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At the Ballgame!
June 25, 2009
Mushrooms from Mammoth Cave
June 24, 2009
Local Kids
June 23, 2009
Hummer/Mrs. Harvey
June 22, 2009
Recent Storm Damage!
Recent Storm Damage!
(upper left) Alice Thrasher sent us this photo and writes:
Storm damage.
(upper right) Tim and Brenda sent us this photo and write:
Here are a few shots from some of the damage at the Glasgow CC golf course.
(lower left) Jena Pace sent us this photo and writes:
Strom damage yesterday afternoon. Thnakful no one was hurt. But Chad Livingston's blazaer didn't make it thur. We had many trees down on jackson hwy. One landed on our front proch.
(lower right) Michelle Estes sent us this photo and writes:
I obtained the following pics on Hwy 68/80 today while trying to get home before the storm hit. Sadly, I missed home by 2 minutes and had to wait out the storm at a safe location until it was safe to drive again. These were taken just before you get to the A.L. Shirley Road and on down to where the Windy Hill Store was. I hope you can use them.

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Proud of Eric...
Picture Featured:    January 01, 2006 Proud of Eric...
Ricky Mudd sent us this photo and writes:
A few days ago we sent a picture of my son at his little sister's birthday. Well, as you can see, this was his day when he walked the line at WKU. We just wanted to tell him in public how proud his family and his Dad are of him. He has worked very hard to acheive his goal. And remember how proud of you we are, Eric. Your Mom would be very proud, also!

Dad and your family

Bill, I hope you can help me out one more time. I think I owe it to him - hehe. We have had more comments about the other page. You just would not believe it. Thanks again for all you guys down there do. I brag on you guys wherever I go around the state.

Ricky AKA Muddman

By the way, if you don't remember what Ricky's talking about, take a look at the picture from Dec. 19, 2005. Yep, we owe him... - The WebMeister

Barbara & Tommy Jackson
Picture Featured:    January 02, 2006 Barbara & Tommy Jackson
Tommy Jackson sent us these photos and writes:
Barbara and Tommy Jackson were guests recently on Good Morning America while in New York City. They experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity by being on the set during the show with Diane Sawyer, Robin Roberts and Tony Perkins. Faith Hill was the guest entertainer for the day. During commercial breaks, Barbara and Tommy visited with Diane and Robin. After the show, Barbara and Tommy met with Diane and among other topics discussed were her Glasgow connections. In the photos are Tommy Jackson, Robin Roberts and Barbara Jackson on the left, Tommy Jackson, Diane Sawyer and Barbara Jackson on the right.

SFC Richard Everett is a winner!
Picture Featured:    January 03, 2006 SFC Richard Everett is a winner!
Jenny Everett sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of my husband, SFC Richard Everett, showing off the Fantasy Baseball trophy he finally won after playing with the same league for seven years. Rich deployed with the 90th PSB out of Baummholder, Germany on October 3rd. We are looking forward to settling in Glasgow when he returns next year and retires with over 20 years of service in the Army. Thanks!

Jenny Everett

Solo flight for Tyler Perkins
Picture Featured:    January 04, 2006 Solo flight for Tyler Perkins
Darla Perkins sent us this photo and writes:
On December 18th, my son, Tyler Perkins, completed his solo flight at Bowling Green Airport. He hopes to have his pilot's license by this March. Tyler is a junior at Glasgow High School.

Thank You,
Darla Perkins

Two rainbows!
Picture Featured:    January 05, 2006 Two rainbows!
Stephanie Bell sent us this photo and writes:
Hi, this picture was taken after the little storm that passed through Glasgow today (Monday, Jan. 2, 2006). I thought that two rainbows were very rare and I would share it with you guys. This picture was taken above the Park Avenue apartments. I hope you guys enjoy.


Wade in Dallas
Picture Featured:    January 06, 2006 Wade in Dallas
Wade England sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill,
I stopped in Dallas yesterday (Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2005) on my way through Texas. I got to go see my hero's gravesite. The great Stevie Ray Vaughan - it was really cool. It was worth the drive.


Stevie Ray Vaughan on Wikipedia

Yard Decoration?
Picture Featured:    January 07, 2006 Yard Decoration?
Jane Baker sent us this photo and writes:
Need an idea for a yard decoration? Displayed for a day. Should your pipes freeze, just a silly idea.

With the garage construction going on, and the two-seater outhouse guarded by the dogs, the electrician/plumber needed a place for this old commode off his truck, so he put this out for a party I had.


Savanna's Cookies
Picture Featured:    January 08, 2006 Savanna
Wendell Kennison sent us this photo and writes:
Hello Bill,
In the past I have submitted many nature photos but I thought this one was special. This is Savanna Johnson, my niece's daughter, making Christmas cookies. She appears to be really taking cookie making very seriously.


A Very Special Christmas Eve
Picture Featured:    January 09, 2006 A Very Special Christmas Eve
Dina Meyers sent us this photo (entitled "A Very Special Christmas Eve") and writes:
Before Christmas my daughter, Ella, asked Santa for three things. She wanted a bouncer (2 year old's word for trampoline), some mouses (she got that idea from Cinderella), and Daddy home from Raq forever and ever and ever. Lucky girl got everything she wanted! Ella loved the trampoline and the dwarf hamsters she got, but nothing under the tree lit her face up like seeing her Daddy walking toward us that evening. I hope she never loses that memory. I know I won't.

It was a long year for the soldiers and families of the 1/623rd but they are home now. Best wishes to all members of the 1/623rd and their families. Special blessings to the Toth family.

*Thanks to you, WebMeister, for giving the folks of Glasgow little glimpses of our soldiers throughout the year. It has been great to turn on the computer and see Joe or other members of the unit that we all know. It always makes them famous for a day or two. They get lots of "fan mail" for a few days. Great to see that kind of support. They needed all the support from home they could get.

So much to be thankful for!!!
Joe, Dina and Ella Bo Bella Meyers

Welcoming 2006
Picture Featured:    January 10, 2006 Welcoming 2006
Sandy Smith sent us this photo and writes:
What a way to ring in the New Year! At the stroke of twelve, these three young ladies enjoyed Welch's sparkling white grape juice. They had a blast throwing confetti and toasting to a great year. Left to right: Chanel Workman, Kacy Albany, Brittany Smith.

Sandy Smith

Barren Co. Cheerleaders
Picture Featured:    January 11, 2006 Barren Co. Cheerleaders
Laurie Berry sent us this photo Dec. 28, 2005 and writes:
The Barren County Cheerleaders are leaving tomorrow for Cheerleading Competition in Nashville. They have practiced all through their Christmas break. This is a picture at their Christmas party after practice last week.

Laurie Berry

Cheering the 'Cats!
Picture Featured:    January 12, 2006 Cheering the
Crystal Stewart sent us this photo and writes:
Go, Wildcats!
We are always cheering the Kentucky Wildcats to victory. This is a picture during the Kentucky vs. Ohio game. We are doing our favorite cheer that we do during the free throws. We know that we were the reason they won! The cheerleaders are Crystal Stewart, Barbara Jackson, Loretta Norris and Paulette Nuckols. We are considering going to competitions!


At Lambeau Field
Picture Featured:    January 13, 2006 At Lambeau Field
Patrick Katchak sent us this photo and writes:
I hope everybody had a good holiday season in Glasgow. Attached is a picture of Chris Deckard and me at Lambeau Field. We had tickets in the front row of the end zone. If you look closely, Brett Farve is in the background in a huddle. It was a great game and unseasonably warm for a New Year's Day game (40°). The Packers won but not before Shaun Alexander (Boone County, Kentucky native and Seattle Seahawk) set the all-time touchdown scoring mark in one year with 28.

I was in Wisconsin visiting my in-laws and Chris is currently living there working for the Kohler Company's golf operation. It was a shame we couldn't get out and play golf at Whisling Straits this time! Have a great day and Happy New Year!

Patrick Katchak

Hook 'em, Horns!
Picture Featured:    January 14, 2006 Hook
Kevin Morrow sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill,
There are some diehard Texas football fans in Glasgow, Kentucky. This is a picture of our "alternate Christmas lighting" set up for the Rose Bowl.

My Three Sons
Picture Featured:    January 15, 2006 My Three Sons
Bill Ramsey sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of My Three Sons. Miller (left), Christopher (middle) and Lee Ramsey (right). I’m in the construction business and believe in breaking them in early. We live in Bowling Green now, but my sons love spending time with Grandma and Grandpa Ramsey who live in Norris Court. My three boys love playing sports, but it’s hard to think of them becoming "Purples," when I was a Scottie all my life.

Pullin' in Mississippi
Picture Featured:    January 16, 2006 Pullin
Lanise Coe sent us these photos and writes:
From Lanise Coe:

My husband and I recently attended the Southern National Antique Tractor Pull in Tunica, Mississippi. There were over 300 tractors from all over the United States. We placed 5th and 6th out of 41 tractors in our class. For more pictures go to the Central Kentucky Antique Pullers Website.

Central Kentucky Antique Pullers Website

Meeting Joe Nichols
Picture Featured:    January 17, 2006 Meeting Joe Nichols
Candice Ragle sent us this photo and writes:
Recently my sister, Cheyenne Groce, and I were in Nashville at the Opryland Hotel for the WCA Cheerleading Nationals. While leaving the hotel, after an awesome performance by the senior extreme all star squad, we saw Joe Nichols! Needless to say, we jumped at the opportunity to meet him (we're both country music fanatics). After chasing him down (literally) he agreed to a quick pose. We were so excited that we forgot about our mom, who also wanted a picture! We left her standing there taking OUR picture instead! Oops... Sorry, mom! =)

Candice Ragle

Aaron's Snowman
Picture Featured:    January 18, 2006 Aaron
Eddie Russell sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill,
We didn't get much snow, but Aaron made use of what we did get with his mini-snowman.


A different type of thoroughbred
Picture Featured:    January 19, 2006 A different type of thoroughbred
Erica Jones sent us this photo and writes:
This is Andes, my Llama, and she is having a good time out in the snow. I have only had her for 2 years now and she doesn't get to see snow very often, but she loves it.

Yours truly,

The Smoky Mountains
Picture Featured:    January 20, 2006 The Smoky Mountains
Judi sent us this photo and writes:
This was taken in the Smoky Mountains, on New Year's Eve. We were heading to the Atlantic Ocean in South Carolina and we found out that the mountain road was closed due to a snowstorm the day before. On the way back, we were able to cross the mountain. There was still quite a bit of snow on the mountaintop, but they had salted the road really well. There were a lot of people up there, and quite a few of them were throwing snowballs and sledding. The Smokies are soooo beautiful!

Opryland Hotel
Picture Featured:    January 21, 2006 Opryland Hotel
Peggy Wooten and Misty Houchens sent us these photos and writes:
Here are photos of my daughter, Breanna, and my niece, Misty, at Opryland Hotel Dec. 17, 2005, when we ran upon country music singer Billy Currington. We were out looking at the Christmas lights, never expecting to run into anyone famous like this. He was very generous and excited about taking a minute for pictures with some of his fans!


A late night snowman
Picture Featured:    January 22, 2006 A late night snowman
Shari Wallace sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, here's a picture of Gabe Wallace on the 13th, snowman and all. His dad and I decided that since we were finally getting a little snow, we should let him go out and play in it. As you can see, he was quite excited about the snow... (or maybe it was getting to go outside at 11:00pm).

Go, Trojans!
Picture Featured:    January 23, 2006 Go, Trojans!
Taylor Roemer sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of BCHS Seniors before a ballgame one Friday night. We love to show our school spirit. Go, Trojans!

