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At the Ballgame!
June 25, 2009
Mushrooms from Mammoth Cave
June 24, 2009
Local Kids
June 23, 2009
Hummer/Mrs. Harvey
June 22, 2009
Recent Storm Damage!
Recent Storm Damage!
(upper left) Alice Thrasher sent us this photo and writes:
Storm damage.
(upper right) Tim and Brenda sent us this photo and write:
Here are a few shots from some of the damage at the Glasgow CC golf course.
(lower left) Jena Pace sent us this photo and writes:
Strom damage yesterday afternoon. Thnakful no one was hurt. But Chad Livingston's blazaer didn't make it thur. We had many trees down on jackson hwy. One landed on our front proch.
(lower right) Michelle Estes sent us this photo and writes:
I obtained the following pics on Hwy 68/80 today while trying to get home before the storm hit. Sadly, I missed home by 2 minutes and had to wait out the storm at a safe location until it was safe to drive again. These were taken just before you get to the A.L. Shirley Road and on down to where the Windy Hill Store was. I hope you can use them.

How Many Results Do You Want To See?   

Hve Jr. Beta Canned Food Drive
Picture Featured:    January 03, 2003 Hve Jr. Beta Canned Food Drive
Casey and Billie Brown sent us this photo and write:
This picture features Happy Valley Elementary Jr. Beta members who helped deliver cans to a local food bank after a school-wide canned food drive. Members pictured are Thomas Grubbs, Jenna Garst, Lauren Chivara, Whitney Elmore, Hayley Biggers, Daniel Asriel, Eliza Albany, Eric Kinslow, Alex Smith, Jacob Sharp, Sabatino Basile, McKenzie Nuckols, Cheyenne Groce, Andrew Wade and Morgan Smith. 585 cans were collected in all!

The Square From The Air
Picture Featured:    January 06, 2003 The Square From The Air
Jim Forrest sent us this photo and writes:
Hi - Nice picture of downtown - I took this at about 1000 feet up while strapped to the wing of James Atwell's Cessna!!

Jim. (remember this photo? -- The WebMeister)

The City Prepares For Attack
Picture Featured:    January 08, 2003 The City Prepares For Attack
Sandi Gorin sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, this photo is of our 11-year old Persian cat Mischief who loves to sleep under our Christmas tree. This year I set up my ceramic Christmas village layout in front of the tree and as I attempted to take a picture, realized that Mischief was watching me. It looks like a monster cat ready to attack the town! Sandi

Bchs Cheerleaders In Nashville
Picture Featured:    January 10, 2003 Bchs Cheerleaders In Nashville
Hilarie Rigdon sent us this photo and writes:
Hi! This is a picture of the Barren County High School Cheerleaders at the WCA Nationals at Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. We received the "National Champions" title in the Large Co-Ed Division and worked very hard for the reward! The routine was excellent, not to mention that the competition was, too! A special "thank-you" goes to Keith Murphy!

- Hilarie Rigdon

Sallie The Sheltie
Picture Featured:    January 15, 2003 Sallie The Sheltie
Kathy Szekendi sent us this photo and writes:
This is the picture of our Sheltie, Sallie, that we had on our Christmas cards this year. We have her on our cards each year, but our family and friends especially loved this one.

Ron and Kathy Szekendi

Dramatic Sunset
Picture Featured:    January 16, 2003 Dramatic Sunset
Nathan Caffee sent us this photo recently and writes:
I took this photo Thursday afternoon. I took the picture with a Holga toy camera loaded with slide film.

Nathan Caffee from Edmonton, Ky.

Local Us Karate Team Winners
Picture Featured:    January 17, 2003 Local Us Karate Team Winners
Margarett Allen sent us this photo and writes:
I'd like to submit this picture for the Website of my grandson, C.J. Buford, and John Bennett Alexander. They recently competed in Italy as members of the US Karate Team. The team, comprised of 122 US members, competed against the world's best martial artists from 78 other countries in the WKA World Karate Championships.

C.J. (son of Steven & Kisa Buford) won the Silver medal in the Boys Fighting Division. C.J. and John also competed in the Jr. Team Fights. They and three other US team members won a Bronze medal in the Jr. Team Fights Division. Both young men are trained at American Martial Arts Academy here in Glasgow and coached by US Assistant Team Coach Sam Hunter.

Margarett Allen

Weekend In The Smokies
Picture Featured:    January 21, 2003 Weekend In The Smokies
Judy Scott sent us this photo and writes:
Local Health Dept. employees take a weekend outing to the Smokies.
(visit the Website of the Barren River District Health Department here...)

Sunset On Hwy. 90
Picture Featured:    January 22, 2003 Sunset On Hwy. 90
Rick Abbott sent us this photo Jan. 10 and writes:
Last night was the most incredible sunset! This picture is of the new location for Glenview Christian Church on Highway 90 just west of the airport. A spectacular display of colors!

Rick Abbott: Worship Minister - Glenview Christian Church

Splat! Paintball Fun...
Picture Featured:    January 24, 2003 Splat! Paintball Fun...
Tanna sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a photo of some friends and I playing paintball near my house on Siloam Rd. The people in the picture, from top to bottom, right to left are

Sunset, 31-e North
Picture Featured:    January 27, 2003 Sunset, 31-e North
Jim Forrest sent us this photo recently and writes:
Hi - Sunset scene from Lewis Williams' farm on 31-E North!

Lady Scotties And Monroe Co.
Picture Featured:    January 28, 2003 Lady Scotties And Monroe Co.
George Katchak sent us this photo and writes:

The Lady Scotties won their first All "A" tournament game against Monroe Co. They will now advance in regional play. Go, Lady Scotties! The photo shows Kristy Slayton being mugged (however, no foul called). More action photos can be seen on my Website at


Brock Mccandless On The Uss Ashland
Picture Featured:    January 30, 2003 Brock Mccandless On The Uss Ashland
Rusty & Renee’ McCandless sent us this photo and write:
This is a picture of our son from the U.S.S. Ashland. – Rusty & Renee’ McCandless

Third Class Petty Officer Brock McCandless, of the U.S.S. Ashland, checking the sights of his deck gun. The Ashland has been deployed as part of President Bush’s orders to strike against terrorism. McCandless is a 2000 graduate of GHS.

