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This picture was featured June 26, 2009 ...
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At the Ballgame!
June 25, 2009
Mushrooms from Mammoth Cave
June 24, 2009
Local Kids
June 23, 2009
Hummer/Mrs. Harvey
June 22, 2009
Recent Storm Damage!
Recent Storm Damage!
(upper left) Alice Thrasher sent us this photo and writes:
Storm damage.
(upper right) Tim and Brenda sent us this photo and write:
Here are a few shots from some of the damage at the Glasgow CC golf course.
(lower left) Jena Pace sent us this photo and writes:
Strom damage yesterday afternoon. Thnakful no one was hurt. But Chad Livingston's blazaer didn't make it thur. We had many trees down on jackson hwy. One landed on our front proch.
(lower right) Michelle Estes sent us this photo and writes:
I obtained the following pics on Hwy 68/80 today while trying to get home before the storm hit. Sadly, I missed home by 2 minutes and had to wait out the storm at a safe location until it was safe to drive again. These were taken just before you get to the A.L. Shirley Road and on down to where the Windy Hill Store was. I hope you can use them.

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Fishing Fun
Picture Featured:    July 01, 2009 Fishing Fun
Jim Thurman sent us this photo and writes:
Being the doting grandfather that I am, I had to share the absolute delight that I experienced Friday afternoon (June 19). These are two of my granddaughters - Hope and Susan Kate James - who I got to take fishing at a friend's pond. We only had about an hour to fish, but we made the most of it. They live in Colorado so times like this are cherished.

Jim Thurman

The Scotties in Florida
Picture Featured:    July 02, 2009 The Scotties in Florida
Tambra Cambron sent us these and writes:
The Glasgow Scottie Band recently traveled to Florida. It was a great trip! The band not only marched in the Magic Kingdom parade, but they visited several of the Disney parks, Universal Studios, spent a day at Cocoa Beach, and ended the trip by seeing “Blue Man Group.” Thanks to Mr. Bonds, Katherine Bonds, Ricky Mudd, Doug Smith and all the wonderful parent chaperones for helping make it a successful trip.

The New Library
Picture Featured:    July 03, 2009 The New Library
Martha Nell Thomas sent us these photos and writes:
Jane Collins, assistant librarian and Lenora Metcalfe, bookmobile librarian are shown with the cake at the reception in their honor at the Mary Wood Weldon Memorial Library.

Mary Wood Weldon Memorial Library is moving to 1530 South Green Street, and we will open on July 6 at 9:00am. The first day of packing up at 107 W College wasn't all work and no play as Amber discovered items in the cabinet, much to the delight of Dora.

Moving an entire library… hopefully a once in a lifetime experience! A daunting task, that is for certain, but help came from unexpected places. One of those was Glasgow High School’s football team. There are ways to build teamwork and muscles, but I bet a thousand trips with boxes was not their anticipated way to do it.

But, after working all morning with them, RESPECT is what I developed for these guys. Now when I see their name in the paper this fall as football players, I will remember how hard they worked, sweated and had an absolutely great attitude about the job at hand.

The team sent to help Mary Wood Weldon Memorial Library move early one Thursday morning. Coach David Bailey, Ethan Witty, Devin Sorrels, Mason Shives, Coty Edwards, Johnny England, Tavion Parrish.

Wade's Biggest Fan!
Picture Featured:    July 04, 2009 Wade
Nola Jones sent us these photos and writes:
Wanted to share pictures of Wade's Biggest Fan. She had a ball "cooking" like Daddy... and her Pa had fun taking her picture! She's his favorite subject!

Thanks for letting me share,

Don't miss "Come On In My Kitchen" on EPB Cable 6!

Father/Son Camp
Picture Featured:    July 05, 2009 Father/Son Camp
Brandon Kerney sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of John Calipari and Trevor Kerney, who attended Coach John Calipari's father/son camp on June 19th and 20th.

A Bald Eagle in Barren County
Picture Featured:    July 06, 2009 A Bald Eagle in Barren County
Roy Davidson sent us these and writes:
I thought that this might be interesting to share with the people of Glasgow.

As I left my home in Barren County this week, I caught this beautiful Bald Eagle out of the corner of my eye. At first I passed it up but my curiosity got the better of me and I had to turn around to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me. Once I knew for sure that it was an Eagle, I was able to go back home and retrieve my camera to capture a couple of pictures.

Roy Davidson

Picture Featured:    July 07, 2009 Celebrating!
(upper photo) Pam Goad sent us this photo and writes:
Happy 40th, Stacy Read. Stacy and four college friends recently spent a weekend in Columbia, Ky. visiting Lindsey Wilson College and celebrating their 40th birthdays: Sarah Barbee Espinosa, Kara Alexander, Kelli Stemm Float, Laura Day Adams and Stacy Norman Read.
(lower photos) Tonya Redford sent us these and writes:
Hello. I just thought I’d pass along photos from the Sponsorship Reception for the Glasgow Highland Games. This is my wonderful husband Bryan, and one of my dearest friends Teresa Grant. We also attended the Tartan Ball… it was a wonderful time. I encourage everyone to join in on the fun next year…. Thanks to Bobby Lee Hurt, and all the Highland Games Staff for making the Highland Games possible every year!

June Dairy Days
Picture Featured:    July 08, 2009 June Dairy Days
Tonya Redford sent us these and writes:
Just wanted to pass along these pics from the June Dairy Celebration… It was a hot one, but we all had a wonderful time. I just recently joined the Chamber’s Ambassador’s Club the first of the year, and I must tell you what a wonderful job all the Chamber Staff do to promote events in Barren County! Gail, Ernie, Anne, and Becky are wonderful at what they do! I am so proud to be part of Barren’s County’s Chamber! We all have a lot of fun! Thanks!

In the photos are Teresa Grant, Kathryn Thomas, Tonya Redford and Ernie Myers.

Group Photos
Picture Featured:    July 09, 2009 Group Photos
(upper photo) Linda Armstrong sent us this photo and writes:
This is the Glasgow Youth Sports Braves. They came in 1st in the pitching machine league. All players are first year pitching machine players and we're very proud of them. Front row: Tess Hatton, Carter Chavira, Peyton Mills, Dawson Wooten, Griffin Murphy, Ryan Kennie
2nd row: Brantley Estes, Ethan Driver, Jacob Taylor, Wesley Kennie, Garrison Page
Great Coaches: Jonathan Murphy, Steve Estes, Scott Mills, Peter Wooten
(lower photo) Dennis and Sharon Burgess sent us this photo and write:
Here is a group picture of Temple Hill Baptist Church Vacation Bible School "Boomerang Express." Held June 22-26, 2009, with an enrollment of 116. Bro. Charles Ausbrooks, Pastor.

Friends from the Class of 1989
Picture Featured:    July 10, 2009 Friends from the Class of 1989
Carrol Thomas sent us this photo and writes:
Hello Bill,
Some of the girls from the class of 1989 got together for a girls night out. Stacy flew from Florida, the place she calls home now.we all were so glad to see each other again! it was like we were back in high school! some of us had not seen each other in 20yrs! we had a blast! and we stay in touch thru the wonderful world of facebook. two ladies had to leave early and are not in the picture. Wendy (Wilkinson) Houchens, Tina Hiser. thanks for letting us share this!

bottom lf to rt: Karen (Spann) Wilson, Ann (England) Kinslow, Carol (Wilson) Thomas, Shelly (Key) Groce.
top lf to rt: Stacy (Steenbergen) Phearson, Russann (Billingsley) Gentrey, Marsha (Phillips) Thomas, Cheryl (Wilson) Morrison

Cool Kids
Picture Featured:    July 11, 2009 Cool Kids
(left) cwyatt sent us this photo (entitled "My new baby sister (26 years difference in us LOL)") and writes:
Just wanted to share this photo of my new baby sister! Her name is Callie she was born June 24 her parents are Bobby & Amanda Hurt grandparents are Roy & Shirley Deckard and Eddie & Vickie Greer
(right) Suzette Beaty sent us this photo and writes:
This is my nephew Luke Pierce. We were preparing to wash the car when he decide the tote would be better used to cool off in than for soapy water.

Thank you,
Suzette Beaty

The Compass Plant
Picture Featured:    July 12, 2009 The Compass Plant
Linda Craiger sent us these photos and writes:
Dear WebMeister,
The Compass Plant is starting to bloom at the Native Plant site on the Weldon Park walking trail (6/30/09). The plant can range from 6' to 12' tall, with a tap root extening 15 ft. into the ground. The plant can live up to 100 years. It is drought resistant. The common name derives from the belief that the leaves point in a north - south direction, which may be true more times than not, but is not totally reliable. The plant is native to east-central North America. Remember to plant native plants for hardiness to drought & temperature extremes, no need to fertilize, and their non-invasive qualities.

Linda Craiger
President, Glasgow Garden Club

Pictures from Mexico
Picture Featured:    July 13, 2009 Pictures from Mexico
Gary Patterson sent us these photos and writes:
I came down to Puebla, Mexico to do some contract work along with several others when the SKF plant closed down in Glasgow. Here are a couple pictures I took today from the roof of the hotel where we're staying.

Gary Patterson from Cave City, Kentucky

Bunche of Players
Picture Featured:    July 14, 2009 Bunche of Players
Paulette Wasylycia sent us this photo and writes:
I am attaching a picture of a group of young actors here in Glasgow known as the "Bunche of Players" ... or BOP. They are an extremely talented group and have now appeared, along with other young actors, in two plays performed at The Liberty District-Ralph Bunche Community Center. This picture was made on the final night of the play, "J.B."... "A modern interpretation of the Biblical story of Job" by Archibald Magleash.

Their names are: Gage Wilson, Staci Woodcock, Bethany Daniels, Andrew Daniels, Tyler Key, Mary Daniels, Tannor Key, Andie Marcol, Ladevany Franklin, Lauren Shelton, Nikki Ashton, and Zoë Scott. Their director is Eddy Sakowicz.

Congratulations to all of them for a wonderful performance! And, thank you to the cast and crew for allowing me to make your "official" pictures.

Paulette Wasylycia,
Glasgow, Ky.

At Liberty Street Elementary...
Picture Featured:    July 15, 2009 At Liberty Street Elementary...
Peggy Tuck sent us these and writes:
I wanted to send this photo of my mom, Barbara Tuck, my grandaughter, McKenzie Clay, and my great nephew Tuck Norman. They're sitting in front of the old Liberty Street Elementary School. They love to visit me at the apartments because I take them around to visit the residents and play in the gazebo and tell them of all my old stories when I went to school there. My grandmother, my mom, amd myself attended the school any years ago. I am sure there are so many others with lots of memories in the old school. After a long day, the kids went to sleep in the gazebo.

Peggy Tuck

Beautiful Rainbow
Picture Featured:    July 16, 2009 Beautiful Rainbow
Helen Russell sent us this back in mid-June and writes:
Hey Bill,
I think the good Lord was thinker when He put the rainbow in the sky. Just happened to be on Broadway with my camera when I saw the rainbow.

Helen Russell

Local Kids
Picture Featured:    July 17, 2009 Local Kids
(left) Brandy Pendygraft sent us this photo and writes:
Travis and Trent Pendygraft were relaxing Friday night while they waited for the Concert on the Square to begin. We enjoyed the good music and good food.

Brandy Pendygraft

(right) Jeremiah & Amanda Mutter sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill,
Here is a picture of Kenle Mutter... attempting to walk. She is holding on for dear life to her daddy's hands. Amazing at that age how daddy becomes your hero and can do anything. Thanks for letting us share this precious moment.

Jeremiah & Amanda

Red-Tail Hawks
Picture Featured:    July 18, 2009 Red-Tail Hawks
Rhonda Trautman sent us this photo and writes:
For anyone following the pictures I have posted on EPB, I recently shared that my breeding pair of red-tail hawks were nesting for a second year. The parents started working on their nest in January and the female began sitting on the next soon after. The pictures I have included are this year's two juvenile hawks right after one of our recent storms. They are sitting atop a dead tree drying out. The babies grow quickly and look like adults but are very awkward as compared to their parents. Hope you enjoy!

Rhonda Trautman

A New RN
Picture Featured:    July 19, 2009 A New RN
Rauni Norris sent us this photo and writes:
Hey there... This is a picture of my sister, Cyndi Lowe and I at her graduation ceremony.... I want her to know how proud I am of her of all her accomplishments and all the hard work she has endured over the last couple years...

You're looking at one of WKU's newest RNs.

Glasgow Blue Jays
Picture Featured:    July 20, 2009 Glasgow Blue Jays
Tina Cook sent us this photo and writes:
This is the Glasgow Youth Sports Blue Jays. They finished the 1st in the coach pitch league and tournament. Their season record was 14-0! They finished 2nd in both Glasgow and Barren Pre-Season Tournaments, and overall record was 23-3. What a great season and we're very proud of them.
Bottom row: Blake Morel, Keller Morel, Patrick Diener, Jackson Ferrell, Ty Jackson
Top row: Nelson Cole, Logan Sanders, Amanda Lee, Chloe Clark, Mason Reid
Coaches Jason Cook, Bo Ferrell, Jim Reid, Jeff Sanders

Thanks, Tina

GHS Class of '59
Picture Featured:    July 21, 2009 GHS Class of
Loretta Stone sent us this photo and writes:
The Glasgow High School Class of 1959 had its 50th reunion at the Glasgow Golf and Country Club June 27th. Eighty people were in attendance including 45 of the classmates. Fun, food and fellowship along with the musical talents of classmate Dave Adams were enjoyed by everyone. Much reminiscing was ongoing throughout the night.

Row 1: Jerry Davis, Charles Davis, Brenda Hagan Owens, Jo Brent Miller Robertson, Loretta Underwood Stone, Roy Lee Davis, Jimmy Ferrell, Wendell Bruton
Row 2: Ruby Wilson Claywell, Loucinda Kirby Kenny, Margie Compton Cross, Eddie Mae Goad Jackson, Christine James Walbert, Jesse Ferguson, Barbara Ann Redford Brown, Jerry Rayburn, Alice Palmore Lane, Robert Dickinson, Carl Pickett
Row 3: Charles Potts, Curtis Pulliam, Sammie Gass Turner, Anna Ray Proffit Edwards, Bonita Pace Logan, Louise Hunt Barbour, Kenneth Rupe, Kaye Lane Heers, Freida Conner Jones, Alice Ferrell Glass, Jenny Lou Ropp Brown, Dave Adams, Douglas Frasier, Douglas Mansfield, Jimmy Downing
Row 4: Rae Marie Frazier Isenberg, Anna Mae Pedigo Combs, Carolyn McMurtrey Winn, Leona James Walkup, Darlene Hunt Craycroft, Geraldine Garnett Pope, Richard Thomas, Marjorie Moran Palmore, Bobby Teasley, Clifton Elmore, Harold Pedigo

Calissa and Tanner
Picture Featured:    July 22, 2009 Calissa and Tanner
(left) Steven and Calissa Furlong sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a picture of our 6-year-old daughter, Kinley Paige Furlong. On July 3, 2009 she had 13 inches of her hair cut so that she could donate it to Locks of Love. We are so proud of our little girl.