Stat Care at BCHS
Picture Featured:    January 24, 2006 Stat Care at BCHS
Rose Burris sent us this photo and writes:
Last summer, Stat Care did some training at BCHS, where my husband works. They were all really nice, so nice that one of the pilots took us up for a ride. From left is David Burris, Rose Burris, David Bryant and Matthew Bragg. If you ever get the chance for a ride, take it. It was great.

Rose Burris

Having a Blast
Picture Featured:    January 25, 2006 Having a Blast
Anita Maulden sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of my father-in-law, George Maulden, with my son, Clint, who is driving and my nephew, Luke, enjoying the scenery on Friday afternoon. Can you tell they're having a blast?

They are actually sitting still waiting for the school bus (GrandDaddy never lets Clint really drive) and the wind was doing a number on Luke's hair!

Anita Maulden

Metcalfe County Lake Scene
Picture Featured:    January 26, 2006 Metcalfe County Lake Scene
lcastle sent us this photo and writes:
The first snow of the season at Metcalfe County Lake left an abandoned cottage there looking even more forlorn.

The Old Scout Camp
Picture Featured:    January 27, 2006 The Old Scout Camp
Andrew Moloko sent us this photo and writes:
My name is Andrew Moloko and I'm in Boy Scout Troop 747, Glasgow. In scouts we love to go camping, and are very lucky to have an awesome camp close to home in Temple Hill. I have been going to that camp for as long as I can remember with my father and his "old" scout buddies. Sunday morning (Jan. 15) at about 6:00am, I got this beautiful picture of the moon. Hope you enjoy the picture.

Andrew Moloko

Maggie traveling to Spain
Picture Featured:    January 28, 2006 Maggie traveling to Spain
Betty Allway sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a photo of our grandaughter, Maggie Proffitt, who is in Segovia, Spain, studying Spanish. Maggie is a sophomore at Centre College and will return to Glasgow in May. You may visit her Website at to keep up with her experiences.

Betty Allway/photo by Jonathan DuBree

Picture Featured:    January 29, 2006 Butterflies...
Wendell Kennison sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill,
These flying jewels posed for me beautifully... It is rare to get both on the same flower at the same time.


Santa Claus Village in Finland
Picture Featured:    January 30, 2006 Santa Claus Village in Finland
Marty Wooten sent us this photo and writes:
This place was on the ABC News last night (Dec. 20, 2005). It is at Santa Claus Village on the Artic Circle, just north of Rovaniemi, Finland. In this picture are folks from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Isreal, the Netherlands, Norway, several dotted around the US and, of course, one from Glasgow, Kentucky. I was there on my birthday, July 27. It was still COLD!

Have a great Spring!
Picture Featured:    January 31, 2006 Have a great Spring!
Jim Hurst sent us this photo several months ago (Oops - the WebMeister just ran across it) and writes:
My wife and I are new to Glasgow and we enjoy it here and love the Barren River Lake State Park, here's a couple of photos taken Easter weekend. Thanks to all of you who are cordial to us newbies. Enjoy and have a great Spring!

Jim Hurst
"I'm happier than I've ever been!"

An old house
Picture Featured:    February 01, 2006 An old house
Matthew Trigg sent us this photo (and several others) and writes:
Here are several pictures I would like to submit.

Matthew Trigg

Glasgow Shrine Club raised $24,500!
Picture Featured:    February 02, 2006 Glasgow Shrine Club raised $24,500!
Wayne Pedigo sent us this photo and writes:
On Friday, January 13, the Glasgow Shrine Club traveled to the Kosair Shrine Temple in Louisville to make a presentation to the Kosair Charities. This year, the club raised $24,500 to help the kids. This accomplishment was made possible by selling candy, a golf scramble and donations. Since 1971, the Glasgow Shrine Club has donated over $440,000 to the Kosair Charities! Our heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone for your continued support and generosity and remember that when a Shriner asks you for a donation, every penny goes to the Kosair Kids.

Pictured left to right: Ed Smith, Brad Doyel, E.L. Stout, Jackie Harrison, Bob King, Wayne Pedigo - Vice President, Darrell Bartley - President, Ray Dillingham - Treasurer, Kevin Poynter, Bill Hart. Second row, left to right: Randy Coe - Executive Director of Kosair Charities, Don Pedigo and Bill Claywell.

Wayne and Julie Pedigo

Cristiane in Rio
Picture Featured:    February 03, 2006 Cristiane in Rio
David Bastien sent us this photo and writes:
Hello, Bill:
This is a photo of my wife, Cristiane, hang-gliding over the famous beach, Copacabana, in Brazil with Sugar Loaf in the background. Rio de Janeiro ("River of January") is a spectacular city. Her launch was from a 3000 ft. cliff over Cucumber Beach, then she flew out over the ocean and north to Copa. She teaches at the "Y" and she's a tough lady! Rio is just 8 hours from Miami.

Dave Bastien

Congratulations, Hoops!
Picture Featured:    February 04, 2006 Congratulations, Hoops!
Lisa & Kevin Beaty sent us this photo and writes:
The 6th grade Barren County Hoops took 1st place at the B&M Storm Invitational Basketball tournament played on January 27, 28 & 29 in Metcalfe County. Team Members included:
Front row - Chris Costlow, Brandon Sneed, Luke Matthews, Hunter Botts, Tyler Hammer and Justin Beaty
Back row - Coach Bart Hammer, Brian Humphrey, Jacob Gibson, Chase Nunn and Coach Bo Matthews
These boys work very hard and are currently playing on weekends with a league in Somerset to prepare them for the KY State AAU tournament coming up in March. Congratulations, Hoops!

What a Beautiful Day!
Picture Featured:    February 05, 2006 What a Beautiful Day!
Chris Sexton sent us this photo he entitled "What a Beautiful Day!" and writes:
This is my daughter, Courtney. She is sitting in a Army helicopter at Glasgow Airport. She and my wife had came to my work to bring me lunch and she got to sit in this helicopter. That just made her day! We got six good pictures, hope everyone likes them.

Chris,Christie and Courtney

Puppy Love
Picture Featured:    February 06, 2006 Puppy Love
Kimberly Speck sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a picture that I took of my son loving on his dog, Daisey. I like to call this picture "Puppy Love."


Enjoying the snow!
Picture Featured:    February 07, 2006 Enjoying the snow!
Billie and Casey Brown sent us these photos and write:
Here’s our little angel, 1½-year-old Faith, enjoying the beautiful weather. Let it snow!

GMS from the air, courtesy of Statcare
Picture Featured:    February 08, 2006 GMS from the air, courtesy of Statcare
Matt Bragg sent us this photo and writes:
My name is Matt Bragg and I'm a firefighter at the East Barren Volunteer Fire Dept. I recently got to ride in the Statcare helicopter. I took this picture of Glasgow Middle School when we went over and thought it was a good picture. Statcare is a great helicopter service and if they ever offer you a ride or you just get the chance to ride, it's wonderful.

Matt Bragg
East Barren #36

Milan, Italy
Picture Featured:    February 09, 2006 Milan, Italy
Brian Ross sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a photo looking down Largo Donegani street in Milan, Italy. I flew over in early December to field measure an office so their furniture could be built here in Glasgow. In early Feburary, I will send a three-man crew consisting of Rodney Meadows Jr., Stephen Atkins and Mike Whitt to do the install. Ya just cannot beat Kentucky craftsmanship.

Brian Ross

What a view from Sunset Point Overlook!
Picture Featured:    February 10, 2006 What a view from Sunset Point Overlook!
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
February 9, 2006 -- This is a morning photo from the Sunset Point Overlook, just behind the Hotel at Mammoth Cave National Park. The overnight snow was still firmly stuck to every little twig.

Vickie Carson

Mammoth Cave National Park Website

Meeting Billy Lane in NYC
Picture Featured:    February 11, 2006 Meeting Billy Lane in NYC
Kim Crews sent us this photo and writes:
Can you put this picture on the Glasgow Website? This is my niece, LaTisha Passmore Cline, with Billy Lane. She met him at a motorcycle show in New York City where she modeled for an insurance company.

Snowy Morning
Picture Featured:    February 12, 2006 Snowy Morning
Mr. Byrd sent us this photo and writes:
This morning's snow reminded me of the one a few weeks back that we had. This is a picture taken from my backyard one morning.

Extreme Cheerleaders
Picture Featured:    February 13, 2006 Extreme Cheerleaders
Sheila Milam sent us this photo and writes:
The Extreme Cheerleaders took yet another title on Saturday when they competed in Lexington at the Big Blue Battle. Not only did they take first place in their division, they were also named Grand Champions of the competition. Extreme has had an awesome year and we are so proud of our girls and our coach.

Sheila Milam

The snowmen have returned!
Picture Featured:    February 14, 2006 The snowmen have returned!
Our snowfall over the weekend prompted many snowman pictures (with another one for tomorrow). Here are a few of them:

(upper left) Tammy Spurlock sent us this photo and writes:

Here's 2-year-old Elliott with his first snowman. Photo taken by Mommy, Tammy Sexton Spurlock
(upper middle) Pam Garmon sent us this photo and writes:
Saturday, we used the rare opportunity to play in the snow! This is Billy Bob... our new friend! :) Left to right are Heather Proffitt, Pam Garmon, Beth Proffitt -- middle, Billy Bob -- front, Tye Garmon. Thanks!
(upper right) Cheri Watson sent us this photo and writes:
Can you put this picture on the Glasgow Website? This is my daughter, Emma Watson, after building a snowman Saturday morning. She decided to play peekaboo with the camera. Thanks, Cherise Watson
(lower left) Beth Harbison sent us this photo and writes:
Hey, Bill, These are my children, Cassie and Michael David with their snowman, Frosty. Our dogs, Jack and Jill, are in the background. All four had a blast in the beautiful snow on Feb. 11 & 12! Thanks, Beth Kinslow Harbison
(lower right) Gary Norman sent us this photo and writes:
Fun in the snow… Attached is a picture of my daughter, Sydney Norman, with a rather large, frosty gentleman. We had fun building him Saturday morning in front of the recreation department.

Think Summer!
Picture Featured:    February 15, 2006 Think Summer!
Sandy Smith sent us this photo she entitled "think summer.jpg" and writes:
This is my neighbor, Joe, Catalina Baker, Jess Peden and Summer, the snow woman. As you can tell, they are thinking "summer time."

Sandy Smith
Glasgow, Kentucky

More snowmen (and their creators)!
Picture Featured:    February 16, 2006 More snowmen (and their creators)!
More pictures from our recent snowfall...

(left) Chris and Amy Hall sent us this photo and write:

This is Carter Hall, enjoying the snow last weekend. He named his new friend "Bob the Builder Snowman."

Chris and Amy Hall

(center) Sharon Burgess sent us this photo and writes:
This photo is the granddaughter of Sharon & Dennis Burgess, Brenya. Made on 2-11-06, her first one, I think. Looked like we had about 3 inches at its greatest point. She really enjoyed it. Thanks.
(right) Fran Fields sent us this photo and writes:
Hey, Bill, just wanted to share our picture of our snowwoman! Building snowpeople isn't just for little kids anymore. Pictured is Megan Fields (right) along with her best friend, Brianna Ramsey (left), both freshmen at BCHS.

