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This picture was featured December 26, 2007 ...
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The Magic of Christmas
December 25, 2007
Girl Scout Troop 232
December 24, 2007
Tater Tot Time!
December 23, 2007
December 22, 2007
Role Model Lank Graves...
Role Model Lank Graves...
Joy Godsey sent us these and writes:
Attached are 2 pictures taken last year at Christmas of Lank Graves with his cousins, Robert and Kaitlin. Lank passed away on December 2. We miss him very much, he was such a wonderful young man and a great role model for my 9-year-old son.

Thank you,
Joy Godsey

How Many Results Do You Want To See?   

Dr. C.C. Howard
Picture Featured:    January 02, 2012 Dr. C.C. Howard
Winston Nunn sent us this photo and writes:
This is a photo of Dr. C.C. Howard, taken in the 1960's. Many people will remember the Howard Clinic, named for him, which he built. That facility is now the Barren Co. Health Department on West Washington Street.

Tribute to The Last Waltz
Picture Featured:    January 03, 2012 Tribute to The Last Waltz
Billy Ray sent us this photo and writes:
On New Year’s Eve 2011 the Sustainable Glasgow folks, along with a large cast of local musical talent, put on a tribute to The Last Waltz (the classic rock documentary of The Band’s last performance in 1976) at George J’s on the Square. Shown are a few of the musicians who shared their talent with about 130 lucky local folks who witnessed the event. (L-R): Ty Bowles, Josh Johnson, Curt Peil, Richard Burchett, Greg Hollander, and Brian Gilbert.

William J. Ray, P.E.
Glasgow EPB

Halloween Photos
Picture Featured:    January 04, 2012 Halloween Photos
Kim Shields sent us these and writes:
I just could not resist sending in this picture of my husband, Brian, handing out candy on Halloween. I think he enjoys it as much as the kids. Also, here is a picture of the Halloween lineup from Halloween. A big time was had by all!

Kim Shields

Working at Christmas Break
Picture Featured:    January 06, 2012 Working at Christmas Break
Wendy Houchens sent us these and writes:
Over the Christmas Break good old Dutchess was put into service for pony rides. The first picture is Melody and her mom Michelle Francis riding. Then we see the face she shows when it is Aduri's turn. Last picture is Audri Houchens as she is showing her cowgirl skills.

Grandkids are truly grand.


Wade & Marla Visiting the Saints
Picture Featured:    January 07, 2012 Wade & Marla Visiting the Saints
Wade England sent us these and writes:
Dear Bill,
During the long New Year’s holiday weekend we made a trip down south to see my wife’s family. While we were down there Marla and I took the opportunity on New Year’s Day to go see my beloved New Orleans Saints give the Carolina Panthers a good thrashing. We had great seats and as you can see from the pictures in front of the Mercedes Benz Superdome we had a great time! Too bad I can’t make it back down to see them in the playoff game tonight - guess I’ll just have to root for them from the couch!

Your pal,

The EPB's Kirk Brooks!
Picture Featured:    January 09, 2012 The EPB
Aaron Reece sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a photo of the one and only, Kirk Brooks, an EPB Customer Service Technician, on a billboard ad for T.J. Samson Community Hospital right behind White Castle on 31-E at the West Main St. intersection. If Kirk does an install or a trouble ticket for your residence, make sure to get an autograph!

Barren Co. Bowling Team!
Picture Featured:    January 10, 2012 Barren Co. Bowling Team!
Becky Taylor sent us this photo and writes:
The Barren County Special Olympics Bowling Team attended the State Bowling Games December 4th-6th, 2011. They did a great job and had lots of fun. They were accompanied by Coach James Cheely, parents and caregivers. More than 1200 bowlers over the state were in attendance.

1st Place Singles - Brian Taylor, Ben Crawford, Ricky Fuquay
2nd Place Singles - Bryan Cheely, Chris Pedigo, Daniel Williams
3rd Place Singles - Jeremy Wilhoite
4th Place Singles - Steven Curasi

1st Place Doubles - Daniel Williams/Ricky Fuquay, Chris Peay/John Flener
2nd Place Doubles - Brian Taylor/Ben Crawford, Bryan Cheely/Jeremy Wilhoite, Steven Curasi/Chris Pedigo

Becky Ann Taylor
Administrative Assistant
Glasgow Water Company

The Franklin Hotel on the Square
Picture Featured:    January 11, 2012 The Franklin Hotel on the Square
Samuel Terry sent us this cool photo and writes:
The Franklin Hotel (previously known as the Maupin Hotel) was situated at the top of the hill on the Glasgow Square on the corner of West Washington and South Race Streets. Prior to this establishment, this was the site of Glasgow's first tavern operated by John Matthews, one of Glasgow's earliest residents; his son later continued with a tavern on the site. While this structure was the Maupin Hotel, Glasgow suffered the horror of a cholera epidemic in 1854 and the hotel was one of the key locations for the episode since the disease was brought into town by circus performers staying there. The epidemic wiped out a good portion of the population of Glasgow before it was finally brought under control by the realization that the town's water supply in Big Spring Bottom was contaminated. Years later, in 1902, First Christian Church built a structure on the site; it remained until the late 1960's. Beula Nunn Park has been located on the site since that time and in more recent years the Veteran's Wall of Honor has been added to the location.

This is salt?
Picture Featured:    January 12, 2012 This is salt?
Marty Wooten sent us this photo and writes:
Wieliczka Salt Mine near Kracow, Poland! Everything you see here is carved out of salt! The floors, walls and even the chandeliers! Done by the miners in their spare time!

From the 1970's!
Picture Featured:    January 13, 2012 From the 1970
As you may already be aware, this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Glasgow Electric Plant Board. This is a photo we brought up from the titanium and concrete-reinforced vault of the EPB to honor some of the people that have served the people of Glasgow over the years. This photo, taken in front of the EPB office (in weather similar to today's) in the 1970's. Recognize any of these people?

EPB WebsiteEPB Facebook PageRed, Blue & Green Blog

Helping keep us safe...
Picture Featured:    January 14, 2012 Helping keep us safe...
We took this photo on Friday morning on the By-Pass. Yes, that is indeed one of the salt trucks out trying to make our roadways safer. Thanks to these guys - and all of the local professionals who serve the rest of us so selflessly.

From a couple of years ago...
Picture Featured:    January 15, 2012 From a couple of years ago...
This photo is from a couple of years ago. Don't you have a digital camera? Have email? Isn't it time you sent us a photo to share with everyone?

More than the corner drugstore...
Picture Featured:    January 16, 2012 More than the corner drugstore...
Samuel Terry sent us this photo and writes:
The George J. Ellis Drug Company was more than the corner drugstore, it was also a popular gathering spot for people from all walks of life. One of the chief attractions of the business was the fountain at which patrons could enjoy a tasty bite to eat, a Coca-Cola, or a cup of piping hot coffee. Photo made by J. Mitchell Ellis, owner of the business, in the 1950's.

Picture Featured:    January 17, 2012 Quick!
Aaron Reece sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a shot of the sunrise bouncing off the trees on my street. I had to catch it quickly, because the rain clouds moved in shortly thereafter.

Forever Friends...
Picture Featured:    January 18, 2012 Forever Friends...
Tammy Meadows sent us this photo and writes:
Dear Bill,
I wanted to share. Retired Glasgow Police Lt. Col. Kent Keen, current Glasgow Police Lt. Col. James Duff and former Glasgow Police Chief Horace Johnson reunited once again to join the crowd of marchers on Monday during the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration. They may be former co-workers, but will be forever friends and excellent leaders.


Tammy Meadows

The Fascinating Story behind Old Reb
Picture Featured:    January 19, 2012 The Fascinating Story behind Old Reb
Samuel Terry sent us this photo and writes:
Barren County's Confederate Monument, casually known as "Old Reb," was captured in this snowy scene in the 1950's by J. Mitchell Ellis. Around the turn of the 20th century there were a number of movements to erect Confederate memorials throughout Kentucky and Barren County was no exception. The leader of the local effort was John A. "Old Reb" Murray, who was elected County Court Clerk in 1904 and re-elected several times. It is said that he solicited funds for the monument by reminding the children and grandchildren of one-time Confederate soldiers that "that could be your Pappy up there." The bronze statue features a six-foot-tall soldier, resting on his rifle and wearing a bedroll, a canteen and kepi hat. John Garnett, Murray's brother-in-law, was the model for the statue. It was erected in 1905 and has been nominated for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places.

Murray was a Confederate veteran and a native of Nelson County, Kentucky. He came to Glasgow after the war and married Eugenia Garnett. The couple lived on West Washington Street in a home they built that later became the home of Miss Annie Gorin and even later was the Clinic Hospital connected to Howard Clinic. The couple later built the home on the corner of South Green and West College Streets and that home contains a stone lintel on the front with the inscription "Old Reb 1908." The building was used for many years as the Dickinson Medical Clinic. "Old Reb" and "Miss Genia" did not have children but they loved the children of Glasgow. "Old Reb" is said to have driven a pony and cart to the Glasgow Square where he would load as many children as would fit and take them to a picnic area near Pritchardsville where the Garnets would entertain them with "pink lemonade teas." Murray was associated with the Glasgow Railway Company, Glasgow Light and Power Company, the First National Bank of Glasgow, and other businesses.

Enjoying their visits!
Picture Featured:    January 20, 2012 Enjoying their visits!
Amy Loyall sent us these and writes:
These two ladies are really enjoying their visit with Santa! Thank you for letting us share these pictures with everyone.

Amy Loyall, Activity Director
Barren County Health Care Center

WWII Scrap Drive
Picture Featured:    January 21, 2012 WWII Scrap Drive
Winston Nunn sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture I took of a Liberty Street scrap drive during World War II (taken from the Liberty Street High School) in the 1940's.

First Christian Church Winter Weekend
Picture Featured:    January 22, 2012 First Christian Church Winter Weekend
Mike Chesnut sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, this picture was taken at the First Christian Church winter weekend at Fall Creek Falls state park in Tn. We had a total of 18 attend. The 12 that dared to climb through snow and ice,over rocks and roots to this overlook of the falls are Carol Pike, Jess Chesnut, Joe Dean, Phillip and Kristen Bale, Phillip and Margie Patton, Butch and Georgia Peterson, Jane and Bill Bucher. Note Joe Dean who usually outhikes most 25 years younger than his age of nearly 82. We're no longer surprised that Joe can hike all day and usually is near the lead.

A Red Admiral
Picture Featured:    January 23, 2012 A Red Admiral
Linda Craiger sent us this photo and writes:
Hello WebMeister, this Red Admiral Butterfly on a Mexican Sunflower should make you think about sunshine today! The Glasgow Garden Club had a 3-month project of identifying butterflies in Glasgow and Barren County last summer and fall. We identified 32, and saw several that were not identified. Had several great pictures of the ones that were identified; this picture was taken in Oct. Hope folks will "like" Glasgow Garden Club on FaceBook.

Linda Craiger
Birds, Nature and Environment Committee
Glasgow Garden Club

Not just littering - MUCH worse!
Picture Featured:    January 24, 2012 Not just littering - MUCH worse!
Wade Brewer sent us these and writes:
These pictures are “shake and bake” METH labs. Everyone needs to be aware of these common household items that could be found anywhere and how dangerous they are. If anyone comes into contact with these materials please notify the Glasgow Police Department immediately. Be sure that you do not pick up, shake, handle, and most of all do not open these containers.

Wade Brewer
Public Affairs Officer
Glasgow Police Department

Note: A simple Internet search for the above will give you an excellent idea of just how dangerous this really is. Fires, explosions and horrendous burns are very common! - The WebMeister

The Glasgow Police Dept.

Breakfast with the Birds
Picture Featured:    January 25, 2012 Breakfast with the Birds
Linda Craiger sent us this photo and writes:
Jamie Avery, Parks Program Supervisor, and Carla Glass are putting out birdfeeders in preparation for the Great Backyard Bird Count, Feb. 20th, 8:30-10:30am, at the Barren River Lodge. The Lodge will be serving an "Early Bird Special" breakfast buffet while the count is conducted in the dining room. This bird count is a coordinated program through the Mary Wood Weldon Library and the Lodge. Seed for the project was donated by Burkman Feeds in Glasgow. They are hoping everyone will come to participate in the count and to learn more about backyard birds in Glasgow and Barren County.

Linda Craiger

Bootleg Liquor on the Square
Picture Featured:    January 26, 2012 Bootleg Liquor on the Square
Winston Nunn sent us these and writes:
This is bootleg liquor being disposed of on the square, sometime in the 1950's.