Steven and Calissa Furlong

(right) Jena Pace sent us this photo and writes:
Hi, This is my grandson Tanner Livingston he made stars in the sand to go around his flag for the 4th. While we spent the day at the beach. Everyone had a great time, it is so nice to have a lake close to home to enjoy.

District Champs
Picture Featured:    July 23, 2009 District Champs
"sdl" sent us this photo and writes:
This is the All Star team for the Barren County 10 year olds. They are state bound on Wednesday, July 15th in Henderson. We are all very proud of the way our boys are playing. They have proven they want to play at the state level. Good luck Trojans! Pictured are (front row L to R) Andrew Baise, Grant Bowen, Colton Montgomery, Taylor Morgan, and Tanner Gray.
(Middle Row) Drew Shockley, Will Jackson, Michael Belcher, Chase Dile, Eli Jolly, Branson London, and Addison Briggs.
Coaches - Greg Bowen, Derek Shockley, and Joe Montgomery.

The Neighborhood Deer
Picture Featured:    July 24, 2009 The Neighborhood Deer
Katie Wells sent us these and writes:
The other night when my husband Freddie Wells from Haywood on Dana Ct. was outside watering our garden and my flowers, a deer just walked up behind him and stopped to watch. The deer is not afraid of people. It will let you walk right up to it. We call it the neighborhood deer.

Katie Wells

Burgess Falls, Tennessee
Picture Featured:    July 25, 2009 Burgess Falls, Tennessee
Theresa Smith sent us this photo and writes:
I took this photo when my family went on a day trip to Burgess Falls, Tennessee a couple of weeks ago. The sun popped out just long enough for me to capture the rainbow in front of the falls.

Theresa Smith

Storm Damage
Picture Featured:    July 26, 2009 Storm Damage
David Strange sent us this photo July 15 and writes:
This a large tree we lost on our farm during the storm that passed through the area last Sunday night.

David Strange

Shucking Corn at 101!
Picture Featured:    July 27, 2009 Shucking Corn at 101!
Cathy Doty sent us this photo and writes:
Sue Mutter sent me a picture of my grandmother, Pearl Greer, shucking corn at age 101! Wonder what you will be doing when you are 101?

Cathy Doty

Barren County Networking Women
Picture Featured:    July 28, 2009 Barren County Networking Women
Becky Reece sent us this photo and writes:
Chamber hosts Ribbon Cutting for Networking Women
On July 8, the Glasgow-Barren County Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Barren County Networking Women. Networking Women is an organization that provides a business network for women. Meetings are designed for members to showcase their business and services to other women.

The Barren County Chapter was formed in January 2008. The group meets for lunch on the second Wednesday of each month at the Glasgow Golf & Country Club. For more information about the Barren County Networking Women, visit their website at or call any of their members.

Kids and their new boat
Picture Featured:    July 29, 2009 Kids and their new boat
Angie Tucker sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill! This is a pic of the kids who are attending our VBS at Sulphur Well United Methodist Church in Sulphur Well. They are on and standing by some of our new playground equipment which consists of the Noah's ark boat.

Angie Tucker

Enjoying the Water
Picture Featured:    July 30, 2009 Enjoying the Water
(upper photo) John Rogers sent us this photo and writes:
My son, John Thomas Rogers, is learning the ropes of river guiding on the Salmon River in Idaho on a recent trip with his grandmother, Elizabeth Rogers and me. The Salmon River is the longest free flowing undammed wild river outside Alaska. It runs through the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area in central Idaho, the second largest wilderness area in the lower 48!

John Rogers

(lower photos) Charlotte Hawkins sent us these and writes:
We went on a cruise to Mexico for our summer vacation. My daughters and I swam and rode the dolphins at the Dolphinaris in Cozumel. Here is Krista and Lisa and riding the dolphins. This was their highlight of the trip.

Thanks, Charlotte Hawkins

Visiting St. Louis
Picture Featured:    July 31, 2009 Visiting St. Louis
Dina Meyers sent us these and writes:
We took a little weekend trip to St. Louis to see the sights, watch the Twins beat the Cardinals, and eat frozen custard. Ella and Joey loved the arch. We had a great time in a great town!

Joe, Dina, Ella and Joey Meyers

Baby Raccoons
Picture Featured:    August 01, 2009 Baby Raccoons
Colin Grant-Adams sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill
Found these baby Raccoons in our stock barn, out at Lucas.

Colin Grant-Adams & Julia Schooler

Big Weekend at Mammoth Cave National Park
Picture Featured:    August 02, 2009 Big Weekend at Mammoth Cave National Park
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
Big Weekend at Mammoth Cave National Park
(MAMMOTH CAVE NATIONAL PARK -- July 20, 2009) The past weekend, July 18-19, brought record crowds to the park, as visitors came to experience the great cave on free Discovery and Mammoth Passage cave tours. More than 10,000 people toured the cave on Saturday and Sunday.

"The free tours plus the uncommonly cool summer weather made it a great time to visit the park," said Superintendent Patrick Reed. "Our staff went above and beyond to make sure visitors were well served."

On Saturday, cave staff recorded 5,733 people toured the cave; on Sunday, 4,305 people toured the cave.

The free tours were offered as part of a National Park Service initiative which eliminated park entrance fees on three weekends this summer. Though Mammoth Cave NP does not charge an entrance fee to the park, Superintendent Reed embraced the spirit of the Service-wide order by offering self-guided Mammoth Cave Discovery Tours and guided Mammoth Passage Tours free of charge on these dates. The free tours will be offered again on August 15-16, and on NPS Founder's Day, August 25.

Mammoth Cave National Park Website

Community Medical Care Quilt
Picture Featured:    August 03, 2009 Community Medical Care Quilt
Tina Combs sent us this photo and writes:
This is Helen Simpson & Becky Grider holding up a Dresden Plate quilt that Ms. Simpson made and donated to Community Medical Care. Mrs. Grider volunteers each week at the CMC office. Community Medical Care helps Barren Counties working, low-income, uninsured residents with their health care needs and seniors with prescription medication, prescription glasses & hearing aids.

The quilt is currently on display at PBI Bank. We will give the quilt away at our 7th Annual Appreciation Day in September.


Mammoth Cave National Park Association
Picture Featured:    August 04, 2009 Mammoth Cave National Park Association
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
Here is the photo of the Mammoth Cave National Park Association at its annual meeting on July 18 at the park's training center.
(Recognize any of these people?)

At the Tenhouse Fire Station, NYC
Picture Featured:    August 05, 2009 At the Tenhouse Fire Station, NYC
Holly Karrick sent us this photo and writes:


Kenneth's Other Talent
Picture Featured:    August 06, 2009 Kenneth
Charlotte Hawkins sent us this photo and writes:
This is Kenneth Hawkins, owner of The BarBQue Place, showing his other talents. We went on a cruise this summer and he was in the talent show. They announced him best of show and he received a standing ovation. His girls were proud of him. He is having a big birthday (?) this year on Aug. 6th and needs some recognition.

Thanks, Charlotte

Tanner at the Fair
Picture Featured:    August 07, 2009 Tanner at the Fair
Amy Carter sent us this photo and writes:
This is a photo of my son, Tanner Lane Carter, at the Barren County Fair last night, July 21, 2009. As you can see he had a wonderful time.

Amy Carter

Carson and a Golf Trip
Picture Featured:    August 08, 2009 Carson and a Golf Trip
(upper photos) Lynn Vick sent us these and writes:
Since our grandson, Carson Collins, made his debut on the Glasgow webpage 2 years ago, it only seemed fitting I send you pictures of him on his 2nd birthday, July 19th. One he is taking a swing at riding his new "bicycle" from Mommy & Daddy (Dennis and Katharine Collins) and the other he is enjoying his cupcake, as the proof is "written" all over his mouth! Thanks!

Lynn Vick

(lower photo) Sue Morgan sent us this photo and writes:
A group of us recently went on a golf trip to French Lick, Indiana. Pictured are Tony and Sue Turner, Chuck and Debbie Turner, Terry and Pat Turner, Brandi Turner and Ben Honeycutt, Gerald and Donnie Kidd and Freddy and Sue Morgan. We played at 3 different courses while we were there.

Sue Morgan

Local Fun
Picture Featured:    August 09, 2009 Local Fun
(upper left) Anthony and Alysia Wheeler sent us this photo and writes:
This is Courtney Sue Crowe from Gamaliel... she won Miss Pre-teen Barren County Fair last week. I just wanted everyone to see this beautiful young lady who will be representing our county in October in the state finals. Courtney competed 2 years ago in the state finals against 70+ counties and won second place. We are so proud of her.

Alysia Wheeler

(upper right) Chele Gillon sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of Eddie Gillon, Greg Moore and Scott Gillon on the edge of the Savannah River. We were visiting "Cousin Eddie" and soaking up the city of Savannah. What a great trip!

Chele Gillon

(lower photo) Patty Gentry sent us this photo and writes:
Students, parents, & staff members from North Jackson Elementary School participated in Day of Caring by visiting residents at NHC Health Care. Students played cornhole, visited, enjoyed refreshments & sang to the residents during their visit. It was a great morning for all who participated.

The Santa Claus Sizzler Tournament
Picture Featured:    August 10, 2009 The Santa Claus Sizzler Tournament
Jeff and Melinda Sanders sent us this photo and write:
Hey Bill,
Here is our 14 & Under fastpitch softball team (Aftershock). The girls participated in the Santa Claus Sizzler Tournament in Santa Claus, IN. They went to Holiday World for some fun after the tournament. The girls are L to R: Ashleigh McFarland, Taylor Swafford, Tessa Lindsey, Courtney Young, Mikayla Sanders, Kelsey Greer, Lauren Mosby. Back row L to R: Ally Davis, Lynda Mosby, Lindsey McFarland, Casiday Jewell, Leah Caudel, Cassandra Cochran, Heather Johnson. Absent from the picture: Jamie Cummings, Kelsey Cummings, and Taylor Davis.

That's the driest cat I've ever seen...
Picture Featured:    August 11, 2009 That
BRAWA sent us this photo and writes:
Cheddar, BRAWA's shelter cat decided the dryer would be good place to take an afternoon nap. Stop by the shelter to meet Cheddar and all the wonderful animals that need loving homes!
BRAWA: Barren River Animal Welfare Association

Matthew Navigating at MCNP
Picture Featured:    August 12, 2009 Matthew Navigating at MCNP
Johnny Polson sent us this photo and writes:
On our third try this summer, my son Matthew and I finally got to go camping. Here's Matthew with his compass navigating us through Mammoth Cave National Park this past Tuesday... and leading us out the following day in the rain!
Mammoth Cave National Park

Touring the GFD
Picture Featured:    August 13, 2009 Touring the GFD
Phil and Margie Patton sent us these photos and write:
Our granddaughter loves fire trucks. She was in town for a visit. Chief Bunnell and the firemen on duty could not have been nicer.

Phil and Margie Patton

The Glasgow Fire Dept.

Guard Camp at WKU
Picture Featured:    August 14, 2009 Guard Camp at WKU
Chris Crain sent us this photo and writes:
I recently took some student-athletes to WKU's guard camp on Saturday, August 1 at Diddle Arena. These girls had the opportunity to work on guard-specific skills with the Lady Topper coaching staff & players for the day.

Pictured with Coach Cowles are Lady Scottie basketball players: Shawn Smith, Shelby Ray, Kelsey Greer, & Haley Perkins. Along with a full day of instruction, all campers received a WKU T-shirt, mesh bag, & basketball. Coach Cowles and her staff are truly a class act.

Visiting Washington, DC
Picture Featured:    August 15, 2009 Visiting Washington, DC
Stephanie Hiser sent us this photo and writes:
My husband, daughter and myself went to Washington D.C. in June. Here's a picture of us in front of the White House!

Stephanie Hiser, Park City, Kentucky

Adorable Kids
Picture Featured:    August 16, 2009 Adorable Kids
(left) Jennifer Matthews sent us this photo and writes:
Here is Kaitlyn Ree Matthews, born on July 6. She is the daughter of Justin and Jennifer Matthews.
(right) Sasha Carter sent us this photo and writes:
This is my daughter Mercedes at the Alan Jackson "I Still Like Bolonga" music video shoot in Nashville. Her modeling agency in Nashville wanted her to audition and she got the role for the cupcake party scene. The picures are from the "bolonga sandwich and cupcake party" scene. She had an enormous amount of fun and was definitely a mess. Mercedes is 17 months old and is the granddaughter of Trent and Donna Riddle (PaPa and GiGi) of Glasgow. We are all very proud of her and can't wait for the video to come out.

- Sasha Carter

A Quilt Barn?
Picture Featured:    August 17, 2009 A Quilt Barn?
Kathy Mutter sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill,
My mom (Nancy Renfro) may not have not been the first one in Barren County to get a quilt block on her barn but she was the first one in Roseville, Kentucky. It was an early birthday present from her granddaughters, made by Heath Doggett and painted by Karalee Oldenkamp (shown in the picture with mom). This can be seen about 7.4 miles out Hwy. 249 on the right side of the road in downtown Roseville.

Thanks for letting us share this.

Kathy Mutter

Some Gave All Bike Tour
Picture Featured:    August 18, 2009 Some Gave All Bike Tour
John Dickie & Marilyn Barrick sent us these and writes:
These are two pictures made in London and Hopkinsville on the "Some Gave All Ky." bike rally tour July 1st thru 5th paying tribute to the fallen soldiers of Kentucky. There was so much patriotism shown to the families of the fallen soldiers. The ceremonies in each town we stopped in were amazing. We were proud to be a part of it. 5 days, 10 cities, 1100 miles, all in Kentucky.

John "Dickie" & Marilyn Barrick

Visiting the Gateway Arch
Picture Featured:    August 19, 2009 Visiting the Gateway Arch
Jamie Soards sent us these and writes:
Here are a few pictures of Lauren Stinson on vacation this summer with her dad, David Stinson. Lauren had a history lesson on the Gateway Arch in Mrs. Buckley’s 1st grade class at Park City Elementary last year and took great interest and wanted to visit that area. Thanks for letting us share our pictures!

Jamie Soards

Runaway Bay, Jamaica
Picture Featured:    August 20, 2009 Runaway Bay, Jamaica
Darlene Myers sent us this photo and writes:
This is my husband Joe and I on vacation at Runaway Bay, Jamaica. It was beautiful and amazing. We had a wonderful time.

