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This picture was featured December 26, 2007 ...
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The Magic of Christmas
December 25, 2007
Girl Scout Troop 232
December 24, 2007
Tater Tot Time!
December 23, 2007
December 22, 2007
Role Model Lank Graves...
Role Model Lank Graves...
Joy Godsey sent us these and writes:
Attached are 2 pictures taken last year at Christmas of Lank Graves with his cousins, Robert and Kaitlin. Lank passed away on December 2. We miss him very much, he was such a wonderful young man and a great role model for my 9-year-old son.

Thank you,
Joy Godsey

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Backyard BBQ
Picture Featured:    July 01, 2007 Backyard BBQ
Brad & Bethany McDowell sent us these and writes:
Saturday 6-16 we took our kids and a couple of their friends (L-R Cory Bowles, Joshua Kantosky, Jonathan Kantosky, and Justin Bowles) to Journey's Backyard BBQ at Cool Springs Galleria in Tennessee. The boys got to see Motor Cross demos from Metal Mullisha with Brian Deegan. Most of the Adio skate team where there doing demos as well. We got autographs from Shawn White, Kenny Anderson, Nick Dompierre, Ernie Torres. Steve Nesser, and many more. The pic was taken just before we left and these 4 boys were worn out.

There is also a great picture of Shawn White signing one of our skateboards.

Brad & Bethany McDowell

Back from Iraq
Picture Featured:    July 02, 2007 Back from Iraq
Charles Padgett sent us this photo and writes:
Joel Padgett, senior at Glasgow High School, tennis instructor for the Glasgow Recreation Department and waiter at Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant welcomes home his big brother Sgt. Miki Padgett from a fifteen-month tour of duty in Iraq. This photo was taken at the Benton, Kentucky National Guard Armory on June 23 right after Sgt. Padgett arrived. Miki, Joel and their dad, Pastor Mike Padgett, will be off to Costa Rica on July 25. Pastor Padgett is going for the 25th Anniversary of a church he started there. Joel and Miki will be helping in the church and then spending the rest of their time “going native” in the rain forrests of one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Sgt. Padgett was raised there and is bilingual. Joel has finished three years of Spanish at GHS and is learning more of the language at Mazatlan.

Charles Padgett

Picture Featured:    July 03, 2007 Rainbow
Donita Runyon sent us this photo June 27th and writes:
I took this picture this afternoon of this beautilful rainbow. I had to share it. Enjoy!

Donita Runyon

Picture Featured:    July 04, 2007 Bruiser
James Cotton sent us this photo and writes:
This is Bruiser, our family's 6-month-old Peekapoo puppy, relaxing in the shade after a bath and haircut. All of this hot weather we have had lately are making us think that the "dog days" of summer are already here!

Bethel Methodist Youth
Picture Featured:    July 05, 2007 Bethel Methodist Youth
Paulette Wasylycia sent us this photo and writes:
Just had to share this picture... managed to get most of our young folks together following church services on June 10th. We're so very proud of each and every one of them!

Paulette Wasylycia for Bethel United Methodist Church

Shawn at the Pyramid of the Sun
Picture Featured:    July 06, 2007 Shawn at the Pyramid of the Sun
Shawn Perkins sent us this photo and writes:
WebMeister Bill,
I recently went to Mexico City, Mexico on business and took an extra day to see some nearby history. This picture shows me in the ancient city of Teotihuacan which was inhabited from 100BC to 700AD. I am standing on top of the Pyramid of the Sun and you can see the Pyramid of the Moon in the background. These pyramids are connected by La Avenida del Muerte (AKA Avenue of the Dead), and, yes, long ago there were human sacrifices there.

Gracias por demonstrar mi fotographia! Hasta luego!

Shawn Perkins

The Champion Orioles
Picture Featured:    July 07, 2007 The Champion Orioles
Angela Mutter sent us this photo and writes:
The winner of the 2007 Barren County Live Arm Tournament for the 9/10 year old League is the Red Cross Orioles. We are so proud of the team. They worked very hard. The players are (front row): Aaron Richey, Corey Walden, Jonathan Bunnell, Dillon Hernandez, and Alex Mutter, (second row) Pate Shipley, Garrett Payne, Colton Kise, Corey Kise, and Ellis Wininger, (third row) Coach Brandon Wininger, Will Vance and Mark Shipley. Great job guys!

Temple Hill VBS
Picture Featured:    July 08, 2007 Temple Hill VBS
Sharon Burgess sent us this photo and writes:
Temple Hill Baptist Church just finished its Vacation Bible School last Friday, June 29th. We averaged around a 100 in attendance. We had a great Vacation Bible School. Here is our group picture. I thought everyone might like to see.

Sharon Burgess

Got Goo?
Picture Featured:    July 09, 2007 Got Goo?
Holly Travis sent us this photo and writes:
Dear WebMeister,

Got Goo?

I’ve sent you a picture of me with one the busiest groups in the music industry taken last February 9th at the Palace Theatre in Louisville.

The Goo Goo Dolls pictured left to right, John Rzeznik, (me), Robby Takac, and Mike Malinin, have been touring since Spring 2006 promoting their latest album “Let Love In”. Most recently they recorded a song entitled “Before It’s Too Late” for the new Steven Speilberg movie Transformers coming out this month.

This Buffalo, NY trio has been around since the late 1980’s with their biggest and most memorable hit being “Iris” from the movie City of Angels with Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan. Other hits include “Slide”, “Dizzy”, “Name” and “Black Balloon”. The band has had a record of 12 hits in the top ten on Billboard’s Hot Adult Contemporary Chart over the years.

I happened to be one of 15 lucky fan club members chosen from a lottery to meet the band before the show in Louisville. I’ve been crazy about them ever since they sang a duet with Elmo on Sesame Street. Thanks for letting me share.

Holly Travis

Joey and Rylee
Picture Featured:    July 10, 2007 Joey and Rylee
Cathy Goad sent us these and writes:
This is Technical Sergeant Joey Link of the US Air Force. He's suited up in his standard gear ready to take off in the C-130 Hercules that he navigates as Flight Engineer over the war zones in Iraq. His unit is participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan),and operations in the Horn of Africa. He is also pictured with his daughter, Rylee, on the day he left for Iraq. He is married to Windy Goad of Glasgow. He may look familiar as Joey used to be the recruiter for the Air Force in this area, but he is now stationed at Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene, Texas where Windy and Rylee await his return in October. We all would appreciate your prayers for the safe return of Joey and all our soldiers in the military.

At the Ky. Railway Museum
Picture Featured:    July 11, 2007 At the Ky. Railway Museum
Lori Crane sent us this photo and writes:
Last weekend (6/29/07) I took my daughter, Caitlyn Crane, and her best friend, Tristann Burks, to see Thomas the Tank Engine up in New Haven, Ky. at the Kentucky Railway Museum. This picture was taken soon after our train ride ended. I kept telling the girls that Thomas was taking us on a trip to the moon and when we ended 12 miles from the station to go back they looked out the window and looked back at me and said, "We are in a corn field!" They thought it was hilarious that I was so disappointed that we weren't actually at the moon. :) We had a really great time that day and for all you monkeys out there, Curious George will be there in September!
The Ky. Railway Museum Website

Ronnie Mosby at Jamestown, Tennessee
Picture Featured:    July 12, 2007 Ronnie Mosby at Jamestown, Tennessee
Valerie Smith sent us this photo and writes:
I took this breathtaking view at East Fork Stables in Jamestown, Tennessee. Ronnie Mosby (pictured), and I (Dr.Valerie Smith), went on a benefit charity ride for critically ill children. The charity is This Horse is Silent Cares. Their charity ride is held every year in June.
This Horse Is Silent Cares... Website

Wild Hogs
Picture Featured:    July 13, 2007 Wild Hogs
Janie Johns sent us this photo she entitled "Wild Hogs" and writes:
Last August, my mother-in-law, Betty Johns, lost her husband of 60 years. However, she has not lost her love for life and at age 77, continues to surprise us all by trying new things. She recently borrowed a Harley shirt and skull cap to go riding with her son, Robert Johns. I thought those who know her would enjoy these pictures. She is such an inspiration to all of us!

Janie Johns

Bonds at Bat
Picture Featured:    July 14, 2007 Bonds at Bat
George Katchak sent us this photo and writes:
We were in St. Louis this weekend and caught a game between the Giants and the Cardinals. As you can tell the seats were not that good, but I did manage to get a photo of Bonds striking out. Had a great time but the height was a little much.

George Katchak

Little League Braves
Picture Featured:    July 15, 2007 Little League Braves
Marty Lile sent us this photo and writes:
The Glasgow Little League Braves took 2nd Place in the 2007 Live Arm League and the Live Arm Tournament. Pictured left to right: 1st Row; Jonathon McDowell, Kaleb Hampton, Alex Gibson, Cameron Lynch, Jacob McDaniel. 2nd Row; Caleb Capps, Camerin Garmon, Clay Thistlewaite, Wyatt Jobe, Tyler Bunton, Tailor Lile. Coaches: Marty Lile and Danny Capps. Not present for photo were Coaches Eric Garmon, Brad McDowell.

Marty Lile

Celebrating the 4th in Our Capitol
Picture Featured:    July 16, 2007 Celebrating the 4th in Our Capitol
Tommy & Stacey Owen sent us this photo and writes:
We just returned from a trip to Washington, D.C. over the 4th of July holiday. While we were there, my son’s (Zack) picture was in the Washington Times! He brought a little attention to Glasgow, Kentucky. (see Website here) I don’t know if you can use this newspaper site on your Website, so I attached another picture of Zack and his sister, Skylar, getting ready to enjoy the parade on Constitution Ave. It was amazing to celebrate our country’s birthday in the nation’s capital this week.

Cumberland Falls
Picture Featured:    July 17, 2007 Cumberland Falls
Rauni Norris sent us this photo and writes:
Had to share this beautiful picture! My three children & I took a trip to “Cumberland Falls” on July 4th and we all agreed this was one of the best pictures that were made during our visit. The weather was very beautiful which made the trip more enjoyable!

Thank you,
Rauni Norris

Utah by Bike
Picture Featured:    July 18, 2007 Utah by Bike
Sue Francis sent us this photo and writes:
Jerry and Carole Goodhue and Clayton and I rode our motorcycles out west for 2 weeks in June. It was an experience we will never forget. Thought you might enjoy just one of the pictures I took when we were in Utah. Our country has such a diverse landscape, it is just a blessing to be able to enjoy all of it.

Sue Francis

A New Friend in New Orleans
Picture Featured:    July 19, 2007 A New Friend in New Orleans
Anthony and Angie Frazier sent us this photo and write:
In June, our family took a trip to New Orleans. It is still apparent the devastation left from Katrina. However, there are many tourists’ attractions still available to those who visit. This is a picture of Easton, our five-year-old, holding a real alligator during a swamp tour that we took while there. What an exciting time we all had!

Anthony and Angie Frazier

Jamison's First 4th!
Picture Featured:    July 20, 2007 Jamison
Lisa Russell sent us this photo and writes:
This is my grandson’s first 4th of July. Jamison was born very prematurely, but is now doing great. He weighs around 14 lbs. and is 8 months old. He really enjoyed his first 4th of July.

Lisa Russell

Barren Co. All Stars
Picture Featured:    July 21, 2007 Barren Co. All Stars
Gina McFarland sent us this photo and writes:
The Barren County All-Star 11 year old team won the title of Western Kentucky Division 14 District Champs over the weekend in a tournament at Caverna. They will be competing in the State tournament this coming weekend in the Louisville area. The members of this team are: (front row) - Corey Davis, Cody Hunt, Barrett Billingsley, Britton Crabtree, Zack Ross, Alex Morgerson (middle row) - Charlie McCoy, Kyle Marr, Caleb Fisher, Matthew London, A.J. Hanner, Jacob Sherfey, Ben Leftwich (back row) - Coaches Bryan Crabtree, Marty Ross, Shane London, Cavey McCoy.

Congratulations guys and good luck this weekend. Keep playing hard!

Gina McFarland

50 Years Together!
Picture Featured:    July 22, 2007 50 Years Together!
Charlotte Hawkins sent us this photo and writes:
G.A. (George) and Maxine Hawkins celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on Friday, June 29. They wanted to simply go out to eat with their sons and their families. Their sons Kenneth and Kelven Hawkins arranged for the family a ride in class in a limo to a restaurant.


In Santa Monica
Picture Featured:    July 23, 2007 In Santa Monica
Valerie Passmore sent us this photo and writes:
Our family just returned from spending a month out in California with my husband's family. Here is my son, Trenton, and his friend, Ethan Napier, buried in the sand on the beach in Santa Monica. They enjoyed the beautiful ocean and all the rides that the Santa Monica pier had to offer. They also enjoyed a day in the mountains of the Sequoia National Forest taking in all the breathtaking redwood trees and natural springs. We all loved our stay out west, but we missed our sweet Kentucky!

Valerie Passmore

A Sunflower
Picture Featured:    July 24, 2007 A Sunflower
Wendell Kennison sent us this photo and writes:
Hello, Bill,
This is why it's called a "sunflower".. It almost dazzles the eyes... The birds will really enjoy the seeds later this fall.