Fran Fields

Dedicated to Our Public Servants
Picture Featured:    February 17, 2006 Dedicated to Our Public Servants
Jonathan Dubree sent us this photo and writes:
Good Day Glasgow!
I just want to thank the wonderful men & women who stay up through the wee hours of the night keeping the roads clean and safe for people like me on my way home. This photo is dedicated to them. If you really think about it, these members of our community are called from their families to work all night so that we may travel safely throughout the night and morning. Just wanted to say thank you to these members of our community. For more photos from this snowy night, visit my photo blog at

- Jonathan Dubree

A Winter Wonderland
Picture Featured:    February 18, 2006 A Winter Wonderland
(upper left) "lcastle" sent us this photo and writes:
The Saturday morning storm left graveled county roads in Metcalfe County snow-covered and beautiful.
(upper right) Harold sent us this photo and writes:
This was a picture at the entrance of the Glasgow Municipal Cemetery Saturday, Feb. 11th.
(lower left) Teresa Kindred sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of my daughter-in-law and granddaughter, Alesa and Abigail Kindred. My daughter snapped it outside our house last weekend and I thought it was so good I wanted to share it with you.
(lower right) Peggy Deichmiller sent us this photo and writes:
My brother took this on Saturday the 11th in my backyard. It's just too pretty not to share. Looks like a winter wonderland.

A Snowy Azalea
Picture Featured:    February 19, 2006 A Snowy Azalea
Judi Atkins sent us this photo and writes:
Snowfall February 8, 2006. Here's the kind of pics that I enjoy taking. This is our Azalea bush, in front of our pond. We got about 2 inches of snow, and it is really beautiful, out here in the valley.

Big Excitement at Red Cross
Picture Featured:    February 20, 2006 Big Excitement at Red Cross
Todd & Amy Carter sent us this photo entitled "Big Excitement at Red Cross" a few days ago and write:
My wife got a picture of the military helicopter that made an emergency landing on Thursday night last week. They must have left something because they were back on Friday afternoon. Yes, that's the Amish getting a peek at the big bird.

Todd and Amy Carter

Les Bale does the Penguin Plunge for JA!
Picture Featured:    February 21, 2006 Les Bale does the Penguin Plunge for JA!
Kristen Mitchell sent us these and writes:
Les Bale does the Penguin Plunge for JA!
South Central Bank Beaver Trail office manager and lender Les Bale, III rose to the challenge and plunged into an icy pool of water on Saturday morning, Feb. 10. Although it may seem crazy, Les did so with 19 other plungers who were nominated to jump for Junior Achievement of Barren County. The event was held at the Marquee 8 Cinemas parking lot in Glasgow after a 20 degree night and three inches of snow. The antics proved to be a successful fundraising event for the JA organization, as more than $6,700 was raised, $500 of which Les turned in personally. The money raised by the plungers will go to help impact more than 1,500 students in Barren County. With nearly 60 classes projected this year, the money raised will help educate kids about business economics of life.

As for the Cupid costume? Well, Les gives his lovely wife Lisa Bale creative props for helping him earn the top award for the costume contest. He says he just figured it was appropriate for the Valentine's Day season. While he was still shivering, he expressed interest in jumping again next year, but thought a few companions from South Central Bank would be nice. For more information on the Junior Achievement program in Glasgow, contact JA director Michelle Harrell by email at

Julie at the Winter Olympics
Picture Featured:    February 22, 2006 Julie at the Winter Olympics
Julie Brown sent us these from the 2006 Winter Olympics. She writes:
Hey WebMeister,

Just thought I would send these photos to you directly from Torino, Italy. I have been in Torino (Turin) since Wednesday. The first photo is of the Olympic Flame. And the second photo is of the USA Men's Hockey Team playing Kazakhstan this past Thursday. Final score 4-1.

Julie Brown

Now that's bouncing high...
Picture Featured:    February 23, 2006 Now that
Michelle Simmons sent us this photo and writes:
The high winds on late Thursday night/early Friday morning in the Temple Hill community managed to pick up our trampoline and carry it about 30 feet up into a tree in our neighbor's yard.

Michelle Simmons

Leapin' Lizards!
Picture Featured:    February 24, 2006 Leapin
Sandie Claywell sent us this photo and writes:
Leapin' Lizards? It's Annie Jr. at North Metcalfe Elementary School! Annie (Shelby Peden) is a wonderful story about a 10-year-old girl in the depression era of our nation's history. Her dream is to find the parents who left her on the doorstep of the orphanage and have a family. The orphans that play her friends are wonderful (Faylee Brown, Briana Scott, Brittany Scott, Kiara Horton, Harmony Parks, MaKensey Edwards, Lizzie Wilson, Martina Chapman, Leah Rock). As the story goes on, she is chosen to live with billionaire Oliver Warbucks (Seth Jessie) for a week as a publicity tactic. Well, she grew on him and he sent out a search for her parents but couldn't find them because none of them knew about the broken locket that Annie had around her neck. It's a heartwarming story with great music and singing! Other characters were Riley Gardner, Corey Parnell, Dylan Gardner, Candice Gossett, Chris England and Kristin Compton.

Governor's Scholars in Frankfort
Picture Featured:    February 25, 2006 Governor
Mallory Mudd sent us this photo and writes:
Hey! Last Thursday (February 16th) I got to go to Frankfort and take part in Senate and House meetings and various committee meetings to ensure that the Kentucky Governor's Scholars Program will be receiving adequate funding for another year. As a 2005 Governor's Scholar, I (as well as other scholars representing each campus), got to take part in this great program. In the first picture, I am with one of my best friends who was in the program with me, and the other is the Governor's office because he could not attend due to his recent surgery. Though it was great to see everyone again, we still completed our goal and were guaranteed the same funding (if not more), which is well over one million dollars.

Thanks again,
Mallory Mudd

It's Tater Tot Time (every Friday)!
Picture Featured:    February 26, 2006 It
Martha Thomas sent us this photo and writes:
This is Jackson and Aubrey and their Grandma's at Tater Tot Time February 6. The Mary Wood Weldon Library offers this each Friday at 10:00am.

Martha Nell Thomas

Picture Featured:    February 27, 2006 "Snowbathing"
Blenda Chapman sent us this photo entitled "Snowbathing" and writes:
I found this so interesting, creative and funny. This picture was taken in Glasgow as I was leaving a friend's house. Since my family call me a "beach nut," I just had to stop at the roadside and take a picture. I live in Glasgow to work part of the week, and live with my family in Paducah the rest of the week. I sent them this photo, and told them "THIS is sunbathing, Glasgow style."

I thought it showed a lot of planning and creativity. I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

Blenda Chapman

A Winter Surprise
Picture Featured:    February 28, 2006 A Winter Surprise
"elderam" sent us this photo entitled "A Winter Surprise" a few days ago and writes:
This has to be shared! A wild rose/babie's breath blooming in February's 21° warmth? I was amazed!

Fun in the Snow
Picture Featured:    March 01, 2006 Fun in the Snow
(left) Arthur & Beverly Hatfield sent us the photo on the left:
Our granddaughter, Shady Lynn Wood, on her first sledding experience, she loved it. Her parents are Tony and Tabitha Wood.
(right) Brian Coffey sent us the photo on the right:
I was looking at pictures of your snowman and thought that I would submit one that I built. Pictured from left to right are Anna, Bill and Brian Coffey.

Thank you,
Brian Coffey

2006 Temple Hill VFD Officers
Picture Featured:    March 02, 2006 2006 Temple Hill VFD Officers
Christy Wood sent us this photo and writes:
Hey. Just wanted to share this picture taken Saturday, Feb. 24, 2006 at the Temple Hill Volunteer Fire Department's annual meeting. These are the 2006 Officers. Left to right are: Assistant Chief Cary Proffitt, Chief Tony Richey, Lieutenant/Training Officer Kiley Jackson, Lieutenant Doug Wood, Captain Robert Carver and Assistant Chief Tim Franklin. Absent from the photo are Captain Lynn Emberton and Lieutenant Eddie Casteel. The top three officers are wearing the new Class A dress uniforms that the Temple Hill VFD Ladies' Auxiliary are purchasing for the department. We hope by the end of the year to have the entire department outfitted in them.


A rather well-known sign...
Picture Featured:    March 03, 2006 A rather well-known sign...
Andrea Deckard sent us this photo Feb. 10 and writes:
I attended a business conference the last weekend of January in Hollywood. This was our view from our hotel!

Andrea Deckard

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
Picture Featured:    March 04, 2006 Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
Tommy Fields sent us this photo and writes:
Krissie and I recently visited Savannah, Georgia, and Hilton Head, South Carolina. The attached picture was taken in the "Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist" in Savannah. This Roman Catholic cathedral's cornerstone was laid in 1873 and was dedicated in 1876. It is considered one of the largest and most beautiful cathedrals in the southeastern United States. The picture doesn't do justice to the breathtaking beauty of the chapel. We were told that if someone wants to be married in the church, it must be booked 5 years in advance. Thanks.

And now you know the rest of the story...
Picture Featured:    March 05, 2006 And now you know the rest of the story...
Leslie Green sent us this photo and writes:
Mr. Anderson, I just wanted to let you know who the snow bathing woman belonged to. My name is Leslie Green and I live on Pebble Drive. I never sent in my photo because by the time I got my photos developed it was a week later, so I thought it was too late. But it is funny that someone else took a photo and sent her in to share with everyone. I have always seen a lot of different things in magazines from families that live up north, but we usually don't get enough snow here to do anything like this. It was a lot of fun putting her together.

This is the other snowman that we also built that day. I have told everyone that this is my husband standing guard over our daughter while she is sunbathing - notice the gun in hand. I know that someone sent the photo of just the girl snowman, but I thought you should get the "whole picture." We had a lot of fun making them. We were so happy to finally get a nice amount of snow. I hope everyone will get a kick out of the photo.

Leslie Green

Celebrating Dr. Seuss at HES
Picture Featured:    March 06, 2006 Celebrating Dr. Seuss at HES
Lacey Ball sent us this photo and writes:
On March 2nd, the first grade students at Highland Elementary celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday! The students wore their pajamas, ate delicious green eggs and ham, made stovepipe hats, and participated in several other fun activities that related to the wonderful works of Dr. Seuss. Here is Mrs. Lacey Bowles Ball’s class wearing their new hats.
The Highland Elementary School Website

Nancy Emberton
Picture Featured:    March 07, 2006 Nancy Emberton
Becky Davis sent us this photo and writes:
On Jan. 27, 2006, it was Nancy Emberton day at Towne & Country Drugs and at Glasgow Prescription Center. She turned the Big 6-0! She is our delivery lady and she gets the job done no matter what the weather is outside. She's looking good for 60, don't you think?

Becky Davis

More Snow Photos
Picture Featured:    March 08, 2006 More Snow Photos
(left) Shawn Crittenden sent us this photo and writes:
This is my son, Jacob, and his first snowman (with a little help from daddy, of course).
(center) Buchanon Enterprise sent us this photo and writes:
I am sending you a pic of my girls playing in the snow!
(right) Ted Garmon sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of my granddaughters, Kristen and Lindsey Garmon.

Troop 327 at Oakwood Farm
Picture Featured:    March 09, 2006 Troop 327 at Oakwood Farm
Melanie Watson sent us this photo and writes:
Junior Girl Scout Troop 327 enjoyed a beautiful day at Oakwood Farm Riding Academy. Anne Newton led the "Horse Fan" Badge program which allowed each girl to learn basic elements of horse grooming, care and riding. Pictured (L to R) are Chelsea Mullins, Elley Allison, Emma Dickinson, Anne Newton, "Scooter," Cheyenne Mabey, Victoria Watson and Emma Steen.

Nolin Lake
Picture Featured:    March 10, 2006 Nolin Lake
Joe Hardin sent us this photo and writes:
Here are a couple of pics of my wife, Andrea and son, Jackson at Nolin Lake on 8-21-04. The water is very clear and has some nice views around the lake.

Joe Hardin

4th and 5th Generations
Picture Featured:    March 11, 2006 4th and 5th Generations
Debbie Reece sent us these and writes:
Seth Daniel Lutterman, born Feb. 2, 2006 is the newest member of our family. We spent a recent Saturday afternoon meeting and holding Seth, and taking 4th and 5th generation photos.