Beautiful Snowy Day In Ky.
Picture Featured:    January 31, 2003 Beautiful Snowy Day In Ky.
Patty Gentry sent us this photo recently and writes:
I just couldn't resist taking a picture of the beautiful snow on Thursday. Sometimes I feel like a big snow is a gift to slow us down and give us those quiet hours with our families.

Patty Gentry,
Austin, Ky.

Lake Sunrise
Picture Featured:    February 03, 2003 Lake Sunrise
Sherry Coomer sent us this photo and writes:
Hello. I thought I would send in this pic and let everyone enjoy this picture just like I enjoyed the view. This was taken at my brother-in-law's back deck.

Thanks for allowing me to share this with you.
Sherry Coomer

In Honor Of The Crew Of The Space Shuttle Columbia
Picture Featured:    February 04, 2003 In Honor Of The Crew Of The Space Shuttle Columbia
Tim Berryman at the Glasgow Water Plant sent us this photo late Sunday and writes:
We lowered our flag today in honor and memory of the crew of the Shuttle Columbia. May God bless them and their families.

Tim, Sandra & Austin Berryman
Glasgow Water Plant
Barren River Lake

Jan. 26 Photo
Picture Featured:    February 05, 2003 Jan. 26 Photo
Menna Carter sent us this photo recently and writes:
I have sent these pictures for you to view, the lakes have not ever looked so beautiful during the winter at Green Valley Pay Lakes! They were taken Sunday afternoon, January 26th, 2003 after the light snow.

Thank you,
Menna Carter

Results Of A Prescribed Burn At Mammoth Cave
Picture Featured:    February 06, 2003 Results Of A Prescribed Burn At Mammoth Cave
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
Michele Webber, park botanist, photographed regrowth at the Old Job Corps Site in June, 2002. She stood in the bed of a pickup truck to get above the 4-7 foot-high grasses.
Three Burns Planned at Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave National Park's Fire Management Plan will continue in 2003, using fire as a management tool at three sites in the park. Small, prescribed fires, also called controlled burns, are used in the park to promote or control certain plant species, enhance wildlife habitat, and get rid of downed, dead trees that could cause a large forest fire. The park conducted two burns in 2002, the first year of the plan.

In 2003, three locations have been identified for prescribed burns:

  • Bruce Hollow Glade, a 65-acre cedar-oak glade that lies between Green River Ferry and the Headquarters Campground, for hazardous fuel reduction at a wildland-urban interface (the woods come right up to the campsites)
  • Chaumont, an 85-acre area that was prescribed last year, but was not burned because of too many rainy days. Fire will reduce hazardous fuels at the wildland-urban interface (where park meets private property at the boundary) and restore barren/prairie habitat.
  • Onyx Meadows, approximately 430 acres covered with a 20-year growth of sumac, maple, and dogwood. It too will reduce hazardous fuels and restore barren habitat.

All burns must be completed within Mammoth Cave's prescription window, February to the end of April, after which Indiana bats begin to "nest" in trees and spring green-up occurs.

Mr. Whiteside's Threat
Picture Featured:    February 10, 2003 Mr. Whiteside
Allison Dennis sent us this photo and writes:
Here is my Tennessee Walking Horse, "Mr. Whiteside's Threat," enjoying the snowfall that we had a couple of weeks ago!

Allison Dennis
The Dennis Farm

Beaver Creek
Picture Featured:    February 11, 2003 Beaver Creek
Mark Woodcock sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of Beaver Creek, looking upstream from the low water ford on Lexington Drive/Old Munfordville Road. It was taken Monday morning just as the snow started to fall from the trees. The picture doesn't really do the scene justice. If you look close, you can see the snow falling into the creek.

Blackhawk Landing At Glasgow's 623rd
Picture Featured:    February 13, 2003 Blackhawk Landing At Glasgow
The WebMeister took these photos from the EPB Tuesday. The Blackhawk helicopter was landing in front of the local Nat. Guard Armory on Cavalry Drive. Here's an article in the Courier-Journal about more guard units being activated:
"Two Kentucky National Guard units called up to support war on terrorism"

Red Cross Teachers In Frankfort
Picture Featured:    February 14, 2003 Red Cross Teachers In Frankfort
Cherie Howard sent us this photo and writes:
These Red Cross Teachers braved the cold weather to support education for their students on February 12, 2003, at the Kentucky State Capital. These are only a few of the many Barren County and Glasgow representatives who attended. There were over 21,000 educators from across Kentucky who attended this rally. Thanks to the local Boards of Education for supporting this event and allowing teachers to attend.

(Pictured from L-R: Cheri Cumberland, Ashley Herald, Ruth Jones, Shaina McMurtrey, Chrisn King, Cindy Rowland, Jenny Buie, Sheila Edmunds, Sherry Waldrop and Anita Thompson -- photo by Cherie Howard)

National Surveyors' Week
Picture Featured:    February 17, 2003 National Surveyors
Don Pedigo sent us this photo and writes:
Good afternoon, Bill.....

National Surveyors Week is February 16-22 and the attached picture is the signing of the Proclamation by Barren County Judge-Executive Davie Greer and Glasgow Mayor Darrell Pickett.

We would like to thank Judge Greer and Mayor Pickett for taking the time to recognize the surveyors. We would also like to thank the citizens of the City of Glasgow and Barren County for their continued support. Thank You!

In the picture (back row) from left to right are Richard Wood (Pride Engineering and Land Surveying), Ashton McPherson (Leftwich Land Surveying), Don Pedigo (American Engineers, Inc.), Joe Leftwich (Leftwich Land Surveying) and Joe David Houchens (Pride Engineering and Land Surveying), Front row are Glasgow Mayor Darrell Pickett and Barren County Judge-Executive Davie Greer.

Skaggs Creek
Picture Featured:    February 18, 2003 Skaggs Creek
Zina Greer sent us this photo and writes:
This is Skaggs Creek, out of its banks on Happy Hollow Road Sunday morning.

