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This picture was featured June 26, 2009 ...
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At the Ballgame!
June 25, 2009
Mushrooms from Mammoth Cave
June 24, 2009
Local Kids
June 23, 2009
Hummer/Mrs. Harvey
June 22, 2009
Recent Storm Damage!
Recent Storm Damage!
(upper left) Alice Thrasher sent us this photo and writes:
Storm damage.
(upper right) Tim and Brenda sent us this photo and write:
Here are a few shots from some of the damage at the Glasgow CC golf course.
(lower left) Jena Pace sent us this photo and writes:
Strom damage yesterday afternoon. Thnakful no one was hurt. But Chad Livingston's blazaer didn't make it thur. We had many trees down on jackson hwy. One landed on our front proch.
(lower right) Michelle Estes sent us this photo and writes:
I obtained the following pics on Hwy 68/80 today while trying to get home before the storm hit. Sadly, I missed home by 2 minutes and had to wait out the storm at a safe location until it was safe to drive again. These were taken just before you get to the A.L. Shirley Road and on down to where the Windy Hill Store was. I hope you can use them.

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4-Wheelin' with Dad
Picture Featured:    July 01, 2006 4-Wheelin
Jennifer Matthews sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a pic of my husband, Justin Matthews, with his daughter, Alexis. She loves riding the four-wheeler around the yard with her dad.

Jennifer Matthews

Gracie's 5!
Picture Featured:    July 02, 2006 Gracie
Angela Delk sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of Gracie Delk at her 5th birthday party on June 17, 2006 at Weldon Park. She will be turning five on June 21. She is the daughter of Philip and Angela Delk (she's the one in the middle).

Golf at Whistling Straits...
Picture Featured:    July 03, 2006 Golf at Whistling Straits...
Patrick Katchak sent us this photo May 30 and writes:
I hope all is well. I went to Wisconsin last week to visit a fellow Glasgow friend, Chris Deckard. As I have told you before, Chris works for the Kohler Company's Golf Operation in Wisconsin. In this picture, we are standing on the 17th tee. It is a par three which, on Saturday, May 27, measured 219 yards. As you can see, there is NO room for error on this hole.

We had the opportunity to spend a week golfing in Wisconsin and wrapped the week up with a trip to Whistling Straits. Whistling held the 2004 PGA Championship, will hold the 2007 Senior's PGA Championship and will also hold the 2020 Ryder Cup. The course is set right on the shores of Lake Michigan. It is a Scottish style golf course, designed by Pete Dye, and is very tough to play. The slope (difficulty) from the back tees is 151. It is regularly ranked in the top 10 of all courses in the U.S.

Thanks for sharing the picture. It is a very special place and the golf is pretty darn good as well!

Happy 4th of July!
Picture Featured:    July 04, 2006 Happy 4th of July!
(left) Becky Perkins sent us the photo on the left and writes:
Here is a picture of my sister, Emily, and our horse, Frank. As you can tell, they both love the camera.
(right) Brian Driver sent us the photo on the right and writes:
Here is the big one! This is my son, Ethan, with his first BIG catch. He and his grandfather, Willie Cary, fish a lot at Green River Reservoir in Taylor County and that is where he caught this Largemouth Bass.

The Barren River Bats
Picture Featured:    July 05, 2006 The Barren River Bats
Kim Glass sent us this photo and writes:
Barren River Bats, a 14 Under traveling baseball team, competed in the USSSA 14 Under State Tournament June 16th, 17th & 18th. They finished Runner-up and will go to St. Louis July 9-15 to compete in the AAYBA 14 Under World Series.

Top left to right:
Spencer Petett (Monroe Co), Scott Palmore (Caverna), Alex Smith (Glasgow), Cody Richardson (Glasgow), Mikey Glass (Glasgow)
Bottom left to right:
Seth Phelps (Barren Co.), Jud Perkins (Barren Co), Dean Glass (Glasgow), Tyler Emberton (Glasgow), Jackson Arnett (Monroe Co.). Neil Wilson (Monroe Co.) did not attend State competition with the Bats but will be attending St. Louis with them.

They're coached by Larry Glass, Michael Glass, Tim Emberton, Gary Phelps and Tracy Arnett. Congratulations and good luck!

Goat on Roof!
Picture Featured:    July 06, 2006 Goat on Roof!
Marty Wooten sent us this photo back in early June and writes:
I spent 22 days running around Scandanavia last summer, and I saw thousands of buildings with grass roofs. This is the only one I saw with a goat on it. This was in the Rodane N.P. Norway.

A Luna Moth at MCNP
Picture Featured:    July 07, 2006 A Luna Moth at MCNP
Vickie Carson of Mammoth Cave National Park sent us this photo, taken by Rick Olson, and writes:
You're Invited to aid in Lepidoptera Study at Mammoth Cave NP
July 7-9, a dozen amateur lepidopterists are gathering in Mammoth Cave National Park to conduct the second year of an ongoing inventory of Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) in the park. The park is inviting the public to assist in two related activities on Saturday, July 8:

10:00-11:00am, you're invited to join Dr. Jeffrey Marcus of WKU and Dr. Kurt Helf of Mammoth Cave National Park’s Science and Resources Management Division for a free butterfly walk. This is to familiarize outdoor enthusiasts of all ages with the Lepidoptera in the park. Participants will join Dr. Marcus on a walk down to the Green River via the River Styx Spring trail to observe, capture (catch and release), and identify moths and butterflies to assist with the park’s inventory. When participants reach the river, they will check baited traps left the night before for additional moths and butterflies. Interested parties should meet at the pavilion in front of the visitor center.

8:00-9:30pm, Dr. Marcus will erect a mercury vapor lamp and a white sheet to attract night-flying moths at the park’s Maple Springs research facility, north of the Green River Ferry. Participants will observe, capture (catch and release) and identify the attracted species with Dr. Marcus’ assistance as part of Mammoth Cave’s ongoing Lepidoptera inventory.

During last year’s inventory, nearly 1000 spp. of lepidoptera were documented at Mammoth Cave. The lepidopterists also discovered one moth new to science, two moth species found in only one other location in Kentucky, and a population of the Olympia Marble, a particularly beautiful rare butterfly. The park’s Olympia Marble population is one of only four known in Kentucky.

For more information, please call Dr. Marcus at (270) 745-2043 or Dr. Kurt Helf at (270) 758-2163.

Mission Trip to Reynosa, Mexico
Picture Featured:    July 08, 2006 Mission Trip to Reynosa, Mexico
Gary Pierce II sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a picture of 25 missionaries from Immanuel Baptist Church here in Glasgow. They have spent the week leading a Vacation Bible School in Reynosa, Mexico. Read more about their trip on Missionaries were Andreu Edge, Shawn Estes, Carla Estes, Madison Estes, Maverick Estes, Mike Harris, Krista Harris, Mary Harris, Will Harris, Gary Huddleston, Teresa Huddleston, Michelle Huddleston, Penny Huffman, Lindsay Huffman, Ava Keen, Becca Keen, Bill Moore, Sandy Moore, Marisa Moore, Josiah Moore, Tony Peavler, Della Peavler, Cole Peavler, Cameron Peavler and Braydon Peavler.

Cute Kids
Picture Featured:    July 09, 2006 Cute Kids
(left) "pahunt" sent us the photo on the left and writes:
This is my 11-month-old grandson, Max Trowbridge, who went to the Edmonson County Walking Horse Show and competed in the stick horse class...... the judge had such a hard time deciding who had the best horse that he gave everyone in the class a blue ribbon, a dollar bill, and a medallion for their entry.... Everyone (moms and dads and grandparents alike) was thrilled because, of course, we all thought they were all the best!
(right) Judi sent us the photo on the right and writes:
This is our little granddaughter. She is 18 months old.

Judi, Cave City

(inset) Jennifer England sent us the inset photo and writes:
Hi, everyone... This is my niece, Kaitlin... Blowin' bubbles on the 4th of July at her Mamaw and Papaw Godsey's house. Ain't she adorable?

At the Plaza Theatre
Picture Featured:    July 10, 2006 At the Plaza Theatre
Jessica Durham sent us this photo entitled "As close as I will ever get to the Opry" and writes:
Hey friends! Just thought you all might want to see this picture of my Daddy (Tim Durham) playing at the Plaza Theater this last weekend with his band called Steel Country. He’s in the middle with the black guitar. It was a taping for a show on local cable called "Music Along the Cumberland." Ain’t he cute? I bought him a "hip and happening" outfit for the event (trying to get him out of the Wranglers…) and he actually wore it!
The Plaza Theatre

Meeting "Red" in Orlando
Picture Featured:    July 11, 2006 Meeting "Red" in Orlando
Cindy Martin sent us this photo and writes:
All my friends know that I collect M&M's characters, and I have always wanted to visit the M&M's World Store in Las Vegas. Well, I haven't made it there yet, but I did make it to the next best thing. Here are a couple of pictures of my sons, Dylan and Grayson, and myself with "Red" at the M&M's World Store in Orlando, Florida. We visited the store on our vacation this summer, and even though the store is not as big as the store in Las Vegas, it was so worthwhile! Wall-to-wall M&M's... what a colorful, wonderful, tasty place to be!

Cindy Martin

Just after the storm...
Picture Featured:    July 12, 2006 Just after the storm...
Wendell Kennison sent us these photos and writes:
Hi, Bill,
I shot this picture after a storm had just passed... It was amazing how the colors changed in just a short time...


Class of 2009 Residents
Picture Featured:    July 13, 2006 Class of 2009 Residents
Amy Dickson sent us this photo and writes:
Reception Welcomes Class of 2009 Residents

The Health Care Committee of the Glasgow-Barren County Chamber of Commerce held a reception for the Class of 2009 Residents from the U of L & T.J Samson Family Medicine Program on July 11. The Glasgow-based residency program was established in 1997. The program concentrates on training physicians for practice in a rural-based community that spans several counties and supports nearly 200,000 people. Thank you to all of our sponsors. Barren County is proud to welcome them to the community!

The Class of 2009 includes (L-R): Robin Mahlow, Ross University, Heather Garrett, University of Kentucky, Joshua Benge, University of Kentucky, Chris Marshall, University of Tennessee College of Medicine.

Dollars and $ense
Picture Featured:    July 14, 2006 Dollars and $ense
Jewel Searcy sent us this photo and writes:
Food, Funds, Fellowship
When the Dollars and $ense Investment Club of Glasgow purchased stock in the Cheesecake Factory Restaurant, they decided to take a field trip to Louisville and check it out. They enlisted the Chariots of Class limousine service. Members attending were Elaine Wade, Jane Simmons, Bambie Myers and Jane Hammer (in front), Janet Witcher, Jewel Searcy, Marcus Kingrey, Joan Edwards, Judy Brown, Georgia Beth Albany and Kay Bush.

What a day...
Picture Featured:    July 15, 2006 What a day...
George & Sandi Thomasson sent us this photo and write:
Revenna Separate Baptist Church in Edmonton had 14 baptized on Sunday, July 2. Here are the ones baptized and the helpers. The pastor at the church is Bro. Roy Tomlin. It was a great day for a baptizing. Photo by Pam Gibson.

The Red Cross Braves
Picture Featured:    July 16, 2006 The Red Cross Braves
Todd Billingsley sent us this photo and writes:
The Red Cross Braves were runners-up in the Barren County Little League Livearm Tournament held at Temple Hill. Great season and congratulations!

Front row: Zack Payne, Barrett Billingsley, Britton Crabtree, Derek Gossett, Spencer Casteel
Back row: Head Coach Brain Crabtree, Dakota Wyatt, Ben Leftwich, Aaron Hopkins, Citt Cumberland, Sheldon Burks, Asst. Coach Mike Hopkins

From Ground Zero
Picture Featured:    July 17, 2006 From Ground Zero
Melanie Smith sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill! I was recently in New York City for the weekend while on vacation and we visited Ground Zero. Pictured is a cross that was built by steel beams from the World Trade Centers. Just thought I would share.

Melanie Smith

NASA's Terry Wilcutt and Friends
Picture Featured:    July 18, 2006 NASA
Anthony Thomas sent us this photo and writes:
At the time of this picture (back in December, 2005), I didn't realize who Terry Wilcutt really was. After reading the newspaper the other day, I realized how special he is to NASA! As Manager of NASA's Safety Program, Wilcutt's primary duty is to make sure the shuttle is safe to fly. It's neat to meet someone like this. Left to right are Terry Wilcutt, Matt Kafer, Anthony Thomas and Matt Crimmins.
NASA - National Aeronautics & Space Administration

Bob & Judy in California
Picture Featured:    July 19, 2006 Bob & Judy in California
Bob & Judy Risley sent us these photos and writes:
These photos are of our California grandsons. They were taken at the Ironstone Winery in Murphy, California. Upper left are Judy & Bob Risley, Cayden and Yvette (Risley) Jenkins, upper right are Cayden & Cody Jenkins. The Jenkins family live in the "Big Tree" area of California, the home of gigantic Sequoia trees, some as tall as 300 feet.

(bottom) Here are a couple more photos of California trip. #1 is of a portion of the tree cut. The portion facing you when standing was approximately 30 feet off the ground, 27 feet in diameter. #2 is off the stump itself and after the tree was cut, a two-lane bowling alley had been built on the stump. Maybe you can get an idea of the height and size of these trees.

Bob & Judy Risley

The Red Cross Orioles
Picture Featured:    July 20, 2006 The Red Cross Orioles
BJ Eaton sent us this photo and writes:
I would like to submit this picture of the Red Cross Orioles Pitching Machine Team who defeated the Temple Hill Yankees 15-14 in the Championship game at Hiseville Elementary in the Boys Pitching Machine Tournament.

1st Row: Jonathan Bunnell, A.J. Hanner, Ellis Wininger, Seth Groce, Pate Shipley
2nd Row: Dalton Adwell, Colton Kise, River Neal, Corey Kise, Austen Eaton
3rd Row: Will Vance, Coach Mark Shipley, Coach Brandon Wininger, and Daniel Hanner

Sleeping Angels
Picture Featured:    July 21, 2006 Sleeping Angels
Connie Lyon sent us this photo entitled "Sleeping Angels" and writes:
I've had so many comments on this photo, that I've decided to share it with everyone. My sister (Sheila Bunch) and myself both became first time grandmothers this year 11 weeks apart. I took this photo of our grandchildren on July 8th after they both fell asleep following a family get-together. They ended up in this position after laying them down with fingers touching, so I couldn't resist taking a photo. At left is Reagan Brooke Lyon, 3-months-old, and at right is Mason Will Bunch, 6-months-old.