4th Generation Photo: Seated, grandmother Donna Lutterman of Lexington, holding Seth. Standing, great-grandfather Bobby Pardue of Glasgow and Nathan Lutterman of Scottsville.

5th Generation Photo: Seated, Callie Jeffries, Glasgow, holding Seth. Standing: Seth's Dad, Nathan Lutterman of Scottsville, grandmother Donna Lutterman of Lexington, and great-grandmother Marcella Pardue.

Visiting Florida
Picture Featured:    March 12, 2006 Visiting Florida
Judy Hardison sent us this photo and writes:
This picture of Dennis Stockton (son of Reed Stockton), Reed Stockton and Jerry Hardison was made Feb. 24, 2006, as they made a visit to our home in Moore Haven, Florida.

S. Green's Academic Team!
Picture Featured:    March 13, 2006 S. Green
Meg Travis sent us this photo and writes:
Here are pictures of South Green Elementary’s Academic Team. The team placed 1st in quick recall, 1st in future problem solving, and 1st overall at the District Competition held last Saturday. The team is coached by Lesley Mills, Kim Powell and Martha Harpe.

Meg Travis

South Green Elementary's Website

Local B&B
Picture Featured:    March 14, 2006 Local B&B
Debora sent us this photo and writes:
The sweet promise of spring! This was taken when some of the 100 or so Robins stopped at Hall Place in February to sample the local B&B - in this case, it was birdseed and a bath.

Powerlifting at CCCC
Picture Featured:    March 15, 2006 Powerlifting at CCCC
David Witty sent us this photo and writes:
Powerlifter Dewayne Nealy from Scottsville, Kentucky, gets ready to attempt a 650-lb. bench press in the recently held American Powerlifting Association Bench Press and Deadlift Competition. The event was held February 25, 2006, at the Cave City Convention Center.

Pictured from left to right are David Witty, Brett Underwood, Joe Carter, Wade Johnson and Terry Harris. Plans are already underway for a Fall, 2006 competition.

Dutch Mill Village
Picture Featured:    March 16, 2006 Dutch Mill Village
The South Central Ky. Cultural Center sent us this scan...
Just wondering... Have you been around long enough to remember this in Glasgow?

Green River Scenery
Picture Featured:    March 17, 2006 Green River Scenery
Dean Honeycutt sent us this photo of Daffodils and writes:
I am enjoying the scenery as I drive along beside the Green River.


Pink Wildflowers
Picture Featured:    March 18, 2006 Pink Wildflowers
Wendell Kennison sent us this photo and writes:
Hi, Bill,
With the Spring Pink wildflowers in bloom, can Spring be far behind? These were found peeking their heads up down by the creek...


Madison & Kaden
Picture Featured:    March 19, 2006 Madison & Kaden
Miranda Barrow sent us this photo and writes:
Kathy & Maxie Murray found a field of buttercups for their children, Madison and Kaden, to have their pictures made in. They're wearing matching outfits that their aunt, Debbie Birge, recently brought back to them from Hawaii.

Bowl for Kids' Sake
Picture Featured:    March 20, 2006 Bowl for Kids
Kathy Byrd sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of Jackie Brown after bowling a "strike" while bowling at the Highlander last Saturday during the annual "Bowl For Kids' Sake." Jackie was bowling with "The Hillside Rollers" to help make money for Big Brothers/Big Sisters. The team together made up a little over $800 for the event.

St. Patrick's Day in Savannah
Picture Featured:    March 21, 2006 St. Patrick
Kim Birge Stites sent us this photo and writes:
Hi, Bill:
I was born and raised in Glasgow and now live in Savannah, Georgia. Savannah has the second biggest St. Patrick's Day parade in the US. It went on for about 4 hours. If anyone ever gets a chance to make it to Georgia, come for the festivities of St. Patty's Day. It's always a great party.

Kim Birge Stites

March 11th Storms
Picture Featured:    March 22, 2006 March 11th Storms
Susan Daugherty sent us these and writes:
Hey there, WebMeister and Glasgow residents... In hopes this finds all doing well. Been awhile since last contact. However, I thought you all might like these. These are of the storms from March 11th, before and during the storm. Hope you all enjoy the photos... I sure do and loved the storm. Although my mother thinks I'm nuts (she thinks I should always be in my basement during such times). However, I love nature in all its forms.

Samantha, Caitlin and Bob
Picture Featured:    March 23, 2006 Samantha, Caitlin and Bob
George Sibalich sent us this photo and writes:
My granddaughter from South Carolina and her friend are visiting Kentucky on their spring break. They were excited to see snow, which they do not see very often in Columbia, SC. My granddaughter, Samantha Spires, is on the left, her friend, Caitlin Loeffler, is on the right and Bob, the WKU snowman, is in the middle.

This will be a birthday and first day of Spring that she will remember for a long time.

George Sibalich

Girl Scout Troop 442
Picture Featured:    March 24, 2006 Girl Scout Troop 442
Scarlett Garmon sent us this photo and writes:
Girl Scout Troop 442 held cookie booth sales March 4, 2006 at Southgate Plaza and at Wal-Mart on March 12. Featured in the cookie costumes are Mandy McKenzie, Samantha Randolph, Brianna Buford, Kayla Hall, Alissa Spann and Chablis McCandless. Girls that participated but are not pictured include Kelly Anderson, Ashley Smith and Jennifer Willis.

Thank you for your continued support of the Girl Scouts!

From February...
Picture Featured:    March 25, 2006 From February...
Jonathan Dubree sent us this photo Feb. 21 and writes:
Good day, Glasgow! Here is yet another snow photo from this winter season! I am very thankful for the snow this year, it brings about beautiful scenes in a rather dull winter. Here is a photo from Beaver Trail Park outside of Glasgow. I went for a very cold snowy winter walk after work one day and captured a few scenes of the freezing grip of winter on this gentle flowing creek. My favorite park in Glasgow, by far! For the rest of the set visit my local photo blog at

J.A. Dubree

Lukas and Alexis
Picture Featured:    March 26, 2006 Lukas and Alexis
(left) Susan Benham sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of my son, Lukas, at Nana and Papa Benham's house having a good time, waiting for a chocolate cupcake!
(right) Jennifer Matthews sent us this photo and writes:
On Sunday, March 12, 2006, me and my husband, Justin, and his daughter, Alexis Matthews, went fishing. Here is Alexis taking a break from fishing to pose for a picture.

What a Bass!
Picture Featured:    March 27, 2006 What a Bass!
Miranda Barrow sent us this photo and writes:
This 13 lb., 1 oz. bass was caught by Jerry Hardison while fishing with his grandson, Jonathan Birge, in Lake Okeechobee, Florida on March 17th.

A Chance Meeting in Madrid
Picture Featured:    March 28, 2006 A Chance Meeting in Madrid
Freda White sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill,
I just returned from Madrid, Spain, this past weekend. I studied Spanish there for 3 months. This is a picture of Jamie Gillenwater and I in Sol (a main part of the city). Who would have ever thought that two graduates of Glasgow High School would run into each other in Spain?!

Tiffany White

From Daytona
Picture Featured:    March 29, 2006 From Daytona
Karen Nunn sent us these and writes:
I thought some of the racing fans might enjoy these pictures made at Daytona this week. My son, Stuart Nunn, was lucky enough to be there for Spring Break. All of us can probably appreciate the 80° weather.

Karen Nunn

Jonas in Brazil
Picture Featured:    March 30, 2006 Jonas in Brazil
David Bastien sent us this photo and writes:
In December, I was in Brazil for 3 weeks with my family. This photo of my son, Jonas Bastien, was made on top of "Pico Alto" (High Point). It's the highest point in all of northern Brazil at 1950 meters (5800 ft.). There is a road that can be seen in the background, descending the mountain. Shortly after this photo was taken, I was on that highway and involved in a hit and run accident which destroyed our vehicle. We were only "saved" by the use of our seat belts - we were fortunate to have them on. Not always used, easily ignored, but useful at the right time. Jonas will be returning to South Green Elementary in April.

Dave Bastien

The South Green Elementary School Website

Bristol Motorspeedway
Picture Featured:    March 31, 2006 Bristol Motorspeedway
Daniel Davis sent us several photos (one is above) and writes:
I thought I would send some snow pictures from the Busch Series race at Bristol Motorspeedway from the past weekend. I also included one for the Gordon fans from Sunday.

After the show...
Picture Featured:    April 01, 2006 After the show...
Franchelle Richardson sent us this photo and writes:
Hi, Bill. Here's a picture of Sara Richardson, Dierks Bentley, Paige Houchen, and Tammy Richardson. They attended the Kenney Chesney/Dierks Bentley/Sugarland concert in Lexington on Saturday night.

Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Picture Featured:    April 02, 2006 Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Patrick Katchak sent us this photo and writes:
Hi, Bill:
I would like to share another picture with you. My wife's family is from Manitowoc, Wisconsin and we visit there often. During a recent visit to Glasgow, I found out that a fellow Glasgow person lives in that area. Chris Deckard lives in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and works for the Kohler Company's golf operation. Kohler runs four courses in the area. Two of those courses, Blackwolf Run and Whistling Straits are perennially ranked in the top 50 golf courses in the U.S.A.

Attached is a picture of #11 at Blackwolf Run Golf Course (Pete Dye design). While Chris and I were playing golf, Salmon were fighting their way up the river pictured on the right side of the fairway. As you see, this par 5 is not only beautiful, it is one of the toughest holes on the course.

Needless to say, my trips to Wisconsin are even more enjoyable now that I can visit with someone that is from my hometown when we go there. You can check out the courses at: It is the only five-star resort in the state of Wisconsin.

Patrick Katchak

Civilian Conservation Corp Housing
Picture Featured:    April 03, 2006 Civilian Conservation Corp Housing
Vickie Carson sent us this photo from Mammoth Cave National Park and writes:
(MAMMOTH CAVE NATIONAL PARK -- March 29, 2006) LVL Painting of Edmonson County, removed flaking paint from the exterior of the Civilian Conservation Corps houses in the park residential area last week. They used high-pressure power washers to strip away the old before priming and painting. The six houses were built in the 1930s by the CCCs that were stationed at Mammoth Cave. The park recently received funding to stabilize the houses. Pictured are Jeff Hicks and Joey Russell of LVL Painting.

Several Photos from the Teddy Bear Run...
Picture Featured:    April 04, 2006 Several Photos from the Teddy Bear Run...
Several photos from the 2006 Great Teddy Bear Run...
(upper left) Melanie Austin sent us this photo and writes:
The Great Teddy Bear Run which benefits the Barren River Area Child Advocacy Center (BRACAC), kicked off April's Child Abuse Awareness Month, on Saturday, April 1st. There were over 1,150 riders and 719 Teddy Bears brought in. It was a huge success. Thanks to all of the riders that joined us from Glasgow - you all are awesome! For more information on BRACAC, go to or visit us at our Open House from 2:00-4:00pm on April 20th at the Center in Bowling Green. Thanks!
(upper right) Sunshine sent us this photo and writes:
Hey, Bill,
Some of Rolling Thunder,® Inc. Ky. Chapter 2 members out of Glasgow attended the Teddy Bear Run in Bowling Green Saturday.... we all had a good time for a great cause.
(bottom) Jim Forrest sent us this photo and writes:
Sending a photo of the assembly area for the "Teddy Bear Run" in Bowling Green on April 1. Great day for a bike ride. There were several of us from Glasgow that rode down for it and we're all in the photo...... somewhere. Easy to find us as we all wore black!

