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This picture was featured June 26, 2009 ...
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At the Ballgame!
June 25, 2009
Mushrooms from Mammoth Cave
June 24, 2009
Local Kids
June 23, 2009
Hummer/Mrs. Harvey
June 22, 2009
Recent Storm Damage!
Recent Storm Damage!
(upper left) Alice Thrasher sent us this photo and writes:
Storm damage.
(upper right) Tim and Brenda sent us this photo and write:
Here are a few shots from some of the damage at the Glasgow CC golf course.
(lower left) Jena Pace sent us this photo and writes:
Strom damage yesterday afternoon. Thnakful no one was hurt. But Chad Livingston's blazaer didn't make it thur. We had many trees down on jackson hwy. One landed on our front proch.
(lower right) Michelle Estes sent us this photo and writes:
I obtained the following pics on Hwy 68/80 today while trying to get home before the storm hit. Sadly, I missed home by 2 minutes and had to wait out the storm at a safe location until it was safe to drive again. These were taken just before you get to the A.L. Shirley Road and on down to where the Windy Hill Store was. I hope you can use them.

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Usps Mobile Unit
Picture Featured:    July 02, 1999 Usps Mobile Unit
The United States Postal Service "Mobile Unit" is on the east side of the public square today from 9:00am-3:00pm. They are cancelling mail with the special Glasgow Bicentennial postmark (this will be available at the local post office for the next 30 days). Shown above are Glasgow postal employees Jim Kolnick and Mary F. McCoy, manning the Mobile Unit.

New Paint
Picture Featured:    July 07, 1999 New Paint
The First United Methodist Church building on South Green is getting a new paint job. This was taken on Wednesday morning.

New Elem. School
Picture Featured:    July 09, 1999 New Elem. School
The new elementary school for the Barren Co. School System is nearing completion (compare the pictures above, taken a day ago and in March). Bill Walter, Director of Personnel/Public Relations for Barren Co. Schools, told the WebMeister:
"Venture Contracting has assured us that we'll be ready for the students on opening day on August 11."

What's This?
Picture Featured:    July 12, 1999 What
What in the world is this? What's it from? Who are those little guys? Check back tomorrow to find out!

Sarah Bowers
Picture Featured:    July 13, 1999 Sarah Bowers
If you saw yesterday's picture, you were probably thinking, "What is that?" Here's a wider shot of what you saw then. This is Sarah Bowers, President of the Official Ky. Vicksburg Monument Association. This group is raising money to build a monument at Vicksburg to commemorate the men who fought there in the Civil War (she's holding a model of the monument). Information about the association and their efforts can be seen on the Community Bulletin Board Online.

Luxury Shack
Picture Featured:    July 15, 1999 Luxury Shack
Our thanks to Debora Jeffries Reece, who sent the ol' WebMeister this photo. She writes:
"...I have an odd photo I took in Green County last week that I thought you might like. At first it appears to be just an old shack, but look closely......see the satellite dish in the yard? This is very far out in the country and no one lives for more than a mile from this shack. Actually, the dish was left placed there for someone thatstayed in a camper while the farm (estate) was being finalized. I just had to stop and snap this shot."

Tom's Quail
Picture Featured:    July 19, 1999 Tom
Tom Davis sent us this photo that he took of a quail. Cool photo, huh? Thanks, Tom!

Picture Featured:    July 22, 1999 Astors
These Astors are courtesy of Wendell Kennison. Wendell really enjoys nature photography. Visit his homepage at

Picture Featured:    July 29, 1999 Hydrangea
Johnny Haynes sent us this photo and writes:
"Here's a Hydrangea bush at Mr. and Mrs. Milza Elmore's house. The picture was taken by theirgranddaughter, Jennifer Haynes."
Thanks, Johnny and Jennifer!

What's This?
Picture Featured:    August 03, 1999 What
It's been so hot here lately that even some local signs appear to need shades, as you can see. But where is this? See if you can figure it out... Otherwise, find out tomorrow!

So That's How It Happened...
Picture Featured:    August 04, 1999 So That
Have some local signs actually needed shades, as alleged in yesterday's photo? Now we see how it happened above (although the faces have been obscured to protect the guilty). Before sunrise on Tuesday, a ladder was delivered to Wyatt's on South Green. The men proceeded to attach the sunglasses to the building and the whole thing was planned and carried out with the precision of a military operation.