At a St.. Louis Cardinals Game
Picture Featured:    July 22, 2006 At a St.. Louis Cardinals Game
Beth Cunningham sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of Matthew Poore at a St. Louis Cardinals game in the new Bush Stadium.

In South Africa...
Picture Featured:    July 23, 2006 In South Africa...
Tim Stutler sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill,
Recently members of the Glasgow Cumberland Presbyterian Church returned from a mission trip to South Africa. We helped finish a church building as well as led a Vacation Bible School with nearly 350 children. On our final night of ministry, we saw between 500-600 people come to eat a dinner we prepared and to attend worship. Pictured are some of the children returning from school with crafts they had made the previous day. Enjoy.

Tim Stutler

Glasgow Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Visiting Times Square...
Picture Featured:    July 24, 2006 Visiting Times Square...
Melanie sent us these and writes:
Hello! I visited NYC while on vacation recently with Chris Klaes. Here we are in Times Square. We had lots of fun and can't wait to go back!

Foggy Mornings
Picture Featured:    July 25, 2006 Foggy Mornings
(left) "gkbyrd" sent us this photo and writes:
I have shared snowy scenes and others, here is a foggy one taken awhile back. I thought I would share this one also.
(right) Wendell Kennison sent us this photo June 8 and writes:
Hi Bill,
This is the scene I saw this morning at 6:00am. The sun was just peeping over the hill...

The Coach Pitch Dodgers
Picture Featured:    July 26, 2006 The Coach Pitch Dodgers
Sondra Nuckols sent us this photo and writes:
Glasgow Little League Coach Pitch Dodgers ended the season with great success. We tied for 1st in season play and placed 2nd in the tournament. We had a wonderful year and fantastic support from our families. The players are (bottom row): Ashland Paige, Desi Austin, Gage Martin, Cameron Neal, Carson Jessie (future Little League player), Allie Chapman, Megan Williams, McKenzie Blackburn, (middle row): Drake Jessie, Colby Greer, Jameson Wisdom, James Kingery, Matthew Nuckols, Cory Shirley, and Zoey Ross, (back row): Asst. Coach Jeff Jessie, Head Coach Becky Kingery and Asst. Coach Chris Shirley.

Thank you to all who are involved in making the Glasgow Little League program such a great success year after year.

Yesterday, Dodgers. Today, Dodgers Stadium.
Picture Featured:    July 27, 2006 Yesterday, Dodgers. Today, Dodgers Stadium.
Tommy High sent us these and writes:
My family visited Los Angeles last week. On July 3, we were able to watch the LA Dodgers best the Arizona Diamondbacks by a score of 10-4.

I have attached two photos taken by my son, David. One is of the stadium during a pitching change and the second is the beautiful sunset as seen from Dodger Stadium.

Tommy High

New Marcher Band Camp at GHS
Picture Featured:    July 28, 2006 New Marcher Band Camp at GHS
Tambra Cambron sent us these and writes:
Mr. Anderson,
The Glasgow Scottie Band started their "new marcher" band camp this week under the direction of our new Band Director, Brent Burris. As you can see, Mr. Burris is "keeping them in line!" Parents and students are very excited about the upcoming season! For updates on the band activities, check out their Website at

Tambra Cambron

Temple Hill VBS
Picture Featured:    July 29, 2006 Temple Hill VBS
Sharon Burgess sent us this photo and writes:
Our church, Temple Hill Baptist, had its Vacation Bible School June 26-30. We had 128 children enrolled. This is our group picture made on June 29. Thought you might be able to put it on the Glasgow Webpage. Thanks.

Sharon Burgess

Poppies from the UK
Picture Featured:    July 30, 2006 Poppies from the UK
George Newport sent us this photo and writes:
Hello. From England, you may like this field of poppies near my house just outside Canterbury, UK. Farmers are paid not to plant up some fields and sometimes poppies grow?

George Newport

"... you have to take it..."
Picture Featured:    July 31, 2006 "... you have to take it..."
Sarah Hampton sent us this photo and writes:
When a beautiful picture comes around you have to take it. This morning as I was leaving to go to work, I looked at my wildflower bed and saw these two pictures jump out at me and I had to get my camera and take them. Nature is truly a beautiful thing. These pictures are taken at my home on Garrett Road here in Glasgow. Thank you.

Sarah Hampton

Ride 'em, cowboy!
Picture Featured:    August 01, 2006 Ride
Don Smyth sent us this photo and writes:
This is a photo of Jake Smyth, son of Jimmy and Penni Smyth. Jake is 10 years old and attends school at Austin-Tracy. He is pictured here riding a steer at the Allen County Sadle Club Rodeo. This event occurred Saturday night, July 22nd. The Tri-County area is to be commended for the activities provided for our youth.

Don Smyth (Jake's grandfather)

Enjoying the Barren County Fair...
Picture Featured:    August 02, 2006 Enjoying the Barren County Fair...
The Hatfield's sent us this photo and write:
Here's a picture of our granddaughter, Shady Lynn Wood, driving her dad Tony and mom Tabitha around in the Jalopy Junction cars at the first night of the Barren County Fair on Monday. She really loved all the rides, but I think the giant slide was her favorite as her and dad slid down it about 6 or 7 times. Thanks.

The Hatfield's

Uncle Dave Macon Days
Picture Featured:    August 03, 2006 Uncle Dave Macon Days
Emily Forrester sent us this photo and writes:
This summer my family and I made our annual trip to Murfreesboro, Tennessee for "Uncle Dave Macon Days," an old time music festival. Each year the festival presents the Heritage Award to a musician who has demonstrated the preservation of old time music. This year's recipient was Rhonda Vincent and the Rage. My girls, Caroline Emma (3 ½) and Maude Ellen (13 weeks) are big fans and just love her music. Hopefully, I have future musicians on my hands!

Emily Forrester

At the Panda Reserve in China
Picture Featured:    August 04, 2006 At the Panda Reserve in China
Vickie Wilson sent us this photo and writes:
Attached is a photo of my daughter, Jamie Wheeler Brown, with a baby Giant Panda from the Panda Reserve in China. Jamie has been in China for the last month with a Fulbright-Hays Foundation study group that included educators from Kentucky and Virginia.

Jamie is a 1994 graduate of Glasgow High School. She now lives in Bardstown with her husband, Chris, and three-year-old son, Grant. She is a social studies teacher at Marion County High School.

The Marion County group included Jamie, Pam Marks who is an elementary school principal and Roger Marcum who is the superintendent. These three folks wrote a daily blog from June 29 through July 22. It's very interesting to read. The Web link is as follows for anyone who would like to read about their experiences in China.

Vickie Vance Wilson

Fun at the Water
Picture Featured:    August 05, 2006 Fun at the Water
(left) Erica Denny sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill,
I recently got to go on my first vacation to Florida with my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Joey Martin along with my cousins, Grayson and Dylan. This photo is my first view of the ocean. I was in awe of how big and how beautiful it was. I can't wait to go again!

Erica Denny

(right) "gchapman" sent us this photo and writes:
Fun in the pool at Jamie and Rayeann Compton's Hart County home on July 4th.

Josie and Tina
Picture Featured:    August 06, 2006 Josie and Tina
Wendell Kennison sent us this photo and writes:
Hello again, Bill,
This is Josie and Tina, our great-granddaughters visiting from Des Moines, Iowa. They fell in love with the Sunflower and insisted I get a picture of them with the flower...


Oilers All-Star Traveling Team
Picture Featured:    August 07, 2006 Oilers All-Star Traveling Team
Miranda Hurt sent us this photo and writes:
Recently some of the members of the Oilers all-star traveling team got together to play in the Randall Cook Memorial softball tournament. Randall was our coach many moons ago and we miss him dearly! He was a great role model and helped shape our lives and values. Pictured are bottom row: Amanda (Trabue) Nipple, Tonya Cook, Jocelyn Mansfield, Amanda Froggett, and Ann Thomas Davenport back row: Sara Beth Simmons, Miranda (Chapman) Hurt, Krissy (Allbright) Friend, Alyssa (Pedigo) Lawrence, Miranda Cook, Jolissa Curtis, Megan (Curtis) Peterson, and Ashely (Woodcock) Proffitt. Randall would have been very proud to see us in action again.

Miranda Hurt

Visiting the Grizzlies...
Picture Featured:    August 08, 2006 Visiting the Grizzlies...
John Rogers sent us this photo taken July 17, 2006, and writes:
Here's John Thomas Rogers visiting the Grizzly Bears (Ursus arctos horribilis) at Brooks River Falls in Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska.

John Rogers

Happy 80th!
Picture Featured:    August 09, 2006 Happy 80th!
Pam Vance sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of our Dad, Dale Norman. He was 80 years old August 8th. We had a surpise birthday party for him on Sunday. We are so blessed to have such wonderful parents. We just wanted to share. We love you, Dad!

Vickie, Stacy, Pam, Sharon and Larry

From Laguna Seca, California
Picture Featured:    August 10, 2006 From Laguna Seca, California
Leticia Cline sent us these and writes:
Hey guys! It's Leticia Passmore-Cline here. I was born and raised in Glasgow and went to Barren County High School. Since then, I have been living in Florida and traveling and working as a professional model and supercross/motorcross announcer. Here are some photos from this weekend at Laguna Seca, California for the Moto GP. This is a race that only comes once a year to the US. From the photos you can see I met some really cool people like Fabio, Ian Ziering (90210) and Roger Lee Hayden (famous Owensboro, Ky. racer). Also, there's one of me and my poster for the magazine I write for Road Racer X. It was honestly the best time I had in a long time. Everyone needs to check it out next year!


Vette City Big Bird Fly-In
Picture Featured:    August 11, 2006 Vette City Big Bird Fly-In
Joe Hatchett sent us this photo and writes:
Thought you might like to see these photos of one of the BIG model airplanes at the Vette City Big Bird Fly-In in Bowling Green this past weekend. This is a replica of the B-29 that launched Chuck Yeager in the Bell X-1 Rocket Plane when he broke the sound barrier.

Joe Hatchett

On Vacation...
Picture Featured:    August 12, 2006 On Vacation...
(left) Paulette Wasylycia sent us this photo and writes:
On July 11th, while in Alberta, Canada on vacation, we visited the Frank Slide area... thought I'd share a picture of our visit to that part of Canada. The narrative below is from their Website:

"On April 29, 1903, at 4:10am, 82 million tons (30 million cubic meters) of limestone crashed from the summit of Turtle Mountain and buried a portion of the sleeping town of Frank. The dimensions of the rock mass that fell are 150 meters (500 feet) deep, 425 meters (1,400 feet) high and one kilometer (3,280 feet) wide."

Paulette Wasylycia

(right) Jeff Sharp sent us this photo and writes:
My family saw the Cincinnati Reds beat the Colorado Rockies on July 14, 2006, at Cincinnati's Great American Ballpark. I have attached a photo of my son, Elijah Sharp, and my nephew, Caleb Kingrey, standing next to Mr. Red.

Jeff Sharp

A Surprise Visitor
Picture Featured:    August 13, 2006 A Surprise Visitor
Mike Padgett sent us this photo and writes:
My son, Sgt. Miki Padgett, Ky. Army National Guard attached to the 101st Airborne, surprised us last night and arrived home to Glasgow for his two week leave from the war in Iraq.

Here he is in his seat as Truck Commander of his Humvee. He is Assistant Convoy commander for the many missions they have done in the last six months. His vehicle runs in the Scout position which means he runs ahead of the pack looking for trouble and has a very dangerous mission.

We are thankful to have him home for little while. He will return to Iraq for another six months too soon!

Mike Padgett

Go, Scotties!
Picture Featured:    August 14, 2006 Go, Scotties!
(left) Kylie Foushee sent us the photo on the left and writes:
Attached is a photograph of the Lady Scottie golfers who finished first in the Muhlenberg North Lady Star Invitational golf tournament in Central City, Kentucky on Monday, July 31. Lady Scottie Golfers are back row, left to right.. Kristen Wilkinson, Madison Myers, Laura Beth Harris and Kylie Foushee.. front row, left to right- Blair Dennison, Ashton Foushee, and Shannon Bishop. Kristen Wilkinson placed 3rd in individuals shooting a 36, one over par for 9 holes and Laura Beth Harris tied for 7th with a 38. This was the first golf tournament of the Lady Scottie's season. Off to a great start! =)

P.S. The tournament was delayed 3 hours due to heat, so the lady Scottie golfers entertained the opponents by doing karaoke.

*Kylie Foushee*

(right) Hayley Biggers sent us the photo on the right and writes:
This is Penny Biggers getting into the spirit of things as the new school year is quickly approaching. She's a Scottie at heart and she's getting ready for football season. Go Scotties!

The Biggers'

Hidden Dangers
Picture Featured:    August 15, 2006 Hidden Dangers
James Clouse sent us this photo in an email he entitled "Hidden Dangers" and writes:
I was taking pictures of some flowers the other day and noticed this "hidden" predator lurking amongst the petals.


Kayaking in South Carolina
Picture Featured:    August 16, 2006 Kayaking in South Carolina
Follis Crow sent us this photo and writes:
Dear Bill,
Recently my daughter, Haley, and Lauren Ray visited my son, Brey, in Charleston, South Carolina. Brey is a surfing instructor and kayak tour guide on Kiawah Island. He is a junior at the College of Charleston majoring in Marine Biology. Haley and Lauren enjoyed the trip so much they're moving to Charleston in September.

Follis Crow

The Fisherman in Our Family
Picture Featured:    August 17, 2006 The Fisherman in Our Family
Rhonda Pedigo sent us this photo recently in an email entitled "The Fisherman in Our Family" and writes:
Beau is the 5-year-old grandson of Mark and Rosemary Gassaway. They went camping this weekend and he caught his first trout. He not only caught them, he cleaned them and helped cook them! He was very proud of his fishing skills! Thanks!

