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This picture was featured June 26, 2009 ...
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At the Ballgame!
June 25, 2009
Mushrooms from Mammoth Cave
June 24, 2009
Local Kids
June 23, 2009
Hummer/Mrs. Harvey
June 22, 2009
Recent Storm Damage!
Recent Storm Damage!
(upper left) Alice Thrasher sent us this photo and writes:
Storm damage.
(upper right) Tim and Brenda sent us this photo and write:
Here are a few shots from some of the damage at the Glasgow CC golf course.
(lower left) Jena Pace sent us this photo and writes:
Strom damage yesterday afternoon. Thnakful no one was hurt. But Chad Livingston's blazaer didn't make it thur. We had many trees down on jackson hwy. One landed on our front proch.
(lower right) Michelle Estes sent us this photo and writes:
I obtained the following pics on Hwy 68/80 today while trying to get home before the storm hit. Sadly, I missed home by 2 minutes and had to wait out the storm at a safe location until it was safe to drive again. These were taken just before you get to the A.L. Shirley Road and on down to where the Windy Hill Store was. I hope you can use them.

How Many Results Do You Want To See?   

Darren Horn Winter Basketball Camp
Picture Featured:    January 01, 2005 Darren Horn Winter Basketball Camp
Cavey McCoy sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill,

I thought I would share with you what these guys did on their first Monday off on Christmas vacation.They attended the Darren Horn Winter Basketball Camp. The players were the coaches and the kids got lots of instructions and got to participate in other competitions. They also had a pizza party with the team and they got all of their autographs. The players put on a dunking exhibition for the guys, too. The players and the coaches were very good with the kids and the boys had a great time.

Pictured above (I-r): Cole Payne, Barrett Billingsley, Zac Ross, Charley McCoy, Cole Scott and some of the players behind them. Thanks to the WKU Men's coaches and players.

Cavey McCoy

Picture Featured:    January 02, 2005 Ambassadors
Amy Dickson sent us this photo and writes:
The Glasgow-Barren County Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors Club made the Mayfield Plaza residents their project again for 2004. This is the second year the Ambassadors have helped these residents with various household and personal care items and put those items in 75 gift bags, one for each resident. The Ambassadors Club would like to extend our thanks to all churches, businesses, organizations, and individuals who donated to this cause. The donations helped to bring many smiles during this special holiday season.

Pictured above are the Ambassadors that made deliveries of the gift bags. Left to right are Chris Roderick, Kimberley Howell, Jerrica Wright, Andy Reece (Mayfield Plaza representative), Kristen Mitchell, Peggy Nims and Jennie Wilson.

Glasgow-Barren Co. Chamber of Commerce

A visit to Chile
Picture Featured:    January 03, 2005 A visit to Chile
Rhonda Trautman sent us this photo and writes:

This fall my family and I had the opportunity to travel to South America. This is a shot of the Andes Mountains 1 1/2 hours outside of Santiago, Chile. It was springtime there and as you can see, the flowers were in full bloom.

Rhonda Trautman

New family member...
Picture Featured:    January 04, 2005 New family member...
"Ike" sent us this photo and writes:
The family got a new puppy for Christmas..
A Pug, his name is Skippy...

2005 Barren Co. Jr. Miss
Picture Featured:    January 05, 2005 2005 Barren Co. Jr. Miss
Barbara Pendleton sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a picture of Katie Huber, Barren County 2005 Jr. Miss. She is shown with her roommate, Polly Hamilton, from Scott County. They met in Lexington during orientation for the state program. Katie will be in Lexington January 7-15 preparing for the state competition. Katie is the daughter of John and Liz Huber and a senior at Glasgow High School.

Obedience training...
Picture Featured:    January 06, 2005 Obedience training...
Debbie Perkins sent us this photo and writes:

Here's a picture of the latest graduates from Cumberland's Dog Training. Shown are Deborah Brinkerhoff with "Baxter," Juanita Anderson with "Kase" (Casey), Tina and Amanda Jones with "Willow" and instructor Alan Cumberland with "Sarge."

Debbie Perkins

(Note: Juanita above is Debbie and the WebMeister's Mom)

Winter Wonderland?
Picture Featured:    January 07, 2005 Winter Wonderland?
Kathy Mutter sent us this photo recently, entitled "Winter Wonderland?" and writes:
Hey Bill,

Thought I'd share some pictures of the beauty of winter. I'm sure it messed up a lot of people's holiday, but it is beautiful in its own way..

Fun at Oak Island
Picture Featured:    January 08, 2005 Fun at Oak Island
Randy & Peggy Deichmiller sent us these photos and write:
This is our son & grandson on a recent trip they took to Oak Island, NC. As you can see, both had a great time.

Double Rainbow
Picture Featured:    January 09, 2005 Double Rainbow
Jim Forrest sent us this photo and writes:
Got this shot of a beautiful rainbow - it was end-to-end all the way to the ground, but huge and would have taken a very wide angle lens to capture the entire rainbow. This end is doubled and still looks good to me..!!

Jim Forrest

Putting up a good fight!
Picture Featured:    January 10, 2005 Putting up a good fight!
Rita Bishop sent us this photo and writes:
On Dec. 15, Beverly Hammons and her family celebrated her birthday at El Mazatlan. As you can see, Beverly put up quite a fight with those nice singers!

New addition to the family...
Picture Featured:    January 11, 2005 New addition to the family...
Karen Johnson sent us these photos and writes:
Hi Bill,

I was just wondering if you might put pictures of the newest member of our family on Glasgow's Website. Let me introduce Avery Gwen Proffitt. She is the daughter of Kim and Tim Proffitt. As you can imagine, we are very excited and happy to welcome her to her new family and home.

Happy New Year!
Karen Johnson

1950's Dance
Picture Featured:    January 12, 2005 1950
Terry and Alicia Hume sent us this photo and writes:

My family and I attended a 1950’s dance on New Years Eve at the Barren River State Park Lodge. Black Velvet provided the entertainment for this non-alcoholic event, and they performed an incredible show. This is a picture of our daughters, Bailey and Madison Hume, showing off their "poodle skirts" handmade by their Nana. We had a wonderful evening and thoroughly enjoyed the music of Black Velvet. Happy New Year to all!

Terry & Alicia Hume

BCHS Cheerleaders win again!
Picture Featured:    January 13, 2005 BCHS Cheerleaders win again!
Chad Murphy sent us this photo and writes:
The Barren County High School Cheerleaders have won another national championship at Opryland Hotel, bringing their total to seven national titles.

BCHS won the Large Varsity Co-Ed Division. Drew Bewley was named to the Senior Team America in individual competition. In the Co-Ed Partner Stunt Division, Drew Bewley and Charlie Smith were crowned national champions. They received individual trophies and jackets as well as scholarship money.

BCHS squad members received the first place trophy, backpacks and National Championship T-shirts. Squad members are (front row, left to right): Shea Garmon, Ashley Jolly, Melissa Sacrey, Drew Bewley, Amanda Rivera, Jordan Pursley; (second row): Sarah Murphy, Ellie Burch, Hilarie Rigdon, Sarah Peters, Amber Young, Brittany Read, Kylie Ross, Brittney Corbin, Keri Bowen, Megan Bow; (third row): Chelsey Martin, Kenzie Briggs, Brittany Hagan, Chassity Broady, Lauren Compton, Stephanie Fahrenholz, Tosha Neal, Danielle White, Nicole Scott, Heather Claywell; (back row): Coach Teresa Bewley, Assistant Coach Jamie Bewley, Charlie Smith, Travis Garrett, Clint Bushong, Josh Garrett, Brady Kingrey and Assistant Coach Chad Murphy. (thanks goes to Tracey Briggs for the photo)

Barren County High School

Capt. Richard Tylicki
Picture Featured:    January 14, 2005 Capt. Richard Tylicki
Blaise Tylicki sent us this photo and writes:
Recently received a picture of my son, Captain Richard Tylicki. Richard is commanding four platoons with the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, Bravo Co., 2nd BN, 103rd Armor. They have been stationed in Iraq since last March. They are hoping for a return to the States sometime in March.

Whenever we communicate, he tells us that although the days are long and the missions are tough, morale is very high. Although they are an Armor group, they have been trained for military security just as our local 623rd. Richard was part of the 623rd until moving to Endwell, New York, where he is Director of Stadium Operations for the Binghamton Mets Baseball Club in Binghamton, New York. They are a minor AA club affiliated with the New York Mets. Richard had just been home for about six months from a nine-month peacekeeping tour in Bosnia before being deployed to Iraq. So you see we are anxious for his return. Please let us all keep all our soldiers in our prayers.

Thank you,
Blaise Tylicki

Picture Featured:    January 15, 2005 Sunset...
Aaron Woodward sent us this photo and writes:
I was sitting in my apartment and noticed a beautiful sunset peeking in the window. I had the choice of doing some major cleaning or taking a few pictures... So I did the right thing. I included several pictures. Hope you all enjoy!


What a holster!
Picture Featured:    January 16, 2005 What a holster!
Gerald and Kathy, in an email entitled "Big 'un," sent us this photo and write:
Bill, I made this belt and double holster rig for a friend in northern Illinois. It`s the largest I have ever made. At 52 inches, that's quite a waist!! The grandkids voluntered to model it.

Gerald & Kathy Green

Serene Scene
Picture Featured:    January 17, 2005 Serene Scene
Judi sent us this photo and writes:
My husband works with bank security, and sometimes I go with him. I saw this on our way to the Smokies. I love my camera and it's usually by my side at all times.


Alex working to go to the Beta Convention!
Picture Featured:    January 18, 2005 Alex working to go to the Beta Convention!
Dale sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, here is a picture of Alex Hawkins (Terry Catt, EPB's Operations Manager's grandson) after picking up 5 bags of trash and an old pet taxi off the Old Fish Hatchery Road in Barren County. He is trying to earn extra points to go to the State Beta Convention.

Glasgow Crew in Switzerland
Picture Featured:    January 19, 2005 Glasgow Crew in Switzerland
Brian Ross sent us this photo and writes:
Here is the install crew from Athenaeum International from Glasgow in Davos, Switzerland, enjoying some time off after completing the first phase of installing furniture they helped build in Glasgow for the World Economic Forum. In the background are the Swiss Alps and one of many ski areas around us. In the photo (left to right) are: Jeremy McCubbin, Steven Atkins, Brian Ross and Rodney Meadows, Jr.

Getting some sun in Florida...
Picture Featured:    January 20, 2005 Getting some sun in Florida...
Joe Hatchett sent us this photo and writes:
This photo was shot on Thanksgiving day in Okeechobee, Florida, of a 'gator and turtle sunning on a carport roof, blown into the canal by one of the hurricanes. The canal runs behind several fishing camps in Okeechobee.

Joe Hatchett

Longest serving City Clerk in the US!
Picture Featured:    January 21, 2005 Longest serving City Clerk in the US!
David Lyons, the Mayor of Park City, sent us this photo and writes:
Attached is a picture of Poly Toms taken during the swearing in of the new Park City Commission. Poly is the longest serving City Clerk in the United States with fifty-one years service.

David Lyons
Park City, Kentucky

Fun at the library and Freedom Hall
Picture Featured:    January 22, 2005 Fun at the library and Freedom Hall
(LEFT) Jim & Pam Dyer sent us the photo on the left:
Hi, Bill:
This is our grandson, Linkin, attending story hour at the Mary Wood Weldon Memorial Library. Tonight's theme was "Cooking Up a Storm" and, as you can see, Linkin had a great time. Everyone received an apron, rolling pin, cookie cutter and Play-Doh, along with yummy pancakes and syrup! Thanks to the sponsors and volunteers who made this event possible.

Jim & Pam Dyer

(RIGHT) Chad & Traci Greene sent us the photo on the right:
My husband and I went to Freedom Hall this past weekend to a Monster Motor Show to help support the families of our troops overseas. This is just a little bit of the action that we caught on our camera.

