Ky. 42142-1062

Local Flowers
Picture Featured:    June 29, 2001 Local Flowers
Wendell Kennison sent us this and writes:
Hi, Bill:
The black-eyed susans are in fields and along roadsides in great profusion. The Summer wildflowers are really showing off now.
Visit Wendell's homepage here...

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