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This picture was featured June 26, 2009 ...
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At the Ballgame!
June 25, 2009
Mushrooms from Mammoth Cave
June 24, 2009
Local Kids
June 23, 2009
Hummer/Mrs. Harvey
June 22, 2009
Recent Storm Damage!
Recent Storm Damage!
(upper left) Alice Thrasher sent us this photo and writes:
Storm damage.
(upper right) Tim and Brenda sent us this photo and write:
Here are a few shots from some of the damage at the Glasgow CC golf course.
(lower left) Jena Pace sent us this photo and writes:
Strom damage yesterday afternoon. Thnakful no one was hurt. But Chad Livingston's blazaer didn't make it thur. We had many trees down on jackson hwy. One landed on our front proch.
(lower right) Michelle Estes sent us this photo and writes:
I obtained the following pics on Hwy 68/80 today while trying to get home before the storm hit. Sadly, I missed home by 2 minutes and had to wait out the storm at a safe location until it was safe to drive again. These were taken just before you get to the A.L. Shirley Road and on down to where the Windy Hill Store was. I hope you can use them.

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Limbs In The Road
Picture Featured:    January 04, 2000 Limbs In The Road
Last night's stormy weather didn't seem to cause a lot of problems in and around Glasgow, although there was evidence of some high winds as seen in today's photo, taken on W. Brown St. In our region, Owenboro bore the brunt of the storm as a tornado ravaged Frederica St., damaging almost 40 businesses, Ky. Wesleyan College and hundreds of homes.

Happy 2000!
Picture Featured:    January 06, 2000 Happy 2000!
This sign in the front yard of a home on Cleveland Ave. says it all - "Happy 2000!" (It even survived being blown over in the rather high winds on Monday night)

Glasgow Fire Dept.
Picture Featured:    January 10, 2000 Glasgow Fire Dept.
This rather dramatic photo was taken at the intersection of West Main and the 31-E Bypass. Take a look at more information about the Glasgow Fire Department and the many services that it offers here!

Picture Featured:    January 11, 2000 Roadwork
You may want to use a little more caution than normal on Cleveland Ave./Hwy. 1297 near Red Cross Elementary. The road is being widened and turning lanes are being built. Traffic is a little more sluggish and congested at times due to the construction.

Barren Co. Sunset
Picture Featured:    January 16, 2000 Barren Co. Sunset
Tommy High sent the WebMeister two photos and writes:
I am attaching two pictures of Sunset on Saturday afternoon....taken fromHappy Valley Road...approximately 3 minutes apart...hope you enjoy...Tommy
We took the photos and superimposed one over the other - look how the sky changed so much in such a short time! Thanks, Tommy...

Climbing School
Picture Featured:    January 20, 2000 Climbing School
EPB Operations Manager Terry Catt got this photo on Wednesday. There's a one-week climbing school going on in Glasgow for line workers. Crews from the EPB, Farmer's Rural Electric and South Central Rural Telephone are participating. The class includes hand-on climbing exercises and classroom instruction.

Snow Birds
Picture Featured:    January 23, 2000 Snow Birds
These birds in the parking lot of a local shopping center don't seem to mind the recent snowfall in the slightest...

Picture Featured:    January 24, 2000 Octavio
Debora Jeffries Reece sent us this picture and writes:
Our exchange student, Octavio Gomez De La Funte (from southern Mexico) has been enjoying the snow - his first real winter. These are photos he took Saturday. One is a self portrait in the snow...

Thanks, Mrs. Reece!