Chad and Traci Greene

Cozy Pets
Picture Featured:    January 23, 2005 Cozy Pets
(LEFT) James Clouse sent us the photo on the left:
With the cold weather, it is really nice to have a chair warmer! The Animal Shelter might have a few for adoption.
(RIGHT) Linda Hendley sent us the photo on the right, entitled "My California Cat" :
Hi there, Bill! We have only been in Kentucky for two and a half years and our cat, Minnie Ellen, is still not used to the cold. Here she is in her chair and baby blanket!

Linda Hendley

Glasgow Shrine Club Donation!
Picture Featured:    January 24, 2005 Glasgow Shrine Club Donation!
Wayne & Julie Pedigo sent us this photo and write:

A few members of the Glasgow Shrine Club traveled to Louisville on January 14th to present a check to Kosair Charities for $23,000! We want to thank everyone that purchased a $3 box of candy, participated in our golf scramble or made a donation. Without your generosity, this presentation would not have been possible.

Pictured (L to R): Bob King, Ray Dillingham - Treasurer of Glasgow Shrine Club, Randy Coe, Executive Director of Kosair Charities, Wayne Pedigo - Vice President of Glasgow Shrine Club, Darrell Bartley - President of Glasgow Shrine Club, Wilbur Nance (partially hidden), John Graves (partially hidden), Bill Hart, Jackie Harrison, Bill Claywell and Larry Hamfeldt, President of Kosair Charities.

You can find out more about this wonderful charity at

Wayne and Julie Pedigo

Kroger Coca-Cola Kick-Off Kid
Picture Featured:    January 25, 2005 Kroger Coca-Cola Kick-Off Kid
Ann Stewart sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a photo for the Webpage. In the picture are Jaylen Stonerock and the Titan's punter and kicker, Craig Hentrich (#15).

Jaylen Stonerock, 9-year-old son of Brian and Andrea Buford, was the Kroger-Coca Cola Kick-Off Kid at the Tennessee Titans Game against the Detroit Lions on January 2nd. Jaylen spent one and one-half hours on the field with the team and their staff prior to kick-off and then got to run onto the field and retrieve the tee following kick-off. He met many of the Titans and enjoyed an overnight stay at the Nashville Hilton with his aunt and uncle, Kenny and Ann Stewart and his stepbrother, Devante Buford. His name and picture appeared on the electronic scoreboard. Jaylen is a fourth grader at South Green Elementary School.

I entered Jaylen into the contest and served as his chaperone (we won 4 game tickets, an overnight stay at the Hilton, and gift certificates to Opry Mills Mall and Eddie George's Bar & Grill).

Ann Stewart

Katie Huber and her family
Picture Featured:    January 26, 2005 Katie Huber and her family
Linda Foushee sent us this photo and writes:
Barren County’s Junior Miss, Katie Huber, was named one of the top five best and brightest high school senior girls in Kentucky while competing at the Junior Miss program on Saturday, Jan. 15 at the University of Kentucky’s Singletary Center for the Arts. Forty participants were vying for the title of 2005 Kentucky’s Junior Miss.

Contestants were judged on scholastics, a ten-minute personal interview, performing a rigorous fitness routine, a self expression routine and a ninety-second talent routine. Katie was named a top fifteen finalist, a top ten finalist and a top five finalist. Katie represented Barren County beautifully while exemplifying the intelligence, strength, self-confidence, maturity and talent indicative of many young ladies in our community.

Prior to the final awards competition, Katie was awarded a preliminary fitness award, valued at $300. Junior Miss is a scholarship program which recognizes and rewards academic excellence in high school senior girls. The Barren County Junior Miss board of directors received accolades at the annual KJM awards ceremony which was held on Sunday morning at the Radisson Hotel in Lexington. The Barren County board was named a Gold star program (top award attainable for a program), a top ten Outstanding Local Program, and the Best Theme in the state of Kentucky. The Barren County Junior Miss theme was "Come to the Junior Miss Fair." Linda Foushee was named Honorable Mention award for Outstanding Local Chairperson.

The 2005 Barren County Junior Miss board of directors were: Linda Bowles, Julie Edwards, Linda Foushee, Sarah Miller, Rita Pierce, Barbara Pendleton, Vonda Pace, Beverly Shelton, Adrienne Snyder, Lee Ann Weatherholt and Jerrica Wright. A special thank you goes out to those in our community who helped support the local Junior Miss program. Your support allows us to provide lasting memories for young ladies.

That's a lot of snow...
Picture Featured:    January 27, 2005 That
Vickie Carson sent us this photo Jan. 23 and writes:
Bill – we received this photo from family in Boston, Massachusetts. It was taken at 9:30am on Sunday morning, Jan. 23, 2005. My nephew, Burak, is looking out into their backyard – notice the snow against the window. Looks like about 20 inches, and it was still snowing. They say the Boston schools are called off for the next two days, and in the downtown area snowbound cars are still abandoned in the streets. BIG blizzard!

Vickie Carson

Moonbow at Cumberland Falls!
Picture Featured:    January 28, 2005 Moonbow at Cumberland Falls!
Jeff Wagner sent us this really cool photo and writes:
Greetings, Bill,

I have tried a couple of times to get the elusive "moonbow" at Cumberland Falls. Well, on January 24, 2005, at 9:15pm EST, I was finally able to get a shot of it. The moonbow phenomenon only appears on a regular basis two places in the world. Cumberland Falls is one and the other is at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. The only time the moonbow appears is on a full moon and a clear night. The only light that was used in this photo is the light of the moon (and a 30-second exposure).

If anyone is interested in other photos I have taken, some of Glasgow, they can visit my Website,

Take care,
Jeff Wagner

A puppy for Christmas...
Picture Featured:    January 29, 2005 A puppy for Christmas...
Casey Jones sent us this photo and writes:
Katie Jones and her Christmas puppy Dachshund, Oscar, in a Santa hat!

Christmas in Destin
Picture Featured:    January 30, 2005 Christmas in Destin
Tommy Fields sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, this photograph of a beautiful sunset was made from our room's balcony during a recent trip to Destin, Florida. Krissie and I left Glasgow on Christmas Day and returned on New Year's Eve. The weather was a little cool, but there were several people on the beach during the day, playing in the water and making sandcastles.

Tommy Fields

Who left these here?
Picture Featured:    January 31, 2005 Who left these here?
Marty Wooten sent us this photo and writes:
I was running around in England and I came upon these rocks in this field. LOL
(In case you didn't already know, LOL is Internet slang for "Laughing Out Loud"
- The WebMeister)

Visiting New Hampshire...
Picture Featured:    February 01, 2005 Visiting New Hampshire...
Terry Alexander sent us this photo and writes:
This is a photo of Eddie and Brenda Alexander on their Thanksgiving trip to New Hampshire. Tha background is the Mt. Washington Hotel and the Presidential range. The Alexander's were in NH to visit their daughter Terry. They also enjoyed a trip to Vermont and Massachusetts.

Terry Alexander

St. Augustine, Florida
Picture Featured:    February 02, 2005 St. Augustine, Florida
Missy Staples sent us these and writes:
Hey Bill, just sending some shots from our St. Augustine vacation. Our daughter, Taylor, made some great pics. My favorite is the one taken from the top of the St. Augustine Lighthouse. That city has this really mystical feel to it. Almost like you can feel spirits walking along with you. I would suggest anyone go there - wonderful for all ages. Has a great college too, Flagler. Thanks... Missy Staples

Masonic Installation
Picture Featured:    February 03, 2005 Masonic Installation
Wayne and Julie Pedigo sent us this photo and write:
Hiseville Masonic Lodge #787 Installation of 2005 Officers
On January 28, 2005, Hiseville Masonic Lodge #787 installed their 2005 officers. Pictured front row (left to right) are: Patton Hart - Deputy Grand Master of Grand Lodge of Kentucky, David Steffey - Junior Warden, Don Pedigo - Treasurer, Wayne Pedigo - Master, James "Bubba" Morrison, Sr. - Secretary, Charlie Harper - Senior Warden, Jack Hodges - Past Grand Master of Grand Lodge of Kentucky. Back row (left to right): Jeff Render - Senior Deacon, Gary Vincent - Marshall, James Morrison, Jr. - Junior Steward, Paul Bradford Doyel - Junior Deacon, Ralph London - Chaplain. Not pictured: Chris Hunt - Senior Steward and Charles Sharp - Tiler.

Wayne and Julie Pedigo

Checking the water in Gatlinburg...
Picture Featured:    February 04, 2005 Checking the water in Gatlinburg...
Becky Austin sent us these photos. She writes:
Joe Austin, Manager of the Glasgow Water Company, recently checked the icy waters in Gatlinburg to see if they were as cold as the water in Glasgow!
email Joe!Website of the Glasgow Water Co.

Ribbon cutting...
Picture Featured:    February 05, 2005 Ribbon cutting...
Amy Dickson sent us this photo and writes:
A ribbon cutting was held for Check Advance Thursday, Feb. 3. Check Advance will advance a customer the cash they need and hold their personal check for up to two weeks or 30 days for their monthly customers. Check Advance is located at 226 Shane Drive, next door to Sweetheart Bakery.

New "Friends of the Library"
Picture Featured:    February 06, 2005 New "Friends of the Library"
Jessie Thomas sent us this photo and writes:
Enclosed is a challenge issued by Park City School:

Park City School is grateful for the support the Mary Wood Weldon Library has offered to them over the years. The library has been a "Partner in Education" to these students for years, long before formal partnerships were formed between schools and community businesses. Park City students were thrilled at the chance to become Friends of the Library. Each classroom collected $10.00 and became an official Friend of the Library. Now these students would like to challenge students in the Barren County and Glasgow School Districts to join them in becoming Friends of the Library as well. Shown in the photo are Starla Buckley (right), Park City teacher who led the campaign, and Lenora Metcalfe (left), Bookmobile Librarian for the Mary Wood Weldon Library.

Jeff Hughes in Kuwait
Picture Featured:    February 07, 2005 Jeff Hughes in Kuwait
Laurie Berry sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a picture of Jeff Hughes in Kuwait.... I'm sure Debra's ready for him to come home.

Northern Lights?
Picture Featured:    February 08, 2005 Northern Lights?
Jim Forrest sent us this photo and writes:
I captured this sunset on Oct. 29, 2004. It's not, but reminded me of the "Northern Lights" which we rarely get this far south. I believe the lights only appear during the night and not at sunset.

Jim Forrest

Daisies singing at NHC
Picture Featured:    February 09, 2005 Daisies singing at NHC
Debbie Perkins sent us this photo and writes:
Saturday Daisy Scout Troop 399, led by Lori Rush and Stacy Piercy, sang for the residents at NHC and gave them homemade Valentines. Everyone had a great time. The girls in Troop 399 shown are (left to right) Amanda Perkins, Mary Grace Piercy, Meredith Crane, Railey Rush, Madison Lile and Courtney Turner. Troop leaders in back are Stacy Piercy and Lori Rush. Girls from the troop unable to be present were Grayson Reynolds, Brianna Witty and Ally Jones.

Debbie Perkins

Barn fire?
Picture Featured:    February 10, 2005 Barn fire?
Judi sent us this photo and writes:
My husband works with bank security, and sometimes I go with him. Is this smoking tobacco or a barn fire??


Saddam's Bathtub!
Picture Featured:    February 11, 2005 Saddam
Joe Myers sent us this photo (entitled "Saddam's bathtub"), by way of Sue Haynes. She writes:
I just received these pics from my son-in-law, Joe Meyers, in Iraq with the 623rd. I thought you might enjoy seeing them. I was amazed that anyone could have such a lifestyle in a palace while the children were starving in the streets. These were taken in Babylon. Please keep our guys and their families in your thoughts & prayers.
The 623rd - Morgan's Men

Shopping trip...
Picture Featured:    February 12, 2005 Shopping trip...
Zina Greer sent us this photo and writes:
This is Cody Greer and Miles Bush on their trip to Basspro Shop to spend their birthday money. Their pockets are a lot lighter but they had a great time - it's an awesome store.