Rhonda Pedigo

The Tour de Y Challenge
Picture Featured:    August 18, 2006 The Tour de Y Challenge
Kerry Zalla sent us this photo and writes:
The YMCA 5:30am Spinning® class recently completed the 2nd Annual Tour de Y Challenge to celebrate the Tour de France. Throughout the month of July, participants earned points by attending the 5:30am Spinning® classes, wearing heart rate monitors and bringing new participants to class. The classes also followed the Tour de France by simulating its rigorous race stages. A total of 11 people completed the challenge and won prizes such as T-shirts. The Tour de Y 5:30am Challenge not only provided fun and incentive for an early morning ride, it also built discipline and promoted a healthy lifestyle for all who participated.

Pictured are some of the participants. Back row, from left… Ted McMurtrey (instructor), Kerry Zalla (instructor), Sue Furlong and Dan Foutch. Front row, from left…. Ruth Ann Howell, Keith Manion, Peggy Burcham, Jackie Garner and Lisa Foutch. Absent from the photo are Shana Pack (instructor) and John Asriel.

Alex in South Korea
Picture Featured:    August 19, 2006 Alex in South Korea
Gary & Tammy Gibbons sent us these photos and write:
These are photos of our son, Specialist Alex Pedigo. He is Stationed at Camp Casey, South Korea. He and his wonderful wife, Connie, came home for a visit this summer. We are very proud of Alex and all of our military. Thank you for letting us share these photos with you.

Gary and Tamala Gibbons

Suzanne LIVE on Channel 38
Picture Featured:    August 20, 2006 Suzanne LIVE on Channel 38
Suzanne Nichols sent us this photo and writes:
This is Suzanne Nichols from Glasgow reporting live from CNN on March 26, 2006 on NCAA Basketball from Atlanta, Georgia. This was a trip with LaDean Hamilton.

Eagle Falls and Alpine Lake
Picture Featured:    August 21, 2006 Eagle Falls and Alpine Lake
(left) Jonathan Dubree sent us the photo on the left and writes:
Recently visited Cumberland Falls in Eastern Kentucky this week. A beautiful park. Here is a photo of Eagle falls, one of the few located in this region.
(right) Bob Risley sent us the photo on the right and writes:
This photo was taken at Alpine Lake, California. Pictured is our grandson (Cayden Jenkins) and our son-in-law, David Jenkins, and our other California grandson (Cody Jenkins) and our daughter, Yvette Jenkins. Dave is a California Highway Patrolman assigned to the Big Tree Area as a resident officer. Needless to say, we are very proud of him as we are both our sons-in-law. Thank you very much for your time.

Bob & Judy Risley

Project School Days
Picture Featured:    August 22, 2006 Project School Days
Linda Flickinger sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, I thought the community would be interested in the attached photo which is of members of the Glasgow-Barren County Board of Realtors recently picking up school supplies, which have been distributed to area schools. Thru "Project School Days," the Board of Realtors distributes school supplies to all the schools in the Glasgow and Barren County School systems and the Glasgow Christian Academy. The money to purchase these school supplies is raised from the proceeds of the annual Home and Garden Show and the events surrounding the show.

So far this year, the Board has spent over $6,500 on the much needed supplies. For more information on how you can donate school supplies or help with this ongoing project, contact Linda Flickinger at the Board of Realtors at 651-7322 or by email at Thanks!

Linda Flickinger
Executive Officer
Glasgow-Barren County Board of Realtors

Quilts of the Barrens
Picture Featured:    August 23, 2006 Quilts of the Barrens
Gayle Berry sent us this photo and writes:
Quilts of the Barrens Aug. 19-27
Don't miss "Quilts of the Barrens" August 19-27 at the South Central Kentucky Cultural Center (200 W. Water St.). Monday-Saturday, 9:00am-4:00pm, Sundays 1:00-5:00pm. Shown preparing for the show are (l-r): Helen Simpson, Kathy Service, Laura Heller and Brenda Leftwich. The show is sponsored by Quilting Friends Quilt Guild and the Cultural Center.

Gayle Berry, Director

The South Central Ky. Cultural Center

Back to School!
Picture Featured:    August 24, 2006 Back to School!
Top: Sandy Smith sent us this photo and writes:
This picture was taken at Highland Elementary on Friday, August 18th where the Kindergarten teachers and their assistants were treated with sunrise smoothes and doughnuts for Kindergarten Appreciation Day. (left to right) Bottom - Beth Faught, Alison Lenhart, Amy Brown, Mellisa Bunch. Top - Linda Burchett, Kristy Forrest, Lisa Vibbert, Sandy Smith.
(inset photo) Emily Carver sent us the inset photo and writes:
Here is a picture of my three oldest children walking into school on their first day at Eastern Elementary. Allie is in third, Abbie is in second and Trey is in Kindergarten. Thanks!

Emily Carver

Manning Tugs for the Summer
Picture Featured:    August 28, 2006 Manning Tugs for the Summer
Ed & Sandra Galloway sent us this photo and write:
Douglas Galloway and Will Rutledge are employed this summer by Florida Marine Transporters which is based in New Orleans. The students are on summer break from UK. This photo is the "Marie D" tug in the process of locking west of Chicago on the Illinois River, heading toward St. Louis. Douglas is standing at the bow of the tug with the white shirt and orange life preserver. Will works aboard the "Samuel J" and both of the young men run the entire Mississippi valley, frequently from Chicago through St. Louis to New Orleans and the gulf region on back-to-back 28 day "hitches." Their tanker barges (not shown, just outside the lock) carry liquid cargos such as gasoline, lubricants, benzene and other chemicals under contract with Exxon and other major oil companies. An experience of a lifetime for both young men.

Visiting the Airport
Picture Featured:    August 29, 2006 Visiting the Airport
Julie Greer sent us these and writes:
Hey. My name is Gunnar Greer. Me and my mom (Julie) went out and visited a few of our friends at the airport. Bill and Richard and the rest of the gang showed us a great time. We know they stay very busy but they managed to take out a little time for us. We are very thankful to have friends like them. They are always there in time of need. Thanks.

W. Brown Lemonade Stand
Picture Featured:    August 30, 2006 W. Brown Lemonade Stand
Carla Reed sent us this photo and writes:
Annual Lemonade Stand at Shane Dillon's house on West Brown St. Pictured are Hadleigh Hammer, Tristann Burks, Caitlyn Crane, Madison Reed, Ana Kate Froggett and Brandon Reed.

Thanks - Carla Reed

Fire at Farmer's Livestock Market
Picture Featured:    August 31, 2006 Fire at Farmer
Jim Forrest sent us this photo a few days ago and writes:
Sending an aerial photo of the burned out Farmer's Livestock Market that was lost last week....... a terrible sight!

Jim Forrest

(Note: See the Online Community Bulletin Board about a reward for information on the fire, offered by the Barren Co. Cattlemen's Assn.)

A Happy Collage
Picture Featured:    September 01, 2006 A Happy Collage
(upper left) Heather Shirley sent us the upper left photo and writes:
I caught this catfish at my daddy's (Roger Shirley) lake. I decided to go fishing after church with my pa (James Shirley) and I caught this catfish and he didn't catch anything!

Heather Shirley
daugther of Roger and Melissa Shirley

(upper right) Melanie Watson sent us the upper right photo and writes:
Dear WebMeister -
This is Victoria Watson, a 9-year-old 4-Her, and her two judges for State 4-H Communications Day from the UK College of Agriculture. She received second place at the state level in Jr. Animal Science for her demonstration on "How to Care for Your New Puppy." Needless to say, her parents are very proud of her.

Melanie and RP Watson

(bottom) Dale Hawkins sent us the photos at the bottom and writes:
Bill, you first ran this picture of the EPB Operations Manager, Terry Catt, & his new grandchildren on October 19, 1999. Those little guys will be 7 on August 23rd. The second picture is of the three of them last weekend at Dale Hollow. As you can tell, they're having a great day with their grandparents!

Miatas and Kenny Chesney
Picture Featured:    September 02, 2006 Miatas and Kenny Chesney
(top) Greg and Mary Jaggers sent us this photo and writes:
A group of Miata enthusiasts from the Glasgow area traveled to Deal's Gap in the Smokies for the annual meet July 28-30. This event typically draws 300-400 Miatas from across the United States & even from Canada. Deal's Gap features 318 curves in 11 miles -- a wonderful "'fun run" for these great little cars! Shown left to right: Chad Refro, David Rankin, Larry Radford, Doug Hawks, Greg Jaggers. If you have a Miata & would like to know more about this event, call Greg at 590-0501, or check out the Website at
(bottom) Carla Reed sent us these photos and writes:
Pictures at the Kenny Chesney concert in Nashville: First one is my daughter, Madison Reed, and my niece, Haley Hagan. Second picture is Madison Reed and my other niece, Emilee Kerney. We all had a great time.

Thanks - Carla Reed

BRAWA and Local Pets
Picture Featured:    September 03, 2006 BRAWA and Local Pets
(top) Margie Patton sent us this photo and writes:
These are a few of the pets adopted during the past 10 years that returned to help celebrate the 10th birthday of the Glasgow/Barren County Animal Shelter on Saturday. Since 1996, almost 10,000 animals have found homes thanks to the hard working staff and Barren River Animal Welfare Association volunteers. Birthday party attendees enjoyed hot dogs and cup cakes and supporters donated pet supplies and $2000 in cash which will help care for the dogs and cats still waiting for homes. We appreciate very much all the support we receive from this community; it really does make a difference in the care we're able to provide for shelter pets.

Margie Patton, BRAWA President

(lower left) "Faye" sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a picture of one of my Sphynx kittens who, in this photo, looks like he'a a pawn in a chess game.
(lower right) Patrick Forges sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of our dog, Brandi, last weekend at the birthday party for BRAWA. She was adopted from the shelter during their first year.

A Birthday and an Anniversary
Picture Featured:    September 04, 2006 A Birthday and an Anniversary
(left) Micah Reece sent us this photo and writes:
Could you please put this picture on the Web for us? Here is Candy Browning’s 32nd birthday at El Mazatlan today (Aug. 23, 2006). All of her Bunko Buddies were in attendance.

Micah Reece

(right) Angie Brown sent us this photo and writes:
August 31, 2006 was a very special day for AEI. On that day, Dixie Nunnally celebrated 30 years of service to American Engineers, Inc. The AEI Family cannot express our gratitude enough for the 30 years of service Dixie has given to AEI. She has been instrumental in growing AEI from a handful of employees into one of Kentucky's largest and most respectful engineering firms. Your loyalty, diligence, and personal concern for AEI and its employees have been exceptional.


A Big Surprise
Picture Featured:    September 05, 2006 A Big Surprise
Angela Mutter sent us this photo and writes:
I just wanted to show everyone a wonderful thing my husband, Matt Mutter, did for me. We planned a trip to Las Vegas in July or at least I thought we planned it. Matt had already made arrangements for everything. He had arranged for us to have seats to Reba McEntire's concert at the Las Vegas Hilton on July 23, 2006 three rows from the stage at stage level, meet her after the concert, get her autograph and a photo with her. I was so surprised, I cried. However, he did not tell me until about 30 minutes before the concert so I was not prepared for a picture but that is OK. This was very shocking that he pulled it off without me finding out. Several people knew but didn't tell. Thanks for posting the picture and thanks again to my husband for this. I will always remember.

Also while we were in Las Vegas we were fortunate to meet the famous magician, Lance Burton, who is originally from Adair County. He is such a nice man and great entertainer. I recommend if you ever have the opportunity to see his show, you must!

Angela Mutter

On the Road with Ledean
Picture Featured:    September 06, 2006 On the Road with Ledean
Jim & Jewel Searcy sent us this photo and write:
Dear Bill,
Here's a group picture of 21 folks who took Ledean Hamilton's trip to the Greenbrier in West Virginia and the Homestead in Virginia.

Jewel Searcy

The GreenbrierThe Homestead

Wreck on the Cumberland Pkwy.
Picture Featured:    September 07, 2006 Wreck on the Cumberland Pkwy.
Mike Swift of the Barren Metcalfe Ambulance Service sent us these photos and writes:
The photos show a motor vehicle collision that occurred on the afternoon of Saturday, August 26, 2006 on the westbound side of the Louie B. Nunn - Cumberland Parkway just east of the Highway 31-E interchange. Although both occupants of the pictured SUV were wearing seatbelts, the driver of the SUV was trapped in the vehicle and required almost two hours of extrication by the Glasgow Fire Department, EMS personnel and several wrecker services before being freed and flown by STATCARE to University Hospital in Louisville. The passenger in the SUV was transported by the Barren-Metcalfe County EMS to the T.J. Samson Community Hospital.

Miraculously, both SUV occupants have been released from their hospitals and the state trooper, who was conducting a traffic stop, was not in his cruiser at the time of the collison and was not injured. Also assisting at the scene were other KSP officers, members of the Glasgow Police Department. Dr. Kevin Flowers from the T.J. Samson Community Hospital Emergency Department and Kentucky Motor Vehicle Enforcement.

Like Father, Like Son
Picture Featured:    September 08, 2006 Like Father, Like Son
Jimmie Dixon sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a picture of me and my son, David Dixon. We both joined the Ky. National Guard and 1/623 FA here in Glasgow the past year. He joined first last October, then I joined this January. We are both PFC's, but he outranks me because he joined first. I just returned from basic training and AIT and he's leaving for Iraq in a couple of weeks along with about 7 other local guardsmen. This was taken in Louisville before he left for Camp Shelby, MS to prepare for deployment to Iraq.

Thanks and God Bless,
PFC Dixon, Jimme D.
1/623 FA KYNG

Kids having fun...
Picture Featured:    September 09, 2006 Kids having fun...
(left) Shirley Saddler sent us the photo on the left and writes:
This was from the Etoile Fair on Saturday, Aug. 26..Six-year-old William Richard Garrison, son of Steve & Tina Garrison, won in his category of the frog jumping contest.
(right) Judy Hardison sent us the photo on the right:
Kade Bratcher, son of Eric and Aimee (Wimpee) Bratcher, at his first soccer practice at the Barren County Family YMCA on Saturday, Aug. 19, 2006.