The Great Sleet of 1951
Picture Featured:    January 27, 2012 The Great Sleet of 1951
Samuel Terry sent us this photo and writes:
Since we aren't having much winter weather this January, perhaps we can recall snowy winters of the past. Sixty-one years ago this week, Glasgow was suffering through what was known as "the great sleet" which started on January 23, 1951. That was the day the local troops left Glasgow for Fort Bragg, North Carolina prior to going to Korea. The storm was so terrific that it cut off all forms of communication in Glasgow for two full weeks - no mail, no telephone, no newspaper, nothing. Glasgow was an island unto itself. The only communication that did keep the town in touch with the rest of the world was Dr. Harold Cady who was able to operate his ham radio from his home on Leslie Avenue and get messages in and out of the area (Cady was given a special commendation for his efforts).

This photo was made by George Carr Ganter on February 1, 1951. It was made on West Washington Street near the front of the Ganter home, looking toward the Square. The original photo is in the collection at the South Central Kentucky Cultural Center and can also be found in the "Images of Glasgow" book. The children of Kate Dickinson Ganter, sister-in-law of George, donated the photo which contains Mrs. Ganter's story of the ordeal.

Leaders of the Future Tour
Picture Featured:    January 28, 2012 Leaders of the Future Tour
Jackie Perkins sent us this photo and writes:
On Monday, Jan 16th, the Glasgow/Barren County Chamber of Commerce Leaders of the Future took a tour of WBKO as part of Media Day. Here is a picture of the group along with WBKO staff members Lauren Hanson, Hayley Harmon, Chris Allen and David Hosay . We want to thank the Production Manager David Hosay for taking time out of his day to show us around the station.

Jackie Perkins

Buttercups in January!
Picture Featured:    January 29, 2012 Buttercups in January!
Italo Pedicini sent us these and writes:
We were just walking through the backyard (on Wilderness Road), and look, Buttercups were blooming in January! Hope you enjoy them.

Neighborhood Watch
Picture Featured:    January 30, 2012 Neighborhood Watch
Wade Brewer sent us this and writes:
This is our new Neighborhood Watch sign that will be posted in areas that have joined the program.

Wade Brewer
Public Affairs Officer
Glasgow Police Department

The Glasgow Police Dept.

Allen's very own Solar System!
Picture Featured:    January 31, 2012 Allen
Allen Owen sent us these and writes:
Hi, my name is Allen Owen. My wife Brenda and I on Jan. 4, 2012 turned on our new 6.5KW (Kilowatt) Solar Power System. We are very pleased with its output and appearance. I designed and installed the system on my own, except for the encouragement of my wife, and the help of all the good people at the EPB.

I am 65 years old, so there were a few days I needed a lot of encouragement. I would highly recommend solar as a renewable energy source. I think that solar power is at least part of the answer for those who will follow us.

Caught eating...
Picture Featured:    February 01, 2012 Caught eating...
Pam Robertson sent us this photo January 18th and wrote:
This cardinal was enjoying his food, this was taken Friday morning after the snow! Enjoy!

To hibernate - or not?
Picture Featured:    February 02, 2012 To hibernate - or not?
Wendell Kennison sent us this photo and writes:
Hello Bill,
With the weather being so unpredictable this year, the Groundhog is not sure what to do... To hibernate or not to hibernate, that is the question.... Sorry, Shakespeare.


GCA Senior Beta
Picture Featured:    February 03, 2012 GCA Senior Beta
John and Melanie Austin sent us this photo and write:
The Glasgow Christian Academy Senior Beta traveled to Louisville Dec. 9-10 to participate in the State Senior Beta Convention. The group was awarded 1st place for Scrapbooking. Individual honors went to the following: Olivia Pitcock - 1st place color photography, Aubrey Bolinger - 2nd place pillow making, and Hanna Cross - 3rd place cross-stitching. GCA's Beta Club Sponsor is Dr. Cheryl Whitlow.

First row - Ellen Howard, Anastasha Arosteguy, Mary Connolly, Brittany Allen, Emma Whitlow
Second Row - Hanna Cross, Aubrey Bolinger, Olivia Pitcock, Christa Wing
Third Row - Travis Whitlow, Madison Short, Jon German, Ethan Young, Caleb Shaw

Thank you,
Melanie Austin

Waiting on the snow...
Picture Featured:    February 04, 2012 Waiting on the snow...
Cathy Hawkins sent us this photo and writes:
Just waiting on the snow. It's our dog, Fancy.

Owners Dale and Anna Meadows

Donating blood
Picture Featured:    February 05, 2012 Donating blood
Loretta Cummings sent us this photo January 30th and writes:
Employees from Glenview Health Care Facility took time out today to donate blood to the American Red Cross.

Pictured left to right are:
Felicia Devore, RN, MDS, Teresa Hall, RN, ADON, Loretta Cummings, ADT.

Blane Glass
Picture Featured:    February 06, 2012 Blane Glass
Denise and Greg Glass sent us this photo and write:
We'd like to share a picture of our son, Blane Glass, who is stationed in Afghanistan. Blane is the son of Denise and Greg Glass. He is married to Kristy (Slayton) and has 2 small girls who are looking forward to their daddy coming home sometime this summer.

We would just like to ask everyone to keep him and all of the other soldiers in their prayers and thoughts.

Denise and Greg Glass

Picture Featured:    February 07, 2012 Unretouched!
Greg Hollander sent us this photo through Billy Ray and writes:
Good morning Billy!

I’ve attached the barn/rainbow photo for you. I’m flattered that you like it, and you’re welcome to use it however you wish.

The photo is unretouched, which is a bit unusual in today’s world of photo-shopping! I think the irony of the photo, is that the rainbow appears to lead to the old barn, which is at the edge of a rural residential neighborhood full of beautiful new homes. I love the old rural Kentucky structures like this barn, and I am always grateful to be able to see them as they continue to withstand the decades of weather.

Hope to see you again soon at George J’s. Have a great weekend.

Greg Hollander
Architectural Designer
Scott, Murphy & Daniel, LLC
Bowling Green, Ky.

Remember Newberry's?
Picture Featured:    February 08, 2012 Remember Newberry
Samuel Terry sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, this picture has gotten more comments than any other photo I have ever posted on the We Grew Up in Glasgow Facebook page. It's just phenomenal to hear the memories people have.

The Luncheonette Counter at J.J. Newberry's on the North Public Square in Glasgow is one the most treasured places in the collective memory of people who grew up in Glasgow. Melba Humphrey presided over the counter where thousands of her Mexican Hamburgers and gallons of her Cole Slaw were served to generations of patrons. The Barren County Government Center is now built on the site.

Butterflies for Maddie Donation
Picture Featured:    February 09, 2012 Butterflies for Maddie Donation
Tony Morgan sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill, thought this picture would be great to show all the super people that have helped the foundation become successful. Glasgow and surrounding areas are great supporters and deserve to know how they help others. Butterflies for Maddie donated 35K to Kosairs Children's Hospital of Louisville in January during the 3rd annual lectureship to educate hospital staff on childhood illnesses. This money was money raised during last year's fundraising efforts. This year's race is April 21st. Everyone is welcome and thanks so much!!!

NJE Ambassadors for January
Picture Featured:    February 10, 2012 NJE Ambassadors for January
Ron Bowman sent us this photo and writes:
North Jackson Ambassadors for January 2012

Front Row: Kelton Houchens, Jackson Reece, John Parker Hyde, Jonna Kate Ford

Second Row: Aaron Fisher, TayShan Martin, Jordan Jackman, Mattie Mansfield, Patrick Goatley, Seth Medford, Daniel Wright

Third Row: Harrison Davis, Caroline Forrester, Leah Jessee, Natalie Gray, Eli Reynolds, Aleia Kate Harper, Brayden Shipp, Noah Hale, Caden Clark, Mollie Webb

Not Pictured: Kaleb Mitchell

Ron Bowman
North Jackson Elementary, Barren County Schools

Happy Valentine's Day!
Picture Featured:    February 11, 2012 Happy Valentine
Kenny and Tammy sent us this photo and writes:
Two of our cats, Snowball and Missy, sharing a loving moment.

Kenny and Tammy

Thinking of others first!
Picture Featured:    February 12, 2012 Thinking of others first!
Jeremy and Kelly Jenkins sent us this photo and writes:
I just wanted to share a picture of my daughter, Maya Jenkins. For her 6th birthday, instead of presents for herself, she asked her friends and family to bring donations for the animals at BRAWA. This picture is Maya Jenkins, Maude Forrester, Maya's best friend, and Margie Patton of BRAWA. Maya has such a great heart and passion for animals. We are very proud of her. :) Our hopes are that more children will do the same thing for BRAWA animals!

Thank you,
Jeremy and Kelly Jenkins

BRAWA - Barren River Animal Welfare Assn.

Visiting the Courthouse
Picture Featured:    February 13, 2012 Visiting the Courthouse
Karen Davis sent us these and writes:
The North Jackson Ambassadors visited the Courthouse 1-26-2012.

Ky. League of Cities Reception
Picture Featured:    February 14, 2012 Ky. League of Cities Reception
Mayor Trautman sent us this photo and writes:
On Feb 1st several department heads, council members and Mayor Rhonda Trautman represented the City of Glasgow at the annual Kentucky League of Cities Day and Night Out Reception in Frankfort. The purpose of the all-day event is to provide city officials a chance to attend the legislative session and meet with local elected officials as well as staff of Kentucky League of Cities and staff from various state offices. Governor Beshear and Lt. Gov. Abramson were also in attendance and welcomed the city officials.

“It is important to have a positive working relationship with officials in Frankfort and the KLC Event is a good way for local officials to network with representatives of state agencies, KLC and the Governor’s office. KLC should be commended for providing us with the opportunity” states Mayor Trautman.

Shown in the picture from left to right, Superintendent of Public Works Kurt Frey, Glasgow Police Chief Guy Turcotte, Parks and Recreation Director Eddie Furlong, Governor Steve Beshear, Mayor Rhonda Trautman, State Representative Johnny Bell, Glasgow Fire Chief Tony Atwood and Councilmember Doug Isenberg. Senator David Givens was also in attendance.

Rhonda Riherd Trautman
Mayor, City of Glasgow

Pink Out Day
Picture Featured:    February 15, 2012 Pink Out Day
Krissie Coe Fields sent us this photo and writes:
The Barren County Court Clerk’s Office participated in Pink Out Day to support the efforts of Barren County Schools on Tuesday, January 31st. Those available for the picture were:

Front L-R: Lisa Matthews, Krissie Coe Fields, Aimee Grinstead, Polly Claywell

Back L-R: Anne Taylor, Jennifer Hayden, Tracey Roberts, Ashley Tarry, Jenna Runyon, Reva Jolly

Krissie Coe Fields
Barren County Circuit/District Court Clerk

North Jackson Elementary
Picture Featured:    February 16, 2012 North Jackson Elementary
Ron Bowman sent us these:
(upper photo) Picture and information submitted by: Tina Sharp

A new club at North Jackson Elementary is our J-Fit Club. J-Fit stands for Jaguars--Friends in Training. This club meets one afternoon a week to walk on the new walking trail, play basketball, and various other activities that involve becoming physically fit. The members are also a part of Barren County's new fitness program, "We Can" 100 Mile Club.

Pictured front row, left - right, Hannah Turner, Ashton Burris, Darian Bowles, Kristina Jackson, & Madison Tomko.
Pictured back row, left-right, Mason Tomko, Jake Essex, Chance Beals, Dalton Ford, & Spencer Steenbergen. Tina Sharp, Sponsor.

(lower photo) Picture and Information submitted by: Tina Sharp at North Jackson Elementary

Here is a picture of NJE's student council. "Six members of the North Jackson Elementary Student Council had the privilege to sit in on a Barren County Fiscal Court meeting in January. The students were enlightened about the business of Barren County and hope to return at a future date."

Pictured left to right: Maddie Martin, Mason Tomko, Tripp Taylor, Mallory Pedigo, Katie Pack, and Erin Wilson. Sponsor is Tina Sharp, 6th Grade Teacher.

National Take Back Day Apr. 28th
Picture Featured:    February 17, 2012 National Take Back Day Apr. 28th
Wade Brewer sent us these and writes:
I just wanted to remind everyone about the Prescription Medication Take Back Program that the Glasgow Police Department is utilizing. The National Take Back Day administered by the D.E.A. will be held on April 28, 2012. If anyone has any medication to dispose of, please bring it to the police department and place it in our container. Attached is a photo of the take back container and photos of the pills that have already been disposed of. These pictures do not include the amount of liquid medication that the police department has received.


Wade Brewer
Public Affairs Officer
Glasgow Police Department

Line Dancing!
Picture Featured:    February 18, 2012 Line Dancing!
Loretta Cummings sent us these and writes:
Our residents here at Glenview Health Care enjoyed an afternoon line dancing with Kickin Country. Special thanks to you all for coming out and spending the afternoon with us.