City Hall
Picture Featured:    August 06, 1999 City Hall
Here's Glasgow's City Hall (in case you couldn't tell). Speaking of City Hall, the Glasgow Website has taken a huge leap ahead in available information with all the work done on the new city government part of the site. If you haven't seen it, check it out here! There are already links to:There's more information coming soon on other agencies of the city and the site is frequently updated!

Could It Be -- Rain?
Picture Featured:    August 09, 1999 Could It Be -- Rain?
This was taken on Sunday and, yes, it is a substance known as "rain." Pretty nice looking, eh?

Farm-city Tour
Picture Featured:    August 11, 1999 Farm-city Tour
The banner currently hanging in front of the Glasgow/Barren Co. Chamber of Commerce proclaims "Chamber of Commerce Farm-City Tour, Saturday, Aug. 14, 10-2, Temple Hill." Email the Chamber for more information.

Cultural Center
Picture Featured:    August 12, 1999 Cultural Center
Work appears to be going well at the South Central Kentucky Cultural Center (FYI, years ago, this was a production facility for the Ky. Pants Co.).

Barren Co. Courthouse
Picture Featured:    August 14, 1999 Barren Co. Courthouse
Here's a rather unusual angle on the Barren County Courthouse, newly remodeled and beautiful inside and out. If you haven't seen the inside yet, go by and take a look (don't break any laws to get inside, though!) - WebMeister...

Mayor Honeycutt
Picture Featured:    August 17, 1999 Mayor Honeycutt
Mayor Honeycutt spoke Sunday at an Open House at the Columbia Ave. Church of Christ's "Family Life Center," a new facility between the existing church building and E.B. Terry Elementary School. The mayor was one of several dignitaries on hand for the official opening. The new building features a large gymnasium/meeting area, a large kitchen and several classrooms. The church thanked the city, the school board, many other businesses, organizations and individuals for their help in making the new facility a reality.

New N. Race St!
Picture Featured:    August 19, 1999 New N. Race St!
This was taken on Thursday on North Race St. Isn't the "new North Race St." great? The WebMeister, for one, just loves turning lanes!

Hospital Work
Picture Featured:    August 23, 1999 Hospital Work
The expansion at the T.J. Samson Community Hospital continues. As you can see from this photo (taken Monday morning), everything appears to be going very well.

Would You Even Say It Glows?
Picture Featured:    August 25, 1999 Would You Even Say It Glows?
We don't condone defacing any local street or traffic signs. However, in this case - ya' know, it might even be safer. That IS a reflector, right? Well, that's our story and we're stickin' to it... (look for this sign near the railroad tracks and R.R. Donnelley's on Hwy 68-80) -- The WebMeister

Heart Assn. Kickoff
Picture Featured:    August 27, 1999 Heart Assn. Kickoff
There was a "Kickoff Breakfast" at Shoney's at 7:00am Friday for the American Heart Association's annual American Heart Walk. The event will be Oct. 9th and is a fundraiser for cardiovascular research. Shown above are some of the organizers and team captains for the event. Click here to go to the Community Bulletin Board Online page for more information on the Heart Walk and many other events going on in and around Glasgow.

Nosy Horses
Picture Featured:    August 30, 1999 Nosy Horses
We got this picture recently at an intersection on the bypass. Those three horses look pretty interested in the pickup in the lane next to them (send in your picture - you might see it here!).

Rapunzel! Rapunzel!
Picture Featured:    September 03, 1999 Rapunzel! Rapunzel!
Hope it doesn't make you dizzy looking at this picture. This is the cable tower behind the Glasgow EPB. Don't forget - send in your picture - you might see it here!
(Simply save the image, then add it to your email as an attachment)

Glasgow Sunrise
Picture Featured:    September 06, 1999 Glasgow Sunrise
This was taken just northeast of town. Yeah, but can you tell which direction the camera was pointed?

Adam At Clay Lick
Picture Featured:    September 08, 1999 Adam At Clay Lick
Wendell Kennison sent us this photo that he took recently. He writes:
Bill, seen here is Adam Kennison playing in one of the last pools of water in Clay Lick creek. The creek is usually a cool running stream but due to the lack of rain, it is almost dry …

More New Sidewalks
Picture Featured:    September 09, 1999 More New Sidewalks
If you're walking near the intersection of Broadway and East Main Streets, be careful. The sidewalks there are being replaced. There are several other places in town where repairs have been made recently to curbs and sidewalks. The photo above shows two different views of the project's progress.