Thanks, Darlene Myers

Wesley and the USCG Band
Picture Featured:    August 21, 2009 Wesley and the USCG Band
Steve and Suzanne Mayhew sent us this photo and write:
The U.S. Coast Guard Band recently completed a two-week summer tour which included ten concerts in five states. The tour began in Minneapolis, MN and concluded in Grand Haven, MI at the 86th annual Coast Guard Festival. Pictured here, following a concert in Greenwood, IN, are Glasgow native, MU1 Wesley Mayhew, Bass Trombonist with the band, his grandfather, Ralph Lyles of Scottsville, and CDR Kenneth W. Megan, Director of the band. For more information about the band, go to

August Full Moon
Picture Featured:    August 22, 2009 August Full Moon
Tommy Bartley sent us this photo and writes:
The full moon from August 7th, 2009.....

Local Insects
Picture Featured:    August 23, 2009 Local Insects
Wendell Kennison sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill,
The Butterfly weeds in the field next to my house are drawing hundreds of beautiful butterflies... Here are a Monarch and a Great Spangled Fritillary taking advantage of the many butterfly weed blooms..

(lower photo) The Mantis are pretty scarce this year due to the decrease in the insect numbers caused by the wet weather... The Mantis is the only insect that can turn its head.


A Florida Golf "Hazard"
Picture Featured:    August 24, 2009 A Florida Golf "Hazard"
Jim Gardner sent us these photos and writes:
Hi Bill,
Here are a couple of pictures my son Sam sent to me from the Piper's Landing Golf & Yacht Club in Palm City, Fl. He and his buddy Kyle Asbury are both working there. Not a hazard any of our local golfers are likely to encounter.


The Knockouts!
Picture Featured:    August 25, 2009 The Knockouts!
Jennifer Merritt sent us this photo and writes:
On Saturday, August 8, Sonya Merritt from Barren County got to play with the Knockout 8u traveling softball team from Warren County. They went undefeated in tournament they participated in at Fred Hale park in Scottsville that included five more 8 and under coach pitch softball teams. This was a great experience for her and she had a great time.

Thank you to the Knockout coaches, parents, and players for allowing her this opportunity.

Queen Of The Night
Picture Featured:    August 26, 2009 Queen Of The Night
Don Vance sent us this photo and writes:
I have had this plant over 16 years and it has never bloomed until now. My wife repotted this plant last year and it bloomed this year. It is a night blooming Cereus (Queen Of The Night). It has a very unique fragrance.

Surprise Birthday Trip to Paris
Picture Featured:    August 27, 2009 Surprise Birthday Trip to Paris
Jim & Lorraine Ewing sent us this photo and write:
This year I surprised my wife with a trip to Paris for her birthday and I can tell you that she was really surprised. Here is a picture of us standing in front of Arc de Triomphe. We did a lot of walking tours and took in all the sights and museums.

Jim & Lorraine Ewing
Glasgow, Ky.

Natalie at Hoover Dam
Picture Featured:    August 28, 2009 Natalie at Hoover Dam
Teri Ryan sent us these and writes:
This summer Natalie Gray (daughter of Nathan Gray and Teri Ryan) visited Hoover Dam in Boulder City, Nevada, with her mom. Here she is sitting with the left part of her body in Arizona, the right in Nevada! The Hoover Dam is undergoing construction of a bypass that will span over the dam. It is a great architectural phenomenon to see and is expected to be completed at the end of 2010. Natalie is a 4th grader this year at Highland Elementary.

Having Fun
Picture Featured:    August 29, 2009 Having Fun
(upper photos) Amy Thomas sent us these and writes:
Coral Hill Baptist Church kicked off our 2009-2010 Awana Club year on August 12, with a 50’ banana split. The clubbers and parents enjoyed the time spent together and can’t wait for the fun that is to come!
(lower photos) Brian Norman sent us these and writes:
Our son Tuck Norman found this expired cicada outside our home and he couldn't resist picking it up to show his mom and dad. He was so excited to show us, I thought I'd share with all.

Brian Norman

Trying to Keep Up with the Pictures!
Picture Featured:    August 30, 2009 Trying to Keep Up with the Pictures!
(upper left) Ryan Boston sent us this photo and writes:
Hi! I am Ryan and I wanted to share a picture of my best friends. This is me with Ella Bella and Tid Bit.
(upper middle) Christy Gumm sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a picture of my son, Hudson Matthew Gumm. He loves swinging in the swing at his PaPa and Mawl's.
(upper right) Cindy Deckard sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, heres a picture of my husband Billy Deckard holding our grandson Brock Deckard outside our home. Boy, they sure grow up fast!! Before long he'll be riding his own tricycle. Thanks for sharing!
(lower photo) Martha Seeley sent us this photo and writes:
These lush blooms are joe pye weed. This summer produced the most prolific blooms I remember on them.

A Visitor at Haywood...
Picture Featured:    August 31, 2009 A Visitor at Haywood...
Jeff Purvis sent us this photo and writes:
This picture was taken this afternoon at the Haywood Country Store. A deer ran out of the woods to visit a few of the patrons. My daughter, Kirsten fed him a granola bar.

Jeff Purvis

Class of '65
Picture Featured:    September 01, 2009 Class of
"Gaylebergen" sent us this photo and writes:
This group of girls from GHS, class of '65, get together every summer for days of fun and slumber parties on Barren River Lake. Shown sitting l-r: Linda Harlow Holbrook, Jo Karen Frazier, Suzanne Fant, Marilyn Johnson Gettys, Ann Whiteside Dickson, Madeline Ruth St. Charles Hale, Sybl Joyce Bryant Fleming, Jo Doris Groce Fentress and Judy Carder Davis. Standing: Saundra Cady Spera and Sheila Rose Simpson

Demolition for the Loop
Picture Featured:    September 02, 2009 Demolition for the Loop
Dorothy Wade sent us these and writes:
Eight houses have been demolished for the six-year road plan for Hwy. 90 East's first phase of construction. All useful parts are removed: windows, cabinets, plumbing, etc. They then demolish, level and straw (more right-of-way's to be purchased).

Per the Dept. of Transportation's website, actual construction is scheduled for 2011, with no funds available for the construction.

Dorothy Wade

Marathon on the Great Wall
Picture Featured:    September 03, 2009 Marathon on the Great Wall
Larae Borders sent us these photos...
They're from a trip earlier this year to China. Larae ran in a marathon on the Great Wall of China itself!

A Visitor
Picture Featured:    September 04, 2009 A Visitor
Michael & Holly Woodson sent us this photo and write:
I just wanted to share this, This buck came up to the house and paid us a visit. You can see him looking thru the door.

Michael and Holly Woodson

Cousins having Fun
Picture Featured:    September 05, 2009 Cousins having Fun
William & Neila Combs sent us these and writes:
These are some pics of cousins, Abby and Maddie Combs. They have had a good time together this summer, and have become great buddies. These pics include going swimming, a birthday party, Louisville Zoo (and car ride, which was exhausting!) and Holiday World. Abby is the daughter of William and Neila Combs. Maddie is the daughter of Scotty and Pam Combs.

Happy Kids
Picture Featured:    September 06, 2009 Happy Kids
(left) Debbie Rich sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of my grandson (Jake Rich Flickinger) and his buddy Drake (son of Mandy Honeycutt Weaver) on their first adventure to Dinosaur World in Cave City. Fun was had by all!

Debbie Rich

(center) Mark Edwards sent us this photo and writes:
As first time grandparents, Mark and Bonnie Edwards, we are very proud and now we know why they call them “grandchildren.” This is our 11-month-old grandson, Jackson, son of Brad and Ashley Edwards, sitting in a porch swing and playing with his tractor. Hope you enjoy this picture as much as we have.
(right) Freida Webb sent us this photo and writes:
Cole is the grandson of James & Freida Webb. He was excited about his first day of Kindergarten at New Highland Elem. in Hardin County.

Brey in an Outrigger Race off Hawaii
Picture Featured:    September 07, 2009 Brey in an Outrigger  Race off Hawaii
Follis Crow sent us these and writes:
Hi Bill,
These are pictures of my son Brey during a 31 mile outrigger canoe race off of the Big Island in Hawaii. He lives there now and this is his new hoby. They finished third in this race with a time of 5hr. 15min. for the 31.5 miles.

Follis Crow

New Addition to the Family
Picture Featured:    September 08, 2009 New Addition to the Family
Beth Jessie sent us these and writes:
Hey Bill,
I just wanted to show off a new edition to the family. Dalton Joe Jessie was born on Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 at 8:35pm. He weighed 7lbs., 13 ounces and was 21 inches long. He is such a blessing to us! I wanted to share a couple of pictures of some very proud grandparents and some VERY proud parents!

Thanks - Beth (Mudd) Jessie

Greetings from England
Picture Featured:    September 09, 2009 Greetings from England
George Newport, one of our friends from across the sea, sent us these and writes:
Hello Glasgow. Greetings from England, have not been in touch for a long while but do look at your site weekly. Bleriot flew from France to England on the 25th July 1909, landed at Dover. 100 years ago on the 25th July 2009 a replica of the Bleriot plane flew to Dover making an anniversary flight.

Wishing you all well in Glasgow.

George Newport

More information on Louis Blériot...

Local Wildlife
Picture Featured:    September 10, 2009 Local Wildlife
(left) Bunny Harlow sent us this photo and writes:
Caught my kitty in the middle of a big yawn. He is a blue tip Siamese my husband got me last Christmas. He will be 1 year old in October and his name is PyPurr.

Thanks for letting me share him,
Bunny Harlow <><

(right) Wendell Kennison sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill,
This little Five Line Skink and his buddies are doing a great job of keeping the insect population under control around the house... Oddly enough I have heard some folks refer to them as "scorpions" which is another animal all together...

Remembering Flight 93
Picture Featured:    September 11, 2009 Remembering Flight 93
Jeff Wagner sent us these photos and writes:
Hey Bill,
Here are some photos that Renee and I took at the Flight 93 Memorial near Shanksville, PA. We all know what part the passengers and crew played on September 11, 2001. Flight 93 is believed to have been headed to the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. With both House and Senate in session, it would have made a devastating blow to the legislative branch of our government.

In the first photo, the land between the American Flag and the tree line is where Flight 93 crashed. Only family members are allowed to this area.

The second has a flag to honor those on Flight 93 and a photo of small angels, one for each of the passengers and crew members.

The third shows the make shift memorial where people have left mementos in honor of those who perished on the flight.

There are plans for a permanent memorial for the future. Donations can be sent to:

Flight 93 National Memorial
c/o National Park Foundation
1201 Eye Street, NW, Suite 550B
Washington, DC 20005

Jeff Wagner

Local Kids
Picture Featured:    September 12, 2009 Local Kids
(left) Bonita Richey Shirley and Joey Shirley sent us this photo and write:
Bill, our grandson, Aaden Matthew Hughes on his first trip to the ocean at Key West, Florida at 3-months-old.
(upper center) Matt & Christy Gumm sent us this photo and write:
Hudson Matthew Gumm is enjoying swinging in the swing at his Papa and Mawl's house.
(lower center) Steve Baker sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill,
Could you show off our 3-week-old baby boy? He was 10lbs. 1/2/oz. and 20 1/2/in. One of my friends asked if he was born with football pads on. haha
(right) Kelly Jo Harbison sent us this photo and writes:
Carter Lee Harbison (5) and Maddie Dale Harbison (20 months) are ready to hit the lake at Dale Hollow! They are the children of Chris and Kelly Jo Harbison of Edmonton.

I hope you consider this photo for one of your daily photos!! Thanks!

A New Marine
Picture Featured:    September 13, 2009 A New Marine
Casey Jones sent us these and writes:
We are now the proud family of a new Marine who graduated on August 21, from Marine Corps boot camp at Parris Island, S.C. after 12 very long weeks of training. Family photo is of Katie, Chad, Casey and Private William Travis Jones along with grandparents Sandra and Bobby Travis. Additional photo is of Chad Jones, Travis Jones and Bobby Travis. I am a very proud daughter, wife and now mother of a man in the military. Thanks for allowing me to share!

Wipe Out at WKU
Picture Featured:    September 14, 2009 Wipe Out at WKU
Rita Gray sent us these and writes:
This is Steve Parker participating in the United Way's version of "Wipe Out" at the WKU Stadium Saturday. He finished 33 seconds behind the winner, while his daughter Presley and friend Makayla Stinson posed with the WKU cheerleaders. It was a fun event and great idea for a fundraiser.

Local Animals
Picture Featured:    September 15, 2009 Local Animals
Kim Proffitt-Burks sent us this photo and writes:
Just wanted to share with everyone this picture taken at the 2009 Ky. State Fair. My niece Heather Brown had Grand Champion Market Goat and my stepson, Bradon Burks had Reserve Champion Market Goat. Also pictured is my niece and nephew Kelby & Sheldon Burks, their goats were class winners. Alot of time and hard work goes into getting these animals ready and I want them to know how proud I am of each one of them.

Kim Proffitt-Burks

pictured (L-R) Heather Brown, Sheldon Burks, Bradon Burks & Kelby Burks

Garry Tennyson sent us this photo and writes:
On Sunday, August 23rd, we had a visit from the Haywood deer. After a time of socializing and eating some apples, he was ready to leave.

The Tennysons

MCNP Signs Agreement with Chinese Parks
Picture Featured:    September 16, 2009 MCNP Signs Agreement with Chinese Parks
Vickie Carson sent us these and writes:
Reed Signs Sister Park Agreement with Three Chinese Parks

(MAMMOTH CAVE NATIONAL PARK – September 1, 2009) Superintendent Patrick Reed has just returned from the far side of the world. Reed traveled to China, specifically to the South China Karst World Heritage Site, to establish a sister park arrangement between Mammoth Cave National Park World Heritage Site and Shilin Stone Forest National Park, Libo Zhangjiang National Park, and Wulong National Park (that comprise the South China Karst World Heritage Site).

“Mammoth Cave is the longest cave in the world,” Reed stated, “and most of the park’s karst features are underground. But at Shilin Stone Forest, most of the washed and eroded rock, typical of karst landforms, is on the surface. The Stone Forest is fascinating and known worldwide for its sheer limestone pinnacles rising almost perpendicular to the ground.”

Reed and Chinese officials took part in two signing ceremonies: an informal signing of the sister-park agreement was held at Shilin Stone Forest National Park near Kunming, in southwest China’s Yunnan province; and a formal ceremony was held in Beijing.

While in Kunming, Reed and several others of the U.S. delegation also participated in a water quality conference, organized through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and Western Kentucky University (WKU). Groundwater quality is of great concern in karst areas, where delicate cave ecosystems can be polluted by runoff from highways, development, and agricultural practices.

