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The Glasgow EPB will be having some channel changes in the future. Click anywhere in this box to see how things will be different.

E.P.B. Electric Customers on the Variable Price Rate- We predict the POSSIBILITY for December's peak electric demand to occur on Friday, December 15th between 7am & 1pm. This is only a prediction based upon our best guess as to what the combination of all customers in Glasgow will demand from T.V.A. A peak demand hour can occur during any of the maximum of 24 hours of each month during one of our predicted peaks. This is our forecast which is provided as a convenience for E.P.B. customers who wish to receive forecasts. If you want to move to a fixed energy rate without coincident peak demand charges, please contact us at 270-651-8341.
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Jennifer London sent us these and writes:
December 7, 2017 - The Regional STLP Showcase was held on Monday, December 4th at WKU’s Diddle Arena. Barren County Schools had 23 showcase entries with approximately 100 students participating. Each Barren County school was represented and thirteen BC students interviewed for service positions in a variety of areas including Engineer, Live Reporter, Media Arts, Production Company, Scratch Ambassador and Social Media. Not only was Barren County represented by students but approximately 15-18 staff members served as judges at the event and two BC District staff members assisting KDE with the Regional Event. Barren County Schools results were as follows:

16 showcases advance state showcase
7 students selected for service positions (all from BCHS)
Senior Engineer - Samantha Morgan & Travis Pendygraft
Junior Engineer - Jared Tunks
Two Junior Engineer Alternates - Jayden Thomas-Aument and Kalei Jo Staples
Media Arts - Jared Tunks
Production Company - Aaron Russell
Scratch Ambassador - Nate Wasson & Corbin Werner
Social Media - Emily Pedigo

Eight schools have showcases advancing to March 29, 2018, State Showcase at Rupp Arena. Way to go, Barren County!

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