Zina Greer

Cool pooch
Picture Featured:    February 13, 2005 Cool pooch
Anita Meek sent us this photo, entitled "Freezedog," and writes:
Angel out for a stroll in a Winter Wonderland.

From Anita Meek, Amy & Matt Cantine

Valentine Greetings!
Picture Featured:    February 14, 2005 Valentine Greetings!
Fran Fields of Funtime Photography sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, I was down at the National Guard Armory on the 17th of Jan. The 623rd's Support group was videotaping "Valentine's Messages" to send to their loved ones. I donated a Valentine Background and background stand for the loved ones of the 623rd to use to make those messages a little more festive. The President of the 623rd's Support Group, Lisa Haynes, and her daughter, Emily Deckard, along with her children, John Tyler, Mason and Katelyn, were videoing their message to Spc. Michael Haynes when I snapped this picture. Danielle Reece, wife of Sgt. Jeff Reece, was doing the videoing and Dina Meyers, wife of Spc. Joe Meyers, was on hand keeping the names of all family members in order for a DVD that they are creating to be sent to the soliders in time for Valentine's Day. These messages will also be available for the solider's viewing via their Webpage. All the family members were in high spirits and excited because they had received phone calls from their loved ones last night (between 11pm and 2am) as the 623rd arrived at their final destination. Anyone wishing to send messages or see what the 623rd is doing can visit their Webpage at

Thanks, guys.
Funtime Photography

2005 Parade Theme Winner
Picture Featured:    February 15, 2005 2005 Parade Theme Winner
Donna Rich sent us these photos and writes:
This is Tori Buckley from Park City Elementary with special guest, Santa Claus. Tori submitted the winning theme for the 2005 Glasgow/Barren County Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade. The theme will be "An Old-Fashioned Family Christmas." The parade will be Saturday, December 3rd at 6:00pm. Get to thinking about those floats!
(Pictures by Jamie Raye, Glasgow Daily Times)
Park City Elementary School

New Arrival
Picture Featured:    February 16, 2005 New Arrival
Katy Ritter sent us this photo and writes:
My best friend, Keiley Berryman, recently added a new addition to her family with baby Hayden Ray. I thought everyone could help me by welcoming Baby Berryman. Congratulations, Keiley and Coy!

(Katy Ritter pictured with Hayden Ray)

50 Years Together!
Picture Featured:    February 17, 2005 50 Years Together!
Karen Miller sent us this photo and writes:
Hello... My parents (Bernice and Eva Spencer) just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on January 29, 2005. All six of their children and many grandchildren was there to help celebrate. We all should be so lucky to be so blessed!


BRAVE Meeting
Picture Featured:    February 18, 2005 BRAVE Meeting
Bill Smith of Amak Brake sent us this photo and writes:
The Barren River Area Adult Vocational Education Consortium (B.R.A.V.E) held their annual meeting at the Glasgow Country Club on February 15. BRAVE is a consortium of area businesses focused on identifying, supporting and promoting technical education at the Glasgow Technology Campus. The BRAVE consortium began in 1996 and over the years, has been instrumental in securing funding and facilities to offer, through KCTCS, Industrial Maintenance and Information Technology curriculums at the Glasgow Regional Center. The consortium is a model within the state of Kentucky on how industry, government and education formed a coalition that is working together to provide relevant, needed, flexible educational opportunities for the people of South Central Kentucky.

Pictured above are Paul Haskins, Campus Director – Glasgow Technology Campus; Walter Baker, member of Kentucky’s Council on Post-Secondary Education; Dr. Juanita Bayless, Campus Director - WKU-Glasgow; Dr. Keith Bird, Chancellor of Kentucky’s Community and Technical College System (KCTCS); and Gary Gardner, R.R. Donnelley & Sons, 2004 President of BRAVE.

On guard in Babylon
Picture Featured:    February 19, 2005 On guard in Babylon
Joe Myers sent us this photo by way of Sue Haynes. She writes:
I just received these pics from my son-in-law, Joe Meyers, in Iraq with the 623rd. I thought you might enjoy seeing them. I was amazed that anyone could have such a lifestyle in a palace while the children were starving in the streets. These were taken in Babylon. Please keep our guys and their families in your thoughts & prayers.
The 623rd - Morgan's Men

Enjoying his cake...
Picture Featured:    February 20, 2005 Enjoying his cake...
Bobby Martin sent us this photo and writes:
This is Luke Chase enjoying his birthday cake. He's a year old and had an enjoyable day with his family on Sunday, Feb. 13th. Luke is the son of Alex and Brooke Chase.

He knows where home is...
Picture Featured:    February 21, 2005 He knows where home is...
Brandon Harlow sent us this photo and writes:
Brandon Harlow (stationed in Iraq) sends this pic and writes home saying….. "No matter where a Soldier goes, they can always point the way home!!!"
The 623rd - Morgan's Men

GHS Alumni Association Telethon tonight!
Picture Featured:    February 22, 2005 GHS Alumni Association Telethon tonight!
Kristen Mitchell sent us these photos and writes:
GHS Alumni Association Telethon Feb. 22 on EPB Cable 6

A special membership drive telethon for the Glasgow High School Alumni Association will air on Glasgow Electric Plant Board's Cable 6 on Tuesday, Feb. 22 from 6:00-9:00pm.

Co-hosted by GHS Alumni Allison Gardner Martin, Dr. Barret Lessenberry and Kristen Hatchett Mitchell, the telethon will include previously taped segments of GHS Alumni and faculty reminiscing about their GHS memories, as well as live interview segments with other noted alumnus. Be sure to tune in to EPB's Cable 6 for this community event!

Playing around...
Picture Featured:    February 23, 2005 Playing around...
On the left: Melissa Moose sent us this photo and writes:
Mark Moose, the son, not Big Moose - LOL (Laughing Out Loud). He was Cupid for Valentine's Day! Great job, don't ya' think.

Melissa Moose

On the right: Terrell Alexander sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, thought I would pass along an action shot I took Monday night at the Barren Co. vs. Cumberland Co. basketball game. It was also Senior Night. It was a good win for the Trojans and lots of players got to see action in preparation for the district tournament which starts next week. (Shown in the photo making the shot for Barren County is No. 23, Eric Landrum)

Terrell Alexander
Digital Image Photography of Kentucky

Appreciative of the local beauty...
Picture Featured:    February 24, 2005 Appreciative of the local beauty...
Susan Daugherty sent us several photos (here are two of them) and writes:
I believe you may find some of them very beautiful. Me and my family have recently moved out here to Glasgow and we Love It! I cannot believe all the beauty that surrounds us. Thank you for taking the time to view these photos (named "having fun while it's warm" and "storm coming").

Much appreciated,
Susan Daugherty

Freeway hazards...
Picture Featured:    February 25, 2005 Freeway hazards...
Jeffrey Hughes sent us these photos and writes:
Since I was informed that my pictures mysteriously found their way to your Website, I thought I'd send you some pictures we took last week. Here are some camels crossing a major freeway in Kuwait. And we think hitting a deer is a problem in Kentucky!


Fiery Sunset
Picture Featured:    February 26, 2005 Fiery Sunset
Kris Gorin sent us this photo and writes:

Here is a picture that I took on my way home from Campbellsville after the holidays. It looks like the sky is on fire. I took this picture somewhere between Campbellsville and Donansburg in Green County.

Kris Gorin

At the Farm Show
Picture Featured:    February 27, 2005 At the Farm Show
Amy Dickson sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill,

This is a picture of Spencer Dickson, sitting on one of the many tractors at the Farm Machinery Show in Louisville in February. He had a great time seeing all of the gigantic machines used on farms. He can't wait to go again next year and do it all over again.

Amy Dickson

Brownie Troop 327
Picture Featured:    February 28, 2005 Brownie Troop 327
Melanie Watson sent us this photo and writes:
Brownie Troop 327 celebrated Christmas by shopping for their Angel - a girl about the age of the Brownies themselves. Each girl earned money by doing tasks at home and pooled their funds to buy gifts for their Angel. In addition to this being a service project, the girls learned about shopping on a budget and building a consensus on the items to purchase.

Front Row: Emma Kate Dickinson, Ashley Fye, Victoria Watson, Allison Shields
Back Row: Sophie Wood, Cheyenne Mabey, Jordan Bell, Chelsea Mullins

Melanie Watson, Troop Leader

Wait! There's ANOTHER Happy Valley Road?
Picture Featured:    March 01, 2005 Wait! There
Mark Anderson sent us this photo entitled "Local Photo (not really)," and writes:
Hey, WebMeister,

This photo was taken during a road trip between Milford Sound and Invercargill on the South Island of New Zealand on November 2nd of last year. Saw this and made me think of home and thought you might enjoy it. I just got back after an 8 month trip while travelling with my (our) cousin and fellow photographer, Michael Bunch. Check out for more pictures of some of our adventures.


In case you haven't figured it out yet, Mark is my brother! - The WebMeister

Pictures from Iraq
Picture Featured:    March 02, 2005 Pictures from Iraq
Gayle Meek sent us these photos and writes:
Bill, these are the first pictures my son has e-mailed to me from Iraq. They're from Casey Meek, serving with the 623rd. He named these "my Chariot" and "my Room." Thanks to the community for your continuing prayers and support.

Thanks, Bill.

Gayle Meek

The 623rd - "Morgan's Men"

Scenic vista
Picture Featured:    March 03, 2005 Scenic vista
Susan Daugherty sent us several photos (here's another one of them) and writes:
I believe you may find some of them (the photos) very beautiful. Me and my family have recently moved out here to Glasgow and we Love It! I cannot believe all the beauty that surrounds us. Thank you for taking the time to view these photos.

Much appreciated,
Susan Daugherty

Great work in Iraq!
Picture Featured:    March 04, 2005 Great work in Iraq!
Sgt. Ryan Burris sent us this cool photo in an email entitled, "Working in Iraq" and writes:
Helping with schools and kids to improve their country and their freedom most of all!

Celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday
Picture Featured:    March 05, 2005 Celebrating Dr. Seuss
Pam Robertson sent us this photo and writes:
Hello. This my daughter, Ally-Faith. Today (Wednesday, March 2) her classroom at EB Terry is celebrating Dr.Seuss's birthday. She's ready for it with her book and Dr. Seuss hat!

Happy Anniversary
Picture Featured:    March 06, 2005 Happy Anniversary
Miranda Hurt sent us this photo and writes:
My parents (Ricky & Beth Chapman) recently celebrated their 25th Anniversary by renewing their wedding vows! What a cute couple. We love you guys.


An All-Star Team Win
Picture Featured:    March 07, 2005 An All-Star Team Win
Michelle Simmons sent us this photo and writes:
The Glasgow Little League All-Star Team (3rd & 4th Graders) placed first in a Monroe County Tournament over the weekend!

Back row: Coach John Tinsley and Coach Larry Glass
Middle row: Trey Tinsley, Ryan Tinsley, Clay Simmons, Coby Poore and Brittany Vaughn
Front row: Steely Harris, Connor Glass and Nelson Glass

Michelle Simmons

See gulls?
Picture Featured:    March 08, 2005 See gulls?
Susan Daugherty sent us several photos (here's one of them) and writes:
I believe you may find some of them very beautiful. Me and my family have recently moved out here to Glasgow and we Love It! I cannot believe all the beauty that surrounds us. Thank you for taking the time to view these photos.