A Very Special Delivery
Picture Featured:    July 25, 2007 A Very Special Delivery
Tommy Vick sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a picture of our first grandchild, Carson Allen Collins, along with our daughter and son-in law, Katharine and Dennis Allen Collins. Carson was born Thursday, July 19, 2007, at 12:38pm, weighing in at 7lbs. 9oz. and 22 inches long. He was delivered by our great friend, Dr. Jud Allen, in Florence, Alabama, where he is now practicing with Florence OB/Gyn Group (even wearing WKU scrubs in honor of Katharine and Dennis both being alumni!). Katharine wouldn't have anyone else for her pre-natal care or to deliver her child but Mr. Jud, who has been like a second father to her for the past 16 years. Both sets of grandparents (Dennis and Sharon Collins and Tommy and Lynn Vick) and even one set of great-grandparents (Ted and Pat Peacher) made the trip to Alabama to be a part of this wonderful event. Carson is a true blessing but more so because his mommy is a cancer survivor of 4 years! Thanks for letting us share our good news!

Tommy Vick

Celebrating Birthdays!
Picture Featured:    July 26, 2007 Celebrating Birthdays!
(left) Paula Brooks sent us this photo and writes:
A "50th Birthday Bash" in honor of Peggy Tuck, given by her sister, Kay France, at her home in the Poppy Hills Way in Bowling Green. Everyone enjoyed a day in the sun, lounging by the pool, and feasting on Mexican cuisine. Those in attendance were (back row, left to right):
Kay (Tuck) France, Jenny (Shockley) Spencer, Dina (Norman) Wells, Mandi (Tuck) Norman, Karla Norman, Paula (Steen) Brooks, Brenda (Likens) Moore, Elsie Tinsley, Margaret England, Michelle Demunbrun. Front row, Debbie (Tuck) Conner, Brenda (England) Shockley, Kasey (Kingrey) Clay, Peggy Tuck, Barbara Tuck, Peggy (Tinsley) Spear.
(right) Jonathan and Jamie Biven sent us this photo and write:
Dr. Eugene Marion recently celebrated his 90th birthday (July 29th) with his four boys and their wives, his seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Please send him well wishes, cards and/or phone calls. Congratulations, Doc! We all love you!

Barren Co. Trojan All-Stars
Picture Featured:    July 27, 2007 Barren Co. Trojan All-Stars
Cindy Hagan sent us this photo and writes:



Picture Featured:    July 28, 2007 Roses
Jimmy Allen sent us this photo and writes:
This is a photo I took recently of a rose bush in our back yard in western Barren County. This bush produces some of the biggest and most beautiful roses I have ever seen.

A Couple of Muggles
Picture Featured:    July 29, 2007 A Couple of Muggles
Dee Stahl sent us this photo and writes:
This was taken on the 21st a little after midnight. My best friend and fellow Harry Potter fan, Dina Meyers, waited in line to be one of the lucky "muggles" to get Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book. We are both anxious to know the end but at the same time sad that this will be the last of the series.

Dee Stahl

Children of Eden Coming to the Plaza!
Picture Featured:    July 30, 2007 Children of Eden Coming to the Plaza!
Bobby Lindsey sent us this photo...
The Glasgow Summer Theatre under the direction of Todd and Lisa Woodward will be presenting the wonderful Bible-based musical, “Children of Eden” on Friday, Aug. 3rd, and Sat. Aug. 4th at 7:00pm and on Sun. afternoon at 2:00pm at the Plaza Theatre. The cost is $10 per ticket. Purchase your reserved tickets by stopping by the Plaza, or by going online to The cast is comprised of all local talent. It includes children from the ages of 4-adults and many of the main characters have held major roles in Glasgow High School’s Spring musicals. It also features a live orchestra comprised of all local talent as well.

“Children of Eden” is loosely based on the first 9 chapters of Genesis. It includes the creation of the world through the end of Noah and the flood. You will witness the awe-inspiring story of the love of a heavenly Father for His children and be lifted out of this world into another. You do not want to miss this presentation!

A Sundog
Picture Featured:    July 31, 2007 A Sundog
Dean Honeycutt sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture I made one day last winter... I have only seen a sundog very few times in my life and some people have probably never saw one.

It really is a small world...
Picture Featured:    August 01, 2007 It really is a small world...
Mariesa New sent us this photo and writes:
Hello there!
Last week my husband, James New, flew to Korea & Japan for business. While there he visited a mall located in Narita, Tokyo, and was surprised to see how small the world really is after all. Notice the license plate displayed on the wall behind him.

Mariesa New

Local Running Clubs
Picture Featured:    August 02, 2007 Local Running Clubs
Cathy Botts sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Everyone,
Here is some information I thought that might inspire someone in the community.

On Saturday, July 21st the Extreme Fitness For Women's Running Club and the Barren County Family YMCA's Running Club, along with around 200 runners from the area participated in the Jim Johnson Sunset 5k Race and Walk at the Bowling Green Municipal Airport. It was a perfect evening for a run with all the ladies finishing the 5K and some who placed and won their age divisions (results can be found at It was a night of fun, camaraderie and fitness. Congratulations to all that participated! If you would like more information about the YMCA Running Club, contact Sherri Vibbert at 651-9622 or Extreme Fitness For Women's Running Club, contact June Vaughn or Cathy Botts at 651-3036. IT'S FUN TO RUN! Join the fun!

Submitted by Cathy Botts - Photo taken by Tyler Vibbert

Pictured back row, left to right: Cathy Botts, Cathy Bishop, Chele Gillon, Jodie Holgate, Kelly Oliver, Trisha Miller
Front row left to right: Makayle Botts, June Vaughn, Missy Prater, Nicki Poland, Heather Jefferies, Debbie Jefferies, Sherri Vibbert

What a Bachelor Party!
Picture Featured:    August 03, 2007 What a Bachelor Party!
Mike Chesnut sent us this photo and writes:
Glasgow's highest bachelor party with Dr. Steven Ragle, Mark Nelson and Dr. Dathan Chesnut on summit of Challenger Peak in Colorado. To celebrate Dathan's wedding in August, they chose to climb TWO 14,000 ft. peaks (Challenger and Kit Carson in background) Challenger Peak is named in honor of the fatal space shuttle mission. Mark and Dr. Megan Bale Nelson reside in Denver. Steven is married to Dr. Amanda Nelson Ragle and they reside in Nashville (all the guys are well known Glasgow natives).

Green County Champs!
Picture Featured:    August 04, 2007 Green County Champs!
JD Bryant sent us this photo and writes:
Here are the champs of the Green County Invitational Tournament played over July 13th weekend! They are members of the Barren County Gold All-Star 12 & Under team. On Sunday, July 15, they played against a very tough Nelson County all-star team, and for the championship played the Green County all-star team for the victory. We are very proud of these guys for the grit and determination they showed! They are truly All-Stars.

They are (front row): Colby Garrett, Aaron Reed, Conner Bryant, James Page, Aaron Hopkins, (back row): Dustin Johnson, Cody Caldwell, Coach Steve Reed, Trey Rigsby, Coach Joe Berry, Gavin Chaplin, Brandon Sneed. Absent from the photo are Ty Lee and Coach Kevin Dyer.

Barren County Champs!
Picture Featured:    August 05, 2007 Barren County Champs!
Tammy Jolly sent us this photo and writes:
Congratulations to the Temple Hill/Eastern Trojans for winning first place in the Barren County Coach Pitch Tournament. The Trojans were also the champs of the Temple Hill/Eastern Coach Pitch League. They finished a successful season with a record of 21-1 Pictured in the photo with their first place trophies are, (front row, left to right): Kayla Strode, Cassie Smith, Noah Strode, Cameron Neal, and Colton Irwin. Middle row, Jamie Smith (dugout mom), Chase Dile, Eli Jolly, Braden Pedigo, David Lancaster, Micah Ogborn and Bridget Strode (bookkeeper). Back row: Harlan Dile, Adam Nunn, Steve Irwin, Donnie Pedigo (head coach), Tim Strode and Clifton Smith.

We are very proud of these fine young ladies and gentlemen.

Super Pull of the South
Picture Featured:    August 06, 2007 Super Pull of the South
Michele Wheat sent us these and writes:
Here are some photos I wanted to share. My family and I recently attended the Super Pull of the South in Chapel Hill, TN. This is a tradition for us but this year was the first time my daughter Payton got to go. The first picture is of my husband Randy, Payton and Larry Koester. Larry drives Footloose and is my husband's favorite. For those not familiar with Larry, he lost his legs in a farming accident years ago but still dominates the dirt in the modified pulling series and is a wonderful person all together. The second picture is of Payton in the driver's seat of Red Line Fever. She had the time of her life on her first trip to Chapel Hill. For those of you who enjoy truck and tractor pulling - it is well worth the drive down there. It is definitely good family entertainment.

Michele Wheat

The Memphis Zoo
Picture Featured:    August 07, 2007 The Memphis Zoo
Sandie Claywell sent us this photo and writes:
My family and I recently met up with friends from Arkansas in Memphis and went to the zoo! Here's a couple of pictures I took for a friend. Hope you like them.

Sandie Claywell

Trooper Island Golf Tournament Winners
Picture Featured:    August 08, 2007 Trooper Island Golf Tournament Winners
Debbie Jeffries sent us this photo and writes:
Hello, everyone in Glasgow.
On July 6th, a local team from Caveland Country Club won the Trooper Island Golf Tournament at Kenny Perry's Country Creek Golf Course. This was their 2nd year winning such an honor with a score of -15. Pictured from L to R, PeeWee Shipp, Tim Jeffries, Albert Eudy & Bernie Richey. Congradulations, guys.

Submitted by Debbie Jeffries (picture taken by the Ky. State Police)

Fun with Our Kids
Picture Featured:    August 09, 2007 Fun with Our Kids
(upper left) Jackie Clemmons sent us these and writes:
This is Anne Claire, and she caught a fish this-s-s-s-s big!! We know how fishing stories can be exaggerated, but we were surprised when our camera made this fish grow. I hope that you enjoy it too!
(upper right) Charlie and Rita Frazier sent us this photo and write:
We had taken the grandbabies out for a ride through the park last week. and they had never rode the ferry. We saw 5 deer and 2 wild turkeys on our trip. Neva ,Colton and Easton Frazier, grandchildren of CharlIe and Rita Frazier of Cave City, Ky. on July 18, 2007.

Charlie and Rita Frazier

(lower left) Mandi and Brian Norman sent us this photo and write:
This is a picture of our son, Tuck Norman, celebrating his 1st birthday. He was exhausted after a day of celebrating with his family and friends. His friend, Layton Coffey, is beside him helping him with his presents.

Mandi and Brian Norman

(lower, center) Linda Cross sent us this photo and writes:
Dear WebMeister: After a year of planning, last month 5-year-old Austin Cross got to meet the mouse. He said Disney was awesome! He wants to work for Disney when he gets big. Next to Santa, Mickey is in his favorite top two. Austin is the grandson of Doug and Linda Cross.
(lower right) Ron & Cindy Bowman sent us this photo and write:
Here is our 10-month-old son's photo, Clayton Bowman (son of Ron and Cindy Bowman, grandparents are: paternal: Rex Bowman, deceased; Vesta Bowman, maternal: Dennis & Glenda Hibbard). This is his first time at the beach. We are at Folley Beach, South Carolina, July 3, 2007. He is our SPECIAL bundle of JOY!

Is It the Water?
Picture Featured:    August 10, 2007 Is It the Water?
Amy Walker sent us this photo and writes:
Dear Webmaster,
This is another picture taken from Wade Walker's birthday party. There must be something in the water around here because there were four pregnant ladies in attendance and one who has recently had her baby!

From the left are: Dena Hagan, Amy Walker, Lisa McDaniel, Autumn Cecil, and Melody Grindle with her newborn baby boy, Issac. All of the pregnant ladies are due within a couple of months or less (hopefully much less for some!). Good luck to all!

Amy Walker

Old Glory
Picture Featured:    August 11, 2007 Old Glory
Sandy Smith sent us this photo and writes:
O' what a beautiful sight. This picture was taken at the Old Fort (Fort Williams) in Glasgow. It's always a pleasure to see Old Glory painting the breezes'.

Sandy Smith

West Point, Georgia/Barren River
Picture Featured:    August 12, 2007 West Point, Georgia/Barren River
(left) Ashley Bushong sent us this photo and writes:
This picture was taken in West Point in Georgia. I was there on vacation in May, 2007. It is a very beautiful place. If you ever get the chance you should really go there. I went camping for a weekend and it was really fun.

Ashley Bushong

(right) Brittany McFarland sent us this photo and writes:
I took this picture Saturday, July 21, 2007 at the Barren River Lake. It was taken on a ski boat. It was a such a gorgeous day!