Souper Bowl of Caring
Picture Featured:    February 19, 2012 Souper Bowl of Caring
Brittany Simpson sent us this photo and writes:
The Glasgow Christian Academy Jr. and Sr. Beta clubs worked together to sponsor an event called the Souper Bowl of Caring this month. Students and staff were asked to bring in non-perishable foods in an effort to provide for the needs of the community. By working to alleviate hunger in Barren County, students were able to learn about providing for the physical needs of others. The food will be donated to a local food pantry where the work of meeting people’s spiritual needs in addition to their physical needs will be done. Overall, 931 food items were collected!

Brittany Simpson

A good photo for Presidents Day
Picture Featured:    February 20, 2012 A good photo for Presidents Day
Samuel Terry sent us this photo (A good photo for Presidents Day) and writes:
In the late 1920's or early 1930's Glasgow's Edmund Rogers Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution presented a tableaux honoring former presidents and first ladies. Captured in time in their costumes on the front row were Dr. George Pedigo as George Washington and Katherine Shirley Baird (Mrs. Virgil) as Martha Washington. Standing, left to right: Mrs. D.B. Hodges as Mary Todd Lincoln, Mrs. Luther C. (Lois, mother of Lou) Ellis as Mrs. Martin van Buren, Mrs. Ed L. (Maye) Kerley as Mrs. Calvin Coolidge, Mrs. Day (Nellie Burnett whose father was president of Liberty College) Dickinson as Mrs. James Monroe, Mrs. Karl (Mary Dixon who taught music and directed the Glasgow Orchestra) Rapp as Mrs. James Madison, Mrs. Tom (Annie Eliza Preston) Delvaux as Martha Randolph who acted as first lady for her father Thomas Jefferson, Mrs. Paul W. (Annie Dickinson) Holman Sr. as Mrs. John Adams, Mrs. Ella Dixon as Mrs. Anna F. Harrison, Mrs. J. Hascal (Lera Breeding, mother of John Terry, Marjorie and Bok) Mitchell as Mrs. Benjamin Harrison.

Judge Patton and Mercy!
Picture Featured:    February 21, 2012 Judge Patton and Mercy!
Judge Phil Patton sent us this cool photo and writes:
Mercy, my loyal courthouse dog.

Flowers Blooming in February?
Picture Featured:    February 22, 2012 Flowers Blooming in February?
Jeff Edwards sent us this photo entitled "Flowers blooming in February?" and writes:
We have these little flowers blooming all over our front yard.

A Singing Valentine
Picture Featured:    February 23, 2012 A Singing Valentine
Paulette Wasylycia sent us these and writes:
My mother, Mary D. Carter, received a singing Valentine gift from my husband and me on Feb. 13th, 2012. She was joined by friends: Margie Carder, Evelyn Cash, Billie Tolle, Ruth Rigsby and Mrs. Strader. The Lock and Key Quartet sang for her/them... absolutely beautiful! Thought you might like to see some pictures from that.

Thank you,
Paulette Wasylycia
Glasgow, Kentucky

Andi and The Donald
Picture Featured:    February 24, 2012 Andi and The Donald
Steve Ward sent us this photo and writes:
This is Andi Ward with Donald Trump. Andi is Series Producer for Celebrity Apprentice this season which begins February 19 on NBC. This shot was in NYC on the last day of filming for this season in the Boardroom at Trump Tower on 5th Avenue. Andi is now in LA doing post production for this season’s shows.

Happy Valentines Day!
Picture Featured:    February 25, 2012 Happy Valentines Day!
Loretta Cummings sent us these and writes:
Glenview Health Care had their annual Valentine Party Feb. 14th with special guest singing from Dennis Devore and Amy Loyall. Our residents simply had a blast, clapping, singing along and dancing. Thank you so much Dennis and Amy for making their day special. I would also like to thank the families for sharing this time with us.

photos left to right are King Charlie Whitlow, Queen Joyce Pedigo

Runners Up Clarence Scott, Mattie Slayton

Singing are Amy Loyall and Dennis Devore

A Saturday in the 50s
Picture Featured:    February 26, 2012 A Saturday in the 50s
Winston Nunn sent us this photo and writes:
This is a Saturday on the Public Square in the 1950's.

Marty and the Squirrel
Picture Featured:    February 27, 2012 Marty and the Squirrel
Marty and Clara Stilts sent us this photo and write:
Marty and this squirrel were at a standoff. He had thrown out some nuts for the squirrels. Mr.Squirrel was mad, Marty had the camera taking pictures and squirrel wanted him to go in. Love watching the squirrels playing in the yard. Oh, by the way, he got all the nuts.

Thanks for allowing me to share this. Just thought he was cute!!!

Marty and Clara Stilts
Glasgow, Ky.

Beautiful Sunrise
Picture Featured:    February 28, 2012 Beautiful Sunrise
Theresa Smith sent us this photo and writes:
Mr. Anderson,
I woke up early one morning and went searching for sandhill cranes to photograph. I didn't have any luck finding the sandhill cranes but I did get to see a beautiful sunrise!

Theresa Smith
Knob Lick

Road to Carnegie Hall
Picture Featured:    February 29, 2012 Road to Carnegie Hall
Linda Hitchcock sent us this photo and writes:
Dear Bill,
The Glasgow Musicale sponsored “Road to Carnegie Hall” concert and fundraiser performed by the Barren County Middle and High School Concert Bands under the inspired direction of Dr. Kip and Monica Crowder was a huge success. The appreciative audience filled the Plaza Theatre and $2600 was raised in donations to help fund the trip to New York in April.

B&PW President Betty Driver and Parliamentarian Krissie Coe Fields presented a $1000 check from the Business Professional and Women’s Association to a delighted Dr. Crowder. Fundraising efforts by the tireless Band Boosters led by Kelly Christian and Cindy Rutledge will continue until departure to ensure no student is left behind for lack of funding.

Tax deductible contributions of any size may be sent to:
BCHS Concert Band, c/o Dr. Kip Crowder, 507 Trojan Trail, Glasgow, KY 42141.

Glasgow Musicale sincerely appreciates the support of the Electric Plant Board and Cody Meek who filmed the event for posterity.

All the best, Linda Hitchcock, Glasgow Musicale President

Photo taken by John Hitchcock of check presentation:
From L to R: Krissie Coe Fields, Dr. Kip Crowder, Betty Driver and Linda Hitchcock

Chief Ranger Brad McDougal
Picture Featured:    March 01, 2012 Chief Ranger Brad McDougal
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
Brad McDougal named Chief Ranger

(MAMMOTH CAVE – February 24, 2012) Superintendent Patrick Reed announced today that he has selected Brad McDougal to be the park’s Chief Ranger, overseeing the Park’s Division of Law Enforcement and Emergency Services.

“Brad has been a law enforcement ranger at Mammoth Cave for twenty-nine years,” said Reed. “He has served with distinction, even achieving the Valor Award, the Department of the Interior’s most distinguished honor. Brad has served as acting Chief Ranger for extended periods on several occasions. I have great confidence in his skills, experience and abilities as he begins this new chapter in his career as the Park’s Chief Ranger.”

McDougal started his NPS career in 1980 as a seasonal ticket seller at Mammoth Cave. In 1981, he was hired as a park technician, his duties split between interpretation and resource management. The next year he moved into visitor protection and law enforcement.

In his following years at Mammoth Cave, McDougal moved up through the ranks: in 1994, he became the Park protection specialist; in 1996, a special agent; in 2005, he was selected as the Park’s supervisory ranger of operation within the Division of Law Enforcement and Emergency Services.

McDougal is a life-long resident of Edmonson County. He graduated from Edmonson County High School in 1976, and earned an Associate Degree from Western Kentucky University in 1982.

He and his wife, Pat, a retired Edmonson County school teacher, reside in rural Edmonson County not far from the park boundary. They have one daughter, Elizabeth, and one grandson, Jack Swayne.

When asked about his hobbies, McDougal, a proud grandpa, replied, “Golf and babysitting.”

- NPS -

Colon Cancer Awareness Month Proclamation
Picture Featured:    March 02, 2012 Colon Cancer Awareness Month  Proclamation
Mayor Rhonda Trautman sent us this photo and writes:
Mayor Rhonda Trautman and County Judge Executive Davie Greer declared March as Colon Cancer Awareness Month. Shown with the Mayor and Judge is Susie Bishop, RN, Community Education TJS Community Health..


To All To Whom These Presents Shall Come:

Whereas: colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in Kentucky and the Commonwealth currently ranks among the highest in the nation in colon cancer mortality; and

Whereas: it is believed that a public awareness campaign that informs the citizens of Glasgow and Barren County that colon cancer screening could save lives; and

Whereas: colonoscopy is a procedure that detects small growths or polyps so they can be removed before they develop into cancer; and screening finds colon cancer early when treatment can be most effective; and

Whereas: screening tests for colon cancer should begin at age 50, or younger if at high risk, and continue at regular intervals recommended by health care providers.

Therefore, We, Mayor Rhonda Trautman and County Judge Executive Davie Greer, do hereby proclaim the month of March, 2012 as

"Colon Cancer Awareness Month"

"Dress in Blue Day"

and call upon all citizens to ask their physician about this potentially life saving screening.

In Witness Whereof, We have hereunto set our hand and caused to be affixed the OFFICIAL Seal of the City of Glasgow, County of Barren, in the State of Kentucky, this the 29th day of February, in the Year of Our Lord, Two Thousand Twelve.

Rhonda Riherd Trautman
Mayor, City of Glasgow

GHS circa 1951
Picture Featured:    March 03, 2012 GHS circa 1951
Samuel Terry sent us this photo and writes:
The Faculty and Staff of Glasgow High School, circa 1951. Seated on front row, left to right: Miss Magadene Jameson, Clarkie Farley (little girl), Miss Lee Smith, Mrs. Bethel Steen Wimpy, Mrs. Leonard Bloss. Seated on second row: Mrs. Strode, Ena Grace Hendricks, Edna Helen Williams, Miss Mary Davis. Standing, left to right: Margaret Eversole, Mrs. Elsie Trigg, Mrs. Irene Boles, Miss Willie Mae Scott, Mr. Baker, unidentified man, Mrs. Granville R. Matthews, Mrs. Gene Farley, Dr. Gene Farley, Mrs. James Alspaugh, Mrs. Hollis (Olga) Norris, Mrs. W.E. Shirley, Mrs. Velma Pardue, and Mr. James Wimpy.

The Jackson Way Hotel
Picture Featured:    March 04, 2012 The Jackson Way Hotel
Winston Nunn sent us this photo and writes:
This is the Jackson Way Hotel at the intersection of West Front & North Race St. from the 1950's/'60's - notice water towers in the background. This is looking toward W. Main St.

South Green Elem. Jr. Beta Club
Picture Featured:    March 05, 2012 South Green Elem. Jr. Beta Club
Ted McMurtrey sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a picture of the South Green Elementary Jr. Beta Club between performances at the state convention last Thursday.

Left to right, starting at the top:
Xander Jones, Jaiden Franklin, Emma Pack
Alyssa Baker, Morgan Vaughn, Kaylee Moore, Breanna Cook
Lily Kate Mosely, Makena McMurtrey, Ella Hagan
Trinity Stockton, Palmer Lessenberry
Ryan Jones, Reed Gatlin, Tanner Bowles
Dylan Moore, Caleb Jones
Jalen Shirley

They finished third in the state in the group talent portion, and did a great job representing their school and their community!

Franks Mill Rd.
Picture Featured:    March 06, 2012 Franks Mill Rd.
Mike Chesnut sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, this is probably one of many storm pics, feel free to post if you think worth viewing. I took this picture Saturday at the intersection of the outer loop and Franks Mill Rd. looking northwest. This round rotating cloud seemed to have a funnel below it. This was at the time Glasgow, Hiseville and Munfordville were under a warning. Moments later I was hit with strong straight line winds that shook my car (and myself). As I listened to Henry Royse on WCLU and compared the view I had, I understand the speed and complexity of a supercell storm. There are many components of a storm. At the time of the strongest winds, there was no rain and sun was out to my south so I rolled down my windows thinking that may help my car stay on the ground.


Storm Chasers from Discovery Channel
Picture Featured:    March 07, 2012 Storm Chasers from Discovery Channel
Alecia sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, this my kids, Kobi and Chasey Jessie, at Shoney's in Glasgow with the Storm Chasers from The Discovery Channel.


Clear and Calm
Picture Featured:    March 08, 2012 Clear and Calm
James Clouse sent us this photo and writes:
It is hard to believe that yesterday (March 2nd) that strong storms were racing through Glasgow. Today’s weather is clear and calm.


March 9, 1960!
Picture Featured:    March 09, 2012 March 9, 1960!
Samuel Terry sent us these and writes:
March 9, 1960 brought one of the biggest snows on record to Glasgow. News accounts of the event state that 23" of snow ultimately blanketed the area. J. Mitchell Ellis captured these scenes outside his drugstore, George J. Ellis Drugs on the Square. According to news accounts of March 9th, Judge James Gillenwater and Mayor W.H. "Tubby" Grissom asked residents to keep cars off the streets in an effort to make room for emergency vehicles to maneuver through town. The Daily Times commended staffers for getting to work adding "(the) greatest majority of them hoofed it to town, with Clifton Kessinger getting the laurels for 'most hearty' of the crew. He waded through the waist-deep snow the 2 3/4 miles from home to office, all on foot. Others who didn't have to walk the full distance got lifts from John Ray Elmore in his stock truck, Rollin Underwood in his Jeep and Pedigo Pontiac's Jeep."