Much appreciated,
Susan Daugherty

Winners on Jakes Day...
Picture Featured:    March 09, 2005 Winners on Jakes Day...
Pam Staples sent us this photo and writes:
The Longbeards of the Barrens Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation recently held their Jakes Day on Saturday, Mar. 5, 2005 at the Barren River Rod and Gun Club in Lucas. These are the overall winners of the contest for that day. Left to right:

     • the 3-6 year old class - Casey Kidd
     • the 7-10 year old class - Chelsey Wells
     • the 11-14 year old class - Cierra Dubree
     • the 15-17 year old class - Magan Lile

Wild Donkeys in SD
Picture Featured:    March 10, 2005 Wild Donkeys in SD
John & Judi sent us this photo and write:
These are wild donkeys in South Dakota. As you go into the park, you are warned NOT to feed them (or any of the critters). People feed the donkeys and when someone now chooses not to feed them, they have been known to turn around and slam your car with their hoofs!

Wee Care Month
Picture Featured:    March 11, 2005 Wee Care Month
Melanie Watson sent us this photo and writes:
February was "Wee Care Month" for our local Girl Scouts. Baby items were collected for use by local agencies for mothers and infants in need of some help. Brownie Troop 327 spent part of the President's Day Holiday making fleece baby blankets for their service project.

Front Row: Allison Shields, Victoria Watson, Cheyenne Mabey, Emma Steen, Jordan Bell
Back Row: Sophie Wood, Chelsea Mullins, Emma Kate Dickinson

Troop Leader Melanie Watson

Greetings from Iraq
Picture Featured:    March 12, 2005 Greetings from Iraq
Brandy Crowe sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of my husband, Sgt Jason Crowe. He is in the 1/623rd FA C-Btry(Monticello unit). However we do live in Glasgow. He's a picture perfect hero. We luv and miss him so very much. Thanks to everyone that is sending prayers for all of Morgan's Men.

Brandy, Dawson & Madison Crowe

The 623rd - "Morgan's Men"

Allen Lodge Banquet
Picture Featured:    March 13, 2005 Allen Lodge Banquet
Reggie Sadler sent us this photo and writes:
The 82nd annual Addis Britt banquet of Allen Lodge #24 Free and Accepted Masons was held last night (3/10/05) at the lodge located on the third floor of US Bank. Mr. Ted Winbigler, retired executive vice president and manager of the Glasgow/Barren Co. Chamber of Commerce was the guest speaker. Mr. Winbigler spoke on World War II and his involvement. Master Todd Garner was toastmaster for the evening.

Glasgow Band?
Picture Featured:    March 14, 2005 Glasgow Band?
Marty Wooten sent us these and writes:
I introduced myself to this band as being from Glasgow, Kentucky. They knew all about our city and our Highland Games and they would like very much to come over here and play for us. If there is anyone who could help them, I think it would be a good thing.
Glasgow Highland Games

Picture Featured:    March 15, 2005 Renovations...
Judi sent us this photo and writes:
My husband and I are renovating an old, unkept flower garden that was left on the property when we bought it. As you can see, I couldn't wait any longer... : )

Neighborhood Disagreement
Picture Featured:    March 16, 2005 Neighborhood Disagreement
Tim Wheat sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of my neighbors having a slight disagreement!

Jakes Day Winners
Picture Featured:    March 17, 2005 Jakes Day Winners
Pam Staples sent us this photo and writes:
The Longbeards of the Barrens chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation recently held their Jakes Day Saturday, Mar. 5 at the Barren River Rod and Gun Club in Lucas. These are the kids from 3-17 years of age that won trophies in the .22 rifle shoot, archery shoot, BB shoot, casting contest, calling contest, coloring contest, stopper gun contest and the overall winners of all classes.

Hiseville Jr. Beta
Picture Featured:    March 18, 2005 Hiseville Jr. Beta
Anthony Frazier sent us this photo and writes:
This past week the Hiseville Jr. Beta attended the state convention in Louisville. The Jr. Beta club won 1st place in banner as well as Ms. Krista Seabolt being elected as the state secretary. This allows Hiseville to compete at the National level in June. The national convention will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana. The students are very excited and looking forward to this rewarding experience.

Anthony and Angie Frazier

Good cake?
Picture Featured:    March 19, 2005 Good cake?
Freida Webb sent us this photo and writes:
Cole Ramsey sure enjoyed his first birthday as you can see. Cole is the grandson of James & Freida Webb and the son of Brian & Trina Ramsey of Elizabethtown.

Ready for Kindergarten!
Picture Featured:    March 20, 2005 Ready for Kindergarten!
Tim & Marla Houchens sent us this photo and write:
Kindergarten and Preschool Registration at Red Cross Elementary

Our son, Tristan Houchens (far right with brown coat), enjoyed his day on Tuesday registering for Kindergarten at Red Cross Elementary School. He met many other nice children that will be joining him in his class this fall. A special thanks to the faculty there for making it such a pleasurable day!

Tim, Marla and Tristan Houchens

Red Cross Elementary School

Making friends in Iraq
Picture Featured:    March 21, 2005 Making friends in Iraq
Lynna Hughes sent us this photo (one of several) and writes:
These are pictures from Iraq from Brian Brown of Edmonton serving with the 623rd. I would appreciate your sharing these with the community. I think that they are really good pictures and show some different aspects of what the 623rd is experiencing.

Thank you,
Lynna Hughes

Tatanka (watch "Dances with Wolves")
Picture Featured:    March 22, 2005 Tatanka (watch "Dances with Wolves")
Margaret in Sturgis, SD, sent us this photo and writes:
Enjoyed the pictures of the donkeys in South Dakota shown a few days ago. How about another wild animal scene from the Black Hills? We are actually from Glasgow! My husband is temporarily associated with the VA Hospital in Fort Meade, SD. Having fun trying to connect with our hometown web! We are on a computer with a dial-up connection, so sending can be difficult!

Ron Lewis helps Mammoth Cave
Picture Featured:    March 23, 2005 Ron Lewis helps Mammoth Cave
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
(Pictured are Edmonson County Judge Executive N.E. Reed, Jeff Moore of the Ky. Transportation Cabinet, Mammoth Cave Acting Superintendent Bruce Powell, and Congressman Ron Lewis)
(MAMMOTH CAVE NATIONAL PARK) March 22, 2005 -- Congressman Ron Lewis presented a check to Mammoth Cave National Park Acting Superintendent Bruce Powell this morning at the Edmonson Co. Chamber Breakfast, supporting improved ferry operations across Green River in the park.

Congressman Lewis has earmarked $250,000 from the 2005 Omnibus Appropriations Act to begin predesign work to rehabilitate the Green River Ferry site.

Presently, the Green River Ferry site serves multiple functions and create a bottleneck and a safety hazard during high visitation periods. The redesign will include a new boat/canoe launch and parking area upstream of the ferry crossing, adequate parking for the Miss Green River II riverboat and the Echo River Spring trailhead, and an extension of the road ramps to improve ferry use in low water.

Dixie Firefighter Participants
Picture Featured:    March 24, 2005 Dixie Firefighter Participants
Chris Blythe sent us this photo and writes:
This photo was taken March 12, 2005, at the Dixie Fire School Firefighter Competition in Elizabethtown. Each year there is a firefighter competition and Glasgow Firefighters have competed for the past 3 years. This year they placed second among 13 departments overall. Shown are (left to right): FF Chris Blythe, FF William Rock, FF Adam Maulden and FF David Karrick.

Also, the Temple Hill Volunteer Fire Department will be hosting a Firefighter's Competition later on this year. Last year's was a great success and this year's promises to be even bigger and better. This would be a good way for the community to come and see a little of the fire that drives their firefighters. There will be food and refreshments and I know all of the departments there would appreciate the support from our communities.

The Glasgow Fire Department

Christmas Eve
Picture Featured:    March 25, 2005 Christmas Eve
Shannon Bowles sent us this photo and writes:
This was a picture that I took at my grandmother's house in Slick Rock on Christmas Eve.

Shannon Bowles

87th Birthday
Picture Featured:    March 26, 2005 87th Birthday
Miranda Hurt sent us this photo and writes:
Here is my great-grandmother, Elizabeth Pruitt Jackson, or "Mammie" as we call her, on her 87th birthday.

Brady hanging out with the chicks
Picture Featured:    March 27, 2005 Brady hanging out with the chicks
Nancy Moore sent us this photo and writes:
This picture was taken by Nancy Moore of her daughter, Brady, for Easter. Brady was not very interested in the bunny or chicks, but they did get one good picture out of the bunch. Nancy works as a photographer in her spare time. Brady is the granddaughter of Glenn and Judy Reeves of Glasgow and David and Donna Moore of Munfordville.

Picture Featured:    March 28, 2005 Mini-Me?
Stephanie Read sent us this photo and writes:
This photo was taken at a recent WKU basketball game. This is Taylor Davis, age 7, a student at Eastern Elementary School. She's shown here in her "Little Red" costume. She is Big Red's biggest fan. Someday she might just be the future Big Red. The costume was made by her mother, Sonya Davis, and her Mamaw Davis.
Read more about WKU's "Big Red" here!

Found another one!
Picture Featured:    March 29, 2005 Found another one!
Dina Meyers sent us this photo and writes:
This is Ella's first Easter Egg Hunt! She really enjoyed the whole process. She dyed the eggs, hunted them, peeled them, and ate them (Grandma Ella turned them into delicious deviled eggs). Since we were in Minnesota, and it's still pretty cold there, we hunted the eggs indoors. Ella found 15 of the 17 hidden eggs before discovering more goodies in her Easter Basket!

Ella's daddy is a member of the 623rd and wasn't able to be here with us this Easter. Please keep Joe, the members of our 623rd, and all our soldiers in your thoughts and prayers.

God bless -
Dina Meyers

Note: For a lot more information on the 623rd, see the Online Community Bulletin Board page or the Morgan's Men Website.

Doc Holliday...
Picture Featured:    March 30, 2005 Doc Holliday...
Karen Miller sent us this photo and writes:
Here's my horse, Doc Holliday, cheering UK on! Better luck next year, Kentucky....

Cardinals Fans!
Picture Featured:    March 31, 2005 Cardinals Fans!
Debbie Morris sent us this photo and writes:
Employees Emilee Mosier, Sheila Iacconi and Debbie Morris of Pedigo-Lessenberry Insurance Agency dressed in their University of Louisville attire on Thursday, March 24 to support the Louisville Cardinals who were playing in the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament. The Cards advanced to the Elite Eight and will now play in the Final Four. "Sometimes it's not easy being a Cardinal fan in an office that primarily bleeds blue. We take a lot of teasing working with so many Wildcat fans, but it's all in good fun. GO CARDS!"
Pedigo-Lessenberry Insurance AgencyThe U of L Cardinals

A School of Promise!
Picture Featured:    April 01, 2005 A School of Promise!
Shelia Hunt sent us this photo and writes:
Hiseville Elementary School has recently been declared a "School of Promise." A School of Promise is a local education site publicly committed to providing five fundamental resources: Caring Adults, A Safe Place, Healthy Start, Marketable Skills and Opportunities to Serve. Hiseville was presented a plaque by Marcus Kingrey, Barren County Community Educator.

Pictured above are: 1st row - Students Reagan Taylor, Riley Boggs, 2nd row - parent volunteer Tina Harper, Teacher Neisha Knew, students Lindsey Strode and Sara Proffitt, Sheila Hunt, Hiseville FRC Director, William Franklin, Interim Principal and Marcus Kingrey.

Sheila Hunt
Hiseville Family Resource Center

Picture Featured:    April 02, 2005 Clover
Summer Pace sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of Clover, my kitten. She's always been a loving cat that was crazy about posing for me and my camera. One day when she made this pose, I quickly ran back inside, grabbed my camera, and snapped this photo. I believe her personality really shines through here...

