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This picture was featured December 26, 2007 ...
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The Magic of Christmas
December 25, 2007
Girl Scout Troop 232
December 24, 2007
Tater Tot Time!
December 23, 2007
December 22, 2007
Role Model Lank Graves...
Role Model Lank Graves...
Joy Godsey sent us these and writes:
Attached are 2 pictures taken last year at Christmas of Lank Graves with his cousins, Robert and Kaitlin. Lank passed away on December 2. We miss him very much, he was such a wonderful young man and a great role model for my 9-year-old son.

Thank you,
Joy Godsey

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Presentation Of The Colors
Picture Featured:    July 05, 2002 Presentation Of The Colors
Here's a picture from Wednesday's Annual "Concert on the Square" with the Louisville Orchestra. This is the presentation of the colors by the Color Guard of the Glasgow Police Department, early in the program.
Click here for more information on the Louisville Orchestra!

A Tiger Lily
Picture Featured:    July 06, 2002 A Tiger Lily
Joe A. Taylor sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill:
Here is my annual tribute to the Tiger Lily, quite a common blossom in Glasgow gardens. The inset is one of the anthers from the blossom shown, covered with bright red-orange pollen. Those who grow them know that this powder stains shirts, pants, fingers and skin bright orange - yes, I know it to be a fact

Carmen And Pigmy Goats
Picture Featured:    July 08, 2002 Carmen And Pigmy Goats
Leonetta Cook sent us this photo and writes:
This picture was taken at Wayne and LaVerta Garrett's farm. These goats are twin pigmy goats. They are about 2 weeks old. Carmen is having great fun playing with them!

Chappy Repairing Storm Damage
Picture Featured:    July 10, 2002 Chappy Repairing Storm Damage
The WebMeister got this photo Wednesday morning. That's the EPB's Chappy Rice in the bucket truck. He's working on one of the EPB's satellite receivers, repairing lightning damage suffered (yes, suffered) overnight in the thunderstorm.

New Interns At T.j. Samson
Picture Featured:    July 12, 2002 New Interns At T.j. Samson
Jan Peden sent us this photo and writes:
A reception was held to welcome the new Interns of the University ofLouisville-Glasgow/Barren Co. Family Medicine Residency Program onThursday, July 11th at the South Central Kentucky Cultural Center. Shownbelow are members of the Class of 2005 that are beginning their 3-yearinternship: (L to R) Dwayne Moss, T. J. Samson Community HospitalAdministrator

Global Fest Meeting
Picture Featured:    July 16, 2002 Global Fest Meeting
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
At the last organizational meeting for the "Global Fest in the Barrens," (see the Community Bulletin Board for more information)committee members walked around the square to discuss space requirementsfor the September 7 celebration of world cultures. Registrationforms have already been received representing Japan, India, Africa, Bulgaria,Mexico, Brazil, Australia and Native Americans. Sponsors includeWNKY-NBC40, Glasgow-Barren County Tourist Convention Commission, EriksenChiropractic Centers, RBC Bearings/Tyson Inc., Barren Co. Fiscal Court,Dana Corporation, Pan-Oston, South Central RTC and Bharat Mody, M.D.

The next meeting will be July 23, 6:00pm at the Glasgow RecreationDepartment. Registration for exhibit booths, food vendors and performerswill continue through August 12. Anyone interested in participating inGlobal Fest or sponsoring the event may call 651-3161 or 651-7905.

Present at the meeting: Pat Harlow, Richard and Alma Glover, TimothyGlover, Charles Hunter, Steve and Kathy Franklin, Nancy Dowdy, DebbieBuchanan, Tina Staples, Merida Sublett, Ernest Franklin, and Bill Webb.Present but not in the photograph were Christine Scott, Davie Greer and VickieCarson.

Mimosa Bloom
Picture Featured:    July 18, 2002 Mimosa Bloom
Lance Crimmins sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a picture of our mimosa tree, which is blooming now.

Doty Inducted Into Hall Of Fame
Picture Featured:    July 19, 2002 Doty Inducted Into Hall Of Fame
Local resident Harold Doty has been a member of the Lions Club for 20 years. In the photo above, he is shown receiving an award from Past International Director Thomas Matney. This took place in June at the Ky. Lions State Convention, held in Ashland as he was inducted into the Ky. Lions Hall of Fame. Past District Governor Doty has received numerous awards for his efforts in the Lions Club. In addition to his work in Lions, he holds two college degrees and served 10 years in the Army as a helicopter pilot. He has worked in security, was a chemical engineer for Gates Rubber Co., worked in the OR of the T.J. Samson Community Hospital and is currently the Director of Environmental Services at NHC Healthcare. Congratulations!

For more information on the Lions Club, click here...

Maureen And Jessica
Picture Featured:    July 22, 2002 Maureen And Jessica
Charlene Morris sent us these photos and writes:
Last week, my daughter Maureen's best friend, Jessica, from North Carolina, came to visit. Of ALL their activities, volunteering at BRAWA was Jessica's favorite! Here are two photos -- their goodbye at Haywood Store and riding at the Barren River Lake State Resort Park.

Inside The Plaza
Picture Featured:    July 26, 2002 Inside The Plaza
Rhonda Trautman is the Program Director of Renaissance Main Street. She sent us these photos and writes:
Mr. Anderson,I have attached a few pictures from some Renaissance Projects as well as the Plaza. Thought you might want to put them on the Website.