Water Leak
Picture Featured:    January 25, 2000 Water Leak
The temperature here was down to about 10º

Bucket Training
Picture Featured:    January 27, 2000 Bucket Training
Jenny Spann sent us this photo and writes:
"Martin's Lawn Care owner, Rick Martin, starts training 'em young! A sunny day gave the perfect opportunity for Chad Martin to show his nephew, Draven Spann, a bird's eye view of the neighborhood. Chad is Rick's son and Draven is Rick's grandson. Now if we can just teach Draven to drive the John Deere..."
(In case you can't tell, that's lovable ol' Tigger keeping Draven company - The WebMeister)

Rain, Sleet And Snow
Picture Featured:    January 29, 2000 Rain, Sleet And Snow
It's raining, sleeting and snowing again, depending on what minute of the hour you happen to look out. Take a look at The Weather Channel for the latest information. To see where the precipitation is, check out the Radar Site (click on "Radar Loop" to see the weather front's movement).

Early Schoolbus
Picture Featured:    February 03, 2000 Early Schoolbus
This was taken on Hwy. 1297/Cleveland Ave. recently one EARLY morning. As you drive, be watching for those school buses (and the kids that are waiting for them!)...

Siren Installation
Picture Featured:    February 08, 2000 Siren Installation
Terry Catt got this picture yesterday on Aberdeen near the Cumberland Parkway. A crew from Farmer's Rural Electric is shown installing the first working outdoor siren (there will eventually be 8 in Glasgow and perhaps as many as 50 county-wide). The photo includes personnel from FRECC, the Glasgow EPB and others.

New Subdivision
Picture Featured:    February 10, 2000 New Subdivision
EPB Operations Manager Terry Catt got this photo of a new subdivision being developed off of Longhunter's Trail. The new site is to be named "Tanglewood."

They're Outstanding In Their Field
Picture Featured:    February 11, 2000 They
The WebMeister got this picture early Thursday morning. These fellows were very cooperative with the photographer. This is past GHS on 68-80 where it meets the Coral Hill Rd.

A Hungry Visitor
Picture Featured:    February 14, 2000 A Hungry Visitor
An early morning visitor got caught in the can! -- Photo taken by Jan Bunch, teacher at Eastern Elementary School.

The 'cats In Action
Picture Featured:    February 17, 2000 The
Chad Gossett brought us this picture from last night's game between UK and Alabama at Rupp Arena. We'll have another picture from Lexington tomorrow!

Thanks, Chad!

The 'cat's Cheerleaders
Picture Featured:    February 18, 2000 The
Chad Gossett brought us this picture from Wednesday night's game between UK and Alabama at Rupp Arena.

Thanks, Chad!

Replacing A Broken Pole
Picture Featured:    February 21, 2000 Replacing A Broken Pole
Terry Catt got this photo on Industrial Drive. Saturday night, a semi snagged an electric service line and broke a pole off near the top. Transformers fell onto the truck and went through the truck's trailer, ending up inside the trailer. EPB crews worked about four hours late Saturday night and again on Sunday morning, replacing the broken pole and all that it held.

The Square At Night
Picture Featured:    February 23, 2000 The Square At Night
The ol' WebMeister got this photo Wednesday night around 8:30pm. If you're looking at this page, but don't live in or near Glasgow, it's our public square with the courthouse all lit up for the evening.

Beaver Trail Trail
Picture Featured:    February 29, 2000 Beaver Trail Trail
This is the walking/cycling trail at the Beaver Trail complex one recent morning. If you haven't been yet, go by and take a look - it's a really nice trail and many people take advantage of it daily.

More New Sidewalks
Picture Featured:    March 01, 2000 More New Sidewalks
This was taken today on West Front St. The cones are alerting you to wet (or recently wet) cement. The City Street Dept. is repairing/replacing sidewalks all over town.

Local Band Gear
Picture Featured:    March 03, 2000 Local Band Gear
Jefferson Sorley took the pictures above. He writes:
Dear WebMeister,

These are pictures I took last Friday in Bowling Green at Club Deluxe. These guys are members of a band from Glasgow called GEAR. The Saturday after this show they earned first place in a battle of the bands in Louisville, beating out 49 other groups. They'll be in Lexington for a big show this weekend. Here's a link to the GEAR homepage:

Jefferson Sorley

Thanks, Jefferson!