Visiting Illinois
Picture Featured:    April 03, 2005 Visiting Illinois
Sandi Gorin sent us this photo and writes:

My daughter Shelley and I traveled to the land of my birth in central Illinois. This picture is leading up Elkhart Hill in Logan County, Illinois. As a child, I remember cars didn't have enough power to make it to the top and drivers would have to coast back down the hill and try again. Governor Richard Oglesby of IL is buried on Elkhart hill as are some of my family. Many people from the Barren Co. area migrated to this area. Nearby Lincoln, where I was born, is the only town named by and for Abraham Lincoln before he became President.


The Plaza's almost ready!
Picture Featured:    April 04, 2005 The Plaza
Rhonda Trautman sent us this photo and writes:

These pictures are taken from the stage of the newly renovated Plaza Theatre. Advance tickets are now on sale to a number of fundraising events including "The Stars are Shining at the Plaza" Red Carpet Reception and 1964: The Tribute (the #1 Beatles show in the world) on April 23rd, the Children's Matinee on Saturday, April 30th and 1970 Retro Madness featuring the Bowling Green Chamber Orchestra on Sunday, May 8th. We also have a number of events with tickets available at the door including A Night of Rock featuring Pylot, Brookdale and Org (April 29th), Bluegrass on Main (April 30th) and a Night of Gospel Music (May 1st). There is something for everyone. Tickets are available at Glasgow City Hall, the Chamber of Commerce and South Central Banks. All proceeds to go support the operations of the Plaza Theatre so come out and see the stars shine!

Thanks, Rhonda Trautman

Don't miss "Behind the Door," featuring the work at the Plaza, this month on EPB Cable 6!

Easter photos
Picture Featured:    April 05, 2005 Easter photos
Tina Brown sent us these photos and writes:
(left) This is Kaylee Brown in a field of buttercups. She is the daughter of Jackie & Tina Brown of Glasgow. This was taken the day before Easter as a gift for me (her mother) because I was in the hospital recovering from surgery. (center) This is Jackie & Kaylee Brown (husband & daughter of Tina Brown). Kaylee was picking a bouquet for me while I was in the hospital recovering from surgery. The was taken the day before Easter. (right) This picture was taken of Kaylee Brown & Joanna & Julie Stahl on Easter. These girls are so close they call each other sisters. They are the children of Jackie & Tina Brown and Jason & Dee Stahl.

Greetings from Germany!
Picture Featured:    April 06, 2005 Greetings from Germany!
Stephanie Grider sent us this photo and writes:
Hi. My husband and family are from Glasgow, Kentucky. As of right now, we live in Germany with the US Army. Maybe you could consider putting up our picture? My husband's name is Ron Grider and this picture was taken this spring of our children next to our house. The oldest is Xavier (age 9), Isaiah (7), and Donavon (5). Have a wonderful time there, because we are here!

Stephanie Grider

"Fool"in' around in England
Picture Featured:    April 07, 2005 "Fool"in
Marty Wooten sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of "The Fool," taken in Stradford-on-Avon, England. Just down the street from where Shakespeare lived. I'm the one on the left. HAHA.

Some of the Guys from the 623rd
Picture Featured:    April 08, 2005 Some of the Guys from the 623rd
Lynna Hughes sent us this photo and writes:
These are pictures from Iraq from Brian Brown from Edmonton serving with the 623rd. Not sure who the other Guardsmen are in the group picture but Brian is at the top of the picture (with the cigarette). He is a 1999 graduate of Metcalfe County High School and worked at Tekno in Cave City for several years.

I would appreciate your sharing these with the community, I think that they are really good pictures and show some different aspects of what the 623rd is experiencing.

Thank you,
Lynna Hughes

A Calm Barren
Picture Featured:    April 09, 2005 A Calm Barren
Susan Daugherty sent us this photo and writes:
In hopes this finds you doing well, WebMeister. Once again, I invade with pictures... A couple of the lake I enjoy so much. Still loving it out here. We survived our first winter, can't wait til' summer. Dancing with joy now that spring is upon us. May everyone's spring be beautiful and joyous.

Vows and Clogs
Picture Featured:    April 10, 2005 Vows and Clogs
Kathy Mutter sent us this photo and writes:
Hi, Bill,

These are pictures from my niece's wedding day March 26, 2005. Karalee Pelham married Derek Oldenkamp. They were picked up at the church by horse and carriage and Derek, being Dutch, kept the tradition of the groom buying wooden wedding shoes for the bride.

Kathy Mutter

Magnolia Blossom
Picture Featured:    April 11, 2005 Magnolia Blossom
James Clouse sent us this photo and writes:
The Bradford Pear trees are beginning to bloom - it must be Spring!

James Clouse

Greetings from Iraq
Picture Featured:    April 12, 2005 Greetings from Iraq
Cheri Jones sent us this photo and writes:
This picture was sent to me from my fiancee, Jonathan Paull, whom I love and miss very much. He is currently in Iraq with the 623rd.

Cheri Jones

Spring Break Crappie
Picture Featured:    April 13, 2005 Spring Break Crappie
Ben Rogers sent us this photo and writes:
Matt Rogers caught these Crappie and many more on Kentucky Lake during spring break from Glasgow Middle School.
The Glasgow Middle School Website...

Wow, what a rain!
Picture Featured:    April 14, 2005 Wow, what a rain!
Sandy Smith sent us the photo on the left and writes:
This is a picture of my neighbor's front yard that looks like a creek thanks to the rain on Tuesday, April 12th. This is on G.L. Comer Road in Glasgow.
Julie Combs sent us the photo on the right and writes:
This is the corner of Hwy. 90 and the bypass yesterday at about 5:15pm.

After the rain, you sometimes see a ...
Picture Featured:    April 15, 2005 After the rain, you sometimes see a ...
"phunt" sent us this photo entitled "Haywood Rainbow" and writes:
This what I saw out my window Tuesday after those hard rains and hail storm.....thought I'd share it with you....Hope you have a great day!

A Relay for Life Event
Picture Featured:    April 16, 2005 A Relay for Life Event
The annual "Relay for Life" will be May 13 at Glasgow High School. There are many local teams conducting various events to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Above is information on just one of the events (it's tonight, April 16). For all the details on everything going on for the Relay for Life, see the online Community Bulletin Board or check out EPB Cable 6.
The American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life"

Camelot Park?
Picture Featured:    April 17, 2005 Camelot Park?
Misty Davis sent us this photo and writes:
Hello! This is a picture of a group called "Amtgard." They are a medieval recreation group dedicated to the reenactment of the fighting styles of the 16th century. They meet at Weldon Park on Saturdays at 1:30pm. They also dress in the medieval style dress.

Misty Davis

Entertained by the CDB!
Picture Featured:    April 18, 2005 Entertained by the CDB!
Ted Schwitzgebel sent us this photo and writes:
This was a photo taken of me with Charlie Daniels at Camp Victory, Iraq on 10 April 05. The Charlie Daniels Band was here to give us a free concert. Even after all these years they’re still awesome! I just want to say hello to all my friends back in Glasgow and thanks for your support.

SFC Ted Schwitzgebel

The 623rd (Morgan's Men)The Charlie Daniels Band

Prescribed Fires at Mammoth Cave National Park
Picture Featured:    April 19, 2005 Prescribed Fires at Mammoth Cave National Park
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
Mammoth Cave National Park conducted a prescribed fire on 575 acres on Flint Ridge on Sunday, April 17. Here Rich Caldwell, the park's fire management officer, and George Santos, a member of the newly formed Great Onyx Job Corps fire crew, prepare a drip torch used to ignite the fire.

Another prescribed fire near Joppa Church will occur on Monday, April 18. Travelers should drive carefully; smoke may be present on the Brownsville Road.

Vickie Carson
Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave National Park

Proud of My Dad!
Picture Featured:    April 20, 2005 Proud of My Dad!
Tim Wheat sent us this photo entitled "Proud of My Dad" and writes:
Thought I would share this picture of my Dad. He is originally from this area but now lives in Maryville, Tennessee. We recently spent the weekend with him, and what a joy to see an 86-year-old World War II veteran still be able to get out and enjoy life. This picture was taken in Cades Cove, his favorite place to go. He enjoys the scenery and all the wildlife visible while traveling the loop.

Tim Wheat

Jess and Mariposa
Picture Featured:    April 21, 2005 Jess and Mariposa
Angela Perkins sent us this photo entitled "Jess & Mariposa." She writes:
Here is a picture of my daughter, Jessica Bush, out in the field with her grandmother's mare. You can definitely tell she has a special bond with horses.

Thank you,
Angela Perkins

Where the wind comes sweepin' o'er the plains...
Picture Featured:    April 22, 2005 Where the wind comes sweepin
Todd Woodward sent us this photo. It's one of the rehearsals for "Oklahoma," being performed by students at Glasgow High. Performances are Friday (tonight) and Saturday at 7:00pm, Sunday at 2:00pm at GHS.
The Glasgow High School Website

The Reds are runners-up!
Picture Featured:    April 23, 2005 The Reds are runners-up!
Todd Billingsley sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill,
The Glasgow Reds were runners-up in the Glasgow Invitational Tournament Pitching Machine League held on April 15-17 at Beaver Trail Park. Team Members are: Christian Bennett, Jackson Marion, Dakota Campbell, Taylor Montgomery, Brock Nunn, Ben Leftwich, Owen Griffith, Barrett Billingsley, Jon Thomas Green, Bailey Alexander and Britton Crabtree. They're coached by Brian Crabtree and Matt Alexander.

Congratulations and good luck this season!

Thanks - Todd Billingsley

A Horse Cave Rainbow
Picture Featured:    April 24, 2005 A Horse Cave Rainbow
Vicki McDaniel sent us this photo and writes:
God's Handiwork at its finest!!!

Mouse - Horse Cave, Kentucky

The TSA Chapter at GMS
Picture Featured:    April 25, 2005 The TSA Chapter at GMS
Johnny Polson sent us this photo and writes:
The Glasgow Middle School TSA Chapter just returned from the State TSA Conference in Louisville, April 13-16 where they captured 19 total awards. Technology Student Association is a nationwide student organization for students taking Technology Education classes.

Thanks for getting this on the Glasgow site!


Glasgow Middle SchoolThe Technology Student Association

Eric Lee Toth
Picture Featured:    April 26, 2005 Eric Lee Toth
Darlene and Phillip Ward sent us this photo and write:
Enclosed is a copy of the pin that was given to family, friends and people that paid their respect to Eric Lee Toth. He paid the ultimate price for our freedom. We thought that he deserved to be honored on Glasgow's Website. He deserves all the respect that we can give and then some. Thank you.

Darlene and Phillip Ward

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum
Picture Featured:    April 27, 2005 The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum
Amy Pike sent us these photos and writes:
Thought I would send a few pictures of the Lincoln Presidential Museum. I am sending pictures of the outside of the building, three pictures from inside, and the stage set up outside. It has been confirmed that President Bush will be attending the dedication (this was Tuesday, April 19). Just thought I would send a few pictures home; I hope you can use them.
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum

Proud of her BDU's!
Picture Featured:    April 28, 2005 Proud of her BDU
Rachael Kinslow sent us this photo (entitled "Kris, me, Amanda") and writes:
This past weekend (April 15-17) I had guard duty in Greenville, Ky. More than 250 soldiers from all across Kentucky gathered and learned about the military and about their own personal strengths. We had the opportunity to be split into platoons and squads, and work on leadership and team building skills. A Blackhawk was on site to give rides to each soldier. Major General Storm also came and thanked us for our service and shared with us his feelings on the war and experiences in the military.

In short, this was a weekend I will never forget. Never in my life have I felt more proud then when I am wearing that Army green.