The Liberty Street School renovation is proceeding

The Old Music Hall
Picture Featured:    July 29, 2002 The Old Music Hall
Rhonda Trautman is the Program Director of Renaissance Main Street. She sent us this photo and writes:
Mr. Anderson,I have attached a few pictures from some Renaissance Projects as well as the Plaza. Thought you might want to put them on the Website.

The Liberty Street School renovation is proceeding

Barren Co. Fair
Picture Featured:    July 31, 2002 Barren Co. Fair
The EPB's David Downing got these photos at this year's Barren Co. Fair and writes:
Next of Kin in more ways than one!

While enjoying the Barren County Fair this past weekend in Temple Hill, Shana Langley and Allison Stokes couldn't resist the opportunity for this picture. The sisters are enjoying their time together before Allison leaves for graduate school this fall. Although the photo turned out great, the results for "Next of Kin" in the truck/tractor pull are unknown. (you get some idea of the size of the crowd in the inset photo)

It's The Worm Man!
Picture Featured:    August 02, 2002 It
Holly Travis sent us these photos and writes:

Todd And Clint And Jim
Picture Featured:    August 05, 2002 Todd And Clint And Jim
Jamie Marion sent us this photo and writes:
My name is Jamie Marion and this is a picture of my uncle, Dr. Todd Marion, and my dad, Jim Marion, with Clint Eastwood. They, along with Bill Murrey and Dr. Mike Shadowen, went to Pebble Beach to play golf in July and went to Mission Ranch for dinner one night. There sat Clint and my dad couldn't stand it anymore. He had to have his picture. He yelled, "Clint, is your birthday May 31st?" Dad said Clint looked at him as if he were a stalker and replied, "Yes, why?" My dad told him that he and my mom, Debbie Marion, were in San Francisco a few years ago and saw him at his restaurant, but didn't want to bother him. He went on to tell Clint that my mom found out afterwards that she and Clint had the same birthday (of course, not the same year). Dad told Clint he had to have his picture this time!

New School Staff
Picture Featured:    August 07, 2002 New School Staff
Steve Mayhew of the Glasgow Independent School System sent us this photo and writes:
Thought the community would like to see the new teachers for Glasgow Independent. This picture was taken at a special Orientation Day for new teachers. We are very proud to have such high quality people join our staff.

Glasgow Independent Schools conducted a new teacher orientation on August 2 at Ponderosa Restaurant for the following new teachers: front row, (L-R) Bruce Bradburn, South Green Elementary

Football Season Here Again
Picture Featured:    August 12, 2002 Football Season Here Again
George Katchak sent us this photo and writes:
Football season is here again. Wednesday night the Glasgow Scotties had a great scrimmage against Warren Central. The Scotties were quite impressive for this early part of the season. I can't identify the players because the new programs are not available. Can't wait for the start of this season.


1st Graders Eat School Buses
Picture Featured:    August 13, 2002 1st Graders Eat School Buses
Margaret Wisdom sent us this photo and writes:
Ask these Red Cross (Elementary School) first graders what they did on their first day of school and they'll tell you they ate a school bus. If questioned further, they might admit it was made of graham cracker, yellow frosting and Oreo wheels. YUM!

Recent Rainbow
Picture Featured:    August 15, 2002 Recent Rainbow
Brian sent us this photo and writes:
Thought everyone might enjoy this picture I took after a rain in the Temple Hill area.

Temple Hill Pool Party
Picture Featured:    August 19, 2002 Temple Hill Pool Party
Ashley Bell got us this photo and writes:
I am Ashley Bell, the reporter for Temple Hill PTA. Temple Hill Elementary School held their Back to School Splash on August 5 at the Glasgow City Pool. Temple Hill students are excited about the new school year.
Click here to see Temple Hill's Website on the Trojan 2000 WebPortal!

'92 Bchs Class Reunion
Picture Featured:    August 20, 2002
Angela Landrum sent us some photos from their recent '92 BCHS class reunion and writes:
I have attached some photos from our class reunion. The dinner and dance was held on August 3 at University Plaza in Bowling Green. The picnic was held at Gorin Park on August 4. Classmates from BCHS 1992 class gathered for a photo before the reunion began on August 3 at University Plaza. After dinner, GEAR performed. Below is Wade England. I'm sure he will enjoy this picture (inset photo). The weather was quite hot for our picnic at Gorin Park on the 4th but some found some water balloons to help cool off. We have many pictures from both days and are setting up a Website so everyone can see them.

Angela Landrum

Bchs Danze Team
Picture Featured:    August 22, 2002 Bchs Danze Team
Donald Gossett sent us this photo and writes:
Recently the Barren County High School "Danze" Team participated along with Josh's Friends at NHC Healthcare. They entertained and played carnival games with the residents. Pictured are (1st row): Danielle Cook, Amy Crane, Brooke Miller, Megan Pickerel and Jessica Courtney, (2nd row): Katie Gray, Katie Bunch, Taylor Roemer, Casey Thromerson, Megan Crane and Sela Groce. Coaches (not pictured) are Amy Allen and Michelle Crabtree. Picture taken by Kalina Gossett.