Nick Whitlow, Ghs
Picture Featured:    February 19, 2003 Nick Whitlow, Ghs
George Katchak sent us this photo and writes:

Please find attached an action photo of Nick Whitlow against the Bowling Green Purples. If you recall, Glasgow High School won that contest on Valentine's Day on a last second shot from Nick. Thought you would enjoy seeing how hard Nick worked against the opposition in that game. As always, this photo and others from that game can be seen on my Website,

Barren County Girls All-stars
Picture Featured:    February 20, 2003 Barren County Girls All-stars
Lisa Beaty sent us this photo and writes:
The Barren County Girls All-Star Team has recently participated in local basketball tournaments and have taken home the first place trophy at the Barren River Invitational, Cumberland County Tournament and the Barren County Tournament. Team members are as follows

Barren County Vs. Monroe Co.
Picture Featured:    February 21, 2003 Barren County Vs. Monroe Co.
George Katchak sent us this photo and writes:

I covered the Barren Co.-Monroe Co. High School basketball game Tuesday night and thought you might like to see a photograph of the action that night. Both girl's and boy's teams won. Lewis Morgan, Jr. is featured taking a shot over a couple of defenders. By the way, Junior had the winning shot in overtime! Congratulations to Junior and the rest of the Trojans and Trojanettes. As usual, more of the action from that game can be seen on my Website at

Signing Of Proclamation
Picture Featured:    February 24, 2003 Signing Of Proclamation
Renee Kinslow and Michael Bunch (photographer) of the Glasgow Daily Times sent us this photo about a proclamation concerning the upcoming Relay for Life (Mayor Pickett and County Judge-Executive Greer are shown at the signing above):
Relay for Life Kickoff Feb. 27

On Thursday, February 27, 2003, dedicated individuals and teams will unite to begin planning Barren County's involvement in the largest cancer fighting event in the nation. This unique phenomenon, the American Cancer Society Relay For Life, brings the entire community together in hope, celebration and memory. Relay For Life is changing the face of cancer across the country with over 3,300 communities participating during the 2002 season, raising more than $245 million for the fight against cancer.

You can be part of this exciting movement to eradicate cancer by attending the Relay For Life Kickoff party on Thursday, February 27, 6:00 pm at Kentucky Banking Center on South Green Street. Your involvement in the Relay For Life could help make cancer a thing of the past. For more information about Relay For Life, call your American Cancer Society at 1-800-ACS-2345. Visit us on the Web anytime at

Red Cross Cub Scout Campers
Picture Featured:    February 25, 2003 Red Cross Cub Scout Campers
David Moss sent us this photo and writes:
Cub Scout Pack 690 Webelos Den Camping -- Cub Scouts from Red Cross Elementary School’s Cub Scout Pack 690 camped overnight in Edmunds Cave recently (Feb. 9). Also present were Bobby McChesney, Pack Trainer/Temporary Webelos Den Leader, Gary Marr, Asst. Cubmaster, David Moss, Cubmaster, and parent Charlie Short.

Leadership Visits Frankfort
Picture Featured:    February 26, 2003 Leadership Visits Frankfort
Jan Peden sent us this photo and writes:
The 2002-2003 Leadership Glasgow/Barren County class recently made its annual Ky. Legislature overnight trip to Frankfort. The group spent the first day touring Frankfort's historical sites such as the Viet Nam Memorial, the Old Capital and the History Museum. Of course, we saw the 21,000 education support people picketing the State Capital for education.

Pictured are: Janis Turner, Kelly Wood, Reg Mabey, Jan Peden, Sheila Dishman, Joe Varner, John Stith, Donna Rich, Mary Curry, Sonya Turner, Pam Browning, Gov. Patton, Letitia Hughes, Mike McGuire, Vienessa Martin, Tammy Groce, Brad Pace, Sonya Davis, Bill Kindred, Shannon Hurley, Leslie Lewis and Jamie Monroe.

16th Birthday
Picture Featured:    February 27, 2003 16th Birthday
Mike Padgett sent us this photo and writes:
Jessica Padgett celebrated her 16th birthday with friends last Saturday (2/22/03). A highlight of the evening was thetraditional whipped cream in the face.

The Thurman's In Glasgow, Scotland
Picture Featured:    February 28, 2003 The Thurman
Susan Thurman sent us these photos. She says:
This is Lindsay and Shelley Thurman in Glasgow, Scotland, over Christmas break. Lindsay is studying at the University of Bristol in England for a year. Shelley visited her over the holidays and they went to the original Glasgow (established in the 1700's, "Glas Cau" means "dear, green place"). Please note that they are both wearing their Glasgow High School T-shirts!

Soccer Winners
Picture Featured:    March 03, 2003 Soccer Winners
Rhonda Trautman sent us these photos and writes:
I have attached two photos. I thought they might be interesting for the Website. Thanks.

Two local soccer teams made up of Glasgow High School and Middle School players recently came away with championship trophies for indoor soccer in High School and Middle School divisions, defeating teams from Tennessee and Kentucky. The winter indoor league was held at the Action Sports Complex in Clarksville, Tennessee. Members of the high school division team are from left to right Coach Suzuki, Austin Albany, Zach Morrow, Ryohei Suzuki, Cale Hensel, Ryan Simpson, Wes Norman, Debra Gilreath and Steven Houchens. Members of the middle school division team are from left to right (standing) Coach Bernard Williams, Will Beard, Jake Morrow, A.J. Rumpt, Ryan Galloway, Chase Williams and Coach Craig Trautman. Front Row Matthew Trautman, Colby Fox, J.J. Huber, Nick Foster and Kee Edmonds.

Snowy Pictures
Picture Featured:    March 05, 2003 Snowy Pictures
These two pictures were sent to us in the last couple of weeks. We're only getting to them now because you've submitted so many... Thanks!

Joyce sent us the picture on the left. She writes:

Hi. Here is a picuture of my great-nephew Cody Alexander Kromrei, age 16 months. We live in Sulphur Well, Ky. Winter was made for children of all ages!
Brian Ross sent us the picture on the right. He writes:
A photo of the snow on the trees in Glasgow, taken Feb 9th.

Strange Meal Buddies
Picture Featured:    March 07, 2003 Strange Meal Buddies
Roger Clinton sent us this picture he entitled "Strange Meal Buddies." He writes:
Female Cardinal on the left and a Male Tit Mouse on the right. The picture taken by my son Rodney outside our family room window on March 1, 2003 in north end of Glasgow.

Picture Featured:    March 10, 2003 Snowbirds
Faye Bailey sent us this picture recently. She writes:
I took this photo a few week ago. I had several hungry Brown Headed Cow Birds come to dine on my deck on a cold snowy day.

Ben Being Deputized
Picture Featured:    March 12, 2003 Ben Being Deputized
Ray Green sent us this picture and writes:
Our youngest grandson, Benjamin Caleb Daniel, has been busy lately. Last week, he was sworn in as Osceola County, Florida's, youngest deputy. Although I'm concerned that he may not qualify because of the height requirement, Ben is ready to serve if his country needs him!