Siren Installation
Picture Featured:    March 07, 2000 Siren Installation
The outdoor warning sirens will be tested again today in conjunction with a "Statewide Alert Test." Above, one of the sirens is being installed in a photo taken about a week and a half ago.

Picture Featured:    March 08, 2000 Daffodils
Debora Jeffries Reece writes, "The aroma from this field of daffodils on our farm is amazing."

Thanks, Ms. Reece!

Yep, More Daffodils
Picture Featured:    March 09, 2000 Yep, More Daffodils
Wendell Kennison writes,
Hi Bill,
These 80 degree days are bringing out all the Spring flowers.
Thanks, Wendell! Check out his homepage at

Winter Morning
Picture Featured:    March 13, 2000 Winter Morning
Wendell Kennison writes,
Hi Bill,
This lonely Holstein cow greets the foggy sunrise of a cold winter morning.
Thanks, Wendell! Check out his homepage at

Sloan's Pond Trail
Picture Featured:    March 15, 2000 Sloan
Joe Taylor sent this and writes,
Sloan's Pond (the beaver pond) at the Park City side of Mammoth Cave National Park has been improved with a boardwalk all the way around. Disabled visitors can now tour that site. Hats off to MCNP and its private sponsors.
Thanks, Joe!
(Sloan's Pond and First Creek Lake are two of the very few instances of "standing water" within the park - in most places, the water simply drains into the cave system - The WebMeister)

Picture Featured:    March 17, 2000 Catea
Debora Jeffries Reece writes, "CaTea, our Boston Terrier, loves a trip to the field to check on the cattle even if we make her stay in the truck."

Thanks, Ms. Reece! (Cool pic, huh?)

Reality Store At Bcms
Picture Featured:    March 21, 2000 Reality Store At Bcms
This was taken this morning at Barren County Middle School. They're holding their annual "Reality Store." The students start out with a certain amount of money based on their "job." They then go around to various tables, paying bills and obtaining services, such as entertainment, utilities, insurance, communication, groceries, rent and so on. The students soon learn how much things cost in the real world. Michelle Pedigo is shown talking with Paula Tarry, who helps coordinate the event.

Sloans Crossing Pond Revisited
Picture Featured:    March 22, 2000 Sloans Crossing Pond Revisited
Remember the picture of Sloans Crossing Pond at Mammoth Cave National Park that Joe Taylor sent us a few days ago? The WebMeister got this picture there yesterday. The sign reads:
Trail around Sloans Crossing Pond
Thousands of motorists pass this pond every day on their way to and from Mammoth Cave, never suspecting what they're missing. You're one of the lucky ones who stopped to catch the show! Take a few minutes to walk the short trail around Sloans Crossing Pond and learn a bit about its surprisingly rich and diverse living communities.

The pond was created through the combined efforts of people and beavers. First, a spring-fed stream was dammed to form a small farm pond here in the 1930's. Not long after the establishment of Mammoth Cave National Park, beavers were re-introduced into the region after a lengthy absence due to over-trapping in the 1800's, and these industrious creatures enlarged the pond to its present size.(at the bottom of the sign are warnings about Poison Ivy, ticks, rattlesnakes and copperheads)

Here's The Beef!
Picture Featured:    March 24, 2000 Here
Don Houchen sent us this photo and writes:
Hey There, Bill,

Got this picture today. This is a picture of the Barren County Beef Producers getting ready for the big upcoming "Relay for Life." They will be selling Ribeye sandwiches there this year.

Don Houchen

Thanks, Don!

Peters Creek
Picture Featured:    March 27, 2000 Peters Creek
Terry Houchen sent us this photo and writes:
I think you need to show some city folks that if you don't mind a 4 or 5 mile horse ride there is still some very nice scenery in South Barren County near Peters Creek...
Thanks, Terry!

Picture Featured:    March 28, 2000 Amanda
Shawn & Debbie Perkins sent us this photo of their little girl, Amanda. And, yes, that appears to be "lovable old Grover" in the lower right-hand corner.