Outer Loop Construction
Picture Featured:    August 23, 2002 Outer Loop Construction
Jim Atwell sent us this photo and writes:
New "Outer Loop" looking southwest about 7:30am, August 8, 2002. Foreground is the Lexington Dr. intersection (just to help you orient the picture, the building in the lower right is Felker Bros. on Beaver Trail, looking toward Hwy. 90).

Preparing For The Falls Of Autumn
Picture Featured:    August 26, 2002 Preparing For The Falls Of Autumn
Peggy Allen sent us this photo and writes:
This is a scene from a recent community health education event, "Preparing for the Falls of Autumn." The program served as the first in a new series of planned quarterly orthopedic sessions scheduled at The T.J. Samson Educational Resource Center. Dr. Cory Ryan (from T.J. Samson's Family Practice Center), Dr. Matt Rose and Dr. Barrett Lessenberry are shown as they review the many issues involved with causes, various injuries, treatment and prevention of falls. The next event ("My Aching Back") is scheduled for November 12. Dr. Rose recently joined the practice of Dr.'s Lessenberry and N. Reddy and is new to the Medical Staff at T.J. Samson Community Hospital.

Peggy Allen

Mammoth Cave National Park Webcam Photo
Picture Featured:    August 27, 2002 Mammoth Cave National Park Webcam Photo
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
This is from Mammoth Cave's Webcam overlooking the Green River early morning on August 14. The Webcam address (you might even want to bookmark it).

Ghs Alumni Game
Picture Featured:    August 30, 2002 Ghs Alumni Game
George Katchak sent us this photo recently and writes:

School has just started and fall must be in the air. The soccer team at GHS sponsored an alumni soccer game that was played last night. It was great seeing the young alumni and the not so young charge up and down the field. Somehow as the game went along, the field got bigger and bigger for some of the players. I'd say from the players' reactions, a good time and a lot of physical exertion was had by all. In this photo you'll find Deepa Reddy and James Ralph Heltsley battling for the ball. They were some of the youngest alumni playing. There were some that sported a fair amount of gray hair.

More photos of spectators and other players can be seen on my site at Thanks.

Global Fest Meeting
Picture Featured:    September 03, 2002 Global Fest Meeting
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
At a recent Global Fest meeting, committee members picked up neon-bright "Global Fest in the Barrens" fliers to post all over southcentral Kentucky. Crafts, music, clothing and food from various world cultures will be represented Sept. 7 at Global Fest in downtown Glasgow, including India, Native American Indian, Bulgaria, Japan, African American, Brazil, Colombia, Greece, West Africa, Hispanic cultures and Anglo-American. Foreign students from WKU's Office of International Programs and the Small World Singers, an international children's group from Bowling Green, will also be exhibiting and performing.

Activities are planned for all ages. "We have just received word that the City Bus will run between Mayfield Plaza, HuntsmanManor and the square so our senior citizens can take part in the many free activities planned for the day," said Alma Glover, Global Fest coordinator. Pick up will be about 10:00am and drop off around 3:00pm. The Glasgow square will be lined with exhibit booths and over 15 food vendors.

For more information, check out the website at or call 651-3161 or 651-7905.

In the photo above are Alma Glover, Gwendolyn Wood, Peggy Austin, Tina Bybee, Roger Buchanan, Krissie Coe Fields, Jenifer Woodcock, Ernest Franklin, Steve Franklin, Kathy Franklin, Regina Wood, Davie Greer, Wendell Franklin, Rev. Robert Belcher, William Glover. Steven Lee Franklin was on hand to help his mom and dad. Not pictured were Pamela Franklin and Vickie Carson.

Ghs Cheerleaders
Picture Featured:    September 04, 2002 Ghs Cheerleaders
Randy Edwards sent us this photo recently and writes:
This evening (Aug. 21) was "Meet the Scotties" at Hank Royce Stadium. There was a lot of food and a good time as we looked forward to the 2002-2003 season. Shown in the picture are the Glasgow High School Cheerleaders performing. Thanks.
Randy Edwards

Barren Co. At Glasgow
Picture Featured:    September 06, 2002 Barren Co. At Glasgow
George Katchak sent us this photo recently and writes:
Football friday nights in Glasgow continued this week with the cross town rivals playing their annual football game. This game was played at GHS before a very large crowd of students and fans. It was a very hard hitting game but the Scotties prevailed. The final score was 31-0 favoring Glasgow. In the attached photos, Tristan Huffman breaks a long run and the swarming Scotties hold a Trojan runner to a few yards. More of these action photos can be seen on my Website at (just click on "purchase" and go to the event).

Barren Co. Sunset
Picture Featured:    September 09, 2002 Barren Co. Sunset
Linda sent us several photos recently and writes:
I took these Thursday evening from our front yard on Graham Rd. Just beautiful. The sunset seemed to last forever. Sorry I've sent so many but I couldn't choose just one!

Tribute To A Black Day In World History
Picture Featured:    September 11, 2002 Tribute To A Black Day In World History
The above is meant to represent a simple silent tribute, not only to all those that were directly affected by the terrorist attacks a year ago, but to everyone that continues to safeguard our rights and liberties, our citizens and our way of life.