Nearly 500 Western Kentucky State Teachers College students were stranded in the snow while enroute back to Bowling Green from Lexington where they had attended the Western basketball game. Gov. Bert Combs requested that the L&N Railroad rescue 297 of the students and a special train was sent to deliver them from their snowbound plight. The L&N also added four cars to a regular southbound train to pick up 197 of the students stranded at Bonnieville. The National Guard was activated to aid residents in distress including getting Rev. W.C. Christie to Tompkinsville by Jeep to see his severely ill father. Glasgow Fire Chief Russell Francis was commended for getting "an imminently expectant" mother to the hospital in time for the delivery of her baby.

Yellow Shafted Flicker
Picture Featured:    March 10, 2012 Yellow Shafted Flicker
Carla Glass sent us this photo (yellow-shafted flicker) and writes:
busy working in back yard. thanks for sharing all the beautiful birds in our area...

carla glass

Spring Pink Wildflower
Picture Featured:    March 11, 2012 Spring Pink Wildflower
Wendell Kennison sent us this photo and writes:
Hello Bill,
I found this lonely little Spring Pink wildflower peeping up through the leaves today.... It won't be long until it is joined by many others seeking the warmth of the Spring sun...


Pajamarama Storytime
Picture Featured:    March 12, 2012 Pajamarama Storytime
The Mary Wood Weldon Library sent us this photo and writes:
On Thursday February 9, 2012 the library had a Pajamarama Storytime. The theme was camping! Everyone came dressed in their pajamas, played games, made crafts and sang fun songs.
Mary Wood Weldon Public Library

South Green Elem. Academic Team
Picture Featured:    March 13, 2012 South Green Elem. Academic Team
Pamela Lessenberry sent us these and writes:
South Green Elementary Academic Team, under the leadership of teacher Ryan Long, won the District Governors Cup last Saturday at Temple Hill Elementary. They move on to Regional Competition in March.

In the upper photo, Palmer Lessenberry receives a first place ribbon for Written Assessment in Language Arts.

In the lower photo, the South Green Elementary Academic Team receives the Overall first place trophy.

Austin-Tracy an Energy Star!
Picture Featured:    March 14, 2012 Austin-Tracy an Energy Star!
Melanie Shirley sent us this photo and writes:
Austin Tracy Elementary School Earns ENERGY STAR!

Austin Tracy Elementary School earned the EPA’s ENERGY STAR label for 2012 at a press conference at Barren County High School on Monday, February 20, 2012. The school was recognized along with five other schools in Barren County for reaching Energy Star certification. This milestone is a major accomplishment for Austin Tracy Elementary as it has focused its efforts over the past several years to be more energy wise and earth friendly. As pointed out on the website, top performing ENERGY STAR labeled schools cost forty cents per square foot less to operate than the average performers. Saving energy helps schools and districts to use their funds to better educate students by spending money where it is needed instead of on energy consumption. The event was marked by remarks from Dr. Terry Holliday, Commission of Education as he concluded a tour of several district facilities. Several school and district dignitaries attended the event as they noted the great accomplishments for Barren County Schools.

Pictured with Commissioner Holliday were Principal Scott Harper, Teacher Jeanie Rogers and Student Energy Team Member Garrett Stinson. Others pictured include Superintendent Bo Matthews, Board Chairman Robbie Toms, Board Member Charlotte Beals and other members of the district energy team.

Melanie Wyatt Shirley
Public Relations Representative
Austin-Tracy Elementary

A Barren County Fan
Picture Featured:    March 15, 2012 A Barren County Fan
Tonia Hardy sent us this photo and writes:
I would like to share the attached pic for the Glasgow Home Page. One of Barren County’s #1 fans. Congratulations on a great season! Go Trojans!

Tonia Hardy

February Ambassadors
Picture Featured:    March 16, 2012 February Ambassadors
Ron Bowman sent us this photo:
February Ambassadors for North Jackson Elementary

First Row:
Grant Harper, Isabella Smith, Avery Grieshop

Second Row:
Miles Crane, Trigg Carver, Arrah Carpenter, Abby London, Autumn Moss, Brenna Mace, Caleby Jones, Aubree Lee, Ryane Randall, Kathy Silab

Third Row:
Dalton Ford, Kaleb Mitchell, Spencer Steenbergen, Easton Frazier, Ty Aidala, Hayley Huddleston, Luke Allen, Jessalyn Bell, Taylor True,

Not pictured: Logan Toohey

Ron Bowman
North Jackson Elementary

Running is in the Family
Picture Featured:    March 17, 2012 Running is in the Family
Peggy Nims sent us this photo ("Glasgow Residents Complete Marathon") and writes:
Running Is In The Family: Glasgow residents, Don Nims (left) and his brother-in-law, Terry Bunnell, display their medals for completing the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, Alabama. Nims, a long-time runner, has completed marathons in Colorado, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee. This was Bunnell's first marathon.

Formal and Fine Dining
Picture Featured:    March 18, 2012 Formal and Fine Dining
Dallas Arosteguy sent us this photo and writes:
In recent weeks the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints of Glasgow and Sulphur Wells, Kentucky hosted a youth event for the Church’s Young Men & Young Women (ages 14-18). The evening pertained to formal and fine dining protocol. The evening was a 2½ hour event first with instructions as to the normal layout of fine china, crystal, and silver flatware one would use with different foods. Sunday dress was required along with good manners! Leaders for the event chose spaghetti for the main course for the meal. The general consensus was that if you can eat spaghetti in a formal setting you could eat almost anything!

The evening was a great success and more events pertaining to the advancement of the youth are in the making.

Submitted by:
Dallas Arosteguy
Glasgow Ward – Public Affairs
The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

On the streets of New Orleans...
Picture Featured:    March 19, 2012 On the streets of New Orleans...
Eddie Russell sent us these and writes:
How 'bout picture of the day? On the streets of New Orleans before the game.

Radio Court, Glasgow, around 1950
Picture Featured:    March 20, 2012 Radio Court, Glasgow, around 1950
Samuel Terry sent us this cool photo and writes:
Like towns all across America, Glasgow saw a boom in housing developments as the country's servicemen and servicewomen returned from their duties and settled down to domestic life. Radio Court, running parallel to Happy Valley Road, was Glasgow's version of just such a development. In addition to housing filling the area, some of Glasgow's most important industries were located in this section of town. The small rectangular building in the distance on the left side of the photo is WKAY, Glasgow's first radio station which went on the air in 1946. The local newspaper reported on September 26, 1951, that 45 building lots in Radio Court and other Glasgow properties were sold by the Home Building Company for a total sum of $10,820. This photo was captured from the vantage point of the present Cumberland Presbyterian Church property on the corner of West Cherry and Cumberland Streets.

(I was a DJ at WKAY from 1979 to 1984. WKAY later became WCLU when Henry Royse bought it - The WebMeister)

An excited Zachary
Picture Featured:    March 21, 2012 An excited Zachary
Melanie Shirley sent us this photo and writes:
Austin Tracy Elementary School recently participated in a service learning project called “Pennies for Patients.” This was through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society where their goal is to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. Throughout the course of the week students were asked to bring in money for their classroom’s collection boxes. There was one special third grader that went above and beyond his duties for collecting money for his homeroom. Zachary Bragg brought in money much like the other kids in his room and school, but what made Zachary stand out from the rest of his peers is the generous amount that he donated of his very own money.

His teacher, Mrs. Shirley was flabbergasted by Zachary’s thoughtful heart. “It scared me at first when the other students told me that Zachary had brought in a $100 bill and put it in the class collection box. I went to him and asked him where he got the money and why he had donated that amount? His response to me was that it was his money that he had gotten for Christmas and that his mother’s mother had died of cancer and he did not want any other student to lose their grandmother to cancer.”

Zachary was saving his Christmas money to purchase his own iPod Touch. He will no longer have to save his money as an anonymous donator generously donated a brand new iPod Touch. Zachary and Austin Tracy Elementary would like to sincerely thank the gracious donor for their gift. The hometown hero segment aired March 16.

Pictured is the excited Zachary Bragg with his brand new iPod that was given to him by a generous donor.

Melanie Wyatt Shirley
Austin-Tracy Elementary

Bradford Pear
Picture Featured:    March 22, 2012 Bradford Pear
James Clouse sent us this photo and writes:
A couple of blossoms from our Bradford Pear tree.


KCAA Basketball Awards
Picture Featured:    March 23, 2012 KCAA Basketball Awards
Brittany Simpson sent us this photo and writes:
Congratulations to the following GCA students for receiving KCAA Basketball Awards:

Emma Whitlow - JV 1st Regional All-Tournament Team
Ethan Young - GCA All Star Participant
Caleb Shaw - Varsity 1st Regional All-Tournament Team and 2012 KCAA Mr. Basketball

Brittany Simpson

Glasgow Christian Academy

Honoring Willa Beatrice Brown
Picture Featured:    March 24, 2012 Honoring Willa Beatrice Brown
Tommie Birge sent us these and writes:
On Tuesday, March 13, 2012, Stacy Norman Hammer, City Council Member and Tommie Birge, City Clerk represented the City of Glasgow by attending the Kentucky Women Remembered Ceremony at the Capitol Rotunda in Frankfort. One of the highlights was the unveiling of the portrait of Willa Beatrice Brown who was born in Glasgow. Ms. Brown was an African-American aerospace pioneer, the first African-American woman to hold a commercial pilot's license in the United States and the first African-American female officer in the Civil Air Patrol. The other two honorees were: Honorable Crit Luallen and Joan Riehm.

Pictured with Mrs. Hammer and Mrs. Birge beside the portrait of Willa Brown, is her cousin from Glasgow, Jane Hayes.

The group photo represents members of Ms. Brown's family which were present for the unveiling of the portrait.

Enjoying the sunshine
Picture Featured:    March 25, 2012 Enjoying the sunshine
Jeff sent us this photo and writes:
I went over to mammoth cave wednesday and took a walk thru the woods enjoying the day, looks like I wasn't the only one taking it easy and enjoying the sunshine, bambi here was laying right up by the road leaving the park along with some of its DEER friends, there were about three or so just wandering along the road, I shot this from inside my car with the window rolled down, it was that close.

2012 Regional Champs!
Picture Featured:    March 26, 2012 2012 Regional Champs!
Kim Burks sent us this photo and writes:
Just want to say how proud I am of this great group of young ladies and wonderful coaching staff on an amazing season!!!

Kim Proffitt-Burks
(Proud Aunt)

Barren Co. JROTC All-Female Color Guard Wins
Picture Featured:    March 27, 2012 Barren Co. JROTC All-Female Color Guard Wins
Angela Rush sent us this photo and writes:
Barren County JROTC All-Female Color Guard Wins

The Barren County High School JROTC participated in the 6th Annual 7th Brigade JROTC Drill Team and Academic Team Championships conducted at North Hardin High School on 10-11 March 2012. There were 1,700 plus cadets from 69 schools that made up 344 teams from Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. The Trojan Battalion All-Female Color Guard was awarded the 5th place trophy while competing against 50 other teams. The Trojan Battalion All-Female Color Guard consisted of the following cadets: Captain Autumn Kuhns , Major Amber Cline, 1st Lieutenant McKayla Humphrey and Sergeant Ashley Handley. “What an amazing experience that I hope to experience over and over again” says Cadet 1st Lieutenant McKayla Humphrey.

Pictured from left to right: Command Sergeant Major Freddie Joe Wilkerson, Amber Cline, Autumn Kuhns, McKayla Humphrey, Ashley Handley and Command Sergeant Major Phil Gearlds.

Story by: Cadet 1st Lieutenant McKayla Humphrey

Angela Rush
Barren County High School

Beauty in full bloom
Picture Featured:    March 28, 2012 Beauty in full bloom
(upper photo) Jeff Edwards sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill,
Here is a shot of a weeping cherry tree in my front yard. It is in full bloom. The bumble bees are loving it! I've seen some smaller weeping cherry trees around town, but most of them are very young. This one has been around for several years.


(lower photo) smcclellan sent us this photo and writes:


Proud Parents
Picture Featured:    March 29, 2012 Proud Parents
Suzie Scott sent us these and writes:
Dear WebMeister,
I have attached 2 pictures of my daughter Aimee Scott. Aimee is a member of the Park City Elementary Academic team. She won first place in Language Arts at the District Governor's Cup competition held at Hiseville Elementary on February 25, 2012. The first picture is of her, Park City's principal, Mr. Janes, and Cole Turner (who placed 2nd in the Social Studies division). On Saturday, March 17, 2012 Aimee competed at the Regional Governor's Cup competition, hosted by Highland Elementary, and tied for 5th in the Language Arts division (the second picture). Her parents, Scotty and Susan Scott, are extremely proud of Aimee and wanted to share this great accomplishment with everyone.