Rachael M. Kinslow

Curves Convention, Nashville
Picture Featured:    April 29, 2005 Curves Convention, Nashville
Joe Hatchett sent us this photo and writes:
On Saturday, April 16th, the staff from the local Curves Fitness Center attended the regional convention in Nashville. Pictured left to right are: Amanda Ream, Karen Nunn, Diane Heavin, Barbara Hatchett, Gary Heavin, Whitney Corbitt, and Donna Whitlow. Gary and Diane Heavin are co-founders of Curves International in Waco, Texas.

Joe Hatchett

Greetings from Glasgow, Scotland
Picture Featured:    April 30, 2005 Greetings from Glasgow, Scotland
Barry sent us this photo and writes:
Came across your Website while surfing the Internet. LOOks pretty cOOl, your Glasgow. I like the wee pipe player on your logo. Anyways, I was lOOkin for places to visit on my visit to the USA for 2 months starting on the 21st of June. We're gonna be round about the south most of the time as it's more appealing than places like New York, Cali, etc. I'll be checking out your Website from now 'til we visit.

LOOk forward to seeing your Glasgow. Do you know that Glasgow means "The green place" - pretty cOOl, eh? Anyways, take care.

I've attatched a nice picture of one of Glasgow's nicest buildings, the city chambers.

Glasgow, Scotland

BRAWA Bake Sale
Picture Featured:    May 01, 2005 BRAWA Bake Sale
Krissie Fields sent us this photo and writes:
In spite of the cold weather, the 2005 BRAWA Bake Sale was held at Wal-Mart on Saturday, April 23rd. The community is very supportive of BRAWA and the sale lasted from 8:00am until the items were sold out at 3:00pm. BRAWA is in need of additional volunteers and anyone interested can contact the animal shelter or any member of BRAWA. Pictured from left to right are Charlene Wisdom, Nancy Hill, Charlene Morris and Krissie Coe Fields.
Barren River Animal Welfare Association

National Administrative Professionals Week
Picture Featured:    May 02, 2005 National Administrative Professionals Week
Amy Dickson sent us this photo and writes:
The week of April 25-29 was National Administrative Professionals Week. The Chamber hosted a luncheon for National Administrative Professionals Day on Wednesday, April 27 at the Columbia Avenue Church of Christ Family Life Center. Several local companies treated their Administrative Professionals to lunch and a wonderful program presented by the Glasgow Business and Professional Women’s Club. Every administrative professional left with a token of appreciation.

The Chamber also recognized three Outstanding Administrative Professionals of 2005. This was the first year the Chamber gave this award and hopes that it will continue each year. The recipients of this prestigious award went to: Gayle Meek, Glasgow-Barren County Chamber of Commerce, Pam Dyer, T.J. Samson Community Hospital, and Judy Reeves, Alliance Corporation. Congratulations to these three outstanding individuals!

Trooper Elmore retires...
Picture Featured:    May 03, 2005 Trooper Elmore retires...
Anne Taylor sent us these and writes:
Nancy Botts and staff wish Richard Elmore the best for his retirement. Richard retired March 1, 2005. Just thought the community would like to thank him for his years of service as a Ky. State Trooper. Hope you can use these pictures. The one of him at the door was a huge smile as he left for the final time with us as examiner. Thanks.

Anne Taylor

Austin-Tracy visiting Mammoth Cave
Picture Featured:    May 04, 2005 Austin-Tracy visiting Mammoth Cave
Vickie Carson sent us these and writes:
Bill -- Ms. Tinnet's and Ms. Copas' Kindergarteners from Austin-Tracy Elementary came to Mammoth Cave today (April 21, 2005) for lessons about habitats and the cave. Inside the cave, they found cave crickets, a pack rat and a bat.

Vickie Carson
Mammoth Cave National Park

The Park City Trojans
Picture Featured:    May 05, 2005 The Park City Trojans
Glenna Gardner sent us this photo and writes:
Caverna hosted a boys' pitching machine tournament April 21-24. Pictured above are the Park City Trojans, runners-up in the tournament. Team members include: Chris Barnes, Thomas Bennett, Grant Gardner, Wes Kinslow, Ty Lee, Matthew London, Carlos Morrison, Zach Payne, Ryan Smith, Willie Thrasher and Tristan Wells. The Trojans are coached by: Kevin Gardner, Tyler Gardner, Tommy Payne and Chris Morrison.

Thank you,
Glenna Gardner

Joe & Bradley of the 623rd
Picture Featured:    May 06, 2005 Joe & Bradley of the 623rd
Dina Meyers sent us this photo and writes:
This picture was sent to me by my husband, SPC Joe Meyers currently serving in Iraq with the 623rd. He wrote:

We stopped at the crossed swords on the way back from a recent mission. This picture was taken at the base of one of the arms. The helmets are from Iranian soldiers killed during the Iran-Iraq War. On the left is Joe and the right is Bradley Depp, also from Glasgow.

The 623rd (Morgan's Men)
The Crossed Swords Monument in Baghdad

I wanna be a Cowboy
Picture Featured:    May 07, 2005 I wanna be a Cowboy
Amanda Fiessinger sent us this photo and writes:
Hello, This is my son Justin who got all dressed up for the rodeo a few months back. He was fascinated by all the horses and bulls. He loves to ride every chance he gets. He sure is a little horseman.

Amanda Fiessinger

Now THAT'S a bullfrog!
Picture Featured:    May 08, 2005 Now THAT
Judi Atkins sent us this photo and writes:
OK, now here's a REAL Bullfrog! I was walking around Sloan's Pond outside of Cave City, when I heard this guy.

Meeting John Anderson in Leitchfield
Picture Featured:    May 09, 2005 Meeting John Anderson in Leitchfield
Ben Probus sent us this photo and writes:
Ben Probus and John Anderson

I play fiddle at Calvin Ray's Live music ( in Leitchfield every Saturday night. John Anderson was our latest concert and we have a different celebrity every month.

Fiddlin' Ben

The South Central Kentucky Cultural Center
Picture Featured:    May 10, 2005 The South Central Kentucky Cultural Center
Gayle Berry sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, I wanted to share the pretty blossoms outside the South Central Kentucky Cultural Center this spring. These white blossoms are from the Vibrunam (plicatum tomentosum) bushes. We invite everyone to the Cultural Center. We're open Monday thru Friday 9-4 and on Saturdays from 9-2. Thank you.

Gayle Berry, Director

The South Central Kentucky Cultural Center

Golf Winners
Picture Featured:    May 11, 2005 Golf Winners
Amy Dickson sent us this photo and writes:
The 12th Annual Glasgow/Barren County Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament was held Friday, May 6 at Barren River State Resort Park. There were 28 teams competing for over $3,000, which was awarded to the top 8 teams.

The winning teams were: 1st place – Derron Steenbergen, Gerald Kidd, Bill Baxter, and Harry Jewell; 2nd place – John Ingram, Matt Gumm, Bart Ashley and Jim Aaron; 3rd place – Jared Baysinger, James Jones, David Evans, and Jeff Young; 4th place – Brandy Hampton, Steve Nunn, Jared Burchett, and David Sewell; 5th place – James Watkins, Don Pedigo, Owen Lambert, and Stacy Mills; 6th place – Jeff Hinkley, Freddie Rigdon, Glen Birge, and Sheila Pruitt; 7th place –Bill Kindred, Joe Staples, Todd Allison, and Carrie Buck; 8th place – Don Gentry, Robbie Fudge, Dave Armey, and Sam Jones.

A $400 cash prize was awarded to the team making the longest putt on the 18th hole (10 feet or greater). The winning team consisted of Marshall Wells, Jerry Lyons, Brad Bailey and Phil Burchett. Thanks to everyone that participated and sponsored this event for making this another successful Chamber event and congratulations to all the winners!

Pictured is the first place team (l-r) Gerald Kidd, Harry Jewell, Bill Baxter and Derron Steenbergen.

Remodeling Robins
Picture Featured:    May 12, 2005 Remodeling Robins
Judy Elmlinger sent us this photo and writes:
Despite the cold, Spring must be here. These little Robin babies are perched atop a narrow patio door my husband removed for remodeling purposes. They are a week-and-a-half old and have very good parents! We can't wait to see them fly.

Judy Elmlinger

Good picture, even if Tommy is in it
Picture Featured:    May 13, 2005 Good picture, even if Tommy is in it
Ellen Bale sent us this photo and writes:
Tommy and Linda Wells were in Virginia for the birth of their first grandchild (a granddaughter). The proud parents, Dru and JD Dulaney, were ecstatic when Allie Douglas Dulaney was born on May 9, 2005 at 11:03am, weighing 6 pounds, 14 ounces and 19 inches long. Here are the proud grandparents with Allie. It would be great to have such a joyous occasion portrayed on our Glasgow homepage.


BCHS Business Tech Academy
Picture Featured:    May 14, 2005 BCHS Business Tech Academy
Angela Rush sent us this photo and writes:
This is a BCHS Business Tech Academy Trip.
Barren County High School

Caitlyn and a Monarch
Picture Featured:    May 15, 2005 Caitlyn and a Monarch
Corey and Lori Crane sent us these photos and write:
This is a picture of our 1 1/2 year old, Caitlyn. The other is a picture of a Monarch Butterfly enjoying our lilac bush. She was very interested in this beautiful insect and, despite her many attempts to run him off, he was very persistent and always returned. Spring is a wonderful time of year!

Echo River Spring, MCNP
Picture Featured:    May 16, 2005 Echo River Spring, MCNP
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
I took this Friday morning (April 29) just above Echo River Spring in Mammoth Cave National Park. The clear, blue-green water is the color of the cave streams and Green River -- the reason for its name. It's caused by the diffraction of light off dissolved limestone in the water. Beautiful sight.

Vickie Carson
Public Information Officer
Mammoth Cave National Park

Touring Highland Elementary!
Picture Featured:    May 17, 2005 Touring Highland Elementary!
The ol' WebMeister got this photo yesterday...
Mrs. Taylor's 4th Grade class at Happy Valley Elementary were fortunate to be the first class to get an official tour of the new Highland Elementary School on Scottie Way. This new school will combine Happy Valley and E.B. Terry schools. The kids from both schools toured the new building Monday, May 16.

Above, friends Kelly Anderson, Maitlin Nuckols and Ada McDaniel got together for a quick photo by Kelly's Dad, Bill, in the new school's cafeteria. All the kids (and especially Mrs. Oliver) are very excited about the new school!

E.B. Terry ElementaryHappy Valley Elementary
Highland Elementary School (a preview!)

Eating Spiders in Skuon, Cambodia
Picture Featured:    May 18, 2005 Eating Spiders in Skuon, Cambodia
Mark Anderson (the WebMeister's brother) sent us this photo he took and writes:
Hey, Bill,

I just got back from a month in Cambodia and saw some pretty amazing things, but the small town of Skuon in Cambodia was one of the wildest. To tourists, Skuon is known as "Spiderville" and for good reason. Some of the residents eat roasted Tarantulas. The day I was there, four ladies were walking around the bus station and market with trays of these arachnids. No, I didn't try one, but I saw several people eating them. You can check out for more photos from Cambodia and Thailand.

Your Bro

"Eating Spiders in Skuon, Cambodia" -- The Sunday Telegraph

Trooper Island
Picture Featured:    May 19, 2005 Trooper Island
Brian Norman sent us this photo recently and writes:
Monday I was attending an End of Year Training Conference at Dale Hollow. It was a beautiful day so I snapped a few pics. I have attached a wonderful picture of Trooper Island and the surrounding landscape. Not sure whether our feathered friend is a golden eagle or some hawk variation, but pretty cool either way. Thanks for the consideration.

Brian Norman

The Final "Parent's Day" at Happy Valley...
Picture Featured:    May 20, 2005 The Final "Parent
This was taken at Happy Valley Elementary's "Parent's Day" Program on Friday, May 13. Several of the students joined in performing songs and spoken portions from "The Sound of Music." The teachers and staff even did several selections from "Sister Act." It was truly a show to see! See it and over 20 other school-related events the EPB expects to be replaying in the next few days. See Cable 6 or the Weather Channel crawl (Ch. 29) for replay times and days.