How Dry We Are...
Picture Featured:    September 10, 1999 How Dry We Are...
We took this photo yesterday (Thursday) of South Fork Creek. Actually, "South Fork Pond" would be more appropriate for our recent weather conditions. This is on East Main Street, bordering Gorin Park (click the smaller photos to see them full size).

How Dry We Are...
Picture Featured:    September 10, 1999 How Dry We Are...
We took this photo yesterday (Thursday) of South Fork Creek. Actually, "South Fork Pond" would be more appropriate for our recent weather conditions. This is on East Main Street, bordering Gorin Park.

How Dry We Are...
Picture Featured:    September 10, 1999 How Dry We Are...
We took this photo yesterday (Thursday) of South Fork Creek. Actually, "South Fork Pond" would be more appropriate for our recent weather conditions. This is on East Main Street, bordering Gorin Park.

Picture Featured:    September 13, 1999 Rain?!?
We took this photo this morning on Columbia Avenue. Isn't it nice seeing those headlights reflecting on wet pavement? The inset shows a closeup of area weather radar. The cursor is pointing at the center of Barren County, which we've outlined in green... (sometimes it's not the quality of the photograph or the skill of the photographer, but the subject itself)

N. Green Repairs
Picture Featured:    September 14, 1999 N. Green Repairs
Remember the picture of the wall that had collapsed on North Green Street? Repairs have been made and here's what it looks like now!

A Hummer
Picture Featured:    September 15, 1999 A Hummer
Reggie Sadler sent us this photo he entitled "Hummer." Cool, huh? For more "hummers," take a look at Tommy High's picture from Aug. 18 of last year...

Stormy, Huh?
Picture Featured:    September 16, 1999 Stormy, Huh?
Van Robarts, minister of the Columbia Ave. Church of Christ, sent us this "photo." Van writes:
Dear Bill:
Here is an interesting picture that my brother-in-law from Murfreesboro, TN, sent to me.
Please don't hold me personally responsible for this (whether you like it or not)... Thanks!

Does The Deer Have A Little Doe?
Picture Featured:    September 17, 1999 Does The Deer Have A Little Doe?
Wendell Kennison sent us this photo and writes:
Hi, Bill:
The little fawn seems to be having trouble finding his dinner.
Check out Wendell's homepage at...

Signs Of Fall?
Picture Featured:    September 22, 1999 Signs Of Fall?
This is where Hwy. 63 crosses the Cumberland Parkway. Take a close look at the trees. Is there already a hint of fall and changing colors in some of them?

Fall Colors
Picture Featured:    September 24, 1999 Fall Colors
Wendell Kennison sent us this photo and writes:
Hi, Bill:
These trees are already showing their fall colors.Can cold weather be far behind?
See Wendell's homepage at...

Annual Arts And Crafts Show
Picture Featured:    September 27, 1999 Annual Arts And Crafts Show
Doug Landers sent us this photo, taken Saturday, of the 21st Annual Kay Bledsoe B&PW Club Arts and Crafts Show on the public square. There was a good turnout and the show was quite a success.

Masonic Picnic
Picture Featured:    September 28, 1999 Masonic Picnic
Reggie Sadler sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a picture taken Saturday (9-25-99) at the annual Allen Lodge #24 F & Am picnic held at the Houchens Picnic area. Pork shoulder that was served was being turned by members of the lodge. Shown here from leftto right are: Warren Willoughby, Ray Lewis Dillingham, Steve Johnson (master of the lodge) and Bobby Dawsey.

Kiwanis Soccer League
Picture Featured:    September 30, 1999 Kiwanis Soccer League
Check out Jim Garrett's Website at Here are some photos of the Kiwanis Soccer League in action (used by permission). These were taken September 21. Thanks, Jim!

Glasgow On Msnbc
Picture Featured:    October 04, 1999 Glasgow On Msnbc
Glasgow, you're in the national news again! After the story about the EPB's high speed, city-wide broadband network on CNBC aired, MSNBC contacted us about doing a followup. The graphic above is from their Website - check out the complete story at

W. Cherry Improvements
Picture Featured:    October 08, 1999 W. Cherry Improvements
Taking advantage of fall break for local schools, crews have been working at Happy Valley Elementary, adding a new turning lane into the school. This should help ease some afternoon traffic congestion when school is dismissing.