Birthday Celebrations!
Picture Featured:    April 05, 2006 Birthday Celebrations!
(left) Crystal Stewart sent us the photo on the left and writes:
I just wanted to send a picture of Barbara Jackson's birthday. We went to eat for her birthday at the El Mazatlan restaurant. She looks so pretty with that whipped cream smeared on her face and she looks like a real cowgirl!
(right) Melanie Smith sent us the photo on the right and writes:
Here is birthday girl Lisa Poland (age unknown & kept top secret!!) with her little helper, 3-year-old Olivia Wilson, blowing out her birthday candle. Friends of Lisa gathered at Red Lobster to celebrate her birthday! Happy Birthday, Lisa!

From a Midsummer Night's Dream
Picture Featured:    April 06, 2006 From a Midsummer Night
Sherry Arritt sent us this photo and writes:
Dear Bill,
Here's a picture of my daughter, Amelia Arritt (AKA "Cobweb the Fairy") in A Midsummer Night's Dream, performed this weekend at Barren County High School. The cast did a terrific job entertaining the audience under the direction of Mrs. Terri Fields.

On a second note, I have to tell you that the phrase "break a leg" took on a whole new meaning for this young performer. On the night of dress rehearsal, she took a fall that sent us scurrying to the Urgent Care Clinic for immediate medical attention. Although there were no broken bones, we were concerned for a deep puncture wound that needed to be patched up. I'm sure it's not too often they have a green glitter-dusted fairy in their surgery. Many thanks to the fine staff there for all their kindness.

New Dam in Franklin
Picture Featured:    April 07, 2006 New Dam in Franklin
Jim Forrest sent us this photo and writes:
Sending a photo of the new dam across Drake's Creek in Franklin, Kentucky, which replaced the old one we posted about a year ago. This was a project accomplished by a local engineer, Don Johnson, who works for DDS Engineering in Bowling Green. Great looking dam!

Jim Forrest

Visiting for Spring Break
Picture Featured:    April 08, 2006 Visiting for Spring Break
Courtney Grant sent us this photo and writes:
Carson Grant from Texas came to visit his cousin, Kaylie Reed, in Glasgow for Spring Break. They had fun playing together. He thought she was the just greatest thing he ever saw. We can't wait to come again.

Having a little spat...
Picture Featured:    April 09, 2006 Having a little spat...
Gail Chapman sent us this photo she entitled "Having a little spat" and writes:
My grandchildren, Briana and Sheldon, both age 4, after having a little disagreement at Kentucky Down Under last weekend, settled it the "adult" way. Fortunately, the argument didn't last long.

Unbridled Spirit, even in Kuwait
Picture Featured:    April 10, 2006 Unbridled Spirit, even in Kuwait
Mike Padgett sent us this photo and writes:
My son, SGT. Miki Padgett, is in Kuwait, headed to Iraq. He found this monument to Kentucky and sent us his picture. He said he hoped it signified he had reached the Kentucky state line, but was disappointed when it was just a sign. If you look closely, you can see the signatures of other Kentucky soldiers that have been there too. His email address is:

Hail in Horse Cave
Picture Featured:    April 11, 2006 Hail in Horse Cave
Betsy Bowles sent us this photo on Friday, April 7 and writes:
Here is a look at the hail that fell this afternoon in Horse Cave, Kentucky. As you can see, people were having trouble driving in it. This picture was taken by Joe McDonald of Horse Cave.


Oh, so THAT'S why...
Picture Featured:    April 12, 2006 Oh, so THAT
Billy Ray says this photo answers the question, "Why were the lights out on Friday?" Indeed it does.
Why were the lights out on Friday?
This is a section of the Summer Shade to East Bowling Green TVA 161kV line (161,000 volts). Glasgow is presently served from this line and, when it tripped off, so did all the power in Glasgow. According to TVA officials, a cattle trailer was lifted by the tornado and carried into the line which caused the damage depicted. Repairs to the line should be complete by mid-week and our power feed will return to normal.

Storm Damage
Picture Featured:    April 13, 2006 Storm Damage
Scott Davidson sent us these photos and writes:
Wanted to share these photos of Friday's severe weather that was experienced in the Temple Hill and Summer Shade areas of Barren county. It is my understanding that these are mild in comparison to others due to the fact that authorities only allowed access to some areas by family or property owners.

Scott Davidson

Seeing Red?
Picture Featured:    April 14, 2006 Seeing Red?
Greg & Rebecca Kinslow sent us this photo and write:
I am sending a picture of my daughter, Emily Kinslow, posing with her science fair project, "Seeing Red." Emily placed first in the category of Behavioral Science in the senior high division at the Southern Kentucky Regional Science Fair. She also received special awards from the American Psychological Association for outstanding research, the U.S. Army for outstanding project and the Science Resource Center for best use of the scientific method.

Levi and Luke
Picture Featured:    April 15, 2006 Levi and Luke
Kim Hunt sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of Levi and Luke Hunt, sons of Shawn and Kim Hunt and grandsons of Dennis and Sharon Burgess and Sammy and Sheila Hunt. It was taken on their ranch in Shepherd, Texas, just northeast of Houston. The boys are surrounded by Bluebonnets, the Texas State Flower.

Doggie Easter Bone Hunt
Picture Featured:    April 16, 2006 Doggie Easter Bone Hunt
(left) Margaret Wisdom sent us this photo and writes:
This group of volunteers from the Barren River Animal Welfare Association was preparing for the first Doggy Easter Bone Hunt, Sunday, April 9, at Weldon Park. 53 dogs and their humans attended the event, many entered the Easter Bonnet Contest and had their photo made with the Easter Bunny. The dogs hunted and stopped to eat dog treats hid in a field. Thanks to chairpersons Karalee and Derrick Oldenkamp for organizing this event.
(right) Tommy Fields sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of our dog, Cleo, dressed up in her Easter outfit for the first annual "Easter Bone Hunt" held on Sunday, April 09. Cleo was able to find a few doggie bones but instead of keeping them for later, she would lay down and eat them at that time. Krissie picked out Cleo's Easter outfit. Thanks.

Tulip Tree Leaves (cool, huh?)
Picture Featured:    April 17, 2006 Tulip Tree Leaves (cool, huh?)
Jessie Carson sent us this photo in mid-November and writes:
Bill – this is a photo I took in the woods behind my house on Clarksdale Circle. The creek was full of tulip tree leaves.

-- Jessie Carson

Canterbury Cathedral
Picture Featured:    April 18, 2006 Canterbury Cathedral
George Newport of England has sent us a couple of photos before and here's his latest. If you enjoy it, be sure to let him know (email doesn't have long-distance charges):
Hello from Canterbury, England. We follow your site. Thought you would like a photo of Canterbury Cathedral.

George Newport

Canterbury Cathedral, United Kingdom

Will Gardner
Picture Featured:    April 19, 2006 Will Gardner
These are photos of Will Gardner that his dad, Jim, sent to me. We ran the photo on the left back in October of 2004. This is Will after he graduated from Air Assault School and became part of the 101st Airborne, the "Screaming Eagles." We ran the picture on the right on the Glasgow Website back in May of 2002. On April 27 of that year, Will ran in and completed the 26.2-mile Ky. Derby Festival Marathon. This is a tribute not only to Will, but to all the men and women of America's armed forces, wherever they are.

We'll miss you, Will.

(this was done with the blessing of the Gardner Family)

Egg Hunters
Picture Featured:    April 20, 2006 Egg Hunters
Stacey Owen sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of Ann Jones, Skylar Owen, and Zack Owen after hunting Easter eggs at the home of their grandparents, Jimmy and Judy Houchens. The parents are Beau and Nicole Jones and Tommy and Stacey Owen.

Local Artist Sandy Novosel
Picture Featured:    April 21, 2006 Local Artist Sandy Novosel
Ann Stewart sent us this photo and writes:
Paintings by local artist Sandy Novosel are currently on display at the Glasgow-Barren County Chamber of Commerce. "Many of my watercolor florals are inspired by my love of gardening. I also enjoy using mixed media for non-objective works," says Ms. Novosel.

Sandy received training as an art teacher and graduated with a Master's in Art Education from a five-year program between the Cleveland Institute of Art and Western Reserve University. She taught in the public school system in Ohio and art education at Western Kentucky University-Glasgow Campus. Locally, she has taught adult and children's classes and conducted workshops in drawing, painting, and calligraphy.

The Chamber will host a reception in honor of Ms. Nosovel on Thursday, May 18, from 4:00-6:00pm. The Chamber invites you to attend for an early evening of art and refreshments.

Green River Wildflowers
Picture Featured:    April 22, 2006 Green River Wildflowers
Dean Honeycutt sent us this photo and writes:
Here are some of the beautiful wildflowers along the Green River bluffs. There is something new to look at almost every day.

Local Color
Picture Featured:    April 23, 2006 Local Color
Judi Atkins sent us these photos and writes:
(left) Bill, Here are some beautiful flowers that I put together, tonite. Light pink Azalea, dark pink Azaleas, and Dogwood. There are so many beautiful flowers in Kentucky!
(right) This is our pink Azalea, with a little special effect.

Tree Planted for Arbor Day
Picture Featured:    April 24, 2006 Tree Planted for Arbor Day
Ann Stewart at the Chamber of Commerce sent us this photo and writes:
In celebration of Arbor Day, April Bowles, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce's Environmental Awareness Committee, planted a Weeping Cherry tree on the Glasgow campus of Western Kentucky University. David Peterson, CEO of Caveland Environmental Authority, generously donated the tree. Shown in the photo are David Peterson and April Bowles, representing Caveland Environmental Authority; Ann Stewart, Glasgow-Barren County Chamber of Commerce; James McCaslin, Resource Coordinator and Phyllis Reed, Lead Academic Advisor, WKU-Glasgow. In recognition of the groups involved in placing the tree on the campus, an engraved plate will be placed on the tree.

It pays to be smart!
Picture Featured:    April 25, 2006 It pays to be smart!
Joe and Jill Spann sent us this photo and write:
This is a picture of Jamie Valentine, a former BCHS student. She now attends Harrison County High School and won this car as part of an incentive program for doing well on the CATS test. For students who scored distinguished and had perfect attendance, they had a chance for the car. Jamie had 16 entries and her name drawn from over 2000! She will graduate May 26 and has been accepted in the Honors program at Morehead University where her older sister, Jessica is currently a junior.

Beauty and the Beast at the Plaza!
Picture Featured:    April 26, 2006 <i>Beauty and the Beast</i> at the Plaza!
Harry Spillman of Spillman Photography sent us this photo, taken at the Plaza on Monday evening, April 24. This was the first dress rehearsal of this weekend's production of "Beauty and the Beast." The cast is made up of 27 students from GHS and three students from Highland Elementary School. In addition to the singing, musical accompaniment is provided by a large group of local musicians.

Performances are Friday and Saturday, April 28 & 29, at 7:00pm and Sunday, April 30 at 2:00pm. All performances will be held at the Plaza Theatre. For tickets or more information, call 651-8801!

Nellie Pickett, Administrative Professional of the Year
Picture Featured:    April 27, 2006 Nellie Pickett, Administrative Professional of the Year
Amy Dickson of the Chamber of Commerce sent us these photos and writes:
Administrative Professionals Day "You're a Star" was celebrated April 26. A large crowd attended a luncheon prepared by the Chamber's Administrative Professional's Day Committee. Barbara Toth was the special guest speaker who spoke on what being a star really means, and praised all administrative professionals that put forth such an effort and that their work should never go unnoticed.