Old Sacramento, California
Picture Featured:    September 10, 2006 Old Sacramento, California
Davie Greer sent us this photo and writes:
Julie and Randy Edwards at Old Sacramento, California, resting after doing some sightseeing. Weather was beautiful and they also visited Lake Tahoe and Reno along with Julie’s mom and friends. Thanks, Davie

Remembering 9/11 - Five Years Ago
Picture Featured:    September 11, 2006 Remembering 9/11 - Five Years Ago
New York, NY (Sept. 14, 2001) -- A solitary firefighter stands amidst the rubble and smoke in New York City. Days after a Sept. 11 terrorist attack, fires still burn at the site of the World Trade Center. Remembering the sacrifices made five years ago on September 11, and since.

The photo and caption are from Wikipedia. They may be seen here (the photo is in the public domain).

The Glasgow Fire Dept. at work
Picture Featured:    September 12, 2006 The Glasgow Fire Dept. at work
Chris Blythe sent us this photo and writes:
The picture was taken by Batallion Chief Atwood on top of R.R. Donnelley's after the Glasgow Fire Department had extinguished a fire caused by friction igniting paper piles. Left is FF Chris Blythe, right is FF Robbie Perkins. This was taken not long after FF Perkins went on shift.
The Glasgow Fire Department

Watermelon Photos
Picture Featured:    September 13, 2006 Watermelon Photos
(top) Kim Sullivan sent us these and writes:
My son, Lucas Sullivan, won the Tompkinsville Watermelon Pageant on Aug. 26th in his age division (3-year-olds). This is him before and after... hahaha. His little sister won Best-dressed.

Kim Cook-Sullivan

(bottom) Micah Reece sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a picture of our local Department of Public Advocacy, AKA The Public Defender's Office, at the annual Watermelon Festival in Monroe County. We had a great time and enjoyed meeting all of the people that stopped by our booth. Pictured from left to right are Stacy Rutledge, Micah Reece, Greg Berry, Paul Vanni and Mike Jamison.

Nursery School/Pebble Beach
Picture Featured:    September 14, 2006 Nursery School/Pebble Beach
(top) Brandi Dicken sent us these and writes:
This is Reece Dicken and her cousin, Olivia Wilson, on their first day of nursery school at Glasgow Baptist Church.
(bottom) Patrick Katchak sent us this photo a couple of months ago and writes:
Hi Bill. I suppose you wonder why I send you pictures of some of the better golf courses we play. My company had a meeting, motorcycle race and general relaxing retreat to Pebble this weekend.

Here is a picture of the #1 rated golf course in the United States. This hole is #18 which runs along the Pacific Ocean. I tried to get a picture that would capture the absolute beauty of this place. I also wanted to capture a hole that, honestly, has national sporting significance. It was fun and a nice 70 degrees out there.

Thank you for posting my pictures in the past. The comments I have received off the site have enabled me to reconnect to some old acquaintances. Have a great day.

Patrick Katchak

Lauren in Frankfort
Picture Featured:    September 15, 2006 Lauren in Frankfort
Lisa Hunt sent us this photo and writes:
Recent WKU graduate, Lauren Ray, of Glasgow, served an internship in Frankfort, Kentucky this summer with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance, the agency charged with regulation of Kentucky’s campaign finance laws. Glasgow attorney John Rogers, who serves as Chair of the Registry, reports that Lauren was an exemplary and enthusiastic employee who was a tremendous asset to the agency during the summer months.

This picture was taken in front of the state capitol, where Lauren witnessed first-hand the workings of state government.

Submitted for Sarah Jackson, Executive Director, Ky. Registry of Election Finance

Milwaukee/2006-2007 Leadership Class
Picture Featured:    September 16, 2006 Milwaukee/2006-2007 Leadership Class
(top) George Katchak sent us these photos and writes:
Here are photos of the Museum of Modern Art in Milwaukee. The design of the museum is quite interesting. To me it looks like a ship with giant sails. Others think it looks like a sea gull. Also in the other photo you will find that the wings go down. This event happens each day at noon. This movement takes a total of 7 minutes.

George Katchak

(bottom) Amy Dickson sent us the bottom photo and writes:
The Lead Forward & Leadership Alumni hosted a press conference at T. J. Samson Resource Center on Tuesday, September 12, 2006 to announce the members of the 2006-2007 Leadership class. Members of the 2006-2007 Leadership Class are: Janice Adams & Shelley Barron - South Central Bank, Robbie Birdsell- RR Donnelley, Brian Clifford & Jeff Richey-Barren County Schools, Judy Evans- Highland Ridge Assisted Living, Mike Fogle-Lifeskills, Anne Hodges, Jodie Holgate & John Southall- T.J. Samson Community Hospital, John Lewis- The Firm, Scott Luth - Industry Development Economic Authority, Peter Mio-Glasgow Daily Times, Michael Moore- Alliance Corporation, Karalee Oldenkamp- B&PW Club & Pelham Oldenkamp Chiropractic and Karisa Peterson- Kentucky Banking Centers

Congratulations to everyone chosen to be participants in the 2006-2007 Leadership Glasgow-Barren County class.

Picture Featured:    September 17, 2006 Montenegro
"bl94" sent us these and writes:
These two pictures are of Ulcinj, Montenegro. Where I went for my recent vacation, it was really beautiful there!

Can you find the hunter?
Picture Featured:    September 18, 2006 Can you find the hunter?
"jdbryant" sent us this photo and writes:
Can you find the hunter? Yates Bryant is practicing for deer season by climbing up in his tree stand.

At the FDR Memorial in DC
Picture Featured:    September 19, 2006 At the FDR Memorial in DC
Phil Patton sent us this photo and writes:
Margie Patton, president of BRAWA, at the FDR memorial in Washington, DC. FDR's dog was Falla. We were in DC for my 60th birthday on August 19th. Thanks,

Phil Patton


Rodney and Evan
Picture Featured:    September 20, 2006 Rodney and Evan
Rodney Kinslow sent us these and writes:
There is a group of Glasgow lakers that frequent Barren River during the summer and we have had the greatest time. A friend of mine forwarded a couple of pictures of us enjoying the lake and Evan riding his wake board which was a first for him this summer. We've had the greatest time this summer working with several of Evan's friends on their skiing and the excitement when many of them skied for the first time!

Rodney & Evan

Crystal and Suzy
Picture Featured:    September 21, 2006 Crystal and Suzy
Peggy Deichmiller sent us this photo and writes:
Here are 2 pictures I wanted to share. This is my daughter-in-law Crystal (Critter) and her pet snake, Suzy. Critter "adopted" Suzy when she was about 12 inches long. She's now about 5 feet. When I go visit my kids, Suzy has a sleepover at a friend's house.

2006 Heart Walk
Picture Featured:    September 22, 2006 2006 Heart Walk
Nellie Pickett sent us this photo and writes:
Brenda Leftwich, Kathy Service, Helen Simpson of The Quilting Friends Quilt Guild presented the Quilt to Anna Shaw, 2006 Heart Walk Chair for the Barren County Area Heart Walk for a fundraiser. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5 and may be purchased at The South Central Ky. Cultural Center or at TJ Samson Cardiac Rehab (call 651-4833). The quilt will be raffled off the day of the Heart Walk, Saturday, Nov. 11, at Beaver Trail.

Dr. Elmore
Picture Featured:    September 23, 2006 Dr. Elmore
Emilee Mosier sent us these and writes:
Whitney Elmore Awarded Ph.D. at University of Florida

Whitney Elmore, daughter of the late Malcome Elmore and Donna Carol Elmore of Glasgow, was awarded the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Plant Pathology from the University of Florida in Gainesville on August 12, 2006. Whitney is a 1994 graduate of Barren County High School and a 1998 and 2001 graduate from WKU. Dr. Elmore has accepted an Assistant Professor position at Macon State College in Macon, Georgia where she will teach and conduct plant-related research. She credits her academic and personal success to her parents as well as her sister, Emilee Elmore-Mosier. Above are photos of Dr. Elmore dressed in official Ph.D. regalia from the University of Florida and a photo of Dr. Elmore with her mentor/graduate advisor, Dr. James Kimbrough at the ceremony.

Some Traveling Magic...
Picture Featured:    September 24, 2006 Some Traveling Magic...
Shawn Perkins sent us this photo and writes:
WebMeister Anderson,
Our daughter, Amanda Perkins, recently turned 7 and she had a birthday party at our house which included Magician Brad Lowe of Traveling Magic ( Amanda is sitting on the bench with her arm around her cousin, Taylor Beth Huff. Brad did an excellent job and even got many of the kids involved in doing the magic. What I want to know is how did he pull that huge wand out of that little bag?!?

Shawn & Debbie Perkins

Kayaking at Age 90!
Picture Featured:    September 25, 2006 Kayaking at Age 90!
Bobby Warren sent us this photo and writes:
My Mom, Eunice Shipley, turned 90 years old September 13th. She has had 3 hip surgeries and a fractured knee and can only walk with the assistance of a walker. She is a resident of NHC Healthcare in Glasgow. One Sunday recently, I picked her up at the nursing home to take her to my daughter, Kerry, and her husband, Brett’s home on Barren River Lake. Brett and Kerry were waiting with a Gator utility vehicle to take her down to the dock to view the beauty of the lake. She saw their kayaks on the beach and stated that if she could get in one, it would put her back ten years. Needless to say, they made that dream possible for her. I will always cherish that memory.

Please remember your family and friends in nursing homes and give them a little bit of your time. It is so important to them and it will make you feel great.

Bobby Warren

Class A Bound!
Picture Featured:    September 26, 2006 Class A Bound!
Kevin Morrow sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill,
Last night, Tuesday, September 19, the Glasgow High School Boys Soccer Team traveled to Owensboro to play Owensboro Catholic for the regional title. The winner got a trophy and the right to go to Class "A" State Soccer Tournament. Glasgow won that match 4-2 and will go to Frankfort Saturday, September 30 to play for that title. This is a picture of the team holding up the trophy they won. They were a little excited.

Kevin Morrow

Me and Gullfoss
Picture Featured:    September 27, 2006 Me and Gullfoss
Marty Wooten sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of me with Gullfoss, "The Golden Waterfall." It's out in the middle of nowhere in Iceland.

Peaceful Setting
Picture Featured:    September 28, 2006 Peaceful Setting
Paulette Wasylycia sent us this photo and writes:
Hi... I made this picture while attending a picnic/birthday celebration for Teresa Martin. The pond looked so pretty and peaceful with the fountain in the middle. It is located on a farm owned by my uncles, Richard and Billy Joe Martin.

Paulette Wasylycia

Visiting Chicago and missing Kentucky
Picture Featured:    September 29, 2006 Visiting Chicago and missing Kentucky
(top) Connie Wells sent us this photo and writes:
Patti Davidson, Karen Johnson, Alex Wells and I went to Chicago in July to a Bon Jovi concert and - lucky us! We ran into him in front of the Hershey's Store the next day. He was gracious enough for 2 pictures. We had a great time.

Connie Wells

(bottom) Dana D'Ettorre sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill,
Here are some pictures of Adrian Alessandro, Stefania & Francesca D'Ettorre during the summer, we are still in Florida and missing Kentucky really bad. Thank you for having all the wonderful pictures for me to see while not there. It is a wonderful service. See you really soon.

Thank you, Dana D'Ettorre

Celebrating Birthdays!
Picture Featured:    September 30, 2006 Celebrating Birthdays!
(top) Jonathan and Brandy Burch sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a picture of our daughter, Anna Katelynn who just turned 5. She had family and friends to join her at Extreme Gymnastics. Her cousins from Virginia came down just for her. It was a nice surprise! Anna Kate is the daughter of Jonathan and Brandy Burch.
(bottom) Gayle Berry sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, these four lovely ladies are all volunteers at the South Central Kentucky Cultural Center and they all four celebrated birthdays during the month of September. From left to right, the birthday ladies are Mary Simon, Helen Ashby, Nancy Bush and Kathy Siebe. They are special ladies and I thought it would make a great picture for the webpage.

Thanks, Gayle Berry, Director

Nope, It's not Nessie!
Picture Featured:    October 01, 2006 Nope, It
Connie Alvey sent us this photo and writes:
Hello. We were on our boat Saturday on Barren River near the Peninsula where we keep it. We saw this deer leaving the island and swimming back to the shore. We thought this was really cool!


Picture Featured:    October 02, 2006 Vacationing...
Judy Hardison sent us this photo and writes:
This is Judy and Jerry Hardison and Bill and Jane Wininger at Union Square in San Francisco. The trip was perfect, we spent 10 days between Palm Springs and San Francisco. The weather was beautiful and we shared an unforgettable time together!

"Cruisin' for a Cure"
Picture Featured:    October 03, 2006 "Cruisin
Amy Dickson sent us these and writes:
On Saturday, September 16, 57 motorcycle riders came out for the "Cruisin for a Cure" Cystic Fibrosis Motorcycle Ride. The entire event raised $1,100 for CF, a genetic disease that affects 30,000 children & adults in the US.

Please join us for a night of comedy at the Plaza Theatre on Saturday, October 14, with comedian James Gregory, the “Funniest Man in America." All proceeds will go to CF. Tickets may be purchased at the Plaza (361-2101 or On Saturday, Oct. 21 at Barren Co. High School will be the Great Strides Walk at 4:30, a chili supper at 5:00pm and auction at 6:00pm and you're invited. For more information, contact Amy Dickson at 651-3161 or Mark Dickson at 670-6337.

Fun Fest in Louisville
Picture Featured:    October 04, 2006 Fun Fest in Louisville
Wayne & Julie Pedigo sent us this photo and write:
Hey BIll,
On Sunday, October 1, three of the Glasgow Shrine Club clowns along with some Louisville area clowns participated in a Fun Fest for kids held in Louisville. As you can see, they traveled in style in a Black Stretch Hummer Limo. The driver of the limo was also a clown so you can imagine that turned a few heads as they were driving down the road!

Wayne and Julie Pedigo

Scotties Win 1st in Their Class!
Picture Featured:    October 05, 2006 Scotties Win 1st in Their Class!
Pat Fisher sent us this photo and writes:
You can see the "Scottie Pride" on the faces of these band members as they display the trophies that they won at Greenwood High School’s Swampmaster’s Classic on Saturday, September 30th. The Scotties scored an 80.1, winning 1st place in their class as well as best percussion and best color guard. This was a wonderful way to kick off the marching season!

