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Paulette Wasylycia sent us this photo and writes:
Two weeks in a row, Barren County Marching Trojans Band have won Grand Champion awards. This past Saturday (13th), they traveled to Eastern High School in Middletown, Kentucky for the Eagle Classic 2014 and placed first in their division in preliminary competition and then got Best Overall Music and Grand Champion that night in the finals competition.

Pictured accepting the award presented by Michelle Lewis, Music Specialist for JCPS, are: Hannah Wright, Deborah Lee Wright, Matthew McCulley (Field Commander), Daniel Fletcher, Leah Willis, Chris Blakley, Jaylan Ford, Erin Humphrey, and Meridith "Madi" Woodcock (Field Commander).

We're awfully proud of this band! For anyone who would like to watch a performance from that day, I am including a link to YouTube:

Paulette Wasylycia
Glasgow, Kentucky

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