“Water quality is one of the areas where we share common interests with our sister parks in China,” said Reed. “Through this conference, and extensive prior work by Western Kentucky University faculty and staff, we have already begun to share practical information to improve water quality in China. In the future we will exchange best management practices and techniques, as well as lessons learned, science and research, data, technology and training.”

Others presenting at the conference included: Dr. Chris Groves, director of WKU’s Hoffman Environment Research Institute and the China Environmental Health Project; Hoffman Institute staff members Pat Kambesis, Lee Anne Bledsoe and Priscilla Baker; Rudy D’Alessandro, NPS Office for International Affairs, Washington, D.C.; Dr. Rickard Toomey, director of the Mammoth Cave International Center for Science and Learning; and WKU students Chrissie Hollon and Erin Lynch. WKU photojournalism faculty members James Kenney and Tim Broekema documented WKU’s continuing work in China and the Sister Park Partnership ceremonies.

“Although WKU’s cooperative efforts with Mammoth Cave go back decades,” said Groves, “these interactions raise this to a whole new level and exemplify WKU’s goal of developing international reach.”

D’Alessandro has assisted in establishing other sister park arrangements in the National Park Service. “Sister-park relationships are no- or low-cost frameworks for an exchange of best practices and lessons learned in national parks management,” said D’Alessandro. “It was also a great honor to have American Consul General David Brown from Chengdu, China, participate in the signing ceremony at Shilin Stone Forest, and State Department representatives from the U.S. Embassy participate in the Beijing ceremony,” D’Alessandro added.

At the Beijing ceremony, Reed stated: “I am proud to be here on this auspicious day to celebrate the pairing of our two World Heritage Sites, which preserve some of the worlds most spectacular, scenic and scientifically important karst landscapes.”

Now that he is back in the states, Reed is anxious to put the partnerships into practice. “Mammoth Cave National Park is grateful for the outstanding partnership we have with Western Kentucky University,” said Reed. “We look forward to continuing our work with WKU and our new Chinese Sister Parks in promoting international cooperation and our combined efforts to protect these magnificent World Heritage Sites.”

In the top photo above, the sister park signing ceremony in Beijing included all four park managers: (left to right) Director Zhou of Wulong NP; Director LuXing hua of Libo Zhangjiang NP; Superintendent Patrick Reed of Mammoth Cave NP; and Director Li Zhengping of Shilin Stone Forest NP. Standing among Chinese dignitaries (behind Director Li) is Rudy D’Alessandro from the NPS Office of International Affairs.

In the lower photo (Shilin Stone Forest National Park), a park guide poses for a photo along a trail in the Stone Forest. The limestone pinnacles are above-ground karst landforms.

Cruise Into Fall on the Square
Picture Featured:    September 17, 2009 Cruise Into Fall on the Square
Mike Pruitt sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, here is a picture of my sister (Sharon) and brother-in-law's (David) 1949 Cadillac limousine that they drove from St. Louis to the "Cruise Into Fall on the Square" in October last year. Looking forward to this year's Cruise In on Oct. 10 on the Glasgow Square. For more information, check out the website at

1st and 2nd Place!
Picture Featured:    September 18, 2009 1st and 2nd Place!
Jamie Soards sent us these photos and writes:
Here are pictures of the Extreme All Star Cheerleaders at their first competition this season held at the Ky. State Fair on August 29th. The pee wee squad brought home 1st place and the youth squad brought home 2nd place. Congratulations, girls!


At the Ky. State Fair
Picture Featured:    September 19, 2009 At the Ky. State Fair
Arthur & Beverly Hatfield sent us these and write:
Hi Bill,
On August 28th, 2009, our granddaughter, Shady Lynn Wood, got to take a trip with us to the Kentucky State Fair. Her pappy Arthur Hatfield was in the Kentucky Historical Society Educational Exhibit "From Lincoln to Luthiers" and his band buckcreek also preformed there that day. We also got to enjoy and see the WONDERFUL Gallopalooza Exhibition. We had a Wonderful time as it was the first time for any of us to go to the State Fair. Thought we would share some of our photos we took there that day. The first one was from the Gallopalooza Exhibition and it was BEAUTIFUL with a picture of Lincoln and his cabin painted on it, the next picture is Shady with one of the other horses from the exhibit. The next picture is Arthur doing his luthier interview with Mark Brown from the Ky. Historical Society, Next is Shady with another one of the horses. She loved them and so did we.

Spring Break at UCLA
Picture Featured:    September 20, 2009 Spring Break at UCLA
Joseph Lewis sent us this photo and writes:
On my Spring Break (09'), I interned for Athgo International's 6th Annual Global Clean Forum in partnership with University of California, Los Angeles. The forum was comprised of foreign/domestic students, members of academia, Heads of State, leaders in business and dignitaries. This photo is a picture of my friends Mekal, Cheick Sidi Diarra and I. Mekal is a student of International Relations and English at the State University of New York - Geneseo. Cheick Sidi Diarra is the United Nations Under-Secretary-General and High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States. The picture was taken at a reception for Diarra in the Ball Room of the Los Angeles City Hall.

For a refresher or introduction, I graduated from Barren County High School in 2007, and am a Junior at Kentucky Wesleyan College in Owensboro, Ky. I have attended a global forum at the World Bank in Washington, D.C. - and had the honor of presenting research at the United Nation's Commission on the Status of Women. I have future plans in international medicine.

A Night Blooming Cereus
Picture Featured:    September 21, 2009 A Night Blooming Cereus
Michael Lodico sent us this photo and writes:
Hi I'm Mike Lodico and my friend Lawrence Helton took this picture of my Night Blooming Cereus last night. I took 35mm photos and Larry took digital photos. This plant is 2-yrs.-old and the blossom has a spicy sweet fragrance. We are waiting for the other 2 blossoms to open.

Colin at UT
Picture Featured:    September 22, 2009 Colin at UT
Dewayne Conner sent us this photo and writes:
Attached is a photo of Colin Tipps for the Glasgow web page. He is a freshman at the University of Tennessee. He is a 2009 graduate of Glasgow High School where he also cheered. Saturday September 5th UT played WKU and this was Colin's first college game to cheer.

With his outgoing personality, Colin is a very popular person locally and I wanted to share this with you and hope you can place it on the EPB web page. Colin is the son of Tracy Sullivan of Glasgow.

Thank you Bill for your help and consideration of posting this photo.

Dewayne Conner

Birthdays and Barbecue
Picture Featured:    September 23, 2009 Birthdays and Barbecue
(upper photo) Linda Hitchcock sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill,
Attached is a photo taken in honor of Margie Kinslow's 85th birthday. The Newcomer's Club helped celebrate her special day with a luncheon at George J's. One of your EPB videographer's helped out by taking this photo with my camera. Margie is truly forever young!

Linda Hitchcock

Seated: Margie Kinslow and Joe Taylor
Standing (from left to right) Joyce Pufahl, Sandy Boardman, Marcia Litera, Brenda Bush, Velma Bush, Linda Hitchcock, Anne Miller, Barbara Pendleton, Lil Grimmer, Debbie Geiselman

(lower photo) Carolyn Hutchison sent us this photo and writes:
I am proud to share with you that Glasgow was represented in the recent Barbecue Festival located in Owensboro, Ky. This group of high school buddies from L to R are Kent Blackburn, Josh Hutchison, Cale Hensel and Nick Woodcock. The guys started competing against each other while in high school at Josh's home on a regular basis, there was always plenty to come and judge. The last 3 years they have competed as a group in the International Barbecue Backyard Cookoff which this year they placed 2nd in turkey and pork out of 4 different categories. There were 20 teams from Ky, Ohio, Indiana Tennessee and Illinois in this competition. Also participating but not pictured were Dakota Elmore, Travis Stone,Jared and Alex England.

BCHS Class of 1989
Picture Featured:    September 24, 2009 BCHS Class of 1989
(top and middle photo) Wendy Houchens sent us this photo and writes:
The Barren County High School Graduating Class of 1989 had their 20 year reunion at the Glasgow Country Club over the Labor Day Weekend. The first picture is of the graduates that attended, and the second picture is of the commitee that really put alot of hard work into the reunion we all enjoyed so much. Thanks Guys.
(lower photo) Marsha Phillips Thomas sent us this photo and writes:
The Barren County High School Class of 1989 recently celebrated their 20 year reunion. Festivities begin with a meet n' greet on Friday night, September 4th, 2009 at the Barren County/Glasgow Football game, followed by a dinner at the Glasgow Golf and Country Club on Saturday, September 5th. A great time was had by all. The only complaint was our evening seemed too short lived. The list of attendees, are in no certain order.

Lisa Runyon McDaniel, Jason Jennings, Shelley Kinslow Chandler, Shelley Key Groce, Kenyon Wallace, Marsha Phillips Thomas, Brad and Carol (Wilson) Thomas, Danny Johnson, David Woodcock, Tammy Lindsey Brown, Beth Lyons, Lee Ann Smith, Chris Shirley, Shane Greene, Tonya Norris Ballard, Keith Richards, Cheryl Wilson Morrison, Christy Emberton Trulock, Sonia Richey Eaton, Lee Hammer, Greg Wells, Brian Rich, Chris Short, John London, Mike Wyatt, Mark Key, Patrick and Melanie (Honeycutt) Staples, Tracy Browning Stephens, Chris Gooden, Melissa Wyatt Burchett, Stacey Hogue Wright, Tina Hiser White, Doug Depp, Brian Morrison, Brad Copas, Allen Thomas, Charlie Botts, Robbie Walker, Brad Johnson, Sara Steen Ash, Charlie Huffman, Chuck Clark, Tracy Matthews, LeeAnn Ford Ferguson, BelindaGauthier Roberts, Susan Flanders Esters, Dedra Duvall Sledd, Wendy Wilkerson Houchens, Marty and Chantal (Bartley)Honeycutt, Norma Proffitt Combs, Melanie Matthews Patterson, Karen Cross Furlong, Lou Shaw, Lori Johnson Ewing, Lorrie Myatt Straub, Jana Hodges Dubree, Todd Carter, Mary Lee Wood, Sherri Bertram Bonner, Mark Parks, Seyhan Hunter Johnson, Michelle Beck Decker, Derek Atkinson, Debra Mitchell Hughes, Michelle Locke, Shane and Jenny (Lowe) Buie, Chris Eaton, Greg Turner, Steve Winniger, Rusty and Wendy (Doyle) Anderson.

And on a personal note, I’d like to recognize and thank those who helped me and worked endlessly and tirelessly to organize our reunion, Lisa Runyon McDaniel, Jason Jennings, Shelley Kinslow Chandler, Shelley Key Groce, Kenyon Wallace, Lee Hammer and Doug Depp. A special thank you goes out to Jeff Coomer. It would not have been such a great weekend without your hard work and dedication.

Reed is Superintendent of the Year
Picture Featured:    September 25, 2009 Reed is Superintendent of the Year
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
Guthrie presents Reed with Congressional Record

(MAMMOTH CAVE NATIONAL PARK -- September 8, 2009) Congressman Brett Guthrie presented a Congressional Record plaque to Superintendent Patrick Reed last week, recognizing Reed’s award for being named Superintendent of the Year for Natural Resource Stewardship from the National Park Service.

Guthrie entered Reed’s name and award in the Congressional Record on April 21, 2009, and the plaque reflected the minutes from that day. The text read in part:

“…Mr. Reed established collaborative framework for science-informed decision making…(his) effort to develop local, national, and international partners exemplifies how creating a consortium can be a productive method to share information, techniques, and research to aid cave and karst areas around the world. His efforts have initiated sister-park relationships with cave and karst areas in China, Slovenia, and Spain.

“Mr. Reed’ passion for Mammoth Cave National Park and commitment to better managing the park’s world-class natural resources is an example for all to follow. I thank Mr. Reed for his commitment to the people of the Second District and one of our nation’s greatest treasures.”

In 2008, Reed was selected for the award from the 391 park superintendents in the National Park Service.

BCHS Marching Band
Picture Featured:    September 26, 2009 BCHS Marching Band
Beverly sent us this photo and writes:
BCHS Marching Band at Barren/Glasgow football game...

The Glasgow Scottie Band
Picture Featured:    September 27, 2009 The Glasgow Scottie Band
Jena Pace sent us these and writes:
Hi, Glasgow Scottie Band did a great job Saturday night placing 1st in their class. My granddaughter, Morgan White, is a Junior in the band this year. Good job, Scotties!

In Key West, Florida
Picture Featured:    September 28, 2009 In Key West, Florida
Bonita Shirley sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, this is our daughter, Kari Gawjarone Hughes, husband Jameson and their 3-month-old son, Aaden in Key West, Florida.

Bonita Shirley

A Trout and a Grasshopper
Picture Featured:    September 29, 2009 A Trout and a Grasshopper
(left) Daryel Hunt sent us this photo and writes:
MASON TURNER'S first rainbow trout at OBEY river at DALE HOLLOW CAMPGROUND.
(right) Pam sent us this photo and writes:
While out watering flowers I found this grasshopper resting on my gerber daisies he didn't seem to mind having his picture made :)

Temple Hill Ice Cream Sundae
Picture Featured:    September 30, 2009 Temple Hill Ice Cream Sundae
Christina Simmons sent us these and writes:
Ice Cream Anyone?

Jon Hall, Principal of Temple Hill Elementary, was a sticky mess this morning as he rewarded students for selling Papa John coupon booklets for the PTO fundraiser. Students who sold 4 Papa John booklets helped to build an ice cream sundae on top of the principal. Students cheered with excitement as they watched their principal squirm around in a swimming pool of cold ice cream.

Sept. 19th 5K Run
Picture Featured:    October 01, 2009 Sept. 19th 5K Run
Chele Gillon sent us this photo and writes:
On Saturday, September 19th, the Girls' & Boys' Club of Glasgow/Barren County held a 5K race in Glasgow. It was a perfect morning for running. Pictured from left to right (back row): Chele Gillon, Cathy Bishop and Ashley Browning. (front row): Hannah Barbour. Way to go, girls!

Eastern Elementary Slumber Party
Picture Featured:    October 02, 2009 Eastern Elementary Slumber Party
Gayle Steenbergen sent us this photo and writes:
This group of ladies are former (and current) teachers at Eastern Elementary, where some of them taught together 30 years or more. They recently met at the "Narrow Way Bed and Breakfast" for a slumber party. Many fond memories and hugs were recalled by all, with a few tears and lots of laughter.