Jimmy Lowe
Picture Featured:    March 29, 2000 Jimmy Lowe
Jimmy Lowe, kind of "before and after" the Academic Competition - The WebMeister got these photos last night (Tuesday) at Barren County High's auditorium, site of the 9th Annual Kiwanis Academic Competition. The event, carried LIVE on WCLU and EPB cable TV, raised over $2,600 for the academic teams of GHS and BCHS (the money is split evenly between the schools). Thanks to all of this year's participants, especially the teams, the advertising sponsors and those who donated door prizes - it was another big success! Check ch. 11 (cable ready 20) on EPB cable for replay information.

Plum Trees
Picture Featured:    March 31, 2000 Plum Trees
Debora Jeffries Reece sent us this picture of "plum trees in her yard at sunrise."

Thanks, Ms. Reece!

Weis' Sense Of Humor
Picture Featured:    April 01, 2000 Weis
The WebMeister got this picture at a local jewelry store on W. Main St. Wow, what a show! Where will they perform?

Green River Ferry
Picture Featured:    April 03, 2000 Green River Ferry
Debora Jeffries Reece sent us this photo, taken recently at the Green River Ferry within Mammoth Cave National Park. The Houchins Ferry in the park, just outside of Brownsville, has not been operating for several months now. There is a possibility that it will not be placed back into service at all.

An Old House
Picture Featured:    April 04, 2000 An Old House
Wendell Kennison writes,
Hi Bill,
This old house reminds me of the Stuart Hamblin song "This Old House." If it could speak, it could tell about all the children who were born there and all the old folks who died there, family gatherings at Christmas, etc.
Thanks, Wendell! Check out his homepage at

Old Mulkey Meeting House
Picture Featured:    April 06, 2000 Old Mulkey Meeting House
Isaac Butler sent us this photo. He writes:
Here are some pictures I took at Old Mulkey in Tompkinsville last fall. Some people I've talked to have never been to Old Mulkey. Daniel Boone's sister, Hannah, is buried there.
Thanks, Mr. Butler!

Pipers In Frankfort
Picture Featured:    April 07, 2000 Pipers In Frankfort
J.P. Johnson sent us this photo. He writes:
Mr. Anderson,
Wednesday, April 5th, I (and two other bagpipers) played "My Old Kentucky Home" at the Rotunda of our State Capital. This was with respect to a proclamation giving Kentucky its very own tartan (Thursday, April 6th was "National Tartan Day"). From left to right in the picture: myself (J.P. Johnson), Bill Dearman, Mayor Charles Honeycutt, Governor Paul Patton, Bob Harrison (President of the Glasgow Highland Games), and Gene Shy.

In honor of National Tartan Day, would you please also give referenceto my site "Bagpipes At Best" ( Thanks.

J.P. Johnson

New Tenants
Picture Featured:    April 10, 2000 New Tenants
Joe Taylor sent us this photo. He writes:
Congratulations are in order! The official Glasgow National Weather Service weather station has new tenants. An English sparrow has constructed a nest and has hatched 2 of her 6 eggs as of April 4. The new family's presence is away from the equipment so I plan to allow her to complete her task. Possibly this is the first federally-funded and protected sparrow nest in the City.
Thanks, Joe!

Computer And Keybird
Picture Featured:    April 12, 2000 Computer And Keybird
Ray Green sent us this photo. He writes:
Not sure if he's checking email or looking for a good birdseed Website? My daughter, Linda, took this.
Thanks, Ray!

Picture Featured:    April 14, 2000 Tulips
Joe Taylor sent us this photo recently and writes:
These two Dutch tulips stood guard over the iris fronds through wind, snow and rain.
Thanks, Joe!

8th Grade Scottie Baseball
Picture Featured:    April 16, 2000 8th Grade Scottie Baseball
Jim Gardner sent the WebMeister a couple of photos. About this one, he writes:
Hi, Mr. Bill,

Anne and I are learning how to export digital pictures. Anne gave me a nifty digital camera recently, so bear with us if we use you and your Website as our guinea pig. This is a photo taken Friday night at the 8th grade Scottie baseball team season opener. By the way, they won both games of a double-header resoundingly! It wouldn't hurt my feelings if you posted this on your Webpage.

