Blogs - Wow!
Disclaimer: What is a blog? Well, they are a bit hard to define, but Wikipedia says, "A blog (a portmanteau of "web-log") is a Website where entries are written in chronological order and commonly displayed in reverse chronological order."

Many blogs provide commentary on news or a particular subject and most allow interaction with viewers by giving everyone the option to "comment" on blog entries. According to other Web resources, there are over 17 million blogs in existence on the Internet and about 80,000 new ones appear each day!

But how many of these are published in, or about, issues relevant to Glasgow, Ky? We don't know! But we are starting this link collection to give local Bloggers a place to hang out their keyboard.

WARNING! When you proceed from this page to our collection of blog links, you are leaving content that is generated, maintained and monitored by the EPB. The blogs are only censored by the Bloggers, so, if you are not prepared for uncensored content, do not proceed!

If you are ready to enter Glasgow Blog Land and understand the risků click here.