Firefighter's Training
Picture Featured:    October 06, 2006 Firefighter
Tony Atwood sent us these and writes:
Dear WebMeister,
Here are some pictures taken September 9, 2006, of a training exercise provided by state fire rescue training. The exercise involved firefighters from the Glasgow Fire Department, and firefighters from various fire departments in Barren county, Monroe county and Warren county fire departments. The training involved propane fires and the firefighters used a training prop provided by the state. The class lasted eight hours with time being split between classroom and outside evolutions. We would like to thank all those that participated in the training class.

Battalion Chief Tony Atwood

The Glasgow Fire Dept.

3rd Annual Firefighter's Challenge
Picture Featured:    October 07, 2006 3rd Annual Firefighter
Doug and Christy sent us these and write:
The Temple Hill Volunteer Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary held our 3rd Annual Firefighter's Challenge Saturday, Sept. 16th at WKU's Glasgow Campus. Here are a couple of pics from the event. The first is of Steve Buckley and Doug Wood of Barren-Metcalfe County EMS who helped out at the event. The second is a shot of the challenge course and some of the event competitiors. We had a great turnout this year and would like to thank all of our sponsors and vendors for helping make the challenge possible. Also, a big thanks to all of the teams that came out to compete. You guys did a great job!!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Picture Featured:    October 08, 2006 Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Kristen Mitchell sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill!
On a recent flight home from Miami, I was amazed to look out the window of the plane and realize that I was "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." It really was a sight to behold!

Kristen Mitchell

Makena & Nina
Picture Featured:    October 09, 2006 Makena & Nina
Kathy Mutter sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill,
Here's a couple of great pictures for the Glasgow website. Makena and Nina McMurtrey helping feed the calf with their buddy, Johnny Mutter and Makena making friends with Dixie the horse. Hope you can use them.

Kathy Mutter

Shrimp Boats in NC
Picture Featured:    October 10, 2006 Shrimp Boats in NC
Joyce Martin sent us this photo and writes:
Beautiful sunrise over the ocean in Carolina Beach, NC. The shrimp boats were out every morning before daylight. Picture was made Aug. 22, 2006.

Joyce Martin

Touring Greece
Picture Featured:    October 11, 2006 Touring Greece
Donna Wilson sent us this photo and writes:
This is a group from Glasgow and Bowling Green that recently visited Greece with Travel with Ledean. This picture was taken near the end of our 15-day trip at Palamides Fort overlooking the city of Nauplion, Greece. In addition to Nauplion, we also visited Athens, Kalambaka, Delphi, Mycenae, Olympia, Epidarus and the islands of Mykonos and Santorini.

Donna Wilson

From a Foreign Field to a Football Field
Picture Featured:    October 12, 2006 From a Foreign Field to a Football Field
Ted Schwitzgebel sent us this photo he entitled "Like Father, Like Son" and writes:
This is a photo of my younger son, Stephen (11) and me. Last year I returned from a tour in Iraq too late to help coach his football team but fortunately, I've been blessed with the opportunity to do so this year. He takes great pride in wearing his dad's old high school number. Thanks for doing such a great job with this site. It's actually put me in touch with a lot of old friends!

Ted Schwitzgebel

(Thanks and glad to hear that, Ted! - The WebMeister)

From Saturday, Sept. 16, 2006
Picture Featured:    October 13, 2006 From Saturday, Sept. 16, 2006
George Katchak sent us this photo and writes:
I was fortunate to be able to attend the University of Louisville-University of Miami game on Saturday (Sept. 16, 2006). Thought I would share a special catch with you.

George Katchak
Wilderness Studio

Note: By special arrangement with ESPN U, see the Cincinnati Bearcats take on the U of L Cardinals at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium live this Saturday, Oct. 14 at 2:30pm. Enjoy ESPN U all day long on Channel 35 - and only on EPB Cable TV!

Fun Outdoors...
Picture Featured:    October 14, 2006 Fun Outdoors...
(left) Candy Browning sent us this photo and writes:
This photo was taken September 16, 2006, at Barney Jones' county picnic by Judge Phil Patton. Desiree England, Keeper Browning, and Hunter Browning.
(right) Corey and Lori Crane sent us this photo and write:
Hello. Our daughter just recently turned 3 and had her party at Weldon Park on Sunday, Oct. 1st. It was a gorgeous day and we all had a blast.

Corey and Lori Crane

Check out Mouse!
Picture Featured:    October 15, 2006 Check out Mouse!
Wendell Kennison sent us these photos and writes:
(upper left) Mouse is gone now but I have fond memories of him.I thought some of the folks that view this page may like to see this picture of him when he was just a kitten.
(upper right) I found this groundhog sitting atop a fencepost. He wasn't too glad to pose for me...
(bottom) The Poison Ivy near my mailbox is already showing its Fall colors. It's amazing how anything so beautiful can cause so much misery... (one photo with flash, one without)


Having a big time with friends!
Picture Featured:    October 16, 2006 Having a big time with friends!
(top photos) Bill Brogan sent us these photos and writes:
Frank Riherd and I went fishing in a private pond Oct. 3rd and I caught this 7 lb., 6 oz. Catfish. Howard Simpson and I went to Barren River Lake Oct. 5th and Howard caught this 15" Crappie that weighed 1 lb., 9 oz. Thought this might be of interest to the fishermen in Glasgow.

Bill Brogan

(bottom) Jeff and Betsy Harned sent us these in early July and writes:
Wells Harned, Olivia Rose, Erin Wilson and Julia Rose enjoyed seeing Thomas the Train on Friday at the Kentucky Railway museum in New Haven. The girls took time to pose for a picture before their train ride.

BCHS Band a Big Winner
Picture Featured:    October 17, 2006 BCHS Band a Big Winner
Belinda England sent us this photo and writes:
From all of the band parents and Mr. & Mrs. Crowder, the Band Directors: We're extremely proud of our BCHS Trojan Band students for acheiving this most difficult and challenging award! Saturday, Oct. 7, 2006, will go down in history for you and BCHS Trojan Band!

In the first show at the Owensboro Catholic High School Marching Invitational, BCHS Band won 1st place in 4 out of 6 captions! In addition to winning "Grand Champion" (which is voted best of all classes) over 11 other bands, they also won 1st place in Class 5A Band, 1st place Color Guard, 1st place Percussion. Also of note - Drumline received the highest score of the day, while Color Guard received the 2nd highest of the day, and the Band as a whole received a "Distinguished Rating" with a total score of 83.7!

In the second show of the day, the BCHS Band traveled to Hopkins County Central High School to compete in the "Storm Classic"... Pulling off their second "Grand Champion" award over 10 other bands, edging the best 4A band in the state by 0.2 points! In all this contest also earned them a 1st place in Class 5A Band, Percussion and Color Guard as well as another "Distinguished Rating" with a total score of 87.4!

Way to go, BCHS Trojan Band, you are continually proving time and time again that you are truly the best band program in our region! Congratulations to a job well done!

He's the Winner! (Surprised?)
Picture Featured:    October 18, 2006 He
Susan Peters sent us these and writes:
My cousin, John Mansfield from Nashville, Tennessee (son of Janie Lucille Mansfield and the late James Mansfield of Glasgow) participated in the Lincoln Days Look-Alike Contest in Hodgenville Saturday, October 14th. The competition was tough but Mr. Mansfield was the man who best portrayed Mr. Lincoln and went home the winner.

(left) Mr. Mansfield with his mother, Janie • (center) Mr. Mansfield making his way to the platform to make his speech. • (right) My daughter, Sarah and myself with John (Abe).

Labor Day for TPA Post B
Picture Featured:    October 19, 2006 Labor Day for TPA Post B
Leonard & Pat Kingrey sent us this photo and writes:
TPA Post B was quite busy on Friday of Labor Day Weekend at the rest stops on I-65 at Horse Cave north and south from 3:00-9:00pm. 14 members participated. We want to thank the people who donated food, drinks, and supplies. Travelers Protective Association logo is Truth, Patriotism and Altruism (altruism meaning unselfish interest in the welfare of others). Robin Billingsley is homeschooling her daughters and as a field trip brought them over to participate as an alturistic learning experience. This picture was made at the close of the day after serving hundreds of travelers.

L - R: McKinzie Billingsley, Trista Childress, & Destiny Childress, Robin Billingsley in back.

GHS and a Foggy Morning
Picture Featured:    October 20, 2006 GHS and a Foggy Morning
(top) Pat Fisher sent us this photo and writes:
On October 14th, the Glasgow Scottie Band traveled to the Stadium of Champions in Hopkinsville to participate in the Christian Co. Tournament of Bands. Very pleased with their performance, the Scotties earned their second Distinguished Rating of the year, placing first in Class AA, Best Colorguard in Class AA, Best Percussion in Class AA as well as Percussion receiving the best score overall. The Scotties also received the People's Choice Award. Next Saturday the band will be performing at McLean County High School at 5:15pm.

The performance "The Quest for The Crown" features three songs; The Quest, Fallen Leaves, and Without Evil, There is No Good. 12-foot panels at the back of the field represent each of these songs. Highlights of the show included the bagpiper's entrance through the drawbridge surrounded in a cloud of fog, the smoke-breathing dragon, and the band formation of G-H-S. A lot of time and energy went into designing and building the props, so we would like to thank the entire prop team for all of their hard work. The teams efforts continue, as it takes many people to transport the panels, hold them up and change the scenes throughout the show.

(bottom) Dean Honeycutt sent us this photo in early October and writes:
On my way to work one morning recently, driving out the Old Munfordville Rd. I thought this scene worth a second look. Also wanted to share with all my friends. Thanks.

Cute Kids
Picture Featured:    October 21, 2006 Cute Kids
(left) Teresa Kindred sent us this photo and writes:
This adorable little sugarplum fairy is Abigail Elizabeth Kindred. The photo was made at the American Heart Association's baby show on October 14th. Proud parents are Nick and Alesa Kindred of Edmonton.
(center) Denise Glass sent us this photo and writes:
I wanted to send you a picture of my little angel. This is my granddaughter, Zoey.

Denise Glass

(right) Dale Hawkins sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, here's a picture of Abby Hawkins at Stinson's Korean Martial Arts School having a few kicks on a Friday night. Check us out at

Dale Hawkins

Arthur Hatfield & Buck Creek
Picture Featured:    October 22, 2006 Arthur Hatfield & Buck Creek
Tina Brown sent us this photo and writes:
What a wonderful performance Arthur Hatfield & BuckCreek put on at Bluegrass in the Barrens this weekend. They totally blew the audience away. I am very proud of them. Pictured from left to right are: Gary Minor (my father), Arthur Hatfield, Amanda Everett (my best friend since I was 7 and she was 6), Johnny Day & Ricky Burch. What a terrific group. True Musicians! I hope everyone has the honor of hearing them perform at least once.

Tina Brown

Native American Studies at Temple Hill
Picture Featured:    October 23, 2006 Native American Studies at Temple Hill
"Scarlett" sent us these and writes:
Temple Hill 5th graders have been studying Native American cultures in Social Studies. Fifth grade gray class honorable mention in the habitat project are Braxton Browning, Tia Monroe, Devan McDonald and Alex Morgerson.

Winners in the contest are Chablis McCandless and Andrew Sneed (tied for first place), Andrew Cotton, 2nd place, Kyle Marr and Hunter Clark tied for 3rd place.

Coming & Going on a Beautiful Fall Day
Picture Featured:    October 24, 2006 Coming & Going on a Beautiful Fall Day
Wendy Houchens sent us these (entitled "Coming and Going on a Beautiful Fall Day") and writes:
The weather was just too beautiful to waste Monday 10/2/06. So we took the horses and the hounds for a ride. Here are two pictures of my mom, Polly Spillman, the secretary at the Glasgow Fire Dept. and her granddaughter, Savannah Scott a first grader at Temple Hill Elem. Savannah is doing a great job for her first time out "all on her own."


Fun at the 2006 Etoile Fair
Picture Featured:    October 25, 2006 Fun at the 2006 Etoile Fair
(left) Daryl and Karen Wheeler sent us this photo and write:
These are our granddaughters, 22-mo.-old Kinley Smith and 27-mo.-old Lainey Young, getting ready for the stick horse event at the 2006 Etoile Fair. As you can see, they had lots of fun.

Daryl and Karen Wheeler

(right) Brandon & Krissy Parker sent us this photo and write:
Here is a picture of our 2-year-old daughter, Kennedy, she just finished the stick horse race at the Etoile Fair. She and "Spot" were fast enough that they received a trophy.

Brandon & Krissy Parker

Troop 327 makes Birdhouses
Picture Featured:    October 26, 2006 Troop 327 makes Birdhouses
Melanie Watson sent us this photo and writes:
Dear WebMeister,
Junior Girl Scout Troop 327 worked on their Ms. Fix-It Badge by making birdhouses at a recent meeting. They learned to use a screwdriver and a hammer, and practiced measuring skills to put these together. What lucky birds! A big thank you to Kelly Wood, one of our troop dads, and to Lessenberry Do-It Center for their help with this project.

L to R - Elley Allison, Ashley Jones, Krista Hawkins, Sophie Wood, Emma Steen, Allison Shields, Emma Dickinson, Victoria Watson

The Orange Crushers
Picture Featured:    October 27, 2006 The Orange Crushers
Ted McMurtrey sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a picture of the Orange Crush 4-5 year old soccer team! The Crushers just completed the Fall season at the Barren Co. Family YMCA on Saturday morning and celebrated with a pizza party at Papa John's. The Crushers had a great season and every player scored a goal this season! In this picture we are doing our team cheer, "Play Hard, Work Together, and Have Fun" one more time!

The Crushers are:
Back Row: Asst. Coach Jason Botts, Madison Gillentine, Noah Wilson, Layne Smith, Noah Smith, Saylor Botts, and Emily Pedigo.
Front Row: Asst. Coach Ted McMurtrey, Nina McMurtrey (future Crusher!), Nate Wilson, Lily Moseley, Robin Gagen, Makena McMurtrey, Megan Swindle and Head Coach Leah McMurtrey. Absent from the picture is Dru Smith.

Jason, Leah, and I would like to thank all the parents and players for their hard work this season. We are fortunate to have been with such a wonderful group of families this season. PLAY HARD, WORK TOGETHER, AND HAVE FUN!