Food Network's "Ace of Cakes"
Picture Featured:    August 13, 2007 Food Network
Amber Hurt sent us these and writes:
I just wanted to share a photo of my sister, Annie Hurt Thompson and Mary Smith from the Food Network's "Ace of Cakes." Mary drove from Baltimore to Cincinnati to bring the cake (pictured) to my best friends' going away party. The cake was a masterpiece and included 2 states (Minnesota and Ohio) connected by a highway. Ohio's cake had images of life in Cincinnati and Minnesota's had its own recognizable images. The details of the cake were unbelievable. Watching Mary display the cake and put the finishing touches on was awesome! Even though the cake didn't make the show, it was still a great experience. Thanks for sharing!
Food Network's "Ace of Cakes"

The Glasgow Gardenia Garden
Picture Featured:    August 14, 2007 The Glasgow Gardenia Garden
Paulette Wasylycia sent us this photo and writes:
The flowers in the Glasgow Gardenia Garden, a community healing and meditation garden area, adjacent to T. J. Samson Hospital, look so beautiful this year... thought I'd share this picture with you!

Paulette Wasylycia

TJ Samson Community Hospital Website

Enjoying the Water...
Picture Featured:    August 15, 2007 Enjoying the Water...
(left) Jimmy Allen sent us this photo and writes:
It has been my wife's lifelong dream to go to Sea World, and this past Spring her dream came true. Here's a closeup of one of the dolphins she became quick friends with.

Jimmy and Kylee Allen

(right) Belinda Harlow sent us this photo and writes:
Just wanted to share a picture of my son, Brandon Harlow, and a couple of big hybrids he caught out of Barren River Lake this past June. This was just two of the many fish he caught.

Picture Featured:    August 16, 2007 Doh!
Mary McPeak sent us this photo and writes:
Hi. This is a picture of my grandsons, Austin and Bailey Houchens, chatting with the Simpsons after seeing their new movie. While they were on vacation in Dayton, Ohio, where they visited their Aunt Rita and Uncle Ed, also their godparents. Seems they had a wonderful time and really enjoyed meeting the Simpsons.

Mary Houchens McPeak

An Albino Hummingbird?
Picture Featured:    August 17, 2007 An Albino Hummingbird?
Glenda Boston sent us these and writes:
According to the Hummingbird Society, only 10-12 Albino Hummingbirds are sighted each year. We were fortunate to be able to take photos of this particular Albino Hummingbird at our home near Temple Hill.

Glenda Boston

Barren Co./Glasgow PRIDE Team
Picture Featured:    August 18, 2007 Barren Co./Glasgow PRIDE Team
Samantha Johnson sent us this photo and writes:
The Barren County Glasgow Pride Team, made up of 8 yr. olds and under, placed 3rd in the State Bluegrass Games T-ball tournament held in Lexington this past weekend. These young men and coaches have worked very hard this summer to prepare for the State Games held every year. As a team, and as parents, we thank the community and businesses for their donations and support in making these two weekends in Lexington possible.

Wish us luck as we return to the Bluegrass Games this next weekend to compete in the coach pitch tournament. GO PRIDE! We are all VERY proud of each and every one of you! Pictured in the photo are (bottom row, left to right): Colten Montgomery, Luke Wells, Parker Stephens, Justin Combs, Dakota Basham, Cameron Neal and Isaac Slagle. Back row: Coach Mike Gray, Braden Pedigo, Chase Dile, Drew Johnson, Coach Derrick Williams, Tanner Gray, Zack Sneed, Addison Briggs and Coach John Stephens.

Samantha Johnson

State Champions
Picture Featured:    August 19, 2007 State Champions
Karen Johnson sent us this photo and writes:
State Champions! On July 22nd the Bowling Green Crush won the ASA 12 and under State Championship. They went 4-0 in the tournament. The members of the team are:
(Pictured L to R) 1st Row (kneeling): Kathryn Downing, Sloane Stuart, Sarah Jordan, Ainsley Crawford, Kinsey Cook
2nd Row (standing): Beth Brooks, Taylor Proctor, Angela Adkins, Ainsley Crawford, Haley Perkins, Sarah Brooks
Back Row: Coach Alex Downing, Coach Jim Stuart, Coach Kevin Pardue

Carla Gantz
Picture Featured:    August 20, 2007 Carla Gantz
Jerry Gantz sent us this photo and writes:
My wife is now the President of the Kentucky Dental Hygienists' Association. Here is a picture of me along with my wife, Carla Gantz, the President of the American Dental Hygienists' Association and my wife's boss, Dr. William Funk and his wife, Pam. I am very proud of her.

Jerry Gantz

Time for a haircut...
Picture Featured:    August 21, 2007 Time for a haircut...
Chris and Christie Sexton sent us these back on August 1st:
Dear Bill,
This is a picture of our daughter, Courtney Sexton. She decided after nine years of growing her hair that it was time to cut it. She wanted to make some other child happy to have her hair so she donated it to Locks Of Love. This is a picture of how long her hair was before she cut it and a picture of one after she cut it. Me and her father are so proud of her for donating it. We would also like to thank Stacy McCracken at Vanity Hair Salon and Day Spa for cutting her hair.

Chris and Christie Sexton

The Locks of Love Website

The Scottie Band
Picture Featured:    August 22, 2007 The Scottie Band
Jena Pace sent us this photo back on Aug. 4th and writes:
The Scottie Band performed for the community Thursday, Aug. 8th. They were great.

Four Generations!
Picture Featured:    August 23, 2007 Four Generations!
Amy Walker sent us this photo back on Aug. 5 and writes:
Dear WebMeister,
I'd like to submit the following picture for the Glasgow website. This is a picture of four generations of the Walker Family. From the left is Merlene Walker, Botts Walker, Robbie Walker and Wade Walker. They were all in attendance for Wade's birthday party held at the local YMCA. Wade turned 4 on August 4th. We were so pleased everyone could attend.

Thank you,
Amy Walker

New Dispatch Capabilities at MCNP
Picture Featured:    August 24, 2007 New Dispatch Capabilities at MCNP
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
Mammoth Cave and Edmonson County announce new dispatch capabilities
(BROWNSVILLE, KENTUCKY -- August 23, 2007) The Edmonson County Dispatch Center is on duty 24/7 and connected to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). A mutual agreement between Mammoth Cave National Park and Edmonson County provides for improved law enforcement and emergency communications for the county and the park.

“All the installs and upgrades to the county dispatch center are complete and in use,” said Park Superintendent Patrick Reed. “This is truly a win-win project. Working as a team the park and the county have something that we could not have accomplished on our own.”

It started in 2004, as an agreement between Mammoth Cave National Park and Edmonson County to improve emergency responder communications for both the county and the park. A formal Memorandum of Understanding was signed, committing both parties for certain obligations. The park agreed to:

  • Purchase and install LP gas generators for the Grassland Road antenna site and the County 911 Emergency Dispatch Center, which would automatically kick in during a power outage
  • Install a transmit/receive combiner multicoupler system, allowing other county radio transmitters to be moved to the Grassland Road antenna without frequency interference
  • Make all provisions (purchase, installation, phone charges, and training) for a NCIC terminal at the County 911 Dispatch Center
  • Install a console base station in the Dispatch Center programmed with the park frequency, for digital encryption
The County agreed to:
  • Allow the park to place radio repeater equipment on the County’s Grassland Road antenna
  • Provide commercial and emergency power to the equipment
  • Transmit and receive park law enforcement radio and telephone messages
  • Monitor park ranger/personnel status as they are engaged in law enforcement/emergency services activities
  • Maintain written logs of radio traffic

Dog Days of Summer
Picture Featured:    August 25, 2007 Dog Days of Summer
Debbie England sent us this photo and writes:
Now I understand the meaning of the old saying "Dog Days of Summer." It's so hot the dog won't even go for a walk! Daylen Lawson, Grandson of Michael and Debbie England, taking Fluffy (our dog in the wagon) on his daily DOG DAYS OF SUMMER stroll.

Skyler Williams
Picture Featured:    August 26, 2007 Skyler Williams
Linda Williams sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a picture of my granddaughter, Skyler Williams, and her first tomato off of her tomato plant that was set out in the back of her grandparents, Ed and Brenda Alexander's house. She was really proud and has a load of tomatoes that we all are enjoying.

Linda Williams

Charleston, SC
Picture Featured:    August 27, 2007 Charleston, SC
Richard Watson sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of my daughter, Mary Bruce, Harry Smith of CBS, and my sister, Mimi Ables during my families (15 of us) annual vacation to Charleston, SC. CBS was filming the Morning Show at the Battery (downtown Charleston,overlooking the harbor) on the 19th of July, with Hootie and the Blowfish. Harry and the crew were extremely personable as they danced and mingled with the crowd. A lady next to my sister said of Harry, "He ain't got no rhythm."

Richard Watson

Fort Campbell Concert
Picture Featured:    August 28, 2007 Fort Campbell Concert
Alison Ross sent us this collage of photos and writes:
I would like to summit this collage of pictures from a concert that Brad Paisley, Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift put on at Fort Campbell. Brad Paisley's tour "Bonfires and Amplifiers" is sold out, but in passing by Fort Campbell he put on a FREE concert for the soldiers and their families. Brad Paisley paid a quarter of a million dollars to put this on for us to have a free "night of fun." Hope you enjoy the pictures, I know I enjoyed taking them.

Alison Ross

In the Canadian Rockies
Picture Featured:    August 29, 2007 In the Canadian Rockies
Jeff Blevins sent us this photo August 8th and writes:
Our family was fortunate enough to spend July 29-Aug. 5 in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies. My daughter Mikayla, wife Marsha, myself, and Mikayla's good friend Hannah Demunbrun are standing on the Athabasca Glacier in Jasper National Park, on the edge of the Columbia Icefield. The Icefield covers 130 square miles, averages 10,000 feet in elevation, and receives around 23 feet of snow each year!

Thanks for the chance to share. (There are a couple of other pictures attached to give some idea of the beautiful views we had last week.)

The 2007 Sterling Classic
Picture Featured:    August 30, 2007 The 2007 Sterling Classic
Chris Shirley sent us this photo and writes:
Attached is a picture of the local karate students who competed in the 2007 Sterling Classic on August 4th. Front row: Allie Chapman (1st-fighting; 2nd-forms); Ben Estes (2nd-fighting.
Second Row: Corey Shirley (1st-fighting, 4th-forms); Billy Estes (2nd-fighting, 2nd-forms, 3rd-weapons); Cameron Dunn (2nd-fighting); Cody Shirley (1st-fighting, 1st-forms, 2nd-weapons); Chandler Dunn (2nd-fighting). Absent from photo: Cayden Dunn (4th-fighting). These students train at American Martial Arts Academy under Master Sam Hunter.

From Samarra, Iraq
Picture Featured:    August 31, 2007 From Samarra, Iraq
Robbie Bush sent us this photo and writes:
Just like to take a moment to say hi to all my family and friends from Samarra, Iraq. I'm currently serving a short tour with the 82nd Airborne Division stationed in Fort Bragg, NC. We should be home in a few months. Look forward to seeing my beautiful wife, Danielle, and son, Gabe. Thanks for all your support!

Skidmarks in the Sky
Picture Featured:    September 01, 2007 Skidmarks in the Sky
Lisa Walden sent us this photo and writes:
I took this picture one afternoon at my home on Lecta-Kino Rd. My son said it looked like "Skidmarks in the Sky"... so that's what I named it. Thought it was pretty cool and thought I'd share!

Lisa Walden

Beauty in the Front Yard
Picture Featured:    September 02, 2007 Beauty in the Front Yard
Gail Harper sent us this photo and writes:
My husband Jimmy very seldom uses a camera, but I think he did a great job on capturing this beautiful bloom from our front yard. We should all take more time to look closer at the beautiful things that surround us.

Gail Harper

2007 Beach Pageant
Picture Featured:    September 03, 2007 2007 Beach Pageant
Candy Browning sent us this photo and writes:
Saturday, August 4, 2007, at the Cave City Convention Center Beach Pageant. My daughter, Keeper Reed Browning, is excited with all of her trophies and crown.

A mirage?
Picture Featured:    September 04, 2007 A mirage?
Betty Gentry sent us this photo in mid-August and writes:
This picture was taken on Sunday at the Glasgow Country Club. Larry Alexander, Scotty Alexander, John Benningfield and partner. This was on hole #11. It looks as if they are playing on water.

Betty Gentry

Bill's Catch
Picture Featured:    September 05, 2007 Bill
Bill Brogan sent us these photos and writes:
(left) Hey Bill,
Went crappie fishing Tues, Aug 14th and after catching a few crappie, landed this prize catfish. It was 12 lb, 8 oz and 31" long. Caught it with a minnow on a crappie hook and 8 lb test line. This was caught at the Narrows Marina on Barren River Lake.

(right) Bill,
It's unusual for me to be sending pictures of my fish, especially at this time of year, but here are some that I caught this morning, Sat, Aug. 18th. Caught 17 with the largest being 12" and several at 10 1/2". These were caught at Barren River Lake today.