Thank you,

Regional Academic Winners
Picture Featured:    March 30, 2012 Regional Academic Winners
Yvonne Wilkinson sent us these and writes:
(upper photo) Highland Elementary - 1st place regional academic team winners

Pictured from left to right:
Front row, left to right: Daniel Dill, Mason Reid, Thad Dial, Lucas Goodson, Hunter Groves
Back row, left to right: Noah Smith, Scout Oliver, Amanda Lee, Alyssa Gore

Math : Noah Smith...3rd
Science : Mason Reid...tied 1st
Social Studies : Thad Dial...2nd
Language Arts : Daniel Dill...tied 5th; Amanda Lee...3rd
Arts & Humanities : Amanda Lee...1st
Quick Recall : 1st
Hume Sportsmanship Award

(lower photo) South Green Elementary - 2nd place in the regional academic tournament

Pictured from left to right:
Back row- Ryan Jones, Elias Banegas, Palmer Lessenberry, Matthew Polson, Gabriel Cowles
Front row- Cade Bishop, Lily Kate Moseley, Makena McMurtrey, Lauren Witt, Jack Moseley, and John Richardson

Elias Banegas - 1st place - social studies
Palmer Lessenberry - 1st place - language arts
Cade Bishop - 4th place - math
Matthew Polson - 3rd place - science
Ryan Jones - 6th place - math

Barren Co. FBLA
Picture Featured:    March 31, 2012 Barren Co. FBLA
Madison Kerley sent us this photo and writes:
Barren County FBLA attended the FBLA Regional Competition, held on March 15, 2012, at Western Kentucky University. 28 members placed in 17 events and 2 members were elected into regional offices. Miranda McKinney was elected as Region 2 President and Madison Kerley was elected as Region 2 Secretary. Other awards include: Brandi Akin and Rebekah Lancaster - 1st in American Enterprise Project; Bailey Birge - 1st in Talent (Most Entertaining); Allison Key - 1st in Job Interview; Madison Kerley - 1st in Newsletter; Rilee Matthews, Morgan Tomko and Kelsey Woodson - 1st in E-Business; Kyle Marr, Matthew Bunnell, and Madison Atwell - 1st in Emerging Business Issues; Megan Garrison, Maddy Wood, and Miranda McKinney - 1st in Business Presentation; Zack Baise and Mark Shipley - 1st in Marketing; Bailee Staples, Brilee Houchens, and Ambler Jewell - 2nd in Nametag; Tori Buckley - 2nd in Public Speaking I; Eric Skipworth - 2nd in Client Services, Alternate for Eugene Smith Scholarship; Megan Garrison, Miranda McKinney - 2nd in Community Service Project; Devon Stuart, Tristan Hurt - 3rd in Business Ethics; Braxton Smith - 3rd in Impromptu Speaking; Preston McFarland - 3rd in Intro to Technology Concepts; Travis London - 3rd in Local Chapter Annual Business Report; Kelsey Sturgeon, Paige London - 3rd in Website. These students will go on to compete at the FBLA State Competition on April 23-25 in Louisville. Winners there will have a chance to go on to National Competition in San Antonio, TX.

Back row (Left to Right): Preston McFarland, Bailey Birge, Miranda McKinney, Madison Kerley, Brooke Simmons, Cheyenne Bartlett
Middle row: Tristan Hurt, Madison Atwell, Megan Garrison, Paige London, Kelsi Adwell
Front row: Mia Hammer, Emily Huizenga

Beautiful Redbuds
Picture Featured:    April 01, 2012 Beautiful Redbuds
Theresa Smith sent us this photo and writes:
Mr. Anderson,
The redbud trees are really beautiful this spring!

Theresa Smith

Black Stone Cherry in Glasgow - Scotland!
Picture Featured:    April 02, 2012 Black Stone Cherry in Glasgow - Scotland!
Ben Wells sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a photo from our show tonight all the way across the ocean in Glasgow, Scotland! Enjoy!
Black Stone Cherry - Official Website

UK vs. U of L at the Final Four!
Picture Featured:    April 03, 2012 UK vs. U of L at the Final Four!
Eddie Russell sent us these from the Final Four in New Orleans (Eddie says attendance was 73, 361) and writes:
(top photo) Spectacular rendition of the Star Spangled Banner as the armed forces hold our flag!
(center photos) The Wildcat getting ready to go to war against the Cardinal, with Sir Charles Barkley during the pre-game show between them
(bottom photo) The UK cheerleaders & Wildcat with their moving pyramid on the floor

American Cave Conservation Assn. Volunteers
Picture Featured:    April 04, 2012 American Cave Conservation Assn. Volunteers
Peggy Nims sent us this photo and writes:
For the past several years, the American Cave Conservation Association (ACCA) has hosted Alternative Spring Break (ASB) groups from Boston, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, and Texas A & M Universities. This year ACCA welcomed a group of eleven enthusiastic volunteers from Boston University to Kentucky's cave region. Their home base for the week was Glasgow's First Christian Church.

The week began at Hidden River Cave and the American Cave Museum where the team removed limbs and debris from the cave entrance. When the rain interrupted this project, they divided into two smaller groups to load of trailer of relief supplies for Kentucky tornado victims and to provide judges for the Hart County Elementary Schools' science fair. Throughout the week, ACCA and the Boston Unversity ASB volunteers partnered with Hart County Solid Waste Coordinator Kerry McDaniel, the City of Horse Cave, and Mammoth Cave National Park ecologist Rick Olson to make a difference in the Upper Green River Watershed. Along the way, they learned about environmental issues related to Kentucky's karst area and the importance of protecting the groundwater.

The week concluded with a cleanup project at Hidden River Cave and a muddy trip along the banks of the underground river. According to Peggy Nims, ACCA's Education Director, "Our major role is to faciliate conservation projects throughout the week and to serve as community liasion for the volunteers. We appreciate all of our community partners and friends who showered the Boston University students with genuine southern hospitality. A special thanks to First Christian Church, and Jeff Bruce, minister, who provided housing, kitchen space and meals; to the Barren County Family YMCA who provided the tired volunteers with warm showers; to Don and Marge Shuga who opened their beautiful log cabin home to the students."

For more information about ACCA's volunteer projects, contact Peggy at (270) 786-1466.

In the photo, Boston University Alternative Spring Break volunteers included: Dominic Dayostino (TX), Justin Friedman (CA), Lindsey Shanks (MA), Stephanie Morrow (TN), Annie Lissandreuo (NY), Dennis Li (IL), Jennifer Doucette (NH), Chloe Ellison (MA), Elizabeth Pettinicchi (MA), Chenzhe Cao (MA), and Larry Whitney (MA). The students are pictured with local team leaders Rick Olson, Mammoth Cave National Park, and Peggy Nims, American Cave Conservation Association, with the mound of trash and recyclables collected from a cemetery near Jonesville in northern Hart County. Tires, bottles, rotting household garbage, a toilet, and the kitchen sink were removed to faciliate the restoration of this historical site.

Photo by Gene Bowen

Dogwoods on Maple
Picture Featured:    April 05, 2012 Dogwoods on Maple
Freeman McIntyre sent us this photo and writes:
Beautiful Dogwoods on Maple!

The Kentucky HeadHunters!
Picture Featured:    April 06, 2012 The Kentucky HeadHunters!
Friday, April 6th is The Kentucky HeadHunters Day!

On the afternoon of April 6th at 4:00pm in Glasgow, a proclamation will be read and presented, naming the day “The Kentucky HeadHunters Day” This special event is being held in conjunction with the concert at the Plaza Theatre to commemorate the day and honor Richard Young, Greg Martin, Fred Young and Doug Phelps for their musical contributions to the state and community.

“We are so pleased to have The Kentucky Headhunters at the Plaza during their 2012 tour,” said Mayor Rhonda Trautman. “As a show of support and pride in all they have accomplished and in recognition of their upcoming induction into the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame, we are pleased to proclaim April 6th as "The Kentucky HeadHunters Day." Their induction into the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame was announced two weeks ago at a press conference in Lexington. The inductees include seven Kentucky-born groups/artists including Exile, The Hilltoppers (Glasgow native Billy Vaughn), Steven Curtis Chapman, Skeeter Davis, Old Joe Clark, and Emory & Linda Lou Martin.

The Kentucky HeadHunters also have a history with the Plaza Theatre. “We are pleased to be coming back to the Plaza, where as children we saw movies like Cleopatra and the Sound of Music,” Richard Young said.

Since the band’s formation, the multi-platinum Grammy-winning HeadHunters have been touring constantly with hits like “Dumas Walker,” “Walk Softly on This Heart of Mine,” and “Oh Lonesome Me,” and on their new “Dixie Lullabies” they remain true to themselves and their home base of Edmonton, musically blending elements of Blues, Country, English Rock, Rockabilly, Jazz, and of course, Southern Rock.

The City of Glasgow and the Plaza Theatre cordially invite everyone to join us on the Courthouse steps, at 4:00pm on April 6 for the presentation of the proclamation (and we hope you've already got your tickets to the show, because it's sold out!).

The Kentucky HeadHuntersThe Plaza Theatre

Yellow Violet
Picture Featured:    April 07, 2012 Yellow Violet
Wendell Kennison sent us this photo and writes:
Hello Bill,
I want to share this picture of a yellow violet I found by the creek... There are actually 3 colors of violets,purple,white and yellow...

Wendell Kennison

Lady in White
Picture Featured:    April 08, 2012 Lady in White
Terri Pruitt Bacon sent us this photo and writes:
"Lady in White"... If you've lived in Glasgow any length of time you have your favorite dogwood tree. This one is mine. She quietly sits on the corner for all to admire.

Terri Pruitt Bacon

A weekend to remember!
Picture Featured:    April 09, 2012 A weekend to remember!
Eddie Russell sent us these and writes:
(top photo): from left to right: my son Aaron Russell, Aaron Reece, myself, Daniel Mooney.. what a weekend to remember!
(center): The fans were ready with their signage - and Doron Lamb shooting his last free throws as a Wildcat (probably).
(lower photo): Let the confetti rain down, how Great is #8!

TJ Babies - from 1933!
Picture Featured:    April 10, 2012 TJ Babies - from 1933!
Samuel Terry sent us this photo and writes:
Only a few years after T.J. Samson Community Hospital opened its doors, it hosted a gathering of mothers and babies in 1933. All of the babies had been born at the hospital.

Back row from left: Mrs. Rondal Oliver with Betty Jane, Mrs. Clay Coleman and Dorothy, Mrs. George Evans and Billy George, (unknown), (unknown). Second row from back: Mrs. Burton Downing, Mrs. B.B. Norris and Nancy Gayle, Mrs. Hollis Norris and Sammy, (unknown), (unknown), (unknown), Mrs. Paul S. York and Mary Elizabeth. In the front row: (unknown), (unknown), Sarah Alice Downing, (unknown), Sally Ann Moran and Mrs. Tom Moran, James K. Palmore and Mrs. A.K. Palmore, and Bill Oliver.

The T.J. Samson Community Hospital

Dogwoods on Circle Springs
Picture Featured:    April 11, 2012 Dogwoods on Circle Springs
Jeff Edwards sent us these and writes:
Hi Bill,
These are pictures from last week. Circle Spring is in full bloom. Both Pink and White Dogwoods everywhere.

J. Edwards

Getting ready for spring...
Picture Featured:    April 12, 2012 Getting ready for spring...
smcclellan sent us this photo and writes:

Green River Ferry
Picture Featured:    April 13, 2012 Green River Ferry
Clara and Marty Stilts sent us this photo and write:
Green River taken at ferry in Mammoth Cave National Park. Easter Sunday afternoon we drove around enjoying the beautiful day. This picture was so very calming and serene. Just wanted to share the beauty.

Clara and Marty Stilts
April 8, 2012

Dairy Freeze
Picture Featured:    April 14, 2012 Dairy Freeze
Samuel Terry sent us this photo and writes:
The Dairy Freeze was Glasgow's first "dairy queen-type" business and was owned by Earl and Carl Walbert who opened the business in 1952. It was located on the corner of Happy Valley Road and Garmon Avenue. The business was short-lived but it introduced Glasgow to a new type of restaurant.

Picture Featured:    April 15, 2012 Tulips
Jeff Edwards sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill,
Now is the time of year that our gardens are rich with blooms and flowers. Check out these Tulips.

J Edwards

American Pickers
Picture Featured:    April 16, 2012 American Pickers
Stephanie Hiser sent us this photo and writes:
My husband Scotty Hiser got the opportunity to meet the guys from the American Pickers show on the Discovery Channel. They were in Horse Cave today (4/6/12) filming a new episode of American Pickers.