Thanks, Gayle Steenbergen

front row, l-r: Fran Pickerel, Brenda Campbell, Mary Eubank
middle row, l-r: Brenda Harbison, Karen Cantine, Carole Manion, Debbie Hartman, Gayle Steenbergen
back row, l-r: Teresa Wyatt, Beverly Pedigo, Mary Jones, Debbie Wilson

Fun, Here and Away
Picture Featured:    October 03, 2009 Fun, Here and Away
(upper photo) Gina McFarland sent us this photo and writes:
The "Bunco Babes" had their monthly bunco game Friday, September 19th and this month's theme was 80's night. Here are some of us who very easily reverted to our youth. Pictures are Gina McFarland, Christy Johns, Jami Sneed, Kathy Glass, Genelle Jones, Wendy Webb and Jeannine Cook.
(lower photo) Judy Hardison sent us this photo and writes:
Jerry & I just returned from a wonderful vacation in California. As a surprise for Jerry's birthday my daughters, Aimee Bratcher & Julee Wimpee with our great neighbor friend Miletta Dunn, flew into San Francisco! He was for sure surprised and we had a great time with the girls. Here we are on a boat on our way to Sausalito.

Proud of These Kids
Picture Featured:    October 04, 2009 Proud of These Kids
(upper photos) Larry and Jane Merideth sent us these and write:
Hi Bill,
Here are pictures of our children. Our daughter, Heather Gentry graduated from WKU in May. She received a degree in Elementary Education. She attended the Glasgow campus and did her Student Teaching at Red Cross Elementary and Temple Hill Elementary. She will be starting her Master's program in the summer at WKU. She is currently a substitute teacher. Heather is married to Kevin Gentry. Our son, Scott Merideth is a Private First Class in the U.S. Marine Corp. He completed recruit training at Parris Island, S.C in August. He is currently doing combat training at the Marine Corp School of Infantry at Camp Lejune, N.C. He will be going to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri in October for military occupational specialty school. He hopes to one day be a Kentucky State Trooper.

We are very proud of our children, thank you for letting us share.

Larry and Jane Merideth

(lower photo) Glenna Gardner sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill,
Here is a picture of my preschool class! We are off to a great year! Thank You!

Glenna Gardner
Preschool Director
Immanuel Preschool

Second Annual Jail Break 5K
Picture Featured:    October 05, 2009 Second Annual Jail Break 5K
Micah Reece sent us this photo and writes:
The Glasgow Public Defender's Office held their 2nd Annual Jail Break 5K on Saturday, September 12th. Here is a picture of Greg Berry, our directing attorney, presenting a check to Bridgette Groce with the Crossroads Pregnancy Center. We had a beautiful day and great participation. We were able to donate $1,013 to a wonderful cause.

Mom's Talent
Picture Featured:    October 06, 2009 Mom
Kathy Mutter sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill,
Just wanted to show off our mom's (Nancy Renfro) talent. She entered her quilts in the Horse Cave quilt show this past weekend and won herself 2 blue ribbons and 1 red ribbon. She was very proud and the family is so proud of her.

Thanks for letting me share.

Kathy Mutter
Darlene Pelham

Jim Marion's office redecorated...
Picture Featured:    October 07, 2009 Jim Marion
Debbie Morris sent us this photo and writes:
Jim Marion turns 60! We love to celebrate birthdays at Pedigo-Lessenberry… especially the BIG ones! This year, Jim Marion was an easy target. On September 25, he hit the big 6-0. We celebrated with good food and of course, by tradition, we decorated his office! Happy Birthday Jim, thanks for being a good sport!

Arsenic and Old Lace
Picture Featured:    October 08, 2009 Arsenic and Old Lace
Peggy Goodman sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, No you aren't stepping back in time, just looks that way in this publicity shot for Arsenic and Old Lace that the Far Off Broadway Players are staging at the Plaza Theatre Oct. 16, 17, and 18th. Shown are Marilyn Melloan as Aunt Abby, Peggy Goodman as Aunt Martha, and Mike Salsbery as Mr. Gibbs... Great old comedy for all to enjoy.

Peggy Goodman

Etoile's Neighborhood Deer
Picture Featured:    October 09, 2009 Etoile
Hannah Medley sent us these and writes:
This little spike buck came up into our neighbor's yard and went into her garage, it finally came out and then made its way to our fence line eating the foliage. Our dog was within inches of this deer, barking and trying to get off his chain but, the deer never flinched. After taking several photos, my three boys, my sister-in-law, her son and I went inside to leave him to himself. Three hours later, the eight neighborhood kids were running around my back yard playing with this deer. It acted just like a dog. It has been spotted in Cooktown down Hwy. 249 also chasing vehicles down the road.

Poor thing needs a neon orange collar on so that hunters know not to shoot him, he's not a wild animal... he's the Barren County neighborhood deer.

Getting ready for winter...
Picture Featured:    October 10, 2009 Getting ready for winter...
(left) Wendell Kennison sent us this photo and writes:
The Goldfinch are gathering up and getting ready for winter... This male and his buddies are really fond of the black oil sunflower seeds... This picture is for Todd and Larry.


(right) Karen Bracken sent us this photo and writes:
This mushroom grows in my backyard. It looks like the back of a lady's hat with a ribbon hanging from it.

Things can change so fast!
Picture Featured:    October 11, 2009 Things can change so fast!
Cheri Watson sent us these and writes:
The first picture is of my daughter Emma at the reptile expo in Horse Cave on Saturday. We had no thought of anything going to happen. The second picture is of what happened a few hours later.

My family and I were in a major wreck on I-65 North. My tire blew and we slid on our side until the new barrier brought us to a stop. We were all able to walk away, but it's a shock to see how things can change so fast. The main thing is, we all had our seat belts on and the kids were in their car seats. Plus, we are very grateful for the wire barriers they have put up on I-65, they kept us from flipping.


Cheri and Stuart

Making Sorghum
Picture Featured:    October 12, 2009 Making Sorghum
Diane Gentry sent us these and writes:
I just wanted to share these photos that I took Sept. 19, 2009 in Fountain Run, Ky. Making sorghum: This gentleman is 91-years-old and is still kicking. He put all the young folk to shame. I spent the day with him and enjoyed his stories. Oh, we can learn so much from our senior friends, if only we take the time. He is so smart about things, so patient, with those of us who really didn't know what they were doing. I took a vaction day just so I could help make molasses. It was a good day.

Diane Gentry

The Scottie Band
Picture Featured:    October 13, 2009 The Scottie Band
Pat Fisher sent us these and writes:
Despite the pouring rain and threat of tornadoes in Ohio County this past weekend, The Glasgow Scottie Band competed against 5- 2A bands and was awarded 2nd place in class 2A, Best Drum Line in class 2A, and Best Pit Crew. First place in class 2A went to last years State Finalist winner by only 3 points. Glasgow was looking forward to competing against them a second time in finals competition that evening, but it had to be canceled due to the weather.

A special nod goes to our Pit Crew who designed, built and painted all of our fabulous props for this year, they also get them on and off the field every week within a limited amount of time, and this week were out there in the horrible weather making sure that all of our equipment got to safety. They are indeed a dedicated and hard working group of parents, alumni and middle school "pit pups" who very much deserved their trophy!

Next Saturday, October 3rd, The Scottie Band will be traveling to compete at Larue County in The Lincoln Days Invitational. Their first performance time is 11:45am and they hope to perform a second time in finals competition that will begin at 6:45pm.

*attached is a picture of the seniors with the band's trophies and a picture of the drum line seniors with the Best Drum Line trophy.

Local Kids
Picture Featured:    October 14, 2009 Local Kids
(left) Debbie Rich sent us this photo and writes:
Hi this is my 2-year-old grandson (Jake) & his first trip to the Fire Department here in Glasgow. Jake had been complaining about his carseat. We decided to check with the fire department to see if they could check it out. Once we pulled in Jake's eyes lit up! He was so impressed with the "big fire truck" that was parked next to us. He was greeted so nicely and was given his very own fireman hat. He even got to sit in the drivers seat! David Moss was wonderful! He inspected the carseat and adjusted it to better fit Jake... also making it more comfortable. He sat down with Jake and simply explained the importance of his "racecar seat" and how it would keep him safe. He told Jake that he wanted him to grow up to be big & strong so that he may be a fireman one day. Jake was in awe of him. So now, when Jake complains or attempts to pull his arms out of the seat we ask "Jake, what did the fireman (David Moss) tell you? He remembers!"

Thank you, David Moss, for your kindness!
Debbie Rich

(right) Marcella Smith sent us this photo and writes:
Jacqueline Celeste Smith donated this beautiful braid to Locks of Love. Her grandparents, Smitty and Marcella Smith were very proud of her. She is the daughter of Tommy and Dominique Smith.

Marcella Smith

Local Leadership
Picture Featured:    October 15, 2009 Local Leadership
Becky Reece sent us these and writes:
(upper photo) Leadership Class of 2010
The Lead Forward Committee of the Glasgow-Barren County Chamber of Commerce recently hosted a press conference to announce the Leadership Glasgow/Barren County Class of 2010. The Leadership class will participate in team building activities, a group project, individual activities and various day sessions that will enhance the group's leadership skills and make the group more aware of the all that Barren County has to offer.

Meet the Class of 2010: Lori Beth Avery (Days Inn), Sandy Wilkinson (Mammoth Cave National Park), Andrea Deckard (RMS Inc/Barren Co Healthcare), Amy Lee (Glasgow Daily Times, Teresa Huddleston (South Central Bank), Jim Adkins (Landmark United Pentecostal Church), Chad Muhlenkamp (Glasgow Independent Schools), Anthony Janes (Barren County Schools), Steven Murphy (Barren County Schools), Dan Klein (South Central Bank), Brian Held (Barren County Family YMCA), Eddie Furlong (Glasgow Recreation Department) and Eric Bruton (Glasgow EPB). Congratulations, Class of 2010!

(lower photo) Leadership of the Future Class of 2010
On September 24, the Leaders of the Future Steering Committee of the Glasgow Barren County Chamber of Commerce hosted a press conference to announce the Leaders of the Future Class of 2010. Pictured are the class members: Maclean Lessenberry, Morgan Martin, Morgan Atwell, Bailey Birge, Tori Buckley, Kelsey Johnson, Sydney Collier, Marisa Moore, Cassie Harbison, Miranda McKinney, Brilee Houchens, Kaitlyn Kinslow, Madison Kerley, Pooja Santapuram, Morgan Mills, Destiny Dennis, Gregory Campbell, Justin O'Dell, Alex Morgerson, Stuart Kerley, Clay Thistlethwaite, Matt Zuccari, Mary Kaitlyn Harris & Cheyenne Heberly. Congratulations Class of 2010!

Kentucky Women and Their Quilts Oct. 22
Picture Featured:    October 16, 2009 Kentucky Women and Their Quilts Oct. 22
Sandi Gorin sent us this photo and writes:
Kentucky Women and Their Quilts

The South Central Ky. Historical & Genealogical Society is pleased to announce our program on Thursday evening, October 22nd, 7:00pm at the South Central Ky. Cultural Center, 200 West Water Street.

Sandra Staebell of WKU's Kentucky Library and Museum will be presenting a program entitled: "Kentucky Women and Their Quilts." This will be a slide presentation that incorporates material taken from oral histories and interviews and examines some of the reasons why Kentucky women have made quilts. She will also explore what will be considered the traditional quilt of tomorrow.

All quilters in the area are invited as well as the general public; if you have a quilt you'd like to show to others, bring it along! There is no charge for attendance.

Playing in the Dirt
Picture Featured:    October 17, 2009 Playing in the Dirt
Jane Baker sent us these and writes:
Baker Elizabeth Phillips enjoyed playing in the dirt while her grandmother just took pictures. She is the 16-month-old granddaughter of Jane and Walter Baker and daughter of Ann and Rip Phillips of Louisville. I just had to get her cleaned up and change her clothes before her parents came home.

SHOES, shoes, shoes, Baker Elizabeth Phillips has a head start for the shoes she may have in life. Women just like shoes.

Go, Lady Scotties!
Picture Featured:    October 18, 2009 Go, Lady Scotties!
Linda Foushee sent us these and writes:
The Glasgow Lady Scotties will be competing in the KHS State Golf Tournament on Friday, October 9th and 10th at Bowling Green Country Club. The girls have had a fantastic year, and should be top contenders. Senior, Kylie Foushee, was named medalist (shot a 75) at the Region 4 Golf Tournament at Kenny Perry’s Country Creek earlier this week. We invite everyone to come out and show community support for these girls as they try to land a back-to-back state championship!

Team members: Sr. - Kylie Foushee, Jr. - Shannon Bishop, Soph. - Blair Dennison, 8th Grade - Taylor Phelps, Ashton Foushee, Emily Alexander, 9th Grade - Courtney Swindell and Katie Jones.


Andrea Hardin and Jason Aldean
Picture Featured:    October 19, 2009 Andrea Hardin and Jason Aldean
Nancy Harper sent us this photo and writes:
This is from her Mom, Nancy Harper

Andrea Hardin at a Jason Aldean concert in Lexington on Sept. 24, she has been to all his concerts from Knoxville to Lexington & she finally got to meet him.

Fall Break and Cumberland Falls
Picture Featured:    October 20, 2009 Fall Break and Cumberland Falls
Tina Staples sent us these and writes:
Hey Bill, Just wanted to share some pics of the kids. Skylar Johnson, Quentin, Tyler and Kalei Staples on the farm, fall break, 2009, Kalei in her Karate gear. The Staples family at Cumberland Falls.

Tina Staples

Local Educators Serve on KAEE Board
Picture Featured:    October 21, 2009 Local Educators Serve on KAEE Board
Peggy Nims sent us this photo and writes:
Local Educators Serve on KAEE Board of Directors: At its recent state fall conference, the Kentucky Association for Environmental Education (KAEE) elected officers and board members for the upcoming year. Local educators from the American Cave Conservation Association, Mammoth Cave National Park, Warren County Schools, and Western Kentucky University will be serving on the 2009/2010 board of directors.

Pictured (left to right) are: 1st row -- Sonya Wood Mahler, Jennifer Adler, Jenny Howard, Peggy Nims, and Sarah Talley.
2nd row -- Danielle Hutchins, John LaFevre, Christian Ryan-Downing, and Lauren Dowell.
3rd row -- Marc Johnson, Amanda Patrick, Melinda Wilder, Chris Hunter, Debra Spillman, and Elizabeth Robb Schmitz.

KAEE is a nonprofit organization of formal and non-formal educators, administrators, government and agency personnel, business and industry representatives, and private citizens interested in promoting environmental education. For more information, refer to

Enjoying the outdoors and the wildlife
Picture Featured:    October 22, 2009 Enjoying the outdoors and the wildlife
(upper photo) Mindy McCulley sent us this photo and writes:
Second Sunday, an event held all across the state on Sunday, October 11, brought lots of people out to Beaver Trail Park to enjoy some exercise! Recognizing that Kentucky consistently ranks as one of the most inactive states, Second Sunday serves as a catalyst for getting people moving!