Bill Brogan

Choir Performance Sept. 9 at the Plaza!
Picture Featured:    September 06, 2007 Choir Performance Sept. 9 at the Plaza!
Todd Woodward sent us this photo and writes:
Here is the Glasgow High School Choir rehearsing for the free Patriotic Program that they will be presenting in conjunction with students from Highland Elementary. This program is sponsored by the City of Glasgow and Mayor Pickett and will be held on Sunday, Sept. 9th, 2:00pm at the Plaza Theatre. The program will be honoring all veterans and their families.
The Plaza Theatre Website

Bailey's Point, Barren River Lake
Picture Featured:    September 07, 2007 Bailey
Tom Loveless sent us this photo and writes:
This was taken at Bailey's Point, Barren River Lake, the 2nd week in August.

Tom Loveless

Havin' fun...
Picture Featured:    September 08, 2007 Havin
(left) Alice Edwards sent us these and writes:
John Mark and Avrie Thrasher having summer fun.....that is, until clean up time!
(upper right) Joey and Katie Wilborn sent us these and write:
This is our little Hank, Jr fan, Andrew Wilborn, and our beautiful daughter, Kayla.

Submitted by Joey and Katie Wilborn

(lower right) Janice Rhea sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a cuter picture I captured of my cat in the birdbath. He seems to be saying, "What, no water and no birds either!"

Janice Rhea

The Sunshine Skyway
Picture Featured:    September 09, 2007 The Sunshine Skyway
Juana Marcum sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of the Skyway Bridge just outside of St. Petersburg, Florida. This is the new bridge that was built after the old bridge collapsed in 1980.

Visiting DC
Picture Featured:    September 10, 2007 Visiting DC
Ed and Sandra Galloway sent us this photo and write:
Recently our family traveled to Washington, D.C. for our summer vacation. We toured all of the usual Washington sites as well as Old Alexandria, Mount Vernon, nearby Annapolis, and also Harper's Ferry, West Virginia on our return. Our usual Washington highlights include the U.S. Capitol, often with appointments with our Senators and Representatives.

The photograph show us following our discussions with U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell at his Senate Leader office inside the U.S. Capitol building, just outside the Senate Chamber. Pictured left to right are Ashley Brooks, Sandra Galloway, Douglas Galloway, Senator McConnell, Adam Galloway, Ed Galloway, Madison Myers, and Ryan Galloway.

Senator Mitch McConnell's Virtual Office

The 623rd at Ft. Stewart, Georgia
Picture Featured:    September 11, 2007 The 623rd at Ft. Stewart, Georgia
Sergeant Major Joe Simpson sent us this photo Auguat 19th and writes:
The 1st Battalion 623d Field Artillery recently completed its Annual Training at Ft. Stewart, GA. This is a photo of a Multiple Launch Rocket System conducting live fire operations on the 11th of August. The track vehicle and crew in view was awaiting its turn on the firing point. The 1st Battalion consists of soldiers from Glasgow, Tompkinsville, Campbellsville and Monticello communities. The battalion returned to Kentucky this past Saturday.

Sergeant Major Simpson

Highland Ridge Honors Its Veterans
Picture Featured:    September 12, 2007 Highland Ridge Honors Its Veterans
Judy Evans sent us this photo and writes:
Highland Ridge will be celebrating National Assisted Living beginning the week of Sept. 10. This year's theme is Legacies of Love. A part of our celebration is honoring the veterans who live at Highland Ridge. We are honored to serve them during this season of their life as they have served us and our country in the past.
Left to Right: Cecil Goode, Daryel West, Ted Winbigler, James T. Pace, Phil Wells, Carter Reece, Fred Haynie, Jr., Louie Ford, Ford Smith, and front row; Joe Perkins, Howard Sparks and Charles Jones.

Come out and celebrate with us.

Judy Evans
Marketing and Activity Director
Highland Ridge Assisted Living

One of the Army's Newest!
Picture Featured:    September 13, 2007 One of the Army
Johnny & Kathy Mutter sent us this photo and write:
Hey Bill,
Would like to show you a picture of one of the Army's newest soldiers, PV2 Josh Mutter, and his proud brother, Jeremiah. Josh graduated from Fort Sill, Oklahoma, on Friday, August 17, 2007, and is now in Aberdeen, Maryland for his AIT training. Remember to keep our soldiers in your prayers.

Johnny & Kathy Mutter (proud parents)

Glasgow's Website: Connecting People!
Picture Featured:    September 14, 2007 Glasgow
Jeanne McLeod sent us this photo and writes:
Jeanne McLeod (R), Regent, Major Jarrell Beasley Chapter, NSDAR, Crockett, Texas, and her husband James David traveled from their home east of Grapeland, Texas to Glasgow, Kentucky, to meet Dorothy Wade (L) , Edmund Rogers Chapter, NSDAR, Glasgow, and to honor the memory of her great, great, great, great grandfather and Revolutionary War Patriot, Simeon Buford. The gravesite is located on a private farm in Barren County, Kentucky, currently owned by Tommy and Wilma Samson.

Dorothy Wade added the following to the caption and picture above:

Did you receive an e-mail from Jeanne McLeod this past week? If so, the one with snow white hair is me. Jeanne saw in your pictures posted back in 2001 or 2002, a Dr. Williams from the south at the gravesite, that I had sent you.

The McLeod's were making a trip to Alabama from Grapleland, Texas. They came to Bowling Green after 11 hours on the road for the night. At my suggestion, we met for lunch the following day. We then went to the gravesite 4 and a half miles out New Bowling Green Rd., then into an unmowed field with the temperature in the high 90's. After two hours in Glasgow they were on their way to Alabama where that had started. I was also able (through our DAR scrapbooks) to send her information on her patriot, which she had no knowledge.

See the power of your Website to connect people to Barren County?


Butterflies everywhere...
Picture Featured:    September 15, 2007 Butterflies everywhere...
Katie Wilborn sent us these and writes:
Beautiful butterflies seem to be everywhere this year and I thought I'd share some of my pictures I took at my home.

Katie Wilborn

A Thirsty Butterfly
Picture Featured:    September 16, 2007 A Thirsty Butterfly
Peggy Sherfey sent us this photo and writes:
My husband had been watering the flowers. He had set the watering can down on the back porch wall. I noticed the little butterfly drinking from the water dripping from the spout. He was there for a long time. You can see how badly we need the rain by how the grass is so brown. We haven't mowed for 2 or 3 weeks.

Peggy Sherfey

Cheering the Cats!
Picture Featured:    September 17, 2007 Cheering the Cats!
Marcella_Smith sent us this photo and writes:
Dear WebMeister,
I thought all your University of Kentucky fans would like to see these two local girls who are cheering the Cats to victory this season.... Alli Greer, former Glasgow Scottie, and Drew Bewley, former Barren County Trojan... Football season got underway Sept. 1st with a 50-10 victory.... Glasgow has a lot of fans whose blood runs blue and I know they are proud of our local girls.... GO BIG BLUE!

Marcella Smith

The Passion Flower
Picture Featured:    September 18, 2007 The Passion Flower
Wendell Kennison sent us this photo back in mid-August and writes:
Hi Bill,
This Passion Flower is one of hundreds I ran across near my friend's house.. The old timers called them "wild apricots"... They will produce a fruit in the late summer and fall.. They have a sweet smell and can be eaten. The name comes from a legend that says the flower represents the crucifixion. Maybe someone can add more light to the legend.


William & Barbara Morris sent us the following in response to Wendell's comments above: "Passion" does not refer to love, but to the Passion of Christ on the cross. In the 15th and 16th centuries, Spanish Christian missionaries discovered this flower and adopted its unique physical structures as symbols of Crucifixion. For example: the 72 radial filaments (or corona) represent the Crown of Thorns. The ten petals and sepals represent the ten faithful apostles. The top 3 stigmata represent the 3 nails and the lower 5 anthers represent the 5 wounds. The flower has been given names related to this symbolism throughout Europe since that time. In Spain, it is known as Espina de Cristo (Christ's Thorn). In Germany it was once known as Muttergottes-Schuzchen (Mother-of-God's Star).

In Israel they are referred to as clock-flower ( ). In Japan, they are known as clock-faced flowers, and recently have become a symbol for homosexual youths.

In North America they are also called the Maypop, the water lemon, and the wild apricot (after its fruit). Native Americans in the Tennessee area called it ocoee, and the Ocoee river and valley are named after it.

The Sears Tower
Picture Featured:    September 19, 2007 The Sears Tower
Barrett Griffin sent us this photo Sept. 2 and writes:
Mr. Anderson,
My name is Barrett Griffin. I am a Glasgow native who has just recently moved to Chicago to attend Columbia College Chicago to pursue a BFA in photography. This is the view from my 13th floor apartment of the Sears Tower covered by low lying clouds. I am guessing that 20 to 30 stories are not viewable because of cloud cover. I just thought I'd share the photograph!

Barrett Griffin

2007 Leadership Class
Picture Featured:    September 20, 2007 2007 Leadership Class
Gayle Meek sent us this photo and writes:
The Glasgow-Barren Co. Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class of 2007-2008 was announced at a press conference earlier this week. Pictured above (first row left to right): Ashley Bell, Barren Co. Area Tech Center; Pam Hunt, City of Cave City; Amy Hall, Glasgow Electric Plant Board; Ashley Scott, Mammoth Cave National Park; Leslie Ann McAlpin, Glasgow Daily Times; Jenny Kate Underwood, Cook, Downing, & Underwood Insurance. Back row: Mike Houchens, South Central Bank; Jackie Perkins, R. R. Donnelley; Thomas M. Bale, II, South Central Bank; Brian Clemmons, South Central Bank; Vanessa Burd, T. J. Samson Community Hospital; Valerie Stokes, Barren Co. Schools; Brenda Chaney, Barren Co. Schools. Not present: Tracie Peppers, Commonwealth’s Attorney Office; and Jason Gumm, Glenview Healthcare.

The group begins the program next week with a two-day retreat. They will also have monthly sessions on topics including: Agri-business, Economic Development, Education, Health Care & Human Services, Ky. Legislature with a trip to Frankfort, Law & Justice and Quality of Life.

Fishing the Yellowstone!
Picture Featured:    September 21, 2007 Fishing the Yellowstone!
Billy Ray sent us this photo and writes:
Bill -
A group from Glasgow (and one from Louisville) just returned from a fly fishing adventure in Montana on the Yellowstone River. The group consisted of (left to right) Jeff Harned, Marvin O'Koon, Dr. William Travis, and Billy Ray. This picture shows us all with the weapons and dressed in the attire which brought so much fear to the trout of Montana!

Billy Ray

An Early Harvest
Picture Featured:    September 22, 2007 An Early Harvest
Sandy Ford sent us this photo Sept. 3rd and writes:
From Sandy Ford, Cave City - My pumpkins came in too early this year. However, I put a few out to enjoy anyway. Our cat seams to be enjoying them also. Happy Fall to all and God Bless you.

They've got the look...
Picture Featured:    September 23, 2007 They
Eric Pace sent us this photo Sept. 7th and writes:
I took this photo of an art gallery in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Although it looks 100 years old, it's actually only 15. The owner said he just wanted the "look."

Eric Pace

Benny on a Bike
Picture Featured:    September 24, 2007 Benny on a Bike
Jim Searcy sent us this photo Sept. 7th and writes:
Thought this would be a good pic for the website... Benny Dickinson on Fred Proffitt's motorcycle.

BCHS Class of '82
Picture Featured:    September 25, 2007 BCHS Class of
cwells sent us this photo Sept. 10th and writes:
The Barren County High Class of 1982 recently celebrated their 25th reunion at the Cave City Convention Center. We have the honor of being the first Freshman class at the High School when the gym was built.

Bill Milan - "Above and Beyond"
Picture Featured:    September 26, 2007 Bill Milan - "Above and Beyond"
Mike Swift sent us this photo and writes:
Barren-Metcalfe County EMS paramedic Bill Milan (center) is presented with the Kentucky EMS 'Above and Beyond' award at the 2007 Kentucky EMS Conference and Expo, Owensboro, Ky., on Sept. 21, 2007. The award was presented by the Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association president Mark Harrison (right) and conference vice-chair Jamey Locke (left). Past KAPA president Joe Bradshaw looks on in the right background.

OWENSBORO — Kentucky Emergency Medical Services honored some of their own Friday night at the Kentucky EMS Awards Banquet in Owensboro, which concluded this year's Kentucky EMS Conference and Expo.

Bill Milan, a paramedic for Barren-Metcalfe County EMS and also a flight paramedic for STATCARE Air Ambulance in Louisville, received Kentucky's 'Above and Beyond' award in recognition for specialized education that he provides to other EMS and first responders throughout the region. The award is presented by the Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association.

Tiger Cubs Pack 586
Picture Featured:    September 27, 2007 Tiger Cubs Pack 586
Julie Crimmins sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of the Tiger Cubs of Pack 586. They are getting ready to go to the Fire Department.
Left to right: Michael Crimmins, Aiden Davis, Charlie Simmons, Parker Bannister and Sam Anderson. Not pictured is Nelson Lorenzo and Jacob Moss.

From a Proud Mother
Picture Featured:    September 28, 2007 From a Proud Mother
Georgia Thomas sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill, would like to share this with you, a picture of my daughter, Rana, and her husband, Marcell. She just graduated from Ft. Jackson, South Carolina, along with her AIT on June 12th. Pvt. Gore and her husband, Staff Sgt. Gore are both statoned at Ft. Eustas, Va at the moment. I, along with her sister, Nikki, are so very, very proud of her and her family. Let's keep all of our soldiers in our prayers.