Lunch In The Park
Picture Featured:    March 13, 2003 Lunch In The Park
Wes Wilson sent us this picture and writes:
Hello. I have a local pic of interest I would like to submit. The picture was taken at American Legion Park a couple of weeks ago. Apparently humans aren't the only ones that like McDonald's food. This little guy was somewhat hungry and decided to give it a try. Well, needless to say, he loved it. Nothing like lunch in the park.

Fly Fishing In Georgia
Picture Featured:    March 14, 2003 Fly Fishing In Georgia
Billy Ray sent us this picture (which he entitled "Liar's Club") and writes:
This is me, Vince Foushee' and two other guys fishing the Chestatee River in Georgia on Monday of this week... we caught Rainbow Trout ranging from 18" to about 28" (they keep getting bigger the farther we get from Georgia!).

Presentation To The 623rd
Picture Featured:    March 17, 2003 Presentation To The 623rd
Jan Peden sent us these photos and writes:
A small group, representing the Glasgow-Barren County Chamber of Commerce's Ambassadors Club, met with Lt. Col. Rondal Turner, 623rd Battalion Commander, and Casey Jones, President of the 623rd's Family Support Group, at the National Guard Armory on Wednesday, March 12th. The Ambassadors Club presented a monetary donation for the 623rd to purchase supplies as they deploy overseas.

Barbara Motley and Kristen Mitchell present Casey Jones and Lt. Col. Rondal Turner a card from the Ambassadors Club. Members of the Ambassadors Club had signed the card at their monthly meeting for it to be presented to the 623rd with their appreciation for their contributions to our country, along with their prayers.

Pictured are (L to R): Donna Rich, Janis Turner, Pam Browning, Bill Walter (Chairman of the Ambassadors Club) making presentation to Casey Jones and Lt. Col. Rondal Turner, Kristen Mitchell, Barbara Motley, Krissie Fields, Peggy Nims, Jan Peden and Davie Greer.

Edmund Rogers Cemetery
Picture Featured:    March 18, 2003 Edmund Rogers Cemetery
Dorothy Wade sent us this photo and writes:
This is the Edmund Rogers Cemetery where Edmund Rogers, a Revolutionary War patriot, is buried (Edmonton, Ky. is also named for him).

The cemetery, located in Edmonton, is undergoing restoration under the leadership of the Metcalfe Co. Historical Society with monetary assistance for the Edmund Rogers Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution of Glasgow and the support of the Metcalfe Co. Fiscal Court, along with contributions from individuals. The local DAR has donated a few thousand dollars toward the project and an iron fence is planned for the future. Pictured above is the rock footing for the fence.

Epb Cable Tower
Picture Featured:    March 21, 2003 Epb Cable Tower
Jim Forrest sent us this photo and writes:
Hi - Shot this picture of your EPB Cable TV tower off Glenview Drive today. You recently paint it? It looked shiny...!!


Sgt. Buford In Kuwait
Picture Featured:    March 24, 2003 Sgt. Buford In Kuwait
Kisa Buford sent us this photo and writes:
This is a photo taken at Camp Pennsylvania, Kuwait, of my husband, Sgt. Stephen Buford. He is an NCO in the US Army, and stationed at Ft. Campbell as part of the 101st Airborne's Screaming Eagles. This was taken the first day he was in Kuwait. We are so proud of Stephen, and all our military men and women, and may God bless America!

Spring Is Here!
Picture Featured:    March 25, 2003 Spring Is Here!
Donita Runyon sent us this photo that she entitles "Spring has sprung!" and writes:
5-year-old Kolton Blake Jessie couldn't wait to help his Pa (Ernest Runyon) till the garden for planting. Kolton is the son of Steven & Lori Sloan and Jamie Jessie of Glasgow.

The Ambassador's Club
Picture Featured:    March 27, 2003 The Ambassador
Jan Peden sent us this photo and writes:
All dressed in their Ambassador jackets, the Ambassadors Club had agroup picture taken on the steps of the Barren County Courthouse followingtheir monthly meeting on March 12. Members present in the pictureare: (front row) Krissie Fields, Jackie Nuckols, PeggyNims, Andrea Gentry, Connie Harris, Pam Browning

Jonas Bastien
Picture Featured:    March 28, 2003 Jonas Bastien
Frances Bastien sent us this photo a couple of weeks ago and writes:
With the two sunny days recently, thoughts turned to Spring and outside activities. This picture was made on one of the last warm days of fall and shows my grandson, Jonas Bastien, and his dog, Spot, enjoying the day and reaffirming that nothing is better than a boy and his dog.

Business After Hours
Picture Featured:    March 31, 2003 Business After Hours
Jan Peden sent us this photo and writes:
Cellular One hosted the Chamber's "Business After Hours" on Thursday, March 20th. Cellular One had recently remodeledtheir store and this event gave them the opportunity to showcase their store. Cellular One's employees were available toanswer questions pertaining to cellular phones.

Amy Pike, Retail Sales Manager of the Glasgow office, (third from left) speaks to those in attendance in the photo above.

A Beautiful Sight
Picture Featured:    April 01, 2003 A Beautiful Sight
Freeman McIntyre sent us this photo and writes:
A beautiful sight after the winter we've had. Freeman McIntyre

The American Flag Over Ft. Williams
Picture Featured:    April 02, 2003 The American Flag Over Ft. Williams
Jeff Wagner sent us this photo and writes:
I took this photo of the flag at Fort Williams a little while back and came across it the other day. I thought it might be a good one to post on the Website... with the war going on.

In the time of war, many people have questions whether or not war is the right thing to do. These questions have coincided with every war in the United States' history. Many Americans express their disapproval of the war and that is a privilege of being an American. However, I think it is important to remember that we have fellow Americans fighting to oust a dictator that one day could jeopardize that privilege. So, whatever your view is on the war, I encourage everyone to support the men and women in service to their country. I cannot think of a better icon than the one above.

Operation Appreciation
Picture Featured:    April 04, 2003 Operation Appreciation
Donna Brown sent us these photos and writes:
Becky Baise asked me to send these pictures of "Operation Appreciation" to you. They were taken on Thursday, March 27th, 2003 at Hiseville Elementary School. Feel free to use whichever ones you would like. Thank you. (The photos had names such as "students filling bags," "filled, decorated bags," "R. Butler reading 'A Flag We Love'" and "A. Maynard with students" -- the WebMeister)

Donna Brown
KYREADS Regional Manager
Read a Good Book!