Check out this lad!
Picture Featured:    May 21, 2005 Check out this lad!
Bobby Hurt sent us this photo and writes:
Ever wonder what's under a kilt? Well, now you know! According to nurses at TJ Samson, Will is the first baby to be brought home in a kilt. His kilt is made from "McLean" Tartan fabric, which also happens to be his great-great grandmother's maiden name. The proud grandparents are Bobby and Vivian Hurt and Harold and Pat Fant.

Great Onyx Job Corps
Picture Featured:    May 22, 2005 Great Onyx Job Corps
Earl Holmes sent us these and writes:
On April 15, 2005, students at Great Onyx Job Corps visited the county animal shelter operated by the Barren River Animal Welfare Association as part of National Youth Service Day. Each student walked and exercised the animals that day. Many of the animals were abandoned or had been dropped off at the shelter.

The animal shelter services one county but is patronized by neighboring counties. Four students and a staff member represented Great Onyx as they provided some community service for members of our local humane society.

Proud to be American!
Picture Featured:    May 23, 2005 Proud to be American!
Margaret Wisdom sent us this photo and writes:
This was taken at the Red Cross Elementary "Proud to be American" Program on Monday, May 9th. All four 3rd grade classes participated in singing Fifty-Nifty, Proud to be an American, U-N-I Begins the United States, The Liberty Bell, Three Great Leaders, Melting Pot, We Have a Voice and All-American Beauty. Before each song, there were spoken portions by different narrators from each class. All the students wore patriotic red, white and blue tie-dyed shirts they dyed themselves (with a little assistance).

Third grade teachers Amanda Lockhart, Robin Lindsay, Beth Harbison and Chrisn King worked very hard putting the program together.

The "Proud to be American" performance was dedicated to our troops.

Mother's Day Ballgame
Picture Featured:    May 24, 2005 Mother
Miranda Barrow sent us this photo and writes:
This is a photo of the Birge Family at the Great American Ball Park enjoying the Reds vs. Dodgers game on Mother's Day.

Miranda Barrow

From the Cumberland River...
Picture Featured:    May 25, 2005 From the Cumberland River...
Selena Lile sent us these and writes:
Nick Fields and Eric Key went fishing at Cumberland River on May 17 and caught these fish! The one on top weighed in at 46 lbs. (Eric's) and the one underneath it weighed 39 lbs. (Nick's)! These are the biggest fish I've ever seen!

- Selena Lile

Coach Eubank, Our Hometown Hero
Picture Featured:    May 26, 2005 Coach Eubank, Our Hometown Hero
The staff at Happy Valley Elementary sent us this photo and write:
On his last day at Happy Valley Elementary, the faculty and staff took this photo with Coach Eubank. WBKO will be honoring him Friday night as the "Hometown Hero" on the 6 and 10 o'clock news. We're so excited WBKO is giving him this honor.

Of course, he's always been our hero!

WBKO, Bowling Green (EPB Channel 13)

Dam on Drake's Creek (Franklin)
Picture Featured:    May 27, 2005 Dam on Drake
Jim Forrest sent us this photo and writes:
Sending this photo of a new dam that is being built in Franklin, Kentucky, to replace the old dam on Drake's Creek there. The work is being done by DDS Engineering from Bowling Green with the project engineer of Don Pedigo, a local resident. I will have more photos as the work progresses, but it looks complicated to me..!! Anybody figure out the next stage?

Jim Forrest

JA Lesson at GMS
Picture Featured:    May 28, 2005 JA Lesson at GMS
Krissie Fields sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of Chris Crain’s Glasgow Middle School 8th grade class taken May 11th. I taught the class the Junior Achievement curriculum, "The Economics of Staying in School." Junior Achievement is made possible through the efforts of local businesses, volunteers and the cooperation of Glasgow, Barren County and Caverna School Districts. Junior Achievement returned to Glasgow a year ago with the in-school program. As a former Achiever, I know the impact the program has on students. If anyone is interested in becoming involved with Junior Achievement, contact Michelle Harrell at 782-0280 or

Thanks, Krissie Fields

Glasgow Middle SchoolJunior Achievement

Catching Bugs
Picture Featured:    May 29, 2005 Catching Bugs
Shane Dillon sent us this photo and writes:
Now that preschool is over for the summer, they have plenty of time to look for bugs. Or "Bug Control" as they (Brandon Reed, Hadleigh Hammer and Kaitlyn Fisher) like to call it. That is one of their favorite things to do at my house.

Shane Dillon

BCHS Balloon Release
Picture Featured:    May 30, 2005 BCHS Balloon Release
Karen Nunn sent us this photo and writes:
Barren County High School Seniors released balloons after their Senior breakfast on Friday morning, May 20. The sun came out just in time to shine on a great bunch of kids!

Have a great day,

Troop 442 visits the Louisville Bats
Picture Featured:    May 31, 2005 Troop 442 visits the Louisville Bats
Shelli Randolph sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill, Here's Troop 442 at the Louisville Bats game May 14, 2005. The girls got to attend a clinic put on by Kosair Hospital and were able to work with the Bats players to improve their game. The photo is all of us sitting in the stands watching the game. We had a great time at the game and got to camp on the ball field afterwards and watch "Shark Tale" on their Pepsi Vision screen.

Shelli Randolph

Visit Brownie/Junior Troop 442's Website...

Troop 327 visits Bowling Green
Picture Featured:    June 01, 2005 Troop 327 visits Bowling Green
Melanie Watson sent us this photo and writes:
Brownie Troop 327 attended the Caveland Service Center's Festival of the Arts in Bowling Green on April 30. Troop 327 enjoyed sessions about Folk Art, Magic, Cheernastics and a performance by the Elm Street Fiddlers. Girl Scouts of all ages attended a variety of sessions during the all-day program, a first for the Caveland Service Center.

Photo: Lynne Ferguson, Kentucky Library and Museum at WKU, shows Brownies how to card wool that would be used for spinning. Ms. Ferguson is at the far right, (forefront) Allison Shields and Victoria Watson, (middle row) Chelsea Mullins and Erin Fye, (back row) Troop Volunteer Barbie Wood and Sophie Wood, Ashley Fye and Emma Kate Dickinson.

Wonderful Surprise...
Picture Featured:    June 02, 2005 Wonderful Surprise...
Tony Morgan sent us this photo and writes:
Hey, Mr. Anderson,
This is a picture taken of a colt born to my old buddy, Shawn Hunt, who used to work with me at the Police Dept. and now lives in in Houston, Texas. Shawn was in town over the weekend to visit his parents Sammy and Sheila, of Glasgow, for Mother's Day. While here, he found out from his neighbor that his mare had foaled on Saturday and since he had only had the mare since last fall he was not aware that she was "in the motherly way." What a surprise for him! Both baby and mother are doing fine as you can see. The baby's name is "DERBY DAY SURPRISE" (of course, what else would a good old Kentucky boy name his horse?). Enjoy.

35th Annual Dr. C.G. Follis Invitational Golf Tournament
Picture Featured:    June 03, 2005 35th Annual Dr. C.G. Follis Invitational Golf Tournament
Debbie Morris sent us this photo and writes:
The 35th Annual Dr. C.G. Follis Invitational Golf Tournament will be played this weekend (June 4 & 5) at Glasgow Golf & Country Club. This year's sponsors include: Branch Bank & Trust, Bailey Gibson Buick-Pontiac-GMC, James N. Gray Company, Bishop & Bishop Insurance, Pedigo-Lessenberry Insurance, Royse Radio/WCLU, Goodman Automotive, Big Meadow Oil Company, Houchens Industries, Glass Paving, Glasgow Radiology, Pharmacy Express, T.J. Samson Community Hospital, Taylor Polson & Company, Glasgow Tire & Auto Center, Edmonton State Bank, Hilliard Lyons, James Chambers & Associates, HVAC Services, Jerry A. Botts Construction, South Central Bank, Mike Wade State Farm Insurance, Garmon & Goodman Attorneys, Lyons Company, Inc., BR Retreading and JL French. You're invited.

The Follis Golf Committee consists of (L to R) Bruce Jolly, Dennis Bull, Jim Marion (Co-Chairman), Bill Murrey, Richard Pook and Dr. Todd Marion (Co-Chairman).

Multnomah Falls, Oregon
Picture Featured:    June 04, 2005 Multnomah Falls, Oregon
Tony Clemmons sent us this photo and writes:
This is one of about 15 waterfalls we saw during our trip to Oregon in early April. This is the 620-ft. Multnomah Falls along the Columbia Gorge. Oregon is a beautiful state - We hope to get back!

Tony and Jackie Clemmons

Daytona Beach Vacation
Picture Featured:    June 05, 2005 Daytona Beach Vacation
Jim Dyer sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of our three-year old grandson, Link, during a family vacation to Daytona Beach, Florida. Link shares the love of the beach with us already! We were celebrating the graduation of his mom, Katie, from WKU on May 6.

Jim & Pam Dyer

Meeting "The Donald's" Assistants...
Picture Featured:    June 06, 2005 Meeting "The Donald
Sasha Riddle sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of my mom in New York City 3 weeks ago with Donald Trump's assistants at Starbuck's inside the Trump Towers!

Sasha Riddle

The Big 5-0
Picture Featured:    June 07, 2005 The Big 5-0
Debbie Morris sent us this photo and writes:
"THE BIG 5-0"
Bill Murrey of Pedigo-Lessenberry was surprised by his staff last week with a 50th birthday celebration! His office was decorated in black and he was provided a handicapped parking space, a wheelchair, and an "older than dirt" cake, along with a variety of "senior gifts." There was plenty of food and excitement! We really appreciate Bill for being such a good sport and going along with our fun. We wish him 50 more!


p.s. Bill, don't hold this against me - The WebMeister

Tim, Kim and Avery Proffitt
Picture Featured:    June 08, 2005 Tim, Kim and Avery Proffitt
Joey and Cindy Martin sent us this photo and write:
This picture is of Tim and Kim Proffitt, and their little girl, Avery, whom they adopted from China a few months ago. Recently, Tim was diagnosed with a rare brain aneurysm and is in currently in Arizona for surgery. We're having a benefit gospel singing and auction for Tim on Saturday, June 11th, 6:00pm at the Barren County High School cafeteria. Proceeds from the benefit will go to help Tim and Kim with their many bills. Featured singers include Glorybound, New Direction and The Heavenly Heirs - everyone is invited.

For more information, or to make a donation (money, baked goods, items to auction) please feel free to contact us (646-4496). We also ask everyone to keep Tim and Kim in your prayers!

Joey and Cindy Martin

Time for the Summer Reading Program!
Picture Featured:    June 09, 2005 Time for the Summer Reading Program!
Jessie Thomas sent us these photos and writes:
Left, Amber Stewart, Children's Librarian at the Mary Wood Weldon Library, is gearing up for Summer Reading (this year's theme is "Dragons, Dreams and Daring Deeds"). Join her for lots of fun - sign-up is June 6-11. On the right, Wyatt Lyles visiting the Bookmobile at Railton. He plans to register for the Summer Reading Program. Wyatt is the son of April and Chuck Lyles.
Mary Wood Weldon Memorial Library Website

Meeting Soccer Star Mia Hamm
Picture Featured:    June 10, 2005 Meeting Soccer Star Mia Hamm
Ryan Simpson sent us this photo and writes:
Mr. Anderson,
This weekend I traveled to Chicago to enjoy the international soccer match between the national teams of the United States and England. With over 50,000 soccer fans attending including tens of thousands from the "British Invasion," an atmosphere was created rivaled only by the Super Bowl here in the US. Although the contest didn't go our way with the U.S. losing a hard-fought battle 2-1, my trip was made worth my while the next morning. I was shopping for some soccer cleats in Chicago's Niketown when I turned to my left and was within three feet of undoubtedly the world's greatest female athlete, Mia Hamm. After doing a double-take, I asked the superstar if I could have my picture taken with her and she happily obliged. To beat it all, I ended up having a casual five-minute conversation with her concerning the men's game and my soccer career! To say the least, the chance encounter made my trip!