Thanks, Ted McMurtrey

At the Falls
Picture Featured:    October 28, 2006 At the Falls
(left) Christy Wood sent us this photo and writes:
My husband and I took our kids, Shelby and Andrew, to Cumberland Falls on Sunday, Oct. 15. The falls were really beautiful and we had a great time!
(right) Spencer Cole sent us this photo in early October and writes:
Hey, I thought you might want to post the pictures of Niagara Falls. My family and I visited there this past week. It was beautiful!

Spencer Cole

Cool introductions...
Picture Featured:    October 29, 2006 Cool introductions...
(left) Amber Hurt sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of my little brother, Justin Cary, and his best friend, Adam Meador, both BCHS seniors. I was fortunate to have these two guests in Cincinnati for a few days of their fall break to watch the Bengals-Patriots game on Sunday. During their visit, they were able to try on authentic game-worn jerseys autographed by Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson and see one-of-a-kind game balls owned by Chad Johnson. However, I don't think I have seen the two more excited than when Chad came home after the game and dropped by to speak to them for a few minutes! I hope you will share these photos.
(right) Gayle Steenbergen sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, this is my son, Derron Steenbergen, with Jessica Simpson. He attended a broadcaster's conference in Dallas in September and had the pleasure of meeting this quite lovely young lady. Jessica was so nice as to call Derron's 13-year-old daughter, Logan, on the phone and have a nice chat. Thanks for allowing me to share.

Happy (and not so happy) kids
Picture Featured:    October 30, 2006 Happy (and not so happy) kids
(top) Phaedra Pippin sent us these photos and writes:
Here are two picures taken of my sons, Garrett (4 yr.) and Colin (10 months) at Jackson's Orchard on Oct. 7. They loved finding just the right pumpkin to ride.

Phaedra Pippin

(bottom) Paulette Nuckols sent us these photos and writes:
Wanted to share a photo of Sidney and Dawson before and after the whipped cream. He got really upset about his twin sister.

Paulette Nuckols

Fun around Halloween
Picture Featured:    October 31, 2006 Fun around Halloween
Karen Nunn sent us this photo and writes:
The halls at Hiseville Elementary were filled with many "characters" today (Oct. 27, 2006) in celebration of Book Character Day. Above, Linda Melloan, Stephanie Slinker, Micah Castanon and Beth Dishman enjoy sharing their favorite books with each other.
(inset photo) Brock Edwards sent us the inset photo and writes:
Here is a picture of pumpkins that my girlfriend and I carved for this year's Halloween.

The best shape of their lives?
Picture Featured:    November 01, 2006 The best shape of their lives?
Miranda Birge sent us this photo and writes:
Look what Whitney Corbitt and the ladies at Curves have done for us women at Glasgow Insurance Agency! We’re in the best shape of our lives!

Halloween Fun
Picture Featured:    November 02, 2006 Halloween Fun
Denise Glass sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of the staff at the Glasgow Kidney Center. They are Scarlett the good witch, Carol the blue fairy, Dr. Rotellar the Cyclops, Denise the purple fairy and Charlotte the warrior elf. Fun was had by all.

More Halloween Fun
Picture Featured:    November 03, 2006 More Halloween Fun
(left) Belinda Harlow sent us the photo on the left and writes:
Halloween night I went by Swifty Gas Station where "The King" and "The Nightstalker" were handing out treats to the kids. Everyone was having a good time. Even the adults were pulling in to the parking lot to make pictures of the "wrestlers."
(right) Sara Spillman sent us the photo on the right and writes:
Happy Halloween from the girls of Vanity Salon at 403 Happy Valley Road! Stacey McCracken, Kimberly Wilson, Babara Wilson, Melissa Kilbourne, Jenny Cross, Tina Copple, Gene Couch Garmon, Barbie Flynn, Jessica Johnson and Loretta Catron.

Food Drive/Halloween Fun
Picture Featured:    November 04, 2006 Food Drive/Halloween Fun
(top) Donna Brown sent us this photo and writes:
The attached picture is of the winning classes and all the canned food collected at Hiseville Elementary during THE LEARNING CORPS/AmeriCorps Make A Difference Day Canned Food Drive which was held October 16th-20th. A grand total of 2,042 canned food items were collected during the week of the drive. The two classrooms that brought in the most items were rewarded with a Pool Party at the Glasgow YMCA. The food was donated to Pathfinders Food Pantry.

The staff and students at Hiseville Elementary did an awesome job of making a difference for many families this Fall! THANK YOU!

(bottom) Pam Garmon sent us these photos and writes:
Happy Halloween from Downing-McPeak Vision Centers!! Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Andrea Hopkins, Katrin Brotherton, Pam Garmon and Beth Proffitt), The Biker Gang (Beverly Bragg, Jim Wilson & April Prewitt) and our Optical Cowgirls (Doris Furlong and Donna Davis) had fun entertaining patients and co-workers.

Thank you,
Pam Garmon

More Halloween Fun
Picture Featured:    November 05, 2006 More Halloween Fun
(left) Blake & Christy Taylor sent us this photo and write:
Here is a picture of our youngest son, Mason, ready to go trick or treating. He had so much fun this year and was at the perfect age (3 1/2). We really enjoyed watching him.

Blake & Christy Taylor

(right) Donita Runyon sent us this photo and writes:
Just thought I would share my costume with you. It sends a good message. Several adults and children gave me a thumbs up or said "Good Costume."

Donita Runyon

Note: In case you can't read it, the "hat" reads "Don't be a pothead"

They didn't dress up?
Picture Featured:    November 06, 2006 They didn
Angie Brown sent us this photo and writes:
Some of the folks from AEI (American Engineers) decided not to dress up on Tuesday for Halloween, instead, we came as our normal selves. What do you think???? The group is (from left to right): Angie Brown, Heather Garrett, Cory Underwood, Eva Perkins, Jason Childress, and Nick Firkins.

The Capitol - on election day...
Picture Featured:    November 07, 2006 The Capitol - on election day...
George Katchak sent us this photo and writes:
My wife and I had the opportunity to visit Washington, D.C. this past weekend (Oct. 22nd). As you can see, neither the house or senate were in session (no flags flying). I thought the photo was rather interesting as the sky appears stormy and the capitol itself remains a bright spot in the picture. Could this be an omen of things to come?

George Katchak
Wilderness Studio

"He slimed me." - Bill Murray, "Ghostbusters" (and more)
Picture Featured:    November 08, 2006 "He slimed me." - Bill Murray, "Ghostbusters" (and more)
(top left) Emily & Kerry Rhoton sent us this photo and writes:
This is Briley Rhoton's first Halloween with her big brother, Sam, and sister, Paige. They had a really great time. We really miss you, Mema.

Emily & Kerry Rhoton (my mother, Cheryl Spencer, now lives in Louisianna and I know she would really enjoy seeing the kids posted - thanks so much)

(top center) Stacy Lee sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of my son, Tyler Simmons, pouring slime over his principal, Scott Harper's head. Austin-Tracy had a goal of 88 on their Commonwealth Accountability Test. If they met that score, Mr. Harper agreed to be slimed. They not only met their goal but surpassed it by scoring 88.7. The students that actually enjoyed doing the sliming were the six students that scored the highest in individual subject areas.
(top right) Cheri Watson sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a picture of my daughter, Emma, and my future stepchildren, Tom and Zoë on Halloween. Zoë was a cheerleader, Tom was Spiderman and Emma was a princess. We had such a good time. We were glad it stopped raining.
(bottom) Todd Billingsley sent us this photo and writes:
The Barren County Little League Football Champs for 2006 season were the Barren County Cowboys. The Cowboys finished the season with an overall record of 13-2. 1st row: Andrew Hughes, Caleb Mesker, Grayson Hyatt, Zach Mabe, Jake Smyth, Austin Bull, Zack Sneed
2nd row: Samantha Waller, RaleeVincent, Brittany Dugger, Barrett Billingsley, Chuck McClanahan, Payton Staples, Tyler Russell, Braxton Browning, Micah Castanon, Seth Groce, Cole Payne, Kelsey Etherton, Kinley Browning
3rd row: Kaley Bartlett, Cheyenne Bartlett, Gunnar Eaton, Ryan Dugger, Cole Scott, Trey Rigsby, Kyle Marr, James Page, Ben Leftwich, Nicholas Vincent, Sarah Cash, Kristina Waller
Back row: Coaches: Phil Renick, Darrell Shake, Gary ”Waterboy” Marr, Roger Lawson, Jimmy Smyth, Jeff Hughes, Cheerleading Coach Angela Mabe (absent was Coach Brad Lawson)

A relaxing day...
Picture Featured:    November 09, 2006 A relaxing day...
Cindy Harvey sent us this photo and writes:
Two good friends having a relaxing day. David Wells (left) & Terry Harvey (right). Hope yours is a good day also!


New Hampshire Colors
Picture Featured:    November 10, 2006 New Hampshire Colors
Eddie and Alice Atnip sent us this photo in early October and write:
Here's a picture taken in New Hampshire last week while we were on vacation. The tree colors were really great!

Eddie and Alice Atnip

Back from Kuwait
Picture Featured:    November 11, 2006 Back from Kuwait
Jenny Everett sent us this photo and writes:
This is SFC Rich Everett (left) and SSG Daniel Walker, a friend, upon their return to Baumholder, Germany, following a year-long deployment to Kuwait in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. My husband, SFC Everett, is retiring with 21 years in the Army. We will be returning to the States at the end of the year, and we plan to settle in Glasgow where his father, W.S. (Bill) Everett, resides.

Jenny Everett

School Fun...
Picture Featured:    November 12, 2006 School Fun...
(top left) Beth Harbison sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill,
Olivia Houchens, a third grader in Mrs. Harbison’s class at Red Cross Elementary, recently won a coloring contest during Red Ribbon Week. The event was sponsored by Penny Huffman with our Family Resource Center. She got the chance to be principal for a day. Here she is with our principal, Barry Britt. Olivia is the daughter of Mike and Dickie Houchens.

Beth Harbison

(top right) Amanda Lockhart sent us this photo and writes:
Larry Hammer and Jeff Constant from Edmonton State Bank spoke to the third grade students at Red Cross Elementary about banking. This was a culminating activity for their Language Arts unit "Dollar and Cents." Also shown in this picture are Red Cross third grade students Courtney Hammer and Jordan Constant.
(bottom) Wendy Embry sent us this photo and writes:
Congratulations to the winners of the 2006 Little Trojans Bowl. The undefeated (12-0) Barren County Little League Titans.

Campbellsville U & the Colts
Picture Featured:    November 13, 2006 Campbellsville U & the Colts
(top) Glenna sent us this photo and writes:
Recently I attended Homecoming at Campbellsville University. Joan McKinney, Director of University Communications, and Anne Galito, Assistant Director of University Communications, hosted a luncheon for student workers who had worked in the Public Relations/Maple Trail/Communications Department while attending college. It was great to get together with old friends. For more information about Campbellsville University, go to
(bottom) Joey Inman sent us this photo and writes:


On a Cruise...
Picture Featured:    November 14, 2006 On a Cruise...
Bob & Judy Risley sent us these photos and write:
Wild Bill,
Thought I'd send you some more photos of the "out west" family during a cruise they took. Take note of the beginning sunset on the Pacific in the first two photos.

Yvette (Risley) Jenkins and son, Cayden on cruise
Yvette (Risley) and Dave Jenkins on cruise
Yvette (Risley) Jenkins swimming with dolphin
Cayden and Dave Jenkins swimming with dolphin

Take care of yourself, Bill
Bob & Judy Risley

Gamaliel Honors Our Veterans
Picture Featured:    November 15, 2006 Gamaliel Honors Our Veterans
Angie Brown sent us this photo and writes:
This is a photo was taken on Thursday, Nov 9, 2006, at the 15th Annual Gamaliel Elementary School Veteran's Day Program. It was a beautiful tribute to those who have served, as well as those who are currently serving our great country.

My grandfather, Carl Ryherd, was recognized as a retired war veteran, he served in WWI. My aunt, Jean Thompson, was presented with a rose from my daughter, Lizzie, while my son, Justin, lit a candle in memory of my uncle, Daniel Thompson, a deceased veteran of the Korean Conflict. Lizzie & Justin are both students at Gamaliel Elementary.

Pictured are (front row): Lizzie Brown, Justin Brown, (back row, left to right): Angie Brown, Carl Ryherd, and Jean Thompson


Out West...
Picture Featured:    November 16, 2006 Out West...
Paulette & Tony Wasylycia sent us this photo and writes:
Thought I'd share some pictures we made on July 5th of some beautiful lakes in the Shoshone National Forest...they were so crystal clear with the reflection of the nearby trees...and yes, even snow! We traveled over the mountains to get to Yellowstone National Park.

Paulette & Tony Wasylycia

Elbert and Jake
Picture Featured:    November 17, 2006 Elbert and Jake
"gchapman" sent us this photo and writes:
My Dad, Cortis Elbert Fields, is not too sure about trusting Jake, my Moluccan Cockatoo, with the print of a painting that he just finished. Dad painted the scene onto a wall of the storage building in his back yard here in Edmonton and I photographed it so he could show it off.

Glasgow from the air
Picture Featured:    November 18, 2006 Glasgow from the air
Jim Forrest sent us this aerial photo and writes:
Bill......... sending a new aerial view of Glasgow. This shot is from over East Main St. looking towards Bowling Green.

Jim Forrest

Barren River Lake
Picture Featured:    November 19, 2006 Barren River Lake
Andy Brownfield sent us this photo and writes:
This picture was taken several days ago at Barren River Lake. I was doing some hiking and ran across this gorgeous site. It is truly amazing how glorious God's creation is, and how He can make His glory known in the smallest way.

In Him,
Andy Brownfield

BCMS 7th & 8th
Picture Featured:    November 20, 2006 BCMS 7th & 8th
Michelle Satterly sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of Barren County Middle School's 7th & 8th grade last home game, Sept. 28, 2006. All parents are proud of the hard work and sweat these boys put into the program.Thanks to the coaches for a good year.