Thank you,
Georgia Thomas (A proud Mother)

At Bowling Green's Balloon Festival
Picture Featured:    September 29, 2007 At Bowling Green
Alecia Bush sent us this photo Sept. 10 and writes:
We attended the balloon festival in Bowling Green on Saturday. This picture was taken with Eric Church, one of the performers that evening. His latest single, "Sinners Like Me," was written by Glasgow native Jeremy Spillman. Jeremy is the son of Marla and Keith Spillman and is an alumnus of Barren County High School. We can support Jeremy by requesting local radio stations to play the new Eric Church single, "Sinners Like Me."

Alecia Bush
ECE Teacher
Barren County High School

Creature Collage
Picture Featured:    September 30, 2007 Creature Collage
(upper left, lower right) Wendell Kennison sent us these photos Sept. 21st and writes:
Hi Bill,
These two look like the grasshoppers that ate Summer Shade. The one that looks like it's about to descend on its prey was actually on my windshield. I took the pictures with my trusty little Sony Cyber-Shot digital camera.
(upper right) Ron Smith sent us this photo and writes:
Do you ever feel like this in the morning? My wife Leslie took this picture, I really like it and thought I would share.

Ron Smith

(lower left) Joe Taylor sent us this photo and writes:
Sept.15th I saw my first woolly worm of the season. His photo is attached. He's black on top and chesnut underneath. This seems to predict a winter that is cold on top and warmer underneath. Now we know.

>> Joe Taylor <<

Hoedown at the Library
Picture Featured:    October 01, 2007 Hoedown at the Library
Martha Nell Thomas sent us these Sept. 14 and writes:
Mr. Anderson,
These children were having a great time at the Cowboy Hoedown Dance at the Mary Wood Weldon Library. Check out the calendar at

UK/Kent State Flag Display
Picture Featured:    October 02, 2007 UK/Kent State Flag Display
Joe Keys sent us this photo and writes:
Just wanted to share this awesome picture of our great American flag. While attending the UK and Kent State football game recently, this picture was taken by Jonathan Dugger, a good friend and former office colleague of mine. My nephew, Jonathan Toms, a Senior at UK, was one of the students that helped display the flag. It was a great sight to see.

Joe Keys

Celebrating Seniors/Peeking at the Deer
Picture Featured:    October 03, 2007 Celebrating Seniors/Peeking at the Deer
(upper photo) Leonetta Cook sent us this photo and writes:
The First Free Will Baptist Church celebrated our Senior Citizens on Saturday, September 15th with a devotion from Bro. Andy Patterson from Brotherhood Free Will Baptist Church, music by The Gospel Sounds, and a barbeque/potluck meal at Daniel Garrett's home. As Bro. Andy said, "Our churches are what they are BECAUSE of our senior saints! They set an example to our younger people." We are thankful for them!

Leonetta Cook

(lower photo) Nathan Sewell sent us this photo entitled "Peering Through the Shades" and writes:
We have a new family of deer in our neighborhood this year. I watched them for quite some time come from the creek behind our home, up the side and then finally to our front yard. I love seeing the little ones that still have the spots on them. There was another mother deer present, but not in this photograph. It's also good to see wildlife still flourishing even in this draught that we are in. Just thought it was too cute not to share with others.

Nathan Sewell (Glasgow, Ky.)

The TJ Samson Bowl
Picture Featured:    October 04, 2007 The TJ Samson Bowl
Marsha Thomas sent us this photo and writes:
At the TJ Samson Bowl...
Stat Flight Helicopter delivering the game ball at the TJ Samson Bowl prior to start of the first game between Barren County & Metcalfe County. (2nd picture) Receiving the game ball was Barren County's new head coach, Jeff Richey. Go Trojans!

Marsha Thomas

TJ Samson Community HospitalSTATCARE

Community Medical Care!
Picture Featured:    October 05, 2007 Community Medical Care!
Tina Combs sent us this photo and writes:
Community Medical Care presented a Volunteer of the Year award to Gale & Dale’s owner Betty Blankenship. Betty was chosen for her outstanding fundraising efforts at Christmas when she baked 180 cakes & donated the proceeds to CMC.

Pictured receiving different awards at CMC's Appreciation Day are: Hatcher & Saddler Funeral Home - Tommy High, Dr. Will Whiteside, T. J. Samson Community Hospital - Bill Kindred, Glasgow Rotary Club - RT Winbigler, Dr. Muralidhar Santapuram, Mike Ferguson, DG & S Partners - Henry Dickinson, Betty Blankenship, Glasgow BPW Club - Marsha Newport & Ernie Myers.

Community Medical Care does appreciate all the community support. Thanks.

Community Medical Care's Website

Hop Gardens
Picture Featured:    October 06, 2007 Hop Gardens
Our friend from across the sea, George Newport, sent us this photo Sept. 3 and writes:
Hello, Glasgow-ky:
Here are some photos of the hop gardens around Canterbury, Kent, UK, near where I live. As you are aware, hops are used to make beer.

George Newport

Spoiled Kids?
Picture Featured:    October 07, 2007 Spoiled Kids?
(left) Donita Runyon sent us this photo Aug. 27 and writes:
Here is a picture of my husband, Ernest, holding our new grandaughter, Maci Renee' McDaniel. So --------- Do you think she will be spoiled or not??????

Donita Runyon

(right) Betsy Bowles sent us this photo Sept. 10 and writes:
This a picture of my husband, Stacy Bowles, with his niece, Lillie Crandall and his nephew Jackson Moore. Lillie and her parents, Sayra & Brent Crandall, of Little Rock, Ark. were in to visit over the Labor Day Holiday. Jackson is the son of Tonya & James Moore of Glasgow. You can tell Uncle Stacy really spoils them both.

Betsy Bowles

Monroe Co. Watermelon Festival
Picture Featured:    October 08, 2007 Monroe Co. Watermelon Festival
Micah Reece sent us these Sept. 4th and writes:
I wanted to share a photo of the Glasgow Public Defender's Office booth at the Monroe County Watermelon Festival on Saturday, September 2nd. This was our second year of attending the festival and it was a huge success. We included face painting this year and it was a big hit with the kids. Pictured in top photo: Greg Berry, Adam Greenway, Resa Gardner, Micah Reece and Mike Jamison. Pictured in 2nd photo: Resa Gardner and her daughter Emory Kate. Pictured in 3rd photo: Trevor Sherfey. Thanks for letting us share!

Good Ol' Days?
Picture Featured:    October 09, 2007 Good Ol
Rita Frazier sent us this photo and writes:
I thought a lot of people might enjoy looking at the beautiful men in this photo. I know they will have a big laugh. This is the Womanless Beauty Pageant at Good Ol' Days in Cave City.

Buddy and Anne Grant Underwood
Picture Featured:    October 10, 2007 Buddy and Anne Grant Underwood
Jenny Kate Underwood sent us this photo and writes:
Buddy and Anne Grant Underwood stand in front of a stock car Sept. 14 at Kentucky Speedway in Sparta. The Underwoods were in Sparta to watch Buddy take part in a Champ Ride Experience through the Jeff Gordon Racing School as part of a Father's Day present. Anne Grant also ended up participating, as did their son Josh. They each rode shotgun in a stock car for 2 1/4 laps, traveling at speeds of 165-171 miles per hour.

The WebMeister adds: By the way, today, Oct. 10, is Buddy's birthday - Don't forget to wish him "Happy Birthday!"

Yellow Jackets Cheerleaders
Picture Featured:    October 11, 2007 Yellow Jackets Cheerleaders
Linda Proffitt sent us this photo Sept. 21st and writes:
Hey, Bill, just wanted to share a few recent pictures of this year's Yellow Jackets cheerleaders. They have worked very hard to prepare for this season and we are very proud of them! They are (front row) Mckay Bowles, Yasmean Fogle, Maddyson Runyon and Jasmine Smith, (back row) coach Angela Wooten, Taylor Ashford, Allysa Rushing, Jaiden Hayes, Hannah Brown, Katlyn Bunch, and coach Christy Johns. Not pictured: Katlyn Simmons.


Helping BRAWA
Picture Featured:    October 12, 2007 Helping BRAWA
Melissa Foster forwarded us this photo and writes:
Becky Taylor sent this picture to me to send to you for the webpage.

Melissa Foster

Katie Hinkley and Brenna Taylor wrote a letter to their principal and fellow students asking for help collecting supplies for the shelter. Thanks to the wonderful support of the faculty and students, BRAWA received many helpful items needed to run the shelter!

BRAWA - Barren River Animal Welfare Association

Picture Featured:    October 13, 2007 Hummers
(left) Belinda Harlow sent us this photo and writes:
While camping at the lake this summer I put out a hummingbird feeder. As you can see I had several hummers. I was just lucky to catch three together at one time.

Bunny Harlow

(right) William Morris sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a shot of a Red Throated Hummingbird sitting about 2 feet from our backyard feeder. I am told the Red Throated variety is rare in this area.

Wm. Morris

A Day Out with Thomas
Picture Featured:    October 14, 2007 A Day Out with Thomas
Jenny Buie sent us these and writes:
Jameson and Ally Buie recently spent "A Day Out with Thomas" at the Tennessee Central Railway in Nashville. They had a great day and enjoyed the train ride on Thomas the Train, and many other activities.

Barn to House/Sunrise
Picture Featured:    October 15, 2007 Barn to House/Sunrise
(top) Brandy & Andrew Smith sent us these and write:
Here are some pictures of our barn that we converted into a house in Edmonton, Ky!

Brandy & Andrew Smith

(bottom) Wendell Kennison sent us this photo Sept. 25th and writes:
Hello Bill,
I shot this picture at Goodluck this morning.. It was too pretty to pass up.


BB and Deborah
Picture Featured:    October 16, 2007 BB and Deborah
Amy Green sent us this photo and writes:
On August 30th, 2007, BB the Monkey surprised Deborah Settle, ARNP, with a birthday party at Fountain Run Clinic. As you can see, BB dressed special for the occasion. After the party, BB and Deborah escaped to Gulf Shores for fun and relaxation.

The Zoo Crew

From Thomas in Glasgow, Scotland
Picture Featured:    October 17, 2007 From Thomas in Glasgow, Scotland
Thomas, another one of our "friends from across the pond," sent us this photo and writes:
Greetings from a resident of Glasgow, Scotland. I have been keeping up with your website for a few months now and find it very fascinating. For a bit of fun I thought I would send you a photo I took of our underground subway at a station in the centre of Glasgow. The trains run around in two lines, one clockwise and the other anti-clockwise. There are approximately a dozen stations which circle the main city centre.

I like looking at all your photos and wonder what it would be like living there. I look forward to seeing more in the future.

All the best,

The Foreigner at the Plaza
Picture Featured:    October 18, 2007 The Foreigner at the Plaza
Peggy Goodman sent us this photo and writes:
The Far Off Broadway Players are currently rehearsing for its newest production of "The Foreigner." This picture was taken on Sept. 28 during a rehearsal. Shown are cast members Peggy Goodman, Julie Jolly, John Botts, Temple Dickinson, Brad Dickerson and Kelly Bunch (sitting on the floor). This hilarious comedy will take place on Oct. 18, 19, 20 and 21. This will be an opportunity to see some of your friends and neignbors in a whole new light!

Submitted by Peggy Goodman

What's that deer's name again?
Picture Featured:    October 19, 2007 What
Steve Mayhew sent us this photo and writes:
This picture was captured by my game trail scouting camera in the woods on our family farm. Though I am not sure, perhaps this deer is practicing to pull a "special sleigh" on Christmas eve.

Steve Mayhew

The Music City Arabian Horse Show
Picture Featured:    October 20, 2007 The Music City Arabian Horse Show
Chris & Holly Snyder sent us these and write:
Attached is a photo of our daughter Landyn Sophia Rose Snyder,age 9. Landyn recently traveled to Murfreesboro TN, and competed in the "Music City Arabian Horse Show." Landyn competed twice in the 10 and under walk trout and finished first and third. Pictured with her is the winning horse, Max. Landyn is a student with Debra Shone at Solitare Farm (in Austin, Ky.). Landyn has attended two shows with Debra Shone and Solitare Farm. She has enjoyed weekly lessons since she was four and many thanks go out to Debra and her daughter, Katie, for all they do for Landyn. Also attached is a cute photo of Landyn's little sis - Emma Snyder (3). She had a great deal of fun at the show and being a little cowgirl herself! Check out the boots! Our family had a great and proud day!

Landyn and Emma are the children of Chris and Holly Snyder, and sisters to Dylan and Lexie Snyder, all of Glasgow.

Chris & Holly Snyder

Picture Featured:    October 21, 2007 Grandkids...
Arthur & Beverly Hatfield sent us these and writes:
Here is a picture of our grandson Johnny Dale Wood at his 1st Birthday Party, His birthday is Sept.11. He did not like the icing on his cake, but he really really liked the cake part and he also LOVED the rocking chair his Ma and Pa Warren got for him. He is the son of Tony and Tabitha Wood and the little brother of Shady Lynn Wood.