Mindy McCulley
Barren Co. Cooperative Extension Service

(lower photo) name sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill! I seen other photos of the neighborhood deer, and thought I’d pass these along. This was taken a few weeks back… My husband and I were watching TV, and seen the deer in the front yard. We grabbed a few apples, but by that time the deer had already crossed the street. When he saw us, he came to us, just like a dog…. He hung around for about 45 minutes and enjoyed apples, and some shelled corn. It’s true, he will run and play just like a dog! We have given him the nickname “Spike”…..

Thanks for letting us share!! Have a good day!

Tonya Renee Redford

Note: After seeing earlier photos, some people have contacted us and urged extreme caution with this, or other, deer. It's almost mating season and the deer, even the ones that have been very gentle and tame in the past, may be very unpredictable, even agressive - The WebMeister

Visiting the Capitol in Frankfort
Picture Featured:    October 23, 2009 Visiting the Capitol in Frankfort
Pam Robertson sent us these and writes:
On October 14, 2009, Highland Elementary 5th graders went to Frankfort. While there, The Old Capitol Building, museum, and The Capitol Building of today was toured by the class. At the Capitol we were joined by Senator David Givens. Senator Givens answered many questions presented to him by the students. He also explained how children can encourage parents and others to present new bills in Frankfort. This experience of touring Frankfort and meeting a local Senator was enjoyed by all!

Senator David Givens and Ally-Faith Robertson, a 5th grader at Highland Elementary, Glasgow. Thanks, Senator Givens!

Visiting Alaska
Picture Featured:    October 24, 2009 Visiting Alaska
Ginger and Garry Fudge sent us these and write:
My husband and I just got back from an Alaskan cruise. This is the state's 50th birthday. My husband is from Adair county and continuely calling the mountains-----hills. The countryside is beautiful. People wait to go to Alaska until later in their life, just don't wait to long, it is worth the time and money to see this part of our great country.

Thank you
Ginger and Garry Fudge

New England
Picture Featured:    October 25, 2009 New England
Connie Colter sent us these and writes:
I visited the New England area last week and found their trees at the peak of color. These pics were mostly in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The snow covered mountain is Mt. Washington, the second highest peak east of the Mississippi River at 6288 ft.

Connie Colter

Cruise Into Fall
Picture Featured:    October 26, 2009 Cruise Into Fall
Freida Webb sent us this photo and writes:
Cole Ramsey accepted the trophy for the Peoples Choice for his grandparents, Carroll & Della Ramsey of Brandenburg, at the recent car show (Cruise into Fall) on the square in Glasgow.

It's Getting Close to Halloween!
Picture Featured:    October 27, 2009 It
(upper photo) Gina McFarland sent us the upper photo and writes:
The Bunco Babes had their monthly bunco night October 16, 2009. This month’s theme was, of course, Halloween. Here is a picture of us in our costumes. Pictured are (front row) Amy Jones, Jeannine Cook, Tracey Tomko, (back row) Christy Johns, Kathy Glass, Heidi Bennett, Gina McFarland, Shana Garrett, Patty Mosby, Wendy Webb, Genelle Jones. (Not pictured, Jami Sneed – behind the camera)
(lower photo) Stacy Wheeler sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of our son Parker Clark. This was his first trip to Jackson's Orchard.

Halloween Fun
Picture Featured:    October 28, 2009 Halloween Fun
(upper photo) Sean sent us this photo and writes:
Hello, I just thought I would share a picture of my family and myself that was just taken when we were in Gatlinburg during fall break.
(lower left) Jena Pace sent us this photo and writes:
My grandson Tanner Livingston trying on his Halloween costume wouldn't let us take his picture in the house. He went out and sit on the wood pile and thought he was hiding behind his mask. It turned out to be a good photo.
(lower right) DeeAnn Phillips sent us this photo and writes:
Jack Cairo (son of Kim and John Cairo and brother of Garrett and Nicholas Cairo, BCHS students) was shown on Friday, 10/23 for a costume contest on "Live with Regis and Kelly." Voting will be open 10/28 and 10/29 and the winner will be announced on the show on 10/30.

Mexico to Canada Trail Ride
Picture Featured:    October 29, 2009 Mexico to Canada Trail Ride
Julie Pedigo sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill,
Wayne left Glasgow on April 13th to ride on the "Best of America by Horseback" Mexico to Canada trail ride. Much to the amazement of his family and friends, he survived the 5 months away from home. He completed the 2,192 mile journey at the Canadian border on September 5th. This trail ride was being filmed for television and will be a 13-week series on the "Best of America By Horseback" show (on RFD TV). We are all very proud of his accomplishment and glad to have him home.

Thanks for posting,
Julie Pedigo

(Gary?) and Gary?
Picture Featured:    October 30, 2009 (Gary?) and Gary?
Benisha Wilson got us this photo and I don't know exactly what to write:
On the left is Benisha Wilson, from the EPB's Accounting Dept., and on the right is Gary Kerney, Line Foreman at the EPB. We think Gary was quite pleased to have such an admirer (with imitation being the sincerest form of flattery). Gary even let Benisha borrow his hard hat for the day. Please note that her name patch reads, "Lil' G."

Happy Halloween! - The WebMeister

Making Sorghum
Picture Featured:    October 31, 2009 Making Sorghum
Winston Nunn brought this photo by and tells us...:
Mr. Nunn took this photo in the mid-1950's near Fountain Run. He's pretty sure that it is the same person featured in the photo on October 12 of this year of the gentleman making sorghum molasses.

Cool Photos
Picture Featured:    November 01, 2009 Cool Photos
(upper photos) Marsha Thomas sent us these and writes:
These pictures are of my son Logan Thomas and my niece Samantha Allen at the Titans/Colts game on Oct. 11th. It just so happened to be Sam's 11th birthday and her dad surprised her with a father/daughter outing by taking her to the Titans game. It was "Code Blue" day at LP Field and they gave everyone attending that day a free T-shirt. As we were leaving LP Field, there were 2 cheerleaders selling calendars and signing autographs. Imagine Sam's joy when she got her shirt signed by both of them wishing her a happy 11th birthday. And they were gracious enough to pose for pictures. Unfortunately our team was not victorious but it was a great day for tailgating, and a football game. I do believe this is one birthday Samantha won't forget about for a long time to come.
(lower photo) Tonya Underwood sent us this photo and writes:
On October 21, 2009 the Glasgow chapter of the Kentucky Association of Nursing Students (KANS) had their regular monthly meeting. The Glasgow KANS Chapter consists of 1st and 3rd semester Associate RN students. At this meeting, 21 students attended and Air Methods of the Glasgow base visited the Glasgow WKU Campus. Rick Smith, Pilot, landed the Air Methods helicopter in the WKU Glasgow Campus lower parking lot. When the helicopter landed, Rick smiled and said "what a great place to land, I usually do not have this much room". The Air Methods helicopter is used to land at emergency sites such as automobile accidents. This particular helicopter and crew were on standby to be called out at any time during their visit to our campus.

Walter Middleton, BSN, Flight Nurse, Medical Base Supervisor; Beverly Ford, Flight Paramedic and Bill Milan, Flight Paramedic all spoke to the nursing students and answered questions. All of the speakers offered a wealth of knowledge regarding in flight transport care to the students. They also made the helicopter available for the students to observe and ask questions. This visit sparked quite an interest in flight nursing in several of the nursing students. I suspect we might have some new flight nurses in the making here at WKU-Glasgow Campus!

In the photo, Walt Middleton, Bill Milan, Beverly Ford, and Markeeta Hill (student), photo taken by Kerri Whitaker (student).

Bob at the Great Wall of China
Picture Featured:    November 02, 2009 Bob at the Great Wall of China
Bob Buss sent us this photo and writes:
Bob Buss is in China for a month and finally made it to the place of his dreams -- last night he was standing on the Great Wall of China outside of Beijing. He has spent the last 2 weeks in Shanghai and Beijing, today he will visit the Forbidden City. Tonight he flies to Shenzen and will be meeting with a man known to many friends from Glasgow -- Bob Spence. "The people are so nice here and the country is beautiful."

Dressing Up for Fun (and a good cause)
Picture Featured:    November 03, 2009 Dressing Up for Fun (and a good cause)
(upper left) Julie Goodman Pate sent us this photo and writes:
This is our son Wilder during his first trip to Jackson's Orchard. He wanted to wish his Pappy Joe (Joe Goodman III) a Happy Birthday today!

Julie Goodman Pate

(upper, center) Barbara Taylor sent us this photo and writes:
Had a very good time camping at Baileys point on the weekend that they have their Halloween decorate up your site.
(upper right) Billy Polson sent us this photo and writes:
Everyone at Med Care Pharmacy wants to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween. We had a visit from a famous rock group as you can see from the picture, which we later found out were really the girls in the medical records office. The famous rock group are as follows:
(front row - left to right) Sherri Likens and Theresa Boyle; (back row - left to right) Anna Blair, Andrea Higdon and Stacy Harper. Hope everyone enjoys the picture!
(lower photos) Wayne and Julie Pedigo sent us these and writes:
Every last Sunday of every month members from the Kosair Funster Unit visit the Kosair Children's Hospital to hand out toys to the kids. This past Sunday, three Glasgow members traveled to Louisville to participate in the event. Also this is the time that the Glasgow Shriners sell candy around town. Please remember that when you are asked to buy a $3 box of candy from a Shriner, every penny of your money goes to help the kids pay for their medical expenses at Kosair hospital. Last year the Glasgow Shriners was able to donate over $30,000 to Kosair Charities thanks to your purchases and donations!

Thanks for letting us share!

Halloween Fun
Picture Featured:    November 04, 2009 Halloween Fun
(upper left) Ronda Hurt sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill,
We had a lot of fun celebrating Halloween 2009 at Lil' Country Diner. The customers had a blast checking out our costumes. (in picture from left to right we have The Clown (Brenda Hurt), Miss Bumblebee (Amber Hanking), Miss Ladybug (Ronda Hurt), Miss Bacon (Karen Thompson) and last but not least Miss Marshetta Bird Egg (Debra Syra). Thanks!
(upper right) Lori Forbes-Wilson sent us this photo and writes:
Halloween isn't just for the little ones. My sisters and I and our husbands had SO much fun dressing up this year as The Wizard of Oz. Hope you enjoy this photo.

Front row: Cheryl Davis, Debbie Thomason and Lori Forbes-Wilson
Back row: Chuck Davis, Chuck Thomason and Chad Wilson

Have a blessed day ---
Lori Forbes-Wilson

(lower photo) Mary Osborne sent us this photo and writes:
Maddie, Lillie and Emorie Osborne granddaughters of Billy and Butch Humphrey Trick or Treating at The Glasgow Prescription Center. Every year we drive to Glasgow to trick or treat with family and we always stop by Tina and Wes Marion's house. This year Wes was working so we stopped by the store. The girls liked the "cool" stuff at the store more than the special treat bags Tia fixed for them.

Wall Dedication at the Library
Picture Featured:    November 05, 2009 Wall Dedication at the Library
Deborah Morgan sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, here is a picture of the painting done by local artist Charlie England. This painting of Maddie Morgan will be permanently displayed at the new Mary Weldon Library in the children's section of the library called Maddie's Corner. We invite everyone to visit the library and enjoy the many books available while viewing this painting. This painting is presented to the library by the Butterflies for Maddie Foundation.

In the picture are Maddie's parents, Tony and Donna Morgan, along with the artist, Charlie England (the inset photo is Maddie).

Deborah Morgan

The Butterflies for Maddie Website

Wonders of Nature, Both Near and Far
Picture Featured:    November 06, 2009 Wonders of Nature, Both Near and Far
(upper photo) Nicki Vittitoe sent us this photo and writes:
We took a drive through Mammoth Cave National Park on Sunday and this is one of the many pictures we took. The Lord sure did give us a picture perfect day! Thanks for sharing!

Pam Browning

(lower photo) Jerry and Shane Dillon sent us this photo and write:
My husband Jerry and I recently traveled to Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon. These are just a few of the pictures from the Grand Canyon. It is absolutely remarkable and breathtaking, truly one of the 7 wonders of the world! Great trip that I would highly recommend to everyone.

Weddings, Weddings Everywhere
Picture Featured:    November 07, 2009 Weddings, Weddings Everywhere
(left) Barbara Taylor sent us this photo and writes:
Mr. & Mrs Adrian Puckett married on October 3, 2009.
(center and right) Mike and Betty Miller sent us these and write:
We had 2 sons to get married in the last 3 months. Our oldest son, Seth, got married in Jamaica to his sweetheart of 2 years, Ashley Hawthorne. They live in Macon, Georgia. Our younger son, Ian, married his sweetheart of 6 years, Danielle England, in our backyard on June 27. They live in New Albany, Indiana. We are truly blessed with wonderful sons and daughters-in-law.

Mike and Betty Miller

Beautiful Colors
Picture Featured:    November 08, 2009 Beautiful Colors
(upper photo) Freeman McIntyre sent us this photo and writes:
Picture taken October 25th, 2009.

Freeman McIntyre

(lower photo) Cheri Watson sent us this photo and writes:
I promise, we don't let them go to school like this everyday! But for CRAZY HAIR DAY, it was worth it. Tom, Emma and Zoe. CRAZY HAIR DAY AT RED CROSS ELEM, 10-28-09. Thanks!

Cheri and Stuart

Matt & Tommy & Friend in Idaho
Picture Featured:    November 09, 2009 Matt & Tommy & Friend in Idaho
Matt Gumm sent us this photo and writes:
Recently my father, Tommy Gumm, and I went on a hunting and fishing trip to Idaho. This is a picture of a Steelhead Tommy caught on the Clearwater River near Kamiah, Idaho. Steelhead and Rainbow Trout are the same species, but Rainbows are freshwater only, and Steelhead go to sea and come back to freshwater to spawn.

As you can see in the other pictures, Idaho has very beautiful scenery.

Matt Gumm

Can you tell it's Tacky Day?
Picture Featured:    November 10, 2009 Can you tell it
Tammy Jolly sent us this photo and writes:
To celebrate Red Ribbon Week, students and staff alike enjoy the themed dress-up days. Wednesday is Tacky Day and some staff members know how to do ‘Tacky’. Back row left to right: Jackie Smith, Holly Pickerel, Amanda Borders, Elizabeth Thomas, Sonia Eaton and Kellen Smith. In the front row are Tammy Jolly, Amanda Larkin and Chele Gillon. I wonder what this group will do for Crazy Hair Day?