For the second year in a row, an outstanding Administrative Professional of the Year was chosen. This year's recipient was Nellie Pickett from WCLU/Royse Radio. Nellie has been with WCLU for thirteen years, and works in an environment that covers news, including the war in Iraq, while having a son actually deployed in Iraq, in 2005. Nellie's job is to report birthdays, ballgame cancellations, school closings, national and local news, obituaries and swap and shop items and to make sure commercials are played and billed properly. Nellie is a true Administrative Professional and goes above and beyond her duties regardless of challenges both professional and personal. Congratulations, Nellie!

In the photos above, beginning at the upper left and continuing clockwise:
Sue Mutter, chair of Administrative Professional’s Day Committee, with Barbara Toth (speaker at the luncheon), Nellie Pickett & Henry Royse, Barbara Toth and Nellie receiving her award from Chamber President-Elect, Owen Lambert.

Can't see the forest for the trees
Picture Featured:    April 28, 2006 Can
Dean Honeycutt sent us this photo in an email entitled "Can't see the forest for the trees" and writes:
The mixture of the pink & white Dogwoods with the natural combination of the leaves on all the other trees make a wall to the forest that I just can't see beyond. I am wondering what has become of our Dogwood winter.

Hunter and Doug
Picture Featured:    April 29, 2006 Hunter and Doug
Grant Frasier sent us this photo and writes:
Attached is a picture of Hunter Frasier and his grandfather, Doug Frasier, with their first turkeys. They each took a great Tom out of the same blind within minutes of each other.

Grant Frasier

Lorene Smith
Picture Featured:    April 30, 2006 Lorene Smith
Melanie Smith sent us this photo and writes:
My grandmother, Lorene Smith, was 80-years-old on Thursday, April 13! Here is the birthday girl, pictured with her cake, at a family get-together held to celebrate this big event! Happy Birthday, Nanny!

Kiwanis Club Helping the Environment
Picture Featured:    May 01, 2006 Kiwanis Club Helping the Environment
Ann Stewart at the Chamber of Commerce sent us this photo and writes:
The Glasgow Kiwanis Club received a check for $100 for participating in Spring Clean-Up Week with the Glasgow-Barren County Chamber of Commerce. The Kiwanis Club has been a long-standing volunteer group helping with Clean-Up Week. Pictured are Gina Lyon, President of the Glasgow Kiwanis Club, and April Bowles, Environmental Committee, Glasgow-Barren County Chamber of Commerce.

Thunder Over Louisville 2006
Picture Featured:    May 02, 2006 Thunder Over Louisville 2006
Randy Yocum sent us these photos recently and writes:
Here are a few pics I took Saturday at the Thunder Over Louisville event. Use whichever ones you would like for the Website. The jet photos are of an F-15 Eagle from the air show.

At Barren River Lake...
Picture Featured:    May 03, 2006 At Barren River Lake...
Kevin Gentry sent us these photos and writes:
These were taken at Barren River Lake. We went hiking, it was a nice day.

Fly Fishing the Chattooga...
Picture Featured:    May 04, 2006 Fly Fishing the Chattooga...
Billy Ray sent us this photo and writes:
I respectfully submit this picture which includes Glasgow residents Dr. William Travis, Billy Ray, and Jeff Harned as well as their friend Marvin O'Koon and stalwart fishing guides Butch Martin and David Hulsey. This was taken as they took a break from fly fishing the Chattooga River in north Georgia last week (this is the river where the movie "Deliverance" was filmed). We were on a more peaceful section of the river.

Greetings from Glasgow, Scotland
Picture Featured:    May 05, 2006 Greetings from Glasgow, Scotland
Eric sent us several photos from Glasgow, Scotland. Here's one of them:
He writes that these photos were taken recently and that, "I love the Kentucky website. It's great. This one is St. Enoch Travel Centre and St. Enoch Shopping Centre in the background."

Cheers, Eric

Land Between the Lakes
Picture Featured:    May 06, 2006 Land Between the Lakes
Becky Reece sent us this photo and writes:
My husband and I just returned from Land Between the Lakes in western Kentucky. Here is a picture of a bison that we got up close and personal with at the Elk & Bison Prairie located in Land Between the Lakes National Park.

Becky Reece

The Smoky Mountains
Picture Featured:    May 07, 2006 The Smoky Mountains
Kristie Garmon sent us this photo and writes:
Hello. Just thought I would send some pics from our honeymoon to the Great Smoky Mountains - they were beautiful. I think everyone else will agree. Thanks.

Phillip and Kristie Garmon

Ledean and Jewel
Picture Featured:    May 08, 2006 Ledean and Jewel
Bill Brogan sent us this photo and writes:
Ledean Hamiliton and Jewel Searcy, along with several others from Glasgow, attended the Cincinnati Flower Show last week.

Bill Brogan

Celebrating Derby Day
Picture Featured:    May 09, 2006 Celebrating Derby Day
Lori Crane sent us this photo and writes:
The BB&T Glasgow ByPass Branch had fun celebrating Derby Day by making our own hats to wear. We thought it would be fun to share the photo with everyone. Pictured seated (left to right) is Lori Crane and Lindsay Jones. Standing (left to right) is Ellan Anderson, Marilyn Shaw, Gaye Walker, Peggie McCoy and Rebecca Murphy.

At the Derby...
Picture Featured:    May 10, 2006 At the Derby...
Jessica Durham sent us this photo and writes:
Over the weekend, I attended the Kentucky Derby with my boyfriend, Jonathan Childress. It was an amazing trip that I won (box seats, limos, the whole nine yards- we were ecstatic!). We were able to snap a picture of Gilbert Gottfried (far left) and Dennis Hopper (far right). I made a winning bet on Barbaro (you had to bet a lot to win a lot because of his odds, though), but I made out okay!

Jessica Durham

2006 Relay for Life
Picture Featured:    May 11, 2006 2006 Relay for Life
Jan Peden sent us this photo and writes:
Doctors Song, Suess, Kiser & Small at the Relay for Life. The team contributed over $5,500 to Relay for Life. Submitted by Jan Peden, Doctors Small & Kiser's office.

Check out these foxes!
Picture Featured:    May 12, 2006 Check out these foxes!
(on the left) Darlene Myers sent us this photo and writes:
This fox currently lives with her babies in a barn across the road from my mother's house. Thanks.

Darlene Myers

(on the right) Sandy Ladd & Johnny Russell sent us this photo and write:
I was lucky this spring to be able to watch these baby foxes grow up near my home in Hart County. They didn't seem to be bothered by me taking these photos or the cows that shared the hay that made their den.

Johnny Russell

15 rainbow pictures (and counting)...
Picture Featured:    May 13, 2006 15 rainbow pictures (and counting)...
We received over 15 pictures of Thursday afternoon's rainbows. Here are three of them...
(left) gkbyrd sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture taken at our home on Horton-Rigdon Road last evening. There was a rainbow looking toward Tick Ridge and this double one toward Hiseville.
(center) Thomas and Wendy Gaffin sent us this photo and write:
We took this picture from our backdoor May 11, 2006, right after a rain shower. The large rainbow was complete from one end to the other. We're located right outside of Glasgow in the Eastern Elementary School area.

Thomas and Wendy Gaffin

(right) Faye Bailey sent us this photo and writes:
The weather this Thursday evening, May 11, with periodic showers and sun, gave way to a beautiful double rainbow. It was actually a perfect rainbow that ranged a full half-circle, but I was only able to capture part of it. You can actually see where it meets the ground. I thought it was too great not to share.

Faye Bailey

Happy Mother's Day!
Picture Featured:    May 14, 2006 Happy Mother
Bill Brogan sent us this photo a few days ago from the Cincinnati Flower Show. Thought this was very appropriate for Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Yogi has returned!
Picture Featured:    May 15, 2006 Yogi has returned!
LaVelda Faull sent us this photo and writes:
I thought you might be interested in something that my brother-in-law, Barry Nothstine, Sr., wrote on his Zanga site "SoulFreq" on the Internet. He posted three hilarious reports about the attempted theft of the large Yogi Bear that normally stands in front of Jellystone Park in Cave City. With his last posting, he included a photo of his son Caleb hugging the returned Yogi (which I have also attached). I asked Barry if I could forward it to the newspaper, but don't know of one in Cave City. Here is his reply to whether or not I could submit it to the papers or to others:

"Sure you can forward it. This was like 3rd in a series... I will forward you the others. The story is very true, Caleb and I noticed Yogi missing, and I posted. Then I called Jellystone out of curiosity and, sure enough, there was an ATTEMPTED theft... apparently botched. They tried to steal him and couldn't get him in the truck or something. It is HUGE and probably very heavy. Anyway... Jellystone hid him in one of their sheds for a while so the thieves would not try again. A few weeks ago, Yogi returned, and they have even given him a nice new coat of paint."

And now you know the rest of the story...

"Oz" at Temple Hill
Picture Featured:    May 16, 2006 "Oz" at Temple Hill
Gina McFarland sent us this photo and writes:
The students at Temple Hill performed the play "Oz" Saturday, May 13 and Monday, May 15. It was a musical and was very good. There's a lot of talent at our wonderful school. Here's a picture of the cast taken after Saturday night's performance.

Gina McFarland

Meeting Nick Arrojo
Picture Featured:    May 17, 2006 Meeting Nick Arrojo
Freda White sent us this photo and writes:
This picture was taken at a recent hairstyling class in New York City. Lisa Morgan, Freda White and Debbi Edwards attended a class with Nick Arrojo, the hairstylist on the TLC show "What Not to Wear." He's a very cordial person.

Thank you,
Freda White

TLC's "What Not to Wear"

Ready to vote!
Picture Featured:    May 18, 2006 Ready to vote!
Donita Runyon sent us this photo and writes:
I just wanted to send you a picture that I took of my grandson, Zackary McDaniel. He went with me this morning when I voted. He wanted to know when he would be able to vote. Zackary is the son of Dale & Lisa McDaniel.

Donita Runyon

1st Place at the State Ford AAA!
Picture Featured:    May 19, 2006 1st Place at the State Ford AAA!
Mrs. Ray Hammer sent us this photo and writes:
My husband, Ray Hammer, is the Automotive Instructor at Barren County Area Technology Center. Two of his students, Ray Seabolt and Chad Matthews, won 1st place at the State Ford AAA Competion and will represent the State of Kentucky at the national level in June.

Heather and Roger
Picture Featured:    May 20, 2006 Heather and Roger
Heather Shirley sent us this photo and writes:
This is me and my dad (Roger Shirley) eating at El Mazatlan!

Heather Shirley

Special Citation...
Picture Featured:    May 21, 2006 Special Citation...
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
"In recognition of his selfless actions in saving the life of a man who was threatening suicide…" So begins the citation honoring Park Ranger Brad McDougal. McDougal and his wife, Pat, traveled to Washington, D.C., May 4, 2006 to receive the Valor Award, the Department of the Interior’s most distinguished honor.

"We are very proud of Brad and how he responded that night back in 2004," said Superintendent Patrick Reed. "The State Police alerted the park to the possibility of this young man’s actions. Brad arrived on the scene first, and in a calm and reassuring manner, he was able to disarm the man. When back up arrived, they found the whole situation to be stabilized."

The citation goes on to note: "…The officers present during this incident strongly believe that Ranger McDougal certainly saved this individual’s life by his quick, decisive action and his professional and appropriate demeanor. Handling this volatile situation in any other manner could have easily resulted in tragedy. For his selfless actions in the face of danger, Ranger Brad McDougal is granted the Valor Award of the Department of the Interior." -- Signed, Gale A. Norton, Secretary of the Interior.

The Valor Award is presented to Department of the Interior employees who have demonstrated unusual courage involving a high degree of personal risk in the face of danger. Recipients receive a special certificate and citation signed by the Secretary and an engraved gold Valor award medal.