We just wanted to share with everyone our blessings this year. In the last year we were blessed with 3 grandsons in 8 months, from left to right is Kory Dean Smith son of Kristy & Kenneth Smith, in the middle is Jacksyn Bennett Wood son of Eddie Paul Wood & Tammy Rich, next is Johnny Dale Wood son of Tony & Tabitha Wood and our little princess in the back is Shady Lynn Wood daughter of Tony & Tabitha Wood. We feel so so blessed to have these WONDERFUL GRANDCHILDREN AND MANY MORE.

A Wonderful Accomplishment
Picture Featured:    October 22, 2007 A Wonderful Accomplishment
Paula Brooks sent us this photo and writes:
Sheri Lee, Executive Director, presents Julie Worley a check while Paula Brooks, Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator, looks on.

Julie Worley graduated from the FSS program on Friday September 28, 2007. Ms. Worley is the first graduate from the program. She has fulfilled her contract and met all of her self-established goals. One of the most important goal was that she got her G.E.D.

As part of the program, the Housing Authority and Ms. Worley established an escrow account to save a portion of the rent her family would have normally paid due to increased income in the household. The Housing Authority presented her a check in the amount of $493. which was her escrow balance.

She has been promoted to the General Manager's position of the new Arby's in Franklin, Kentucky. She will be moving out of assisted housing and relocating. We are very proud of Julie and her accomplishments and wish her and her family all the best!

Maycie and Pals
Picture Featured:    October 23, 2007 Maycie and Pals
Al Dilley sent us this and writes:
Our grandaughter, Maycie, playing with her mini horses (Star and Diamond) and her goat "Buster."

They sure do grow up fast...
Picture Featured:    October 24, 2007 They sure do grow up fast...
(left) Pa Hunt sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of my 2 yr old grandson....Max Trowbridge...this was his second year at the Etoile Fair and you can see that he has already found one of the highlights... a big ol' chocolate ice cream cone...after and before a skip in the creek ....he found everything from the creek to the cake walk to the ice cream and then getting 2 trophies in the horse show some of the biggest highlights of the whole fair..... I'm sure he will go again next year...Can you tell how much he loved the ice cream?
(center) Candy Browning sent us this photo and writes:
Keeper Reed Browning at the 2007 Fall Frenzy Pageant held in Elizabethtown on September 29, 2007 hosted by Diamond Pageants. Keeper decided the crown weighed more than she did. Congratulatins to my daughter.
(right) Brooke Reynolds sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of our twins, Lane and Lexi, on their first day of Preschool at Munfordville Elementary. They were born on Mother's Day in 2003. They sure do grow up fast......

Thank you,
Brooke Reynolds

Renovation at MCNP
Picture Featured:    October 25, 2007 Renovation at MCNP
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
Ground broken for Mammoth Cave visitor center renovations

After six inches of rain in two days, Mammoth Cave NP Supt. Patrick Reed opted for dry concrete, rather than actually shoveling into muddy ground. The groundbreaking kicked off the $5.9 million Phase 1 renovation of the visitor center. About 50 people attended, including area elected officials and tourism representatives. Phase 1 demolition and construction will transform the old administration building into space for cave tour ticket sales and modern restrooms; the breezeway will become a spacious lobby. Martin Construction Company of Louisville was awarded the contract.

With shovels in hand are: Daniel London, representative of Congressman Ron Lewis; Jim Askins, representative of Senator Jim Bunning; Larry Cox, representative of Senator Mitch McConnell; Kofi Frempong, of Martin Construction Company; Supt. Reed; Sherry Rascovar, senior vice president of Parsons-Brinkerhoff; Lydia Creager, NPS project manager; Mike Adams, Mammoth Cave chief of interpretation; and Steve Kovar, Mammoth Cave chief of facilities management.

"On Broadway"
Picture Featured:    October 26, 2007 "On Broadway"
Meg Travis sent us these and writes:
Here are some pictures of the Glasgow High School Chorus as the students practice for their upcoming production, On Broadway, which will be held Saturday, Nov. 3, 7:00pm at the Plaza Theatre. The program will feature selections from musicals such as Wicked, Sound of Music, Phantom of the Opera, Annie and more. Tickets are $10 and may be purchased by phone at 361-2101, online at, at the Plaza box office, or at the door. Visit for more information about the Glasgow High School Choral Music Program and our new booster organization, Glasgow High School Supporters of Performing Arts, Inc. Thanks!

Meg Travis

Bundles of Joy!
Picture Featured:    October 27, 2007 Bundles of Joy!
(upper left) Jennifer Edwards sent us this photo Aug. 6th and writes:
This is my niece, Kinsey Bryn Edwards, she is the daughter of Cory and Casey Edwards. Today was the first day my mom and I had the privilege of babysitting. She's just a bundle of joy and gets sweeter everyday!

Jennifer Edwards - AKA: Aunt Jenn

(center) Misty Flickinger sent us this photo Aug. 20th and writes:
Just wanted to share this photo of my 3-month old son, Jake Rich Flickinger. I think this photo is simply adorable and well suited for this hot weather we've been having! He is the grandson of Debbie Rich who works at Cook, Downing & Underwood Insurance Agency and Linda Flickinger who works for the Glasgow Barren County Board of Realtors. Have a GREAT Day!

Misty Rich-Flickinger

(upper right) Amy Bellamy sent us this photo and writes:
Mr. Anderson,
I would like to introduce everyone to my neice: Addyson Jane Norris, daughter of Rodney and Amanda Norris. Addyson was born Friday, September 14, 2007 at 11:16am in Bowling Green. She weighed 6 lbs., 14 oz. and was 19 1/2 inches long. Maternal grandparents are Jesse and Micki Froggett and paternal grandparents are Freddie and Loretta Norris. Isn't she beautiful! Children are a precious gift from God!

Thank you,
Amy Bellamy

(lower) Shane Dillon sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of Callie Estes, Hadley Harris and Nicholas Williams enjoying their suckers at their babysitter's house, Shane Dillon's. They are so precious and I love them to death.

Shane Dillon

Touring the Cave City FD
Picture Featured:    October 28, 2007 Touring the Cave City FD
Toni Auston sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a picture of my sons Matthew(10), Nicholas(8), and Seth(3). We enjoyed a ride on a fire truck from the Cave City Fire Department. Mayor Bob Hunt drove us through Cave City and his wife, Linda, took the photos. It was a great morning and one they won't soon forget.

Have a great day!

Toni Austin

The Library's Halloween Party
Picture Featured:    October 29, 2007 The Library
Ms. Thomas at the library sent us this photo and writes:
Mr. Anderson,
Attached is the Children's Department Halloween Party at the Mary Wood Weldon Library. Children traversed the tunnel, jumped in balloons, made a bracelet, decorated pumpkins and more!! It was loads of fun. The Story Hour at 10:00am and 6:00pm on October 30 will also feature a dress-up event. Join Amber at the library!
The Mary Wood Weldon Library Website

Dressed for Halloween
Picture Featured:    October 30, 2007 Dressed for Halloween
(upper photos) Susan Daugherty sent us these and writes:
Here are a few pics. of my 5-year-old son, Ryan (Dalmatian), and his 3-year-old cousin, Greg (Harry Potter) at the Louisville Zoo. They really enjoyed the Walt Disney characters, the Charlie Brown pumpkin patch, and the chase of the Headless Horseman to end the evening with as we rode the train from Hogwarts platform 9 3/4. Wishing you all a Happy Halloween!

Susan Daugherty

(lower left) Patty Dickson sent us this photo and writes:
This is Sydney dressed for Haloween 2006, I thought she looked so cute. She and my grandaughter, Courtney Steenbergen were killed in an automobile accident on March 22, 2007. I am grateful we have photos and blessed memories of those who have been called away.

Patty Dickson

(lower right) Whitney Elmore sent us these and writes:
I'm hoping you'll post these photos of my dog, Boomer. She's preparing for Halloween photos at PetSmart in Warner Robins, GA. Most folks believe she's an angel, but her costume and attitude tell a different story! Thanks so much!

Whitney Elmore

Flintstones, meet the Flintstones...
Picture Featured:    October 31, 2007 Flintstones, meet the Flintstones...
Amanda Fiessinger sent us this photo a couple of weeks ago and writes:
This was taken at the Cave Country Saddle Club Horse show this past weekend, my kids Justin "Fred" and Ben "Bam-Bam" and Pee Wee "Dino" were 1st place winners of the costume contest.

Amanda Fiessinger

Halloween Festival
Picture Featured:    November 01, 2007 Halloween Festival
Dawn Neet sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill.. This is a Picture I took Saturday at the Glasgow Rec. Dept. Halloween Festival, held at Beaver Trail Park, of my kids. Tyler, Dezi and Lilli. They enjoyed themselves that day on the inflatables they had for the children. And 2 out of my three even won door prizes.

Thank you,
Dawn Neet

The Glasgow Recreation Dept. Website

Halloween Fun!
Picture Featured:    November 02, 2007 Halloween Fun!
(top) Denise Glass sent us this and writes:
Thought everybody would like to see the pirates of the Glasgow Kidney Center. Left to right are Mateys Carol W., Denise G.and Captain Charlotte T. We also had our patients dress up as pirates. Fun was had by all.

Denise Glass

(bottom) Miranda Birge sent us this photo and writes:
Happy Halloween from the “NERDS” of Glasgow Insurance!!

Miranda Birge
Glasgow Insurance Agency

More Halloween Fun
Picture Featured:    November 03, 2007 More Halloween Fun
(left) Carrie Richards sent us this photo and writes:
Glenview Health Care celebrated Halloween this year with a party for the residents, and lots of wonderful memories for the staff. As you can see, our boss, Jason Gumm, is always eager to make the residents feel at home and encourage the staff to be involved in the residents lives. Jason is always sincere and caring, but I think he was full of hot air today!! Thanks for posting!! - Carrie Richards
(center) Joe and Dina Meyers sent us this photo and write:
This is our daughter Ella attempting to try on her Halloween costume and her little brother Joey who thought that big puffy skirt tail looked like a great place to have a seat. I think this may be just one of many times in Ella's life that her little brother is oblivious to the fact that he is driving her crazy! The kids had a great time Halloween night. Thanks to all the great candy givers out there! - Joe and Dina Meyers
(upper right) Martha Seeley sent us this photo and writes:
Here is an unusual jack o'lantern carved by Deborah Seeley from a pattern she found online. Are you doing a pumpkin carving contest? - Martha Seeley
(lower right) Valerie Stokes sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of my little tarantula… Paige

Halloween Pumpkins
Picture Featured:    November 04, 2007 Halloween Pumpkins
(left) Jr. and Janelle sent us this photo and write:
Bailey & Austin Houchens with their Boxer pup, Gus, after carving their pumpkins.
(right) Lindsey Smith sent us this photo and writes:
Above are some pictures of my 4-month-old daughter Isabella on her very first Halloween. She really enjoyed seeing all of the different people that were out and about. Isabella also went trick or treating, but by the third house she was worn out. Hopefully next year she can enjoy it alot more. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Halloween, the weather was perfect. Thank you and have a great day!

Lindsey Smith

Off the Bahamas
Picture Featured:    November 05, 2007 Off the Bahamas
Jena Pace sent us these and writes:
Hi Bill, While out on a friend's boat off the coast of the Bahamas, I caught these photos of a waterspout. It got pretty rough for a while.

Jena Pace

Monday Storm Damage!
Picture Featured:    November 06, 2007 Monday Storm Damage!
These photos illustrate just a small part of the aftermath of the storm that struck Glasgow just after 4:00pm yesterday (Monday). Most of the damage appears to have been centered around the Bypass. The photos here show the collapsed warehouse behind the EPB Office. You can view the link below for more pictures.
We are still working to restore services in the field. We have lines down and broken fiber optic cables which feed many of the services which aren't working at this point. We are working to get these problems repaired and as usual we aren't going to stop until they're fixed!!!

For More Pictures Of The Damage At The EPB Click Here

Big Blue Madness/Weather Madness
Picture Featured:    November 07, 2007 Big Blue Madness/Weather Madness
Shane Buie sent us these photos and writes:
These are a couple of pictures from Big Blue Madness. It was a sellout crowd of 23,000 plus! We stuck around for a bit after the festivities and got to meet UK's new basketball coach Billy Gillispie. The guy with the painted face is Eric Pace, the other is me, Shane Buie. We were thrilled to get to meet him, I think you can tell. :) GO BIG BLUE!

Found: one 2x6 in the Siddens Road area on Monday, November 5th.

Here is a picture of some storm damage on Siddens Road in Barren County. Barns lost roofs and trees were uprooted, not sure where the 2x6 came from????

Shane Buie

For more pictures of the damage at the EPB, click Here!