Local National Guard Troops
Picture Featured:    April 08, 2003 Local National Guard Troops
Jon Green sent us these photos (taken March 30) and writes:
Here are some photos of some of the artillerymen that had to come back to Glasgow to get some parts for some of the HEMT (Heavy Equipment Mobile Transports) yesterday.

Supporting The Troops
Picture Featured:    April 09, 2003 Supporting The Troops
For the photo on the left, Sandy Smith, in an email entitled "Happy Valley Shows Support for Troops," writes:
The Beta Club at Happy Valley Elementary collated 437 personal items to send to our troops and show our support for them.

Thanks -- Happy Valley Elementary School

For the photo on the right, Jodi Walden writes:
Our daughter Emma, now 3 months old, seems to be doing her part in praying for our troops!! : )

Picture Featured:    April 11, 2003 Horsies
Donna Davis sent us this photo and writes:
Trail riding will soon begin with Sandy, Sable and Chief. Sandy and Sable are Morgan Horse mares and Chief is an Appaloosa-Saddle Bred Gelding. All were raised as colts and are the absolute joy for Donna Davis, their owner.

Garden Color
Picture Featured:    April 14, 2003 Garden Color
Jennifer Johnson sent us this photo recently and writes:
I know everyone has spring fever so I thought I would submit this picture of my grandmother's beautiful garden.

Spring Color
Picture Featured:    April 16, 2003 Spring Color
Margaret Wisdom sent us this photo she entitled "Big Bloomers" and writes:
David and J.D Wisdom take a break from playing catch in front of my Yoshino Cherry. The blooms were spectacular this year. J.D. said it looks just like popcorn!

Easter Bunnies
Picture Featured:    April 18, 2003 Easter Bunnies
Freeman McIntyre sent us this photo and writes:
Happy Easter from the friendly bunny. (By the way, did you notice the bunny on the ground under the tree?)

Easter Ducks
Picture Featured:    April 21, 2003 Easter Ducks
Ashley Pace sent us this photo and writes:
Hello. My Easter ducks would like to tell everyone Happy Easter! Just thought I would share this cute picture of my Easter ducks. Hope everyone has a great Easter.

Ashley Pace

Mammoth Cave Now On Ethanol
Picture Featured:    April 24, 2003 Mammoth Cave Now On Ethanol
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
Mammoth Cave NP is 100% Green Fueled
Why is Steve Kovar smiling? Steve is the chief of facility management atMammoth Cave National Park. Standing by an ethanol-fueled van, he'ssmiling because all of the park's vehicles and equipment now run onalternative fuels.
"There is a serious air pollution problem all over the southeastern UnitedStates," said Kovar. "As a national park, we wanted to try something tocorrect it, or at least do our part."
In 1998, the park began replacing its old passenger vehicles with bi-fueledcars and vans, which burn unleaded-gasoline or E-85 ethanol. An ethanolfueling station in the park, made possible with the help of the KentuckyCorn Growers Association and the Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition, is key tothe conversion.

Mammoth Cave National Park is designated one of twenty Centers forEnvironmental Innovation in the National Park Service. The goal is notjust to "green" the parks, but to use the parks as models for showcasingand interpreting the best environmental practices and products beingdeveloped in this country and around the world. For more information ongreening the parks, go to To view Mammoth Cave's air quality Webpage and Webcam, go to

Fire Chief Steve Ray And The Glasgow Fire Dept.
Picture Featured:    April 25, 2003 Fire Chief Steve Ray And The Glasgow Fire Dept.
Glasgow Fire Chief Steve Ray inspecting a firefighter before Flashover Chamber Entry to insure all exposed skin is protected. Local firefighters from several area fire departments participated in Flashover Training on April 19th.
For some dramatic pictures of the training, take a look at the recently updated
Glasgow Fire Dept. Website here (350°+-)...

Trooper Stephens At Hiseville Elementary
Picture Featured:    April 29, 2003 Trooper Stephens At Hiseville Elementary
Shelia Hunt from Hiseville Elementary sent us this picture and writes:
Trooper Nick Stephens from the Ky. State Police visited Hiseville Elementary School recently to demonstrate the "Rollover Simulator" to students in Kindergarten thru 6thgrade. The rollover simulator is an S-10 truck on a trailer with an adult and infant dummy inside. The truck is then spun at high speed, demonstrating what happens when the passengers are using seat belts (or not buckled up). Students went awaywith a better idea of the importance of wearing seat belts every time they get into a vehicle. Special thanks to our friend,Trooper Nick Stephens, and the Hiseville Family Resource Center.

Tony And Sandy And Eddy
Picture Featured:    May 01, 2003 Tony And Sandy And Eddy
Crystal Smith sent us this picture and writes:
Here is picture of my Mom and Dad (Tony & Sandy Smith of Glasgow) getting to meet Eddy Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry in Lexington where I live. Please post it on here for me. Thanks so much.

Crystal Smith

Barren's Big Band
Picture Featured:    May 02, 2003 Barren
Terri Lou Royse sent us this picture to tell us about the upcoming...
Spring Fling May 16 at the Lodge to Raise Funds for the Plaza!
There will be a "Spring Fling" at the Barren River Lodge Friday evening, May 16, 8:00pm-? There will be music of the Big Band Era, including favorites of Tommy Dorsey, Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller and later orchestras. All proceeds go to the Plaza Community Auditorium Project (the Barren River State Park is donating the use of the Lodge). "Barrens Big Band" (shown in the photo above) is donating the musical talent. Admission is $25 per person. Dance or listen, but only 180 tickets will be sold. Tickets can be purchased at Glasgow City Hall, at most banks and from committee members -- get yours early. Soft drinks will be available. Questions? Call 659-9075!

National Day Of Prayer
Picture Featured:    May 05, 2003 National Day Of Prayer
Mike Padgett sent us these photos. He notes that they were taken at part of the "National Day of Prayer" Ceremonies held at noon with prayer on the Square (May 1, 2003). You'll notice several local dignitaries that were speaking, as well as a good crowd in attendance.