To all Glasgow soccer fans,
Ryan Simpson

"The Beetles Coat" at Hiseville Elementary
Picture Featured:    June 11, 2005 "The Beetles Coat" at Hiseville Elementary
Julie Hatfield sent us this photo and writes:
The AWESOME music teacher, Mrs. Livers, in collaboration with the classroom teachers put together a spectacular production entitled "The Beetles Coat." Here are some pictures of the production.... (My talented son, Christopher Blakley is the RAT in front!) I am very proud and blessed that my children have such a great school to attend (and that I have such a wonderful place to work!) Hiseville is truly the BEST!

Julie Hatfield, 6th grade teacher
Hiseville Elementary School - "Where only the best is good enough!"

The Hiseville Elementary School Website

Dining with Princesses...
Picture Featured:    June 12, 2005 Dining with Princesses...
Craig Davis sent us this photo and writes:
We took a trip to Disneyworld the last week of May and the highlight of our daughter's trip was getting to have brunch with 3 of the Disney Princesses. As you can see from her smile, she loved it!!

Craig and Angie Davis

Rolling Thunder at Vietnam Veterans' Memorial
Picture Featured:    June 13, 2005 Rolling Thunder  at Vietnam Veterans
Tim Berryman sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a picture taken at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on our recent trip to Washington, D.C. This year marked the 18th year for the Rolling Thunder ride to D.C. We visited all the memorials, landmarks and toured the Capitol (thanks to Senator McConnell and his staff for the tour). The last day we were there, everyone met at the Pentagon for the Rolling Thunder parade. This year they estimated that around 700,000 motorcycles participated in the parade.

As another Memorial Day has come and gone we would hope that everyone will keep our veterans, POW-MIA's and active military in our thoughts and prayers everyday.

Left to right: Rolling Thunder, Inc., Ky Chapter 2 members: Randy & Karen Dunnam, Dana & Vicki Robbins, Linda & James Meadows and Tim & Sandra Berryman. Not pictured were Freddie Joe Wilkerson and Leon Dorsey. Thanks. Tim Berryman Vice President, Rolling Thunder, Inc., Ky. Chapter 2

New foal...
Picture Featured:    June 14, 2005 New foal...
Tony Gibson sent us this photo and writes:
My name is Tony Gibson and I just wanted to share a picture of our first foal, born 5/15/05. My wife, Tena, and I are very excited over our new horse colt. Mother and foal are doing just fine. We are trying to decide a name for our new boy. Would like some help if anyone is intrested (my email address is Thanks.

Natural Beauty
Picture Featured:    June 15, 2005 Natural Beauty
Deb Alexander sent us these and writes:
We have had such a beautiful spring that I thought people might enjoy seeing two things blooming in their glory! These are both my Mom's - Mary Coffey. The first is a clematis at her mailbox which is just overflowing with large white blooms. The second is a "fringe tree" which not many people have around here. The blooms are little "fringes" hanging from the limbs and they smell heavenly! You can see the waterfall to her pond in the background. Enjoy!

Deb Alexander

Extreme Senior All-Star Cheerleaders
Picture Featured:    June 16, 2005 Extreme Senior All-Star Cheerleaders
Chad Murphy sent us this photo and writes:
Above are the 2005-2006 Extreme Senior All-Star Cheerleaders. Front row: McKenzie Nuckols, Stephanie Roberts, Paige Caffee, Taylor Burke. Second Row: Erica Martin, Kenzie Briggs, Kristen Gunn, Brittani Stone, Shelby Banks. Third Row: Tesia Bailey, Rachel Calvert, Maria Estes, Elizabeth Parsons, Chelsea Mouser & Coach Chad Murphy.

The All-Star Cheerleading started off their season by going through a two-night clinic. They have started summer practices and anticipate a very competitive & challenging season. The Extreme squad is still looking for a few more girls to join their team. For donations for our competitions, please contact Chad Murphy at 651-2808.

4th PLT 2nd Squad at Babylon
Picture Featured:    June 17, 2005 4th PLT 2nd Squad at Babylon
Sue Haynes sent us several photos a while back that Joe Myers had sent home. Here's one we hadn't used yet...
4th PLT 2nd Squad at Babylon
She writes: I just received these pics from my son-in-law, Joe Meyers who is in Iraq with the 623rd. I thought you might enjoy seeing them. I was amazed that anyone could have such a lifestyle in a palace while the children were starving in the streets. These were taken in Babylon. Please keep our guys and their families in your thoughts & prayers.

He writes: This is my first attempt to send out some pictures. As you can see, we got to do a little sightseeing one afternoon. Babylon is only about an hour's drive from here. What an experience. Also went through one of Saddam's abandoned palaces. Enjoy!

Five Generations!
Picture Featured:    June 18, 2005 Five Generations!
Sharon Lile sent us this photo and writes:
Mason makes 5
Mason Tyler Trent, born May 18, 2005, makes the fifth genernation. Pictured are the five generations: (seated) Shirley Suebe, the great-great-grandmother, holding Mason, son of Marcus Trent, (left to right) Mahlah Lile, the grandmother, Sharon Lile, the great-grandmother, and Marcus Trent, daddy of Mason.

Caught Out in a Sandstorm...
Picture Featured:    June 19, 2005 Caught Out in a Sandstorm...
Dina Meyers sent us this photo and writes:
My husband, SPC Joe Meyers, sent me this picture of himself after getting caught out in a sandstorn. He said the sand in the air is as fine as baby powder blowing around. It must be just awful! Upon seeing this picture, my stepdad, Arnold Haynes, said that Joe looks like a sand flea! He was a tired sand flea that day. Because of the sandstorm, they were out for 28 straight hours.

Joe is currently serving in Iraq with the 1/623rd. We are so proud of him and all of our soldiers. Please continue to keep them all in your prayers.

Dina Meyers

A Visit to Nueschwanstein Castle
Picture Featured:    June 20, 2005 A Visit to Nueschwanstein Castle
Stephanie Grider sent us this photo and writes:
Hi, it is us again, Ron and Stephanie Grider. I just thought I would share a new photo with you. Over the weekend, we went to visit the Nueschwanstein Castle here in Germany (Bavaria). It was a pretty cold day and the boys (Xavier and Isaiah) were not very thrilled with this trip. Hope you enjoy the photo.

God Bless,
The Grider’s

Old Hickory Lake, Henderson, Tennessee
Picture Featured:    June 21, 2005 Old Hickory Lake, Henderson, Tennessee
Sara Spillman sent us this photo and writes:
This was taken at Old Hickory Lake in Henderson, Tennessee at Cages Bend Campground May 21, 2005. Ryan is one of our Cave Country Sam Members great grandsons, and Chewy belongs to Sara and Nathan Spillman, who are also members of the group. These two are always together.

Flag Ceremony at Barren River
Picture Featured:    June 22, 2005 Flag Ceremony at Barren River
Melanie Watson sent us this photo and writes:
On Friday, May 20th, Park Rangers R.J. Hogue and Jeff Jewell assisted Brownie Troop 327 with a flag ceremony at Barren River State Park. The flag ceremony took place in front of the Lodge and included a color guard to salute the flag, the Pledge of Allegiance and lowering of the flag for the evening. Brownie Troop 327 then concluded their year-end program with the presentation of membership pins, recitation of the the Girl Scout Promise and Law and the Brownie Smile Song. Brownie Emma Steen was recognized for "Living by Law" for an act of consideration and caring, one of the 10 elements of the Girl Scout Law. A "cabin campout" followed and the troop enjoyed a Saturday morning hike led by BRSP Recreation Leader Kim Potts. Brownie Troop 327 thanks all their friends at BRSP for helping them with a wonderful end to the school year.

In the photo above, Park Ranger R.J. Hogue and Park Ranger Jeff Jewell accept the American flag and the Kentucky flag from Brownie Troop 327's color guard during the flag ceremony. The color guard included (L to R) Victoria Watson, Emma Steen, Chelsea Mullins and Allison Shields.

A Bell Jet Ranger
Picture Featured:    June 23, 2005 A Bell Jet Ranger
Jim Forrest sent us this photo and writes:
Got this shot Thursday, May 26, 2005, of Theodore Glass & Hunter Hicks driving this Jet Ranger for El Paso Gas (monitoring/checking the pipeline) and stopping in for lunch here in Glasgow. The Glasgow airport furnishes a vehicle for transient pilots as a courtesy service and is much appreciated by these pilots.

Jim Forrest

By the Sea, By the Sea
Picture Featured:    June 24, 2005 By the Sea, By the Sea
Teresa Kindred sent us this photo May 31 that she entitled, "By the Sea, By the Sea" and writes:
Hi there,
We just returned from vacationing in Destin, Florida and this picture was made on our last night there. The silhouettes of the four boys climbing on the rocks are our twins, Russell and Grant Kindred, their cousin, Thomas Bell and their friend, Jesse Jones.

Teresa Kindred

Picture Featured:    June 25, 2005 Christian...
Ron and Linda Vore sent us this photo and write:
Hi, this is my grandson Christian. The picture was taken on his Papa Vore's old truck by his Aunt Deanna. Never thought an old junk truck could look so good! Thought I would share it.

Linda and Ron Vore

Great Onyx Job Corps Fire Team
Picture Featured:    June 26, 2005 Great Onyx Job Corps Fire Team
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
Great Onyx Job Corps Fire Team members Romale Lovelace and Tommie Moore, and Mammoth Cave NP Ranger Brian Sacia fueled drip torches in preparation for the April prescribed fires in the park. Teamwork is at the center of the Great Onyx Fire Team.

In February and March 2005, eight young men trained in Basic Firefighting, Introduction to Fire Behavior, and put in 24 hours of field training. In April, they dug fire line, ignited, and held the line on two prescribed fires at Mammoth Cave NP. Now, they are ready and waiting for their next assignment.

"Our success story is about more than fire," said Mammoth Cave Fire Management Officer Rich Caldwell. "Because the first team has done so well, we're expanding the program with Great Onyx Job Corps. In June, twenty more students will be trained for fire duty."

Phyllis Nasados, Director of Great Onyx Job Corps Center, says, "It has been less than six months ago that we implemented the first fire team training for the Great Onyx Job Corps students, and now we have a fully trained and operational fire team, who have participated in three prescribed burns. I see the tremendous impact that the fire team has had upon these students and upon their future aspirations. The most important outcomes of this endeavor have been the increased pride and esprit de corps that the fire team has created among its members."

Kentreal Alexander sees Toby Keith in Iraq
Picture Featured:    June 27, 2005 Kentreal Alexander sees Toby Keith in Iraq
PFC Kentreal Alexander sent us this cool photo recently and writes:
Mr. Anderson,
Hey! Well, I guess since everyone else is sending pictures, might as well get me at the Toby Keith concert. I'm from Glasgow but right now I'm at Camp Victory, Iraq.

327th Sig Bn (ABN) Fort Bragg, NC
PFC Kentreal Alexander

Inside Diamond Caverns
Picture Featured:    June 28, 2005 Inside Diamond Caverns
Gary Berdeaux sent us this photo and writes:
Greetings, WebMeister,
In addition to my duties as Managing Partner here at Diamond Caverns cave attraction, I am a professional cave photographer and graphic designer. During the winter months, I travel nationwide, taking photos of America's show-caves. Here are my two latest shots of Barren County's Historic Diamond Caverns, providing tours of Kentucky's most beautiful cave for over 145 years.

Kind regards,

Historic Diamond Caverns
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