Halloween Fun
Picture Featured:    November 08, 2007 Halloween Fun
(upper left) Tina Hiser sent us this photo (asking "Which is the real fireman?") and writes:
Hi Bill,
Pictured above is our daughter Jamie on her first Trick-or-Treat. We were able to steal dad long enough for a few treats before taking him back to the fire department.
(upper right) Misty Houchens sent us this photo and writes:
These are my soon to be niece and nephews on Halloween! Blake as a Pirate, Kaytlyn as Hannah Montana, Luke as a Lil' Pumpkin and Matthew as a Zombie! Don't they look cute? I tend to think so!
(lower left) Angie Clements sent us this photo and writes:
Halloween, 2007 - "The Pink Ladies": Angie Clements, Jennifer Poynter, Melissa Huffman and Candy Reed-Browning
(lower right) Donita Runyon sent us this photo and write:
Bill, I just wanted to share. This is Maci Renee' & Zackary McDaniel dressed as a UK Cheerleader & an Air Force pilot for Halloween. Maci & Zack are 2 of our grandchildren and the children of Lisa & Dale McDaniel.

Thanks - Donita & Ernest Runyon

Midnight Madness at Rupp
Picture Featured:    November 09, 2007 Midnight Madness at Rupp
Donnie Pedigo sent us this photo and writes:
Kalen and Braden Pedigo got to enjoy their first Midnight Madness in Rupp Arena. They are already asking to go back it was so much fun.

Enjoying the Beach
Picture Featured:    November 10, 2007 Enjoying the Beach
(left) Christy Wood sent us this photo in mid-October and writes:
We took a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC on Fall Break. The weather was great, the ocean was warm, and we had a great time!! Here is a pic of my husband, Doug, our daughter Shelby, and our son Andrew on one of the fishing piers.


(right) Eric Simmons sent us this photo in mid-October and writes:
This is a picture of Lara Simmons enjoying her first trip to the ocean on fall break. She loved the waves and digging in the sand.

Eric Simmons

James and the Giant Peach at WKU
Picture Featured:    November 11, 2007 James and the Giant Peach at WKU
Shari Leamon-Wallace sent us this photo and writes:
On Saturday October 13th Gabriel Wallace had a special treat with being asked to go onstage during the last scene of James and the Giant Peach where James is telling his story to a little boy. This production was part of WKU's 2007 Children's Theater Series. This picture was taken after the show and includes the cast along with Glasgow friends Reed Gatlin (yellow shirt) and Gabe Wallace. Be sure to check out WKU's website for future dates and performances.

Thanks, Shari Leamon-Wallace

Celebrating UK's Win
Picture Featured:    November 12, 2007 Celebrating UK
Laura Reed sent us this photo a while back and writes:
My name is Laura Leigh Trabue Reed (from Glasgow) and my husband John Reed (from Park City) and I were lucky enough to get tickets on the 50 yard line for the UK vs LSU game on Saturday. I have to say it was by far the best football game either of us has seen and to be able to watch it in person was amazing. The crowd was electric! During the last OT you could literally feel the stadium shaking. It will be a game we will never forget. I attached a few pictures from the game and the descriptions are below:

1. The coin toss before the game.
2. Kentucky's final drive in regulation to tie the game.
3. The fans rushing onto the field to celebrate.
4. John and I after the game celebrating with all of the fans on the field. (the photo that we used - The WebMeister)
5. The final score.geni

Hopefully UK will be able to finish the season with as much excitement as this past weekend! GO CATS!


From the Top of the Arc de Triomphe
Picture Featured:    November 13, 2007 From the Top of the Arc de Triomphe
Jennifer Cook sent us this photo and writes:
I'm a former resident of Glasgow, and my husband and I now reside in Chicago. We visited Paris in March, and this photo was taken from the top of the Arc de Triomphe at the end of the Champs-Élysées. I thought your website readers might enjoy it.


Trevor's Generosity
Picture Featured:    November 14, 2007 Trevor
Shawn and Carla Estes sent us this photo Oct. 20th and write:
Mr. Anderson,
Trevor Baise (front row, 3rd from left) celebrated his 13th birthday on October 13 in Cave City with 27 friends attending. What makes his birthdays interesting and different are his request for gifts. He asks that gifts be brought for a certain charity or ministry and not for himself. This year he chose my family to be the recipient of his gifts. My family will be moving to Texas in December to begin full-time faith-based missionary work in Reynosa, Mexico. We received around $300 in cash and gift cards for us to use while we are on the mission field. If Glasgow had a hometown hero, Trevor would definitely be in the running. His maturity and sacrifice at this age speaks volumes. My family thanks you, Trevor, and may God Bless You.

Shawn, Carla, Madison & Maverick Estes

The Scotties in Louisville
Picture Featured:    November 15, 2007 The Scotties in Louisville
Jena Pace sent us this and writes:
This is a photo of the Scottie Band, just after marching off the field at the semi-finals in Louisville. They did a great job.

Jena Pace

Girls' Weekend Away in Pineville
Picture Featured:    November 16, 2007 Girls
Linda Wells sent us this photo and writes:
Recently we girls had a weekend away at Pine Mountain State Park in Pineville, Kentucky. Our lives keep us going in all directions and we decided we needed some time to catch up, laugh, and share some quality time.

We girls consist of Hope Williams, her four daughters; Linda Wells, Rita Gray, Donnie Marion and Connie McGregor, as well as her four granddaughters; Dru Dulaney and Lauren Wells (daughters of Linda Wells), Meridith Parker (daughter of Rita Gray), Heather Johnson (daughter of Donnie Marion), and Megan McGregor (daughter of Connie McGregor).

Pictured: Seated l to r: Hope Williams, Meridith Parker, Connie McGregor, Linda Wells, Dru Dulaney and Heather Johnson. Standing l to r: Donnie Marion, Megan McGregor, Lauren Wells, and Rita Gray.

We've decided this was such fun that we're going to make it an annual fall outing. We've also decided to add another outing in the summer to include Mom's seven great grandchildren. What fun!

Barren Co. Tennis Clinic
Picture Featured:    November 17, 2007 Barren Co. Tennis Clinic
Kenneth sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill:
I am submitting the attached photo for your consideration in posting on the Glasgow website. The kids were very enthusiastic and played hard for six weeks. I am sure they would like to see their picture on Glasgow's Website.

Several of Glasgow’s local tennis players, under the direction of Terry Bunnell, volunteered their time to conduct a six week tennis clinic for Barren County kids in grades two through five. The United States Tennis Association and Southern Kentucky Tennis Association supported the clinic with tennis equipment and supplies. A total of 37 kids participated in the clinic. Pictured above are the kids and coaches that attended the last session.

Dress-Up Fun
Picture Featured:    November 18, 2007 Dress-Up Fun
(left) Mary McPeak sent us this photo and writes:
Austin and Bailey Houchens ready to go treat or tricking after the fight? Sent by Mary Houchens McPeak (grandma)
(right) Marilyn Barrick sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of our daughter, Denise Young. She teaches 5th grade at Glasgow Christian Academy. Her class sold the most in a fund raiser for the school. Her reward was to dress as a clown for the day! Pretty cute one, her mother thinks, and so did her class and everyone else at school that day.

Marilyn Barrick

Ben Spillman and Callie
Picture Featured:    November 19, 2007 Ben Spillman and Callie
Debora sent us this photo and writes:
My nephew, Ben Spillman, just returned to Camp Lejeune, NC after his second tour in Iraq on Oct. 20th. There to greet him after his 16-hour flight were his niece Callie, mom Wanda, and aunts Bonnie Sherfey and Debbie Reece. Callie, who was only 5-months-old when Ben left, was quite taken with her Uncle, as he was with her.

At Indiana Dunes National Shoreline Park
Picture Featured:    November 20, 2007 At Indiana Dunes National Shoreline Park
Brian Shields sent us this photo and writes:
On Fall Break last month, the family wanted to go to the shore and I wanted to go north. So we compromised and went north..... to the shore. We visited Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore in Northern Indiana ( It was a wonderful surprise. Lake Michigan was sparkling blue and the beaches were deserted. I recommend everyone looking for a different locale to give it a try. Photo is of Natalie and Allison Shields walking along the dunes.

Brian Shields

Consequences of the Drought
Picture Featured:    November 21, 2007 Consequences of the Drought
Jeff Wagner sent us these Nov. 1st and writes:
I know everyone is aware of the drought that the area is having. Last weekend Renee and I went to a few waterfalls and it really showed in the creeks and waterfalls around the area. I am sure many are aware of the below average water levels. Here a couple of photos of Cane Creek Falls in Tennessee and in comparing the two you can get a visual on just how low we are on water in the southeast. The first photo was taken in May 2005. I am sure everyone remembers the 3-4 days of rain that we finally received the last week of Oct 2007, well the second photo was taken 4 days after the last day of that rain. Sort of puts a new perspective on how low the water is.

Take Care,
Jeff Wagner

Visiting Italy
Picture Featured:    November 22, 2007 Visiting Italy
Jennifer Cook sent us this photo and writes:
While my husband Will and I were in Venice, Italy, one of the most interesting things we did is visit some of the glass-blowing shops on the island of Murano. This is an in-action photo we took at one of them. Most allow photos for at least a few minutes but often display signs for donations (as you can see in the picture). Their actual shops sell the finished pieces. Interestingly enough, Murano is the only island in the Venezia region where the glassmaking is allowed. Because of fire risk, all glassmakers were moved to Murano in 1291. The glassmaking process hasn't changed much in all that time.

Jennifer Cook

Beautiful Sky
Picture Featured:    November 23, 2007 Beautiful Sky
Sean sent us this photo in early October and writes:
Bill, I took this picture about a month or so ago that I would like to share with everyone. The sky was beautiful that night.


Fall Colors
Picture Featured:    November 24, 2007 Fall Colors
Connie Colter sent us this photo about a month ago and writes:
For those who love the fall colors, thought I'd share this photo I took the second week of October. It's on the Kancamagus Highway from Lincoln to Conway, New Hampshire. The NH website advertises it as one of their best for fall colors. Even though it was a rainy day, I think they're right!

Connie Colter

Busy Farmers
Picture Featured:    November 25, 2007 Busy Farmers
Pam Staples sent us these and writes:
This is the way this big John Deere gets 'er done down on the farm. Hauling in tobacco four wagons a trip saves time and fuel for this busy farmer.

Sent in by Pam Staples

A Late August Sunrise
Picture Featured:    November 26, 2007 A Late August Sunrise
Bill Brummett sent us this photo and writes:
This is the first time that I have seen shadows on the bottom of clouds. This picture is a late August sunrise north of Glasgow

Bill Brummett

Halloween with Big Red
Picture Featured:    November 27, 2007 Halloween with Big Red
Candi Howard sent us this photo and writes:
Attached is a picture of my daughter, Kaylie Howard. She was participating in the Halloween Fest last weekend at Preston Miller Park. Although she thought she was a High School Musical cheerleader, Big Red thought she fit in with his crew perfectly.

Candi Howard

Craig Trautman
Picture Featured:    November 28, 2007 Craig Trautman
Rhonda Trautman sent us this photo and writes:
Thought you might want to post this on the Glasgow Website. This is my husband Craig Trautman on the job in Osaka Japan. He served as a Chief Engineer with the Merchant Marines on liquid natural gas tankers for many years and has traveled all over the world with this job. He retired a few years ago but is now serving as a consultant to the industry which takes him back to Japan from time to time. This shot is from inside one of the ships he is working with.

Rhonda Riherd Trautman

Their First Real NFL Game
Picture Featured:    November 29, 2007 Their First Real NFL Game
Bill Ramsey sent us this photo and writes:
This is Miller and Lee Ramsey at the Titans game on Sunday, October 28th. We had a great time! My first ‘real’ NFL game.

Bill Ramsey

Black Stone Cherry in Amsterdam
Picture Featured:    November 30, 2007 Black Stone Cherry in Amsterdam
Marty Wooten sent us this photo Nov. 2nd and writes:
I was in Europe last week and I just happened to be in Amsterdam when Black Stone Cherry was playing at The Melkweg, or The Milkyway. They put on a great show and the mostly Dutch crowd sang along with every song. They were headed to Glasgow, Scotland next.

Skydiving Arizona
Picture Featured:    December 01, 2007 Skydiving Arizona
Mike Allen sent us this photo and writes:
When you're on the road you've got to enjoy it as much as possible. Jumping out of planes in Arizona is how I liked to enjoy Phoenix. If you get a chance and you're in the Phoenix area, drive down to Eloy and check out Skydive Arizona. They've got a high safety rating. I'm a native of Glasgow touring as a Head Carpenter for the Broadway show Movin Out. This is the life.

Mike Allen

Tyler and Murray State University
Picture Featured:    December 02, 2007 Tyler and Murray State University
Debbie Morris sent us this and writes:
This is the Murray State University Marching Racer Band during a pre-game show on Parent Weekend, and a close-up of my son, Tyler Morris. Tyler is a trumpet player attending MSU on a music scholarship. He is a 2007 graduate of Glasgow High School and an alumni of the Glasgow Scottie Band. Kind of strange to see him in something besides a kilt!

Trojan Fan Bobby Steenbergen
Picture Featured:    December 03, 2007 Trojan Fan Bobby Steenbergen
Jackie Nuckols sent us this photo and writes:
Would you all be so kind to print this article and picture? It's a very big deal for us to have such a loyal and dedicated Trojan fan as Bobby Steenbergen continues to be. He has given so much to Barren County High School and we would like for him to be recognized.

