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Peggy Nims sent us this photo and writes:
Science Teacher Recognized by the American Cave Conservation Association (ACCA): David G. Foster, ACCA executive director (left) presents West Lafayette, Indiana, science teacher, Dave Collins, a certificate designating him an ACCA life member.

ACCA Honors Indiana Science Teacher
On November 5, American Cave Conservation Association (ACCA) staff and West Lafayette High School students and chaperons gathered at the American Cave Museum to honor science teacher, Dave Collins, who made his first visit to Hidden River Cave in 1995. ACCA Executive Director, Dave Foster, presented Collins with a certificate which honors him as an ACCA life member.

According to ACCA education coordinator, Peggy Nims, “This certificate recognizes Mr. Collins’ dedication to educational excellence and his implementation of an innovative science module, which brings real-life learning to his classroom. We applaud his commitment to his students and appreciate his support throughout the years.”

Dave Collins, who is retiring from teaching at the end of the 2014-15 school year, has been bringing his high school geology students to Kentucky’s cave region since 1996. What began as a brief discussion at the American Cave Museum in 1995 has become an annual karst field trip. Entitled “Following the Water”, this two-day action filled experience includes a tour of south-central Kentucky’s sinkhole plain, long, and sometimes wet, hikes above and below ground, water analysis, and a culminating off-trail ecology tour at Hidden River Cave.

Reflecting upon his many travels to Kentucky’s cave region, Collins, recalls, “I have loved bringing my students to Horse Cave and Mammoth Cave National Park for the past eighteen years! My students, the adults in the groups, and I have loved these experiences and greatly appreciate the people in County Country and all the opportunities to enjoy learning about the geology and history of the caves.” For more information about the American Cave Conservation Association and karst field trips, contact the American Cave Museum at (270) 786-1466.

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