2005 Leadership Class
Picture Featured:    May 22, 2006 2005 Leadership Class
Amy Dickson sent us this photo and writes:
The 2005 Leadership Class of the Glasgow-Barren County chamber of Commerce held their graduation ceremony on May 10. Thirteen participants graduated this year, making this the sixteenth class graduating from the program. The participants in 2006 class were Linda Bowles-R. R. Donnelley, Ben Bucher-Square Deal Lumber Company, Chris Clark-American Cave Conservation Association, Ruth Ann Foxall-Barren County Board of Education, Lynne Gentry-South Central Bank, John Gardner-Richardson, Gardner, Barrickaman & Alexander, Sonja Hammer- T. J. Samson Community Hospital, Scott Harper-Barren County Board of Education, Daniel Johnson-Edmonton State Bank, David McCracken-R. R. Donnelley, Shara Page- T. J. Samson Community Hospital, Margarett Rich- Mammoth Cave National Park & Ricky Traylor - R.R. Donnnelley.

The class of thirteen were grouped into three teams to work on a specific project throughout the year and presented their project at graduation. Their projects consist of a sign at the new Glasgow-Barren County Soccer Complex, a new brochure for the Crossroads Pregnancy Center, and a new sign and landscaping at the Ralph Bunche Community Center. Thank you to all business who donated the funding for these group projects.

Charlie and the Catfish
Picture Featured:    May 23, 2006 Charlie and the Catfish
Dina Simmons sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of my son, Charlie Simmons, with his catch the other night. The fish weighed 24 lbs. and was caught at his Uncle Roger's pond. Of course, Dad had to give him a little help getting it in, but Charlie had no problem holding it for the camera. I am hoping you will use it for the site.

Thank you,
Dina Simmons

First Feature Win of 2006
Picture Featured:    May 24, 2006 First Feature Win of 2006
Adam Froggett sent us this photo and writes:
On Friday night, May 5, 2006, Adam Froggett grabbed his first feature win of the 2006 season at Fairview Motosports. Adam began racing in 2004 and has won a number trophies since he started. This feature win was the one he cherished the most! He also won his second feature the following Friday night and dedicated it to his mother (Pam Froggett) for Mother's Day! If you would like to check out more of Adam's racing highlights, visit

A wild turkey...
Picture Featured:    May 25, 2006 A wild turkey...
Wendell Kennison sent us this photo and writes:
This hen wild turkey strolls through our yard every morning looking for bugs and seeds..We think she has a nest nearby because in a few weeks she has her poults with her...


Brownie Troop 399
Picture Featured:    May 26, 2006 Brownie Troop 399
Timothy Piercy sent us this photo and writes:
This is Brownie Troop 399. They went to Jesse James' Riding Stable on May 13th. All the girls had a great time riding the horses. Front row: Shelby Nunn, Brianna Witty. Middle: Amanda Perkins, Meredith Crane, Railey Rush. Back: Mary-Grace Piercy, Courtney Turner & Ally Jones.

Highland Kindergarten Graduation
Picture Featured:    May 27, 2006 Highland Kindergarten Graduation
Melissa Foster sent us this photo and writes:
Here are a few pictures from the first ever Highland Kindergarten Graduation. Students sang for their parents before walking the line to get their diplomas. I have truly been blessed to have such a wonderful group of students this year. I am going to miss them dearly this summer!

Melissa Foster

The Highland Elementary School Website

1st Place for BCMS!
Picture Featured:    May 28, 2006 1st Place for BCMS!
Donna sent us this photo and writes:
On May 5, the BCMS band went to Cincinnati and brought back 2 trophies for first place! This was the music in the park which was played at one of the local schools and the awards were given at King's Island. We are so proud of all the kids.

First Prom/Mini-Marathon
Picture Featured:    May 29, 2006 First Prom/Mini-Marathon
(left) Crystal Smith sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a pic of my sister, Brittany Smith, and Kacy Albany going to the GHS Prom. As you can see, they are both happy about their first prom.


(right) George Katchak sent us this photo and writes:
I wanted to share this photo with you. It features our daughter, Kristen Katchak, running in the Mini-Marathon in Louisville on April 29th. The mini-marathon was 13.3 miles. There were thousands that ran. Kristen finished the run and is looking forward to the mini next year. Kristen graduated from Glasgow High School in 1999. She is currently a clinical dietician at Jewish Hospital in Louisville.

Soccer in Nashville
Picture Featured:    May 30, 2006 Soccer in Nashville
Ryan Simpson sent us this photo and writes:
Several people from the Glasgow/Barren Co. area ventured down to Nashville on Tuesday, May 23rd to watch the U.S. men's national team take on Morocco in preparation for the world's largest sporting event, the FIFA world cup. Attached is a picture of several people in attendance, all from Glasgow. Although the U.S. suffered a disappointing loss, our view and proximity to the players made the trip worthwhile. I hope you can use this for your site!

Ryan Simpson

Sounds Stadium
Picture Featured:    May 31, 2006 Sounds Stadium
Debbie Billingsley sent us this photo and writes:
This was taken on May 11th, 2006. Barren County played Madisonville at the Sounds Stadium. The rainbow that night was amazing.

Sent in by Debbie Billingsley

Honoring our veterans...
Picture Featured:    June 01, 2006 Honoring our veterans...
Gayle Berry sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, three of Barren County's World War II veterans recently met in the military section of the South Central Ky. Cultural Center. Barbara Sears Murduck, Ed Smith and Joe Leech are shown standing in front of the Barren County Women Veterans of World War II exhibit. Ed Smith was instrumental in putting together this display for the Cultural Center.

Gayle Berry, Director
South Central Ky. Cultural Center

That's a lot of rain!
Picture Featured:    June 02, 2006 That
Doug Tooley sent us this photo and writes:
Here was the view from our front porch during the heavy rain May 31, 2006. We live on Moss Way.

Cool photos...
Picture Featured:    June 03, 2006 Cool photos...
(upper) Crystal Houchin sent us this photo and writes:
About 9 months ago, these six were on your Website when they were all under 9 months old. Well, the family got them together at Easter for another cute picture. Abbi Smith, 19 mths; Alex & Issac Reneau, 17 mths; Micah Bettersworth, 16 mths; Olivia Reneau, 12 mths; and Denver Houchin, 10 mths. The baby boom in our family seems to be continuing because since the six-pack originated, there have been two more additions to the family. Kelton Ladd, 4 mths. and Robert Smith, 3 weeks (not pictured).
(lower) Tara Piercy sent us these and writes:
Hi! I would like to submit of photo of interest to the city of Glasgow. My daughter, Lexie Brooke Piercy, recently won the title of "Little Miss Barren River." She won the 0-6-year-old Grand Supreme Title (out of approximately 35 girls) and the 2-3 year old division Most Photogenic and Best Fashion. She won a huge Cinderella castle, an embroidered banner and a rhinestone crown. The pageant was held Saturday, May 6th at the Barren River Lodge and was sponsored by Princess Pageant Productions. Lexie is the daughter of Justin and Tara Piercy of Glasgow.

Wild Game Feast!
Picture Featured:    June 04, 2006 Wild Game Feast!
Melanie Austin sent us this photo and writes:
These guys came together with their wildlife harvest and feasted on striped bass, crappie , venison, wild turkey and frog legs. Thanks to Pa Tony Stephens for preparing all the food! Pictured left to right: Brian Cox, Todd Stephens, Chris Rutherford, Larry Wilson, John Austin, Dakota, Troy Stephens, Jim Griffin and Pa Tony Stephens.

Melanie Austin

Rolling Thunder, Inc. KY Chapter 2
Picture Featured:    June 05, 2006 Rolling Thunder, Inc. KY Chapter 2
Sandra Berryman sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill,
Rolling Thunder, Inc. KY Chapter 2 attended the Veteran's Memorial Ceremonies at the Glasgow Cemetery... Some of our other members attended the Rolling Thunder Rally in Washington, DC this past weekend. This is a picture of their return to Glasgow, The Dawg Gang.... (left to right): Freddie Joe Wilkerson, Matt Peay, Dale Tennyson, Justin Wilkerson, Danny Young, Mike Stinson and (not pictured) Rob Heberly. They all had a safe trip and lots of GREAT stories.

Sandra (Sunshine) Berryman

Rolling Thunder's Website

A Birthday Carnival
Picture Featured:    June 06, 2006 A Birthday Carnival
Teressa Ooten sent us this photo and writes:
Daniel Moffitt celebrated his 11th birthday with a birthday carnival. They enjoyed playing on the inflatable obstacle course, getting wet in the dunking booth, and Melvin took them on hayrides around the farm. They played carnival games and had plenty of hot dogs, cotton candy, and popcorn to eat. We all had a wonderful day.

Teressa Ooten

Randall's 6lb. Largemouth!
Picture Featured:    June 07, 2006 Randall
Deb Alexander sent us this photo and writes:
I am sending you a picture of my Dad, Randall Pickett, with a Largemouth Bass that he caught from Kentucky Lake a few days ago. Dad lived in Glasgow for several years and many folks still remember him. Dad is battling advanced lung cancer that has spread, and my brother, Terry Pickett, and I alternate weeks taking care of him. Dad lives in Calvert City, Kentucky, about 5 miles from Kentucky Lake, so when Dad has the energy between chemo treatments Terry and I sometimes manage to get Dad to the lake for some late evening fishing!

We're so glad that he can still enjoy his favorite hobby right now!! Oh, the bass was over 6 pounds - that was as high as the scale they had on hand went!!!!

Deb Alexander

Highland Games 2006
Picture Featured:    June 08, 2006 Highland Games 2006
(left) Robert Hornback sent us the photo on the left with the subject line "A tiny lad who was a wee tuckered from the Glasgow Highland Games" and writes:
This picture is of my youngest son, Ethan Hornback, after a full days activities on Sunday, 6/4/06, of the Glasgow Highland Games.
(right) Tommy Fields sent us the photo on the right and writes:
This is a photograph taken by Amy Dickson of our dog, Cleo. Krissie and I took Cleo to the Highland Games activities on the Square Friday afternoon. Cleo didn't mind wearing her hat, the Bagpipes, or the kids that wanted to pet her, but she didn't really care at first for the sound of the drums. There were several people that took her picture. Thanks.

Photo Montage...
Picture Featured:    June 09, 2006 Photo Montage...
(top) Phyllis Stephens sent us this photo and writes:
Many thanks to Lisa and Michael Ray Elmore for inviting the Glasgow High School junior class to their home for dinner prior to Saturday night's Prom.
(lower left) Scott and Tiffany Hartman sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, I wanted to share a picture of our daughter, Madison, & her friends with their teacher, Mrs. Wade on their "Kindergarten Graduation Day" at Highland. I think all the kids had a great year & really enjoyed having her as a teacher. Pictured (L to R): Tamisha Sanders, Erin Wilson, Madison Hartman, Catalina Baker. (back) Elaine Wade. Thanks.

Scott, Tiffany, Madison, and Colton
The Hartman Family

(lower, center) Netta Belcher sent us this photo and writes:
Back Where they Started! - E. L. Myers IV (left) and Alex Belcher (right) started their educational careers 15 years ago at the Glasgow Baptist Church Nursery School. They're shown in this photo at the Senior Recognition Day at Glasgow Baptist on May 21. This is one of many great photos of these two buddies that we've taken through the years. Alex and E. L. graduated May 26 from Glasgow High School, and both are headed to the Hill at WKU this fall. Their parents (Ernie & Bambi Myers and Netta Belcher and Johnny and Myra Belcher) wish them the very best as they begin this new chapter in their lives. Here's to true friendships that will last for many years to come!
(lower right) Julie Page sent us this photo and writes:
I wanted to share this picture of my niece (Jessica Page) with everyone. I thought she looked beautiful for her Senior Prom.