Stephanie Hiser

Glasgow, 1897
Picture Featured:    April 17, 2012 Glasgow, 1897
Winston Nunn sent us this photo and writes:
Here are some of the Glasgow city officials from 1897! (remember any of these guys?)

Devil's Tower
Picture Featured:    April 18, 2012 Devil
Jeff Edwards sent us these and writes:
Hi Bill,
On a trip to Sturgis last year, I stopped by The Devil's Tower State Park. Lots of things to see there.

J. Edwards

Don't be a cuckoo!
Picture Featured:    April 19, 2012 Don
Bill Brogan sent us this artwork that Betty did. She writes:
Tossing Trash, From Our View, is What a Cuckoo would Do.

Bill - Attached is a photo of my rendering for the “do not litter” campaign for the Glasgow Garden Club. Thank you so much.

Betty Brogan

(In case you haven't noticed, the Glasgow Garden Club is rallying around Earth Day to try and promote awareness of local littering and how it hurts everyone in the community. Do your part - Show some respect and consideration - Don't litter!)

Keep Barren County Beautiful...
Picture Featured:    April 20, 2012 Keep Barren County Beautiful...
Linda Craiger sent us this photo and writes:
it's hard to see
    a flower or tree
with the sides of the
    roads covered with debris.

so please don't roll
    that window down
and scatter litter
    o'er our town.

just bag that trash,
    secure those loads,
and don't dump garbage
    on our roads.


Glasgow Garden Club

Enjoying the wildlife
Picture Featured:    April 21, 2012 Enjoying the wildlife
Julia Schooler and Colin Grant-Adams sent us this photo and write:
Hi Bill,
We have been watching this pileated woodpecker out at the farm. Colin and I enjoy seeing the wildlife. Glad to share this picture.

Julia Schooler and Colin Grant-Adams

Picture Featured:    April 22, 2012 Diana
Holly Travis sent us this photo and writes:
My little girl Diana loves flowers! She wanted me to take her picture with our knock out roses in the front yard. This is the best they’ve ever looked. They’ve blossomed early too because of the warm weather and look great because the June bugs haven’t eaten them up, which usually happens later on in the summer. Thanks for posting.

- Holly

Just say yes!
Picture Featured:    April 23, 2012 Just say yes!
Krissie Fields sent us this photo and writes:
Deputy Judge Executive Nancy Houchens and Mayor Rhonda Trautman joined the staff at the Barren County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office on Tuesday, April 10th for a Proclamation Signing for National Donate Life Month. Since the registry began in 2007, 10,121 Barren County residents have joined the registry in the Circuit Clerks Office. With more than 800 Kentuckians and their families waiting for an organ transplant, hope can be given with the registry. Pictured in no order are: Krissie Coe Fields, Circuit Clerk, Amanda Ballard, Polly Claywell, Cathy Craddock, Aimee Grinstead, Sandi Hammel, Jennifer Hayden, Reva Jolly, Evelyn Jones, Lisa Matthews, Janie Meadows, Diane Peden, Tracey Roberts, Jenna Runyon, Ashley Tarry, Carolyn Turner, Andy Wazelle and Will Hurt, Volunteer.

Krissie Coe Fields
Barren County Circuit/District Court Clerk

JUST SAY "YES." Register to be an organ donor at

The Old Courthouse
Picture Featured:    April 24, 2012 The Old Courthouse
Winston Nunn sent us these...
(upper photo) The old courthouse, which was torn down to make way for our current courthouse
(lower photo) Front of the old courthouse (facing the county building) with music being played, in the 1940's

Operation: Preparation
Picture Featured:    April 25, 2012 Operation: Preparation
Angie Rush sent us this photo and writes:
Operation Preparation at Trojan Academy

Trojan Academy students were excited to be a part of Operation Preparation week recently. The week was part of a continued effort to help students focus on the importance of planning for college and/or careers when they graduate high school. As part of the week’s activities members from our community shared part of their day with students and spoke with them about different career paths and what students would need to do while in high school to better prepare for those careers. Our Barren County school family would like to thank Starla Buckley, Jamie Bewley-Byrd, Michael Hale, Kenny Harper, Dr. Jim Heltsley, Chris Houchens, Keirsten Jaggers, Greg Mattingly, Kenny Mattingly, Andy Moore, Steve Newberry, Larry Pike, and Sherry Wesley for giving of their time and expertise to assist our students prepare for their future successes.

In the photo: During Operation Preparation, Dr. Jim Heltsley brought a special guest for Trojan Academy students to see. Pictured holding the snake brought in from Glasgow Veterinary Medical Center is Tomorra Spearman, 9th grade student, who attended the career exploration presentation.

Angela Rush

Brookgreen Gardens, SC
Picture Featured:    April 26, 2012 Brookgreen Gardens, SC
Pam Robertson sent us this photo and writes:
Taken at the Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina during Spring Break. Such a beautiful place! Enjoy!

BCHS Beta Club
Picture Featured:    April 27, 2012 BCHS Beta Club
Angie Rush sent us this photo and writes:
Barren County High School Beta Club: An Academic and Service Organization

Many clubs focus on community service, but Beta members set themselves apart through their academic achievements.

Beta members at Barren County High School have had many academic accomplishments at both state and third district competitions. In December, members traveled to Louisville for the annual state convention. Tori Buckley placed 2nd in oratory, Alana Alexander placed 2nd in pastel drawing, and participants in group talent placed 2nd.

Betas most recently competed at the Spring Third District meeting. Emily England and Brilee Houchens placed 3rd in handmade name tags, Clifton Hurley placed 3rd on the agriculture test, Alana Alexander placed 1st on the English test, and Bailey Birge placed 3rd in solo talent. Furthermore, Faith Harp served as Third District treasurer and Jacob Blair was just elected Third District president, exemplifying the Beta Club motto "Let us Lead by Serving Others."

The Barren County High School Beta Club has also been very active in the community over the past several months. During the holiday season, Betas participated in Angel Tree to give Christmas presents to underprivileged children, and for Valentine’s Day, Betas made cards and delivered them to patients at NHC Healthcare. Some of the fundraisers they have participated in include a hat day for Kosair Children's Hospital, Pennies for Patients through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and Bowl for Kids' Sake to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

The next project for Barren County Beta is Relay for Life, which will be held at Barren County High School on May 11th. The Betas will be hosting a concert night on April 14th at 6.00 at the high school auditorium to raise money for their Relay Team. Some of the acts that will be at the concert include Colton Kise, The Unpredictables, Farewell With Arms, Matt Bell & Judd Perkins, and Kelsey Crews. Reserved tickets are $5. For more information, contact Stephanie Esters at (270) 651-6315 or at To purchase tickets, contact Glenna Gardener at (270) 651-6315, (270) 670-2607, or at

Angela Rush
Barren County High School

Brookgreen Gardens
Picture Featured:    April 28, 2012 Brookgreen Gardens
Pam Robertson sent us this photo and writes:
Taken at the Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina during Spring Break. Such a beautiful place! Enjoy!

March Ambassadors
Picture Featured:    April 29, 2012 March Ambassadors
Ron Bowman sent us these and writes:
Here are two pictures. Both are NJE March Ambassadors for Habit 6. "Synergize" Work Together

The Three are Pre-School are were not here when the group picture was taken.

Picture 1: Cade Button, Shelby Vibbert, Abby Reeves

Picture 2: Habit #6 - Synergize - Working Together

Front Row: Victor Wilson, Hailey Gibson, Grant Mutter

Second Row: Tanner York, Kristina Jackson, Emily Allison, Kinley Smith, Jaylen Wilkerson, Hunter Lambirth

Third Row: Isiaha Johnson, Natalie Shirley, Mattie Anderson, Zack Wasson, Brooke Nunn, Aubree Turner, Cory Lee, Wade Walker, Emma Gray. Not Pictured with group: Kylie Dickerson

Up a tree!
Picture Featured:    April 30, 2012 Up a tree!
Cheryl Peden sent us this photo and writes:
Our 6-month-old Lab/Rottweiler puppy chased this groundhog up the tree next to our house.

Cheryl Peden

South Carolina
Picture Featured:    May 01, 2012 South Carolina
Pam Robertson sent us this photo and writes:
Taken at the Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina during Spring Break. Such a beautiful place! Enjoy!

Easter Egg Hunt
Picture Featured:    May 02, 2012 Easter Egg Hunt
Emily sent us this photo and writes:
Greater Vision Baptist Church had an Easter egg hunt for the children. The youth group worked hiding the eggs and the children all had so much fun. Before hunting eggs the children were served donuts, juice and milk, while the adults enjoyed coffee. Everyone had so much fun, including the adults who watched. Church pastor and wife is Bro.Steve & Sis. Debbie Williams. In children's church "Easter" and its meaning was once again taught.

Nunn & Nixon at the Derby, 1969
Picture Featured:    May 03, 2012 Nunn & Nixon at the Derby, 1969
Sam Terry sent us this photo and writes:
Governor and Mrs. Louie B. Nunn hosted President Richard M. Nixon for the Kentucky Derby on May 3, 1969. It was the first time a sitting U.S. President attended the race. The Nunn's hosted the Nixon's for the Derby in 1968 and Nixon commented that if he became President he would return the next year.

The Jordan River
Picture Featured:    May 04, 2012 The Jordan River
Creel Hatcher sent us these and writes:
This is a sunset in Petra, Jordan and the River of Jordan in Israel, on our recent trip to Israel and Jordan.

Creel Hatcher
Laboratory Manager
Southern Medical Laboratory

BCHS Senior Eric Skipworth
Picture Featured:    May 05, 2012 BCHS Senior Eric Skipworth
Angie Rush sent us this photo and writes:
BCHS Senior Eric Skipworth Advances in Rotary Speech Contest

Barren County High School senior and Magnet student Eric Skipworth competed at Glasgow Country Club in the Rotary Club Speech Contest on February 16th. Skipworth placed first place and received $100. On Thursday, March the 22nd Eric represented the Glasgow Rotary Club and competed in the Section 4 contest and placed first winning $400. This allowed him to advance to Central Regionals at Bowling Green Country Club on April 25th where Eric also placed first and won $500. Upon winning that competition, Skipworth is allowed to advance to the May Finals located in Frankfort, where he will compete against the East and West Regional contestants for a $1,000 first place prize. The theme for each year is decided by the National Rotary President. This year it is "Reaching Within to Embrace Humanity." Contestants are asked to relate this theme to a personal experience they have had in their lifetime.

Angela Rush
Barren County High School

National Music Week May 6-12
Picture Featured:    May 06, 2012 National Music Week May 6-12
Linda Hitchcock sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill,
Mayor Rhonda Trautman and County Judge Executive Davie Greer signed a joint Proclamation for Glasgow Musicale in honor of National Music Week which is celebrated this year May 6-12, 2012. John Hitchcock took the attached photo which includes past and present board members.

all the best,
Linda Hitchcock

L-to-R standing: Barbara Pendleton, Sydnie Dickison, Mary Elizabeth Berry, Samuel Terry IV, Lenell Leech, Shelia Kinneer, Linda Hitchcock
Seated: County Judge-Executive Davie Greer and Mayor Rhonda Trautman

Local Musicians
Picture Featured:    May 07, 2012 Local Musicians
Sam Terry sent us these and writes:
(upper photo) Glasgow and Barren County have a rich musical heritage that reaches back to the earliest days of our community's existence. In the late 19th and early 20th century, numerous musical groups were active in our area. The Glasgow Musicale is pleased to share with the community some memories of our local musical tradition as we observe National Music Week (May 6-13). National Music Week has as its objective "to create an understanding and appreciation of the value of music in the home, the community, the nation, and the world." The image is of the Glasgow Concert Band posed on the steps of the Barren County Courthouse in 1920.

(lower photo) The local Glasgow musical group known as "Our Gang" posed for photographer Adolph Rapp in 1894. On the front row, left to right, Al Baker, Perry Hawkins, and John M. Redding. Middle row: Elmer Breeding, Haiden Trigg, Edwin Porter, George Lewis and Rice Ballard Trigg. Back row: Wilbur Moss, Robert H. Porter, Elvin Pedigo, Guy Dickinson, Jack Major and Charlie Lewis.

Remembering Billy Vaughn!
Picture Featured:    May 08, 2012 Remembering Billy Vaughn!
Sam Terry sent us these and writes:
In observing National Music Week, the Glasgow Musicale recalls Glasgow's most well-known musician, Billy Vaughn (1919-1991). Billy achieved great success, first with "The Hilltoppers" and later as a band leader and composer. For a more comprehensive listing of information about Billy, visit One of Billy's compositions was "Jimtown Road," and performed by The Mills Brothers ( The Jimtown Road is now known as Roseville Road and Jimtown was the historical name for Fountain Run. Some of the persons mentioned in the song were "Puddin'" Hagan and "Brother" Grissom who was Billy's brother-in-law and former Glasgow Mayor Tubby Grissom. There is a veiled reference to Pauline Tabor, the famous Bowling Green madam as well as mention of Barren County.