Busy Weekend
Picture Featured:    September 12, 2002 Busy Weekend
George Katchak sent us this collage of photos and writes:
The weekend of September 6 was a very busy one in Glasgow with the Global Fest downtown and the sporting events at Glasgow High School. Football Friday night against Station Camp, Tennessee, soccer matches Saturday featuring the boys and girls against University Heights Academy and a girls soccer game against the Briar Jumpers of Somerset. Most generally the coaches were very pleased with the efforts given against the team's opposition. The attached photos are representative of all the sporting events at Glasgow High School. More photos of these games and matches can be seen on my Website, Click on "Purchase" and view the event of your choice.

Barren Co. Jr. Miss Program
Picture Featured:    September 13, 2002 Barren Co. Jr. Miss Program
Barbara Pendleton sent us this photo and writes:
Winners of the 2003 Barren Co. Junior Miss Program

(L to R) Brandi Button (scholastic), Lynn Courtney Myers, Second Runner-Up, Danielle Beard, 2003 Jr. Miss, Meagan Nunn 2002 Jr. Miss and Second Runner-Up to Kentucky Jr. Miss, Emalee Griffin, First Runner-Up, Ashley Reed, talent and fitness winner. Emily Griffin and Ashley Reed were selected by the contestants to receive the Spirit of Jr. Miss award.

Charlie Daniels And Misty
Picture Featured:    September 16, 2002 Charlie Daniels And Misty
Misty Hurt sent us this photo and writes:
This picture was taken on September 6th at Twin Pines Recording Studio in Lebanon, Tennessee. In the photo are legendary Charlie Daniels and myself. He took this day off the road to spend the day in the studio laying down tracks for his song "Little Folks," which will be part of a compilation album whose proceeds will benefit a children's hospital. At Belmont University, my Recording Technology class requires that we observe 4 recording sessions throughout the semester. We have studios on campus to utilize for these observations, but you can imagine why I took advantage of this opportunity to spend some time in Charlie's own studio with him! it was truly a memorable experience! Now, if only all assignments were this interesting!

Evan's Cruise
Picture Featured:    September 18, 2002 Evan
Rodney Kinslow sent us these photos and writes:
Evan and I recently completed an adventure to the West Caribbean and I thought I would send a couple of photos showing young Master Evan enjoying the Mexican/Spanish culture when we returned to the ship from Cozumel, Mexico, for a Spanish Fiesta. Pictured is Evan and his friend Anna from Wisconsin. Notice Evan's authentic sombrero and Anna's Spanish dress.....

Teacher Of The Year
Picture Featured:    September 19, 2002 Teacher Of The Year
Stacy Hodges sent us this photo and writes:
The Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year program is designed to recognize teachers in communities who are doing outstanding jobs teaching, leading and mentoring today’s youth. The award is also designed to recognize teachers who have gone above and beyond the normal expectations based on nominations received from customers and associates. Each store selects one teacher from their local community to receive this title, a certificate of recognition, a Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year vest and $500.00 to use in their classroom.

This year’s Glasgow Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year is Stacy Jones Hodges, a teacher at Barren County Middle School. Stacy is recognized for all of her hard work and dedication. Shown is Sonya Hogue, Wal-Mart Community Involvement Coordinator, presenting Mrs. Hodges with her certificate, vest and check.

Clevie Childress Of Hart County
Picture Featured:    September 20, 2002 Clevie Childress Of Hart County
Vickie Carson sent us these photos and writes:
This is Clevie Childress, Hart County basket maker, who will display his work at the 2002 Colorfall Folkways Exhibition at Mammoth Cave National Park. Colorfall is Oct. 9-20. For all the details about the many events celebrating Colorfall, visit the Community Bulletin Board Online on Glasgow's Website.

Tournament Winners
Picture Featured:    September 23, 2002 Tournament Winners
Jan Peden sent us this and writes:
Here's the winning team from last week's Industry Appreciation Golf Tournament at Barren River Lake State Resort Park. Pictured is the first place team(l-r): Mike Pruitt, Jerry Allway, Brent Fackler & Jeff Smith

Picture Featured:    September 24, 2002 Steepleectomy
Steve Higginbotham sent us this and writes:
Hey Bill, I thought you might find the attached picture interesting. As you know, the steeple on the South Green Street Church of Christ was struck by lightning this summer (take a look at the photo that Follis Crow sent us here). It caused quite a bit of damage to the steeple as you can see, and quite a bit of damage to anything that was plugged in to an outlet.

They took the steeple down today and are scheduled to replace it with a new one tomorrow.

Book Signing At The Cultural Center
Picture Featured:    September 25, 2002 Book Signing At The Cultural Center
Gayle Berry sent us this and writes:
Bill, here are (L-R): Lewis Stockton, Bobby Elliott, author Walt Harrington, Carl Martin, and Alex Elliott at the South Central Kentucky Cultural Center Thursday night (Sept. 19). Stockton, Elliott, Martin and Elliott are the subjects of author Walt Harrington's new book, "The Everlasting Stream: A True Story of Rabbits, Guns, Friendship and Family." Mr. Harrington read from his book to a large crowd of family and friends of the four gentlemen. The book is available here in Glasgow at Ivy Books and Gifts.

Thanks, Gayle B. Berry, Executive Assistant
South Central Ky. Cultural Center

Balloon Release
Picture Featured:    September 26, 2002 Balloon Release
Mary Perkins sent us this and writes:
Dear Bill,
This is a picture of a balloon release that took place on August 31, 2002 at the Allway/Perkins wedding. Notice all the faces - it's hard to be anything but a child when releasing a balloon.