Bchs Students At Fire Station #2
Picture Featured:    May 07, 2003 Bchs Students At Fire Station #2
Tony Atwood of the Glasgow Fire Department sent us this photo and writes:
On April 29th, a group of students from Barren County High School toured Station #2. Student Heather Brown is pictured demonstrating the use of a 1 3/4" handline backed up by Firefighter Dereck Rogers.
For more cool photos of the students' experience,
go to the Glasgow Fire Dept. Website here!

Snakes, Salamanders And Frogs At Eb Terry Elementary
Picture Featured:    May 09, 2003 Snakes, Salamanders And Frogs At Eb Terry Elementary
Frank Brockman of Farmer's Rural Electric sent us the following pictures and writes:
Thursday, May 1, East Kentucky Power Cooperative's Environmental Team visited E.B. Terry Elementary to present their environmental/nature program, "Snakes, Salamanders and Frogs of Kentucky." This interactive program, sponsored by Farmers RECC, a Touchstone Energy Cooperative, gives the children a chance to see and (voluntarily) hold some of these different animals while learning of their environment. Five different classes of Mrs. Christy Cline's attended the presentations, as well as Mr. Cotton, the new principal. Attached are some of the pictures from the different classes.

Ghs Doubles Tennis Winners
Picture Featured:    May 13, 2003 Ghs Doubles Tennis Winners
Amy Bates, GHS Tennis Coach, sent us the following picture and writes:
Glasgow Scottie defending regional champions Luke Flener (senior) and Robert Miller (junior), once again won the Doubles title at the Court Central Tournament hosted by Warren Central on May 7, 2003. They'll be defending their title in the regional tournament next week.

Amy Bates, GHS Tennis Coach

New Soccer Complex Under Construction
Picture Featured:    May 14, 2003 New Soccer Complex Under Construction
Rhonda Trautman with Renaissance Main Street sent us the following picture and writes:
Bill, I have attached a photo for the Website. Hopefully you can run this before Saturday.
The Glasgow Recreation Department, the Barren Co. YMCA and the Glasgow/Barren Co. Soccer Cooperative is hosting a Music Festival Block Party, Saturday, May 17, 5:00-10:00pm at the Glasgow Square.

Live music will include Anonymous, Ashes in the Fall, Black Stone Cherry, D.O.D, Hot Rod Lincoln, Laden and Pylot. Ages 12 and under are free, 13 and up $2.00. Concessions will be availabe. All proceeds will go to benefit the Glasgow/Barren Soccer Complex Fund. Questions? Contact the Glasgow Recreation Department at 651-3811. Hope to see you there!

Chamber Golf Winners
Picture Featured:    May 15, 2003 Chamber Golf Winners
Jan Peden sent us this picture and writes:
Shown in the photo are 1st place winners of the Chamber's Golf Scramble held Friday, May 2 at Barren River State Park Resort Golf Course. Left to right are Darren Woodruff, Butch Bunnell, Owen Lambert, Tommy Jackson (Chamber President making the presentation) and Jimmy Bewley (State Park Golf Pro). Darren Shirley was not present for the photo.

Entertainment For Community Medical Care Telethon
Picture Featured:    May 16, 2003 Entertainment For Community Medical Care Telethon
2nd Annual Community Medical Care Telethon (entertainment)
The second annual Community Medical Care Telethon was held Thursday evening at the studios of the Electric Plant Board. The 3-hour event raised almost $11,000 for this dynamic program. The telethon was actually held at the EPB Office on Mallory Drive, but the live entertainers performed at the City Council Chambers. The WebMeister took these photos Thursday evening at the City Council Chamber. Vocalists included Cheryl Certain (left), who performed with the Barrens Big Band, conducted by Charlie Honeycutt. Amanda Everett (far right) of the Cedar Creek Bluegrass Band, performed as well.

Through the Community Medical Care program, those in the medical community donate their time to help local working residents who do not have medical insurance.

  • $1.66 provides an adult patient their medication for one day.
  • $3.33 provides one senior patient their medication for one day.
  • $50 will provide medication of one adult for a month.
  • $100 will provide medication for one senior adult for a month.
Thanks for helping!

Serving In Iraq
Picture Featured:    May 19, 2003 Serving In Iraq
Michaela Kronemeyer sent us these pictures and writes:
Kevin Kronemeyer, son of David and Jean Kronemeyer, serving his country for almost 17 years now. He is now deployed to Iraq and this picture was taken shortly before he left. The kids (daughter Kim and son Benjamin) and I are proud of his sacrifice and pray for his safe return. God bless our troops!

A proud military wife -- Michaela

Jaws Of Life Training
Picture Featured:    May 20, 2003 Jaws Of Life Training
Kelly Ash sent us these pictures and writes:
Summer Shade Voluteer Fire Dept. and other area fire departments join in on a class on how to use the Jaws of Life Sunday. I hope this will get people to join their local fire departments.

The Bagby's On The Farm
Picture Featured:    May 21, 2003 The Bagby
Elaine Bagby sent us these pictures and writes:
(left) Paul Clark Bagby, formerly of Glasgow, and his twin son and daughter check a new calf on the farm.
(right) Shelby and Morgan, twin son and daughter of Paul Bagby, formerly of Glasgow, with their dog, Wrangler. They're also the grandchildren of Paul and Elaine Bagby of Glasgow.

Heart Failure Awareness 2003
Picture Featured:    May 22, 2003 Heart Failure Awareness 2003
Peggy Allen sent us this picture and writes:
Bill, hope you can use this. Thanks!

Cardiology Associates of Southern Kentucky has announced the opening of The Regional Heart Failure Clinic. The clinic is located at Cardiology Associates at 1004 Glenview Drive. The CHF Clinic meets on Monday's and Friday's and is under the direction of Nurse Practioners Tafa Tamminga and Lori Walton. Questions regarding the clinic? Call 651-9611.

Dr. Melissa Walton-Shirley, Lori, & Tafa are shown conversing during the recent "Heart Failure Awareness 2003" event, hosted by T.J. Samson Community Hospital's Educational Resource Center.

Visit the T.J. Samson Community Hospital Website...