Michelle Satterly

Friends & Family Day at EKU
Picture Featured:    November 21, 2006 Friends & Family Day at EKU
Connie Vaughn sent us this photo and writes:
Just wanted to share a family photo with you from my daughter's AOII Friends and Family Day at Eastern Kentucky University. Myself (back right), Kassie (back left), and Brittany (front middle) traveled to Richmond to be with Stefany that day (back middle). Stefany will be graduating with a Bachelors degree in Psychology this December.

Connie Vaughn

Dance Competitors
Picture Featured:    November 22, 2006 Dance Competitors
Penny Walker sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of the Competition Dance Team and the new studio in town, All About Dance. They have competed at two competitions this season and are going to attend several more. Their coach, Tiffany Heers, is also in the picture.

Congratulations, girls, on a job well done!!

Penny Walker

Parade Contest Winner BreAnna Jones
Picture Featured:    November 23, 2006 Parade Contest Winner BreAnna Jones
Amy Dickson sent us this photo and writes:
The Christmas Parade Committee announced the poster contest winner on November 15. The winner was BreAnna Jones, a third grade student from Red Cross Elementary. The theme for the 2006 Community Christmas Parade is "My Favorite Christmas Song." All third graders in the Barren, Caverna and Glasgow schools submitted a poster that showed their favorite Christmas song. BreAnna's favorite Christmas song and poster was Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Several of the Christmas Parade Committee members, along with Santa Claus, came to Red Cross to surprise BreAnna. She received a $25 Chamber Gift Certificate and an ornament. On parade day, she will ride with Santa in the sleigh. The 2006 Community Christmas Parade will be Saturday, Dec. 2, beginning at 6:00pm.

What are they thankful for?
Picture Featured:    November 24, 2006 What are they thankful for?
(left) Angela Lindsey sent us the photo on the left and writes:
Please post this picture of the reunion of Alison Norman Ross and her husband, Patrick, along with Ellie. Patrick is in the 101st Airborne. We are all so thankful that he is home. They were reunited at 12:30am on November 12, 2006! Thank you.
(right) Lacie Adwell sent us the photo on the right and writes:
Here is a picture that was taken with my boyfriend, Ben Bailey, during his fall break. For the past 5 months, Ben has been serving our country as a part of the Naval Reserve and attending the Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY. He left in early July and completed a 3-week Indocrination program. Since then, he has already completed his first trimester of classes. Students in the academy complete a 4-year degree in 3 years and also spend a year at sea. While home, Ben also visited Barren County High School searching for recruits. I'm very proud of him and ask everyone to keep him in their prayers!

Beta Convention/Iceland
Picture Featured:    November 25, 2006 Beta Convention/Iceland
(top) Steve Riley sent us these photos and writes:
Hi Bill,
BCHS Beta Club attended the State Beta Convention in Louisville November 4, 2006. Matt Riley was elected State Beta President for 2007-2008. These young men provided strong support for their candidate by taking first place in the campaign skit competition. BCHS CAMPAIGN SKIT MEMBERS (LEFT TO RIGHT) MATTHEW BEALS, KEVIN CHEELEY, CAMERON SMITH, DANIEL HONEYCUTT, TYLER GARDNER, JOSH CREWS, ROBIN - JON DAVID HAMMER, JONATHAN RIDDLE, MATT RILEY, COLBY LONG, BATMAN - AUSTIN BIRGE, MATT MITCHELL, ZACH AUSTIN, CALEB BOGARD, MICHAEL TOMS, TYLER LAMBIRTH. ABSENT FROM PICTURE CODY WOOTEN


(bottom) Marty Wooten sent us this photo back in August and writes:
I forgot to mow my yard for one week and look what happened. HaHa. These are really old houses in Iceland.

Cowboys at the Biltmore? Not exactly.
Picture Featured:    November 26, 2006 Cowboys at the Biltmore? Not exactly.
Todd Billingsley sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill,
Could you make a big posting on the website of this great group of kids? The Barren County Cowboys are the 2006 City-County Champs. They finished the season with an overall record of 16-2. A big thanks goes to the coaches for all their time and dedication to these kids. Great season and looking forward to an even better season next year!

1st row: Andrew Hughes, Ralee Vincent, Kinley Browning, Kaley Bartlett, Brittany Dugger, Head Coach Roger Lawson, Kristina Waller, Kelsey Etherton, Cheyenne Bartlett, Sarah Cash, Samantha Waller
2nd row: Nicholas Vincent, Austin Turner, Zach Mabe, Micah Castanon, Caleb Mesker, Tyler Russell, Grayson Hyatt, Cole Payne, Gunnar Eaton, Austin Bull, Zack Sneed
3rd row: Ben Leftwich, Ryan Dugger, James Page, Cole Scott, Trey Rigsby, Kyle Marr, Payton Staples, Seth Groce, Braxton Browning, Jake Smyth, Corey Sherfey, Barrett Billingsley, Cheer Coach: Angie Mabe
4th row: Coach Brad Lawson, Waterboys,Jimmy Smyth, Gary Marr, Coaches:Darrell Shake, Phil Renick, Jeff Hughes
Not pictured: Dillon Houchens,Bailey Johnson,Drew Decker,Chuck McClanahan

(bottom) Stacy Wheeler sent us this photo and writes:
Thought I would share with you a picture my husband Kent and I took when we went to the Biltmore Mansion in North Carliona this month.

Stacy and Kent Clark

What's in the rainbow?
Picture Featured:    November 27, 2006 What
Sherry Jones sent us this photo and writes:
Dear Bill,
This rainbow picture was taken outside of my home on January 2, 2006. If you look close you will see an image/outline of something in the rainbow. I have shown this picture to several people and, to date, no explanations. Maybe you could post this on the EPB website and I might receive some feedback from others.

One person thought it could be a leprechaun with the pot of gold?! Thanks!

Sherry Jones

USA Karate Team
Picture Featured:    November 28, 2006 USA Karate Team
Chris and Rexanna Shirley sent us this photo Nov. 2 and write:
This is a photo of people in our area that are on the USA Karate Team. (back row from right to left) Jim Estes, Andrew King, (front row) Billy Estes, Cody Shirley, Hunter Harrison (not pictured) Lauren Alexander and team coach Sam Hunter. These guys and girls have been training EXTREMELY HARD for the past 9 or 10 months to get ready for next week when they travel to Benidorm, Spain to compete for Gold medals in the WKA World Championship. I thought everyone might like to wish them good luck! They are just six of the 122 in the nation to have the honor of representing the United States in a event where they will be competing against at least 82 different countries.

Good luck, guys!

Chris and Rexanna Shirley

What I'm Thankful For
Picture Featured:    November 29, 2006 What I
Cathy Starr sent us this photo entitled "What I'm Thankful For" and writes:
Hi Bill,
Since we just had Thanksgiving, I wanted to include a photo of my two sons and tell why I am thankful for them, my husband my family and friends and most of all the blessings God has given me. Seven weeks ago I had to have surgery to have my right kidney completely removed due to kidney cancer. At only 28 years old and just having my second child, it was a very scary situation I was faced with. The news of the pathology report showed the cancer was only at stage one and the tubes tested negative for cancer so it had not spread. Kidney cancer is very rare and usually not found until its later stages. My first CAT scans and X-rays showed the tumor in my kidney being 3 inches, but after the surgery the pathology report came back with the tumor size at only an inch and a half! I now am cancer free, and feel very blessed. The meaning of Thanksgiving means something new to me this year and I am thankful to have the surgery behind me and recovering so quickly. This year was a trying year, but I was blessed with my health and blessed with another baby this year. The tumor most likely would not have ever been spotted if not for me having another baby. Miracles happen when you least expect them and I look at the situation of losing a kidney not as a time to be sad, but to be thankful for my life and my blessings this year!

The photo is of my two boys, Blake Starr, age 5, and Andrew Starr, age 4 months. Thanks for letting me share my story!

Cathy Starr

Space Camp/"There
Picture Featured:    November 30, 2006 Space Camp/"There
(left) Robin and Penny Walker sent us the photo on the left and write:
I just wanted to share a picture of our daughter, Tori Walker. She is pictured here with her counselor, Mr. Odis. She graduated from Space Camp in Huntsville on November 10th. She is a 4th grader at Red Cross Elementary.

Robin and Penny Walker

(right) Abby Medford sent us the photo on the right (entitled "Like Father, Like Son") and writes:
Our little guy has grown since the first picture you saw of him! At three, he wants to do everything just like Daddy so we improvised a little and he now has his own EPB shirt. Every time we pass an EPB truck on the road he'll yell, "There's my daddy!" Every day with him just gets sweeter.

Abby Medford

NASA's US SpacecampGlasgow EPB

Fall Cave Cleanup 2006
Picture Featured:    December 01, 2006 Fall Cave Cleanup 2006
Missy Shields sent us this photo and writes:
On Saturday, November 11, 2006, the American Cave Conservation Association held their Fall Cleanup. Twenty-three volunteers from Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio helped clean a cave just outside of Glasgow. It was a very productive day, and after removing the garbage, volunteers enjoyed crawling around the small cave before heading to Horse Cave for a three-hour wild tour at Hidden River Cave.

Missy Shields

American Cave Conservation Association/Hidden River Cave

Having fun...
Picture Featured:    December 02, 2006 Having fun...
(top) Emily Sheesley sent us this photo and writes:
Hi there,
Here’s a picture of me and my friend, Chad Renfro, at Lowes Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC on October 13th. I won an all expenses paid trip from Armor All. I was a finalist in the DIY Dare Challenge. Visit to check out the competition. I didn’t win the dream garage, but I did win the experience of a lifetime!

Emily Sheesley

(bottom left) Rose Burris sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a photo of the partners in crime, Rad & buddy Garfield.
(bottom right) Jessica Carver sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of my nephew, Gage Carver, looking for the ducks swimming in the pond, taken in September.

Great Kids!
Picture Featured:    December 03, 2006 Great Kids!
(top) Debbie Reece sent us this photo and writes:
Sweet Reasons for the Season...
This has been a special year in our family - five new babies born between Dec. 12, 2005 and Oct 23, 2006! My mother, Callie Jeffries, has certainly enjoyed them! At Easter, the three boy "cousins" - Koby, Seth and Jonathan were not very happy in their photo with Mother. But in Oct., Callie Faye and Zoe Grace were much more content. We can hardly wait until Christmas!

Doting Great Aunt,
Debbie Reece

(bottom) Peggy Nims sent us this photo and writes:
Leaders of the Future Quality of Life Day: Members of the Leaders of the Future class are pictured with Cave City Mayor Bob Hunt who hosted the breakfast meeting for the Quality of Life session. Members of this year's class include: Elliott Shipley, Laura Coomer, Sarah Dykstra, Miranda Estes, Catherine Edwards, Kylie Foushee, Ethan Gibson, Ashley Grabowski, Cheyenne Groce, Thomas Grubbs, Spencer Kerley, Jenna Knott, Karey Knott, Hannah Kuzma, Cameron Lile, Shaylin McGuire, Meghan McGuirk, Tyler Meredith, Laura Ross, Pranav Santapuram, Ashley Scoby, Paul Shadowen, Tiana Sheehan and Logan Steenbergen. Other hosts for the day were Cave City Tourism and Convention Center, Dinosaur World, Caveland Environmental Authority, Ky. Repertory Theatre, the City of Horse Cave, American Cave Conservation Association and Hidden River Cave.

Proud of what we've raised...
Picture Featured:    December 04, 2006 Proud of what we
(top photos) Jessica Thomerson sent us this photo and writes:
My name is Jessica Thomerson, and my husband in currently in Iraq. Here are a few pictures of my husband, SGT Jeremy Thomerson. In the group picture, he's the one on the far right.

Jessica Thomerson

(bottom photos) Deb Alexander sent us these photos and writes:
This is a picture of my mom, Mary Coffey, and me with the bushel gourds we each grew this year. My late stepfather, Doug Coffey, was an avid gardener and saved seeds from almost everything he grew. These gourds were grown from his seeds. Mine measures 64 1/2 " around and Mom's 83". Some of the men in the family also grew gourds from the same seeds but their gourds only came in "honorable mention" and they wouldn't have their picture made with us. Haha.

The fern is lovingly called "Big Bertha" and is absolutely huge! It takes three adults to move it each spring and winter, but it is a gorgeous fern and well worth the effort to keep it alive.

Deb Alexander

Picture Featured:    December 05, 2006 Traditions...
(top) Jamie Biven sent us this photo and writes:
Over Thanksgiving weekend, the youngest Marion cousins gathered at Todd and Emily Marion’s to start the holiday season by decorating their own gingerbread houses (and trees and trains) and drawing names for Christmas. This tradition began last year since there are now seven small cousins (and counting). Pictured are Jackson Marion, Addie Johnson, Marion Biven and Jordan Marion.
(bottom) Marty Lile sent us this photo and writes:
Mr. Anderson,
Attached is a photo of Glasgow Little League Combined 6th Grade Team which won the first annual Trojan Bowl, sponsored by the Barren County Little League. The teams head coaches were Sidney Bailey and Larry “Wimpy” Davis.

Marty Lile

Donating to Crossroads...
Picture Featured:    December 06, 2006 Donating to Crossroads...
Susie Maupin sent us this photo and writes:
Savannah Dyche and Raena Maupin recently shared a birthday party. Instead of gifts, the girls requested baby items to donate to Crossroads Pregnancy Center. When we delivered the gifts to the center, the girls where given a tour by Bridget Kehrt-Groce, Executive Director. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful place like Crossroads in Glasgow.

Susie Maupin

Crossroads Pregnancy Center

Out the back of a chopper...
Picture Featured:    December 07, 2006 Out the back of a chopper...
Mike Spears sent us this photo and writes:
Just something I thought I'd pass along. This picture was taken from the back end of a CH-46 Sea Knight while out. The picture doesn't do it quite justice, but it's somthing else to experience.

Back Home!/Cool/Woodland Pals
Picture Featured:    December 08, 2006 Back Home!/Cool/Woodland Pals
(top) Belinda Harlow sent us the upper photos and writes:
Bill, here is a picture taken of our son, Brandon Harlow, and his wife, Andrea (left). We all had a wonderful family Christmas dinner at the Glasgow Armory with the 623rd. Sure is a blessing having the 623rd home. Our prayers continue to be with the ones still serving in other countries during this Holiday Season. On the right is a picture of Alex Sewell and his girlfriend, Jamie Tackett, taken at the Armory. Alex and Brandon were roommates in Iraq.