Fire Training
Picture Featured:    September 27, 2002 Fire Training
Harvey Simmons sent us this and writes:
This photo was taken 9/21/02 of Glasgow's Fire Department in what I assumed to be a few practice drills. These guys work hard to prepare for situations that may occur.

Take a look at the Glasgow Fire Dept. Website here in the City Section of the Website...

Glasgow Firefighters
Picture Featured:    September 30, 2002 Glasgow Firefighters
Donna Ray sent us this and writes:
The Glasgow Fire Dept. responded to a house fire this past Monday. Shown here are several of the firefighters on the scene. Firefighter William Rock shows his kinship with Firefighter Adam Maulden.

Take a look at the Glasgow Fire Dept. Website here in the City Section of the Website...

Pumpkin Harvest
Picture Featured:    October 01, 2002 Pumpkin Harvest
Sandra Ford sent us these and writes:
Our first pumpkin patch!

(left) Doug and Nancy Oliphant standing in front of a few of the pumpkins he and his daughter, Sandra Ford, grew this year. (right) Doug and grandchildren Leah, Rebekah and Kezia Thompson in the patch, having great fun picking the prize pumpkins.

Farm Safety Day Camps
Picture Featured:    October 03, 2002 Farm Safety Day Camps
Peggy Allen sent us these and writes:
Recently, Mammoth Cave Farm Safety 4 Just Kids organized the 2002 Progressive Farmer Day Camps at the Barren County Fairgrounds in Temple Hill. During the two-day camp, approximately 350 students and teachers attended to learn more about safety and injury prevention, during presentations at 10 station setups.The events are held each year for the purpose of teaching the kids to exercise safe behaviors and practices while on the farm or in the rural environment.

Photo 1 or Day 1:4th grade students from Red Cross, Temple Hill & Austin-Tracy Elementary Schools, and Glasgow Christian Academy.

Photo 2 or Day 2:4th grade students from Park City, Eastern and Hiseville Elementary Schools.

Leadership Retreat
Picture Featured:    October 07, 2002 Leadership Retreat
Jan Peden sent us this and writes:
Pictured above are the members of the Glasgow-Barren County Chamber of Commerce's Leadership 2003 Class at the Retreat. The Retreat was held Sept. 17th & 18th at Mammoth Cave Hotel. Row 1 (L-R): Donna Rich - WGGC, Tammy Groce - BB&T, Mary Curry - Dickinson Financial Group, Emily Graham - Dana, Sonya Turner - Daily Times, Mike McGuire - Dana and Sonya Davis - Johnson Controls

Glasgow Soccer
Picture Featured:    October 09, 2002 Glasgow Soccer
Rhonda Trautman sent us this photo and writes:
I am forwarding the official team photo of the Glasgow Boys Soccer Team for the Website. The Varsity, shown here along with the JV team (seated in front) and Coaches Shaun Goulbourn and David Mercer, recently won the All-A State Tourney in Frankfort against some very stiff competition.

I want to encourage everyone to come out and support the boys and girls teams during the remaining games. The Boys have a home game against Bardstown on Oct. 10th. The Girls play Bardstown at home on Oct. 10th as well. The District Tournament is Oct. 14-19 in Bowling Green. Hope to see everyone there!

Gyrocopter Driver
Picture Featured:    October 11, 2002 Gyrocopter Driver
Jim Forrest sent us this photo and writes:
A picture of my new flying machine. Next time it sees the square, I will fly it in!!

Jim Forrest

2002 Parade Theme Winner
Picture Featured:    October 14, 2002 2002 Parade Theme Winner
Jan Peden sent us this photo and writes:
The theme for the 2002 Christmas Parade has been selected. Cody Bragg, a 3rd grade student in Tammy Hampton's class at Hiseville Elementary, submitted the winning theme, "Christmas is in the Air". Cody was given a $25 Chamber Gift Certificate for his winning entry and will be riding the float with Santa in the parade. Cody is the son of Phillip and CharlotteBragg. Congratulations, Cody!

Pictured are: (L-R) Gina Lyon, Christmas Parade Co-Chair

Nosy Cows
Picture Featured:    October 16, 2002 Nosy Cows
Linda Hendley sent us this photo and writes:
While visiting the Hendley graveyard in Fountain Run, these cows came up to watch us. My husband says that cows are nosy, but I think they wanted us to open the gate. You be the judge.

A Spider
Picture Featured:    October 18, 2002 A Spider
Wendell Kennison sent us this photo and writes:
Hi Bill,
It sure is hard to get a spider to smile for the camera. This was taken late one dewy night.

New Zealand Hibiscus
Picture Featured:    October 22, 2002 New Zealand Hibiscus
Margaret Wisdom sent us this photo and writes:
This gorgeous flower is a New Zealand Hibiscus. My niece lives there and gave me the seed. It is absolutely covered with pods for more blooms to come!