Tammy Jolly

Mammoth Cave improves cemetery protection
Picture Featured:    November 11, 2009 Mammoth Cave improves cemetery protection
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
DDS employees at work in Littel Hope Cemetery in Mammoth Cave National Park: (left to right) Bill Rowland (standing) uses the Prism and Data Collector; Jared Hall and Rick Emmitt (kneeling).
Mammoth Cave improves cemetery protection
(MAMMOTH CAVE NATIONAL PARK – October 30, 2009) Cemeteries receive more attention in October than perhaps any other month of the year. This fall in Mammoth Cave National Park, they are receiving very close attention – surveys, photographs, measurements, and markers – in a project to accurately record marked and unmarked graves in 15 of the cemeteries within the park boundary.

“Cemeteries are the most visible of pre-park structures left at Mammoth Cave,” said Superintendent Patrick Reed. “They document the rich cultural heritage of the people who lived here before it became parkland. We want to ensure they are well protected.”

The park is currently engaged in a project to improve the boundary marking of 15 cemeteries, map the location of marked and unmarked graves, and record the associated information. A local business, DDS Engineering of Bowling Green, will record the information on headstones, set small unobtrusive markers flush with the ground at identified unmarked graves, and plot the location of each grave on a map.

“The goal is to have this information available not only to park staff for preservation purposes, but to eventually be added it to the cemetery database, which is available on the park's website,” said Bob Ward, chief of science and resource management. “Park visitors may see crews using survey instruments, putting in temporary flagging, and setting permanent boundary and grave markers as each cemetery is mapped.”

“Our crews are experienced and very knowledgeable in surveying cemeteries,” said Don Pedigo, DDS supervisor, who has conducted surveys in Munfordville and Fort Campbell. “We want to assure the families that we are sensitive to the historic nature of cemeteries and also to preservation of the graves sites. The information we are assembling will be invaluable to future generations.”

The cemeteries in this project include: Old Guide, Good Spring, Joppa, Mammoth Cave, Little Hope, Adwell, Little Jordan, Locust Grove, Temple Hill, Wilkins, Holton, Davis, Sand Spring, Poplar Springs, and Brooks cemeteries.

There are a total of 86 identified historic cemeteries with the park boundary that vary in size from small plots of one or a few graves up to several acres in size. Mammoth Cave’s online cemetery database is posted at

Photos from Greece
Picture Featured:    November 12, 2009 Photos from Greece
Emilee Elmore Bailey sent us this photo and writes:
My sister, Dr. Whitney Elmore, and I, Emilee Elmore Bailey, visited Athens, Greece in October 2009. Please consider publishing the attached photos on Glasgow's website. You can see that we are proudly sporting our WKU red towel at the Temple of Zeus and the Parthenon in Athens and at The Archaic Temple of Apollo in Corinth. The Apostle Paul actually preached and was interrogated in Corinth!

We both feel very blessed to have been able to take such a wonderful trip! And, we fielded several comments and questions about WKU and Kentucky that were sparked by the red towel and our WKU T-shirts - not to mention our unique Kentucky accent!

Emilee Elmore Bailey

Having Fun...
Picture Featured:    November 13, 2009 Having Fun...
(left) Angie Johnson sent us this photo and writes:
This is Ms. A's feild trip to the Garden Patch in Smiths Grove. Back: mason hagan table dawson walker Front: carlie sanders bryce clarkson thank you angie johnson
(right) Becky Austin sent us this photo and writes:
Having a dirt pile to play and jump on with your grandson is what retirement is all about. Pictured is Joe Austin and Kole Austin.

Jamie catching her first fish!
Picture Featured:    November 14, 2009 Jamie catching her first fish!
Craig Hiser sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a picture of my daughter Jamie catching her first fish a few weeks ago at the lake. For those that know me know I became a father late in life and how much I am enjoying the things I almost missed. My daughter even likes fire trucks, go figure!

Craig Hiser

Enjoying the Show
Picture Featured:    November 15, 2009 Enjoying the Show
Ladonna Lile sent us these and writes:
Hey Bill - This is a picture of Madison Lile at the Miley Cyrus concert Halloween night in Louisville. I have included photos of Miley during the show. We had wonderful seats and enjoyed an awesome show.

Thanks - Ladonna Lile

Group Photos
Picture Featured:    November 16, 2009 Group Photos
(upper photo) Tammy London sent us this photo and writes:
On Saturday October 31, Barren County Little League Football held its 6th grade recognition. Here is a picture of all the 6th grade players and cheerleaders from each team

Tammy London

(lower photo) Brian Birge sent us this photo and writes:
Photo taken by Brian Birge, band parent

Online at 89!
Picture Featured:    November 17, 2009 Online at 89!
Martha Nell Thomas sent us this photo and writes:
Online at 89!

Ted Winbigler is an inspirational and generous person. He donated a collection of books to the Mary Wood Weldon Memorial Library in appreciation for the library putting him online at 89. The library received an LSAT Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives grant to place a computer at the Highland Ridge Assisted Living Facility. Marla Ford went to the facility weekly to teach computer usage skills, Internet and email accounts. Mr. Winbigler was the first student and a star pupil as he acquired computer skills as he approached 90. He then served as a mentor to fellow residents as they were learning.

Dress-Up Fun
Picture Featured:    November 18, 2009 Dress-Up Fun
(upper left) Ashley Pace sent us this photo of T-Bot and writes:
(upper, center) Wendy Lee Kerney sent us this photo and writes:
This is my granddaughter Khloy at the pumpkin patch for the first time. Thank you!

Wendy Lee Kerney

(upper right) Peggy Tuck sent us this photo and writes:
another photo of McKenzie Clay dressed up as "Jessie" the cowgirl and and my great-nephew, Tuck Norman as "Woody" from Toy Story. They had a great time trick or treating.

Peggy Tuck

(lower photo) Denise Glass sent us this photo and writes:
Just wanted to share a picture of my son and 4 of my grandchildren. Cat-Zoey Glass, Ladybug-Kinleigh Glass, Small ladybug-Addyson Glass Care bear is Chloe Wilson-Glass. They all had a fun time trick or treating. The pirate is Ryan Glass Zoey and Chloe's daddy. Kinleigh and Addyson's daddy Blane had to miss Halloween this year due to being at Fort Jackson, S.C.

Denise Glass

Dual-Credit Scholarships!
Picture Featured:    November 19, 2009 Dual-Credit Scholarships!
Angela Rush sent us this photo and writes:
Barren County Educational Foundation Awards Seven Dual Credit Scholarships

Barren County Educational Foundation has awarded seven dual credit scholarships. Dual Credit courses allow students to earn college credit while still in high school. Students discover the rigors of college work early and are able to adjust study habits to college work before the total college experience.

Front Row L to R: Maegan Netherton, Morgan Turner, Jaclyn Craft, Steve Shirley Barren County Education Foundation

Back Row L to R: Jared Pullum, Ben Hubbard, and Dustin Byrd. Not Pictured Hali Matthews

Residents of MCNP
Picture Featured:    November 20, 2009 Residents of MCNP
Paulette Wasylycia sent us this photo and writes:
Here are a couple of pictures made last week of the "residents" of the Mammoth Cave National Park area. They seemed quite content with us "intruders" taking their picture.

Paulette Wasylycia

Beautiful November Sunrise
Picture Featured:    November 21, 2009 Beautiful November Sunrise
Marilyn Barrick sent us this photo and writes:
Beautiful sunrise made from our front porch on 11-9-09.

Submitted by Marilyn Barrick

Fall in the Leaves
Picture Featured:    November 22, 2009 Fall in the Leaves
Debby Browning sent us this photo and writes:
Bill this is our 15 mo. old granddaughter, Halle-Anne Nesbitt. She was enjoying one of our beautiful fall days in the leaves.

Debby Browning
Barren County Middle School

A New Kentucky Colonel
Picture Featured:    November 23, 2009 A New Kentucky Colonel
Linda Hitchcock sent us this photo and writes:
Barbara Jane Pendleton, a native of Barren County and resident of Glasgow has been named a Kentucky Colonel by Governor Steven Beshear. Barbara is the third member of her family to have received this honor of membership in the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels. Husband, John Pendleton, and her late father, Laurence Jessie, have also been honored with this designation. The term Kentucky Colonel has been used since 1813 when early honorific Colonels served in the military during the War of 1812. Commissioned Kentucky Colonels are considered members of the Governor's Staff, albeit unpaid, and his honorary aides-de-camp, good will ambassadors for the State of Kentucky. The mission of Kentucky Colonels is to raise money to support charities, educational efforts and other works to benefit citizens of Kentucky and beyond. The motto of the organization, "Kentucky Colonels Care" well suits Barbara Pendleton who was nominated as a Kentucky Colonel by Colonel Sander's look-alike, Donald "Mac" McLeod for her service on behalf of the Glasgow Barren County Newcomer's Club of which she is a founding member. Mac announced the honor and presented the framed certificate of admission to the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels at the Tuesday, November 10 dinner meeting and annual fundraiser auction of the Newcomer's Club.

Submitted by Linda Hitchcock, Newcomer's Club

Kaylee and Bradley
Picture Featured:    November 24, 2009 Kaylee and Bradley
Belinda England sent us these and writes:
Hi Bill, I have two requests: One is of my granddaughter (right), Kaylee Jade Holder. It was taken at Weldon Park this past Sunday with all the fall colors. And the other is of my son (left), Bradley England, he plays the trombone and is marching for the University of Kentucky Band. This was taken last Saturday at the UK vs. EKU football game in Lexington.

Thank you. Belinda

MCNP "Cave Sing"
Picture Featured:    November 25, 2009 MCNP "Cave Sing"
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
Rangers Johnny Merideth (left) and Chuck Decroix search for the traditional cedar tree to decorate the Rotunda for the Cave Sing. Credit: NPS photo by Nicole Bull.

Come to the Cave Sing December 6

(MAMMOTH CAVE NATIONAL PARK – November 20, 2009) Mammoth Cave National Park Superintendent Patrick Reed invites all area residents to the 30th annual Cave Sing, Sunday, December 6. Meet at the park visitor center for this free event.

“The Cave Sing began as a community outreach event in 1980,” said Reed. “Families and neighbors, music and songs, it is just fun to visit the cave. Everyone is invited.”

Ranger Chuck Decroix, one of the event coordinators, said the idea for the Cave Sing dates back to 1883, when local residents held a Christmas celebration in Mammoth Cave. An article about the event stated: "The halls of the cave rang with joyous carols and the laughter of happy children."

“We feel like we are reenacting a part of the great Cave’s past,” said Johnny Merideth, another event coordinator. “Singing carols underground by lantern light – there’s no better way to start the holiday season.”

Cave Sing schedule:

Before the Sing
1:15 - Storytelling at the Mammoth Cave Hotel Rotunda Room
2:00 - Depart for cave from visitor center

Inside the Cave
2:30 – Rotunda, featuring The Glasgow Brass Quintet

2:45 - Methodist Church, featuring:
Susan Morris and “The Faith Ladies Trio”
Western Kentucky University Women's Chorus
The Men’s Chorus of the First Christian Church Disciples of Christ

After the Sing
3:30 - Mammoth Cave Hotel, where Santa Claus arrives and complimentary refreshments are served.

In addition to serving cookies and hot apple cider after the Cave Sing, the Mammoth Cave Hotel will also be conducting an all-day open house on December 6, with special discounts in both gift shops.

Contact the park for more information: 270.758.2180, or

The Jungle Book
Picture Featured:    November 26, 2009 The Jungle Book
Lora sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a picture of The Jungle Book presented by SGE Drama on Tuesday night (November 17th).

Our Garden...
Picture Featured:    November 27, 2009 Our Garden...
Pam sent us these and writes:
Just wanted to share a picture of my littlest flower growing in my garden... My garden of grandchildren that is. This Halle Jane at her first ever Halloween party. Don't you think she a gorgeous little flower. She and her brother Max had a great Halloween at their Nana and Papa's(Doug and Pam Hunt). We had a few friends and family over and had a FUN filled night. Thanks for letting me share these pictures with you.

The Cowboys
Picture Featured:    November 28, 2009 The Cowboys
Brandy Smith sent us these and writes:
Here is a picture of the Barren County Little League Champions "The Cowboys." Also is a picture of my niece Avrie Thrasher with her trophy for cheerleading for the Cowboys!

Brandy Smith

BRAWA's Pennies for Puppies
Picture Featured:    November 29, 2009 BRAWA
BRAWA sent us this photo and writes:
Caverna Middle School students conducted a 'Pennies for Puppies' drive and collected over $500 for BRAWA's low cost spay/neuter program. Pictured are Caverna Middle School principal Barry Nesbitt and Assistant Wilma Bunnel presenting the money collected by their students to BRAWA Director Margie Patton.

Visit the BRAWA Website...

Toddlers giving back...
Picture Featured:    November 30, 2009 Toddlers giving back...
Holly Snyder sent us this photo and writes:
Just wanted to show off my very kind and giving crew of toddlers! Each child gave a coat or two to a local coat drive. Michelle at the WILLIE was kind enough to let us bring her the coats and pay her a visit at the station. Thanks Willie.. Pictured are: Max, Easton, Jase and Kale. What a great bunch to spend my days with, and what a blessing to help teach them about giving.

Thanks for letting me share, Holly Snyder.

Sam & Eric messing up that hard work
Picture Featured:    December 01, 2009 Sam & Eric messing up that hard work
Gary Marable sent us this photo a few days ago and writes:
Hi, after the meeting today I went out to rake leaves. Sam and Eric came by to mess up all that hard work (if Sam is itchy tonight at least you'll know why).

Gary Marable

Local Clubs...
Picture Featured:    December 02, 2009 Local Clubs...
(upper photo) Joe Hatchett sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, The reorganized Glasgow Model Airplane Club had our November meeting Saturday the 21st. Pictured are some of the model airplanes and pilots at the flying field.

Joe Hatchett

(lower photo) Royce Moore sent us this photo and writes:
Hello, Bill. This is a recent photo of some members of our car club, The Mustang Mafia, of America. We enjoyed the most beautiful weather with a Sunday afternoon cruise through Mammoth Cave National Park. We have members that own Ford Mustangs as old as 1966 and as new as 2008. Our Glasgow chapter was formed this year with Royce Moore as chapter President. We've enjoyed several planned events this year. Our club is a non-profit organization and we invite anyone who is interested in our club to contact Royce Moore at or visit the national website at

Royce Moore

A Charlie Brown Christmas
Picture Featured:    December 03, 2009 A Charlie Brown Christmas
Joel Wilson sent us these and writes:
Snoopy, Lucy, Linus, Charlie Brown and the rest of the gang are getting ready for a great Christmas at Glenview Christian Church. Accompanied by live jazz musicians, the children at Glenview will be performing the beloved Christmas classic, “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Bring the whole family for a night of free fun. This is a two night only event, Saturday, Dec. 12 and Sunday, Dec. 13 at 6:00pm. Come early to get a good seat as Glenview‘s kids present A Charlie Brown Christmas. For more information, call 678-4211 or log on to

In the photos above, the cast of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is shown at a dress rehearsal and Charlie Brown, Lucy and Linus ask "What's up, Snoopy?" as the children of Glenview Christian Church practice for "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

Joel Wilson

The Glenview Christian Church Website

GHS Class of '89 Reunion
Picture Featured:    December 04, 2009 GHS Class of
Jamie Marion Biven sent us this photo and writes:
The Glasgow High School Class of 1989 held their 20 year class reunion on Sat., Nov. 28th at the Glasgow Golf and Country Club. There was a great turnout and we had a lot of fun catching up with each other.