The Vaughn family of musicians: Grace Vaughn Simmons, Charlotte "Coogie" Vaughn Grissom, Inez Vaughn Biggers, accompanied by their brother, Billy Vaughn who later became a world-renowned bandleader.

Billy Vaughn played with various groups during his life. In this circa 1938 photo made at the National Guard Armory in Bowling Green, Billy appears with several Glasgow musicians, including Russell Daugherty who later became Commander-in-Chief of the Strategic Air Command. L to R front row: H C Biggers, William Gabbard Jr., James Pedigo, Jimmy Huffman, Beverly Hall, Billy Vaughn at the piano, Roy Holmes. Back Row: Tom Connors, David Highbaugh, Vic Showalter, Russell Dougherty, Hall Potts.

Ladies Matinee Musicale
Picture Featured:    May 09, 2012 Ladies Matinee Musicale
Sam Terry sent us this photo and writes:
The Ladies Matinee Musicale was organized in 1894 and the founders declared "Our goal is to make music an integral part of our community life." Since that long-ago gathering, the organization has striven to achieve that goal through its work. Just as our community has changed, so has the membership now known as the Glasgow Musicale and inclusive of men. In 1948, Barren County celebrated it sesquicentennial (or 150th anniversary) with many activities and one was the largest parade ever to occur in Glasgow and it was also the largest local public gathering in our history. Local semi-professional photographer J. Mitchell Ellis captured this image of some costumed members of the Ladies Matinee Musicale on organization's float in the parade.

Pat Kingery and the Kentuckians
Picture Featured:    May 10, 2012 Pat Kingery and the Kentuckians
Sam Terry sent us this photo and writes:
One of Barren County's most popular musical groups in the mid-twentieth century was The Kentuckians. In this photo, the adults from left are Pat Kingery, Iola Weaver, Tommy Bellamy, Bill Wagoner, and Troy Basil. Another female vocalist who sang with the group was Elva Carver (not in this photo). One of the group's records on the Goldenrod label was "Two Toned Love" (listen here: featuring Carver and Kingery.

Old Cars?
Picture Featured:    May 11, 2012 Old Cars?
Jeff Wagner sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill,
Ever since I was a kid, I have been fascinated by old cars. I can remember every time the family drove out 31-E going north, I could not wait to see the old Chevy and Edsel on the right a few miles out. Today I decided to get the camera out and go messing around and found a few old cars to photograph. This 1949 Caddy is at a friend's house out Highway 1297. If anyone has an old car or truck on their property and would mind me stopping by, I would love to take a few photos and hear about the history on it. Please email me at:


Winston and his DeSoto
Picture Featured:    May 12, 2012 Winston and his DeSoto
Winston Nunn sent us these...
Winston Nunn has sent us several pictures in the last few months to use. This is Winston himself and his 1957 DeSoto!

Flowers on the Mailbox
Picture Featured:    May 13, 2012 Flowers on the Mailbox
Jeff Edwards sent us this photo and writes:
We've got flowers blooming all over our mailbox. These vines come back each year.

J. Edwards

Carol's Flowers
Picture Featured:    May 14, 2012 Carol
Jack Barrett sent us this photo and writes:
I hope you enjoy the photos I shared. Here is a picture of Carol's flowers; they are real pretty this year.


Scary Photo...
Picture Featured:    May 15, 2012 Scary Photo...
Ted McMurtrey sent us this photo and writes:
This picture was taken Monday, 4/30, when we were coming out of Hibbett's.


Discovery's Final Flight
Picture Featured:    May 16, 2012 Discovery
Monty Foster sent us these and writes:
Dear WebMeister,
I was fortunate enough to be near Kennedy Space Center on April 17, which was the date of Space Shuttle Discovery's final departure from Florida. I've attached some pics I took as she began the flight to her new home at the Smithsonian. These were taken at the Manatee Overlook Deck in the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, less than a minute after takeoff. The control tower visible in one of the pics is for the drawbridge at Haulover Canal.

Rock on,
- Monty Foster
103.7 The Point

Black Bear
Picture Featured:    May 17, 2012 Black Bear
Jason & Pam Robertson sent us this photo and write:
After visiting the Smoky Mountains for many years, especially the last 10 years, finally we saw total of 6 black bears! This is actually a Momma Bear, her cub was nearby! Hope everyone enjoys!

Jason & Pam Robertson

At the market (in the '40's)...
Picture Featured:    May 18, 2012 At the market (in the
Winston Nunn sent us this...
Chris Grinstead and his father (RH Grinstead?) at their market next door to the Plaza - taken in the 1940's.

Brookgreen Gardens, SC
Picture Featured:    May 19, 2012 Brookgreen Gardens, SC
Pam Robertson sent us this photo and writes:
Taken at the Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina during Spring Break. Such a beautiful place! Enjoy!

2012 FBLA State Conference
Picture Featured:    May 20, 2012 2012 FBLA State Conference
Madison Kerley sent us these and writes:
20 members from Barren County FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) attended the 2012 FBLA State Conference, held April 23-25 at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, KY. Members placed in the following events: 1st place in Public Speaking 1- Tori Buckley; 1st place in Most Entertaining- Bailey Birge; 1st place in Eugene Smith $1,000 Scholarship- Eric Skipworth; 3rd place in Community Service Report- Miranda McKinney and Megan Garrison; 3rd place in E-Business-Morgan Tomko, Kelsey Woodson, and Rilee Matthews; 4th place in Emerging Business Issues- Kyle Marr, Madison Atwell, and Matthew Bunnell; 4th place in Marketing- Mark Shipley and Zack Baise; 5th place in Web Design- Paige London and Kelsey Sturgeon; 5th place in American Enterprise Report- Brandi Akin and Rebekah Lancaster; 4th place in Reporter’s Quill- Barren County FBLA. Winners will go on to compete at National Conference in San Antonio, TX, from June 29 through July 2. FBLA members attending the conference had a great time competing and networking with business leaders and other members statewide. Future Business Leaders of America is a co-curricular student organization designed to prepare students for careers in business fields.

(top row): Madison Kerley accepts Barren County FBLA’s award for 4th place in the Reporter’s Quill competition, Bailey Birge received 1st in Most Entertaining, Brandi Akin and Rebekah Lancaster accept their awards for 5th place in the American Enterprise Report competition
(center): Miranda McKinney and Megan Garrison accept their awards for 3rd place in Community Service Report, Madison Atwell and Matthew Bunnell accept their awards for 4th place in Emerging Business Issues
(bottom row): Zack Baise and Mark Shipley accept their awards for 4th place in the Marketing competition, Paige London and Kelsey Sturgeon accept their awards for 5th place in Web Design, Eric Skipworth accepts his award for 1st place in the Eugene Smith $1,000 Scholarship

South Dakota
Picture Featured:    May 21, 2012 South Dakota
Kevin Myatt sent us these and writes:
The first picture was the view I had of my decoys and the buttes in S. Dakota for their opening turkey season (April 14th). The buttes were a mile away in that first picture, lots of beautiful country out there as we were just in the foothills of the Badlands. They primarily have Merriam Turkey's out there which is slightly different than our Eastern Turkey species here. We were only about 2 hours from Mt. Rushmore. Thought it was pretty cool and amazing to see. Thanks.

Kevin Myatt

Picture Featured:    May 22, 2012 Killdeer
Wendell Kennison sent us these May 5th and writes:
Hello Bill,
This Killdeer has been nesting in the middle of my gravel drive,a very precarious spot to say the least. She has weathered numerous storms, the garbage man and many visitors... I checked today after the very bad storm last night and found she had hatched 4 chicks, all healthy and thriving... Nature is indeed amazing...


Beta: Camo or Nerds?
Picture Featured:    May 23, 2012 Beta: Camo or Nerds?
Tammie Neal sent us these photos and writes:
(upper photo): At Red Cross Elementary, Beta's are Hiding Out with their Camouflage on Spirit Week! From Left: Kayla Roeder, Anne Marie Littrell, Sarah Skaggs, Gunnar Greer and Mariah Boss.

(lower photo): Look at those Beta Nerds! Left to right: Kinley Kinslow, Lydia Christian, Karalyne Morgan, Gracie Delk, Sophia Hoots are showing their Red Cross Spirit on Spirit Week.

By Jr. Beta Reporter Mattea Wyatt

Outdoor Beauty
Picture Featured:    May 24, 2012 Outdoor Beauty
Stephanie McClellan sent us these and writes:
(upper) one of the many knockout roses in our yard

(lower) This is blooms on a tree in our front yard! thanks for sharing

Stephanie & Jerry McClellan

Barren Co. Cheerleaders
Picture Featured:    May 25, 2012 Barren Co. Cheerleaders
Kayce Russell sent us this photo and writes:
Here are the Barren Co. Cheerleaders from the National Cheerleading Competition in Orlando, Florida, earlier this year. The cheerleaders placed 3rd in the small co-ed division. I would love it if you could post this on your website! Thanks!


Rhododendron bush
Picture Featured:    May 26, 2012 Rhododendron bush
Jeff Edwards sent us this photo and writes:
This huge Rhododendron bush in the backyard is doin' its thang!!

J. Edwards

Enjoying their ice cream!
Picture Featured:    May 27, 2012 Enjoying their ice cream!
Angie Morgan sent us this photo and writes:
This is my son and grandson enjoying their ice cream.

BCHS Balloon Launch
Picture Featured:    May 28, 2012 BCHS Balloon Launch
Paulette Wasylycia sent us this photo and writes:
Against a beautiful blue sky this morning, the Barren County High School seniors, class of 2012, launched their balloons.

What a sight to see -- all of those burgundy & gold balloons floating off into the air.

Paulette Wasylycia,
(Grandmother of Stacie Woodcock)

Key West
Picture Featured:    May 29, 2012 Key West
Marilyn Barrick sent us this photo and writes:
On our recent bike trip to Key West, Fl we stayed on the island of Marathon. This beautiful sunrise picture was taken from our balcony.

Marilyn Barrick

Honoring Our Veterans
Picture Featured:    May 30, 2012 Honoring Our Veterans
Clara and Marty Stilts sent us this photo and write:
Taken at the Glasgow Cemetery during the Memorial Day Service. The wind seemed to blow just at the right time. Was a beautiful sight as the Community Band was playing.

Monument at Glasgow Cemetery after the wreath was laid during Memorial Day Service.

If you have never attended the service, next year make an effort to. Such an honor to see those veterans that have served our country.

Clara and Marty Stilts

Gatlinburg Restaurant Patron!
Picture Featured:    May 31, 2012 Gatlinburg Restaurant Patron!
Charlotte and Mike Pruitt sent us these and write:
Who says you have to go to Cades Cove to see bear? On our recent trip to Gatlinburg, we were able to get a close look at this bear as he was on his way to the dumpster in behind Calhoun's restaurant. This wasn't his first trip, he stood up and with his front paws, opened the lid and proceeded to climb inside.

Thanks for letting us share.

Charlotte and Mike

Dr. Wright and Angela Sneed
Picture Featured:    June 01, 2012 Dr. Wright and Angela Sneed
Ron Bowman sent us this photo and writes:
Dr. Brent Wright, a Medical Director at T.J. Samson Medicine Center; presented the Body Torso Model to North Jackson Elementary Science Lab. We thank him for the fantastic gift. It will be an added resource in teaching the students about the human body at North Jackson Elementary.

Dr. Brent Wright & Mrs. Angela Sneed (NJE Family Resource Center) are shown in the photo above.

Submitted by Ron Bowman

Caitlyn Cook gets the Spirit Award!
Picture Featured:    June 02, 2012 Caitlyn Cook gets the Spirit Award!
Pete and Leonetta Cook sent us this photo and write:
Hey Bill, recently the Glasgow Scottie Band had the awards banquet for this year. Our daughter, Caitlyn Cook, received the Martha Ann Jolly Spirit award. The recepient is determined by the vote of the peers!

Way to go Caitlyn and thank you to Mrs. Jolly for her years of support to our Scottie Band!

Pete and Leonetta Cook

Aaden Matthew Hughes 3rd Birthday
Picture Featured:    June 03, 2012 Aaden Matthew Hughes 3rd Birthday
Bonita Shirley sent us this photo and writes:
Aaden Matthew Hughes 3rd birthday on May 30th. Aaden is the son of Jameson and Kari Gawjarone-Hughes of Louisville, grandson of Joey Jack and Bonita Richey-Shirley of Glasgow, nephew of Richey Gawjarone of Hendersonville, TN.

Thanks for letting Gram share!