"Postmarked 140 feet under 42259"
Picture Featured:    June 10, 2006 "Postmarked 140 feet under 42259"
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
On May, 27, Mammoth Cave Post Master Nick Tunks spoke to approximately 130 stamp enthusiasts who gathered inside Mammoth Cave for the First Day of Sale unveiling of a new Mammoth Cave postage stamp. The Mammoth Cave stamp is included in a sheet of 40 stamps entitled "Wonders of America, Land of Superlatives." An underground postal station sold cachets and postmarked visitors' mail with a one-day cancellation which stated, "Postmarked 140 feet under 42259."

Vickie Carson

Bernheim Forest
Picture Featured:    June 11, 2006 Bernheim Forest
Judi Atkins sent us this photo and writes:
This photo is named "Solitude." This was taken at Bernheim Forest, just south of Louisville. This was our first trip to the Arboretum, and I have to say, the grounds, trees and flowers are most beautiful! They also have a little deli, and the food is wonderful. I would highly recommend this experience to everyone that enjoys nature.

Okinawa Peace Memorial Museum
Picture Featured:    June 12, 2006 Okinawa Peace Memorial Museum
Mike Spears sent us this photo and writes:
This was taken here in Japan. In the background, you see the Okinawa Peace Memorial Museum. In front of it, you see the large stone walls called "The Cornerstone of Peace," a collection of the names of fallen soldiers and civilians, including Koreans, Taiwanese, Americans and Britons.

"The Run for the Wall"
Picture Featured:    June 13, 2006 "The Run for the Wall"
Jim Atwell of Rolling Thunder sent us these photos back on May 24th and writes:
Feel free to use any of the photos on the Glasgow site. The Vietnam Memorial in Frankfort is a favorite stop for these bikers on their annual ride to "The Wall" in Washington, DC. About two-hundred of these riders are from California.

Thanks, Jim

Rolling Thunder Ky. Chapter 2

Gone on a trip...
Picture Featured:    June 14, 2006 Gone on a trip...
(left) Judy Hardison sent us this photo and writes:
These pictures were taken last week of my grandchildren, Wells and Kade Bratcher, enjoying their vacation in Panama City Beach with their grandparents, Jerry and Judy Hardison and parents, Eric and Aimee (Wimpee) Bratcher.
(right) Robin & Penny Walker sent us this photo and write:
This is a picture of six Red Cross Elementary third grade students who attended the State STLP competition in Lexington May 11 & 12. We made this picture before leaving. Kids are Katy Bridges, Tori Walker, Faith Payne, Trenton McGuire, Shadi Gordan and JT Groce.

Scotties - 2006 District Champions
Picture Featured:    June 15, 2006 Scotties - 2006 District Champions
Debbie Morris sent us this photo and writes:
Glasgow Scottie Baseball Team
2006 District 15 Champions, 2006 Region 4 Semi-Finalists

Wanted to share this photo of the Glasgow High School Baseball Team, taken May 25th after they defeated Allen County-Scottsville in the District Tournament to win the 15th District Championship. They advanced to the Region 4 Tournament and were victorious over Greenwood in the first round. They were defeated in the semi-final round with a score of 4-3 by a very good Russell County team. It was a great run for this young team who struggled early in the season. On April 11, they provided their Coach Sam Royse with his 500th career win. We weren't sure at that time if he would see 501 this season. On May 8, this team was 10-17, but, this fine group of young men pulled it together playing with the hearts of champions and won 8 straight games, ending the season with an 18-18 record. We are very proud of our Scottie Baseball Team! Congratulations to all the players and worked hard for this one!

June 24th is June Dairy Day
Picture Featured:    June 16, 2006 June 24th is June Dairy Day
Gayle Meek sent us these photos and writes:
The Barren County June Dairy Celebration Committee would like for everyone to help celebrate June Dairy Day, on Saturday, June 24, 10:30am-2:00pm at the Cave City Chamber of Commerce (next to the Cave City Convention Center). There will be live music, a baby calf exhibit, farm machinery exhibit, ice cream eating contest, celebrity cow milking contest, milk balloon toss, booths with games, free dairy products and door prizes. Everyone enjoy and salute the Dairy Farmers of Barren County. Some of the locals already showing their support include staff and residents of Highland Ridge Assisted Living and employees of Burkmann Feeds.

Four Generations of Rascoe's
Picture Featured:    June 17, 2006 Four Generations of Rascoe
Scott Rascoe sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill,
Here is a photo of four generations of Rascoe's (L to R): Gerald Rascoe: Great Grandfather, Ben: Father of Myles and Scott: Grandfather. Just wanted to show off my grandson.


Enjoying vacation...
Picture Featured:    June 18, 2006 Enjoying vacation...
(left) Frances and Paul Bastien sent us this photo and write:
This picture was made in Fortaleza, Brazil, in December of last year by a professional photographer taking family pictures. This picture shows our grandchildren on the beach and are, from left, Isabella, Jonas and Juliana Bastien. They spent most of last year in Brazil visiting their maternal grandparents. Jonas and Juliana attended school there and now all three fluently speak Portugese as well as English.
(right) Toni Austin sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a picture of my mom, Artie Bolley. She's here in Glasgow visiting from Michigan. We took her out for her birthday and she had a great time so I thought it would be added fun to have this on the Glasgow Website. Even from Michigan, she checks the site almost daily to stay connected.

Have a great day,
Toni Austin

6000 Miles from Home
Picture Featured:    June 19, 2006 6000 Miles from Home
David Vance sent us this cool photo he entitled "6000 miles from home" and writes:
Imagine my surprise to be walking down the street in Sendai, Japan, and see a guy wearing a T-shirt from good old 88, Kentucky! Sendai is a city of over a million people and the capital of Japan's Miyagi Prefecture. It is about two hours north of Tokyo.

Here's a picture just to prove I'm not making this up.

David Vance

Edmonton Memorial Park
Picture Featured:    June 20, 2006 Edmonton Memorial Park
"gchapman" sent us these and writes:
Here are scenes from a recent T-ball game at the new Edmonton Memorial Park.

Glasgow Rec. Dept. Day Camp
Picture Featured:    June 21, 2006 Glasgow Rec. Dept. Day Camp
Patsye sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of the kids and the Directors at the Recreation Department Day Camp this past week. The kids are getting ready for their trip to Kentucky Down Under. Thanks again, Recreation Department and Directors, for a fun week!
The Glasgow Recreation Dept. Website

It's Story Hour at the Library!
Picture Featured:    June 22, 2006 It
Jessie Thomas from the Mary Wood Weldon Library sent us this photo and writes:
Mr. Anderson,
This is story hour at the Mary Wood Weldon Library on Tuesday.
Mary Wood Weldon Memorial Library

Summer Balancing Act
Picture Featured:    June 23, 2006 Summer Balancing Act
Valerie Passmore sent us this photo and writes:
Wanted to show how much fun these young gentlemen are having on their summer vacation. They all came to Trenton's house to swim and have a blast! In this pic, they were trying to fit all seven onto this float, needless to say, they did accomplish it for a split second. They are all great friends and make wonderful memories together.

Valerie Passmore

Brock Johnson (BCMS), Alex Morgerson (Temple Hill), Austin Morgerson (BCMS), Trenton Passmore (BCMS), Caleb Capps (GMS), Cord Glass (GMS) and Drew Johnson (Eastern).

Future Firefighter (and taxi driver?)
Picture Featured:    June 24, 2006 Future Firefighter (and taxi driver?)
(left) Rose Burris sent us this photo by Heather Dennison of a future firefighter and writes:
Koby Dennison wants to follow in mom's footsteps, East Barren firefighter Heather Dennison.
(right) Rose Burris sent us this photo and writes:
This was so cute, I had to send it. Reagan was riding in her stroller when her buddy Sammy hitched a ride in the back.
East Barren Volunteer Fire Department

IBC at Church Camp
Picture Featured:    June 25, 2006 IBC at Church Camp
Peavler sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of the children's group from Immanuel Baptist Church attending Centri-kid camp this week in Georgetown. They are pictured with their champion pool-noodle and duct tape sculpture. The winning sculpture depicts a stained glass window that reflects the camp theme, "For Here or To Go."

The Scottie Band in NYC
Picture Featured:    June 26, 2006 The Scottie Band in NYC
Sandy Smith sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill,
Here is a picture of the group of parents and students of the Glasgow Scottie Band at Time Square. This was taken the last night in the city of New York. They had a great time!

Sandy Smith

The Glasgow High School Website (Band)

"Fireworks" from Thursday Night
Picture Featured:    June 27, 2006 "Fireworks" from Thursday Night
Mark Anderson (the WebMeister's brother) sent us this awfully cool photo and writes:
Hey, Bill,
I shot this at 10:05pm Thursday night just after the majority of the thunderstorm passed through Glasgow. I shot a lot of pix to catch the lightning just a few times, but this was the most impressive flash (streak, display, bolt, etc.).

Two Reasons to Celebrate!
Picture Featured:    June 28, 2006 Two Reasons to Celebrate!
(left) Angie Brown sent us the photo on the left and writes:
This is a photo of Heather Garrett, shown celebrating her 24th birthday with co-workers from American Engineers. She was quite surprised when they started singing & clapping and even more surprised by the "face painting"! I have always ate my ice-cream to cool off on a hot day, I think Heather found a new way to cool off!!!
(right) Vickie Carson sent us the photo on the right and writes:
Eddie Wells Named Best Ranger in NPS Southeast Region
Eddie Wells, Mammoth Cave NP ranger, has been recognized as a 2006 Harry Yount Award winner, naming him the best ranger in the Southeast Region of the National Park Service.

"Being a ranger in the National Park Service requires an individual to have effective leadership skills, adaptability to change, and a strong work ethic," said Superintendent Patrick Reed. "Eddie exemplifies every aspect of an outstanding ranger." Wells’ citation lists accomplishments, knowledge, and skills that are imbedded in his typical workday.

"…He has the uncommon ability to effectively communicate with a wide range of people and put them at ease, even during situations that have the potential to become confrontational. Eddie uses this ability on a daily basis to educate and inform park visitors and employees on issues ranging from emergency medical care procedures, park regulations and law, and even the history associated with Mammoth Cave during the War of 1812."

"From felony law enforcement investigations, to emergency medical incidents, to instructing the visitor about the special purpose the National Park system serves, Eddie Wells has proven time and time again that he embraces the ranger ideal," added Reed. "Eddie conducts himself and approaches his job in the true tradition of a National Park ranger."

Named after Harry Yount, the first Park Ranger, the award is the hallmark of recognition as a NPS Ranger. The peer-nominated award not only seeks to recognize and honor outstanding rangers, but to encourage high standards of performance; foster an especially responsive attitude toward public service; enhance the public’s appreciation of the Park Ranger profession; and further the art and science of ‘rangering.’

Wells was one of seven regional award recipients. The Southeast Region of the NPS is made up of 60 parks located in nine states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

CMA Music Festival
Picture Featured:    June 29, 2006 CMA Music Festival
Tara Gibson sent us these photos and writes:
June 8th-11th my fiance, Grant Landrum, and his dad, Mike Landrum, took me to the CMA Music Festival in Nashville. While there, we got to meet many country music stars including John Michael Montgomery, Aaron Tippin and Buddy Jewell. At night, we got to attend concerts at the Coliseum put on by many of my favorite country artists such as Carrie Underwood and Dierks Bentley. John Ratzenberger, better known as "Cliff" from the TV show "Cheers" also made an appearance. We had such a great time on this trip and I can't wait to go back!
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