Parents' Day At Happy Valley Elem.
Picture Featured:    May 23, 2003 Parents
Happy Valley Elementary had "Parents' Day" Friday, May 23 (watch the replays of the 30 min. program on EPB Cable 6!). Part of their program was a salute to the brave men and women who serve our community every day, entitled "You are Our Heroes." Shown above (L to R) are Mike Swift (representing paramedics), Glasgow Fireman Roger Hampton, Kentucky State Police Officer Kevin Pickett and Glasgow Police Officer Jason Morgan. Each of these gentleman are shown being hugged either by kids or grandkids that attend Happy Valley Elementary.
Visit the Happy Valley Elementary Website at

Clean-up Winners
Picture Featured:    May 27, 2003 Clean-up Winners
Jan Peden sent us this photo and writes:
The Environmental Awareness Committee would like to congratulate everyone that participated in Glasgow-Barren County Clean Up Week in March, 2003. The City of Glasgow disposed of 68 loads and Barren County residents disposed of 100 loads. The 168 loads totaled over 316 tons of materials being delivered to the landfill, with two of those loads being compost.Scott Kerley, chairman of the Environmental Awareness Committee, stated "This was a very successful clean up week and the committee encourages citizens to continue to assist with clean up of illegal dumps."

Pictured are the Glasgow Middle School Jr. Beta Club/Student Council participants: (front row) Krissie Fields - Magistrate, Distr. 7

2003 Bchs Graduation
Picture Featured:    May 29, 2003 2003 Bchs Graduation
The EPB's Cody Meek got this photo at Barren Co. High School's graduation ceremonies Wednesday night. He and David Downing were at the school taping the ceremony for replay on EPB Cable 6. Check EPB cable for replay information or call 651-8341 to order your own copy. Look closely at the photo above. Cody got the traditional moment of "caps into the air."

Dillon And Simon
Picture Featured:    May 30, 2003 Dillon And Simon
Becky Austin brought us this photo and writes:
Three-year-old Dillon Austin watching afternoon TV with his newly acquired friend Simon. Simon follows Dillon around like he's his big brother. Now Simon has a follower, too -- a black baby chick. It looks like an animal parade. Dillon is the son of John and Melanie Austin of Glasgow.

2003 Celticfest
Picture Featured:    June 02, 2003 2003 Celticfest
The WebMeister got these photos Friday on the public square at the 2003 CelticFest, part of the kickoff for the Glasgow Highland Games. The photo on the left portrays the retiring of the colors by the bagpiper and color guard of the Glasgow Police Dept. Also present in the photo are Chief John MacLeod (Chief of the 2003 Games), County Judge-Executive Davie Greer, Bob Harrison, Glasgow Highland Games President, Glasgow Mayor Darrell Pickett, Robert Valentine, MC of the CelticFest from Paris, Tn., and Tommy Jackson, President of the Chamber of Commerce. In the photo on the right, you'll see Colin Grant-Adams, local resident & entertainer and a highlight of the Games.

2003 Leadership Graduates
Picture Featured:    June 04, 2003 2003 Leadership Graduates
Jan Peden of the Chamber sent us this picture and writes:
Pictured are the Leadership 2003 graduates (l-r): front row - Jackie Nuckols - Unique Gifts, Sonya Davis - Johnson Controls, Tammy Groce - BB&T, Sonya Turner - Daily Times, Mike McGuire - Dana Corp., Mary Curry - Dickinson Financial Group, Letitia Hughes - Barren Co. High School, Donna Rich - WGGC. Back row - Leslie Lewis - Mammoth Cave Nat. Park, Shannon Hurley - South Central Bank, Sheila Dishman - Downing-McPeak Vision Centers, John Stith - Barren Co. Schools, Kellie Wood - Commonwealth Broadcasting, Reg Mabey - Benedict & Benedict, Bill Kindred - T.J. Samson Community Hospital and Brad Pace - Digitech Services.

Rocky Hill Volunteer Firefighters
Picture Featured:    June 05, 2003 Rocky Hill Volunteer Firefighters
Vickie Carson of Mammoth Cave National Park sent us this picture and writes:
Donnie Bragg, Kevin Vance, Todd Booker, Ranger Rich Caldwell, and Donnie Vance stop for a picture after they loaded fire equipment and gear donated to the Rocky Hill VFD by Mammoth Cave National Park.

In 2003, eight volunteer fire departments near Mammoth Cave received $54,440 in firefighting gear and equipment from the park through the Rural Fire Assistance Program: Park City, Cave City, Lincoln, Chalybeate, Kyrock, Rocky Hill, Cub Run and Brownsville.

"At Mammoth Cave, we stay in close communication with the volunteer fire departments adjacent to the park," said Superintendent Ronald Switzer. "The Rural Fire Assistance Program allows the park to equip local volunteer fire departments with the tools, equipment and training needed to fight a forest fire."

The Man Of Steel And Some Fans
Picture Featured:    June 06, 2003 The Man Of Steel And Some Fans
Larry Eaton sent us these pictures and writes:
Tanner and Murphy with Grandfather Larry Eaton at Metropolis, Illinois at the Superman Museum recently. Tanner and Murphy are children of Chris and Shelia Eaton. (So that's up, up, away up in Illinois? Sorry. -- The WebMeister)

Damage At KCTCS
Picture Featured:    June 09, 2003 Damage At KCTCS
The WebMeister took these photos Monday morning at the Bowling Green Technical School facility (KCTCS) on State Ave. between the Community Hospital and the State Hospital. Overnight, around 3:00am, a tree fell near their main building. It broke some windows and fell on an outbuilding housing outdoor equipment. It also fell right on power and other utility lines and snapped off a utility pole about 20 feet off the ground.

In the photos above, the upper left shows the line was still hot when it hit the ground. Notice how the ground is scorched from the arcing? Upper right shows the broken, upper section of the pole still hanging in the air, supported by its lines and adjacent trees. The lower photos show the fallen tree and a close-up of where it hit the buildings. EPB crews were on hand as well as Jerry's Bucket Service for repair work. They removed the downed tree and the broken pole, replaced the damaged pole and ran new lines to restore service.

Website for the Bowling Green Technical College, Glasgow Campus...

A Trip To Maine
Picture Featured:    June 11, 2003 A Trip To Maine
The Houchen's sent us these photos. They write:
We just wanted to share a few pictures from our recent vacation to Maine. It's definitely worth the trip, especially for nautical enthusiasts!!

Two of the pics are of the Portland Head lighthouse (with the prominent red roof) near Cape Elizabeth, Maine, and also Cape Neddick (Nubble) lighthouse in York, Maine. One picture is overlooking Casco Bay from the Old Port in Portland.