Tell Eddie I said "hi".


Thanks, Jim!

Radiant Dogwood
Picture Featured:    April 18, 2000 Radiant Dogwood
Anne Gardner sent the WebMeister this photo. She writes:

Here is a picture I took Saturday of a gorgeous dogwood tree on the corner of Leslie and Cleveland Avenues. It wouldn't hurt my feelings one bit if you posted it on the Glasgow Webpage.


Anne Gardner

Thanks, Anne!

Fearless Backwoodsmen
Picture Featured:    April 20, 2000 Fearless Backwoodsmen
(Mammoth Cave, Ky.) - These guys recently went backcountry camping in Mammoth Cave National Park, north of the Green River. Pictured are (l to r): Wade England, Eddie Russell, Bill Anderson, Jefferson Sorley and Mark Anderson. This is on a bridge on one of the trails from the Good Springs Church Trailhead.

Colorful Tulips
Picture Featured:    April 23, 2000 Colorful Tulips
Amy Perkins sent us this photo. She writes:
This photo doesn't do these tulips justice. They're just about gone now, but up close and personal, they were blinding. The white azaleas are the next big show in line at my parent's house, Joe L. and Mary L. Travis on Uncle John's Lane.
Thanks, Amy!

Beautiful Tree
Picture Featured:    April 25, 2000 Beautiful Tree
Debora Jeffries Reece sent us this photo. She writes:
This beautiful tree is on corner of Park City Glasgow Road and Stovall Road.
Thanks, Debora!

A Real Cupful
Picture Featured:    April 27, 2000 A Real Cupful
Tommy Shirley of Edmonton sent us this photo. One of his friends took the photo of their newest family member, LeMew, who he says is "quite a cupful."
Thanks, Tommy!

Johnny Reb
Picture Featured:    May 01, 2000 Johnny Reb
"Johnny Reb" stands guard over Glasgow's Courthouse in this photo, taken at Glasgow's public square. You might also take a look at the photo from December 2, 1998.

Mop Horses
Picture Featured:    May 03, 2000 Mop Horses
In celebration of Derby Week, a field of eleven horses (made from mops) are vying for the winner's circle by popular vote. You can see these stallions ringside in the lobby of the home office of New Farmer's National Bank (photo and information courtesy of Sondra Frazer and Bill James). The steeds include A Better Chance, Banker's Dream, Champion Delight, Comet Chaser, Jeff's Country Pride, Miss Dolly, Peaches & Cream, Rate Riser, Run for the Money, Slew o' Stuffing and Sonny Billamenia.

Wku Cheerleaders
Picture Featured:    May 05, 2000 Wku Cheerleaders
Brandi Dicken sent us this photo and writes:
This is a photo of the WKU Cheerleaders and Big Red. They recently competed in a national competition in Daytona Beach, Florida, where they received fourth place. Four of these girls are from Barren County: Mandy Honeycutt, Nikki Saltsman, Windy Goad and Jamie Bewley.

Thanks, Brandi!

Debora's Irises
Picture Featured:    May 09, 2000 Debora
Debora Jeffries Reece sent us this picture and says this is the view from her porch...

Thanks, Debora!

Cave Explorers
Picture Featured:    May 11, 2000 Cave Explorers
Several intrepid, young cavers (well, intrepid, anyway) went exploring a local cave over the weekend and a muddy good time was had by all. Shown are Bill Anderson (red hardhat), Mark Anderson (yellow hardhat), Wade England (white hardhat) and Shawn Perkins.

And where are the pictures from your weekend?