Scottie Girls Golf Team
Picture Featured:    October 11, 1999 Scottie Girls Golf Team
Henry Royse sent us this photo and writes:
Thought you might like a photo from Sunday's celebration for the Lady Scottie Golf Team. They rode this fire truck from the Glasgow High School to the Court House.
Thanks, Henry! Visit the WCLU Website at

Note: When you see Scottie Coach Mike Harris, he'll be the one without the moustache. - WebMeister

Fruit Market?
Picture Featured:    October 13, 1999 Fruit Market?
If you haven't driven West Main Street recently, it certainly looks different at the top of the hill. The building that housed the Davis Fruit Market for years has been torn down. This photo was taken from Rogers Rd., looking across W. Main St. The building visible at the right is Backstage Music.

Bypass Facelift
Picture Featured:    October 15, 1999 Bypass Facelift
Caution - there may be some delays on the Bypass for the next few days. It's getting a facelift! Above, one of the crews works on the section between Grandview and Cleveland Ave.

Fire Safety At School
Picture Featured:    October 17, 1999 Fire Safety At School
As part of National Fire Prevention Week, the Glasgow Fire Department was talking with the kids at Happy Valley Elementary School. Above, one of the department's ladder trucks shows the kids the new heights it can reach. For some good safety tips, visit the Fire Safety & Education section of the FEMA Website.

The New 'catts' In Town
Picture Featured:    October 19, 1999 The New
Terry Catt, the EPB's Operations Manager, got us this picture. Terry and his wife, Judy Catt, would like to introduce their twin grandchildren, Andy and Abby. They were born Aug. 23 to Dale and Sonya Hawkins and joined their big brother, Alex, at home.

Big Red And Pal At The Pep Rally
Picture Featured:    October 20, 1999 Big Red And Pal At The Pep Rally
The Glasgow Campus of Western Kentucky University held their annual Homecoming and Pep Rally on the square last night (Tuesday). Alexis Barbour is making friends with Big Red in the picture above. Alexis is the daughter of Todd and Melissa Barbour (Todd's the EPB's Engineering Manager).

A Cicada
Picture Featured:    October 22, 1999 A Cicada
Wendell Kennison sent us this really cool photo and writes:
Hi Bill,

Here is a picture of a Cicada emerging from its shell. It is commonly called a locust but is not in the locust family. The one pictured comes annually, the 17 year Cicada is a bit larger and black & red in color.


Check out his homepage at...

A Spook!
Picture Featured:    October 25, 1999 A Spook!
This BIG spook currently resides on W. Brown Street at Dick & Cathy Doty's house. It must have scared the spider off (remember the picture from Oct. 23rd last year?). Cool, huh? Send us your pictures!

A Military Funeral
Picture Featured:    October 26, 1999 A Military Funeral
Debora Jeffries Reece sent us this photo. She writes:
The Glasgow/Barren County DAV Chapter has done over 1,500 military funerals. This was taken Sunday at the Glasgow Municipal Cemetery at Joe Richardson's funeral.
Thanks for the photograph, Ms. Reece!

Barren Co. Soccer
Picture Featured:    October 28, 1999 Barren Co. Soccer
Debora Jeffries Reece sent us this photo recently and writes:
District Soccer Tournament is in progress at Warren East High School. October 21, Barren County lost to Greenwood 0-6 and Glasgow beat Adair County 5-0 in the first rounds. Here's the Barren County soccer team playing Greenwood. (Ms. Reece sent us the photo Friday last week -- WebMeister)
Thanks, Ms. Reece!

Dress-up Fun
Picture Featured:    October 29, 1999 Dress-up Fun
Van Robarts, minister of the Columbia Ave. Church of Christ, sent us this photo of the nursery school class on Thursday. The class went to Barren Co. Health Care and put on a little show and visited with the residents there.

Halloween Spooks
Picture Featured:    October 30, 1999 Halloween Spooks
The WebMeister caught a picture of these little spooks out having fun, trick-or-treating Saturday night. This was taken at Jeff and Joni Edwards' home on Longhunter's Trail. Above are Queen Amidala from "Star Wars," Blue from "Blue's Clues," Pokemon, a Jedi Warrior from "Star Wars," a little ghost and a fluorescent green dragon.

An Old Restored Mill
Picture Featured:    November 02, 1999 An Old Restored Mill
Greg & Mary Jaggers sent us this photo. They write:
This is a picture of Rogers Mill, located in the Randolph community in Metcalfe County. It was completely rebuilt from one remaining cornerstone (including the wheel). It belongs to the Gorin family. Ms. Kay Harbison, associated with the historical society, could answer any questions you might have concerning the restoration. Hope you find it worthy of using on Glasgow's Website!
Great picture - thanks for sending it!