Teaching Bike Safety At E.b. Terry Elementary
Picture Featured:    October 24, 2002 Teaching Bike Safety At E.b. Terry Elementary
Peggy Allen sent us these photos and writes:
Members of the Glasgow Police Department serve as valuable community partners in the efforts to decrease unintentional injuries. Shown with students at E.B. Terry Elementary School, Officer Marlin Lewis addresses bicycle safety. The recent educational assembly preceded distribution of bicycle helmets by members of the Barren County SAFE KIDS Coalition.
Related sites: E.B. Terry Elementary School

Yellow Cap
Picture Featured:    October 28, 2002 Yellow Cap
Vickie Carson sent us this photo and writes:
Bill -- I was out with my camera early on Friday and found this little fungus in the "palm" of an oak leaf. The recent rains have brought up many different colors and shapes of fungus in the park -- and in my yard!

Autumn Colors
Picture Featured:    October 29, 2002 Autumn Colors
These beautiful fall colors can be seen at a home on W. Leech Avenue, between N. Race Street and E.B. Terry Elementary.

Spooks On Preston St.
Picture Featured:    October 30, 2002 Spooks On Preston St.
Jeff sent us this photo and writes:
Here's some shots of my yard decorated for Halloween, it's on Cedar and Preston. I've got it lit up at night and have a fog machine running. Hope you like them. (The WebMeister says see it at night for the full effect)

Spooks On Cleveland Ave.
Picture Featured:    October 31, 2002 Spooks On Cleveland Ave.
You can see this display of spooks over on Cleveland Avenue. Have a happy (and safe!) Halloween!

Safe Heroes Award For The Fire Department
Picture Featured:    November 01, 2002 Safe Heroes Award For The Fire Department
Donna Ray sent us this photo and writes:
The Glasgow Fire Department recently received the Safe Heroes Award Grant of $1200.00 from Wal-Mart. These funds will be used to purchase smoke detectors, batteries and fire prevention materials.
The Glasgow Fire Dept. Website...

Halloween Fun
Picture Featured:    November 02, 2002 Halloween Fun
Donna Davis sent us this photo and writes:
CRUEL.....lla and her gang. (cool, huh?)

More Halloween Fun
Picture Featured:    November 04, 2002 More Halloween Fun
Don Pedigo sent us this photo and writes:
"Halloween at American Engineers"

A few of our employees dressed up for Halloween. From left to right they are: Cory Underwood, Brandy Zackery, Sarah Shirley, Laura Beth Phillips, Jennifer Pedigo and Richard Tutt. I will let you draw your own conclusions as to what and or who they represent.

It's Election Day...
Picture Featured:    November 05, 2002 It
Rick Abbott sent us this photo and writes:
Thought that you might like a picture of today's voting. Thanks for considering it. Photo: Rick Abbott voting at the Park City precinct. Photographer Tori Abbott (age 9).

Piano Player...
Picture Featured:    November 07, 2002 Piano Player...
Gayle Berry sent us this photo and writes:
A fall piano concert will be presented at the South Central Kentucky Cultural Center by W. J. McDaniel, pianist, on Thursday evening, November 7. Music will consist of classical, semi-classical, some popular tunes and some original piano compositions by McDaniel.

After graduating from the Glasgow High School in 1936, W. J. continued his musical career by attending Western Kentucky University, Indiana University, Cornell University, University of Denver, and Peabody College in Nashville. Many of his original compositions have been performed throughout the United States during the past 55 years.

The concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. No admission will be charged. The public is invited.

Sprucing Up Glasgow Christian Academy
Picture Featured:    November 11, 2002 Sprucing Up Glasgow Christian Academy
Jimmie Dixon, Business Manager at Glasgow Christian Academy, sent us this photo and writes:
Glasgow Christian Academy has been doing a little fall spruce-up of our high school building. It has been about 20+ years since its last paint job. Could you tell?

Visit the Glasgow Christian Academy Website here...

Carpentry Work At Red Cross
Picture Featured:    November 13, 2002 Carpentry Work At Red Cross
Patrick Staples sent us these photos and writes:
These are some photos of Kent Hoods' Barren County A.T.C. carpentry class, constructing some dugouts for the Red Cross Little League. These students and instructors volunteer their special services for numerous projects throughout the county to increase their education in real life situations. "Thanks, guys!"

Visit the Red Cross Elementary Website here...

Whitney Signs With Georgia
Picture Featured:    November 14, 2002 Whitney Signs With Georgia
David Downing got this photo for you. Whitney Wade signs a National Letter of Intent to play golf for the University of Georgia before a crowd of family and supporters. Shown seated are Whitney's parents, (l to r) Mark Wade (Whitney) and Vickie Wade. Whitney has two brothers, Andrew and Wesley. That's Andrew standing just behind Whitney.

Banana Trees In Ky.
Picture Featured:    November 15, 2002 Banana Trees In Ky.
Don Houchen sent us this photo. He writes:
Hey, Bill:
This is a picture of a Banana Tree that my parents have at their home. I think this one had been around for about 3 years before it had any fruit on it.
p.s. You can contact me if you want to buy any of these Kentucky bananas (I think I know where they are hidden).

Chamber Training
Picture Featured:    November 18, 2002 Chamber Training
Jan Peden sent us this photo and writes:
The Holland Group, in partnership with the Glasgow/Barren County Chamber of Commerce, sponsored a free one-day seminar on Thursday, Nov. 14th at the Edmonton State Bank. Issues discussed included Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Lawful Hiring Practices, Harassment in the Workplace, Family & Medical Leave Act, and Coaching & Counseling for Corrective Action. Sherry McCullough, Director of Holland Consulting, and Karen Thrasher, Manager of Holland Consulting, conducted the seminar with more than 20 participants. Just another example of how your Chamber works with local businesses to make Glasgow & Barren county a better community.