Special presentation made to Bobby Steenbergen. In honor of his many years of dedication to Barren County High School as coach and athletic director. A "piece of history" was presented by Keith Hale at Meet the Trojans Thursday night. A "piece of history" was the B from the original floor dating back to 1978. In 2007 (this summer) the gym received a renovation including a new gym floor. L to R - John Butler, Girls Basketball Coach; Bob Blair, Athletic Director; Bobby Steenbergen; Keith Hale, BCHS Principal; Steve Riley, Boy Basketball Coach.

Thank you,
Jackie Nuckols

All ready for Halloween!
Picture Featured:    December 04, 2007 All ready for Halloween!
Melissa Foster sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a picture of my classroom all dressed up for Halloween!

Melissa Foster

In the Smokies...
Picture Featured:    December 05, 2007 In the Smokies...
Joann & Johnny Brown sent us this photo in early November and write:
Just got back from the beauitful Smoky Mountains. This picture was taken on the top. Just thought everyone would enjoy it.

Thank you,
Joann & Johnny Brown
Glasgow, Kentucky

An Aggravating Problem - and Its Solution
Picture Featured:    December 06, 2007 An Aggravating Problem - and Its Solution
Leon McCool sent us this photo and writes:
Our 4-year-old grandson, Ethan, wants his dog to have puppies. The problem is his dog - Charlie is a boy. Ethan used his very active imagination and, ta-da!, Charlie had 4 puppies: Blues Clues, Scooby, Spot & Beethoven.

At the Navy Pier
Picture Featured:    December 07, 2007 At the Navy Pier
Betty Brogan sent us this photo and writes:
Attached is a photo of a group from Glasgow at the Navy Pier, in Chicago. After eating at Bubba Gump's Restaurant at the Pier, the group encountered "Pirates." Pictured are - Norma Young, Pirate, Mavis Smith, Pirate, Joyce Rudenga, Pat Gaunce, Dana Reagan, Betty Brogan, and Margie Smith.

Thanks, Betty Brogan

Visiting Ireland
Picture Featured:    December 08, 2007 Visiting Ireland
Julie Crimmins sent us this photo and writes:
My husband and I recently went to Ireland. I just wanted to share some of its wonderful landscapes with everyone. These pictures were taken along The Ring Of Kerry.

From Glasgow, Scotland
Picture Featured:    December 09, 2007 From Glasgow, Scotland
Damarias Moore sent us this photo and writes:
These pictures were taken in Glasgow, Scotland in July. The first is of a metal map of Glasgow. Metal maps appear to be a necessity for the biggest Scottish cities, because there was one in Edinburugh as well.

Damarias Moore

Really Enjoying the Concert
Picture Featured:    December 10, 2007 Really Enjoying the Concert
Linda Wells sent us this photo and writes:
Meridith and Steve Parker, their daugher, Presley, and cousin, Reagan Bowles, recently went to the Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) concert. It was definitely the highlight of the year for Presley (left) and Reagan and they dressed to fit the occasion of Miley's fifteenth birthday. As if going to the concert wasn't enough, they sat a few rows in front of Faith Hill and her children and Trace Adkins and his children. He was gracious enough to have his picture made with them.

Jordan Gosnell Interning for Bravo
Picture Featured:    December 11, 2007 Jordan Gosnell Interning for Bravo
Janna Gosnell sent us this photo and writes:
Our daughter, Jordan Gosnell is attending Pace University in New York City, where she is a backstage intern on the Bravo television series "Inside the Actor's Studio with James Lipton". Her duties on the show are mostly comprised of making the guest stars comfortable and making sure everyone is happy. Her recent guests have included Halle Berry , Alec Baldwin and John Cusack. Mr. Lipton has recently published an autobiography, "Inside, Inside", which chronicles his experiences on the TV show. Jordan recently accompanied Mr. Lipton to his book signing and acted as his assistant. This picture was taken after the book signing was finished. "Inside the Actor's Studio" airs on Bravo (channel 20 on EPB), Mondays at 7pm.

GHS Pipers at the Cave Sing
Picture Featured:    December 12, 2007 GHS Pipers at the Cave Sing
Tina Kinslow sent us this photo and writes:
This is a picture of our Glasgow High School Bagpipers. They were invited to perform at the Cave Sing at Mammoth Cave on December 2. The pipers are (top, left to right) Tiara Bush, Chanel Workman, Mary Jo Boles (bottom, left to right) Eric Kinslow, and Corey Holcomb. They are also accompanied by their instructor, J.P. Johnson, and their Mammoth Cave guide, Ty Bowles (both are GHS alumni). We're very proud of our pipers! They did a great job!

First Christmas!
Picture Featured:    December 13, 2007 First Christmas!
Corey and Becky Reece sent us this photo and write:
Our 8 ½ month old son Jackson Reece couldn’t wait to give Santa a kiss. This is his first Christmas and we are very excited about spending this holiday season with him and our family. Merry Christmas everyone!

Corey and Becky Reece

McKay and McKenzie
Picture Featured:    December 14, 2007 McKay and McKenzie
Peggy Tuck sent us this photo and writes:
I wanted to share this photo of my grandchildren, McKay and McKenzie. They enjoyed a Saturday afternoon at Jackson's Orchard in Bowling Green. They are the apple of my eye!

Proud "Nanna" Peggy Tuck

Local Cuties...
Picture Featured:    December 15, 2007 Local Cuties...
(left) James & Candy Brown sent us this photo and write:


(right) Timothy & Melanie Forshee sent us this photo and write:
Kaela Forshee would like to announce the birth of her baby brother Hunter Forshee. Hunter made his way into this world on November 8th, weighing 7 pounds and 11 ounces, and was 20 3/4 inches long. Kaela thinks he is the best thing that has happened to her.

Timothy and Melanie Forshee

The Top of Pine Mountain
Picture Featured:    December 16, 2007 The Top of Pine Mountain
Tommy Fields sent us this photo and writes:
I took the attached photograph on Friday morning, 09-28-07, while visiting with my mother in Letcher County. We had just crossed the “Little Shepherd Trail” from Letcher County and ended up in “Kingdom Come State Park” located at the top of Pine Mountain in Harlan County. About five minutes before I took the photograph, we came upon three black bears, a mother and two cubs, which were in the roadway. I wanted to take a photograph, but they ran into the woods before I could get my camera. As you can tell from the background, it was still very foggy in the valley but bright and sunny from the top of the mountain. Thanks.

Getting Ready for Christmas
Picture Featured:    December 17, 2007 Getting Ready for Christmas
(left) Melanie Smith sent us this photo and writes:
Caramia Pupcake (AKA Mia) would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Melanie Smith

(right) Debby Browning sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, this is our youngest grandson, Brooks Browning, 19 mo old. He was scanning the sale papers on Thanksgiving for the best bargains on Black Friday. I think he found just what he wanted. He is the son of Justin and Ashley Browning.

Thank you.

Debby Browning

Christmas Cookie Exchange
Picture Featured:    December 18, 2007 Christmas Cookie Exchange
Paulette Wasylycia sent us this photo and writes:
I just wanted to share a picture of this group of ladies from Bethel United Methodist Church took part in the Christmas cookie exchange on Monday night, December 10th. The "exchange" involves each person baking enough cookies so that everyone goes home with a half dozen of each variety (I believe each one got 16-18 different varieties last night!). Beginning in January, we will be posting the recipes on our church website, along with a picture of the person who contributed the recipe.

Paulette Wasylycia,
Communications Coordinator
Bethel United Methodist Church

Latest MCNP Project a Success
Picture Featured:    December 19, 2007 Latest MCNP Project a Success
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
Mark Rich, Mammoth Cave safety officer, Bob Garcia, Chappy Corporation CEO, Clyde Payne, OSHA area director, and Bruce Powell, Mammoth Cave deputy superintendent received plaques from the NPS Southeast Regional Office to recognize the excellent safety record acheived during replacement of the underground electrical system.

OSHA, Mammoth Cave NP and Chappy Awarded for Safe Completion of Cave Electrical Project

On December 15, 2004, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the National Park Service, and the Chappy Corporation, signed a worker safety and health partnership agreement at the commencement of the park’s underground electrical renovation project. As the project comes to a close, the partners gathered recently to receive awards from the Southeast Regional Office of the National Park Service for a safe job, well done.

“The logistics for this project were huge and could have been very dangerous,” said Deputy Superintendent Bruce Powell. “Not only did the Chappy Corporation employees install new lights, wiring, and telephones, they had to completely remove the old equipment. This project finished on time, with a clean safety record.”

Old 900-pound electrical transformers were broken down and hauled out of the cave by hand. A total of 45 miles of new wire was brought into the cave – in narrow passageways it was rolled off the spool and snaked through to its destination. Six miles of Mammoth Cave tour routes are now lit with economical, environmentally efficient light.

The renovation project calls for the overhaul of the park’s existing electrical system, which was installed more than 30 years ago. The system is outdated and does not conform to national electrical codes. The new system will be energy efficient and environmentally friendly to cave formations and creatures.

Mammoth Cave Amateur Radio Club
Picture Featured:    December 20, 2007 Mammoth Cave Amateur Radio Club
Lawrence Helton sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill,
Here are a couple of pictures of the Mammoth Cave Amateur Radio Club Christmas Dinner and meeting Dec. 18th, 2007, at the club room in City Hall. A good time was had by all.

Thanks and Merry Christmas all!

Lawrence Helton, KF4HNF

Christmas Greetings from Far, Far Away
Picture Featured:    December 21, 2007 Christmas Greetings from Far, Far Away
Our friend from "across the pond," George Newport, sent us this photo and writes:
To you all in Glasgow wishing you all a happy Christmas from my wife and myself. The picture is of our local church in Bridge nr CANTERBURY Kent UK.

George Newport

Santa's Helper
Picture Featured:    December 22, 2007 Santa
Jessica Carver sent us this photo and writes:
This is my 4-year-old nephew, Gage Carver, and Santa's little helpers. He came to visit me and helped decorate the Christmas tree. He played the role of Santa over half the day and ended up making some very good friendships with Santa's elves and his reindeer, Prancer.

Merry Christmas,
Jessica Carver

Tater Tot Time!
Picture Featured:    December 23, 2007 Tater Tot Time!
jthomas sent us this photo and writes:
Mr. Anderson,
The Mary Wood Weldon Library offers Tator Tot Time each Friday at 10:00am. It is amazing to see how quickly the children pick up on the finger rhymes, and how much the babies respond with their facial expressions. This week we had a visit from Santa and his elf, and Grant liked Santa! Maude was not so sure! The library will take a Christmas break, the next TTT will be Friday, January 4, 2008 at 10:00am.
The Mary Wood Weldon Memorial Library

Girl Scout Troop 232
Picture Featured:    December 24, 2007 Girl Scout Troop 232
Pam Robertson sent us these and writes:
Christmas from Girl Scout Troop 232: Girl Scouts met and enjoyed making cookies and decorating them (ate a few, too!!). Also, they assembled a gingerbread house. Then the Girl Scouts took the Christmas cookies and gingerbread house and went to Glenview Nursing Home to sing Christmas carols to the residents and staff and give them some sweet treats to enjoy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Pam Robertson, Girl Scout Troop 232

The Magic of Christmas
Picture Featured:    December 25, 2007 The Magic of Christmas
Debbie Morris sent us this photo and writes:
This is Luke Pierce, 2-year-old son of David and Roxanne Pierce. Nothing like the precious face of a child to remind us of the magic of Christmas!

Role Model Lank Graves...
Picture Featured:    December 26, 2007 Role Model Lank Graves...
Joy Godsey sent us these and writes:
Attached are 2 pictures taken last year at Christmas of Lank Graves with his cousins, Robert and Kaitlin. Lank passed away on December 2. We miss him very much, he was such a wonderful young man and a great role model for my 9-year-old son.

Thank you,
Joy Godsey

Christmas Puppies
Picture Featured:    December 27, 2007 Christmas Puppies
Leslie Green sent us this photo and writes:
I just wanted to share a photo of our sweet puppies we have for Christmas. They are 3 little boys with the smallest in the middle at only 1 pound. Merry Christmas!


Her First Christmas
Picture Featured:    December 28, 2007 Her First Christmas
Phil and Margie Patton sent us this photo and write:
Our granddaughter, 8-month-old Katherine Rush, daughter of Jessica and Jon Rush, enjoyed her first Christmas.

Phil and Margie Patton

Here comes the question...
Picture Featured:    December 29, 2007 Here comes the question...
Mary McPeak sent us these and writes:
Santa came and visited Austin and Bailey Houchens at their Ma's house in Glasgow for Christmas this year. They seemed a little nervous as he asked the big question, "Were you good boys this year?"

Mary McPeak

Patrick and the Governor
Picture Featured:    December 30, 2007 Patrick and the Governor
Patrick Klapheke sent us this photo and writes:
Hey Bill!
Got the privilege of watching the seamless transition of power in our government recently at the gubernatorial inauguration. Here is a pic of our new Governor taking the ceremonial oath of office and then one of me with the Governor at the ball that evening. Thanks.

Patrick Klapheke

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