Funny Sign
Picture Featured:    November 04, 1999 Funny Sign
Dear WebMeister,

A couple years ago Larry Barbour's sister (Theodora Taylor and I, her husband, Roy) were visiting Larry and Sue.

I had to stop and take this picture as while it shows the friendliness of Glasgow, I thought of the price of gas here in Maryland.

I guess it is just the honest folks in the south that tell it like it really is.

Roy Taylor
Severn, Maryland

Dear Roy: Thanks, not only for the Picture of the Day, but the Laugh of the Day!

Picture Featured:    November 08, 1999 Impatiens
Hi Bill,

Here are the last of my Impatiens. They are holding up remarkably well during these cold nights. They love the shade and warm weather and really spread during the growing season.


Check out his homepage at...

This Old House
Picture Featured:    November 11, 1999 This Old House
LaGrada McFelia sent us this photograph and writes:
Hello. I have a picture Wendell (Kennison) thinks you might was taken two weeks ago when some friends were visiting me from Tennessee. We could not resist "THIS OL' HOUSE."...Thanks for a great job.
God Bless~ GGG / Gradie

A Blackhawk
Picture Featured:    November 12, 1999 A Blackhawk
Don Houchen sent us this cool photo of an Army Blackhawk chopper and writes:
Hey Bill,

Got this picture yesterday at Happy Valley School. Thought you might like it.


(Thanks, Don!)

Ready For Pick-up
Picture Featured:    November 16, 1999 Ready For Pick-up
These leaves on Cleveland Ave. are anxiously awaiting their ride to the compost facility at the Glasgow Regional Landfill! Please rake leaves to the front of your yard, but not onto the sidewalk, into the gutter or into the street. Also, please do not bag leaves (leaves that are already bagged will be picked up). This year's leaf pick-up began Monday.

The Goat-man
Picture Featured:    November 17, 1999 The Goat-man
Hello Again, Bill,
Talking to some of the old men of Glasgow and they were talking about a fellow that used to come around about this time of year, heading to Florida. They called him the Goat Man. One of the old men, "Bob Cat" Shirley, happened to have a picture and postcard of him. Thought I would scan it and send it to you. I just remember hearing people talking about him, but I never did see him. They say he came through during the '60's every year. He would spend the night on someone's farm and move on the next day. He would travel about 5-8 miles a day. Below is what's on the back of the postcard.
Chess McCartney and His Goat Caravan

Chess and his Goats have been traveling from Maine to Florida for over 18 years, covering more than 80,000 miles. His headquarters is the Free Thinking Christian Mission, Route 2, Jeffersonville, Gerogia.

The Goat-man
Picture Featured:    November 18, 1999 The Goat-man
Wendell Kennison sent us this photo of a cardinal and some finches.

Picture Featured:    November 19, 1999 Brook
Nathan Caffee sent us this photo of a quiet place in nature.

Unique Cemetery
Picture Featured:    November 23, 1999 Unique Cemetery
This cemetery is in a nearby county. The graves are covered in whitened mussel shells (whitened with lye). At one time, moss was used instead of the Astroturf as the base on the mounds. This cemetery is one of only a very few known still existing although several in surrounding counties did use this same method at one time. One professor I spoke with says this method is from Africa

Ready For Thanksgiving
Picture Featured:    November 24, 1999 Ready For Thanksgiving
Van Robarts, minister at the Columbia Ave. Church of Christ, sent us this photo. These are some of the kids enrolled in the preschool program there. Ready for Thanksgiving are:

A Moth - Or Is It?
Picture Featured:    November 26, 1999 A Moth - Or Is It?
At first glance this Polyphemus moth looks like an owl with big eyes (nature's way of keeping hungry birds and predators away). This moth was soaking up the late fall sunrays when I snapped the picture.
Check out his homepage at...

Ghs And Owensboro Catholic - Photo By Ronnie Ellis
Picture Featured:    November 29, 1999 Ghs And Owensboro Catholic - Photo By Ronnie Ellis
He's the man! -- Glasgow High halfback Randy Depp (4) follows the block of his cousin, Bradley Depp, (5) on his way to 166 yards and the game's only TD Friday night in the Scotties' regional championship 7-0 victory in the rain at Owensboro Catholic.


It's Not That '70's Show!
Picture Featured:    November 30, 1999 It
They're "Celebrating the '70's!" -- The EPB's Jefferson Sorley got this picture recently of several employees of the Glasgow Postal Store. Matt Peay, Mary McCoy and Perry Brantley are dressed up to celebrate a new line of postage stamps (shown in the inset) commemmorating various decades in American history. The '70's are one set out of the ten that will be produced by the US Postal Service.