Gms Jr. Beta Leaf Rakers
Picture Featured:    November 20, 2002 Gms Jr. Beta Leaf Rakers
Amy Bates is the Glasgow Middle School Jr. Beta Club sponsor. She sent us this photo and writes:
Here is a group of Glasgow Middle School's Jr. Beta Club and the leaves they raked on Sunday afternoon at the Gorby's house. They had a great time with the leaves and hot chocolate.

Ribbon Cutting At Skychannel
Picture Featured:    November 21, 2002 Ribbon Cutting At Skychannel
Jan Peden of the Chamber of Commerce got this photo on Wednesday afternoon. The folks in the photo are assembled to celebrate the Ribbon Cutting of Glasgow's first TV station, SKYchannel, which will premiere on EPB cable TV December 1st (channel 33). Matt Muckler, President and CEO of SKYchannel, is the guy in the white shirt holding the scissors! Also, the EPB's Communications Foreman, Mike Pedigo, is usually pretty camera shy. He's the rather tall fellow standing in the back (just thought we'd mention it, because we usually don't see him in any photos).

See the SKYchannel Website here... Southern Ky. Community TV - EPB Ch. 33

The No Bottom Boys
Picture Featured:    November 22, 2002 The No Bottom Boys
Jan Peden of the Chamber of Commerce sent us this photo and writes:
The Chamber of Commerce hosted the first ever "Taste of Glasgow" on Tuesday evening, Nov. 19th at the Barren County Middle School. There were 120 to 150 in attendance as nine restaurants served samples of their specialties. Restaurants participating included Barren River State Park, Bolton's Landing, Cibo's, Gale & Dale's, The Goodnight Inn, Gypsy Rose Café,Ponderosa, Shoney's and Tumbleweed. The No-Bottom Boys (above) provided the entertainment. Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening and left encouraging the Chamber to host a similar event again.

Recent Traffic Accident
Picture Featured:    November 25, 2002 Recent Traffic Accident
Dorothy Wade sent us this photo and writes:
One of the many accidents at the Hollow Rd. turn-off just east of Glasgow on Hwy. 90. Here, the East Barren Volunteer Fire Dept. is assisting the Barren-Metcalfe Ambulance Service. (Unfortunately, she notes that wrecks happen about every week, so it's never a problem to make more pictures)

Big South Fork
Picture Featured:    November 26, 2002 Big South Fork
Wayne Pedigo sent us these photos recently. He and several friends went on a weekend trip to the Big South Fork Recreational Area. Along with Wayne were Chad & Shelia Perkins, Greg Gassoway, Mike Bull and Steve Norris.
Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area Website...

Liberty Street in 1928
Picture Featured:    November 27, 2002 Liberty Street in 1928
Dorothy Wade sent us this photo. She writes:
The caption reads, "Dedication of Washington Memorial tree at High School Campus -- 1928." This is a picture of the Edmund Rogers Chapter of the DAR dedication of a tree in honor of George Washington in February of 1928 at the Glasgow School on Liberty Street.

This picture, along with others, will be displayed at the Chapter's 80th birthday open house at the South Central Ky. Cultural Center on Sunday, Dec. 8, 2002 at 2:00pm.

Happy Valley Poster Winners
Picture Featured:    December 02, 2002 Happy Valley Poster Winners
Charlotte Glass sent us this photo. She writes:
From Happy Valley Elementary -- These children are classroom winners for "Breakfast With Santa" posters. Although the order is not correct, their names are (K) Dylan Martin & Nelson Glass, (1st) Milas Norris & Connor Glass, (2nd) Camerion Garmon & Jessica Brown, (3rd) Blair Dennison & Micha Elmore, (4th) Randi Norris & Collins Garst & (5th) Felicia Fisher & Jenna Garst. All of the posters are displayed at local businesses advertising the upcoming event on the 7th of December, from 8:00-11:00am (see all the info on the Community Bulletin Board Online or EPB Channel 6!).

Visit the Happy Valley Elementary Website here...

Dr. Carter Gets His Tickets
Picture Featured:    December 03, 2002 Dr. Carter Gets His Tickets
Charlotte Glass sent us this photo. She writes:
From Happy Valley Elementary -- Here's a picture of Dr. Fred Carter with his wife, Lucretia, and son, Benjamin. Jenna Garst and Felicia Fisher are presenting Dr. Carter and his family with tickets to "Breakfast with Santa" coming up Saturday from 8:00-11:00am (see all the info on the Community Bulletin Board Online or EPB Channel 6!).

Visit the Happy Valley Elementary Website here...

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise
Picture Featured:    December 04, 2002 Surprise, Surprise, Surprise
Steve Ray sent us the photo on the left. He writes:
This picture was taken about 6:30am Wednesday, 12/4 as the snow was just beginning to cover the ground.