Local Winners from Hope Tennis Tournament
Picture Featured:    June 04, 2012 Local Winners from Hope Tennis Tournament
Linda Craiger sent us this photo and writes:
Mr. Anderson,
The HOPE Tennis tournament, which benefits breast cancer research, was held in Bowling Green May 19-20. Ken Craiger and Joe Downing won first place in the Men's Doubles. Pictured L-R, Ken, Joe, and Ethan Gibson, volunteer for the tournament, star player on Glasgow Scottie tennis team last year, and current WKU student.

Blessed by Local Beauty
Picture Featured:    June 05, 2012 Blessed by Local Beauty
Theresa Smith sent us this photo and writes:
Mr. Anderson,
I pass by this farm every morning on my way to work. The yellow flowers in front of the barn were really pretty this spring. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area.

Theresa Smith

2012 Opening Ceremonies
Picture Featured:    June 06, 2012 2012 Opening Ceremonies
Suzanne Christy sent us this photo and writes:
Opening Ceremonies of the Glasgow Highland Games Saturday, 6/2/12.

Morrison Park Restoration Work
Picture Featured:    June 07, 2012 Morrison Park Restoration Work
Gary Bewley sent us this photo and writes:
Dear Bill,
I wanted to share with everyone the beautiful sign that was donated to the restoration efforts at Morrison Park. Mike Huspeth, who owns Hudspeth Lettering, donated the sign and even installed it for us. This was a special gift to the historic park and to the people of the county. Without people like Mike, we would not be able to do all that has been accomplished so far. In the photo, Mike is on the left and Buck Riddle on the right. You can also see one of the restored lodging cabins. It was through Buck's skill and labor, along with Delbert Birge and Bob Bell's assistance, that this small cabin has completely been restored and saved.

Thanks for letting me share the photo,
Gary Bewley

Kennebunkport, Maine
Picture Featured:    June 08, 2012 Kennebunkport, Maine
Monica Froedge sent us this photo ("Memorial Day in Kennebunkport, Maine") and writes:
Former President George H.W. Bush and Barbara at Memorial Day parade in Dock Square, Kennebunkport, Maine. President Bush is in a wheelchair because he has a neurological disorder that affects his balance. He still drives his boat and has good days and bad days, according to Barbara. Check out his socks.

Glasgow Baseball... 1920!
Picture Featured:    June 09, 2012 Glasgow Baseball... 1920!
Sam Terry sent us this photo and writes:
The Glasgow City League Baseball Club of 1920. The team was sponsored by Glasgow's four banks: The Trigg, Citizens National, Farmers National and First National. The letters on the uniforms denote the various banking entities, though the fellow with a "W" on his uniform is a mystery.

GCA's Class of 2012
Picture Featured:    June 10, 2012 GCA
Melanie Austin sent us this photo and writes:
Glasgow Christian Academy's graduation ceremony was held on Friday, May 25 at Glasgow Baptist Church. GCA's 2012 graduating class left to right: JT Russell, Olivia Pitcock, Aubrey Bolinger, Kerr Isidore, Travis Whitlow, Christa Wing, Hanna Cross, Josh Greer, and Caleb Shaw.

Melanie Austin

The Glasgow Christian Academy

Picture Featured:    June 11, 2012 Sunflowers
John Glass sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, wanted to share some beautiful sunflowers blooming in my back yard and still more to flower.

Carla Glass

Here's your new driver!
Picture Featured:    June 12, 2012 Here
tlane sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, we have always told Guy (Simmons) that he hits the ball so straight he could hit a tobacco stick down the middle. So we made him a new driver.

What a victory garden!
Picture Featured:    June 13, 2012 What a victory garden!
Jeff Edwards sent us these and writes:
Hi Bill,
Not only do we have flowers around the house, we also have a nice victory garden complete with tomatoes, squash, cucumber, green peppers, and green onions. I planted early and later stages of each. I hope to have veggies all summer long. I'll bring you a tomato or two!

--J. Edwards

The SOKY Sluggers 12U
Picture Featured:    June 14, 2012 The SOKY Sluggers 12U
Mojo Poore sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill. These are the SOKY Sluggers 12U. They recently competed in a USFA tourny in Lebanon. They weren't able to win it, but came in 2nd to a very good Fillies ball club.

Front row: Mojo Poore, Zoe Vaughn, Katie Hinkley, Nadia Poore, Hannah Judd, Mollie Settle.
2nd row: Jeff Hinkley, Harley Asher, Anna Neal, Whitney Perian, Zoie Ross, Katelyn Walker.
In the back: Jeff Settle & Marty Ross.

Picture Featured:    June 15, 2012 Fishing...
Matt and Becky Wheeler sent us this photo and write:
Wanted to share a picture of our grandson, Parker Clark, trying out fishing. Thanks for sharing.

Matt and Becky Wheeler

A Miracle Baby's 1st
Picture Featured:    June 16, 2012 A Miracle Baby
Debbie Sanders sent us these and writes:
These are pictures of my great-niece Aubrey Byrd celebrating her 1st birthday recently. This birthday is extra special because Aubrey is a miracle baby, having survived two open heart surgeries this past year, along with a couple of minor surgeries. Her parents are my nephew, Justin Byrd and his wife, Heather of Glasgow. Thanks for letting us share pictures of this little beauty!

From Debbie Sanders, Cave City

TVA Johnsonville
Picture Featured:    June 17, 2012 TVA Johnsonville
jwhite sent us this photo and writes:
Took a couple of pics from the TVA Johnsonville Plant.... Thought it might interest the EPB folks.

Garden of the Gods
Picture Featured:    June 18, 2012 Garden of the Gods
Mike and Ginni Landrum sent us this photo and write:
Here is a picture from our current trip out west. This is called the Garden of the Gods in Colorado. It is absolutely gorgeous!

Mike and Ginni Landrum

Important Service Project
Picture Featured:    June 19, 2012 Important Service Project
Dallas Arosteguy sent us these and writes:
A community service project was completed Saturday, June 9th, as to the following:

Respect For Our Ancestors

A community service project was held this past Saturday, June 9th at the Ralston-Renfro Cemetery, and two other small cemeteries in Barren County. Many small cemeteries have no maintenance and are overgrown and in deplorable conditions. We felt we owed it to our progenitors of Barren County laid to rest in small and forgotten cemeteries to keep their final resting place neat, clean, and not forgotten.

As an annual event “Day-of-Service” to the community and in hopes of building bridges of friendship between the peoples of all faiths, faith-based organizations, civic leaders, and community organizations three cemeteries were selected. Clean up 100% of the cemeteries was completed in a five hour period with the help of approximately thirty-five volunteers of the community.

The event was sponsored by The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints - Glasgow Ward. Linking Arms with Junior Achievement of South Central Kentucky – Rose Mary Byrd, Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Central Kentucky – John Botts.

A very special thanks to all those who helped! Our motto is "Helping Hands & Linking Arms."

Dallas Arosteguy, Public Affairs Glasgow Ward

View from Fort Williams
Picture Featured:    June 20, 2012 View from Fort Williams
Marty and Clara Stilts sent us this photo and write:
(upper photo) Taken at Fort Williams right before sunset. Thankful for every man and woman that has fought for our country.

(lower photo) Just wanted to share the sunset from Tuesday evening. These were taken sitting at Fort Williams. Such beauty that God chose to share with us.

Marty and Clara Stilts

GHS Class of 1947
Picture Featured:    June 21, 2012 GHS Class of 1947
Winston Nunn sent us this...
Can you identify any of these people from the GHS Class of 1947?

Winston says this was made on the steps at Liberty Street school. The photo was made by Bruce Aspley, who, according to Winston, did this for years. Winston is trying to identify everyone in the photo. He's got most of the guys identified, but not many of the girls. If you can help out, let him know.

Sonya Merritt
Picture Featured:    June 22, 2012 Sonya Merritt
Sam and Jennifer Merritt sent us these and write:
We'd like to share this moment of accomplishment:

On June 9, 2012, Sonya Merritt, daughter of Sam and Jennifer Merritt of Bowling Green, went to Cincinnati, OH to participate in the MLB Pitch, Hit, Run Team Championship at the Great American Ballpark after winning her age division at the local level and sectional level in Bowling Green. She placed first in her age division and is now eligible for a chance to compete in Kansas City, MO before the MLB All Star game next month. The announcement will be made June 24 on the MLB network as to who the three girls are nationwide in the 12U division that get to go. Sonya is a former Red Cross Elemetary student and native of Glasgow and will be attending South Warren Middle School as a 7th grader where she played middle school softball as a 6th grader for Coach Riggs, she also plays competition softball for the Lady Titans '99 based out of Clarksville, TN. You can view pictures of all of the competitions being held nationwide on Facebook on the MLB Pitch, Hit, Run National Fan Page or on the MLB webpage. This is truly a great opportunity for any child to participate in!

Thank you
Sam and Jennifer Merritt

Scottie Football... 1942
Picture Featured:    June 23, 2012 Scottie Football... 1942
W.S. Everett sent us this photo and writes:

Picture Featured:    June 24, 2012 VBS
Sharon Burgess sent us this photo and writes:
Temple Hill Baptist Church Held VBS 6/11 thru 6/15. We had 173 enrolled. The theme was Amazing Wonders Aviation. Pastor, Charlie Ausbrooks, Directors Sharon Burgess and Tracey Roberts.

The Superman Convention!
Picture Featured:    June 25, 2012 The Superman Convention!
Grant Landrum sent us these and writes:
Dad and I recently attended the Superman Convention in Metropolis, Illinois. We got to meet John Glover and Cassidy Freeman from the television show "Smallville."

Do you remember this picture? :) - The WebMeister

Bounty of the Barrens Farmers
Picture Featured:    June 26, 2012 Bounty of the Barrens Farmers
Billy Ray sent us this photo and writes:
Community life is alive and well each Saturday morning on the Glasgow Square. Bounty of the Barrens Farmers' Market brings local food, local music, and our community together. If you have not been there, you need to come!

Sustainable Glasgow/Bounty of the Barrens

Panama City Surf!
Picture Featured:    June 27, 2012 Panama City Surf!
Todd Barbour sent us this photo and writes:
This was the Sunday view at Panama City. The worst of the storm is expected to hit on Tuesday.

Bob Carson Promoted at MCNP
Picture Featured:    June 28, 2012 Bob Carson Promoted at MCNP
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
Carson named Chief of Science/Resource Management

(MAMMOTH CAVE, Kentucky – June 26, 2012) Superintendent Patrick Reed announced today that Bobby Carson has been selected as the Chief of the Science and Resource Management Division of Mammoth Cave National Park. Carson is a 35-year veteran of the National Park Service, with most of his years at Mammoth Cave.

“Bobby steps into this job with a wealth of experience, a strong academic background and a deep passion to protect and preserve the natural, historic and cultural resource at Mammoth Cave,” said Reed. “Bobby and his staff monitor and study the park’s plants and animals, caves, rivers and air, as well as the historic and prehistoric resources found in the cave and on the surface.”

Carson says his interest in nature and natural forces dates back through several generations of his family. “Some of my earliest memories are following my grandfather out to the weather station on his Ohio County farm to record daily weather observations,” said Carson. “My grandfather and great-grandfather were local observers for the National Weather Service for a total of 65 years.”

Carson attended Western Kentucky University, earning a bachelor of science in geography (1976), with a minor in earth sciences and a concentration in meteorology. His first job was working swing-shift for the National Weather Service in Louisville, but he soon took a day-shift position at Mammoth Cave monitoring radon gas inside the cave. Carson married Vickie (nee Thompson) in 1979, who also works for the National Park Service (NPS).

In 1989, Carson transferred to the NPS Air Resource Division in Denver, Colo., a network of 42 monitoring stations in park units across the country, including Grand Canyon, Hawaiian Volcanoes, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Acadia, Everglades, Denali, and Mammoth Cave.

Carson returned to Kentucky in 1994 and served as an air quality coordinator for NPS parks in the Southeast Region until 1997, when he was hired as the air quality specialist at Mammoth Cave. He has served as the acting chief of the division for almost two years.

The Science and Resource Management Division is supported by eleven staff, plus summer college students through the Student Conservation Association, and volunteers who donate 25,000 hours/year. Together they manage 29 projects, such as water quality, cave restoration, endangered species habitat protection, air quality, exotic species control, archival management, research permits with universities and sister agencies, and citizen science through the Mammoth Cave International Center for Science and Learning.

New EPB Linemen Earn Their Certifications!
Picture Featured:    June 29, 2012 New EPB Linemen Earn Their Certifications!
Cory Proffitt sent us this photo and writes:
These guys with the proud looks on their faces are Apprentice Linemen at the Glasgow EPB that have just been awarded their Journeyman plaques to be considered fully trained linemen. This is a training and certification process that takes about 5 years to complete. The guys above, left to right, are:

Noah Chambers, John Michael Morgan, Trigg Perkins and Billy Ray, EPB Superintendent. Congratulations on your achievement, guys!

The Glasgow Electric Plant Board
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