Jamie Marion Biven (Class of 1989)

In the photo, first row (Left to right): Jeff Nunn, Wells Woodward, Mark Nichols, Kevin Payne, Margaret (Damm) Carter, Chris Manion, Glenn Ferrin, Chris Barnette, Craig Cassady, Mike Shirley and Jonathan Frasier.
Second row (Left to right): Gretchen (Pollom) Bautista, Amy (Norris) Cassady, Shana (Wood) Garrett, Angela (Bailey) Greenfield, Steve Francis, Jennifer (Coy) Dossey, Bryan Baysinger, Michelle (Sittler) Wyatt, Jenny (Bailey) , Kate Tilton, Stacy (Branham) Kupchella, Michelle (Elmore) Inman, Coleen (Pitkanen) Bidwell, Traci (Settle) Elmlinger, Brian Elmlinger.
Third row (Left to right): Steven Runyon, Martha Sue Gaffin, Ernesta Hayes, Kim Delk, Tammi (Whilow) Sublett, Lori (Campbell) Rush, Amy (Green) Houchin , Debbie (Anderson) Perkins, Sherry (Dennison) Maxwell, J.P. McCarley, Powell Ropp, Cynthia (Irving) Wilkerson, Winn Davis, Rodney Norris, Rodney Henderson, Beth (Stice) Kidwell, Scott Bidwell.
Fourth row (Left to right): Marla (McIntyre) Houchens, Jamie (Marion) Biven, Leslie (Lane) Bradshaw, Allison Minor, Allison (Atnip) Chambers, Ann (Baker) Phillips, Meredith Hagedorn, Sherry Delk, Kathy (Dickinson) Glass, Deanna Mills, Katherine (Heltsley) Atkinson, Greg Bailey, Scott Basil, Jeff Hughes, Reggie Tittle.

Cooking and Modelling
Picture Featured:    December 05, 2009 Cooking and Modelling
(upper photos) CheyAnne Fant sent us these and writes:
Barren County High School Seniors Rebecca Giesin, Ella Ratliff, and Jordan Tyler Meadors performed a cooking show for the Kentucky Beef Council and the Kentucky Department of Career and Technical Education. These students prepared Flank Steak a la Willyboy, and they truly impressed the crowd. These students have completed dual-credit coursework related to the foodservice industry, and they will continue to serve in the Family Consumer Science Department as they cater school and local events.

CheyAnne Fant, BCHS Family & Consumer Science Teacher

(lower photo) Kristy Felitsky sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of my daughter Chesney Bethel walking the runway at the Proscout Invitational in Charlotte, NC on November 8, 2009. Chesney did a wonderful job and received 7 callbacks from top modeling and talent agencies nationwide. We are all very proud of her.

Ben Palmer is the winner!
Picture Featured:    December 06, 2009 Ben Palmer is the winner!
Lori Beth Avery sent us this photo and writes:
Each year the Christmas Parade Committee holds a contest to see what lucky boy or girl gets to ride with Santa in the parade and this year our winner was Ben Palmer of Park City Elementary. We surprised him at his school Wednesday morning and presented him with gift certificate and a personalized ornament. In the picture are Anthony Janes (Park City Elementary Principal), Lori Beth Avery, Rich Alexander and Krissie Coe Fields from the parade committee and our winner, Ben Palmer.

Lori Beth Avery

The Lady Warriors
Picture Featured:    December 07, 2009 The Lady Warriors
Bev Pitcock sent us this photo and writes:
This is the Glasgow Christian Academy Lady Warriors volleyball team. At the end of October, the girls played in the KCAA Varsity Volleyball Tournament and received 4th place. The girls pictured above are the girls who attended and played at the tournament. Great job to all the girls that played this year!

Front row L to R: Heather Whitlow, Trista Childress, Molly Whitlow, Ellen Howard
Back row L to R: Melaine Ward, Jeanna Smith, Christa Wing, Caroline Frankenburg, Olivia Pitcock, Hanna Cross, Emma Whitlow, Anastesha Arosteguy

Bev Pitcock

A 5K Run
Picture Featured:    December 08, 2009 A 5K Run
Mike Padgett sent us these and writes:
Joel Padgett (Army) and Miki Padgett (USMC) brothers and sons of Mike and Rosana Padgett both ran in the 5K Run for Community Relief - Salvation Army Saturday. They came in 13th and 14th of 87 runners respectively.

Joel Padgett is an '08 graduate of Glasgow High School and received the first full ROTC scholarship given through Glasgow High School. He is a sophomore at WKU. He finished first in his age group in the 5K on Saturday.

Miki Padgett is a USMC veteran. He served in Iraq and now contracts with the Department of Defense in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a graduate of WKU. Miki is 33 and Joel is 19. They are the oldest and youngest of the Padgett children.

A Wonderful Time
Picture Featured:    December 09, 2009 A Wonderful Time
Dale Hawkins sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, we celabrated a second birthday party with Micah Myatt on Sunday afternoon. Special hero Barney made a brief appearnce. She had a wonderful time with familey and friends.

Wednesday Morning Outage
Picture Featured:    December 10, 2009 Wednesday Morning Outage
I, the WebMeister, took this photo yesterday morning over on West Cherry Street...
Just after 7:00am, my power at home went off. As I was on my way in to the office, the reason for the outage was very apparent. The high wind gusts and a very old, and large, tree limb decided to work together to put customers from Cedar Street to as far away as Humble Ave. in the dark for just over an hour (roughly 350 total customers). A crossarm was broken on one pole and the limb hit hard enough to actually split the adjacent pole down the middle. EPB crews got some temporary repairs made, then completed switching to restore the power to the customers affected by the outage.

Here's something to consider: If 350 or more customers are trying to call the EPB at once, even though we have multiple incoming phone lines, it's very likely that you won't get through to anyone, at least for a while. If you want to be kept in the know, getting reliable information from your technology utility, consider "following us" on twitter. You'll get updates as we send them, but we won't worry you to death with useless information. If you have text messaging on your mobile phone, you can even get the messages forwarded there. Even if your power is out, you'll STILL know what's going on! Come on, follow the EPB on twitter. Let us know if you have any trouble setting it up. We'll be glad to help. Thanks!

A beautiful frosty morning
Picture Featured:    December 11, 2009 A beautiful frosty morning
Rosemary Sturdivant sent us this photo and writes:
Wanting to share a picture of: A Beautiful Frosty morning with flowers still in bloom on 12-01-09.

Submitted by: Rosemary Sturdivant

Last Rose of Summer & Charlie
Picture Featured:    December 12, 2009 Last Rose of Summer & Charlie
Wendell Kennison sent us these and writes:
(left photo) November 9, 2009
Hi Bill,
This is the last rose of Summer in my yard.. Winter can't be far behind.. (You can say that again, Wendell - The WebMeister)

(right photo) November 23, 2009
Hi Bill,
My friend Charlie is a nightly dinner guest.He is an expert beggar and moocher... I never forget that he is a wild animal and stay my distance...

Peace this season...
Picture Featured:    December 13, 2009 Peace this season...
Todd Barbour sent us this photo and writes:
These were actually taken outside our back door at the EPB. In this case, it seems as though maybe God could be looking down upon our troops (See the National Guard Armory?). May all of our troops and their families be at peace this Giving season.


GHS Chorus at "Deck the Halls"
Picture Featured:    December 14, 2009 GHS Chorus at "Deck the Halls"
Bill Anderson sent this photo to himself and writes:
I took this at Highland Elementary's annual "Deck the Halls" celebration Saturday, December 5th. In the photo, Todd Woodward (and wife, Lisa) are directing several selected members of the GHS Chorus as they performed for the big crowd.

Christmas Play
Picture Featured:    December 15, 2009 Christmas Play
Shawna Shartzer sent us this photo from the Temple Hill Church Christmas play and writes:
Special thanks to Tracy Roberts and Sharon Burgess for directing a wonderful Christmas Play this weekend : )

A special birthday gift
Picture Featured:    December 16, 2009 A special birthday gift
Virginia Brewster sent us these and writes:
Bill, just wanted to share a few photos of my beautiful daughter, and wonderful son-in-law, Tonya and Bryan Redford. They are giving me a very special birthday present this March... my first grand-baby, Marley Reese. I am so proud for them, they are so excited. It couldn't happen to two better people, they are so in love!! Thanks for letting me share! Merry Christmas!!

Virginia Brewster

Merry Christmas!
Picture Featured:    December 17, 2009 Merry Christmas!
Jackie Royse took this photo of the EPB's crew personnel at the EPB warehouse...
Merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays from all of us, and Rudolph, too! One request: The guys asked the rest of us not to even ask where the Christmas tree in the backgound came from. Hmmm...
The Glasgow Electric Plant Board

Enjoying the Game
Picture Featured:    December 18, 2009 Enjoying the Game
Pam Goad sent us this photo and writes:
My granddaughter, Layla, enjoying a UK game. She loves any sport that has a ball in it. Her mom and dad are Jared and Nicole Purlsey.

2009 Christmas Parade
Picture Featured:    December 19, 2009 2009 Christmas Parade
Bill Anderson took these photos, then sent them to himself (sneaky, huh?)...
These are from the 2009 Community Christmas Parade. In the upper left are Sam and dad, Bill, "like father, like son," dressed in their overalls to try and keep warm. There are also a couple of photos of some of the more attention-getting displays in the parade this year.

Be sure to watch the parade, and all the other Christmas programs the EPB has taped for replay on Cable 6!

A Donation to Austin-Tracy School
Picture Featured:    December 20, 2009 A Donation to Austin-Tracy School
Bobby Wyatt sent us this photo and writes:
A check was presented to Angela Sneed, of Eastern Barren County Resource Center, at Austin-Tracy School from Austin Masonic Lodge #847 of Austin, Ky. Making the presentation are Clayton Mesker and Robert Wyatt, members of Austin Masonic Lodge.

Riley and Jackson in Gatlinburg
Picture Featured:    December 21, 2009 Riley and Jackson in Gatlinburg
Melanie Reed sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of my daughter, Riley, and her cousin Jackson in Gatlinburg this fall. We had beautiful weather and they had a great time together! Thanks for sharing.

Big WKU Fans
Picture Featured:    December 22, 2009 Big WKU Fans
Debbie Rich sent us this photo and writes:
I just wanted to share this picture of my grandchildren, BIG WKU FANS! Parents are Justin & Misty Rich-Flickinger. Debbie & Robin Rich - Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

MCNP battling invasive species...
Picture Featured:    December 23, 2009 MCNP battling invasive species...
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
Battle against invasive species continues in Mammoth Cave area

(MAMMOTH CAVE NATIONAL PARK – December 17, 2009) Mammoth Cave National Park has teamed up with the USDA-Mammoth Cave Resource Conservation and Development Council to continue the fight against invasive plant species. Using federal road department funding, state materials, and equipment from Mammoth Cave National Park, a team from the council has been conducting tree removal along several roads in the Mammoth Cave area.

“The focus will be on ailanthus, better known as the tree of heaven and paulownia, also known as the princess tree,” said resource specialist Brandon Christie who is leading the crew. “These two species of trees, which originated in Asia, are especially problematic because they smother out native hard wood species. Ailanthus even contains a chemical in its roots that inhibits the growth of other plants.”

The USDA-Mammoth Cave Resource Conservation and Development Council recently completed invasive tree removal along 23 miles of I-65 from south of Horse Cave to the Cumberland Parkway. Approximately 12,000 trees were eradicated along the highway. Other exotic plants treated include privet, honeysuckle, multiflora rose, and kudzu.

Christie explained, “We cut down the trees, and then we treat the stumps using an herbicide that is similar to Round-Up. The treatment we use doesn’t pose any risks because it is only viable for five to six hours after it is sprayed, but long enough to be effective.”

Removal efforts will be focused on Highway 70 from Cave City to Mammoth Cave National Park and on Highway 90 from Cave City to Glasgow. The team will concentrate on 17 sites that have major infestations of ailanthus and paulownia.

“This will be an on-going project because these plants are persistent,” said Christie. Within six months of treating some sites along I-65 the team found 80% regermination rates from seeds already hanging from trees when they are felled. Some spots will likely have to be re-treated every 3-5 years.

The cooperative project between the USDA-Mammoth Cave Resource Conservation and Development Council and the park will go hand in hand with Cave City’s efforts to plant dogwoods across the town. Dogwoods grow in the same general area as ailanthus and paulownia. Working to eradicate these destructive invasive species will blaze a trail for successfully planting and cultivating native hardwoods such as dogwoods.

- NPS -

A surprise visitor
Picture Featured:    December 24, 2009 A surprise visitor
Craig and Abby Medford sent us this photo and write:
Hey Bill! Our son Seth was recently invited up to Commonwealth Broadcasting to see a surprise visitor for the night. He and Santa both enjoyed their visit! This was a big change from previous years when Santa was someone to be looked at from far away!

Craig and Abby Medford

Greetings from the United Kingdom
Picture Featured:    December 25, 2009 Greetings from the United Kingdom
Our friend from all the way across the sea in the UK, George Newport, sends us Christmas greetings and writes:
Hello, Glasgow.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and New Year.

George & Jean Newport
Village of Bridge. nr Canterbury, UK

Thanksgiving Day
Picture Featured:    December 26, 2009 Thanksgiving Day
Jena Pace sent us this photo and writes:
Just wanted to share this sweet photo of my daughter and granddaughter on Thanksgiving day. Julie and Katie Simmons. I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful family.

Shelby Byrd
Picture Featured:    December 27, 2009 Shelby Byrd
Jamie Byrd sent us these and writes:
Shelby Drew Byrd, Daughter of Jamie and Daniel Byrd, formerly of Glasgow, KY. Shelby is also the granddaughter of Jimmy & Teresa Bewley, of Glasgow, and Glenn & Judy Byrd, of Glasgow and the great granddaughter of Harry and Lou Jean Jewell, of Glasgow. Shelby is so excited to go to Glasgow for the holidays!

After Christmas...
Picture Featured:    December 29, 2009 After Christmas...
Linda Burchett sent us these and writes:
Do you think this might be what Santa does after Christmas? This "Santa Pa" certainly does!

Linda Burchett

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