Donna Ray sent us the photo on the right. She writes:
Just took this picture outside the Fire Station on Broadway. Brrrr! -- Donna

Tea Light In The Snow
Picture Featured:    December 05, 2002 Tea Light In The Snow
Rick Abbott sent us this photo. He writes:
Who can't love the snow! This was taken this evening of a garden tea light with the snow swirling around its base. (Canon PowerShot S-300) ~ Rick Abbott, Worship Minister at Glenview Christian Church

Icy Damage
Picture Featured:    December 06, 2002 Icy Damage
The photos above show Farmer's Rural Electric out setting new poles in the area between Tick Ridge Road and the Northwood Subdivision. Poles were damaged during Wednesday night's ice storm. Jackie Browning, FRECC General Manager, says that just under 1,000 customers were affected, including Country Club Estates, Hutcherson Estates and the Lecta area.

Decorating The Square
Picture Featured:    December 07, 2002 Decorating The Square
Donna Ray sent us this photo and writes:
The Glasgow Fire Dept. was out early this morning (Friday morning) putting the Christmas wreaths on the Barren County Government Center. --- Donna

Harry King Road
Picture Featured:    December 09, 2002 Harry King Road
Linda Hendley sent us this photo and writes:
Hi! Here is a picture on Harry King Road, just before 70/90. I think it is like a postcard. Had to share it! -- Linda Hendley

Griderville Road
Picture Featured:    December 10, 2002 Griderville Road
Bill Walter sent us this photo and writes:
This picture is of our front yard on Griderville Road in Cave City. Notice the Santa banner on the right side of the picture. How appropriate! Thanks for considering for the Glasgow Webpage.

Bill Walter
Assistant Superintendent
Barren County Schools

Visit the Barren County School's very comprehensive Website at!

Colder Than San Diego
Picture Featured:    December 11, 2002 Colder Than San Diego
Alma Basile sent us this photo and writes:
Here are my kids, Sabatino and Giovanni, with their friends enjoying their first snow day off from school since we moved from San Diego, California.

Alma and Sam Basile

Snowman Greetings
Picture Featured:    December 13, 2002 Snowman Greetings
Linda Hendley sent us this photo and writes:
Bill, these are my nephews with their first snowman of the year. Frosty is wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Brawa Visits Happy Valley
Picture Featured:    December 16, 2002 Brawa Visits Happy Valley
Casey Brown sent us this collage of photos and writes:
HI! On November 12th, BRAWA (Barren River Animal Welfare Association) visited Happy Valley Elementary. The above collage shows BRAWA volunteers showcasing shelter animals and discussing the importance of being a responsible pet owner. Some students even received puppy kisses. Everyone had a purrrfect time.

Casey Brown

Jolly Ol' Karl Weis
Picture Featured:    December 17, 2002 Jolly Ol
It's that jolly ol' elf himself, Karl Weis!
Mr. Karl Weis was greeting everyone at the December 15th Community Band Christmas Concert. Mr. Weis is asking everyone to "Buy a Seat for the Plaza Theatre". When you buy a seat for the Plaza Theatre Performing Arts Center for $250, it pays for the costs of refurbishing a seat and helps in the restoration of the original look of this historic site.

Jingle Dogs?
Picture Featured:    December 19, 2002 Jingle Dogs?
Mandy McCracken sent us this photo and writes:
This is a holiday wish for all filled with smiles.

District Football Award Winner
Picture Featured:    December 20, 2002 District Football Award Winner
Amy Bates sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a picture of Tristan Huffman with the award for #1 Football Player in the District! It was presented during half-time of the State Champion Football game Dec. 6 in Louisville. He is shown with several friends. From left to right: Blaise Tyleckey, Tristan Huffman, John Southall, Scotty Jones and Sam Royse.

We at GHS are so very proud of him and hope he will continue with his success.

Santa Visits Arc
Picture Featured:    December 23, 2002 Santa Visits Arc
Mike Padgett sent us these photos and writes:
The Association of Retarded Citizens (ARC) met for their annual Christmas Banquet on Thursday evening, Dec. 12. All had a wonderful time of fun and excitement. For more information, call 659-0802.

Obedient Pup
Picture Featured:    December 26, 2002 Obedient Pup
Freeman McIntyre sent us this photo and writes:
Here's a picture of my dog, the best behaved that I have ever had. Thanks. Freeman McIntyre

Killer Whales Swim Team
Picture Featured:    December 27, 2002 Killer Whales Swim Team
Judy Walker sent us this photo and writes:
Please place this on your Website. These kids put in a lot of hours and work really, really hard. Thanks, Judy Walker

The Barren County Family YMCA Killer Whale swim team recently participated in an intersquad meet to prepare them for the 2002-2003 season. Members of the team include: Brena Taylor, Victoria Watson, Megan Taylor, John Thomas Green, Dusty Walker, Collin Sparks, Blair Dennison, Cameron Branham, Kate Anderson, Micha Elmore, Dustin Thomerson, Cody Walker, Rachail Harms, Witney Elmore, Hilary Rickard, Tara Thomas, Laura McDaniel, Karly Jessie, Ryan Metzger, Heather Fields, Taryn Riddle, Jordan Boyde, Whitney Peden, Hannah Sparks, Sara Garret, Justin Shives, Laura Burks, Jonathan Buck, Nadia May, McCartney Boyd, Anthony Mason, Patricia Smith, Abby Anderson, Kristen Shives, Kateland Beals, Jenney Carrico, and coaches Mary Whiteside and Bobby Boyd.

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