Picture Featured:    May 15, 2000 Dogwood
Joe Taylor sent us this photo (a few weeks ago) and wrote:
Hi Bill:

From the looks of the dogwood trees in and around Glasgow, this weekend must be the "Lighting of the Dogwoods" weekend. This photo lacks only the central bloom being open for being in full bloom.

Thanks, Joe! Now, where are your pictures?

Hve Campout
Picture Featured:    May 17, 2000 Hve Campout
Don Houchen sent us this photo. He says:
Hi, Bill:

Happy Valley second and third grade had the annual campout at the school last Friday night (yes, during the thunderstorm at about 3:00am). But these brave second and third graders slept through it all.

Thanks, Don!

Picture Featured:    May 19, 2000 4-wheelin
Matt Mutter sent us these photos. He writes:
These are pictures from a recent day spent four-wheeling near the Cumberland River. The guy in the black shirt is Glasgow Police Corporal David Graves. The guy in the Nike shirt is Glasgow Police Officer Matt Mutter. The guy in the overalls is Glasgow Police Officer Maxie Murray.

Thanks, Matt! (Click here to go to the Glasgow Police Dept. Website)

Picture Featured:    May 22, 2000 Carnations
Joe Taylor sent us this and writes:
These Glasgow Candy Tuft Carnations are loving the rains and warmth.

Thanks, Joe!

Picture Featured:    May 24, 2000 Chicory
Joe Taylor sent us this and writes:
The photo is wild chicory, this plant blooming just behind Glasgow's MacDonald's. In pioneer times, coffee wasn't always available, so chicory was dug, its root ground, then roasted and boiled into "chicory coffee." During various national depressions, chicory was used in this way to stretch expensive coffee (such were the improvisational qualities of past generations).

Thanks, Joe!

Storm Clouds
Picture Featured:    May 25, 2000 Storm Clouds
Ike Butler sent us this photograph and writes:
Here are some pictures I took of the storm that went through Barren County yesterday (Tuesday), May 23...

Thanks, Ike!

Highland Games
Picture Featured:    May 26, 2000 Highland Games
Joe Taylor sent us these photographs and writes:
Hi Bill:

I will send you a series of random photos taken over the past few years at the Glasgow Highland Games. I hope those memories will help get a big crowd down to Barren River Lake for GHG 2000. On the left is an (as of yet) unidentified piper. On the right is a blacksmith. In older days, the blacksmith and tinkerer came around to repair and make pots and pans, to say nothing of shoeing horses and mules.

Thanks, Joe!

Highland Games
Picture Featured:    May 29, 2000 Highland Games
Joe Taylor sent us these photographs and writes:
Hi, Bill:

I will send you a series of random photos taken over the past few years at the Glasgow Highland Games. I hope those memories will help get a big crowd down to Barren River Lake for GHG 2000. On the left, I had never seen anyone cast a sterling silver spoon until I watched this fellow at the Games. Right, Colin Grant-Adams has performed at the last several Scottish Games. He's a newlywed, too. Come and pass congratulations on to him.

Thanks, Joe!

Wagon Rides
Picture Featured:    June 03, 2000 Wagon Rides
Jenny Spann sent us this photo. She writes:
Here's a photo taken the evening before Mother's Day at Western Sizzlin'. It was kids' night and there was face painting and balloons for all, even the mule team got decorated. Pictured standing are employees Wanda Smith and Bessie Martin. Wanda's husband, Bill Smith, provided a special treat for the children (and some parents too). He's seated in the covered wagon surrounded by the young Sizzlin' patrons just before taking off on a short ride. A good day was had by all.

Thanks, Jenny!

Scary, Huh?
Picture Featured:    June 06, 2000 Scary, Huh?
Nathan Gray sent us this photo. He writes:
Hey, Bill!

I took this awesome picture last week during the many thunderstorms that plagued South Central Kentucky. It was taken Wednesday, May 24, from the back porch of my house, facing west (located on Waterford Lane). Scary looking, huh?

Thanks, Nathan!