The other picture is pretty interesting. We saw a place called Haven's Candies in Portland, featured on the Food Network. We decided to visit the store and in conversation, found out that the owner, Andy Charles, had lived in Glasgow about four years ago in the Hidden Forest subdivision. The picture is (L to R): Andy Charles, Marla, Tristan and Tim Houchens.

A Gift For Kenny Perry
Picture Featured:    June 12, 2003 A Gift For Kenny Perry
Lacey Bowles sent us these photos. She writes:
Here's a couple of pictures of Dexter Bowles along with Marvin Witcher and Duane Withrow meeting up with Kenny Perry at his home in Franklin Tuesday afternoon, June 3. Dexter, a big fan, began working on a portrait to give him after his big victory at the Bank of America Colonial Tournament on May 25th. The guys said it was great to spend some time with a "good ol' Kentucky boy!"

Burns At Mammoth Cave
Picture Featured:    June 13, 2003 Burns At Mammoth Cave
Vickie Carson of Mammoth Cave National Park sent us these photos. She writes:
Onyx Meadows Greens After Burn
On April 14, firefighters successfully set and burned 408 acres at Onyx Meadows in the Mammoth Cave National Park. The fire scarred down to mineral soil in the meadow area and killed many encroaching young cedar trees.

Caldwell planned for three prescribed fires in the park this year, but relentless winter snows and spring rains allowed only one to be completed within the burn window of January-April. He hopes to accomplish the other two in the fall (Bruce Hollow Glade, near the headquarters area, and Chaumont in the southeastern corner of the park).

On the right, Rich Caldwell, Fire Management Officer at Mammoth Cave, checks on native grasses growing in Onyx Meadows following its burn in April. Examining the area after the burn, he found the grasses to be returning in force.

Mammoth Cave National ParkMammoth Cave's Webcam

Habitat For Humanity Groundbreaking
Picture Featured:    June 16, 2003 Habitat For Humanity Groundbreaking
Jan Peden sent us this photo and writes:
The Glasgow-Barren Co. Chapter of Habitat for Humanity broke ground for house number 8 on Thursday, May 1. Shown in the picture at the groundbreaking are (L to R) Tony Batey and Mary Batey (mother and owner of the new home with her son), Golda Walbert, Dr. Mody, Billy Elmore, Davie Greer, Pam Browning and Mayor Darrell Pickett.

These homes are not given to families, but are purchased with monthly interest-free payments. Families have to qualify for this assistance. They must have a job, be able to pay the amount agreed upon and be willing to work with Habitat to learn budgeting and home care skills. All partner families are required to contribute by laboring directly on the construction of their home or working at different informational or fund-raising events. Habitat homes are constructed solely by volunteers and the partner families. Habitat's continued success is dependent upon contributions of time, materials and money from members of the community.

Volunteers are needed: Glasgow's Habitat For Humanity is looking for people willing to devote a few hours, mostly on Saturday mornings, to help build Habitat's 8th local house. All workers are welcome (skilled or unskilled). Contact Beth by email or 651-2587 if you're willing to help.

Picture Featured:    June 18, 2003 Air-cooled
Emily Russell sent us this photo and writes:
My neighbor Megan and I were very bored one day this spring so we decided to cool off by doing tricks on her trampoline. Just want to let everyone out there know it works! haha

Backstage After The Show
Picture Featured:    June 19, 2003 Backstage After The Show
Misty Hurt sent us this photo and writes:
These pictures were taken during my trip to the 2003 Academy of Country Music Awards at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The photo above is a group of Belmont students, including myself, backstage after the show.

In addition to working the ACM's while at Belmont University, I was also involved with the 36th Country Music Association Awards, Americana Music Convention, Tin Pan South, Country Radio Seminar, CMT Flameworthy Awards (and much more).

Anyone who has an interest in working in the music industry should definitely check out Belmont University's Mike Curb School of Music Business. Thanks to the networking opportunities that Belmont has offered me, I can be involved in events like this!

At The Drive-thru
Picture Featured:    June 20, 2003 At The Drive-thru
Chris Houchens sent us this photo and writes:
I was driving down Happy Valley Road on Wednesday and happened to have my camera with me when I saw this unique scene.

Cary Huizenga asks, "Did the horse leave a deposit, too?" Haha - great picture.

South Barren Vfd Receives Grant
Picture Featured:    June 23, 2003 South Barren Vfd Receives Grant
Tony Hodges sent us this photo and writes:
The Wal-Mart Store in Glasgow is proud to announce that the South Barren Volunteer Fire Department is the recipient of a Safe Neighborhood Homes Award. The $500 grant will go toward the purchase of turnout gear and medical supplies. Shown is Sonya Hogue, Wal-Mart Community Involvement Coordinator, presenting the grant to Rudy Gillon and Tony Hodges, South Barren Volunteer Fire Department.

A Goldfinch
Picture Featured:    June 24, 2003 A Goldfinch
Billie Brown sent us this photo and writes:
Neither rain nor hail nor sleet nor snow nor heat of day nor dark of night shall keep this finch from the thistle seed.


Reds & Cubs From Hiseville
Picture Featured:    June 25, 2003 Reds & Cubs From Hiseville
Laura Williams sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of two teams from the Temple Hill Eastern Sports League. The Reds took 1st place in the county tournament (they're coached by Tony Houchens). The Cubs took 2nd place (they're coached by Derrick Williams). It was a long day at Hiseville for all these boys and the rest of the crowd, but it was a great game! Just to add a special note, Andy Branch of the Cubs hit a grand slam over the fence at Hiseville in one game and in the next game hit another home run over the fence. You need to see the fence -- it's about 8 ft. tall, so congratulations to him. He was having a pretty good day!

A New Friend
Picture Featured:    June 26, 2003 A New Friend
Wendy Houchens sent us this photo and writes:
My name is Wendy Houchens. I've enclosed pictures of my niece, Haley Wilkinson, and our new colt Dutchess. Haley is very proud of her first horse and wants to share the news with everyone. Thanks.

Whewww, That's Cold
Picture Featured:    June 27, 2003 Whewww, That
Teresa Talley sent us this photo and writes:
The Barren County Little League Coach-Pitch Tournament recently took place at Eastern Elementary. After the Park City Wildcats finished their game and accepted their trophies, they doused their unsuspecting coaches with ice water! Pictured are Kevin Gardner, Teddy Burkes, and Mark Wyatt. It looks like Teddy got the biggest part of this! He served as the Wildcats' pitcher, so he also has several bruises from being hit by the ball. What a season!
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