Thank you,
Mike and Bunny Harlow

(lower left) Earl Henry sent us several photos and writes:
This morning we woke up to these beautiful creations in our backyard (Yes, that's ice! - WebMeister) in Barren County at the end of Farm View Avenue between Glasgow & Cave City, Kentucky.

Earl E. Henry

(lower right) Steve Compton sent us this photo and writes:
Mr. Anderson:
Sometimes a hunting trip does more than "bring home the meat for the table." Occasionally you get a chance to spend priceless time visiting with one of God's creatures.

Steve Compton

Drive safely!
Picture Featured:    December 09, 2006 Drive safely!
Craig Harp sent us these and writes:
This was the remains of my car from Wednesday's crash (Nov. 1, 2006) out on Trojan Trail. I was blessed enough to walk away with just a cracked rib and shoulder blade. Thanks for letting me share what guardian angels can do for you.

Sincerely, Craig Harp

The Spirit of the Season
Picture Featured:    December 10, 2006 The Spirit of the Season
(top left) Cheri Watson sent us this photo and writes:
Here are Zoe, Tom and Emma at the 2006 Christmas parade. We had such a great time, it was a nice parade, even if it was a little cold.
(top right) Wayne Hatcher sent us this photo and writes:
I took this photo of the Grinch on Saturday morning during the Horse Cave Christmas Parade. He leaned back to allow me a quick pose as they traveled along Main Street. The beautiful blue Kentucky sky made a wonderful background to contrast the bright red and green colors.
(bottom) Bill Walter sent us the photos at the bottom and writes:
This year, the Glasgow Kiwanis Club has selected the Old Dutch Mill Village for its historical building. The attached pictures give you glimpse at a time long gone. Owned and operated by the parents of Jerry Ream, it was located on South Green Street in Glasgow. The Old Dutch Mill Village included a restaurant, service station and a series of windmill cottages used by travelers. The establishment was extremely unique and very popular among visitors, and it has been included in numerous books, newspaper articles and magazines across America. This ornament joins other historical buildings selected by the Glasgow Kiwanis Club in the past, including the Barren County Court House, the Plaza Theater, Barren River State Resort Lodge, and the first Houchens Grocery Store. We extend a special thank you to Jerry Ream for giving us permission to use the Old Dutch Mill Village on our ornaments this year.

The ornaments cost $10 each and can be purchased at the Glasgow-BC Chamber of Commerce, Glasgow Square Deal Lumber Company, or from any member of the Glasgow Kiwanis Club. Please help us help kids and purchase an ornament for your Christmas tree.

Bill Walter
Assistant Superintendent
Barren County Schools

Vibrant Colors
Picture Featured:    December 11, 2006 Vibrant Colors
(upper photos) Wendell Kennison sent us the upper photos and writes:
(left, mid-October) The last of the goldenrods stand in contrast to the blue fall sky...

(right, very recently) It doesn't look like a lot of snow, but the little bit we had caused a lot of fender benders... This may just be a sample of things to come.


(bottom) Dean Honeycutt sent us this photo and writes:
For all the people who haven't had a chance to get out and see just how beautiful the trees have been this year. This is in Hart County. I hope you enjoy it.

Dean Honeycutt

The Rock Quarry
Picture Featured:    December 12, 2006 The Rock Quarry
Jim Forrest sent us this cool aerial photo and writes: aerial photo of the rock quarry on highway 90 towards Cave City.... Pruitt's Knob is in the background.

Jim Forrest

Supportin' the Nashville Teams!
Picture Featured:    December 13, 2006 Supportin
(left) Beth Cunningham sent us this photo and writes:
Pictured are Matthew Poore, Ben Morgan and Ty Cunningham with Sean Webber of the Nashville Predators. We went to the game as a surprise for Matthew's Birthday. After the game, they got to meet the players, coach, mascot, and the Predator's dancers. They had a great time and the Pred's won 4-2.
(right) Todd Barbour sent us this photo and writes:
My daughter Alexis got the privilege of having a couple of photos taken with the Tennessee Titans Mascot, T-RAX on October 1st, 2006, just before the Titans played the Cowboys. Alexis along with her sister, Hannah (who didn't want anything to do with T-RAX), had a great time at the game with Mommy and Daddy.

Todd Barbour

County Clerk Seeking Photographs
Picture Featured:    December 14, 2006 County Clerk Seeking Photographs
Holly Travis sent us this photo and writes:
County Clerk Seeks Photographs

Pam Hodges Browning, Barren County Court Clerk, is in the process of displaying photos of the past Clerks of Barren County, Kentucky. Many of the photos are displayed and can be viewed at the Barren County Court Clerk’s Office. She is still searching for photos on the following:

  • William Logan - Clerk 1799-1836
  • T. J. Helm - Clerk 1836-1851
  • Travis Cockril(rell) - Clerk 1851-1862
  • W. W. Franklin - Clerk 1876-1882
  • N. D. Terry - Clerk 1895-1906
  • H. D. Ralston - Clerk 1918-1922
If anyone has any information or photos, please contact Holly Travis or Pam Browning at the County Clerk’s office at 651-5200 or 651-3783.

From Glasgow, Scotland
Picture Featured:    December 15, 2006 From Glasgow, Scotland
Ellen Campbell sent us this photo from Glasgow, Scotland and writes:
Hello, Glasgow,
This comes from your namesake in Scotland. I came across your website and it has been interesting to find out about events in your town. I would love to know how you came to be called "Glasgow". Do you have any information on this? I am attaching a photo taken in Alexandra Park, Glasgow, Scotland. I hope you like it.

Good wishes. Ellen Campbell

FRECC at the Library
Picture Featured:    December 16, 2006 FRECC at the Library
(top) Jessie Thomas sent us this photo and writes:
Mr. Anderson,
We have a program at the Mary Wood Weldon Library once a month, Come Together @ your library. We have a book discussion for young adults and an educational or fun program. This is the Peden family and Hannah Houchens with Seth Bishop from East Ky. Power and Farmers Rural Electric. He gave an informative program on bats and explained the environmental studies that the power company does prior to placing electric lines.
Visit the Mary Wood Weldon Library's Website!

(lower left) Monica Eldridge sent us this photo and writes:

I'm sending you a Christmas picture of my little dog Gracie for your website. We would like to wish everyone the very Merriest Christmas. I have worked in Glasgow for several years and when we decided to build a new home I knew that this would be the place. Though both stressful and exciting, I have met so many wonderful new people. I wish I knew who left the homemade bread with the builders that day - it was delicious. Thank you to my family, friends and my new neighbors. Happy Holidays!
(lower right) Joann & Johnny Brown sent us this photo and writes:
Just wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Let's not forget our pets this Holiday Season.

Halloween Headhunters?
Picture Featured:    December 17, 2006 Halloween Headhunters?
Anthony Kenney sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a photo of The Headhunters in Marion, Indiana. We were performing in a performing arts theater that had a bunch of costumes backstage for plays they performed. During Fred's drum solo, the rest of us went backstage and threw on some costumes to surprise Fred with when we came back out. I guess it's our own hillbilly version of “The Magical Mystery Tour” - hahaha.

Anthony Kenney

The Glasgow Community Band
Picture Featured:    December 18, 2006 The Glasgow Community Band
Bill Brogan sent us this photo and writes:
Merry Christmas and a Musical, Happy New Year!

From the Glasgow Community Band

Bill Brogan & John Scalise, Directors

Kids' Collage
Picture Featured:    December 19, 2006 Kids
(upper left) Vicki Monroe sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of Matthew Steven Singer. He is the great-grandson of Bob and Wilma Harrison. Bob says that he is already a huge UK fan and loves to watch the Cats play while sitting in his lap. He will be 4 months old on December the 7th.
(upper right) Travis McGuire sent us this photo and writes:
Steve and Deborah Morrison's daughters, Cassy and Caroline, at "The Pirate House" during their recent trip to Savannah, Georgia.
(lower left) Candy Browning sent us this photo and writes:
Happy 1st Birthday to Keeper Reed Browning and Callie Rae Estes.
(lower right) Tara Piercey sent us this photo and writes:
Lexie Piercy, of Glasgow, enjoying a nice tea party with one of her antique dolls on what could be one of the last nice days of fall. Lexie loves having her picture taken and truly enjoys being outdoors, even if the weather does get colder. Mom takes lots of outdoor pictures of Lexie and her brother, Jacob, all year long!

Rolling Thunder, ® Inc. Ky. Chapter 2
Picture Featured:    December 20, 2006 Rolling Thunder, ® Inc. Ky. Chapter 2
Carla Gantz sent us these photos and writes:
This is Tim Berryman, President of Rolling Thunder, ® Inc. Ky. Chapter 2, presenting a check to Barren Co. Veterans. Accepting the check is Bobby Travis. The check will help purchase Christmas gifts to veterans in local nursing homes.

The second picture: Tim Berryman, President of Rolling Thunder, ® Inc. Ky. Chapter 2, presenting a $250 check to William Myatt for the upkeep of the Freedom Veterans Memorial.

Rolling Thunder, ® Inc. Ky. Chapter 2

Cool Holiday!
Picture Featured:    December 21, 2006 Cool Holiday!
(upper photo) Arthur & Beverly Hatfield sent us this photo and write:
Just wanted to share these photos with everyone. We took our granddaughter, Shady Wood, to Nashville to see ICE at the Gas Light Theater. The first picture is Shady with the ICE Santa, the next one is the nativity scene, and the last one is an ice angel. Hope Everyone has a Wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year

Arthur & Beverly Hatfield

(lower photo) Robin & Penny Walker sent us this photo and writes:
I just wanted to share a picture of Immanuel Baptist Church's HIS Kids Choir. They performed "The Christmas S.O.C.C.E.R. Team" for the church on Sunday, December 17th.

Pictured L to R - Grant Gardner, Jacey Dakin, Becca Keen, Kaitlyn Kinslow, Hannah Barron, Jordan Gardner, Emily England, Marisa Moore and Mary Harris. Front - Kaylee Moore, Grace Barron, Jenna Brooks, Josiah Moore, Tori Walker, Lydia Brooks, Sarah Jones, Tori Buckley and Will Harris.

Picture Featured:    December 22, 2006 Performers...
(left) Wes Wilson sent us this photo and writes:
Here I am in Danville, Ky. with one of the well known country music stars, Eddie Montgomery. Every year, Eddie contributes to the Danville Fire Department Toys for Tots Drive. The cost was only $5 or an unwrapped toy and this included a tour of the Jim Beam tour bus, Trisha Yearwood's tour bus, Kevin Federline's tour bus..... (I didn't even know he had one)...... and of course Eddie Montgomery's tour bus. It was a great time. Eddie was very happy to sign autographs and talk to the fans.

Wes Wilson

(right) Blaise Tylicki sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of my granddaughter Shelby Tylicki (in green sweats). She has been playing the part of Gladys Herdman in the play - The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. The play has been showing at the Public Theater in Bowling Green. This is her first try at acting and we all think she has done a sensational job. Shelby is the daughter of my son Scott and Amy Tylicki.

Spreading Holiday Cheer!
Picture Featured:    December 23, 2006 Spreading Holiday Cheer!
"tkcombs" sent us this photo and writes:
Here is Dr. Bharit Mody handing out toys to kids at T. J. Samson this holiday season. The children enjoyed the visit from Community Medical Care & Barren County Middle School. We also visited seniors in the hospital. As you can see, the Barren County Middle school collected plenty of goodies to go around. Thank you & Merry Christmas.
Community Medical CareBarren Co. Middle School

Ladies of Neals Chapel
Picture Featured:    December 24, 2006 Ladies of Neals Chapel
Nicki Vittitoe sent us this photo and writes:
The ladies of Neals Chapel CP Church recently met to reveal their secret sisters and to celebrate the birthdays of Debbie Hamilton, Wandaline McCoy and Shelby McCoy. Everyone had a good time and three of them really enjoyed the ice cream. Thanks, Bill.

Nicki Vittitoe

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!
Picture Featured:    December 25, 2006 Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!
Bryce and Toni Austin sent us this photo and writes:
We recently went to Michigan to visit our families. When our boys saw the snow, they couldn't wait to make a snow man. This is Seth (2 yrs) and Nicholas (7 yrs) Austin. I just wanted to share.

Merry Christmas,
Bryce and Toni Austin

She finally got her crown...
Picture Featured:    December 26, 2006 She finally got her crown...
Mindy McCulley sent us this photo and writes:
For 38 years, Barbara Jackson has been queen of the Barren County Extension Office. Now she finally has her crown.

Mindy McCulley
Barren County Cooperative Extension Service

Pictures for Minnesota
Picture Featured:    December 27, 2006 Pictures for Minnesota
Evelyn Kruckas sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, I grew up in Barren County. I was home recently and took some pictures to bring back to Minnesota to remind me of home. Maybe others who are homesick will enjoy the Kentucky landscape (grapevine in winter and the old henhouse). Love your website! Will send you pictures of Minnesota snow - if we ever get any this year - we are having a "Kentucky" December.

Evelyn Kruckas
Minnetrista, MN

Girls Scout Troop 232
Picture Featured:    December 28, 2006 Girls Scout Troop 232
Pam sent us these photos and writes:
This is Girl Scout Troop 232. On December 19, 2006, we went Christmas caroling at Glenview Health Care. The girls enjoyed bringing the Christmas spirit to the residents of Glenview. Merry Christmas from Girl Scout Troop 232.

Nashville Trip
Picture Featured:    December 29, 2006 Nashville Trip
Brad and Tiffany Wilson sent us this photo and write:
I recently won a trip to Nashville through 105.3 WOVO. While my husband and I were there we got to enjoy some wonderful shows including the Rockettes and the Pam Tillis Dinner Show. Above is a picture of us with Pam Tillis after her show.

Merry Christmas!
Brad and Tiffany Wilson

Delivering Christmas Cheer to our Local Recruiters
Picture Featured:    December 30, 2006 Delivering Christmas Cheer to our Local Recruiters
Peggy Deichmiller sent us this photo and writes:
Took my grandson Evan to our local military recruiting office to deliver some Christmas candy. When we walked in, he told them all Merry Christmas and thanks for defending our country. He's only 9-years-old, but he's ready to sign up.

Peggy Deichmiller

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