Wayne Pedigo At T. J. Samson
Picture Featured:    June 08, 2000 Wayne Pedigo At T. J. Samson
The WebMeister got this photo on Wednesday. Wayne Pedigo, Line Foreman at the EPB, conducted an electrical safety demonstration with the lab personnel at the T. J. Samson Community Hospital.

Moose And A Pal
Picture Featured:    June 11, 2000 Moose And A Pal
Wendell Kennison sent us this photo...
Hi, Bill:

Our dog "Moose" just couldn't tolerate a groundhog. Moose is gone now and we miss him very much. The groundhog population can't say the same.


Thanks, Wendell! Check out his homepage at

Picture Featured:    June 14, 2000 Honeysuckle
Joe Taylor sent us this photo...
What is that wonderful, sweet smell wafting from the fence row? It's the time of year that bushels of honeysuckle blooms open and present us with one of Kentucky's most erotic aromas. I wonder how many viewers actually know how to eat honeysuckle blossoms?...

Thanks, Joe!

Tennis Camp
Picture Featured:    June 16, 2000 Tennis Camp
Jody Bingham sent us this photo and tells us...
This picture was taken Monday, June 12, at Gorin Park. Director Jody Bingham and several high school tennis coaches conducted the second annual tennis camp. Players from 5 different high school tennis teams participated in the 2-day camp.

Thanks, Jody!

Glasgow Highland Games
Picture Featured:    June 19, 2000 Glasgow Highland Games
Joe Taylor sent us this photo from this year's Highland Games...
Family reunions are being held all over. Mine are oddly challenged. (Society for Creative Anachronism? -- The WebMeister)

Thanks, Joe!

Glasgow Highland Games
Picture Featured:    June 20, 2000 Glasgow Highland Games
Joe Taylor also sent us this photo from this year's Highland Games. Of this picture, he says...
"Aye, Laddie, the trick is learnin' to miss the spike."

Thanks, Joe!

Glasgow Highland Games
Picture Featured:    June 22, 2000 Glasgow Highland Games
Joe Taylor also sent us these from this year's Highland Games. He says...
Always the showiest of the Scotsmen gathered are the Frasers. These two were at the Barren County Courthouse guarding the Keith Clan Chief-of-the-Games. In between the raucous pipe tunes, in the quiet moments, you can hear the zephyr notes of the harp playing through the woods. I do love the harp.

Thanks, Joe!

Glasgow Highland Games 5k
Picture Featured:    June 23, 2000 Glasgow Highland Games 5k
Here's another picture from this year's Highland Games, taken by Joe Taylor. He says..
On Memorial Day, the Glasgow Highland Games 5K Run followed a brisk rainstorm. Runners enjoyed the cool mist. My station, shown here, was the 1 mile post. (Notice the "Bridge Slippery When Wet" sign? - The WebMeister)

Thanks, Joe!

George And Sally Shirley
Picture Featured:    June 24, 2000 George And Sally Shirley
The WebMeister got this photo Friday of George and Sally Shirley. The Glasgow EPB held a reception in his honor Friday afternoon. George is retiring from the EPB after 27 years of service. Sally retired from New Farmer's National Bank a year ago. Congratulations, George!

Cumberland Falls
Picture Featured:    June 27, 2000 Cumberland Falls
The WebMeister got this photo Tuesday last week of Cumberland Falls near Corbin. Cumberland Falls is the largest waterfall east of the Rockies, except for Niagara. For some idea of scale, the green arrow is pointing to a person standing next to the falls, which drops 60+ feet to the river below. The photo was taken from Trail No. 9, which ends at Eagle Falls. The WebMeister and his family encountered only one snake, and it was pretty sleepy. Follow this link to get to the Official Site for Cumberland Falls.

Field Day
Picture Featured:    June 29, 2000 Field Day
Joe Taylor sent us this photo...
Young Kyle Holley of Knob Lick, listens at the Disaster Drill that hams (ham radio operators) call "Field Day." Kyle was at Glasgow's American Legion Park last weekend.

Thanks, Joe!

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