A Big Send-off
Picture Featured:    December 01, 1999 A Big Send-off
Don Houchen sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill, here is Coach Eubank getting ready to go to practice Wednesday and the children at Happy Valley Elem. giving him the big send-off.
(Thanks, Don!)

Baskets - And It's Not Easter!
Picture Featured:    December 02, 1999 Baskets - And It
Hey, Bill,

Happy Valley is having their annual "Breakfast with Santa" Saturday, Dec. 4, 8:00-11:00am. The PTA is trying something new this year for the theme baskets. Each class was given a theme and each child brought in something to fill the baskets. There will be a silent auction for them Saturday, ending at 11:00am sharp. Shown above:

A Statflight Chopper
Picture Featured:    December 03, 1999 A Statflight Chopper
Joe Taylor sent us this photo. He wrote:
The attached photo was taken Wednesday, Dec. 1st at 16:20 as a STAT FLIGHT chopper landed at T.J. Samson Community Hospital. It's great to have such an addition to our wonderful ambulance services. (Wouldn't our community agree? -- The WebMeister)

Amy And Jim At The Christmas Parade
Picture Featured:    December 05, 1999 Amy And Jim At The Christmas Parade
In this cheery photo, the ol' WebMeister really captured the joy of the holiday season, don't you think? Amy Bingham of WBKO and Jim Moody of WCLU provided the background for this year's Glasgow/Barren County Community Christmas Parade for the Electric Plant Board's coverage. The weather was beautiful and so were the 165 lighted entries. From our vantage point, everyone was having a wonderful time. Watch for replays!

Public Square At Night
Picture Featured:    December 08, 1999 Public Square At Night
The WebMeister got this picture on Wednesday night. Have you noticed that the streetlights around the square have more Christmas lights on them than ever before?

Bill At S. Green Elem.
Picture Featured:    December 10, 1999 Bill At S. Green Elem.
The EPB's Customer Relations Manager, Bill Anderson, spoke to two of Miss Steen's classes Friday morning at South Green Elementary. Seventy-five 5th graders talked with Bill about where Glasgow's power comes from, what causes an outage and much more (those kids are sharp).

Which One's Rudolph?
Picture Featured:    December 13, 1999 Which One
Can you tell which one's Rudolph? These holiday reindeer are in a front yard at the intersection of E. Cherry and N. Green Streets. Take a look at them at night for the full effect...

Beautiful Sunrise
Picture Featured:    December 14, 1999 Beautiful Sunrise
Here's a "sunrise over Edmonton, 6:30am, Sunday, December 5th," courtesy of Thomas Shirley. Thanks!

Now That's A Stocking!
Picture Featured:    December 15, 1999 Now That
"Have you been extra good this year?" Tell the truth - have you really been good enough to deserve a Christmas stocking this big? This is on the front door of a home on South Green Street.

Cheerios For Breakfast
Picture Featured:    December 16, 1999 Cheerios For Breakfast
Henry Walewski sent us this photo and says his pal is "having his Cheerios for breakfast." Thanks, Henry!

Decorated For Christmas
Picture Featured:    December 17, 1999 Decorated For Christmas
We hate to say it, but this photo really doesn't do this home justice. Cruise by Highland Ave. (off of Combs Blvd.) and judge for yourself. There are lights all over, Santa's on the roof and he's even coming in for a landing on a runway at the side of the house. Check it out!

Decorated For Christmas
Picture Featured:    December 20, 1999 Decorated For Christmas
This house, all decorated for Christmas, is on Leslie Ave. Notice Santa on the flag?

Decorated For Christmas
Picture Featured:    December 21, 1999 Decorated For Christmas
"I'll be (a) Home for Christmas" - Walnut St.

Really Decorated For Christmas
Picture Featured:    December 25, 1999 Really Decorated For Christmas
This year, Glasgow didn't just have to be "dreaming of a white Christmas," we actually had one! Very unusual for us, but it started snowing on Christmas eve and continued a little overnight. The above was taken on Christmas morning (the last white Christmas for Glasgow was about seven years ago). Beautiful, huh?

Looking Up At The Courthouse
Picture Featured:    December 29, 1999 Looking Up At The Courthouse
Wondering where the WebMeister took this? Move your cursor over the picture to find out (if you haven't figured it out already).

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